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Dear Class of 2012: Message from the Editors By Douglas Wong I do not believe in cliché graduation messages. Call it an odd idiosyncrasy, but I absolutely refuse to use the phrase, “We made it!” The truth is, we h a ven ’t . Most of us have 2 to 4 more years studyin g our lives away at a com munity college or university. Add on another 2 to 4 if you intend on going to graduate school. Don’t forget to add 50 years of working at a job. The fact remains that we have countless years ahead of us to find our real passions and to gain experience in the workings of the world. To admit that we have reached the finish line is a gross understatement, admitting that we’re sloth-like beings incapable of dreaming big. Keep in mind that no mat-

ter what stage in life you are, there is always room to grow and learn. The statement “these are the best days of your life” is also a little exaggerated. Do not simply resign yourself to being content with what Los Altos has to offer. There are many years left in our lives, and many more memories to make. The best way to truly honor your high school experience is to make the most of events to come. Wake up from your musings to face the glories and challenges of the real world. You have a personal duty to be following your dreams, not getting lost in them. Of course, one of the most overused phrases is “time flies” — which I admit is partially true. Einstein did, after all, assert that time is relative (though this scientific theory applies more to time dilation than individual perception). The problem is that in terms of learning, “flying” time is a bad thing. Recent psychological studies have shown that while a person is learning the most, time is perceived as moving the most slowly. So technically, by stating that “time flew,”

you are brushing over all the vast knowledge you have accumulated thus far. The point is that the lessons, friendships, and memories you have experienced here should not be nonchalantly dismissed. Your high school life should not be lumped together simply as a blur of memories. Make the most of what you learn, savor your surroundings, and hopefully time will pause a bit for you in the years to come. You might be noticing that this graduation message lacks any references heralding back to all the “good times” in high school. It is because the truly invaluable bonds forged with good friends and inspirational teachers will never die out (especially with the aid of Facebook timelines). There is no need to continue excessive reminiscing over the past. What is important now is to look toward the future, and how we, the Class of 2012, can best find our way in this big, unfamiliar, world. Graduation cliché’s and cyni-

cism aside, if there is one lesson I have learned in my years at Los Altos, it is that passion gets you far. Many have already found their interest. Others are still gaining a truer sense of themselves. Regardless, take your time to seek out what truly matters to you. Remember, you will not find these passions in material possessions. You will not find that passion in money. You will not find that passion in recognition. The more you earn, the more you look around to gauge yourself by your riches, and you will always find someone with more. Remember that fame and riches are only consequences, never goals. Rewards and honors are nice additions, but only to the point that they gain real respect from your peers. No matter what you end up doing, your passion will be grounded in people and the relationships you have with them. To the Class of 2012 and to the many other classes after it: throw yourself at the world, savor your time, and find your passions. Good luck!

By Collette Andraos

out them there is no way that a whole newspaper could be produced. I especially would like to thank all the page editors, such as Daisy Gomez, because without their contribution to the paper, we would never have managed to produce monthly editions of The Conqueror. I also want to thank Douglas Wong. When he first became general editor, I was a bit skeptical, thinking he would be micromanaging and taking charge of every single thing. I was soon proven wrong. He adapted to our style of creating The Conqueror while still managing to keep us on track and overlooking every part of journalism, including A La Mode and The Conqueror Online. With that being said, I would like to present you the final edition of our newspaper, The Conqueror, for the class of 2012. It has been an honor to serve as your newspaper editor-in-chief.

creativity to work. What made this such a great experience was not just learning new things, but the people I met and the friendships that were created in the class were very important. I wouldn’t have met the best and close friends I have today. We bond like a family and really know each other, which is what makes it so enjoyable. Also, knowing what’s going on around school before everyone else is always exciting, and interviewing staff and faculty about various topics is always fun and interesting. Producing a newspaper within a few hours of the same day always fascinated me. Seeing how fast we work and how easily we can get on each other’s nerves is also interesting, but in the end, coming out with one great paper is a good feeling. Aside from all the deadlines, we always have fun on our outings to restaurants and surprising Mr. Rockwood on his birthday, even though I don’t think it’s a surprise to him what we do anymore since we do the same thing ever year. There is so much I can say about journalism and the fun experience I had. Seeing your first story published in the paper and watching everyone read it around school gives you a sense of accomplishment and happiness. From starting off as a staff writer to becoming the head of the paper along with Collette Andraos and Stephanie Bishop was the best. Staying as late as 9:00 PM to finish the paper was always exciting and tiring, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Good luck to the new editors Ariel, Melissa, Alex, John, William, Yvette, Ayana, and Lilian. I hope you all enjoyed the past newspapers and enjoy the future newspapers to come!

By Stephanie Bishop

I remember first stepping onto the Los Altos campus and looking up at all the sen i o r s coun t in g down to t h e i r graduation day, imagining how long it would take to be in their position. A couple moments later, I blinked and here I am writing my final goodbye. I was blessed to have been chosen to become part of the Los Altos journalism staff. My sophomore year in journalism I met a person who was soon to become my best friend, Lauren Oosamran. We saw Bonnie and Beatrice, the editors at that time, and fantasized what it would be like if we were to take their place. Once the second semester of our junior year came, we got the positions of newspaper editors-in-chief. Choosing to become part of journalism is one of the wisest decisions I made during my high school career. From editing stories, laying them out, editing the pages, and finally sending it to the printer all within the course of a few hours never ceases to amaze me. As stressful and frustrating as it could be to refrain from yelling at certain people, it was well worth the time, effort, and energy once we got that confirmation call from the printer saying the newspaper was good to go. I thank the staff because with-

By Lauren Oosamran Being a part of the journalism class is one of the best choices I ever made throughout my high school career. I’ve been part of the class since my sop h om o r e year, and year after year it just kept gett in g bett er. Wakin g up at 5:45 and being at school by 6:30 was a challenge at first, but it was definitely worth it. Learning the newspaper process and how to use new programs such as InDesign and Pagemaker was interesting and put my

The past four years at Los Altos truly did fly by. I still remember the first day I stepped onto this campus as a freshman a n d t h ou g h t the next four years would take forever to g e t through. However, I now understand how fast the hands of the clock spin when you’re focusing on grades and extracurricular activities while making friends along the way. I can’t believe how well I have come to know this school. I’ve become so close to so many people, it will be hard to leave for college. I always said that I couldn’t wait to leave and move on to bigger and better things, but now that we are reaching the end, it doesn’t feel as if I’ll be leaving. It feels as if I’m supposed to come back for another year of high school and then start prepping for the rest of my college career. As freshmen, we thought high school would be the biggest obstacle we’d ever face. Now, as seniors, we realize that we are truly about to face a world we are unaccustomed to. We are about to see new adventures unfold in front of our eyes, and whether we are going to college, joining the military, or beginning a new job, we all have one thing in common: we are all about to begin our new lives as graduates of the 2012 class.

The Conqueror


Senior Class President Says

Goodbye It seems as though it was just yesterday when we were all brand new freshmen trying to make our place in Los Altos. We are all a puzzle piece to this great school, and when we are put together, we’re a perfect fit. I could see that every time there was a rally or a sporting event, there was just so much energy, it’s exciting! That’s the one thing I’m going to miss most, watching our school do great things. I really need to congratulate all of our athletes. It’s truly amazing how well all of us represented our school with such fierce competition. Also, to the clubs who made such a difference with all that they did. To all of our friends, thank you for always being there and creating the people we are today. Whoever you are, you made your own positive mark on Los Altos.

Representing our class made me realize how hard it is to take on a leadership role because the senior class of 2012 is more than just a group of students. It’s been an honor representing you all as your class president. I know these last few days are going to be hard, but I know it’s going to get better. Our future is right in front of us and I believe we can accomplish anything as Conquerors. There are still many more events for us to spend together, like the Senior Breakfast, graduation and grad night. Until then, all I have to say is I know you are all capable of anything you put your heart and mind to, so don’t ever lose sight of what your heart and mind are telling you. We came here together, now it’s finally time to leave. I know that we’ll all somehow find our way back here. Brent Spivey, Senior Class President

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June 05, 2012

Senior Breakfast By William Liu Internet Editor On June 5, 2012, around 8:00am, the class of 2012 will have a chance to attend the annual Senior Breakfast, which is one of the last opportunities for the class of 2012 to gather as a group. These seniors will make their way to the House of Blues in Anaheim to enjoy breakfast and entertainment, as well as a last chance to bond with their class. They will receive the senior edition of the school newspaper, enjoy the work of a skilled hypnotist, and listen to compelling speeches from select teachers and faculty. It is highly suggested that seniors take this opportunity to savor the time together. “Senior Breakfast is a good time to hang out with

the Class of 2012,” said Shawn Harrington, ASB advisor. Senior Breakfast isn’t just a chance for seniors to hang out, as Barbara Crowther, AVID advisor, states, “It’s a tradition.” After the seniors have enjoyed their breakfast, the food, and the speeches, they can choose to either go to the beach or just hang out in Anaheim. For only $25 each, the Class of 2012 will be able to create memories that are priceless. This event is truly special. The combination of a delicious meal, paired with entertainment from a hypnotist topped off with commemorative speeches from requested speakers, combine to create an event that cannot be missed.

Senior Schedule Monday June 4, 2012 Senior Honors Night @ 7:00pm in the gym

Thursday June 7, 2012 Second Graduation Practice @ 8:00am

Tuesday June 5, 2012 Senior Breakfast 8:00am @ The House of Blues

Friday June 8, 2012 Grad Night at Disneyland @ 3:30pm

Wednesday June 6, 2012 Graduation Practice @ 8:00am

Have fun seniors!

Graduation Songs By Lauren Oosamran Conqueror Staff Writer With graduation just around the corner, seniors are beginning to enter a period of excitement and hope for their future. Check out what might be playing on their iPod playlists for graduation this year. “Graduation (Friends Forever)” by Vitamin C “And we would get so excited and we’d get so ____1___ laughing at ourselves thinking life’s not ____2___ and this is how it feels. As we go on we remember all the times we _____3____ and as our lives change from whatever we will still be ____4____.” “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” by Green Day - “Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road, time grabs you by the ____5____, directs you where to go. So make the best of this ___6__ and don’t ask why, it’s not a question, but a ____7___ learned in ___8___. It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s ____9___, I hope you had ___10___ of __11__ life.” “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield “Reaching for something in the ___12___ so close you can almost taste it, release your inhibitions feel the __13___ on your skin no one else can feel it for you only you can let it in, no one ___14__ no one ____15__ can speak the words on your __16__. Live your life with arms __17___ open, today is where your ___18___ begins. The rest is still unwritten.” “Weekend Warriors” by A Change of Pace “Weekends are for the warriors all those late nights walking through ___19_____ at day break, raise all of the glasses high this ones to all of us sitting around here on ___20____ night. I remember eighteen hated ___21____ and sitting staring at the __22____ dying to get away. Don’t look back and have no ___23____, we’ve only got two days and time won’t wait for __24__.” Answers: 1) scared 2) fair 3) had together 4) friends forever 5) wrist 6) test 7) lesson 8) time 9) right 10) the time 11) your 12) distance 13) rain 14) else 15) else 16) lips 17) wide 18) book 19) front doors 20) Friday 21) Mondays 22) clock 23) regrets 24) us


Features Seniors & To The Conqueror

Senior Project

By Corissa Burdette Conqueror Staff Writer

Everyone’s biggest fear is the senior project. Rumor has it that it can be very stressful but, according to these seniors, if you take certain precautions, things will turn out all right in the end. Mireli Prado, senior, said, “My advice for senior project is to see your advisor regularly because they give you part of your final grade.” “My advice for senior project is to finish all the requirements early; therefore, things will not be stressful and you will be able to relax and not rush. When you work hard, every second Mireli Prado counts,” commented Valerie De La Rosa, senior. Leticia Aguilar, senior, suggested that one, “Figure out your learned skill and community service first. These two are the hardest to find because not a lot of people will take you in to work for them. After that, everything else will fall into place when you figure them out.” “Focus on something that you can enjoy. Your passion will reflect in your tone and make your argument strong and be a true learning experience for you. Do not forget about making a creative title to

make your paper unique, even before your grader begins to read,” recommended Rachel Suarez, senior. Cesar Mora, senior, encouraged, “Do not give up! It seems really hard at first but it is actually pretty easy if you do not procrastinate and do all your work on time. “ Y o u should always be organized Leticia Aguilar and just relax. It is only a project. Trust me, you will live,” noted Jessica Fox, senior. Alexis Castro, senior, commented, “Take it seriously! The only way it can help you in the future is to pick a topic that you like or are interested in. I know a girl that got hired because of her senior project.” “The greatest enemy you will probably ever encounter is ‘senioritis’. Some say it is just an excuse for seniors, but for me it is a real issue. So the advice I want to give to you is to not be lazy during this project. Why? Well, laziness equals failure,” stressed Maria Zeka Del Barrio, senior.


the Seniors

By Yvette Franco Newspaper Editor As the school year comes to an end, goodbyes are in the air. After four years, the senior class is graduating in just a couple of days. So to bid the Class of 2012 goodbye, some underclassmen want to wish them farewell. “With the seniors leaving, it feels like there will be a large hole in my day without seeing all those friendly faces. I will really miss all of them when they are gone and I hope that each and every one of them can succeed in their lives,” exclaimed Marlen Jimenez, junior. “Teresa Chen! You have been a great mother to me and Judy and an equally great father to Oralia. We’ll miss you lots. Connie Don’t forget to visit from UCLA all of the time since your house is so close. Ashley Chen, you make every day in band so fun. We will be with you in spirit. Michelle Wang, thanks for being nice to me when you’re brother wasn’t! You guys should all come back

to visit as soon as possible so we can all see you, bye!” said a very excited and bubbly Connie Pung, freshmen. “What? Abby is evolving!“ Marcos Avila, sophomore, said, “Congratulations! You are Abby finally evolved into a graduate!” Leon Liang, junior, said, “I am imagining how nice it will be when I will be able to kick all of you guys out of Los Altos High School so I can be the boss around here. I can’t help thinking that maybe I should lock all the gates so you will be stuck here with me after all. Even if that’s just for a couple more days, it’s totally worth it. Thank you all for bringing me the most wonderful and memorable year of my life so far. I don’t know what my school life would have been like without you guys in it. Bon voyage on your future Pung life you guys!” Class of 2012, it is your year! Make sure to spend the next few days in the company of those who make you happy and to put the past behind you. It’s time to go out into the world to make something of yourselves. Good luck!

Open House

Powder Puff Power By Alex Velasquez Magazine Editor This powderpuff game seemed May 25 held one of the best powder puff games Los Altos has seen. to touch the lives of many. Kathy Juniors and seniors were neck and neck Arcadia, junior, said, “This was honestly the best high throughout the school experience. whole game. SeI’m so glad I did it. niors made the I didn’t think I first touchdown, would be good or fueling the anticieven a captain. I’m pation of the extremely sad it’s game. The juniors over. My linemen were quick to folnever get the low through with props we deserve. a touchdown, 2012 Powder Puff Teams Seniors said they ending the game at an even 6-6. “The game was so intense!” were going to dominate, yet we went said Shaiday Rosales, junior. overtime three times. There should seriWith yellow flags being pulled ously be a whole season dedicated to left and right, the audience was quick to girls.” Kate Cruz, junior, said, “It was a realize that this would be a close game. “I really great experience. I’m sad it’s over. couldn’t even blink, I didn’t want to miss I wish it could be all year.” The players a thing. Being the water girl made me feel didn’t seem to be the only ones growthe pressure all the girls were feeling. It ing a love for the game. Many coaches was definitely a great game,” said Kayla did too. Johnny Ramirez, junior and coach says, “It was one of the best Wheeler, junior. The game finished in a tie, forc- games I’ve ever seen. My linemen girls ing the players to go overtime. With did work! They were beast. I can’t wait touchdowns being made by both teams, till next year, that’s for sure.” All players in the game were the game went to three overtimes. The seniors scored the last touchdown, tak- amazing. The seniors left the field with a ing the victory home with a score of 32- victory, and the juniors played hard till the end. 26.

