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Hi! We are the persons who have realised this project.

OUR MAGAZINE 1. Publishing 2. Letters to the editor 3. Myth of Saint George 4. «Guillem de Berguedà» and the legend of 4 bars» 5. Cultural agenda 6.Sant Joan 7.Interview to Roger Corominas 8. The rescue of the hundred maids 9.Pastime 10. The interview 11.Two Swedish legends 12. Survey 13. Poll 14.Swedish and Catalan realities 15. «La pubilla de Can Fàbregas» 16. Little people

WHAT IS OUR MAGAZINE ABOUT? • Our magazine talk about the legends and mythology from Catalonia and Sweden.

WE ORGANIZED OUR JOB • We was meting every Tuesday for time of rest with our teachers to do the job and correcting it. • We had to meet later the classes for can finished the job because this magazine hadn’t been very easy. • We hadn’t enough time to do this magazine because we had exams, homework and other thinks… but we could finish the magazine.

MAIN PROBLEMS OR DIFFICULTES • The most important problem was when we had to pass the articles in the magazine. • We had a problem when we had to meet because we have a lot of afterschool activities.

THE MAIN ARTICLES • We made an interview to Roger Corominas, the director of the theatre representation of “el rescat de les cent donzelles”. •We made an article comparing the Swedish and Catalan legends and festivities.

inquest The people prefer the legends related to the history of Catalonia how “Les Quatre Barres” or Saint George. •The students from our high school know the simply legends that ever we heard but they don't know in Catalonia there are more legends. •If the students have to try between mythology and the legends they will try mythology..

OTHERS Berga is the most important city of Berguedà. It is situated in heart of Catalonia and Catalonia is situated in North – East of Iberic peninsula. We go to the school IES Guillem de Berguedà. If we hadn’t doing this job, we wouldn’t deserve do this exchange. Berga is a land of legends, traditions and a lot of history so the topic that we have change is a very well topic in this place.

CONCLUSIONS This job was very interesting because we have discovered legends, myths, and other things we didn’t know that existed. In that project we met new people and we could communicate and talk with them. We like do this project with other people from other country. They help us to do articles and more thinks.


our presentation  

It talks about legends and miths from Catalonia and Sweden