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Living in the Present is History in the Making My facebook quotes from my soul to yours. Luz Aguirrebena 4/21/2010

The Thinking behind the Soul Hangout Mindset. For Business and for Life. Helping people confront the status quo by crafting the actions of their thoughts into the arrows of their Vision, generating enough Self Belief, to create 50/50 partnerships where they themselves are able to become their own Fearless Unique Selling Proposition. The only thing that makes them different from anybody else. Their own Uniqueness. The Selling Power Vehicle of the 21st Century.

When you are present in your life, you can live every moment with the reminiscence of experiencing an endearing scene of the past, remembered with bliss, from the future. Complete presence in making history. Complete presence in the weaving of your story. The big picture is the gift we give ourselves after a thorough evaluation of the past There is a difference between faith and belief. While Faith is a quiet peaceful certainty of the result, full of uncertainties of the process, Belief is the certainty we build in the gut, moment to moment, with our very own power to choose what we think, to fill the uncertainties of the process. Something about forgiveness ~for~give~Give before~. You understand the other part is bringing an important message for your growth. You understand the need to know how to decipher those codes. When you become a master at reading the codes, then, there is nothing to forgive. And the anger ? Went passively away acknowledged...satisfied, with a sense of purpose. I love flying in the red eye in the full moon. You wake up to the full light of the moon nested in the velvet pastel grays canvas skies, vestiges of the dark night, the moon still there, a torch of acknowledgment to witness the transition while the fiery oranges and peaches rays of the sun start timidly appearing in the horizon like, asking permission for the transition to the next day. The transition from grays to turquoises to gold. The moment of ex-change Dark and light. Honor your Humanity. It is the Threshold of your Soul Chamber. The sure path to your Soul Authority

They say the most important relationship in your life is the one with yourself...I say the most important relationship in your life is the one with your Inner Child. Believe it or not, you two together in partnership are unstoppable...:) Somehow, when we realize there is no use in comparing ourselves to others, we can perceive our choices as the blueprint of our story, and we can embrace our destiny wrapped up in that uniqueness of who we really are. No need to compete any more. Cooperate to complement and combine intelligence seems more human…and more sustainable. It always impresses me, how many times people are acting out other people's thoughts, and don't notice...I don't know where they get the resistance. The alternative is so much better, do me a favor, make good use of your free will, please! IT IS FREE after all. The more you can reveal yourself to people, the more you become whole, when they can see your wholeness, your wholeness stands tall in their presence. There is a child inside me who needs to be acknowledged, and adopted. By who? By me...why? Because she holds the keys of creativity...and? I need to enter the chamber of her creativity...How? With the Authority of my Soul. Who are Millennials ? They are the privileged generation that will pass the 1st sustainable torch into the paradigm shift. The Change Agents Generation. They are ready to do it. Just have to believe it.

Even when you are afraid to say it and you say it anyway, full of fear, your passion shines through. Your passion will make the fear fade away and keep you going. Are you a Millennial? Help me spread the word about What a Magnificent Spiritual Being having the Human Experience you really are. When you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, the soul is giving you a light bolt neon sign‌. Acknowledge and propel to the first OPENING. Time for the start button! Letting another spiritual being experiencing the human experience in the chambers of your thoughts is the sacred path to self acceptance. Is like going back home. Like allowing the Spirit to be present. It comes with a perennial trail-tail of ecstasy and fulfillment. When there is complete openness in a relationship, when both parties are ready to expose themselves like an open book to be read one page at the time, they become the next story in the next book. Today, I envision a world where what you are doing for a living becomes living what you are doing, in a way that can only be compared to the joyful play of an innocent child. Effortlessly Playful and Free. Discernment is one of the most important skills in the 21st Century. With the explosion of information, discernment comes from the certainty of your beliefs, and the beauty is that when you actually achieve it, there is no room for doubts, whatever decisions you make,

Somebody wrote something like this: “All people want to know that you care" I thought, it is so true. I want to finish the phrase today... When you care, chances are you are darn good at what you are doing. Is it that difficult to understand ? We have created a world where Caring has become a useless commodity for too long, but finally the coin is flipping. That's the difference between a technique and a principle. A principle is perennial. It is proven to be true in a timeless way. Sales, on the basis of a principle rather than a technique not only are more productive, they also restore the image we all have about sales, shifting the paradigm.