June 05, 2012

By Nicholas Pung Page Editor On May 19, the Los Altos Acad- different time slots to impress the audiemy of Engineering had their annual ence that was watching. The field area in Open House. The event was very suc- front of the D building was used to showcessful as many people came through the case past projects including HICE, Infuengineering program to see what the stu- sion, the solar boat, Top Knot, and Speed Runner. The engineering dents had been doing lab displayed each of the the entire year. individual sections, which This year, the include the composite students of the engiarea where the students neering program have make the body for each of worked on their new the vehicles; the electrical project, Project Pulse, area where students wire throughout the school the system up for vehicles year and were able to to work; the mechanical get the vehicle running area, where the students on May 19. Despite numake the parts for the vemerous challenges that hicles; the design area, were laid in front of where students make dethem, the students signs using programs to have proven themgive blueprints to the meselves capable of solvchanical students; and the ing these obstacles. informational technology During Open sections, which displayed House, the Los Altos Alanna Ho many robots and proudly Academy of Engineering divided themselves into 4 sections: showed their website. This year, the Open House prosthe gym, the blacktop, the field area, and the engineering lab. In the Gym, presen- pered as it showed what the students tations, food, and seating were available could do. The students flawlessly for those who attended. On the blacktop, showed their leadership and responsibiliProject Pulse was showcased as it ran in ties this year.


The Conqueror

Freshman 15


June 4, 2012

Why Even Nerds Should Go to Prom By Douglas Wong Conqueror Staff Writer

By Nicholas Pung Page Editor College is a new experience for incoming freshmen. For the first time, students are free from their parents. This might mean no more nagging, no more supervision, or no more food. With the lack of supervision on what to eat, students are free to devour anything in their path. Whether that means eating healthy, cooking food, or eating fast food every single day, it does not matter to the freshmen. There is one thing for certain. There is an ancient myth that most students who go to college gain 15 pounds… the freshman 15. For some, this is just a myth. For others, this may be reality. In the future, you might even be a victim of this. There are many ways to avoid this curse. Some include exercising. Others include eating healthy. Here are a few tips in avoiding the freshman 15. 1. Know what you are eating. Many students in college buy whatever is in the cafeteria. Some never even bother to check how many calories it contains. Whatever the reason, always check how many calories are in the food and calculate how many calories you eat a day. Be sure it’s not over 4000 calories or there might be a problem. 2.Don’t party and have allnighters every single day. Without sleep, the body won’t be able to function properly. That means with less sleep, the fatter you will become. Keeping your metabolism high is also a key thing in trying to not gain 15 pounds in a student’s first year in college. 3.Do what you have always been doing. Usually, if you do what you do at home in college, you won’t have any trouble. The only people that will have some problems are the people who eat practically everywhere. Although these few tips are a bit ridiculous, at least try to follow #3. College may change you, but changing your lifestyle in college isn’t going to change you, except maybe add 15 pounds to your physique.

Throughout the entirety of my high school career, I have forgone attending school dances in favor of holing myself in my room to study or play the clarinet. I honestly felt quite satisfied in doing so, ignoring all my encouraging friends who said, “You will regret not going to prom!” Eventually, however, I relented. I ended up having the time of my life. So that any other nerds at Los Altos, such as myself, do not miss out on this opportunity, listed here are several of my statements of protest and corresponding reasons as to why they are entirely bogus. This is one high school event you truly do not want to miss. 1.“I couldn’t get a girl to go if I tried”—Clearly, the chance of failure, especially for a relatively antisocial person, might be higher than the average LAHS student. However, as any nerd should know, proportional

effort yields proportional outcomes. Take pleasure in figuring out your prom asking methodology and coordinating plans. The very act of asking, regardless of the result, can be quite enjoyable. Girls at Los Altos are not entirely close-minded either. So long as you do not have a severe social conflict with your intended prom date, there is a good chance she will accept. Just take time to carefully pick out your girl by tapping into social gossip and determining which girl you would be most comfortable going with. 2.“I have to study for AP tests!”—Odds are that if you are worried enough about tests to skip a dance, then you have already studied enough for it. The loss of one day of studying is quite marginal in the grand scheme of the entire year. If anything, one day of taking a break will help you increase focus in the grueling weeks to come af-

terward. 3.“I can’t dance.”—Few students on the dance floor are actually legitimately dancing. The others are flailing limbs to the beat or jumping around pumping fists in the air. Even slow dancing is essentially penguin waddling in place with your prom date. The true enjoyment in prom comes from breaking out of your shell, conversing with your prom date, snapping excessive photos, and taking in the sights. I can’t testify for the music, though. Any junk these days, when put to a beat and roaring bass, is apparently considered suitable for the dance floor.

as a ship to explore a new world where they encounter exciting battles with sea creatures and pirates. Another old animation with a new sequel is “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.” Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman, and the penguins get stuck in Europe where they travel with a circus in order to return to the Big Apple. A Marvel classic, “The Amazing Spider-Man” will be released in July. Peter Parker, a high school outcast, is figuring out who he is and what got him to where he is now. He gets led

to Oscorp through a series of events and collides with The Lizard. The decisions he makes and the powers he uses will shape his destiny, turning him into a hero. One of the most anticipated movies of the summer is “The Dark Knight Rises.” This is a continuation from the previous Oscar nominee “The Dark Knight.” Bane overtakes Gotham and the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect the city. However, the city views him as a villain, even though he is a hero.

Summer Movies

By Ayana Usui Conqueror Staff Writer School is finally coming to an end, and it is time to enjoy the summer. When temperatures are too high to enjoy the sun, an alternative activity enjoyed by everyone is going to the movies. With the air conditioning and drinks in the movie theater, watching movies with your friends is a great way to hang out during the long break. A movie that came out ten years ago now has a fourth sequel. “Ice Age: Continental Drift,” is an animation from FOX that will be released in July. The animals will use an iceberg

Then and Now By Ronnie Wong Conqueror Staff Writer As the Class of 2012 ties up loose ends to finish their high school careers, it’s evident that they have changed in many ways. Just take a look at the progression pictures below.

The Conqueror


June 5, 2012

Once Upon A Mattress

By Corissa Burdette Conqueror Staff Writer

On May 17-19, the Los Altos High School Performing Arts Academy put on the musical “Once Upon A Mattress.” The production is based on a book written by Jay Thompson, Marshall Barer and Dean Fuller. With a cast of 62, these students preformed miraculously to tell the story of a prince trying to find his princess in the Middle Ages. P r i n c e Duantless, played by Manuel Escalante, junior, is in need of a princess. With Prince Dauntless not being married, no one else in the kingdom can get married. That may seem like no problem except Lady Larkin,

played be Elyse Kasparian, junior, is pregnant and needs to marry Sir Harry, played by Robert Tena, sen i o r , andMicheal Pacheco,freshman. Sir Harry then goes to the swamps to find a princess that Q u e e n Aggravain, played by Elizabeth Campbell, has not already put up to the test and finds Princess Winnifred, known as Fred, played by Hannah Johnson, senior. Princess Winnifred passed

Queen Agravain’s test of sensibility when she could not sleep because under the stack of twenty mattresses was a single pea, or so Q u e e n Aggravain thought. Actually, the jester, played by Shelby Gulino, put many things under the mattress, like a football helmet and broom. Needless to say, the production was a comedy in which Prince Dauntless and Princess Winnifred got married and lived “happily ever after”.

Graduation Flicks

Funny Car Bumper Stickers By Lauren Oosamran Page Editor It seems like every day we see cars with various license plate borders or bumper stickers. Some say they would rather be doing this or that, or they like a particular political party. Then there are the comedic license plates or bumper stickers that poke fun at driving slow or honking. Here are a few that give a good laugh. “I may be slow, but I’m ahead of you.” “Keep honking, I’m reloading.” “Driver carries no cash; he’s married.” “I’m only speeding because I have to use the bathroom.” “If you can read this, I can slam on my brakes and sue you!” “Caution: Driver is singing.” “Let’s not meet by accident.”

By Melissa Chen Editor-in-Chief It’s that time of year when seniors put on their cap and gown and move on to the next chapter of life. In the spirit of graduation, many television stations are broadcasting shows which take place at a graduation ceremony. Disney Channel’s “Suite Life on Deck” had an episode where the characters graduate. Just like many seniors, Cody and Baily wait for their acceptance letter from Yale. They had planned to open their letters together when they received them. Instead, both of them open their letters on their own. They later find out that Cody was rejected and Baily was accepted. Zack and Maya end up breaking up. The twins, heart-


“The closer you get, the slower I go.” broken and disappointed, decide not to go to graduation. Their parents come on board and convince them to go. In the end, they all agreed to stay friends and said their goodbyes. Not only are there shows with graduation, but there are also movies. The movie “Can’t Hardly Wait” is about the last night of high school. Seniors are already graduated and the only thing left to do is party. The nerd gets revenge on the bully, the nice guy manages to steal his prom queen crush, and a pair of old friends reunite. Another one of Disney Channel’s shows, called “High School Musical 3,” included a graduation ceremony. The love story of Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton continue. They

realize that after they graduate they will be separated. “A Cinderella Story” is one more movie that involves graduation. Two high school seniors, Samantha and Austin, living different lives, meet in a Princeton chat room. They become friends, not knowing they go to the same school. Samantha, played by Hillary Duff, finds out the truth, and at the school dance they decide to meet. Little do they know that others know as well, including Samantha’s stepsisters. As graduation rolls around, there are more shows and movies having to do with graduation. Any of these remind you of your graduation?

“Please don’t hit me, I’m not 100% sure about my coverage.” “Even if this is a stupid sticker, you’re squinting to read it.” “How’s my driving? Call 1-800-CryBaby.” “I’m pendaling as fast as I can.” “My other car is a taxi.” “I had a life but my job ate it.” “AZN STUDent driver.” “This vehicle stops at garage sales.” “I thought I was indecisive. Now I’m not so sure.”


The Conqueror


June 5, 2012

Athletic Scholarships

By Connor Lee Conqueror Staff Writer

Goodbyes By Daisy Gomez and Jessie Huang Page Editor and Staff Writer

With the current economic state of the United States, particularly that of California, there has been a lot of commotion from seniors about how to go about paying for college. In fact, it has certainly come to the point where the number of scholarships offered by certain schools is the main consideration in choosing an institution. However, others make their college choice not solely on the amount of money offered but also the willingness of the college to accept them on an athletic team. Here is where athletic scholarships come into play. Los Altos High School has been very lucky to have many seniors receive athletic scholarships from universities around the United States. In the fall, Mariah Midyette made her choice to attend Bucknell University to play softball, Joe Munoz to San Diego State to play baseball, and Alyssa Villalpando to University of Hawaii for softball, all from athletic scholarships. In the spring, even more seniors have come out with their accepted athletic scholarships. They include Savannah Blackiston to Alabama A&M to play volleyball, Brittany Fulton to UC Santa Barbara for track, Alexis

Garcia to Hope International University in Fullerton to play softball, Taylor Griego Saenz to La Sierra University for softball, Massela Lino to La Sierra University for volleyball, Jennipher Solis to Canisius College to play softball, Catie Tuning to Whittier College to play water

family has one less stress to worry about. I’m happy I was able to use my talents in softball to further my education.” Although not all athletic scholarships are full rides, they still provide a lot of financial support to their recipients as Massela Lino explains. “I received a partial scholarship to La Sierra University which pays for most of my tuition and all that I need through college other than housing. The head coach for La Sierra University is giving me this scholarship for each of my four years attending this college. This scholarship will help me a lot!” Los Altos High School is very proud of its student athletes and their specific choices to further Mariah Midyette, Joe Munoz, and Alyssa Villalpando their education while maintaining their love for athletpolo, and Shane Virnala to Menlo Col- ics. Hopefully, even more future seniors lege to play football. will have such opportunities afforded to Alexis Garcia explains her them. Brittany Fulton’s dream school scholarship, “I received a year to year had always been UC Santa Barbara, and scholarship which will be awarded each now she can finally say, “I was given a year of attendance, and its amount gracious scholarship from UCSB, allowshould increase as I progress. Now my ing me to pursue my running career and letting me get into the school of my dreams.”

Grad Night

By Stephanie Hernandez Page Editor

The happiest place in the world, also known as Disneyland, is this year’s senior Gradnight location. Happening Friday, June 8, the day after graduation, seniors are both excited to go but bummed that it’s not on the night of their graduation itself. Also slightly disappointing was the new time zone Los Altos students were given. Previous years seniors had the option of staying until 5:00AM before having to leave the park. This year it was set back to 3:00AM. Senior May Garcia spoke out about it, “I don’t know why they would change the leaving time to such an awkward hour in the morning, I’m just glad I’ll be able to drive myself

home and not have to wake up my parents.” Even so, the overall feelings towards going to Disneyland was full of positive energy. Although the tickets for the park happen to be running at $90 and $95 without ASB, some students were exasperated that they were unable to use their park annual passes as some form of discount for that night. Senior Krystal Martinez commented on that saying,“I didn’t buy a Disneyland pass just so that I can pay for a $90 ticket for Gradnight.We should be able to use them at least for a discount.” However, tickets are limited and seniors are still buying them left and right to be able to enjoy the last night as a part of the Los Altos senior class.

Journalism Staff 2011- 2012 Amber Alvela Collette Andraos John Andraos Stephanie Bishop Corissa Burdette Ariel Chang Melissa Chen Yvette Franco Allie Gomez Daisy Gomez Danielle Gomez Ryan Guerrero Stephanie Hernandez Jessie Huang Lilian Hwang Felicia Kwon Connor Lee Lydia Lee William Liu Lauren Oosamran Brenda Pham Erika Phung


Nicholas Pung Judy Samatmanakit Delyana Syarova Monica Torres Ayana Usui Alexandra Velasquez Douglas Wong Ronnie Wong

Grad Cost By Lydia Lee Conqueror Staff Writer

Those dreadful college applications are finally over and done with, and now seniors look forward to their long awaited graduation! Graduation is a bittersweet event since everyone is moving on to make something bigger of their lives, but those unforgettable times of being stressed out and messing around with friends in high school will become only memories that cannot be relived. Aside from that, what is the cost of a proper graduation? As always seen in those typical pictures and movies, having a cap and gown are absolutely necessary! Caps and gowns usually cost around $30, but many people choose to borrow from previous seniors, siblings, or friends to save money. Every graduating student receives a limited number of free tickets, so additional tickets can also be purchased for others who want to attend the graduation of a loved one. Aside from these costs, there are plenty of accessories that can be purchased as a souvenir of high school. For example, there are “announcements,” which are customized cards that usually include a picture of the student who is graduating in their proper attire. The purpose of the card is to invite distant friends and relatives to come to the graduation and provide them with the proper location and time. There are class rings which are customized rings that typically have one’s birthstone in the center and full name or initials on the inside of the ring or around the birthstone. All in all, graduating from high school can be an expensive proposition, but you only do it once!

