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Summer 2013 Passport to Exploration

Passport Program Core Values: Peace Respect Creativity Exploration Collaboration Independence Environmental Consciousness Global Stewardship

An eight-week vibrant summer day camp for children ages 21 months to 14 years Passport embraces the mission of Cambridge Montessori School which encourages independent, self-directed learning for life in a child-centered, international community valuing peace, respect for others, and pride in individual difference.

“ Passport offers children a community that encourages confidence, independence and cooperation with others. Our daughter looks forward to making new friends and reconnecting with old friends each summer.� - Summer 2012 parent


Daily activities are age-appropriate with special attention given to each campers individual needs. Upper and Senior campers will choose their activities each Monday. Nature



Nature-Based Art Projects • Danehy Park Exploration • Environmental Consciousness • Local Ecosystem Discovery • Plant and Animal Studies

Songwriting and Recording • Instrument Creation • Playing New Instruments • Music Education • African Drumming



Weather Research • Simple Robotics • Lego Engineering • Gardening • Experiment Explorations

Visual Art

Theater Arts

Printmaking • Sculpture • Painting • Photography • Cultural Art

! 2

Yoga • Circus • Dance • Eurhythmics • Martial Arts

Improvisation Storytelling • Puppet Theater • Directing • Skill Workshops •

Check out our website for sample program schedules

Soccer Flag Football • Ultimate Frisbee • Basketball • Kickball •

Team Games Team Building Activities Challenge and Obstacle Courses • Cookie Monster • Hula Hoop Tag • Camouflage •



“ My son was very excited to go to camp every single day. I didn’t have to wake him up in the morning, he was always up and ready before I woke up. We both can’t wait to be back in the summer of 2013!” - Summer 2012 parent

Field Trips

Family Fridays

Recreational Swimming • Local Trips for Middle Campers • Beaches and Nature Preserves • Museums • Senior Camp & LIT Camping Trip

• • • •

Popsicle Party Art Show Theater Performance Talent Show Photo Slideshow

Camp Spirit • • • • •

Weekly All Camp Assemblies Theme-Based Activities Dress Up Days Camp Songs Counselor Vs. Camper Games

Special Visitors • • • • •

Storytellers and Puppeteers Music and Dance Performers Magicians Live Animal Demonstrations Art Workshops


Tiny Tots AG ES: 21 M O NTH S -2.9 YEAR S O LD

The Tiny Tots program is based on the Montessori toddler classroom, taking advantage of your child’s natural love of learning and drive to act independently. Toddlers explore a language-rich classroom in which they learn to care for themselves, preparing for the adjustment to separation in a safe environment.

“ In the ever changing landscape of camps, Passport continues to provide enrichment and opportunities to children of all ages.” - Summer 2012 parent


Lower Camp

Middle Camp



A loving and nurturing environment is the primary consideration

Our Middle Campers explore a day filled with creative camp

for our Lower Campers. Our Lower Camp program is developed

activities including specialist-led experiences, recreational swimming,

to accommodate your child’s individual skills and abilities within

local field trips, and special visitors on campus. Middle Campers thrive in

an atmosphere that focuses on consistency, safety, respect, and

a peaceful and child-centered environment that provides the

independence. Campers will creatively explore camp-wide activities

attention and care they need while providing opportunities for choice

including enrichment activities and special visitors.

and independence.


Upper Camp

Senior Camp



Upper Campers engage in a wide range of special activities with a

Senior Campers participate in a busy week, full of fun and engaging

careful balance of structure and choice, fostering collaboration and

activities. These campers swim regularly, explore off-site during weekly

independence. These campers swim, partake in creative camp

field trips, collaborate in camp performances, participate in overnight

performances, explore during off-site trips, and have opportunities

adventures, and have choice in their daily schedules. Campers practice

for individual decision-making, allowing them to meet challenges with

independence, are challenged by staff, and form lasting friendships.

confidence and enthusiasm.

“ Every year Passport is on the top of our list of camp options.� 6

- Summer 2012 parent

Leaders In Training AG ES: 12-14 YEAR S O LD

The LIT program fosters friendship, fun, and collaboration for adolescents by building trust and encouraging independent and group decision-making. LITs focus on accomplishing goals, reflecting on new experiences, taking initiative, and developing self-confidence. LITs volunteer, participate in overnight adventures, and have choice in their daily schedules.

“ My children have attended summer Passport for three years. Each year has been a big hit. Our boys have been happy and my husband and I have been impressed with the thought and care displayed by the staff.� - Summer 2012 parent


Montessori Mornings AG ES: 2.9-10 YEAR S O LD

Montessori education is characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural development. In a Montessori classroom, every exercise, method, and piece of equipment takes advantage of a child’s inherent desire to learn. Children are free to work in groups or on their own. They may sit at a table or move about the room. The curriculum and teacher’s role are all carefully designed to honor self-paced growth while encouraging social cooperation. Montessori Morning is open to CMS and non-CMS students. It is a half-day program that focuses on transitioning from home to the classroom environment and developing the skills needed for the upcoming school year. Primary Montessori Morning is for students 2.9-5 years old or entering a Primary classroom in the fall. Elementary Montessori Morning is for 6-9 years old or students entering Lower Elementary, or 4th year Upper Elementary in September.

“ Montessori Morning is a great opportunity to try out a Montessori classroom, to continue to build skills during the summer and to support a smooth transition between levels.” - Katelyn Ryan, Director of CMS Toddler and Primary Programs


English Immersion AG ES: 6-11 YEAR S O LD

Our English Immersion program provides children with organic

Early Care/ Extended Day AG ES: ALL CAM P E R S

experiences in English language acquisition. During this half-day program, campers engage in speaking, reading and writing activities,

Early Care and Extended Day provide campers with a fun and meaningful

games, and outdoor explorations to enhance their English-speaking

extension of their camp day in a safe and familiar environment. The program

skills in authentic and meaningful ways.

runs five days a week from 7:45- 9:00am and 4:00 - 5:30pm. Drop-ins are also available if space permits.

“ Children are thrilled to be in a diversified camp that offers a full range of activities.� - Summer 2012 parent


129 Sherman Street Cambridge, MA 02140

tel 617-206-4662 fax 617-499-0088

Fast. Easy. Green.

“ When your kids get up everyday at 7:00 AM begging you to take them to camp, you know it was a good choice.� - Summer 2012 parent

Registration and pricing available online:

2013 passportsummer  

Summer Camp brochure for Passport Day Camp at Cambridge Montessori School in Cambridge, MA.

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