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Does Cholesterol Affect our Health? The IDIOT answer: http://www.toonpool. com/user/4265/files/il literate_moron_5511 75.jpg

Cholesterol is a substance that appears with obesity and it accumulates under the skin to keep the body warm. It is also not dangerous.


The CORRECT answer:

use it lood beca b in le b ity of t is solu . The dens lecule tha s o in m e t a o r is p l o o n ot . called lip Cholester g e r ou s o r c o m po u n d n a a d f o is g it in t whether h a s a c oa etermines d s in e t o r p those lipo


Low-density Lipo proteins: (LDL) This is the dang erous kind of ch olesterol (which the cholestero carries l to the cell) an d it is better to level of it. Its ha ve a low causes are smok ing, eating a lot saturated fat fr of om foods and la ck of exercise. increases risks It for heart diseas e and strokes. •

Examples of fo od that increase LDL levels: • Food that in cludes trans fa t like packaged baked goods (cookies , cake and doug hn u ts, French fries. • Food with hi gh animal fat lik e steaks, sausa ges, salami, bacon an d egg yolks. • Food with hi gh dairy fat like whole milk, chee cream, oils mad se, ice e with animal fa t. By lowering your intake of most of these foods your LDL level you lower with the as sist ance of some ex course! ercise of

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High density L ipoproteins: (H DL) This is the ki nd that shou ld be present (It carries c with high leve holesterol fr ls om cells to blood because the liver) in ou it decreases th r e risks for hea strokes. rt disease and •

Examples of fo od that increas e HDL levels: • Fatty fish like sardines, salmon, trout, herring containi tuna, and ng omega-3. • Foods with monounsatura ted fat like nu ts that help protect the h eart and also some oils like soybean and can olive, corn, ola. • Avocados also are very beneficial bec contain vitamin ause they s C, K and E an d th ey source of mo are a great nounsaturated fat. Increasing yo ur intake of this type of increase HDL foods will hel levels. p

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has a coating of a compound Cholesterol is a substance that appears with obesity and it accumulates under the skin to keep the body warm. It...

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