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Life at Lahser. | october 2012

gotta get that Lahser




“Lahser spirit week is a once-ina-lifetime experience! You go from school to school and you can’t find spirit like we have in Knight Country.” -Sr. Nayla Sater

Homecoming Week gave students a chance to show off their Lahser spirit and explain what it means to be one of the very last Knights.

Carly Daiek

Seniors Lauren Lockwood, Grace Connolly, Abby May, Sydney Galinsky and Caroline Cooke

Teenie Enright

“Even though I’m graduating a Black Hawk, I know that in 20 years when I look back on my high school experience, I’m still going to be so proud to be a Knight.” -Jr. Emily Brent


Nayla Sater


Ryan King and Alana O’Mara





The Knight is more than a mascot, it’s an identity. Being a Knight means being strong, smart and proud of the person you are.” -Sr. Steven Terryn

Kelly Montgomery

Life page 2.| october 2012

Mark McManus & Keith Hall

Juniors Hadley Tuthill, Tori Landschulz, Erin Okuniewski, Claudia Brzezinski, Megan Cunningham and Katie Greenstone

Courtney Eathorne Editor-In-Chief

All of the excitement and inter-class rivalry that Lahser Spirit Week entails reached new heights at the Lahser Knight Games 2012. The event rouses grade-level pride of granduer, especially among

current seniors, the Class of 2013. Last year, as Juniors, the current senior grade earned themselves first place in the Homecoming Week festvities, specifically Knight Games, but were robbed of their victory by foul play at

the hands of the now-graduated Class of 2012. This year, however, the Class of 2013 was back, with no one to stand in the way of their victory; and victorious they were. The seniors brought home first place in nearly every Homecoming

Week event, carrying on the age-old tradition of a Senior Sweep. Highlights of the senior win included Alana O’Mara and Riley Palmer in the Three Legged Race, Paige Sambor and Maddie Rohr in the Wheelbarrow Race and

Jackie Shandler taking first place in the Limbo competition. In her four years at Lahser, Shandler has gained three Limbo Champion titles and one First Runner-Up. Another exciting and promising aspect of this year’s Knight Games, and Home-




coming Week as a whole, was the success of the Freshman class. The Class of 2016 placed second overall, giving all Knights hope that Lahser Homecoming traditions and spirit will be carried on long after Lahser is gone.

so DANCE like it’s the LAST KNIGHT LAST


of your life

Homecoming Dance 2012 4.



On the evening of September 29th, 2012, Lahser held it’s 45th and final Homecoming Dance. With every Knight dressed to the nines, festivities for most students began with pictures at the scenic setting of the thier choice, followed by dinner at various restaurants and ending with the actual dance in the gym. It was the overall consensus that the 2012 Homecoming dance was, without a doubt, a Knight to remember.


“I Gangnam’ed and I Gangnam’ed hard” - Senior Kelly Montgomery


Life page 4.| october 2012



1. Sophomore girls enjoy their second Lahser homecoming. 2. Soph. Jubilee Jackson and Fr. Otis Ferguson. 3. Seniors Sydney Rich, Colby Boman, Katelyn Gitzen, Maddie Monahan and Grace Jones. 4. A group of Lahser juniors pose in front of Orchard Lake. 5. Chelsea Watkins and her beau Luke Ross. 6. Senior Riley Palmer and Junior Josh Robinson. 7. A group of freshman girls pose before their first (and




A word from your Queen


Nicole Kallas


1. A group of Seniors represents the class of 2013 posing at Cranbrook. 2. Juniors Jack Wyman and Libby Baxter smile for a shot with their younger siblings. 3. Juniors Lindsey Kouhn, Emily Brent and Maddie Ford goof around at dinner.

’d like to start off by saying that I really appreciate everyone who voted for Derek and me as homecoming queen and king. Standing up there, linked arms with my best friend whilst wearing crowns- let’s just say there’s no better feeling. Now, some may say that I won homecoming queen by bribing the whole school


with cupcakes. I’d prefer to think its because I’m charming and wildly attractive. No matter what the reason, I’m still honored and wish the senior class my best. I know that we’ll make Lahser’s last year the best ever.

Nicole Kallas Homecoming Queen


Steven Terryn & Carly Daiek “Steve’s a

pal! I was glad to go for Round 2.” - Sr. Carly Daiek



4. Sophomore girls pull out the big guns for their second Lahser homecoming dance. 5. Freshman Lily Ochs tries to contain her excitement for her first homecoming night with pals Katie Moore and Hannah Hooton.

Views in Life: Change is over-Knight Courtney Eathorne Editor-In-Chief What qualifies change? As children, we develop a schema that defines change as a correct and comfortable ‘before’ morphing into an itchy, alien ‘after.’ I recently spent an entire Sunday lying on my bedroom carpet chewing over the strange phenomenon we call change. With my eyes fixed in an empty fashion on my glow-inceiling stars, I came to the

conclusion that sometimes clichés ring true: in life, change truly is the only constant. Each and every member of the Bloomfield high school community is in the midst of taking a different step down the path of life. Students and faculty alike are facing and fighting their own unique battles on a daily basis. What is put forth inside the frames of these crumbling buildings is hardly a fraction of who we are. What we do from 7:25 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

binds us, but that leaves 17 hours a day for us to dig our own trenches in the world. It’s scientific fact that adolescence is no walk in the park. In a short four years, from our first step into the building in September of our freshman year all the way to college move-in day, our worlds turn upside down. Our schedules are completely overbooked with test drives in life and love, and pushing our knowledge to see just how far our minds can take us.

Come next fall, current Bloomfield adolescents will pack their bags with the weight of a whole new kind of change related the genesis of the new Bloomfield Hills High School. Loss of school identity and an overload of new faces in a new place only supplement the challenges faced by the Barons and the Knights of today and the Blackhawks of tomorrow. Change in Bloomfield is at an all-time high. So to what does one cling in the

face of all this “new”? The answer to that lies in those around us. I vote we shed the negative stigma change has acquired, and see it for what it truly is: a full emersion in the exciting evolution of our lives. So while the Bloomfield world is turning upside down, the best thing for all of us to do is embrace it. Enjoy life, and enjoy the people with which whom we get to share this remarkable experience.

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or stop by Room 107 during 5th Hour for more information.

Final Scoreboard

Senior Football Captains

Lahser Alumni Student Section

Sausage Security

Football Game

Nicole Kallas & Derek Segars

Senior Homecoming Court

Bringing home the T

Friday Night football brings Knight community together.

Life page 8.| october 2012


he final homecoming Friday Night football game for the Lahser Knights was without a doubt an affair to remember. Attendance of the game was at a record high with more students, staff and alumni present than any game to date. The Knights were matched with Berkley

high school for their last HC battle, an emotional game for all players. Not only was the Knight spirit tangible on the field, but also in the infamous Lahser student Section led by the age-old tradition of the Sausage Security. All of the excitment reached a ceiling at halftime with the announcement of all Homecoming Week winners. The traditional Homecoming Court procession led to the reveal

of Seniors Nicole Kallas and Derek Segars as King and Queen. It was then announced that the Senior Class of 2013 took home the win for overall spirit week festivities, with the Freshman class in second place. In the end, the Knights defeated Berkley High school 35-27; which was a win, and a night, that will surely be remembered long after Lahser High School is gone.

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