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SMARTSHOP | MT SPECIFICATIONS The Laguna Tools SmartShop | MT is the most versatile router platform ever created. With an extended gantry and extra-large tool plate, the machine can be configured to meet multiple production needs in a single machine. Applications for this machine are endless. In addition to the stock 4 HP spindle, tool possibilities include tangential knife system, roller creasing wheel, oscillating tangential knife, right angle spindle, secondary spindle for metal (low RPM), repeated drilling process, braille distributor and pneumatic self-feed tapping system. Since the SmartShop | MT uses Laguna's 4th axis control set, a turning device (lathe) can be added as well. So many tool possibilities, too many to list. One key feature is the retraction of added devices on precision linear pneumatic slides so when not in use, they are out of the way while routing. Another major feature is the identification of each item on the tool plate by a specific tool number, while X and Y offset from main spindle is in the tool call out. This means flawless transitions between tools within a program; the operator sets one G54 (work reference), and all other tools have their offsets built in to reference center line of main spindle.

Laguna Knife System Laguna Tools has developed our knife system using German made units coupled to our Austrian made industrial control from B&R automation giving customers a very high level of performance at an extremely affordable price point. Our knife system allows you to choose from many different blade types: Rotary, creasing, drag, kiss cut, spear and many more.

Materials and Applications Laguna customers can apply the ecocam knife system on numerous material types including: Carpet Clossed-cell foam composites Cork Corrugated cardboard and corrugated plastic Felt Fiberglass insulation gasket materials and honeycomb cardboard Vinyl Leather goods Paper-covered foam and plastic-covered foam rubber Single-ply cloth and fabric veneers AND More



12� Standard Clearance Under Gantry

Heavy welded tubular steel frame

Multiple units for all of your application needs

Up to 120 mm knife capacity


SMARTSHOP | MT SPECIFICATIONS SMARTSHOP | MT Stock spindle, 4 HP liquid-cooled 6-zone vacuum table 10 HP vacuum pump Centralized Lubrication Laguna-designed, B+R control system (Austria) Option to add up to three additional tool devices.

Specifications Z-axis clearance: 12” Z-axis travel: 12” Repeatability:+/- 0.001 Cutting Speed: 600IPM Rapid traverse 1000IPM

Available Sizes 4x4 4x8 5x10 5x12 Custom sizes upon request

Drive system x and Y axes: Helical Rack and Pinion Drive system Z axis: Lead Screw Standard works surface: 6-zone Phenolic grid table with T-slots imbedded Welded one piece tubular steel frame Matched industrial control package from B&R automation Centralized lubrication system

Other Options Becker rotary vane vacuum pumps Italian HSD spindles ATC (automatic tool changer)

SmartShop | MT CNC