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Lahuen Co, eco lodge & spa termal is truly unique. Deeply immersed in a singular protected area in Argentine Patagonia, with high biodiversity and natural richness, it is surrounded by virgin native forests, lakes, lagoons and a myriad of volcanic phenomena. With a high concern and care for People and Nature, Lahuen Co offers a space for de-tox from urban life, through a very simple concept:

the active encounter with Nature and oneself, combined with excellent rest and food

Lahuen Co, eco-lodge

An 11 room lodge overlooking the wonderful thermal valley, surrounding mountains and the native forest, secluded in the biggest protected area in Patagonia. Architecture was conceived under eco-sustainable criteria and with a high concern and love for Nature. Construction and operation processes are based on sustainable principles: • the least of impact to soil and the environment, • maximal temperature isolation. Also beneficial for sound isolation • central heating mostly provided by the geothermal resource • most of electricity is generated by an micro-turbine in-site • waste selection and rational disposal and recycling • waters are treated locally only mechanically and biologically • eco programs are lead by different members of the staff • personnel is mostly hired locally and trained under continuous programs Lahuen-Co is supervised by the National Parks Administration and the Inter-American Development Bank

Lahuen Co, mountain thermal spa

Lahuen Co is also a conceptual spa from its essence: Salutem Per Aquam (health through water), being water its core value. Thermal waters are utilized in accordance with the Ancient Roman tradition, also analog to that of the Japanese thermal onsens. Water circuit begins at the tepidarium, a relaxing area kept at body temperature and containing the first immersion pool. Then, at the caldarium, the circuit follows with a series of increasingly warmer pools between 100 and 110°F, providing for a progressive relaxation, trimmed each guest’s desire. Water circuits are combined with cool tone-up Vichy showers and immersions into outdoor pools.

Adventure & relax Adventure activities are set to safely enjoy a hike on volcanoes, an impressive trekking on a lava river, the immersion in the virgin forest or sailing the solitary lakes… …and after each expedition, restore energies on the relaxing thermal baths and through a professional massage. Proposals are oriented to satisfy guests’ preferences and training going from easy walks or a lake crossings, up to 3+ day hikes to the mythical Lanín volcano. All the outings are developed and guided by professional bilingual local guides.

Lahuen Co, Termas de Epulafquen – Lanín National Park Patagonia Argentina Getting to Lahuen-Co Closest international airport is Bariloche (BRC), which is also hub to the most attractive spots of Patagonia and Argentina. The trip from Bariloche to Lahuen-Co is also the opportunity to get a glance on the magnificence of Patagonic Region, its hugeness and diversity of landscapes. A memorable 4 hour drive through the Enchanted Valley, across the Lake District, all witnessed by the glacial cone of Lanín Volcano. We also organize a private flight from Bariloche over the myriad of lakes and the wonders of the Andes, to get an impression on this combination of immensity and beauty. The border with Chile is only 8 km (5 miles), connecting through the international pass Carirriñe with the small villages of Liquiñe and Coñaripe, then with Pucón and Villarrica, touristic villages. Once in Lanín National Park, two different circuits connect you with Lahuen-Co: Land Access

Land trip and lake crossing combined

Provincial route 62 addresses westward into Lanín National Park, going from the dry steppe into the Valdivian rain forest. 8 lakes and lagoons could be seen throughout the trip, such as Lolog, Curruhué and Epulafquen lakes. The scenery is made of: the Andes, with its glacial remains, the black volcanic-sand beaches, a lava river called Escorial, many volcanoes and native forest.

Alternatively, take Provincial rout 61 alongside Huechulafquen Lake up to Puerto Canoa. A motor boat takes passengers from this traditional deck to Puerto Encuentro, 2 miles from Lahuen-Co. This half hour lake crossing is also a way of getting in close contact with two of the most impressive sceneries of Patagonia: Lanín volcano and the lava delta of the Escorial formation. During winter season this route is the only way to reach Lahuen Co.

Distance from Lahuen Co: San Martín de los Andes 82 km / Junín de los Andes: 66 km / Bariloche: 254 km / Pucón (Chile): 130 km

Activities in Nature Trekking on Volcanoes • traditional hike to Lanin summit – Northern Face • trekking to the feet of Lanín glacier – Cara Sur • journey through Aunquinco Valley, monkey-puzzle-trees and lava river • trekking to the Escorial, lava river and natural “bonsai forest” • round trek to Paimún lake. Walk to Epulafquen Ranger’s house Fly Fishing • we provide the combination of the best fishing spots and lodges, professional bilingual guides and great extension programs • known and hidden rivers: Malleo, Aluminé, Collón Curá, Chimehuin, Caleufu, Traful, Limay and Curruhué • and the most pristine lakes inside Lanín National Park: Epulafquen, Carilafquen, Curruhué, Laguna Verde and Paimún Journeys • kayak / canoe crossings • horseback riding in the steppe and the Pehuenia • combined multisport • from Bariloche and Villa la Angostura • crossing of the north Patagonian Andes into Chile • best of Lake District: Tipiliuke, Peuma Hue and Lahuen-Co Eco-Tourism • birding / nature observation outings • Lanín National Park Walks / van excursions / sailing Active participation in environmental care programs volunteering

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Practical Information

Open all year round Check-in: 03:00 pm Check-out: 10:00 pm Late departure 07:00 pm (continuing with a day spa) Early check in can be programmed according to the roomavailability of the moment. The check in or check out times can be modified according to the regular transfer demands due to this service depends on local flights' scheduled. Booking policy 30% at confirmation balance: 30 days before arrival (please ask special conditions for groups) Please check our Cancellations policy and some Important tips before booking, at All the programs are exclusive to adults above the age of 15 years.

The Rooms Master O’furo 38m2 + thermal tub + private garden

Superior Room 32m2

Superior Room 35m2

Standard Room 18m2


Deeply inmersed in the rain forest at Lanin National Park invites to experience the Nature right to your room and in combination with the b...