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Laia Puig València 21/07/1991 · Barcelona 600 823 314

HI, NICE TO MEET YOU! My name is Laia, and I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in Barcelona. I have five years of experience in the sector, working both in agency and in-house, as well as a freelancer. During the last two years and a half, I had the pleasure to work for a London based company as a Graphic Designer and Marketing Executive. I have worked for different kinds of clients, including entrepreneurs, laboratories, political parties, stores, public transportation companies, cultural associations, among others. I hold a Postgraduate Degree in Graphic Design Applied to Communications from Elisava and an Advertising and Public Relations Degree from Universitat de Barcelona. Also, every time I have a chance, I complement my studies with specialised courses like Set Design or Illustration.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ELAND CABLES – LONDON Graphic Designer & Marketing Executive Nov. 2016 – Jul. 2018 Junior Graphic Designer Nov. 2015 – Nov. 2016 MOSAIKING COMUNICACIÓ – BARCELONA Graphic Designer Sept. 2012 – Aug. 2015

EDUCATION ELISAVA ESCOLA UNIVERSITÀRIA DE DISSENY I ENGINYERIA DE BARCELONA Postgraduate – Graphic Design Applied to Communications 2013 - 2014 UNIVERSITAT DE BARCELONA - ESRP Gradute - Advertising and Public Relations 2009 - 2013 IES MOLÍ DE LA VILA CAPELLADES Bachelor Degree in Social Sciences 2007 - 2009

On my spare time, I love to work on my own jewellery brand. SKILLS Brand Identity Design · Logotype Design · Packaging Desgin · Website Design · Set Design · Exhibition Stand Design · Newsletter Design · Social Media Assets · Photography Shooting & Editing · Editorial Design · Signage Design · Illustration · Online Advertising · B2B Marketing · Adobe Photoshop · Adobe InDesign · Adobe Illustrator · Wordpress · MailChimp · Dotmailer · SquareSpace

If you feel I could be a great fit for your team, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at



Catalan – Native Level Spanish – Native Level English – Business Level Portuguese - Conversational Level

Set Design & Art Direction · COCOLIA · 2018 Botanical Illustration · City Lit London · 2017 Illustration · Escola de la Dona · 2015 Social Media · VAX Formación · 2014 Creative Drawing · Casa Elizalde · 2014 Creative Writting · Lab. de Lletres · 2013

JUNGLERY naming branding set design & photoshooting jewellery design & making Junglery is my personal jewellery and accessories project. Fun, colourful and boldness is what defines the pieces’ combinations. From the naming to the set design, I created a brand that is the reflection of what enjoyed doing when I was a kid.

CORPORATE ANIMATION ILLUSTRATION storyboard planning vector illustration Vector illustrations for corporate animations for the UK based cable supplier Eland Cables. The top one shows the process the company goes through from the moment they pick the phone up to the cable drums are delivered on-site. The one underneath, explains all about the new cable brand Veriflex.

ONLINE CORPORATE MATERIALS website pages, website assets and image retouching newsletters social media images Corporate materials designed at Eland Cables, a London based cable supplier company. I’ve been in charrge of designing from standalone website pages for the general corporate website to a brand new mini-site for a specific brand of the firm, Veriflex. Also any kind of asset needed for them (mockups, images, buttons, icons, etc.) website page design Also, newsletters sent to thousands of wholesaler clients and prospects (UK and International), as well as all the images for all the social media platforms the company is currently present (Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn).

Instagram pictures

parallax scrolling mini website


Twitter images

OFFLINE CORPORATE MATERIALS van decals exhibition stands van decals brochures & handouts advertisements


Offline corporate materials designed at the UK based cable supplier Eland Cables. This includes stands for National and International exhibitions, decals for vans in the warehouse, a wide range of corporate brochures handed out to clients and prospects, and a series of adverts published in UK industrial magazines.