Four years of high school have quickly gone by and seniors will be graduating in days. With that in mind, here are a couple of last words of advice to the seniors from teachers before they begin a new stage of their life. “Seniors, there is a great paradox in life. The more we pursue our own happiness, momentary pleasure, or simple self-interest, the less joy we actually experience. This is because we were created for a life of virtue, purpose, and service. When we do what is right, even when it’s hard, we experience satisfaction. When we fulfill a purpose greater than our own pleasure, we become significant. And when we put others’ needs before our own, we know real love. So I wish you a life of virtue, purpose, and service—the good life. Seniors, it has been a great blessing for me to teach and share life with many of you. God bless you.” - D a v i d Schmus, history. “Even though you drove me crazy, it was a blessing to have known Adam Panagos you guys!” -Linda Wong, math “Seniors, now is the time to enter the real world. You are filled with hope and opportunity. Make sure you work hard and can look back on this time later in life and be happy with your accomplishments.” -Adam Panagos, history “Senior class of 2012, you’ll be very much missed by all of us. I wish that all your dreams will come true in the years to follow and that you all achieve your highest potential. Be happy and lucky.” -Vanda Pop, math “2012 seniors! Those of you who had me are so dear to me. I know high school went by so fast and soon you will be ready for the real world... where you have to pay bills! Good luck to you all, wherever you will be...whatever you are to become. I will miss you all and I know you will miss my pop quizzes! Come visit me!” -Kathleen Myung, math “Seniors, the roads are bumpy laid in front of you. Steer your wheel with extra care, patience, and perseverance. The fruits of life never come easily to anyone. Endurance is the key to success.” -Rae Shae Chen, Chinese “Farewell class of 2012! Think of the world as a big glass of water with some salt in it. You have a choice. You can try to pick out all of the salt or you can keep pouring in more water so eventually it gets less bitter. As you begin your new journey, you can try to remove everything that you find distasteful in the world, or you can just pour in more love. It’s the only thing that the more you give away, the more you have. So take all that warm, fuzzy stuff you’ve been hiding and spread it around a little. Then judge yourself not by your accomplishments, but by the happiness of all the people around you. If you do that, you can do anything, you can go anywhere, you can fail at anything, and wherever you are, you will find love, because you’ll bring it with you.” -Mary Mallen, counselor “Remember the best in life is right in front of you.” -Shalom Montgomery, English

The Conqueror


June 05, 2012



The Conqueror

SENIOR WILL POLICY/DISCLAIMER Senior wills are published as a courtesy to graduating seniors. Becasue of the unique nature of senior wills, they have been reproduced exactly as they were written by each senior with no corrections having been made to grammar, spelling, punctuation, or capitalization. Each will has been read by at least two members of the journalism staff as well as Mr. Rockwood. Every attempt has been made to remove inappropriate content.

I, Collette Andraos, a graduate of the class of 2012, hereby will the following: Lauren Oosamran (Ween): I do not even need to will you anything because we’ll be going to the same school!!! Even so, I will you Josh Bowman with a beard and all of the other good looking beards in the world, all of the outings and adventures we spent a million years planning to perfection, I will you all of my stalking skills to stalk me at Fullerton and copying all of my clothes, I only will you the 7th because the 6th is mine!!! All the memories we shared and relationships made and many more to come at Fullerton! Daisy G: my appetite for olive garden so you could eat as much soup, salad, and breadsticks as me, a grand time at riverside and driving back every Tuesday and Thursday to keep up the tradition of going out to eat even though you would probably have something already planned, all the memories we made and good times we had together. Lauren L: All the movie nights we had, the barbecues, the bonfires, Jacuzzi and pool parties, going out every Tuesday and Thursday, a dirty car so I could write on, the times we had inside that car, and the best engineer the world had known coming out of Cal Poly Pomona. Fuggy Wuggy: All the frat parties at Yale and you better invite me and ween, for being as good as a general editor as Omar and Nick, and for helping me with AP Calculus. I will you some time to just relax because even people who will win Nobel prizes need a little down time. Elaine C: the ambulance noises made when I first met you in Buchholz’s precalc class, the meanness to each other throughout that time, and finally the friendship made and visiting us from Fullerton JC to Cal State Fullerton. Teresa Chen: The seven seconds you gave me during my senior presentations, my partner in crime in AP Biology and all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches we made, and luck at UCLA even though you’ll stand out as usual. Malaysia A: A wonderful time as UC Merced and sorry I didn’t room there with you, an intermural soccer team there because I know you will find one and be the star of it. Justine: swimming parties and barbecues in the summertime with project x! Natalie: All the memories we shared and all the support you gave me in everything and talking about anything with you. Ryan: Your awkwardness made everything funnier and more interesting and I will you taco bell not del taco And saving the best for last........................ My beloved brother and sister John and Evette: I hope you guys have as good of a time in high school as I did, make as good relationships with the best friends, best people, and best teachers as I did. I will you all of the conncetions I made and I hope you learn which classes you have to spend all your time on and which ones you could save your energy, be smart about it. Learn from all the mistakes I made and use them to your advantage.


Final Goodbyes Let them help you become a more successful person than me because if I let anyone be higher, it better be you guys. I love you and best of luck. ***********************************

I, Josue Avalos, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: To enjoy every minute of high school because you only get it once. ***********************************

I, Fanny Abigail Avila, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: I will the designated breakfast and lunch tables to Kimberly Hsu and Marcos Avila. They may choose to eat, hang out, or do as they please with this property as it is now theirs. I also leave all my experience and advice to Kimberly Hsu and Marcos Avila as well as to anyone they wish to share them with. This includes my pride, my troubles, and my stories. I wish them all the best of luck now that the class of 2012 is graduating. ***********************************

I, Jazmine Banuelos, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: I am going to miss all the girls. I wish you guys the best in your future and don’t forget que las quiero mucho! You guys know who you are: Daisy, Vero, Andrea, Daniela, Crystal, & Vanessa. ***********************************

I, Letty Bonilla, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: I will our spot at lunch to all the underclassmen that hang out at our table. ***********************************

I, Kimberley-Jane Bonjoc, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: I give the honor of The Red Morning Table and The Blue Lunch Table (whichever one she decides to inherit) to Kimberly Hsu. I also give my Conqueror pride (even though I shall always be a proud Conqueror) to the current and incoming underclassmen, and wish them a successful high school career. ***********************************

I, JoshuaBretado, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: This is the will I grant to you, younger ones. Have all the fun you want in Los Altos, have the wonderful Excellent food…Be friends with each other, I tell you now cause helping you out of the future come. ***********************************

I, Tatiana Carrillo, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: All of my memories of prom, Sadies, and all the great things I did at los altos high school I will off to david Aragon. My spot as a foward on the soccer team, I will it off to Sam Verdusco and hope she does well. The spot I hang out at during Lunch, I will that off to Greg Garcia and his friends. Its been a nice four years. ***********************************

I, Cecilia Cerda, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: To the next seniors who take over the red circle table under the tree by the locker, you must have fun!! Celebrate birthdays go out & keep the tradition of fun times going. To my BNF (Best Neighbor friends) Nerly Paiz& Friends. ***********************************

I, Ashley Chen, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: Alexis Andom: All the strength and con-

Fidel Castro retires as President of Cuba after 50 years

fidence in the universe to make you that much more awesome Hannah Johnson: A personal recording studio with complete instrumentation so you can make me albums. Lauren Roberts: Our lunch table and all things Harry Potter Emily Manasian: Limitless supplies of avocados and peanut butter, and a lifetime backstage pass to Warped Cori Strom: free pass to all the boba places in existence, And a mop to wipe up any exploding milk tea. Viviana Valle: Brandon Flowers. Nuff said James McClean: ALL the things. Carlos Lozano: Multitudes of bowties and VIP access to Tacos Mexico. Wesley Lu: A driver’s license and a lifetime supply of Gatsby. Ronnie Wong: Sailor hats and lifetime supply of sketching supplies. My Asians: All the k-pop boys you can dream up, and better decision-making skills. My band underclassmen: Mama Chen’s love. Matthew Ortega: Drum Major swag, better uniform, and mind-blowing salutes. ***********************************

I, Teresa Chen, hereby will the following: Pyle: All the caterpillars, the talks that range from pensiveness to inspiration, watermelon Airheads, allusions that no one else understands. And a future of friendship. Valerie: That wonderful night of trick-ortreating, the brilliant revelation of talking loudly about “the judo lessons you’re taking” when you see someone creepy behind you, the Harry Potter marathon, and a fun summer ahead. Stephanie Bishop: Monty’s class and your poking war. Those elbow drawings, we both knew that was real art. Come visit me often, Washington girl. Alex: Our dilemma over finding good books and my dream of becoming as tall as you are. I guess being 5’10 just isn’t in my future… Daisy Gomez: The friendship of a century, closet scary stories, your constant blackmailing, the little bear that we shared. First in line since third grade! Daisy Lu: Our P.E. adventures with the other flower and Melissa, “Betsy”, and our feuds since elementary. I’ll throw water balloons at you and Joanne one day! Paula: Memories of when we still called you “the cheerleader,” that prom picture with three words on the back, conquering AP Lit! Philippe: Bricks that magically fall from the sky, the numerous times I’ve spelled your name incorrectly. I guess we can add one more to that, Defense President. Ryan: A super-awkward Homecoming that turned out incredibly fun. Douglas: Our conversations that would infuriate you to no end. Don’t take me too seriously. Thanks for always being genuine. Cheryl: The obsession with Arctic Monkeys. Brianstorm! Jocelyn: Your special double-sided tape, going on Matterhorn three times in a row with Melissa. Thanks for that phenomenal brownie. Kevin Chang: Our rants about college applications among other things. Collette: Memories of your parties, making PB&J in AP Bio, subtly trying to hold a potluck without the substitute noticing. Your sense of humor is amazing. Oosamran: The realization that I am fi-

June 5, 2012 nally not calling you “oozman”! Shirley Y: Our stories about being awkward in front of crushes. Hopefully, gorgeous, you’ll have much better luck next year. Adam Norris: Battle wounds, the speech contest, your immortalization as the “calm one” in PR. Melissa Chen: PE when the talks went in a strange direction, surviving Chinese 3! Ayana: That one time when I tried to learn your flag routine, our occasional serious talks interspersed with you trolling me. I’ve always admired your strength. No, not your leg muscles. Kevin Lee: Memories of you acting psychotic during marching band rehearsals, the million videos I have of you on my camera from football games. Ivan: An iPod that will suddenly blast music into your ear and make you deaf. And Rainie Yang. Flutes (especially Judy, Jackie K, Connie, Raquel, Genesis, as well as Jackie M and Oralia, honorary flutes!) The long rehearsals under the hot sun and the latenight tournaments. For me, it was all worth it in the end. Thanks for making my senior year special. Nick: Your fail troll moments, my infatuation with your clarinet-playing. Sabrina: Fellow section-leader times, Council Retreat! Deborah: Taking our Secretary responsibilities seriously Lilian & Lydia: The millions of pictures we took in the past – anywhere, everywhere. Yvette: Our mutual Harry Potter interest. Rodrigo, Adam U, and Cameron: That memory of me falling for the fictional story the entire bus ride home. Let’s play pool again sometime! Shirley Z: Weeks of not running into my mailbox and the next year of rooming together! Better keep those markers away from my face, girlie. Susan: Our college application frenzy that is in the past now! Mock Trial, Prosecution Team: The memory of that girl on the other team having a nervous breakdown. Make sure you arrive on the correct competition day, and don’t worry if you’re throwing up in the restroom the day of – according to other schools, it’s only natural. Also, don’t respond to a name that isn’t yours. For anyone I didn’t mention: Find me and I’ll tell you in person. ***********************************

I, Lemuel Chen, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: Jake Tineo can have my football position as RSK. I think hes could be the only one that can perform goof enough if not but probably better than me. ***********************************

I, Jayson De La Peña, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: I did it! These past 4 years at Los Altos were very memorable! I’ve made so many friends and created memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I would like to leave a big thank you to Mr. Formano and Mr. Kane. Thanks for teaching me life lessons and for all the time and effort you put in as a coach and a teacher as well. I would like to leave my 1st base position to Estaban Ortega because he’s a beast and a good friend. I also leave a warm thank you to all the teachers who have educated me and never gave up. Lastly, I leave my heart to Amber Medina, the memories with you my junior and senior year of high school have been very memorable! I love you.

Barack Obama becomes the 44th President of the United States

Michael Phelps breaks the world record by winning 7 gold medals

5 hour lockdown at Los Altos


The Conqueror

SENIOR WILL POLICY/DISCLAIMER Senior wills are published as a courtesy to graduating seniors. Becasue of the unique nature of senior wills, they have been reproduced exactly as they were written by each senior with no corrections having been made to grammar, spelling, punctuation, or capitalization. Each will has been read by at least two members of the journalism staff as well as Mr. Rockwood. Every attempt has been made to remove inappropriate content.

I, Cathy Diaz, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: First I would like to thank my friends for all the memories through out high school Ceci, thanks for being my friend since kinder! Love you! Erikita (my therapist) love you & thank you for every thing. Aleena, Tiffany, Lesley, Norma, Alejandra, and Amanda thank you for all the memories. Class of 2012. Good luck next year to the juniors! ***********************************

I, Deborah Fernandez, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: Malissa, the car to finally drive to school and the IR book(your probably gonna need it). Sabrina, all the fun times we had in band and in all the other classes we have had. Savannah and Faith the lunch table. Savannah, all the good times we have had during lunch. Faith my knowledge of math, because yourgonna need it in Calc, and the courage for being outgoing. Ryan, all those stories during about all the cute guys we see on tv. Emily and Kevin the power of being Secretary, which is pretty awesome. Lydia, Lilian, and Daisy all the good laughs during Calc and all those times we were confused together. Adam and Fernando my awesomeness because you guys both really need it. And all my friends the awesome times we have had together in high school. I’m gonna miss you all!! ***********************************

I, Daniela Flores, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: Im glad I met all the positive people in high school. All the students are good and Thank you for all my friends that made it the best experience of my young life. I love you guys and I hope life. I love you guys and I hope we always stay together. I’m going to miss all of you and I love you with all my heart. You know who you are loves and likes you forever!! ***********************************

I, Viviana Flores, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: leave all my adventures I had at Los Altos High School to my brother, Eric Flores. I also leave him all of the work he will do next year. The math thing I leave him is The Senior Project Portafolio. He is a hard worker, so I know he will be able to do all The work he will have to do next year as a Senior. ***********************************

I, Jordan Fuentes, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: The Senior Project will be handed to this year’s Junior class. I am handing my welding responsibilities to Jacob Barron in the Los Altos Academy of Engineering. ***********************************

I, Jenny Garcia, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: senior project! I leave you junors the stress, the late night work and the weekends at home. Good luck! ***********************************


Final Goodbyes I, Lexie Garcia, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: Heather Saucedo, Andrew Castillo, Brianna Audelo, Andy Cordova, Taylor Griego, Alfred Monarez, Ashley Gonzales, Jessica Torrez, Danny Pitones, Alyssa Villalpando, Mariah Midyette, Jennipher Solis, Eric Noyola, Coach Hernandez, Senior year was made memorable to me because of each and everyone of you. From the classroom to the diamond to everything in between, you guys made my senior experience amazing. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us. I love you all and I leave you the best four years of my life. ****************************** I, Daisy Gomez, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: For Collette Andraos- I will you a homemade ham and cheese Panini, Christy’s Doughnuts (don’t forget your wallet), Olive Garden with unlimited soup & breadsticks plus all the mint chocolates you can eat, The Lying Game, nutella crepes, The Game of Life, Monopoly, Family Feud, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The Price is Right, a Starbuck’s kids hot chocolate, desk races, Italian food, the small trips to the breakfast line in which you always dragged me along, a new phone to replace your not-so-desirable phone, the good time we had getting dizzy on the kid games as the park & the embarrassing moment after that when we saw that guy staring at us, “Corenaisy Gosamraos”, and the best time at cal state fullerton. Thanks for all the great times we had. For Elizabeth Campbell- I will you David Tennant’s “Hamlet” (it really is the best interpretation). I hope you had the best in college. I hope you have a great experience. For Crystal Chan- The best “East of Eden” Trailer, our robot Striped Sweater, and a whole pack of straws to help you survive college! For Teresa Chen- Banana and frog stickers, every single silly song with Larry out there, “Sick” by Shel Silverstein, scary stories, Teddy, p-chan, avocados, pomegranates, and the “tree” house, peacemakers, mancala and chess games, a happy birthday CD for every birthday you have, “The Memories to Remember” DVD and all its special features hehe, and all the great experiences we have shared since third grade (we did it! We remained friends from mid-elementary all through high school), our failed at the flash mob, the harry potter theme song, popcorn, the one great incident that we shared with your sister lol (I will remember that forever!), the greatest adventures at UCLA, and most importantly my friendship for years to come. For Elaine Chiang- Coca Cola, cola pong all the unreturned high fives that you have given me haha, “Friends”, “Himym”, and every card game we’ve ever played. For Demi Hsieh- The custodian’s recording of our version of “Go Tell it on the Mountain” and the greatest times we shared filming our “East of Eden” Trailer. For Jessie Huang- I will you season two of “The Lying Game,” mahjong titans, and all the great times we shared having to go get quotes from teachers. I wish you the best of luck at UCSD. For Felicia Kwon- I will you all the ongoing Spanish and Korean lessons in PE junior year. Good luck on writing your book and have fun at UC Irvine. For Daisy Lu- I will you My name, license so you can go on adventures with

