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The Haunted The doctor drags a person into the emergency ward .they hurriedly drag the person into emergency ward. He is accompanied by the u.s.a federal cops. The man stammers with fear. He is uncontrollably afraid and scared. Nobody knows why. The doctor runs in gives him a soothing injection it was filled with anesthesia so the man sleeps. And the next day he wakes up and he is all right and the doctor says that he is fit to leave. And he moves out and finds out that a f.b.i member is waiting for him. Then the f.b.i member takes him, makes him sit in the f.b.i Washington car and takes him to Ph iladelphia police station and gave him a cup coffee and asked him “how did your wife die”. The man told “that’s a long story” . The F.B.I member says “i am ready to listen” “th en listen” says the man. “My name is Daniel. I have a wife and a son. My wife’s name is Phoenix and my son’s name is Abhinay. We were a very happy family. But one day my wife told me that she was not satisfied with the house because it was too small. It was a 2bhk house it was enough for us 3 members to live peacefully but my wife’s mother used to come and live with me and when she came it was with at least 5 members. I hated it but my wife liked it so i couldn’t condemn it. So i searched for a house with at least 7 bedrooms, a big and luxurious independent house and all this at an affordable price. So i went to inform real come the estate agents about it almost all of them laughed at me for the price except one they told me to visit me the next day. I visited them the next day and they took me to the philadelphia woods the next day and they showed the house it looked like a bungalow i t was a huge mansion it was very large and i was shocked by seeing the bungalow . I was extremely happy by seeing the mansion but deep down my heart i felt that something strange was happening but i was tempted into going to that house. I bought that house and with my wife and children i got left to the house. I reached the house. My son had asthma and the liquid in the was about to run out so my wife told me to go and get the inhaler from the shop so i got up on the car and left to town then suddenly a trespasser stopped my car and when i went i went to ask him what was his problem he came to me and told “don’t go to that house it is haunted” i asked him what he means by the term haunted he told me “take my warning or you will suffer “and then before i could ask anything the man left . I felt a bit suspicious about it but the price of the house blindfolded and else what i didn’t really believe in ghost sort of stuff actually. So i didn’t actually care about it so i continued my path to buy an inhaler for my son from the town . The town was just half a mile away. I drove to the medical store just outside

the town. So i finally reached there and just outside the store there was a huge board in which it was written “ we offer home delivery also” so i went in, bought an inhaler and the shop guy about the home delivery service so the guy gave me a sheet of paper and asked me to pin down my address i didn’t actually know the name of the bungalow so i called up my real estate agent and asked him the name of the bungalow he told me that the bungalow’s name was “the Philadelphia bungalow”. I thanked him and asked the stores man he saw the house name and immediately looked at me and said “the Philadelphia bungalow is it the one near the woods” “yes” i said him. For an instance the guy was stunned and he said to me “leave that house. I have heard many things about it and i know That they are all true . And by the way no delivery boy goes there” i got a mighty laugh against him because i believed that there are no ghosts or stuff like that. So i took the inhaler and left in my car i was not able to control my laugh my wife was waiting outside for me. It was already evening by then so i was driving my car at a speed of 80 the journey was through the woods i was driving suddenly a small girl aged around 9 came across my path and the speed was high so which i couldn’t stopmy car. I dashed her the blood splattered completely on the window of the car but i hit the brakes tightly so i stopped after moving 20 meters. I stopped my car and ran back to seethe condition of the girl when i moved back to the spot there was no girl and no blood i got scared and ran back to the car and saw that the car window was fresh without ANY BLOOD STAIN ON IT THERE WAS NOT EVEN A DROP OF BLOOD ON IT


All has changed when Daniel moved to new house bad things happen, something feeds on their bad. The man who never believed in any ghosts and...