Technical Support from specification to installation

First industrial automation cables to achieve BSI Cable Batch Verification Kitemark Quality control and BUS cables for industrial automation applications Tested in our ISO 17025 lab

Comprehensive Cable & Accessories Portfolio Customised Cable Design & Development Tailored Project Solutions Cable Harnessing

Extended warranty

Expert Technical Support

Next-day delivery

Regulatory Compliance Third-Party Testing CPD Cable Training

“As the first company to achieve the BSI Cable Batch Verification Kitemark, Eland Cables sets a new benchmark in cable compliance. The BSI Kitemark is one of the most recognised symbols of quality and safety, and by certifying their cables against the scheme, Eland Cables can demonstrate that its cables meet the highest standards.”

Same-Day Despatch Global Logistics Solutions

The Cable Lab® is at the heart of our drive to provide the highest levels of product quality and technical expertise

ISO 17025 UKAS Accredited Technical experts working in state-of-the art facilities BSI Cable KitemarkTM testing Cable R&D for customised solutions Extensive QA testing Third-party cable testing and inspection services

Paul Turner, Certification Technical Expert

exhibition stands

The cables you need

Talking Trackside Telecoms Cables

where and when you need them

Full range of Network Rail-approved telecoms cables including: NR/PS/TEL/00014 Trackside Fibre NR/PS/TEL/00015 Trackside Communications NR/PS/TEL/31102 Screening Conductor

Technical Hotline for rail enquiries Design and specification recommendations Cable accessories to meet installation environment Rigorous testing to fulfil approvals process Sales: 020 7241 8759 Technical: 020 7241 8500

NR/PS/TEL/27220 SCADA Pilot Cable

Technical support and project management Next-day delivery as standard Sales: 020 7241 8759 Technical: 020 7241 8500

Extensive Network Rail approved stockholding Next-day delivery as standard Just-in-time deliveries to trackside Logistical support & inventory management Sales: 020 7241 8759 Technical: 020 7241 8500

Overhead Line Wire Specialists Extensive stockholding of Network Rail approved cables and accessories Technical support and project management Next day delivery as standard ISO 17025 cable laboratory for QA and third-party testing CPD-certified rail cable training

Network Rail approved cables Comprehensive stockholding Full technical support Next day delivery

Designed for connection into signal boxes, REBs, relay rooms and location cases LSZH variations with additional fire performance for tunnels and underground Expert technical support and project management Next-day delivery as standard Sales: 020 7241 8759 Technical: 020 7241 8500 Sales: 020 7241 8759 Technical: 020 7241 8500

For more information: Sales: 020 7241 8759 Technical: 020 7241 8500

adverts series for industrial magazines


THE WANDERLOST SPIRIT naming branding illustration social media images The Wanderlost Spirit is the project of a world trotter who shares her traveling experiences with her community. ‘Wanderlost’ means a strong desire to travel and get lost to find yourself. The aim of the new brand was to reflect her dreamy point of view of life but also bold and down to Earth. You can follow her on Instagram at @the_wanderlost_spirit.

THE EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE COLLECTIONS logo set brand guidelines booklet TEPC is a new concept of delicatessen online store, a brand of gourmet products and luxury liquors imported from different regions of the world, for those who love quality, luxury and unique foods and drinks. The brand offers three product categories, according to their quality, exclusivity and price. Each category has its own logotype and colour.

Soy Paolo Fortunati y me gustaría presentarme

e increíbles conseguidos de la elaboración de

como fundador y creador de The Exclusive

la viña y de la destilación de productos que el

Private Collections®. Me defino como un

mundo nos ofrece.


apasionado y curioso catador de los mejores destilados y productos gourmet del mundo.

En uno de mis viajes, con tan sólo 28 años, tuve la


Ofrecer productos únicos y exclusivos que

Nuestros valores son parte de nuestra iden-

son seleccionados a partir del criterio de su

tidad y filosofía. El equipo de personas que

curador, basado en su gran experiencia.