Swine Flu epidemic

Michael Jackson dies

me in the summer, every mega song mash up we ever wrote in Chem, our random drawings, all the AP Psych psychological self and peer-evaluations we made of each other, our illness rants, the great times that we will have this summer going to Knotts in which I will make you go on all the biggest roller coasters, random squiggly lines at the corner of your peripheral vision (perhaps symptoms of schizo lol), “The Proposal” and its end credits, “127 Hours”, our top secret shortcut lol, a cookie jar for our prisoner’s dilemma, the random school clubs we joined each year and never attended, procrastination, a fast pass to the Indiana Jones ride so we can finally go on it after five years, Harry Potter talks, Quickly spicy French fries (watching you eat those fries was priceless), Rite Aid ice cream, Doritos tacos, Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, chemistry “hockey and basketball competitions” during the summer, page flipping contests that I always won, paper stars, name games, AP Chem Daisy^2 nickname, all the other random nicknames I have given you, the many classes that we had together since 7th grade, all the best UC Riverside experiences ever!! Thank you for all the great times we’ve had for the past six years. I really appreciate your friendship. It’s always fun talking about random things with you. There’s just so much more I have to say but I will have to save all the rest for your yearbook. Good luck on your neuroscience major! For Lauren Luna- I will you a car window that never gets dirty, “laurens vs. daisies competitions, all the King Taco tacos you can eat, carne asada fries, the best summer before starting college, and the greatest experience at Cal Poly. Good luck! For Lauren Oosamran- I will you Corenaisy Gosamraos, the best Tacos Mexico tacos (not the 55 cent ones, the big ones), exact instructions for ordering tacos, burritos, & any other Mexican food in Spanish (I don’t think you’ll need them too much since you are already so pro, but you should have them just in case), “homemade” thin mint cookies & every other “homemade” food you’ve ever given us, goldfish cookie smores with double the marshmallows, every lactose product out there (jk, jk), Pizza Hut pizza, a rosary (for the windy road lol), chicken (particularly KFC popcorn chicken), the biggest Pazooki you’ve ever attempted to eat, caked-sized fortune cookies, fist-pumping songs for the car ride, a stereo for your car with no annoying commercials, desk races, the cutest penguin (so you can take it to class every day at CSUF), an all new season of The Lying Game, The Game of Life, Monopoly, Family Feud, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The Price is Right, Baby Monkey, ongoing “The daisies vs. the laurens” competitions, $1,000,000,000 to repay you for all the gas that you spent on driving me around, and Cinema on replay!!!!! You are the best, mejor amiga!!! Thanks for everything. You are awesome! For Karen Velasco- I will you all the memories we shared in art (especially the long lockdown with delicious popcorn), crab wontons lol (I know you secretly love them), the great times we had at the cooking class, in our English projects, and helping out at the homeless coalition with Abraham. For Shirley Zhou- I will you Salsita Chips, Onion Ring Burger King chips, “But He Loves Me”, mini Oreos, the shout song

June 5, 2012 in Mrs. Marron’s class, AMPM slushies, Lindt chocolate, M&Ms, my fence jumping skills, our East of Eden Trailer (particularly the scene where Mr. Edwards “beats” Cathy up), my Lee-ness, the custodian’s recording of our version of “Go Tell it on the Mountain”, Walter’s duggying as we sang, my Spanish skills, “Revolution” by the Beatles, best presentations, UP movie, UP House with time capsule, your random comic drawings, super awesome goggles that even Garcia wants, “Tale of Three Cities”, a cake for every upcoming birthday you have and my baking skills-trust me you need themjk you’re a good cook, my guitar playing skills lol, our conversations at the bus stop as you waited for the bus to come, my “here comes my white car. See ya!” times, striped sweater robot, shirts!!!, ice cream from the ice cream man, my CPR certification, our awesome magazine we made, my budgeting skills, campfire song, every AP art piece I made, a lovehate relationship for the rest of our lives, all the dandelions in the world, and every great memory we shared together haha, but most importantly… STRAWS&CHARACTER to help you get through college! For my two brodas- I will you Awesomeness and every episode of “Himym” ever made. I also will you a hypothetical, relapse, foam, and the highest of fives (don’t forget a high two.) For Nancy and Nathalie Gomez- I will you all our homemade Inception and Paranormal Activity reenactments, Karaoke nights –in which I sang the best, my random books, my Harry Potter movie collection, and the television & DVD player in my room (I know how much you want it), the best junior/senior year ever, and waking up at 5 everyday to go to journalism!!! I’ll let you know about anything else. For Jessica Jang- I will you the Doo doo dollop of Daisy chime and a legendary junior/senior year. For Kevin Yu- I will you all the answers to the hundreds of questions that you ask me lol For Jeffrey Chang and Justin Tang- I will you a Spanish dictionary. For Mr. Ackermann- All the great memories that we made in your class, Deborah squared & Daisy squared sitting arrangements, all the long afternoons of tutoring, crepes, mafia, and “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,” and the title of best senior project advisor & AP Chem teacher (even if we weren’t the best students haha). For Mr. Rockwood-I will you the title of best journalism advisor ever, a lifetime supply of junior mints, and a dedicated journalism staff for the many years to come. I hope my sisters don’t give you too much trouble. Thank you for all the hard work that you have put into the newspaper. We appreciate all your great effort. ***********************************

I, Ashley Gonzales, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: All of the great team bonding sleep overs, comical memories, and joyful times with all of my softball sisters. From workout at optimal to our senior prom night, I have enjoyed every single second. I also will every memorable moment with Boo. Every dodger game, sleepover, and shopping date will be forever remembered. Stay fearless and strive on. Most of all, I will Prom night of 2012. Danny, my wonderful date, and all my girls; Lex, Lyss, Jess, Mariah, Bree, Jenn, Tay, Heather,

Rio de Janeiro is named host of the 2016 Olympics

50th anniversary of Los Altos


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The Conqueror

SENIOR WILL POLICY/DISCLAIMER Senior wills are published as a courtesy to graduating seniors. Becasue of the unique nature of senior wills, they have been reproduced exactly as they were written by each senior with no corrections having been made to grammar, spelling, punctuation, or capitalization. Each will has been read by at least two members of the journalism staff as well as Mr. Rockwood. Every attempt has been made to remove inappropriate content.

Tak, Jaimie, and Celeste. It was honestly one of the Best nights ever,. And to everyone who has prayed for my dad, Thank you! It has truly helped. Keep fighting daddy. I love my girls, boys, and family! Congrats class of 2012! ***********************************

I, Stephen Guan, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: my lunch spot located on the opposite side of the cafeteria. It is open to anyone willing to have peace and solitude. ***********************************

I, Charlie Ho, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: Walter Lee: a gallon of gas for always driving when we go somewhere and my phrase that you can use on a daily basis “not sure if srs” p.s. Kunskoutz! Shane Virnala: your birthday pin that I stole from you a long time ago haha Chris Basulto: my amazing TA skills…and my tardiness Karen Rodas: my AP testing receipt…Keep it forever! Carolyn Mejia: jamba juice. Oh wait I forgot you can get it at school now lol Johnathan Wu: Dumbfounded freestyle and thanks for all the help in Chinese! Seriously yourawesome. Leon Liang: hot pot. Im still not treating you lol Lilianhwang: memories from st.marks. wait, you went to st.marks too? Karen Velasco and Brittney Fulton: My UCSB sweater..lowkey I am really jealous of you guys. Levi Gomez: UCSB party that you didn’t go to! Dakota Delgado: a new hi/bye friend I think I know you. Isaac Dominquez:puns. Brandon lopez: my rabbit, please don’t kill him Justin Harvey: my flamboyant fish and a notebook which can do your journals in lol Jessica Fox: stack of papers so you don’t have to ask for them anymore! Tania Dominquez: my phone number because you want it so bad lol Demi Hsieh: a notepad so you can stop asking me for homework every day! Melissa Yang: your nickname “Herse” Letty Bonilla: your nickname “Lettuce” Celeste Rodriguez: my awesome dancing skills of course Allan Macareno: a lightsaber. Kurdt Welch: seafood dinner Alizia Garcia: a new girlfriend so you can stop stealing mine! Bernice Bonilla: a quarter you took from me at Dennys..actually I want it back! ***********************************

I, Andrea Ibarra, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: I want to thanks all my friends for all these years! I’m going to miss you guys so much. I hope we get to hang out after high school. Good luck in college! Don’t forget me, cause I know I am not! I love you guys mucho mucho! Andrea, Crys-


Final Goodbyes tal, Vero, Daisy, Jazmin, and Vanessa = BFF’s Love, Andrea Ibarra ***********************************

I, Veronica Ibarra, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: I’m going to miss all my dance girls. It has been four amazing years and I have built amazing friendships. Also to all my friends, LOL. I love you girls! ***********************************

I, Jessica Islas, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: I’m going to miss Los Altos and many of the people, so here are some things for my underclassmen to remember me. First and foremost I will off my sarcasm to Frances Paz to buy Coleman during Practice. To Stephanie Breanne and Erica Venegas I will off compassion and patience because you are gonna need it for the team next year. To the freshman and JV water polo girls I will off the strength to carry on in water polo and listen to Nicole and Coleman because they are the best of the best out there. For my Renaissance girls Caroline &Daysia, please carry on Staff Rec and do a great job because I’m leaving it in good hands. Also I will off some poster skills to you guys because you guys need it. And lastly to Ryan Milnes I’m not willing off anything because you will always be my boyfriend and Prom date. *********************************** I, Daisy Jauregui, a graduate of the Class

of 2012, hereby will the following: Melissa Juarez, you have been on eofmy really close friends since kindergarten and “OMG” that was years ago. I wanna thank you for being their for me when I need you and for being one of my true honest friends. I love you so much –love Daisy Jauregui. Dien Nguyen, you have been such a good partner for Mr. Shaws class & I’ve known you fot years and I hope we don’t become strangers in the future. Thank you for your helpful advice on guys & I love you for being my friend –love Daisy Jauregui ***********************************

I, Lauren Jimenez, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: leave Jessica Sandoval all of my band memorabilia; CD collection and concert memories. I also leave you my bowler hat since I know you would wear it. Also I leave you 13 pounds of glitter to throw at Ke$he when you see her. Angelina Valenzula, I leave you the ballet shoes that I never wore for dance but for the first half of senior year. I also leave the extensions that you convinced me to get for prom and now that I’m in love with! I also want to leave you with the memories of all our talks in the dance room. Candra Whitfield, I leave you my AP folder and work from Monty’s class since you loved having AP courses. I also would love to leave you my amazing bird collection! My drama family I leave you my movie collection which is pretty small, all of make-up, acting skills and most importantly the chili’s tab! Love you guys! ***********************************

I, Monique Jimenez, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: I want to pass on my positive attitude. High School can be a rollercoaster ride of emotions and drama. Just remember, life goes on. Make as many memories as

you can, cause those are the only things you get to keep when you walk out of High School. Good Luck tennis! I’ll miss everyone in Eco Club! And good bye ASB! ***********************************

I, Jair Juarez, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: Dedication to urself is what you need to do. What I’m trying to say is learn ahead of time what you need to do, and actually do it not just put it off at the last minute. This is what everyone should learn and they would have less problems. ***********************************

I, Christina Lama, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: to my little brother Andre Lama. Good luck your next three years make me proud love your big sister. ***********************************

I, Walter Lee, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: I will my basketball capitainery to my brother Henry Lee. I will also my spot on the basketball roster to Kenny Moriyama. I would my #34 Jersey to Alan Tang. ***********************************

I, Jessie Liu, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: My dearest younger sister Jocelyn Liu will hereby receive my lunch area by the girls locker room. The area you and your friends have taken causes traffic; hopefully this spot will do you fine. Next, my dearest friend Marlen. I will lend you my anime posters to our beloved anime club. Posters will need to be retrieved through my sister and through my permission. Failing to do so will result in me coming back and nudging you. Be brave my Ciel, Sebby will come back during break to visit. To all my underclassmates, good luck! ***********************************

I, Daisy Lu, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: Sean Chen: Words with friends buddy! I will you all of the memories we had in Chinese class! I will you the ability to stay awake during class instead of sleeping haha. Also, thank you for helping me on Chinese when I asked you too! It helped me a lot. I would have been staring at it for a long time if I didn’t have any help. I will you all the AIM conversations where we talked about which movies you should watch. I will you to never be bored ever again and have a never ending amount of movies! I also will you the games: Words with Friends and Draw Something and I will beat you once again. I will you your own phone with unlimited texting! But anyways, good luck with the classes you take next year. Remember to not procrastinate haha. I hope we stay friends and still talk when I go off to college! Jocelyn Liu: Similar last name buddy! I will you all the memories we’ve had since elementary. I don’t know if you remember but I remember going to your house and we would go swimming back then! And you would like push all of the bugs away in the pool for me, LOL. I will you all the memories we had in guard last year! I will you the routine we made up together for the seniors. But, I don’t really remember what we did… haha. I will you all the laughs we claimed with Melissa Fernandez. “hohoho, hehehe, hahaha, huhuhu”. I will you that 5 on ap

June 5, 2012 chem! And all the other ap classes you take. I will you all the nail polishes in the world because I know how much you like doing your nails. Thank you for helping me in that one class when I needed it. Thank you for always making me laugh in that class too, haha. Good luck with your junior year and I hope you have a stress free senior year; you’ll definitely need it to get through two more years of high school. I love you. Melissa Chen: MUH-LEES-AH! My CG&WG 10’-11’ buddy! I will you all the memories for the past seven years we have known each other. Fifth grade was so long ago that I can’t remember what we did during the Chinese program haha. But I will you all the memories we had back in the day. I will you the PE memories we had because that was the only class we had together that year! Remember the first or second day of school in the gym? We thought the bell rang but Edgar just made a funny sound and we couldn’t stop laughing because it really did sound like the bell. I also will you every single memory and moment we had together during “Wonderland” and “Go Do”. Remember that one rainy day during practice where we went crazy? The silk kept hitting us in the face and we couldn’t stop laughing; that was fun. I will you the ability and strength to be even more pro in guard! I will you the ability to “toss that ten” for me. I will you all 5’s on whatever AP classes you have this year and all 5’s on every AP class you take next year. Lastly, I want to say thank you for being a really good friend throughout the years. Thank you for always encouraging me. Have fun and be stress free next year! I love you dear. Lilian Hwang: Young grasshopper! I will you the ability to say no haha. Girllll, you’re too nice, need to be mean sometimes, yes? I also pass on all of my typos to you! hurhurhur. You will become pro at it like me; master sensei will be so proud of you. I will you all the shaved ice in the world especially the ones from class 302! Strawberry & mango shaved ice. All the boba from Tenren/Quickly/other places that sell boba haha, all the green tea frappuccino from Starbucks (caramel frapps are better!), frozen yogurt especially the ones from Yogurtland, Half & Half and Jamba Juice! I will you the memories we had at the beach! We will make s’mores this year. I will you nutella because I know you like that too. I will you your favorite Kpop bands and songs because I know you love them so much. I will you Kinect and all of the pictures that it takes during Kinect adventures. The jumping ones. I will you all of the memories we’ve had since your freshmen year. Chinese class memories and laughing at Abraham and Ivan when they got in trouble haha. I will you the paper we doodled and scribbled on while talking about random things in class. I will you the random adventures we go on sometimes with you driving. One day it will be my turn to drive you around haha. Thank you for listening to my crazy rants and when I go hyper from too much candy on AIM. “Because you were like baby baby baby oooh” I will you my signature “:O” face that I always like to use. I will you more nail polishes because you barely have any. I will you permission to drive my car when you can’t drive yours so we can go places! I would totally drive it myself if I had a license haha. I will you the Christmas shopping missions we had; I don’t know even know how we got everything done within two hours.

New science wings are added

Los Altos changes to block schedule

Los Altos starts the AVID program

API goal reached 765

The Conqueror SENIOR WILL POLICY/DISCLAIMER Senior wills are published as a courtesy to graduating seniors. Becasue of the unique nature of senior wills, they have been reproduced exactly as they were written by each senior with no corrections having been made to grammar, spelling, punctuation, or capitalization. Each will has been read by at least two members of the journalism staff as well as Mr. Rockwood. Every attempt has been made to remove inappropriate content.

