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CNC Can Do For You.....

- John Morrow, Harmony Wood Products "I purchased my D-Series CNC about 2 years ago. I have enjoyed the machine so much. There is so much you can do with this machine. Let me say that the support is unbelievable. I have had my machine for two and a half years. I still can call and get support. All the folks at LAGUNA have been there for me, especially ROUTER BOB. GREAT MACHINE AND SUPPORT!!!!!" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Morphosis Architects "We couldn't be happier with our 4x8 SmartShop from Laguna Tools," said Alex, who earned his Masters in Architecture from Georgia Tech. "It offers tremendous versatility, and the learning curve for this equipment is almost immediate. It's definitely meeting or exceeding our expectations every day." "The SmartShop is really a great tool," he added. "We can process digital models to be machined by the CNC quite quickly and easily with the CAM software. We have had fantastic results with the machine and the parts we are producing." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Honey Skateboards (Customer-Mike Mahoney) “As a craftsman, I immediately appreciated its solid one-piece, tubular welded frame construction and attention to detail. That’s huge for us and keeps our growth goals firmly on track, while meeting the demand of people (of all ages) who appreciate craftsmanship, performance, and tons of fun with an emphasis on safety.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hayden Hiatt of Huntington Industries "No question, the CNC SmartShop from Laguna Tools has instantly made us leaner and greener," said Hayden Hiatt, Vice President of Development. "Our company's reputation depends on delivering designer pieces of furniture to top retail operations that are as 'green' as they are solidly built, and the CNC SmartShop is playing a huge role in that effort." "It used to take us an hour or longer to cut a single frame for one of our products. With the CNC SmartShop, we can do the job – including curves and the most intricate angles – in about 20 minutes. That increased level of productivity positively impacts labor costs and will keep us very competitive." "Laguna Tools gives us a great deal of confidence that we'll always meet our production objectives," he said. "When I have a question, I get an immediate response either from Steve Alvarez, their CNC Sales Manager, or 'Router' Bob Alsup, a software engineer at Laguna Tools, who is really a great go-to guy for technical support. This is the type of 'value-added' I doubt we would have received from another company, and another reason why I'm more than happy to recommend Laguna Tools to my colleagues." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Al Tuten, SC Department of Corrections “The Laguna Tools I.Q. CNC woodworking machine is really cutting edge, and I’ve been very gratified how quickly my students have learned how to use it. And most importantly, I’m able to provide my guys with a tremendous new skill that will make them even more employable upon their release. They are so motivated to have a chance to make something of themselves once they leave prison, that they really give it their all in their vocational experience,” he added.