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Category E DUBLIN

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Answer 1a: Yes, it is.

Question 1a: Is Ireland in Europe?

Answer 2a: There are two.

Question 2a: How many countries are there in Ireland?

Answer 3a: The Shannon.

Question 3a: What is the name of the biggest river in Ireland?

Answer 4a: There are six.

Question 4a: How many counties are there in Northern Ireland?

Answer 5a: Ulster, Munster, Connaught and Leinster

Question 5a: What are the names of the four provinces of Ireland?

Answer 1b: No, it doesn’t.

Question 1b: Does the Republic of Ireland have a king?

Answer 2b: They were never in Ireland.

Question 2b: When were the Romans in Ireland?

Answer 3b: In 1921.

Question 3b: In which year was the Republic of Ireland independent?

Answer 4b: Patrick Pearse, James Connolly, Joseph Plunkett.

Question 4b: Say the names of two patriots who died in Easter Rising.

Answer 5b: The Celts, the Vikings and the English.

Question 5b: Which peoples have invaded Ireland?

Answer 1c: English and Irish (Gaelic).

Question 1c: What are the two languages spoken in Ireland?

Answer 2c: Saint Patrick.

Question 2c: Who is the patron saint of Ireland?

Answer 3c: Paul David Hewson.

Question 3c: What’s Bono Vox’s real name?

Answer 4c: The harp and the shamrock.

Question 4c: What are the two symbols of Ireland?

Answer 5c: It’s Leopold Bloom.

Question 5c: Who is the most important character in James Joyce’s Ulysses?

Answer 1d: The Guinness.

Question 1d: What’s the most famous beer in Ireland?

Answer 2d: The potatoes.

Question 2d: What’s the most famous food in Ireland?

Answer 3d: Yes, they do.

Question 3d: Do the Irish eat black pudding for breakfast?

Answer 4d: Paddy’s, Bushmills, Jameson, Tullamore Dew, Power’s, etc.

Question 4d: Say the names of two famous Irish whiskies.

Answer 5d: The Great Famine.

Question 5d: What happened between 1845 and 1848?

Answer 1e: Liffey.

Question 1e: What’s the name of the river in Dublin?

Answer 2e: Temple Bar.

Question 2e: What’s the most famous touristic part of Dublin?

Answer 3e: Christchurch and St Patrick’s.

Question 3e: What are the two most famous cathedrals in Dublin?

Answer 4e: Phoenix Park.

Question 4e: What is the biggest enclosed park in Europe?

Answer 5e: Four (Believe me‌)

Question 5e: How many children can you see in the statue of the Garden of Remembrance?

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Final Question: Where can you see the Irish harp in the wrong position?

Final Answer: In Guinness. Prize Song Different prize :)


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