Lastly, I will you these specific lyrics from JB’s song: “You know you love me, I know you care, just shout whenever, and I’ll be there” haha Delta G always. I love you. Lydia Lee: Hayy Sam, hayy! I will you every single memory we’ve had together from the first time we met in middle school (when I was in 8th grade and you were in 7th grade). I will you all the little inside jokes we make! Stahp eet. Stahp calling me baby, grandma! I like how whenever we say one, we always end up laughing out loud and everyone just looks at us like we’re crazy. I will you all of the conversations we had on AIM; I hope you remember them all! We always go off tangent and start talking about random things to stuff that just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. But seriously though, thank you for all of those random talks because they always entertain me. I will you every single Korean drama in the world because I know how much you love them! I will you a notebook so you can write down all the cheesy pick up lines and corny jokes you like telling me. I also will you all of the orange noodles from that Mongolian restaurant in the mall! A lot of orange noodles + 2 pieces of meat + 1 piece of vegetable = two very satisfied people haha. And let’s not forget about all of the mall memories and trying on the clothes and taking many pictures! “I like your outfit. Thanks.” Oh my goodness, how could I forget! I also will you DEB. P.S: We need to find a new one! But DEB can never be replaced. I will you a super hot boyfriend that will make you happy and never stahp loving you. I will you a lifetime of friendship and that I’ll have your back every time you need me! Thank you for always being there and listening to my rants or when I’m feeling down. Thank you for making me laugh every time I see you! I like the funny faces you make in that one class whenever I turn around to say something to you. Sometimes, I feel like we’re on laughing gas or something haha. You always know how to cheer me up. P.S: I think we need to plan that oceantrip to Antarctica to see the penguins really soon. And what happened to flying to the moon? I still have your wings! Ha- I bet everyone who read those last two sentences will think we’re crazy… But oh well, only we’ll understand what that means. I lava you girly (Agent P!) Ayana Usui: My original seventh grader. That was so long ago! I will you all those mall and movie trips we had during middle school! I will you all the apples and flowers (specifically daisies because I know you love them!) in the world! Flowers are better than apples. I will you the memories we had at the beach for my birthday for the past three years! I will you the position as my official beach planner partner. haha. I know you love planning. Thank you for being the only one that went to every single one because everyone else was busy at least one of those years lol. Thank you for being the only one that actually helped


Final Goodbyes me plan and gave me good suggestions! I will you the non existing bonfire moments that we said we would have at the beach but we never did. We will have one for sure this year. I also will you the memories we’ve had during competitions and practices for “Go Do”. Dance & flag partners for the “narnia” section. I will you the ability to be an even better dancer in the future because you’re already good at it now. I also will you the building project we did with Sam for precalc because I know you love it. I will you a stress free summer and senior year because you deserve it! I will you to never be bored ever again and to have something interesting or entertaining everyday! Goodness I remember that one summer we were both bored because everyone had like summer school or something and we were just stuck at home. Thank you for making me less bored that summer haha. We will be bored buddies forever. Lauren Oosamran: Mma buddy. I will you the mma and boxing skills we learned for our senior project! Thanks for giving me a ride sometimes, I owe you. I will you our pet penguin, “Dauren Lusamran” Take good care of her… What gender is it?! haha. I will you the time we went to Denny’s with Elaine to go get breakfast! And that sort of Top of the World Trip. We will get to the other side one day. I will you all those giant collage frames from Target and more Starbucks gift cards. Have a great time at CSUF P.S: Daisies > Laurens. Lauren Luna: “LU-” last names. I will you the memories we had since middle school! Lots and lots of movie trips at the mall. Freshmen year in Parkinson’s class. The ability for you to be less shy! Lunch/ISI/Nutrition at the quad with the others.. Thank you for being a good friend to me throughout the years, years of friendship. Have fun at Cal Poly. Tina Chen: English buddy! I will you all the projects and group work we did together. And other group stuff we did with Corin, Kim, and Gloria. I will you all the talks we had and I will you all the memories from junior year. I will you the time we went to the mall with Elaine and then played Clue, haha. I will you the shirts we made for that one occasion…even though we forgot to wear it that day LOL. I will you the lunch time memories we’ve had. I will you the ability to be less shy and quiet especially in class, haha. I will you a great experience in college and I hope you have fun there. I will you a lifetime of friendship. Elaine Chiang: Childhood buddy! I will you every single memory we’ve had since second grade. The fights and laughs we’ve had. You are one of the few people I have known for a really long time and still talk to. Thank you for always being there and helping me. I will you the fun times we had at your place playing wii sports- especially tennis and bowling! I will you paper stars and paper crafts because I know you like making those. Thank you for sharing those “beancakes” with Stephanie and I in geometry! haha. Thank you for telling me what you guys do in English so I can be prepared for class. Thank you for being a really good friend. I will you a super fast recovery to your broken left toe. You will be able to walk again very soon. I will you the MMA moments we had this year. Thanks for being my partner. I wish you the best of luck in college. Teresa Chen: Chinese partner! I will you the Disneyland memories we had in 8th

grade with Daisy G! Getting stuck on Space Mountain was surely fun, huh? I will you the random walks we would have going to school and walking YOU home. Thanks for just leaving me out there after you reach your house, I really appreciate it. I will you the memories we had in Chinese. Thanks for being my partner and helping me. I will you a never ending amount of oranges and giant apples that you always have in your backpack. I also will you many packs of gum because you always ask for it. I will you to stop cutting your hair because I want it to be long again! I will you a great time at UCLA, don’t overwork yourself with classes and homework! Remember House, Sherlock Holmes, and a few others? “Stop cheating on them!” HAHA. I will you to bring back that turtle backpack of yours. Jessie Huang: Hi somewhat chinese school buddy! I will you One Direction, Justin Bieber, Jason Chen, Joseph Vincent, and the Clippers to you! I also will you all of the VIP concert tickets to One Direction. I will make sure no one else gets them. One day, I will become a Belieber…maybe. Probably not haha. But if I do, you’ll be so proud. I will you tickets to all the Clipper games because I know you love basketball a lot. I will you my votes for your favorite dancers on the future seasons of Dancing with the Stars. I will you all the memories we had in those classes we had together especially that class where you sat sort of behind me HAHA. I will you to share your Chinese bread that you always seem to have in your backpack with me! You always make me feel hungry when you eat in class. Oh yeah, I also will you all of those Chinese school memories that should have happened but never did because we never talked to each other haha I will you that scary gift you sent me because I know you LOVE looking at that all day. I will you Tumblr, Twitter, and Youtube because you are on those like 24/7. I will you a new computer that stops disconnecting haha. I will you to have no more boring moments! And to stop procrastinating! We have horrible procrastination problems LOL. I will you a giant box filled with nail polish to go with the collection you already have now. Have fun in UCSD and party like there’s no tomorrow! Thanks for dealing with my random crazy weirdness especially on AIM. Daisy Gomez: Hi best friend. I will you all the nicknames we get from people! “Daisy Squared”, “The flower garden” and “The Daisies”. I am pretty sure we had more but I can’t think of the other ones at the moment. I will you all the memories we had since seventh grade! I remember we even made up the same city for a project: “Rainbow City”. We were so original. HAHA. I will you the fun time we had during Mathapalooza and Wordmania even though we lost. I also will you the memories we had in Disneyland with Teresa during eight grade! I will you a never expiring fast pass for Space Mountain and Indiana Jones. Especially Space Mountain! We will go on those rides all day, everyday and hopefully they don’t break down on us again. I will you all the fun times we had in the classes we’ve had together. I like how we had nearly every single class together during freshmen and sophomore year but I dislike how we had none during junior year! I also will you all of the memories we hahad in AP Psych because that was the only class we had

Earthquake measuring 7.0 on Richter scale devastates Haiti

June 5, 2012

together this year. Nonetheless, it was a blast! I will you every random stories and papers we wrote during the random break times during chem over the summer! Goodness, were we bored! I will you the times we played “air hockey” on the desks using that circle thing and how everyone around the table just looked at us like we were crazy! They’re just jealous that they weren’t having fun! I will you to have more free time on the weekends so we can hang out more! I will you all the random Quickly runs we had! And those adventures we took going through random streets hoping it would lead us to our houses! I will you all of the talks we had while walking home from school. I will you a never ending movie night marathon because we never had them during the night. Oh boy, the irony. I also will you the movie The Proposal! Best movie ever. I will you the never ending laughs we have crazy daisies. I can go on and on but I’ll save that for the yearbook! But seriously though; Thanks for dealing with me for the past five years, I don’t know how you did it but you did HAHA. Thanks for listening to my rants and random stories that probably make no sense. Thanks for helping me whenever I needed it! Thanks for giving me rides to places when I didn’t want to walk home because I was paranoid that I’d get kidnapped! I will make sure we go on a random adventure and I’ll be driving! Hopefully, I don’t crash into anything…no promises there. And most importantly, I just wanted to say that I am truly thankful and lucky to call you my best friend and for always being there. P.S: Thanks for ditching me and leaving me to dorm by myself with two random roommates at Riverside! Although, I do will you a great time at Riverside and a really hot guy! ***********************************

Apple launches iPad

Earthquake in Chile measuring magnitude of 8.8



The Conqueror

SENIOR WILL POLICY/DISCLAIMER Senior wills are published as a courtesy to graduating seniors. Because of the unique nature of senior wills, they have been reproduced exactly as they were written by each senior with no corrections having been made to grammar, spelling, punctuation, or capitalization. Each will has been read by at least two members of the journalism staff as well as Mr. Rockwood. Every attempt has been made to remove inappropriate content.

I, Emily Manasian, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: To all of my HOSA underclassmen, I will you Mr. Ignacio Hernandez! I wish you all of the luck in the world. I will the responsibility and stress of yearbook to Baby Cruz! (Goodluck Mrs. Nada… I’m so sorry.) I will the best of laughs and awkward memories to my minion Victoria Gomez…Nancy Rodriquez too. I love you kiddos. Lastly, to all of my best friends (you know who you are), I will you absolutely nothing, so you can therefore go into next year with a clean slate. Happy Graduation Everyone!


I, Erika Martinez, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: First I want to thank all my friends for the best time in high school even though we are going our separate ways I will always remember you guys! Cecilia Cerda I hope you meet Justin Beiber and marry him! Cathy Diaz, thank you for being my therapist! Amanda, Alejandra, Lesley, Aleena, Tiffany & Norma, you guys were a great crowd love you guys forever. I leave my best wishes to class of 2015! For all underclassmen, I just have one thing to say “Get Ready for Senior Year!”

************************** I, Connor McCormack, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: I will that when I have graduated Ramon Guzman takes over the spot of talking about the NFC everyday with Tim Clark and I ask that Tim Clark then becomes leader of “the group” and that Angel Muncha replaces my spot in “the group.”

************************** I, Muriel Moreno, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: To my younger sister Jozelyn Moreno. I will my senior portfolio, though you will be a sophomore next year, I hope you find it useful you senior year. I will all my packets of post-its I have at home for you, the post-its are to remind you what you have to get done or even to take notes. I will my swim parka if you ever decide to join the team it will be there for you. I can’t think of anything else because you use a lot of my stuff, but you know what my expectations are for you in High School, and I’ll always be there. Make me proud and im glad we were able to share schools once again. I love you Jozi and goodluck.


I, Lauren Oosamran, a graduate of the class of 2012 hereby will the following: Collette aka ween: the amazing times, the great excuses we come up with, the not calling or texting each other back because we’re too busy and there’s no hard feelings, the jealousy we share, all the teriyaki in the world, the fun times we went shopping, our dinner plan, all the Tuesday’s and Thursday’s with everyone going out to eat, all the flavored


Final Goodbyes chapstick we’d have and buy, the times we’d steal each other’s phones and run all the way to the parking lot, and of course Prom night! All the times you helped me do everything thanks mom number 2! The great new memories we’ll make at CSUF together! All the memories we have and all the things we helped each other with made senior year so much fun! To everywhere we’ll go over the summer and beyond! (6 and 7) hahaha. Lauren Luna: Lauren #2! Hahaha all the times Collette and I wrote on your SUV! All the times we’d go out to eat every Tuesday and Thursday, the funny inside jokes we have, the funny stuff we made up in your trunk, the amazing time we had at Prom, the jacuzzi party I came to for only 5 minutes, the bonfire at the beach (thanks for being adaptable to a new environment) hahaha, also thanks for taking the time to get to know Stelios because now we’re the best and funniest group ever and always have a fun time, I will you shorter legs because you’re too tall, gas for all the rides you give everyone for no charge, a very hot guy at Cal Poly Pomona that’s white and has some scruff or can work a beard because that’s how it’s done or a beach guy! All of Blink 182’s songs and the future memory we’ll have going to their concert! To all the new memories we’ll make all together over the summer going to the zoo, Seaworld, and everywhere we want! To more dancing cause we have the best moves ever! Daisy Gomez: You never want to hang out with us! I will you all the food in the world and I want you to finish it! I give you my stomach because well it amazes me how little you eat compared to me and Collette, I will you time so you can have more than enough to hang out with Collette, Lauren, and I, the 55 cent tacos on Tuesday and Wednesday at Tacos Mexico, a whole feast at Olive Garden, a lot of stomach relief for you so your stomach won’t hurt anymore, the fun and hilarious times we’d have all together, a hot white guy with scruff or a beard at UCR cause you know the deal, or a divorce from the times Collette and I would call you that special nickname hahaha, to always being there for me and helping. To the more fun and hilarious memories we’ll have with each other that’s if you want to hang out with us meanie! And to the future successes you’ll have at UCR! Daisy Lu: Shorter legs because you’re too tall as well! The MMA and boxing skills we learned and I’m glad we talked more this year! I will you fun times at UCR with the other Daisy but you know you can’t beat the Lauren’s! I also will you the marble cake I made that you don’t believe I did! Elaine Chiang: I will you a license because you should start driving! As well as all the gum wrappers for your art, a new leg, and all the successes at CSULA! Teresa Chen: The ability to pronounce harder last names than mine that have a secret letter you don’t pronounce! I’m glad you finally pronounced it right after a gazillion years but I will always be oozman to you hahaha. Jessie Huang: All the hot, beach, scruffed and bearded guys in San Diego! One Direction memorabilia, our talks on the greatest TV shows ever, “The Lying Game” and “Revenge”! The time we never got to go eat Korean BBQ, the many years we’ve been friends, and the greatest and most fun time at UCSD.

Lilian and Lydia: I will you guys an amazing Prom night next year even though it won’t be as fun since Collette and I won’t be there, an awesome photographer to take a picture of you guys pinning the boutonniere on your date just like you did for me, the fun and hilarious times we’d talk to each other, and another Collette and I in Journalism next year to make things entertaining. Melissa and Ariel: I will you guys the strength and mean attitude for Journalism next year to get stories in! I will you guys another Collette and I to make it fun, all the ideas and skills to help you next year, the greatest Prom night ever, the crazy ideas Collette and I think of, all the time in the world, fun places to go for the future Journalism outings, and the best senior year ever! Yvette and Ayana: I will you guys an aggressive attitude to be mean to people next who don’t turn in their stories, the fun yet stressing times of putting the newspaper together, the best memories you’ll make and a fun and relaxing senior year! Ryan Poyet: King Taco > Del Taco, thanks for making going to Del Taco entertaining. As well the LA Kings over the SJ Sharks cause the kings are so much better! Douglas: The game of Life and BabyMonkey. A fun time at Yale! Susan H: Your pencil pouch Ramie! Also the cookies I bought from you that are now 2 years old that you still never gave me! Pyle: The greatest senior year ever! All the best desserts ever and the AP Bio memories to the best most adorable person I know! Emily M: All the AP Bio memories and the funny and sarcastic jokes and stuff we’d say! Have fun at UCSD…beards! Natalie Corona: Bubbles! Hahaha all the mustaches and peanut butter ever! The memories since second grade and the good times we have in English! The best dance moves ever! Mideri P: The fun and hilarious times since middle school, I’m glad your last name starts with a P so I have a last name buddy, awesome dance moves, cupcakes, and everything we’ve ever talked about and laughed about. Math skills because we both know we hate math! I’ll miss you and we better keep in touch! Kayla F: I’ll miss your crazy blondeness! I will you the many times you made me laugh with the stuff you say, the memories since elementary school, and to successes in the future! Brittney Turnbow and Rodrigo: Fun and hilarious times at Prom with our amazing dance moves! Prom wouldn’t have been as fun without them! To everyone I didn’t mention: I’m really lazy now after writing all of the above, so you’re special and can ask me in person what I will to you! Hahaha but most of all to the future success to all my friends, thanks for the memories and hope there’s more to come!

