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Laguna Tools is pleased to introduce the Puma CNC, the flagship of Laguna CNC product line. The Puma CNC is designed on a three-ton (6,000 lb.) frame with movement precisely controlled by a B&R Industrial Controller and B&R closed-loop servo drives. The Puma can cut at speeds in excess of 1,200 IPM and features a powerful 11 HP Italian HSD electro-spindle (ATC) with programmable RPM from 4,000 to 24,000. The spindle is complemented with an eight-position automatic tool carousel (ISO-30) mounted on the tool plate adjacent to the spindle, permitting six second tool changes from any position in the machine’s work envelope. The Puma CNC Routers are available in both 4' x 8' and 5' x 10' table configurations and feature 12" clearance under the gantry for fixturing flexibility (custom table sizes are also available). The machines also include universal vacuum tables with six controllable vacuum zones, and a 10HP vacuum pump is included. • Frame 1 piece tubular steel welded. Anealed stress relieved. Mounting surfaces for linear guides and rack system are precision machined using a large single set-up scraping process. • Travel: 4' X 8' X-axis travel 48" Y-axis travel 96" Z-axis travel 12" • Table 4' X 8' 6 vacuum zones. T slots throughout. • Control system B&R Industrial Controller, Servos with Absolute Encoders, 10.4" VGA TFT Touchscreen. • Feed Rate Cutting Up to 1200 IPM. X & Y-axis rapid traverse 2000 IPM. • Spindle Spidle speed (Variable) 4,000~24,000 RPM. ISO30 CONES, W/ER32 COLLETS. 11 HP Italian HSD air-cooled with ceramic bearings. • ATC Tool Magazine type rotary. Tool numbers Maximum up to 8 pcs. Complete with 4 tool holders. Optimum position right at the spindle at all times. • B&R Servo Package Synchronous Servo Motors. 6NM of Torque. Absolute positioning encoders, machine is homed once, always knows where it is, no battery back-up required. Z-axis Servo with Brake. • 10HP Vacuum Pump

Puma CNC MCNC Puma 48 X 96 0163 MCNC Puma 60 X 120 0163