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eikon Eikon appeals to our senses with every detail of its design. It appeals to our desires, with over 200 different functions to choose from. It provides a wealth of choice with five premium materials, devices and buttons in three chromatic finishes and 108 colour options. It puts people at the centre of the home, using a simple and intuitive system that integrates video door entry, home automation and burglar alarm. With the refined rigour of the Classic cover plate or the smooth shapes of Round: Eikon, a sign of new living.


Eikon, anthracite grey buttons and frame, Round cover plate in anthracite metal.


Eikon, white buttons and frame, Classic cover plate in arctic white.



three ways of being Eikon speaks of new living styles, transforming the home into a space for expressing our mood and creativity, and the lighting control into a symbol of a precise aesthetic choice. This is why Eikon is available with devices and buttons in three different colours: the purity of anthracite grey; the lightness of white with a soft matt finish; the technological charm of Next silver. Three finishes which can be complemented by the Classic or the Round cover plate, giving you even greater freedom of choice.

Eikon, the lightness of buttons and frame in matt white, cover plate in arctic white.

Eikon, the sober sophistication of buttons and frame in anthracite grey, cover plate in matt titanium.

Eikon Next, the charm of buttons and frame in matt silver, with cover plate in matt silver.



total white For an extra touch of lightness, Eikon proposes total white. Devices and buttons in a silky matt finish, treated with a high-resistance protective coating which ensures colour consistency and a pleasant textured surface. Special cover plates with white frame have been developed to match the colour of the buttons, for a totally white effect.

Eikon, white buttons and frame, Classic cover plate in arctic white.

Eikon, white buttons and frame, Round cover plate in arctic white.



the elegance of anthracite A symbol of elegance that moves with the times, Eikon takes on new shapes, materials and colours. Devices and buttons in anthracite grey, with matching frame. Cover plates are also available in different materials, to turn the lighting control into a symbol of precision and refinement. Ice black Glass; the iridescent effects of anthracite metal; the material appeal of matt anthracite; the absolute black of natural stone.

Eikon, anthracite grey buttons and frame, Classic cover plate in anthracite metal.

Eikon, anthracite grey buttons and frame, Round cover plate in anthracite metal.



the charm of Next Devices, buttons, functions and frames all in silver with a silky matt finish: in a word, Next. Refined nuances of materials and colours, for a lighting control that suggests technology without being overstated. A combination that fits perfectly into hi-tech settings, whilst also complementing natural interiors finished in wood and stone. An aesthetic choice in keeping with advanced systems, with extensive use of home automation solutions.

Eikon Next, matt silver buttons and frame, Classic cover plate in matt silver.

Eikon Next, matt silver buttons and frame, Round cover plate in matt silver.


Eikon, anthracite grey touch screen, Classic cover plate in anthracite metal.


Eikon, white touch screen with total white screen configuration, Round cover plate in arctic white.



the soft touch Pass your eyes over the silken texture of the materials. Listen carefully to the soft sound of the mechanisms. Observe the precision of the movement. And you’ll come to the conclusion that the sum of the details makes the difference. Available with conventional control or electronic touch control, passive infrared dusk-to-dawn sensor and, for maximum comfort, infrared remote control (of lights and automation systems) and the mini touch screen, the only 3-module model on the market capable of monitoring up to 18 different functions in a single room, enabling you to control the whole room from a single point.

Touch control. Simply pre ss to activate.

Local touch screen. Supervises all the functions of a single room

Sof t-action control. With sof t-action rocker devices.

IR receiver. For remote control of lights and automation systems.



light In the dark of the night, the warm colour of an amber light says that Eikon is there. To signal a control or indicate a display. In the typical technological jargon of the most sophisticated automobile instrumentation, conceived to provide visual comfort and communicative immediacy. There are also safety miniature breakers and emergency lighting: ready when needed, with fluorescent lamps or high-efficiency LEDs.

Backlighting. Responds to variations in natural light.

Night&day symbols. Laser engraved with standard or custom designs.

Removable TORCIA. Emergency light which converts to a hand lamp in the event of blackouts.

Modular lights. Automatic emergency device consisting of one, three or seven modules.



climate Think of a timer-thermostat with a large, easy-to-read display. Press lightly on the front. Use the pushpush mechanism to take it out. Then place it next to you on your armchair and programme the temperature of your home in total comfort, using the four buttons and central cursor. Eikon is this too. A family of devices that control your home climate and automations. With straightforward, user-friendly programming and amber backlighting of the display and push buttons.

Thermostat with display. Digital technology with manual settings.

Thermostat with fan-coil switch. Centralised control with optional local adjustment.

Timer-switch. For energy-saving programming of lights and home appliances.

Timer-thermostat. Large display which is instantly removable for convenient climate programming.


