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The Big Bang Theory ‘Pilot’ Review By Laura Hernandez

In the pilot show of the comedy series, The Big Bang Theory, the audience is introduced to two male roommates, Leonard and Sheldon, who are scientists that fall under the common stereotype of ‘nerds’. In the pilot episode of the series, Leonard and Sheldon meet their new neighbor, Penny, when they come back from the sperm bank which ended up being a pointless trip. Finding Penny attractive after their brief and awkward introduction, Leonard decides to invite Penny over to their apartment for some Indian food while his roommate, Sheldon, doesn’t seem to want to interact with Penny and struggles to welcome her to their home when she takes his personalized seat on their couch. When asked about her life, Penny says that she is an actress from Nebraska looking for her big break while working as a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory. We then learn about her ex-boyfriend who dumped her. Her ex-boyfriend becomes a bigger problem as she asks Leonard to do her a favor, the favor being to go to her ex’s apartment and retrieve her television. Once Leonard convinces Sheldon to go with him, they learn that Penny’s ex-boyfriend is hard to break as he ends up taking their pants and leaving them to go home in their underwear. The episode ends with the new gang of friends back at Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment. When it comes to the characters, the differences between the two roommates are clearly visible when it comes to both personality and physical appearance. Leonard is short, wears glasses and converse religiously, and tends to have a 90’s haircut while also wanting to get with Penny but is insecure and

unsure of how to interact with the opposite sex. Sheldon is tall, scrawny, and always seems to be wearing t-shirts of comic book superheroes while his intellectual remarks and sarcastic tone make him a bit oblivious of what is really going on. Both do seem to lack social skills which make them relatable as well as funny. When it comes to being nerds, the characters tend to make scientific or intellectual remarks that may not be understandable to those with a lower IQ. However the show is filled with jokes and interesting characters that help engage the audience. When we meet two of Leonard and Sheldon’s friends, both who are also scientists, the nerd clan is complete with Howard being a man with a plan to try to get women only to fail by trying too hard, and Raj who is too insecure and unable to talk when there is a woman in the room. All in all the show and its characters make people laugh with how socially awkward all of these ‘nerds’ are and how they may not really know how to interact with the real world. The acting in the show is superb as each actor portrays their character in a way that no other show can. When it comes to Sheldon, Jim Parsons is able to make subtle but hilarious comments without breaking out of character and is able to speak with a know it all tone that only makes Sheldon funnier and lovable. Johnny Galecki’s portrayal of the shy, insecure but very intelligent Leonard makes him relatable and the under-dog as he tries to get Penny’s attention. Kaley Cuoco’s performance as Penny makes her adorable and seem like ‘the girl next door’ (literally) everyone wants to be friends with. Although her character falls

under the stereotype of ‘dumb blonde’, she is able to let all the nerds out there know that it is possible to be friends with girls. Penny is just having fun with people she is neighbors with and she accepts them for who they are. Overall the show is funny as well as original and with its diverse group of characters it sure does differentiate from other television shows that are out there. As this show takes us into the lives of nerds we learn that they are just like normal people, only with a higher IQ and an undeniable love for science and comic books.

Big bang theory pilot review  
Big bang theory pilot review  

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