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paintTROTTER REFINISH Mobile spray booth Patent

REPAIRS 80% of the automotive body repairs are small areas of damage in the lower part of the vehicle,including the front and rear areas of the vehicle. Usually these small repairs are managed along with the larger ones, which creates issues with logistics, repair times, workshop space distribution and energy consumption. The four problems in a conventional spray booth:

Logistic Problems Small jobs with fast delivery response cannot be performed while the spray booth and other pieces of equipments are being used to perform larger more complex repairs.

TIME ISSUES The use of a conventional spray-booth can greatly increase repair times because the paint curing cycle for a small local repair is the same as a larger more complex repair. In addition, the movements of the vehicle are practically the same.

Energy Problems A spray-booth uses practically the same energy to paint and cure a small repair as it does to paint and cure a large repair; taking the total energy cost into account, this process can be very inefficient and is also a major waste of valuable resources.

Economic Problems Logistic problems, long repair times and excessive energy wastage can result in a costly repair, which ultimately means LOW PROFITABILITY.

Logistic Solutions With paintTROTTER we have created a flexible working area for more repairs to be done at the same time. No more vehicle movements in order to perform work in a specific area.

Time Solutions paintTROTTER helps us to maximize preparation, painting and drying times for small repairs. The easy use and mobility of the paintTROTTER in the body shop environment helps to optimize repair times and ultimately see productivity and profits increase.

Energy Solutions High energy costs are reduced, and thanks to its low energy consumption paintTROTTER is the best piece of equipment to reduce small damage repair costs.

Economic Solutions Get more profitability in your small area repairs. Low maintenance and low operation costs make paintTROTTER the best solution to include in the body shop small repair process.

We love our spray booth ... because we have found the solution

paintTROTTER has a high performance lighting system, providing high efficiency and avoiding shading for a perfect colour matching. The paintTROTTER dust aspirating system is so efficient that it creates a healthy and clean work area due to its system of four layers of inlet filters. This means the filtration system retains the paint particles and absorbs solvent odours due to the continuous circulation of clean and contaminant free air. Flexibility increases capacity‌


The Value of a Spray Booth‌ is based on its flexibility and working capaciTy. paintTROTTER REFINISH The complete paint solution that improves the performance of small and medium repairs. A solutions in 4 steps:


1 Placing and connecting The operator places the paintTROTTER close to the vehicle at any point in the working area. Then they simply plug it into the relevant body shop connections.

2 Closing the booth


The next step consists on attaching the protection film and applying the masking tape, by cutting the film to shape so the technician can work on the area to be painted. With this easy operation the paintTrotter is completely sealed and ready to start the repair process.

3 Sanding, Painting, Polishing paintTROTTER becomes a closed booth system, where you can work in a space that is clean of dust and dirt thanks to its efficient air recycling system. At the same time, paint overspray and dust do not get into other areas of the body shop, they are retained within the enclosed area of the paintTrotter.


4 Drying The paintTROTTER can also incorporate short wave infrared equipment so reducing drying times.This system can reduce process times by a third in comparison to the time needed in a traditional spray booth. More info::

Sustainability, a commitment… Sustainability is not just a word… but it’s a commitment that allows us to grow. This solution represents huge energy cost saving and drastically reduces process and key to key times so giving you the opportunity to increase your profitability.

98% -Co2


+ Economical savings

ReducTiOn of up to 98% of the total costs of a repair. This study is based on real data from a sampling of different body shops figures and produced by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, through the Diversification and Saving Energy Institute, according to the Quality Certificate ISO 9001. Analysis made for an installation with an average temperature of 11.7o C in a year.

Extracted airflow

6.000 m3/h

On-screen air speed

1 m/s

Average air speed on working area

0,5 – 0,8 m/s

Average light intensity

1.500 lx

Sound level

65 dB at a distance of 1 meter

Pigment and VOC retention capacity

80 – 97%

Engine power

2,2 Kw

Light power

0,23 Kw

Phases of the filter system



4.300 x 1.100 x 2.160 mm

* The technical and construction characteristics could be changed without prior warning.

All our products are 100% made in UE.

P.I. Bergondo, B24 ES-15165 A Couña, Spain T.: +34 981 784 909 F.: +34 981 795 248

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Mobile Spray Booth for small repairs

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