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We need to understand that what is more commonly classified as alternative sources of energy. The answer is simple - no fossil fuels. Since the very beginning of the industrial age, most of the business industries and transportation systems have consumed a lot of fossil fuels for fueling themselves. Fossil fuels normally include gas, oil, coal and all of their derivates, this practically is not my research as we have been studying about them from sixth grade. This source of energy is also sometimes called as mineral fuel and most of it contains hydrocarbons. I remember this because I had studied it in tenth grade. Hydrocarbons are in fact the top most player in these fuels categories. Remaining potential generators of power are simply called as alternative sources of energy. So, they are basically the sources of energy that actually don't burn down hydrocarbons to give us light and power. They don't contaminate our eco system. The solar energy or the energy of the suns radiation is the only form of radiation that when used in proper senses are not at all harmful. It is provided to us for free and is certainly renewable as sun has more life as compared to earth under present circumstances. We simply don't pay any taxes on the air we breadth. So that means that it is available to us for free use. Abundant quantity and can also be harnessed and transported easily. Wind simply has enormous power, we have experience it when we experience cyclones. Under right conditions we can generate energy from water also. Using water to generate energy is one of the most effective ways and cost effective source of alternative energy source. Nuclear power is also one of the most alternative sources of energy that is available for us today. We have cursed it for many years and now we praise it because the amount of energy it can generate is terrific and they are available in abundant and can in fact be recycled. This form of energy can in fact be harnessed. We know that our planet is very much human friendly. So it is cold outside but the interior it traps all the amount of heat. If this heat is used up then we may be able to balance our environment. Geothermal energy is another form of alternative energy source as it is already harnessed and ready for use. It has tremendous amount of power to do the work. It simply has an incredible potential energy. We can also use the energy coming from biomass. It is the energy of the methane gas and can be created easily from organic waste, other organisms and cultivated plants. So if we want to be a green world we have to shift our eye sight to these alternative energy sources as they certainly are having a bright future. They hold a number of positive outlooks and speaking of negatives we may have to look for that. We may all experience that most of these alternative sources of energy shall be developed in future.

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==== ==== Your electic bill getting out of hand tired of freezing in winter and roasting in summer take a look at this Alternative Energy Solution. Reduce Power Consumption-- ==== ====

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