************************** I, Samantha Pompey, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: To the three girls who have become my best friends and best supporters: Stephanie, Brittany and Amanda, I love you guys and I will you my friendship forever! I appreciate all of our memories and I wish to continue making new ones with you in the future. To my Productions Choir family: We have been through

Spain wins the 2010 FIFA World Cup held in South Africa

June 5, 2012 so much this year and even when times got hard, we were able to get through it together. To those of you who are wishing to continue in PC, I will you my attendance to all of next years events and will continue to show the group my support! To the seniors, I wish you all the best and hope you continue with your music journey somehow. To all LAHS underclass, enjoy the rest of your high school journey; live, love and laugh all day every day.

************************** I, Ryan Poyet, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: I will Darren Liu my great sense humor because he will need it to impress the girls. I will faith and savannah all my work from senior year. I will Deborah my good looks because I want her to look smoking hot for college. I will Melissa the date we will have in four years. I will Yvette Franco my dedication because I know she doesn’t want to hand out these dumb senior wills. Genesis, I will you my Normal ability to talk because you talk weird. Alexi, I will you my awesomeness because I want you to be the most awesomeness person in el mundo. The rest of my friends, I will you guys a tiny piece of my heart and soul to carry around to help you guys in school and life.

************************** I, Mariana Rodriguez, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: To Albert Rodriguez, thank you Albert for all the help and love you have given me. You’re the best, I am so proud of you. Keep up the hard work, anci continue to make your big family proud. I love you so much kiddo!

************************** I, Fernando Samano, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: I leave the spot at the wall to whatever homie wants to continue holding the spot. We have been their for 3 years already, and have created so many memories and fun times.

************************** I, Judy Samatmanakit, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: To all my girls, Brenda Pham, Michelle Chen, Eunice Lee, Eunice Kim, Alexis Andom, and to the one guy that will never fail at anything, Connor Lee. To Brenda, the past 4 years have been one crazy ride for us. All the memories from Color Guard to Key Club to Journalism will live with us forever. From the times you stayed up with my until 5 a.m. listening to me cry to the times we laughed until we could no longer breathe. From ditching practice and being rebels to working our hearts out together. I really cannot describe how high school would be like without you by my side. To Michelle, if we were to put all the pictures we’ve taken with each other, I bet it could wrap around this world 3 times. Even though fate separated us by not giving us class with each other, that one class we had with together I the summer will always be in my memory. Remember the water faucet? Oh, and we still have to go on our around the world shopping spree! P.S I still have your “you know what.” Eunice Lee, your name’s not Eunice. To Kahyun, I use to love you, but now I dislike you because you’re leaving me to become a Bruin. Jk, I’m super proud of you! You truly deserved it. Looking

Chilean miners rescued after being trapped for 68 days

Los Angeles Lakers win NBA Championship

Final Goodbyes

The Conqueror SENIOR WILL POLICY/DISCLAIMER Senior wills are published as a courtesy to graduating seniors. Because of the unique nature of senior wills, they have been reproduced exactly as they were written by each senior with no corrections having been made to grammar, spelling, punctuation, or capitalization. Each will has been read by at least two members of the journalism staff as well as Mr. Rockwood. Every attempt has been made to remove inappropriate content.

back at those videos we recorded at your house really made me ROFL. You successfully slid down that slide without falling into the pool, while I hang on with my life to not fall in. What were we thinking!? To Eunice, the real Eunice! I love how you popped up right after me! Jan. 21 – Jan. 22. Wouldn’t it be cool if we came out on the same day? If you give me more popcorn, I will shove it right down my throat! We need to go on our hike and have those deep talks again! To Alexis, I know these past months have been rough for you, but you got through it! We had our ups and downs and loves and hates towards each other, but in the end, you’re still one of my bests. UCSD class of 2016 here we come!! To Connor, Cornealius Casper Jones the second. Want to make noodles with me? Wink wink! I still remember back in 6th grade when you would chase me around the line of backpacks. I thought you were so weird. I still think your weird, a good kind of weird. A one of a kind weird. Even though I see you starting from journalism at 6:33 a.m., until we end guard practice at 5:00 p.m., and during weekends for competitions or key club events, I honestly can say that I can’t get enough of seeing your face. And I must admit, I still hate you for all the times you brought up “donuts” and “marshmallows.” I still love you though! To all the guys I have a love/hate relationship with, Jason, Shawn, Todd, Daniel, Mario, Darren, Chia, Jeremy, William, Thomas, David, Kevin, Elijah. Thanks for all the fun times at the pool, the beach, Jeremy’s house, etc. To Amber, the journey continued with us from middle school to high school. Being the only ones to wait for our rides in middle school, to staying until dark for practice, to coming to school on breaks to finish up with the magazine. To Melissa Yang, even though we had our rough times, I’m glad we were able to get through them. I still cherish all the memories we had from middle school until now. To June Wu, I still remember the individual bruise you gave me for my birthday in 8th grade. Don’t mess with me now because I will “push you off again!” Aside from the love/hate relationship we have, thanks for being the only one to still call me by my full name. To Joanne, Demi, Susan, Shirley, thanks for those great middle school memories! To Calculus and Ms. Gilbert, I love you but your class was just a pain; however, I know it will do me well in college. To Key Club, keep our reputation up! We’ve came so far and accomplished so much. Make me proud and never stop “BEElieving in the magic of service!” To Color Guard Animotion, Lost in Translation, Wonderland, Go Do, and Joy Be Lifted Up. To all the performers in these shows with me.

To Bobby, Robert, and Leslie! You guys were truly amazing coaches. Thank you so much for everything you’ve taught and given me. To Journalism, the experience I gained were so valuable and indescribable. To A LA MODE, hard work pays off in the end. To Mr. Rockwood, the best teacher/ advisor throughout all 3 years of high school. I will never forget your word of advice you gave me and Brenda about finding our future husbands! Lastly, to the class of 2012! All our hard work for the past 4 years have paid off and we’re finally graduating! Best of luck in the future!

I, Aaron Valdez, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: Keep Dreaming!


I, Tiffany Viramontes, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: Thank all the girls for making senior year so memorable and unforgettable. This year has flown by so fast. I would also thank Ms. Wong for helping me these past couple of years.

I, Juan Sanchez, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: The table to my gf and all my friendship and guidance to shamu may be take my place in leadership next year also to vivi all my leadership for section leader hoping you get next year I will miss all my friends in highschool but we will see each other from time to time and will always be there If you need me. ****************************** I, Adrienne Saenz, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: Memories to my big little brother Joesph Saenz. Have fun and make the most of the last two years you have. They will go extremely fast. I will make sure to come to all the football games. If you ever need anything I’m here, your sister. ****************************** I, Daniel Saucedo, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: All broken lead and eraser shavings to the school’s carpet. ******************************* I, Jonathan Schefres, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: My desk in B9 to Darren Yip, my used pencil to Todd Wang, my hangout spot at lunch to Chuckie. ****************************** I, Chelsea Sykes, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: I will my lunch spot between the B and C wing to my little sister, Candace. Good luck in your sophomore year I will Adrian Cummings the happiest time of his life next year at his Senior Prom. Thanks Adrian, for being the best Prom date! You made my Senior Prom a great experience for me. When I leave for college, I will all of my things that I’ll leave behind to my little sister Candace again. I hope you take care of my stuff, because I know you won’t, haha. Thank you, Candace, Victoria Nguyen, and Hector for making this school year the greatest Senior year that anyone could experience. I will my love to all of my friends at Los Altos, and to those leaving Los Altos. Class of 2012! Woo-hoo! I’m out of here! *****************************

****************************** I, Norma Vazquez, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: Thanks for all the memories in high school and fun times. Thanks to all my friends for making High School memoral & it’s sad to say bye but hopefully there are more memories for the future.


****************************** I, Todd Wang, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: All of my underclassmen friends to Elijah Contreras because after all of his senior friends leave, he will have no one. My lazy leadership in Renaissance to Danny Mejia. Please carry on my legacy as the most handsome member in renaissance. I will the Asian table to Elijah Contreras, the whole table is yours, buddy. I will my title as righteous leader of the glee club to Adrian Arvizu, don’t stop believing. ****************************** I, June Wu, will nothing to nobody because I wouldn’t want an unfortunate kid walking around with my personal belongings. Except, Mae Louise Camacho Reyes, I will you all our 5th grade memories when we ruled over Los Molinos being devious innocent children. JAM4ever, never forget. Take care of yourself. Brenda, I will you my darkest, most personal secret. Till now you are the only one that truly knows me. For that, I truly thank you! We both have a smartphone and I really hope we are smart enough to still keep in touch. Juthanuch Samatmanakit, I will you our memories at Manzanita Park when I realize I had no sense in balance and you were the eviler friend between the two of us. I hope you meet someone in the future who will enjoy your name as much as I do. Ruthy Ki, I will you all our Modern Family conversations, which never gets old. “Why are you guys yelling at us? We were way upstairs. Just text me.” Seriously though, I hope we keep in touchtext me up! Samuel Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia, I will you our occasional moments together. You are beyond doubt a great guy. I am sorry for all those times I was mean to you. It’s just that you need to stop being nocturnal and hit me up at the latest hours, I am bound to yell at you. Jason Zhang, I will you all our verbal and physical fights that cause teachers to think we are old married couples. I think these past two years, we finally stop acknowledging one another but we definitely had a great run. You will for-

June 5, 2012


ever be my fob friend from 2nd grade and a guy I can always lean on. Todd (Dian Dian) Wang, I will you our many bets you placed on me, when it comes to relationships. We aren’t close whatsoever now but thanks for being such a great friend at Newton. By the way, you still owe me a dance and I am going to hold that against you until forever. I wish you the best at AirForce Academy! Good luck! Douuugie Wong, I will you all the great moments when you felt like Einstein next to me. I don’t know but I felt like I had to include Mr. I Have an Idea! Kobe Lebron, I will you our twin moments. As close as we are now, I realized we have actually drifted apart. No regret though, I will never forget our AIM until 11 every night, unexplainable bond and alley-oop that made everyone jealous. Thanks for always pushing me to be the best on the court and in the classroom, these four years. As much as we both deny that we are best friends, when we are asked-which is a lot. I am pretty sure I can say for the both of us, we are beyond it. We don’t need a label but we definitely understand each other on a different level. You’re definitely one of the few people I will actually miss. SanSan, I will you my vocabulary “NO!” I don’t think you have ever learned the word correctly and I hope one day you would take a stand for yourself. Hopefully we will still be in contact next year because you are going to owe me an allexpense-paid vacation to Las Vegas. Michelle Wang, I will you our gossip moments during Calculus hours and I hope you will me your whole avocado tree. Have fun achieving your Eleanor GED. Demi, I will you all the hot boys in this world. You are the one person who understands my taste and for that I shall thank you. I will miss our afterschool conversation in front of your house. Shirley, I will you all the moments when I praised your artwork. You are hands down the most brilliant artist I have met. Aside from drawing, your English skills are preposterous. Thanks for all those times you proofread my essays. Jessie, I will you 1-D and all those boy singers. They aren’t as amazing as you think they are. You just haven’t fully appreciated Swift, GaGa, and Spears. Thank you for all the lunches, in return I hope you loved the mints! Michelle Chen, I will you our boring psychology moments when I end up teasing you. MelMel Pettyfer, I will you the pleasure in looking down at me. I would never forget those amazing parties and jumpers at your house. Joanne, I will you some of my angry behavior. You are the sweetest, most innocent and naïve person I have met. Have a great sniffing lovely flowery smells at Davis. Momo, I will you our texts in sophomore year. I miss those times when we would text until 3am. I will never forget you and I know you will never forget me. I will forever be your first Asian friend. AP Literature, I will you guys my constant notifications on Facebook. Mariah, thank you for sitting so close to me. It

2011 Osama bin Laden killed

Japan earthquake and tsunami

Royal wedding

World was supposed to end

Last “Harry Potter” film is released


The Conqueror

SENIOR WILL POLICY/DISCLAIMER Senior wills are published as a courtesy to graduating seniors. Because of the unique nature of senior wills, they have been reproduced exactly as they were written by each senior with no corrections having been made to grammar, spelling, punctuation, or capitalization. Each will has been read by at least two members of the journalism staff as well as Mr. Rockwood. Every attempt has been made to remove inappropriate content.

allowed me to not participate. You’re secretly my idol. You can’t be smart, athletic, popular and a sucker for the number 3. Levi, love your personality. It was fun sitting behind you. Shawn, I will miss your humor and cuteness of a personality treating girls. One day you should just start up a program and teach boys to be a gentleman, like you. Alexis, it was fun sitting adjacent to you talking about college from September until now. Connor Lee, I will you our times chats in class. Have fun at Irvine, you are the most talented and intelligent guy that I know; hopefully, one day, your poems would be in the brick! Senior Basketball Players, I will you our bond we were forced to have in order to stay alive through the seasons. Savannah, you are such an amazing player and person that I truly appreciate. You are the reason why practices were bearable. I love your goofball personality. Never change! Congratulation on your volleyball scholarship, beast it out there! Justine, I don’t think I have ever met a girl as athletic as you. Come on, you know gymnastics! It is unfortunate with all the injuries you experienced within a year, but the Diamond Bar game proved that nothing can stop you. Maria, thank you for not attacking me-yet. Over all these years of taunting, I expect you to flip out by now. I love your personality of “what is going on!?” You are so bright, good luck being a Bruin. Veronica, you are an amazing shooter and person who can go on and on about a random topic, skills Tennis, I will you our ground breaking record, with our win against DR. You guys were amazing and I hope you guys continue making immense strides and one day bageling the Brahmas. Avid Students, I will you all your fail assignments because I decided to take out all my stress of senior year, when grading your guy’s assignments. Wish you guys all the best, yes, including Aaron and Eric. I would like to especially thank the girls in the class who were able to bring some smile and ease my anger when grading binders. Jackie Alas, I will you my number. That kind of sounded wrong but I mean if you ever need help on anything, actually only easy math questions, text me up. I felt like I had to individually mention you, since I guess it was pretty legit knowing you. Avid Tutors, I will you our memories trading students around. I will definitely miss our times laughing as we grade their assignments, heartlessly. Freshy, I will you guys my legacy as an