20 20

the sound Classical music is playing in the kitchen while through in their bedroom, the kids are listening to the latest pop hit. And should the baby wake up crying, you’ll hear him straight away. Eikon is synonymous with harmony, and not just when it comes to design: sound reaches every corner, delivering outstanding audio quality. This is thanks to a sound diffusion system that combines a number of independent audio inputs which are compatible with external audio sources such as Mp3 players, iPods and iPhones. The system is extremely easy to install, running on two wires, can be quickly expanded without the use of matrices and offers a wealth of functions for personalizing and programming listening to suit your preferences.

Touch screen. Control musical programming for each room at the touch of a button.

Control devices. For locally controlling set audio functions, automated functions and scenes.

Docking station. Lets you connect your Mp3, iPod and iPhone to the system with the utmost simplicity.

Speakers. Flush mounting 3 and 8-module and surface mounting model with closed volume and bass reflex technology.



safety and security With Eikon you are always safe and sound at home. The burglar alarm system provides round-theclock protection thanks to the presence detectors and perimeter alarms. And you can programme up to thirty different areas from the control panel, either simultaneously or individually. Water leaks, gas leaks and blackouts will also be under control: detection devices will send an alarm signal and activate mechanisms to stop the malfunction.

Methane gas detector. Constantly monitors for leaks and shuts off the gas supply in the event of danger.

Digital keypad. For total or partial activation of the burglar alarm system.

Interlocked sockets. For the safety of people and electronic appliances.

Presence detector. To detect moving bodies inside a room.


Burglar alarm connector. Activates the system by means of a small electronic key.


Video camera. With microphone and light.



by-me home automation By-me is the domotic motor behind Eikon: cutting-edge technology encased in a stylish shell. An advanced system which speaks to you in a language that you know very well: that of your mobile phone. A system capable of coordinating lighting scenes, activating automations, programming the climate, managing security devices and saving energy, all via remote control. Even when you are away from home you can keep in touch with By-me through your mobile phone. A home automation system designed and developed by Vimar, but fully interoperable with KNX, the most widespread building automation standard, and other systems such as Windows Media Center 速. Designed to make home living more simple and enjoyable.



dedication Eikon and By-me are dedicated to your comfort. This becomes clear the moment you step through your front door. The control panel - which can be a simple video entry phone or the nerve centre of a home automation system - is compact, simple and intuitive. Simply press to activate the video entry phone or internal video surveillance system. You can browse the home automation menu using just a few push buttons, in much the same way as on a mobile phone. And while you play around with the By-me technology, the essential and sober design of Eikon projects a little bit of your own personality into your home.

By-me control panel. Controls automations, burglar alarm, temperature and humidity, power consumption and video door entry.



operation Operating a By-me home automation system couldn’t be simpler. Touch the colour screen with your fingertip to display the rooms and select the desired status of each one of them: activate a lighting scene, modify the temperature of a room, check the power consumption or manage your alarm system. The display is fully customisable, so you can faithfully reproduce the layout of your living space: simply browse around, you’ll feel as if you are walking from room to room.

By-me touch screen. Monitor your entire home at the push of a button.


the intelligent home A By-me home is a more intelligent home in which lights, radiators, air conditioners, roller shutters, burglar alarms and electrical household appliances dialogue with one another. By-me is a system that grows with you, adapting gradually to your continuously developing needs and which, thanks to radio frequency, can be extended without making masonry work. Furthermore, a single command is associated with multiple coordinated actions, known as scenes. For example, by selecting the ‘out’ scene, the burglar alarm is activated, the lights switch off, the roller shutters come down and the temperature is lowered. And even when you are out and about you can stay in contact with your home at all times thanks to the Vimar By-phone software for mobile phones, which enables the entire system to be controlled remotely.

Comfort. Customized management of temperature, lighting and music for each room.

Control. Monitor your entire home at the push of a button.

Video door entry plate.


Security and safety. Monitor your burglar alarm system and other alarms.

Energy saving. Power consumption and load control.

Communication. Remote control via mobile phone with Vimar By-phone software and interface with Windows Media Center 速.

Automation and burglar alarm.

CCTV. Radiofrequency. Automation and burglar alarm system

Video door entry.

By-me system. Simple and intuitive control of all functions via the control panel.


Control and comfort of the entire home is at your fingertips.


Security is guaranteed by a secret code that activates or partializes alarms.

Energy savings are guaranteed: the load control prevents excessive consumption and blackouts.

Two-way communication is activated at the touch of a button.



materials, shapes, colours The energy of natural stone. The polychromic light of heat-shaped or drop-moulded glass. The warmth of solid wood in all its essences. The technological appeal of stainless steel. The thousands shades of metals: glossy, matt or satin-finished. If you wish to create the right ambiance, don’t underestimate the importance of materials. Browse through the 108 variants that Eikon offers you, to design a lighting control that matches your home decor and reflects your lifestyle.




Anthracite grey frame


Galvanic is one of two material variants in the metal finish. It is available in two versions: gloss or satin. It is obtained by immersion in a galvanic bath in three tones: gold, nickel and chrome. It complements the most common material solutions used for lighting, heating and plumbing fixtures, handles and furniture accessories.