formamos parte de este exclusivo y único pro-

oportunidad de saborear un ron agrícola artesaNací en Roma, Italia, el año 1969, en una familia

nuestra historia

guía de identidad y estilo

yecto creemos en:

nal local en una playa de María Galante (Gua-

El rol del curador es clave en la selección de

visión y valores

de origen campesino que desde 1985 producía su

dalupe, Caribe francés en la destilería Bielle, 59%)

los productos, ya que se basa en la selección

La experiencia del cliente: satisfacción,

propio vino y aceite. Tras el fallecimiento de mi

bajo una puesta de sol. Su sabor no tenía nada

única y exclusiva, pensando siempre en el

experiencia y placer

abuelo, mi padre retomó la propiedad familiar

que ver con todo lo que había degustado hasta

consumidor final y en base a un enfoque glo-

La autenticidad en los productos ofrecidos

que fue creada y edificada por mi abuelo a par-



La calidad absoluta

A partir de ese momento, nació una curiosidad

El objetivo final siempre es obtener productos

tir de 1919.

La exclusividad y unicidad.

Afortunadamente, he tenido la suerte de estu-

por adentrarme en un mundo totalmente desco-

únicos y exclusivos para poder disfrutar de

diar, viajar y crecer rodeado de personas ex-

nocido para mí, que me ha llevado a buscar por

su calidad y sabor en la degustación.

traordinarias que me han permitido desarrollar-

todos los rincones del planeta solo aquellos pro-

me y conocer el mundo culinario. He disfrutado

ductos de una calidad indiscutible.

de la calidad absoluta de productos magníficos 1



The Exclusive Private Collections® ofrece tres categorías de productos seleccionados, clasificadas

ViSby SLab CF

según la calidad, exclusividad y precio de sus productos.

The Collections®

clasificación de productos

The Exclusive Collections®

The Exclusive Private Collections®

Gama de productos de lujo

Gama de productos de lujo

Gama de productos limitados

destinados a todos los

más exclusivos que la gama

y exclusivos de alto standing

públicos. Es la gama más ase-

anterior y con un coste más

y únicos. La gama de produc-



tos de esta categoría es muy

El color de la categoría es el

El color de la categoría es el



marca gráfica logotipo | tipografia

marca gráfica set de logotipos


abcdefghijklmnñopqrstuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnñopqrstuvwxyz


ABCdEfGHIjkLMNñOPqrSTuvwxyz abcdefghijklmnñopqrstuvwxyz

demi bold

abCDEFghijkLmnñOPqRSTuVwxyz abcdefghijklmnñopqrstuvwxyz


logotipo principal

El color de la categoría es el platino.

logotipo secundario


logotipo sello



abcdefghijklmnñopqrstuvwxyz 13


marca gráfica gama cromática



CMYK 0 0 0 100 RGB 0 0 0 PANTONE Black 6 C #000000



CMYK 52 39 29 11 RGB 131 137 151 PANTONE Cool Gray 7 CP #838997

CMYK 0 13 63 31 RGB 175 152 65 PANTONE 16-0639 TCX Golden Olive #af9841

categoría producto


CMYK 0 40 53 31 RGB 176 106 83 PANTONE 16-1325 TPX Copper #b06a53

marca gráfica aplicación gama cromática

color categoria

logotipo principal

The Collections

The Exclusive Collections

The Exclusive Private Collections



logotipo secundario

CASELLAS NATURAL stationery stickers & labels signage & posters leaflets & booklets web design newsletter design & delivering

ou soja

stickers & labels


Casellas Natural is an organic product store located in Esplugues de Llobregat. A family business since 1939, they sell all kind of products from food to beauty cosmetics, and they offer health and beauty products as well.

store signage

staff t-shirt




CHARLA GRATUITA “DISFRUTA DE TU PIEL EN LA ETAPA DE LA MENOPAUSIA“ 5 secretos infalibles para mantener una piel joven y una vida feliz… En este taller veremos como minimizar los signos físicos como la sequedad, tono apagado, manchas, falta de elasticidad, arrugas, marcas de expresión, bolsas y ojeras.

Cansat de comptar ovelles per adormir-te?


Recordes que el proper diumenge és el Dia de la Mare? ENTRA I DEIXA’T INSPIRAR...