Final Goodbyes overpowering senior. Hillary, keep your head up, love your perseverance- never give up! Andrea, read this article every game and remember what you are capable of achieving. For the rest of the freshman, I am sorry I wasn’t able to get to you guys but you guys will forever be little cute stuff running around LA and terrified of me. Kaitlyn, I wish I can pick you up and stick you in my pocket. Thank you for always supporting tennis. You owe me boba still. Sophomores, I will you guys Collegeboard. Have a great time taking those SATs and AP exams. Cheryl, I will you my position in leading the conqueror chant, every game. You have a big shoe to fill, trying to top me off. Continue my legacy by giving a prep talk before every game. Hopefully by senior year, you can show the Brahmas who the real Alexis V. is. Smanpongse, I will you our tennis games and unstoppable partnership. Together with you, side by side, I never finished a game disappointed. Thank you for leading me to all those wins. Wish you the best next year, without me, of course. Little Ho, I will you our great memorie. Thank you for being a great supporter in both sports. Have I ever mentioned how fun it was to hangout with you and your mommy, after games? I will miss you and miss being a gentlewoman. Irene, I will you my lobs in tennis that always made you stare into the sun. Thanks for all the commitment you put into my personal statements. Keep working hard, trust me, it will pay off! Tang, I will you the view of my spandex. Love and hate your loud opinion. Tiffany, I will you our email threads. You are absolutely amazing in the classroom and out on the court, never doubt yourself. Hailey-lee-lee, I will you my perfectly intact hand. I hope your arm heals quickly so you can be out on the court. Quach, I will you little obnoxious freshmen. When it gets tough, never back down. Be a conqueror, attack! You aren’t a wildcat anymore. Juniors, I will you my empire- Los Altos High School. Ariel, I will you our sister date memory. You are an amazing player with a beast of a serve. You are the only person that never backs down and always follows instinct, I love you for that. Thanks for not acting oblivious when you realize my “I’m fine” actually meant the opposite. Pyle, Help our school obtain some dignity with a top-notch school acceptance. As much as I would have liked you on my team senior year, I guess you made a smart choice. A-yawn-ah, I will you Alisa, my sweetie. Please watch over her! Pretty Pui, I will you Tastea. I will miss your prettiness and prettiness, pretty much just that. I have never met such a tiny fierce girl. Do some damage next year, but stop making people cry! Have a great senior year, hopefully you get

into USC and end up dorming with Alexis. Natalie, I will you all the circle memories we shared at Wilson’s tournaments. I hope you continue singing to other schools’ players&coaches. It is heartbreaking with your recent injury but everyone knows that if it wasn’t for your knee, Jaden Smith would have had some trouble. Jasmine, I will you all our times sitting in the bleacher cheering on every team except DBHS. You are an amazing shooter, 99.9% of the time. You are a remarkable scorer and leader that our program needs. Alanna, I will you all the great memories we had bonding over basketball, especially at your house. You have the most amazing parents and you grew into a remarkable woman. I wish you the best in basketball next season; hopefully, you will end the curse upon the program. Never lose sight of what is actually more important. I will definitely miss you and I have been missing you ever since our Diamond Bar game, but we both know I will deny this, if mentioned, because I still haven’t forgiven you. ******************************** I, Lesley Yanez, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: I’m going to miss my friends I had the best memories. There were the best four years of highschool. I’m glad I finished a chapter in my life and now im going to open a new one. ********************************* I, Darren Yip, a graduate of the Class of 2012, hereby will the following: To elijah contreras I give him my lunch that I pay for, now he has to pay for my paid lunch. ****************************** I, Shirley Zhou, hereby will the following (in no particular order): Stephanie Pyle: Arietty adventures, standing not-quite on the red carpet, chatting it up with the stats girls, golfing fun, wonderful prom karaoke singing, a YMCA class full of energetic little artists, and many more long talks about unsuccessful love lives. Melissa Yang: Table 9, Mingwonglee, acceptance of the nickname Melmel, being locked out of the YMCA, looking weird with glasses, bubbles, no more car accidents, anticlimactic supreme scream, hunger games books, last minute planning, and a teamwork that can successfully train a herd of little artist-to-be. Connor Lee: AP Euro derping, Pictionary and people calling the cops on you for carrying your colorguard riffle while walking to school. Michelle Chen: Fun birthday parties at your house and surviving SAT prepping at ACI. Susan Heng: Hugs and cuddles, parties at your house, yearbook camp roomies, a beautifully finished yearbook, giant spiders, 6th period dates, hello kitting cell phone cases, some boyz-be-gone spray, and parties in your future single dorm! Stephanie Bishop: Extreme alligator games and awesome yearbook campout adventures. Alan Buchholz: Freeze, Los Molinos memories, being the awesome multiple

June 5, 2012 choice group in Monty’s class, and not getting kicked out of a country club for wearing the wrong pants. Mr. Evans: Cheesy pizzas and my limited edition dented driver. Treasure it well! Wesley Lu: Shuffling parties and lots of somnambulism. Lydia Lee and Lilian Hwang: No more 100 degree golf matches, plenty of golf buddy snacks, and a lovely time at Prom. Nancy Ramos and Winston Dong: No more binder checks and tutorials, and tons of chocolate cake and soda. Ashley Chen: 8th grade sleepovers, giant spiders on my couch, cats and dogs with breads on faces, curry house dates, blasting inappropriate songs loudly in cars, excited fat guy gifs, and lots of angry bubbles. Paula Larios and Phillipe Rodriguez: Early morning chats, and fun times at Prom. Wilson Chen: Mafia! Daniel Cheng: Pancrepes, terrible chemistry jokes, Hunger Games fangirling, wall spamming, grassy gracias, and an amazing time at Sadies. Jessie Huang: Trying Takis for the first time, epic fail golf tryouts, Unfriendly Hills, the joy of finally hitting under double par, rock band, buying things at Target “for ASA”, being famous with Jason Chen. Jeffrey Chang and Jonathan Wu: Long journeys home, the best jokes you’ve ever heard in the world, way too many ACI practice tests, Mr. Evans, and a fantastic golf season next year. Matthew Cruz: Hilarious photoshopping missions, singing chess, layout designing and photobooth. Eunice Kim: Stalking your pen pal and scrapbook club, summer school shenanigans, insightful conversations outside your psych class, and don’t jihyte it when I can’t end this line in a that makes sense. Teresa Chen: Turtle shells, tripping over mailboxes, awe at your amazing presentation skills, committing to the Bruin life, and adventures that will most certainly be continued. Hedrick Hall here we come! Samuel Chia: Jalapenos with too much business, a sense of humor that appreciates my punny wit, carpools, anteaters, tapirs, inception cats, logarithmic Taylor series, and a cleaner garage door. Alex Lopez: Stalkers with bright blue hats creeping behind us in lecture halls, and CSF woes. Joanne Lu: Immense gratitude for saving me from the horrors of afterschool traffic, Starbucks promotions, delicious sushi triangles, pedestrian rights, golf fun times, cheesecake factory, fresh milk and cows, burning calories with twitching, and tons of fun walks home. Danny Ahn: Crazy editor parties, 40+ rounds of draw something, poorly drawn plumbers and Bon Jovi, laughing at terrible jokes and antijokes, Temple Walk, banana jackets, and trolling at yearbook campouts. June Wu: Funny circle roommate scenarios, draw something coins, the pres

2011 Amy Winehouse dies

Occupy Wall Street

Steve Jobs die

Kim Jong-il dies

10 year anniversary of 9/11

SENIOR WILL POLICY/DISCLAIMER Senior wills are published as a courtesy to graduating seniors. Because of the unique nature of senior wills, they have been reproduced exactly as they were written by each senior with no corrections having been made to grammar, spelling, punctuation, or capitalization. Each will has been read by at least two members of the journalism staff as well as Mr. Rockwood. Every attempt has been made to remove inappropriate content.

tige of an ASA president, proofreading essays, awkward grammar, tiger moms, baby sloths, Leonardo Dicaprio with anteaters, and admiration for your patience and skills as a teacher and tutor. Ryan Poyet: Shout-outs at Del Taco for the whole kitchen to hear! Douglas Wong: Butters (yes plural), a healthy obsession with Korra, Ethiopian food, Mt. Sac presentations, better clarinet skills than Squidward Tentacles, other Spongebob allusions you did not understand, and bragging rights of being the only ivy-leaguer for the class of 2012. Michelle Wang: Deep love and appreciation for sloths, Ellen fame, lots of chins, fatbooth apps, witty text battles, cats with bread on faces, best prom dates, shoulder chuckling, Watson, crushes jk, Lynbrook quality yearbooks, Hello Baby, and the 10 year old charm and wit that always makes my day. Crystal Chan: Krusty krabs, Ellen, hot problems, anteaters, so many rides home, surprise parties, group projects, neighborly love, college twins, scholarships, teachers pets, annual Los Molinos visits, titanium rain, guys tripping over scooters as they cross the street, convertin’ up, and Korra fangirling that amateurs wouldn’t understand. Daisy Gomez: Wordmania competitions, professional presentations, telling it on the mountain, ap art adventures, long enlightening walks home, slushies on hot days, goggles, shirts, delicious homemade cakes, M&Ms, UP houses made my hand, ‘Revolution’ by The Beatles, and a love hate relationship I wouldn’t for the world. Demi Hsieh: Secret facebook conversations, stupid punny jokes, 5th period visits, yearbook parties, draw something with Mocusushi, carpooling, minutes of fame on the Ellen show, minutes of notfame at the SWAC taping, Sterling Knight in the pizza place, the best prom dates ever, sharing food every time we have an outing, cars with eyelashes, Operation Christmas Child, matching wallets, and all the other little moments that make you my best friend. My AVID kids: Work hard every day. I hope to see some of you at UCLA when it’s your turn. My yearbook staff: One successful adventure of a lifetime, and a beautiful yearbook like no other. Thank you guys for all your hard work. You are all pica perfect in every way! My Calculus kids: What do calculus students and retired pirates have in common? They both miss the C! …just like how I will miss you all very much. I am extremely grateful for every person I have met along the way. Thank

Final Goodbyes

June 5, 2012


you for making this high school experience something I will never forget.


Congratulations Class of 2012!

The Conqueror

2011-2012 Mr. Chacon becomes viceprincipal

St.John Vianney fire

Defeated Wilson and won back the wheel

Blackout during CST

Front tree falls

Class of 2012 graduates!


The Conqueror

Senior Colleges

June 5, 2012

Acero, Destinie-Mt. Sac Aceves, Breana-Citrus College Acosta, Salvador-Rio Hondo Aguilar, Alex-Mt. Sac Aguilar, Vanessa-PCC Aguilar, William-Mt. Sac Aguirre, Grace-Undecided Alcantar, Olivia-Mt. Sac Alcazar, Krisiana-Cal Poly Pomona Aldana, Sarah-Mt. Sac Alejandre, Guadalupe-Fullerton JR Allen, Breanne-Mt. Sac Alvarado, Amanda-Rio Hondo Alvarez, Brittany-CSU Fullerton Alvela, Amber-UC Irvine Amezquita, Lizbeth-Mt. Sac Anaya, Kimberly-Citrus College Andom, Alexis-UC San Diego Andrade, Ulises-Mt. Sac Andraos, Collette-Cal State Fullerton Angel,Trina-Rio Hondo Aparicio, Alejandra-CSU San Marcos Aparicio, Krystal-CSU East Bay Arana, Jessica-Mt. Sac Arellano, Jose-Mt. Sac Areyzaga, Veronica-Whittier College Armienta, Brian-Mt. Sac Arsue, Rienard-Fullerton Arteaga, Elizabeth-Fullerton Audelo, Brianna-Vanguard Avalos, Josue-Undecided Avalos, Rickie-Ca. Kitchen Academy Avery, Malaysia-UC Merced Avila, David-UCI Avila, Fanny- Cal Poly Pomona Avila, Keyla Undecided Banes, Lauren W. Texas A&M Banuelos, Jazmin ELAC Barajas, Deise Mt. Sac Barragan, Denisse-Mt. Sac Barron, Brandon-ELAC Becerril, Daisy-Mt. Sac Berny, Marina-Mt. Sac Bishop, Stephanie-W. Washington University Blackiston, Savannah-Alabama A&M Blair, Chris-Mt. Sac Blair, Richard-Rio Hondo Blanco, Miguel-Mt. Sac Bonilla, Letty-UC Santa Cruz Bonjoc, Kimberly-Jane-Mt. Sac Bravo, Irene-Cal State LA Bray, Kevin-Rio Hondo Bretado, Joshua-Citrus Briones, Andreas-Rio Hondo Brisceno, Derek-Undecided Brown , Kira-Mt. Sac Browner, Sabrina-Cal State LA Buchholz, Alan-Cal Poly Pomona Bun, Lybaung (Kevin)-PCC Burgos, Amber-OCC Cabrera, Kevin-ELAC Camberos, Steven-USF Campbell, Careesa-PCC Campbell, Elizabeth-CSU Fullerton Canchola, Kevin-Mt. Sac Cardenas, Wesley-Undecided Carrillo, Tatiana-Rio Hondo Castaneda, Adriana-Mt. Sac Castellanos, Elizabeth-CSUF Castellanos, Jose-Citrus Castillo, Andrew-Inter Coast Castillo, Vanessa-Art Inst. Of Hollywood Castro, Alexis-Citrus Castro, Robert Mt. Sac Castro, Vanessa-Cal Poly Pomona Cerda, Cecilia-Mt. Sac Chan, Crystal-USCD Cervantes, Nicole-Art Institute Of OC Chang, Kevin-UCI Chang, Yu-Chen (Leo)-Undecided Chang-Suarez, Rachel-CSU Fullerton Chen, Ashely-Cal Poly Pomona Chen, Christopher-Pepperdine Chen, Michelle-Cal Poly Pomona Chen, StevenShun-Hsiang-UCI Chen, Teresa-UCLA Chen, Tina-Mount St. Mary’s Chiang, Elaine-Cal State LA Choi, Jeffrey-Cal Poly Pomona Chou-Hoang, VivianaFullerton Chun, Lemuel-Citrus Chung, Aaron-Mt. Sac Cisneros, Ivan-Mt. Sac Claros, Brenda-Mt. Sac Contreras, Reuben-Mt. Sac Contreras, Thomas-Mt. Sac Corona, Juan-Mt. Sac Corona, Natalie-Pasadena City College Corona, Victoria-Mt. Sac Corral, Brooke-Mt. Sac Covarrubras, Gabriel-UC Riverside Covarrubias, Yessenia-Rio Hondo Crespin, Andrea-Mt. Sac Cruz, Andrew-University of La Verne Cubillo, Maria-Mills College Cummo, Jessica-Fullerton Community Cwiak, Daniel-Mt. Sac Dagampat, Dallas-Undecided Davies, Victoria-Fullerton JC De Alba, Gabriel-Univ of La Verne De La Pena, Jeremy- Mt. Sac De La Rosa, Valerie-Undecided Del Barrio, Maria Zeka-Mt. Sac Del Tores, Blanca-Mt. Sac Delamora, Blanca-Mt. Sac Delgado, Erick-ELAC Delgado, Stephanie-Whittier College Delgado-Gorman, Dakota-Mt. Sac Derry, Eugene-Mt. Sac Derry, Stephanie- FIDM Diaz, Cathy-Mt. Sac Domingo, Jacob-Mt. Sac Dominguez, Adam-Mt. Sac Dominguez, Tania-Undecided Dong, Winston-UC Santa Cruz Duarte, Hector-Mt. Sac Duncan, Billy-Undecided Duran, Raquel-Paul Mitchell Beauty School Elias, Gabriela-Mt. Sac Erdmann, Charles-Pasadena City College Escamilla, Marilu-Undecided Espinoza, Adriana-Mt. Sac Espiritu Santo, Justine-Mt. Sac Esquibel, Steven-Undecided Estevis, Robert-Willow College Estrada, Sergio-Undecided Fa’aola, Justin-Undecided Fernandez, Anthony-Everest College Fernandez, Deborah-Cal State San Bernardino Fernandez, Saul-Mt. Sac Ferrerosa, Lilliane-UC Riverside Fields, Aaron-Mt. Sac Fleming, Samantha-Biola University Flores, Daniela-Rio Hondo Flores, Monserrath-Mt. Sac Flores, Priscilla-Cal Poly Pomona Flores, Viviana-Cal Poly Pomona Flores, Yessenia-Citrus College Fox, Jessica-San Francisco Univ. Francis, Kayla-Mt. Sac Fuentes, Jordan-Mt. Sac Fulton, Brittany-Univ. of Califonia Santa Barbara Gallego, Jacob-Mt. Sac Galvez, Johana-Mt. Sac Garcia, Alexis-Hope Int. Garcia, Alizia-Undecided Garcia, Denise-Cal Poly Pomona Garcia, James-CSU Fullerton Garcia, Jasmine-Cal Poly Pomona Garcia, Jonathan-Undecided Garcia, Maegan-Whittier College Garcia, Robert-Rio Hondo Garcia, Sebastian-Mt. Sac Gariboy, Ramon-Rio Hondo Garrison, Chris-Mt. Sac Georgia, Travon-Mt. Sac Gomez, Alexandra-Cal Poly Pomona Gomez, Cynthia-Mt. Sac Gomez, Daisy-UC Riverside Gomez, Danielle-San Jose State Gomez, Levi-MMU Gonzales, Ashely-Mt. Sac Gonzalez, Ernesto-Undecided Gonzalez, Gabriel-Rio Hondo Gonzalez, Joshua-Mt. Sac Gonzalez, KristopherUndecided Gonzalez, Madeline-Cal State Fullerton Gonzalez, Mario-UCR Gonzalez, Roberto-Cal Poly Pomona Gonzalez, Roberto- Citrus College Gonzalez, Sabrina-Rio Hondo Gonzalez, Victor-Mt. Sac Gordillo, Perla-Mt. Sac Gramillo, Jeremy-Rio Hondo Grajeda, Johnie-Mt. Sac Granados, Vicente RosalioMt. Sac Guam, Stephen-Cal Poly Pomona Guevara, Brandon-Undecided Guillen, Jose-Mt. Sac Gutierrez, Juan-Undecided Gutierrez, Rudy-Undecided Gutierrez, Xavier-Undecided Guzman, Alaina-Undecided Haro, Victor-Mt. Sac Harvey, Justin-CSU Fullerton Heng, Susan-UCSD Hernandez, AlbertoMt. Sac Hernandez, Ashley-Mt. Sac Hernandez, Bianca-APU Hernandez, Ciara Fullerton College Hernandez, Jose Undecided Hernandez, Joshua Azusa Pacific University Hernandez, Ricardo Mt. Sac Hernandez, Samantha Mt. Sac Hernandez, Stephanie Undecided Herrera, Rodrigo Mt. Sac Hidalgo, Anais University of La Verne Hirayama, Kent Undecided Ho, Charlie UC Riverside Houston, Devon Cal State Dominguez Howard, Andreius Mt. Sac Hsieh, Demi UC Irvine Hsu, Tiffani Mt. Sac Huang, Yi Jia Jessie UC San Diego Hoffman, Derik Mt. Sac Hulion, Holly NMSU Ibarra, Andrea Mt. Sac Ibarra, Veronica Biola University Islas, Jessica Cal State LA Isozaki, Riley PCC Jaen, Maribel-Cal State Fullerton Jan Charlene-Undecided Jauregui, Alejandro-Mt. Sac Jauregui, Daisy-Rio Hondo Jethani, Sharon-Mt. Sac Jimenez, Alan -Cal State Fullerton Jimenez, Anibal-Mt. Sac Jimenez, Christian-Rio Hondo Jimenez, Josue-Mt. Sac Jimenez, Lauren-Institute of professional make-up Jimenez, Monique-Hope International Jimenez-Escalante, Alfredo-Cal State Fullerton Johnson, Hannah-Whittier College Juarez Claudia-Mt. Sac Juarez, Jair-Mt. Sac Juarez, Melissa-Rio Hondo Juarez, NicolasRio Hondo Jueneman, Chris-Mt. Sac Kao, Brain-Whittier College Kim, Eunice -UC Riverside Kith, Matthew-Southern Utah University Kong, DanielUCSD Kou, Richard-Rio Hondo Kwon, Felicia-UC Irivine Lama, Christina-CSU Fullerton Larios, Paula-Pasadena City College Lavea, Eseta-Mt. Sac Lavea, Rasela-Mt. Sac Lawson, David-Mt. Sac Le, Gloria-PCC, Lee, Connor-UC Irvine Lee Eunice -UCSD Lee, Walter -UC Davis Legaria, DafneUNAM Lenero, Monique-Cal State Fullerton Lewis, Savannah-Rio Hondo Lien, Jack-Mt. Sac Lim, Kielthone -Mt. Sac Lino, Kalena-Mt. Sac Lino, Massela-La Sierra University Liu, Jessie-CSU East Bay Loera, Brittany-Rio Hondo Lopez, Alexandria – PCC Lopez, Alexis – Mt. Sac Lopez, Armando – Undecided Lopez, Brandon – PCC Lopez, Briana – Mt. Sac Lopez, Jocelin – Cerritos Lopez, Joseph – Rio Hondo Lopez, Megan – M.U.D (Make-up Designory) Lozano, Carlos – Cal Poly Pomona Lu, Daisy – UC Riverside Lu, Joanne – UC Davis Lu, Wesley – UCSB Lugo, Daniel – Mt. Sac Luna, Lauren-Cal Poly Pomona Macareno, Allan-CSU East Bay Machado, Brittany-University of La Verne Macias, Jacob-Army Malhi, Pooja-Cal Poly Pomona Manasian, Emily-UCSD Mancha, Ernest-Rio Hondo Manriquez, Carolina-Undecided Manzo, Rosa-Rio Hondo Mao, Kadence-UC Riverside Marquez,