21 Satin gold

22 Satin nickel

23 Satin chrome

24 Polished gold

25 Black chrome

27 Antique brass

White frame

B24 Polished gold



Anthracite grey frame


Bright is one of two material variants in the metal finish. It is available in three versions: gloss, matt or metallic. It is protected by a coat of water-based, UV cross-linking transparent paint which is fully eco-friendly. It offers a wide range of colour options, to complement different styles of home decor.

01 Arctic white

02 Antique white

03 Heron grey

07 Metallic champagne

08 Metallic titanium

09 Metallic atlantic grey

13 Matt silver

14 Matt titanium

15 Matt anthracite

White frame

B01 Arctic white


B02 Antique white

04 Metallic imperial red

05 Metallic oxford green

06 Metallic toledo blue

10 Metallic silver

11 Metallic Siena

12 Metallic anthracite

N13 Matt silver

N14 Matt titanium

Next frame

N07 Metallic champagne



wood Light and dark oak, African wengĂŠ, Burman teak, European maple, Italian walnut, American cherry. Worked in three dimensions for each single cover plate from a piece of solid wood. With anti-ageing treatment to protect against sunlight and the rigours of time. The strength and warmth of wood for both Classic and Round cover plates.

Anthracite grey frame

31 African wengĂŠ

32 White oak

33 Dark oak

34 Burma teak

35 Italian walnut

36 American cherrywood

37 European maple





Designed exclusively for the Classic cover plate: Carrara White, Asiago Red, Atlantis Yellow, Guatemala Green, Absolute Black, Jerusalem Stone, Cardoso Stone. The energy of natural stone worked by abrasive water cutting, shaped and polished with diamond tools. From the very early stages of processing, the stone is supported by a carbon fibre strip that gives the plate the strength required for use.

Anthracite grey frame

51 Absolute black

52 Cardoso

53 Carrara white

54 Guatemala green

55 Asiago red

56 Atlantis yellow

57 Jerusalem stone

White frame

* only in Classic design

B57 Jerusalem stone



glass Heat-shaped glass for the geometrical shapes of Classic, or dropmoulded glass for the smoother shapes of Round. Processes which, in terms of difficulty, are comparable to traditional glass shaping techniques. In black, white, amber, blue, yellow and green for the Ice version with painted background. And silver, ash and bronze for the Mirror version with reflective background, obtained by means of an exclusive process.

Anthracite grey frame

71 Black ice

72 White ice

73 Amber ice

74 Blue ice

75 Yellow ice

76 Green ice

81 Silver mirror

82 Ash mirror

83 Bronze mirror

White frame

Next frame

B72 White ice

N81 Silver mirror



inox Stainless steel machined in thick slabs. In three different finishes: brushed natural, brushed anthracite and cotton. The appeal of a design that states its character and speaks the language of technology, in both the rigour of Classic and the softer shape of Round.

Anthracite grey frame

91 Brushed inox

92 Cotton

93 Brushed anthracite

Next frame

N91 Brushed inox



a sign of new living Eikon offers a complete system of solutions. A series with a rigorous, refined design, capable of harmoniously blending into different living styles. Eikon transforms continuous innovation into freedom of choice, resulting in a classy, high-tech lighting control that represents a sign of new living.


the choice is yours With Eikon you have total freedom to choose. Devices and buttons are available in three versions: anthracite grey, white and Next, with the option of different frames. The Classic cover plate is available in 5 materials and 57 colour variants. The Round cover plate is available in 4 materials and 49 colour variants.


Next frame, available for all cover plates with part number preceded by the letter N (e.g. N13 matt silver).

White frame, available for all cover plates with part number preceded by the letter B (e.g. B01 arctic white). Anthracite grey frame, available for the entire cover plate range.

Anthracite grey button

White button

Next button


made to measure With Eikon even the size of the lighting control can be tailored to meet personal requirements. In this way it forms an even closer relationship with the user, while also providing more functional and aesthetic options.

Customised controls with night-time lighting. Symbols and inscriptions selected from a custom library.


Customised cover plates with a symbol, logo or brand name. Laser engraving, for small batches too.

Buttons available in different sizes: one, two or three modules. In three versions: anthracite grey, white, Next.

Customised controls with laser-engraved symbols and inscriptions, chosen from a custom library or proposed by the customer.


vimar Positive energy, since 1945. Light is energy, heat, life. This is what we have been working for, since 1945, with passion and a desire to innovate. Our adventure began after the Second World War and reflects the changing face of Italy, interpreting the evolution of living styles. To this day, we continue to produce in Marostica in Veneto because nothing beats Italian manufacturing. Nevertheless, we also maintain an international presence, with production units for local markets and sales branches all over the world. We have flourished into a successful business over time, without ever forgetting our roots. Positive energy, as we like to call it, always offering the best in terms of quality, safety and design. If you would like further information about Eikon, the By-me home automation system or other Vimar solutions for your home, visit the website, where you can build your ideal lighting control by mixing and matching buttons, cover plates, materials and colours using the “Make Your Choice� function. For more information about our company, products and international structure, visit


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