Acknowledge your soul, it will guide you to acknowledge everything else, and best of all, you will be acknowledged wherever you go. Anger ? Stop. Acknowledge‌ Take some time, express it, let it out, decide how much time and space you will give it and then move on. The world is full of violent acts of misplaced anger, coming from the repression of that anger. That is the way to avoid dwelling on it and extending it in time.

There is a % of people who are thinking separation, competition, scarcity and secrecy. There is a percentage of people who are thinking, global community cooperation, abundance, passion and transparency. One is rooted in fear. The other one is rooted in the awareness of co-creative oneness. What % do you represent? Isn't it interesting that in a culture where errors are punished, the emerging leaders and experts are people who have one common denominator? They mastered the art of how to read the perfection in their errors? The dark holes of creativity, very frustrating sometimes, are there to make us simply stop and help us adjust the eyes of our hearts to darkness.

Unveiling the truth should never be about blame. It is about acknowledgment of the situation, as is, and implementing new strategies to change the pattern and move on. Self belief is like peeling an onion. You go layer by layer, cry a little, and cry some more, until you finally get to the bottom of it. Then, and only then is time to make alchemy with the sucker!

The so called hard times in life are only the series of pushes you have to sequence to give birth to yourself. One of the most painful experiences in life, is being excluded out of the pack. One of the most joyful experiences in life is understanding that the pack is not necessarily in possession of the truth. Fear has two legs. One in a recondite corner of your childhood, an acquired perception, and the other in the genuine hesitation of starting something new. Stumbling baby steps. The uncertainty of "unknown territory my captain". It's a natural part of the process. With that leg of being afraid of the new, we can partner, with the other one we have to file it in the archives of the past.

Remember EMOTION, that awkward feeling that you were not supposed to express, but you felt sometimes was bigger than you? Well, it was. It turns out that your heart through EMOTION carries the codes of an unimaginable power that can actually change the world. It’s not difficult to see, if you look back and check what we created with fear, separation, scarcity and competitive Emotion‌ Can you imagine what we can co-create with trust, abundant communal & cooperative thought? If there was one way to recognize if Inner Child is acting out inside, is to ask yourself the question. Does life start with you? Or you recognize that the world existed one hour, one month one year, one century before you were born. You recognize it is OK not to have been there, it is OK to go back and learn about history. You, yourself are the product of History. Whatever you do, be aware of what you are repeating. It's time to start repeating things that bring abundance into your life. Not scarcity. It's time to start repeating things that bring unity to your life. Not separation. It's time to start repeating things that bring cooperation into your life. Not competition. It's the same steady repetition that will give you completely opposite results. Behind every act of violence, little or big there is always a powerless little child who once was stripped off her full integrity. Violence is not genetic. It's not part of human nature Laughing at your self is one of the pillars of self acceptance There are two perceptions of loyalty, the one that allows the truth, or the one that enables the lie. The problem is that the one that enables the lie is not in the best interest of the subject.

Passing the Torch of Sustainability to the next generation, the Millennials. With Truth, Acknowledgment and All the Love and Support they Need. Inspiring Millennials to Master the Art of the Entrepreneurial Mindset.

It is hard to walk your talk in a culture that honors the talk, not the walk. To go from remembering we are, to thinking we are, to knowing we are, and finally walking it, is an endeavor worth sharing. Simply because as in team work more heads think more, see more and hear more. The process can be expedited in a magical way ...

Living in the Present is History in the Making  

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