The Conqueror

Senior Colleges

June 5, 2012


Monica-Cal Poly Pomona Marquez, Tanya-ELAC Martinez, Andres-Mt. Sac Martinez, Erika-UC Santa Cruz Martinez, Kevin-Mt. Sac Martinez, KrystalCSU East Bay Martinez, Martin-Mt. Sac Max, Elissa-CSU LA McClean, James-Citrus College McCormack, Connor-Mt. Sac Medina, Jessanie-Mt. Sac Medina, Kathy-Mt. Sac Medina, Manuel-Mt. Sac Melendez, Michael – Rio Hondo Mejia, Evalyna-Undecided Mejia, Valerie-CSU LA Mendez, AlejandroMt. Sac Mendoza, Daniel-Undecided Meng, Jeremy-UC Riverside Meza, Christina-Mt. Sac Michel, Brianna-Cal Poly Pomona Midyette, Mariah-Bucknell University Mijares, Alma-Undecided Mikhael, Yustina-Mt. Sac Millard, Summer-University of La Verne Miller, Steven-Undecided Miramontes, Hector -Rio Hondo Molina, Jacqueline-LDS Business College Monarez, Alfred-UTI Montano, Salvador-Rio Hondo Mora, Cesar-Citrus College Mora, KristalELAC Morales, April-CSU LA Morales, Moises-Mt. Sac Moreno, Angel-Marines Moreno, Marissa-Citrus College Moreno, Muriel-Fullerton College Moriyama, Michael-Cal Poly Pomona Morreale, Nicolette-CSU Fullerton Muniz, Cassandra-Rio Hondo Munoz, Andrew-CSU LA Munoz, Daniel-Mt. Sac Munoz, Jose-San Diego State University Murillo, Sabrina-Mt. Sac Murillo, Summer-Cal Poly Pomona Najarro,Cristina-Citrus College Neal, ChristopherMt. Sac Nevarez, George-Rio Hondo Nguyen, Dien Mt. Sac Nguyen, Victoria Mt. Sac Nieblas, Emily Rio Hondo Nolasco, Jesus Undecided Nuin, Justin Mt. Sac Nunez, Jose Angel-Mt. Sac Ocegueda, Nathalie-Rio Hondo Ochoa, Rafael-Mt. Sac Olver,Perla-Undecided Oosamran, Lauren-Cal State Fullerton Orourke, Justin-Itt Tech Orellana-Valencia, Javier-Rio Hondo Orozca, Ruby-Mt. Sac Ortega, Denise-Mt. Sac Ouzounian, Aghavni-Mt. Sac Paez, Isabel-Undecided Paez, Tabitha-Cal State Domingouez Hills Padilla, Melissa-Mt. Sac Paniagua, Mideri-Pasadena City College Paredes,Chelsea-Cal State Fullerton Pecero, Roberto-Undecided Perez, Frank-Mt. Sac Perez, Stephanie-Undecided Pham, Danny-Mt. Sac Phung, Erika-UC Riverside Pimentel, Jose-Mt. Sac Pina, Erica-Mt. Sac Pineda, Victor-Undecided Pompey, Samantha-Mt. Sac Poyet, Ryan-San Jose State-Prado, Mireli-Undecided-Preciado, Jesus-Rio Hondo Preston, Andre-Mt. Sac Preston, Natalie-Rio Hondo Pulido, Jouquin-Mt.Sac Quintal, Matthew-Mt. Sac Ramirez, Jessica-Mt. Sac Ramos, Nancy-SFSU Ramos, Susana-ELCA Ramos-Rossignoli, Alejandra-Mt. Sac Reed, Brandon-Mt. Sac Reilly, Katherine-Cal Poly Pomona Retiz, Evelyn-Mt. Sac Reyes, Brian-Undecided Reyes, Jesus-Undecided Reyes, Mae Lousise-CSULA Richardson, Melissa-Mt. Sac Rios, Priscilla-Rio Hondo Rios, Stephanie-Cal State Chico Rochin, Hailey-Undecided Rodas, Jeremy-Cal State LA Rodriguez, Araseli-Cal Poly Pomona Rodriguez, Celeste-Cal State San Marcos Rodriguez, Edith-Mt.Sac Rodriguez, Fernando-Mt.Sac Rodriguez, Jessica-Citrus College Rodriguez, Sebastian-Rio Hondo Rodriguez, Marina-Mt. Sac Rodriguez, Phillipe-CSUF Rosales, Vanessa-Cal State LA Rosas, Robert-Cal Poly Pomona Ruiz, Emily Mt. Sac Ruiz, Ruben Mt. Sac Ruiz, William-Mt. Sac Najarro,Cristina-Citrus College Neal, Christopher-Mt. Sac Nevarez, George-Rio Hondo Nguyen, Dien-Mt. Sac Nguyen, Victoria Mt. Sac-Nieblas, Emily-Rio Hondo Nolasco, Jesus-Undecided Nuin, Justin-Mt. Sac Nunez, Jose Angel-Mt. Sac Ocegueda, Nathalie-Rio Hondo Ochoa, Rafael-Mt. Sac Olver,Perla-Undecided Oosamran, Lauren-Cal State Fullerton Orourke, Justin-Itt Tech Orellana-Valencia, Javier-Rio Hondo Orozca, Ruby-Mt. Sac Ortega, Denise-Mt. Sac Ouzounian, Aghavni-Mt. Sac Paez, Isabel-Undecided Paez, Tabitha-Cal State Domingouez Hills Padilla, Melissa -Mt. Sac Paniagua, Mideri-Pasadena City College Paredes,Chelsea Cal State Fullerton Pecero, Roberto Undecided Perez, Frank Mt. Sac Perez, StephanieUndecided Pham, Danny-Mt. Sac Phung, Erika-UC Riverside Pimentel, Jose-Mt. Sac Pina, Erica-Mt. Sac Pineda, Victor-Undecided Pompey, Samantha Mt. Sac Poyet, Ryan San Jose State Prado, Mireli Undecided Preciado, Jesus Rio Hondo Preston, Andre Mt. Sac Preston, Natalie Rio Hondo Pulido, Jouquin-Mt.Sac Quintal, Matthew-Mt. Sac Ramirez, Jessica-Mt. Sac Ramos, Nancy-SFSU Ramos, Susana-ELCA Ramos-Rossignoli, Alejandra-Mt. Sac Reed, Brandon-Mt. Sac Reilly, Katherine-Cal Poly Pomona Retiz, Evelyn-Mt. Sac Reyes, Brian-Undecided Reyes, Jesus-Undecided Reyes, Mae Lousise-CSULA Richardson, Melissa-Mt. Sac Rios, Priscilla-Rio Hondo Rios, Stephanie-Cal State Chico-Rochin, Hailey-Undecided Rodas, Jeremy-Cal State LA Rodriguez, Araseli-Cal Poly Pomona Rodriguez, Celeste-Cal State San Marcos Rodriguez, Edith-Mt.Sac Rodriguez, Fernando-Mt.Sac Rodriguez, Jessica-Citrus College Rodriguez, Sebastian-Rio Hondo Rodriguez, Marina-Mt. Sac Rodriguez, Phillipe-CSUF Rosales, Vanessa-Cal State LA Rosas, Robert-Cal Poly Pomona Ruiz, Emily-Mt. Sac Ruiz, Ruben-Mt. Sac Ruiz, William-Mt. Sac Saenz, Adrienne-Cal Poly Pomona Saenz-Griego, Taylor-La Sierra University Sagaste, Victoria-Mt. Sac Salas, Nicholas-Mt. Sac Salazar, Ramon-Mt. Sac Salmeron, Samuel-Mt. Sac Salome, Crystal-Mt. Sac Samano, Fernando-Rio Hondo Samatmanakit, Juthnauch-UCSD Samatamakit, Troy-Mt. Sac Sanchez, Brittny-UC Santa Cruz-Sanchez, Juan-Cal State LA Sanchez, Julian-CSEB Sanchez, Maria-UCLA Sanchez, Victor-Rio Hondo Sandoval, Jessica-Mt. Sac Santa-Cruz, Justine-Rio Hondo Sapien, Andrew-Mt. Sac Saucedo, Daniel-Cal Poly Pomona Saucedo, Heather-East Los Angeles College Schefres, Jonathan-Rio Hondo Sdoeung, Serey-Pasadena City College Serrano, Nikita-Rio Hondo Servin, Angeles-Pasadena City College Shaihor, Thomas-Undecided Shirmohammadi, Sina-Undecided Shubin, Amy-Cal Poly Pomona Simental, Angel-Mt. Sac Sina, Heuhelupeau-CSEB Solis, Jennipe Canisus College Solis, Karla-Cal State La Solorio, Omar-Cal State Dominguez Hills Sotelo, Jacob-Mt. Sac Soto, Amanda-Rio Hondo Soto, Ryan-Mt. Sac Spivey, Brent-CSEB Strom, Corina-Northern Arizona Syarova, Delyana-Vanguard University of Southern Cali. Sykes, Chelsea- Undecided Tatemi, Yvette-Rio Hondo Tena, Robert-Mt. Sac Teter, Andrew-Irvine Valley Tibbs, Scott-Undecided Tienda, Aleena-UC Merced Torres, Anthony-Pinnacle College Torres, Josue-Mt. Sac Torres, Noel-Rio Hondo Torres, Steven-Mt. Sac Torres, Vincent-Mt. Sac Torrez, Jessica-Mt. Sac Trejo, Fernando-Mt.Sac Tuning, Catherine-Whittier College Turnbow, Brittney-Undecided UlloaSanchez, Christina Mt. Sac Valdez, Aaron Cal Poly Pomona Valdivia, Andy Mt. Sac Valencia, Guillelmo Rio Hondo Valencia, Vance Mt. Sac Valenzuela, Angelina Citrus College Valdez, Aaron Cal Poly Pomona Vallejo-Dorame, Deanna Mt. Sac Vallejo-Dorame, Desiree Mt. Sac Van, Kenneth Cal State Fullerton Varela, Frank Citrus Community College Varela, Stephanie Rio Hondo Vasquez, Maria Mt. Sac Vasquez, Oscar Mt. Sac Vazquez, Corin Cal State LAVazquez, Norma Cal State Fullerton Vela, Osmara Mt. Sac Velasco, Karen UCSB Vidrio, Marina Citrus College Villa, Michael Undecided Villagomez, Roberto Cal Poly Pomona Villalpando, Alyssa University of Hawaii, Manoa Villamar, Wendy Mt. Sac Viramontes, Tiffany Fullerton College Virnala, Shane Meulo College Visaya, Cassandra LA Dance Academy Votino, Amanda Mt. Sac Wang, Michelle UC San Diego Wang, William UCLA Welch, Kurdt Mt. Sac Williams, Carly Mt. Sac Whitfield, Candra University of Indianapolis Williams, Simona Undecided Wilson, Bianca Cal State Long Beach Winddancer, Shakopee Undecided Wittenburg, Maxwell Mt. Sac Wong, Douglas Yale Wong, Ronnie Mt. Sac Wong, Shiu UCLA Wong, Todd Air Force Academy Wu, June Undecided Xu, Kangjung Mt. Sac Yang, Man Cal State Fullerton Yanez, Lesley Cal State Dominquez Hills Yee, Donna UC San Diego Yeh, Kevin UCLA Yu, Mose UCI Zambrano, Theresa Mt. Sac Zamora, Erik Cal State Dominguez Hills Zaragoza, Patrick Rio Hondo Zavala, Justine PCC Zhang, Chaosheng UCI Zhou, Shirley UCLA Zuniga, Dilma Mt. Sac Zyss, Ashley Mt. Sac


The Conqueror

Senior Rally 2012 Rally

June 05, 2012

Senior Edition  

Senir Edition

Senior Edition  

Senir Edition