Día y horario: Miércoles 7 de marzo de 18:30 a 20:00h Ponente: Carmen Navarro. Directora y Cofundadora de Maison Karité, Master en Ciencias de los Negocios y PDD por IESE Precio: Gratuito Inscripciones: 93 372 06 36 o en la tienda Lugar: Centre Dietètic Casellas

TALLER GRATUITO “BODY DETOX” Charla informativa donde trataremos como te podemos ayudar y apoyar en las etapas donde estés realizando dietas depurativas, desintoxicantes o de adelgazamiento. Te abriremos un abanico de posibilidades para que puedas conseguir tu objetivo: afinar tu cuerpo, sentirte más ligero, eliminar toxinas, reafirmar tu piel y un largo etc. Entre los asistentes se sorteará una sesión gratuita Body Detox de 1:30h de duración.



Día y horario: Miércoles 14 de marzo de 18:30 a 20:00h Ponentes: Asunción Florido y Mª Rosa Castillo Precio: Gratuito Inscripciones: 93 372 06 36 o en la tienda Lugar: Centre Dietètic Casellas

Es imprescindible reservar plaza

TALLER “EL ARTE DE ENVEJECER” El paso de los años es inevitable, ¡pero envejecer es opcional! Cambia el cuerpo y cambian los hábitos. Cambian los afectos y cambian las pasiones. Aparecen limitaciones y afloran nuevas capacidades. No hay pérdida, sino evolución. En este taller haremos recuento de todo y buscaremos nuestra personal manera de disfrutar de cada etapa con vitalidad y plenitud. Todo sea por no malversar ni uno de nuestros días. Día y horario: Viernes 9 de marzo de 18:30 a 21:00h Ponente: Dra. Montse Jordà Metge y Psicoterapeuta Precio: 35 € Inscripciones: 625 401 537 o en la tienda Lugar: Creix El Taller

CHARLA GRATUITA “LA PIEL ES NUESTRA SEGUNDA BOCA, ¿TE COMERIAS TUS COSMÉTICOS?” Ponte en la piel aquello que te puedas comer. Te ayudaremos a entender la lista de ingredientes de los cosméticos habituales, cuales nos convienen y cuales debemos evitar. Veremos cómo interpretar la lista de ingredientes de un champú, una crema facial, un protector labial y un jabón. Día y horario: Miércoles 28 de marzo de 18:30 a 20:00h Ponente: Carmen Muñoz, Graduada en BioTecnología y Directora Técnica de Maison Karité Precio: Gratuito Inscripciones: 93 372 06 36 o en la tienda Lugar: Centre Dietètic Casellas




newsletter redesign instagram stories

new flavour idea, packaging design & illustration

Newsletter design for Salty Souls, a girls’ surfer community. The newsletter and Instagram stories aim were to promote the new Salty Souls destination, Bali, where the participants would stay one week in the island having an all-inclusive surf, yoga and empowerment experience.

New flavour and packaging proposal for the English popcorn snack brand Propercorn.



packaging design

logo, packaging design & illustration

Label design for organic chutneys by Galanga Atelier. Its flavours are onion, beet allioli, green tomato, peach and cherry.

Packaging design for a coffee brand. The project developed as a commission from the Korean branding agency STONE BC.


CHUTNEY de cítrics

ALLIOLI de remolatxa

CHUTNEY de tomàquet verd

CHUTNEY de ceba

CHUTNEY de préssec



icon design - personal project

icon design - cable properties

Icon set design giving a tribute to the american TV show Friends, representing some of the most significative elements of it like the door frame or the couch.

This icon set was designed for Eland Cables, to be used to indicate cable properties and characteristics on technical specification sheets.

Water Resistan t

UV Resistant

Submer sibleH

igh Temperatur e

Low Temperatur e

Fire Resistan t

Mud Resistan t

Oil Resistan t

Chemical Resistan t

EMC Screened


Heat Resistan t

Flame Retardant

Rodent Protection

Halogen Free

Mechanical Protection

Abrasion Protectio n


Direct Buria l



comissioned digital portraits

tropical themed handmade illustrations for baby apparel



digital illustrated bugs

digital illustrations of American road motels


If you liked what you saw in this portfolio and If you feel I could be a great fit for your team, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at

Graphic Design & Illustration Portfolio Laia Puig  
Graphic Design & Illustration Portfolio Laia Puig