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Play station

Computer Projector

Windows 9

Watch Mobile

Flying car


The invisibility

The glasses camera

Android 8.0.1

The new Smartphone

Laser scissors

Computer tablet

The magic leaf


The robot that clear



Mobile solar

Guard Dog

Automatic glass clean

Universal Remote

Digital Frame

Calorific Stall

Floating shoes

• The play station 4 is square and the CD is where it gets bigger than the CD but round, so you can rotate without touching anything. • The command will be as in the previous wireless but encheges automatically when the device. •

The game will incorporate the 3D, but the TV does not have, the game will be in 3D.

• Ou may not hack the playstation 4, only accept brand SONY CD. • Not only you can play with the regulatory control, but also with the type command BUZZ, that is competition. • The wireless controller the machine will run for 24 hours (one day) and will charge any battery in about 4 hours.

• This keyboard projects the image of your computer, this computer runs a small. Battery built-in keypad that has a duration of 24 hours (one day) • To charge this battery takes 2 hours, this keyboard has a little security, unlocks with your dates footprint. The keyboard has a regulator to regulate the size of the projection.

• The windows 9 encience and off with the voice, for a sensor that has the computer with this new system. • New computers will be created especially for this new system by the sensor issue. • The screens will be touch, have the option of 3D. • You can search the internet without writing, as you can tell by the voice. For that you have to activate the voice sensor. • Flat screen. • You can also have a tablet with all windows 9 applications. • You can write through the voice.

• The Watch Mobile is one technologies of the most valued and used in the world… And has a very simple operation. •

What you have to do is push a button opens a touch pad with numbers.

• This product requires a SIM card from any carrier, is basic function as a cell phone that only lighter where you can wear on your wrist • There are many models

• This car has two folding wings on the sides that are folded when you want to travel on the road and if you fly deployed, to deploy two wings have to go to an airport where alla space to deploy and power off.

• It consists of an immediate transportation of the person, object or animal to a faraway place and determined. • It never fails, and though this over 1000 miles away can be reached in less than 5 seconds

• Be used a capsule or a door . It says where you are going, the carrier's voice identifies and analyzes the site. You need to have two teleporters. • Must have a teleporter at the start and another at the recipient

• Is a bracelet, made with all kinds of electronic components : Resistors, thermistors, transistors and LDR. • This bracelet is scheduled to become invisible for a short period of time • Mainly used for soldiers, this product is not for sale because it could cause a major conflict

This product is lightweight and easy to carry as it takes on the arm. The only problem is that namas body becomes invisible and not objects.

• This product is becoming very popular worldwide, has installed a video camera in the glasses, is so small you can not see the camera. • Tiene dos funciones, registros o hacer una película en la que se vive en directo lo que ven en las gafas.

• This product sells well, for less than 40 € you can have your glasses with camera calling. • 666 888 999 • Payments only Corte Inglés card.

• Android 8.0.1 is the new operating system for the smartphone. • Faster • More Applications • More battery duration

• The new Samsung Galaxy s5 • This new phone brings new features • Much faster • News aplications • Many functions and high speed Internet

Laser scissors to cut straight and cut correctly

• It is a computer like any other, but the only thing that is different to others is that the screen can attach and detach the keyboard and it's like when you separate a tablet, the screen is touch.

• The magic leaf, as he says the name is magic, which your drawings appears in the reality, your you can escojer the size of the drawing of since you want that it is of big in the reality writing the scale in the top right side.

• It is a boot which has a great platform blanking wheels, is similar to a line skates, to to go the wheels you need to press the button that has embedded in the heel.

• It is a plate that attaches to the computer so you produce heat, the plate is very useful for keeping coffee, hot etc.

• It is a small size fan, it has a usb input which you connect to your computer to make it work and produce air.

• It is a robot that cleans only the floor, has a battery the qual it has an autonomy of 8 hours, the robot can be programd up to 6 hours and you can also choose the intensity.

• It is a Massage Chair, it has a remote control to operate it, and three different modes, the first is to make you whole body massage on the neck, the second on the back and a third.

• It is a backpack as any other, what is different is that it has a built-in umbrella, the umbrella is kept in the top pocket of the backpack and has two extendable sticks which you can move them to place it so that it covers the backpack and the person who carries it, is very practical because you have your hands free and always take it over.

• It is a mobile made with solar panels, this implies that the phone don't have recharge it, at all times this loaded thanks to solar cells that this fact.

• Is a robot dog that you can program to only miss has certain persons others are attacked. You can also connect it to you when you feel threatened leave at your defense without saying anything.

• clean crystals using only the red button up and down so that the cleaner down to the address that you send.

• This command is connected with appliances that are used in a home, to control the necessary, and it also allows turning off and all.

• Inserted the SD card into DIGITAL and choose the second table you want to last each photography: 10, 5 or 2. THE FRAME IS CONNECTED TO THE LIGHT AND YOU ALSO HAVE THE OPTION OF TURNING OFF THE PICTURE ON THE FRONT RED BUTTON.

• Is a stall like the others, but there is a detail that makes him stand out, is connected to the light, so that its structure is hot and remove heat as well makes the clothes hanging to dry before.

These sneakers contain at its base a few floats that keep you standing on the water, you can walk, but you have to have much balance.

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