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DOC SAN SEVERO Bombino bianco Trebbiano toscano Montepulciano d’Abruzzo CACC’E MMITTE DI LUCERA Nero di Troia ORTANOVA Sangiovese ROSSO DI CERIGNOLA Nero di Troia


Daunia has some truly mountainous areas, which gradually fall away towards the vast Tavoliere plain, the agricultural and winegrowing heartland of the Province of Foggia. There is a kind of symmetrical balance in the alternating fields of wheat and vineyards. They stretch as far as the eye can see and are dominated by red grape varieties, Montepulciano, Sangiovese and Nero di Troia, which are the inspiration for the local doc wines: San Severo, Cacc’è Mmitte di Lucera, Ortanova and Rosso di Cerignola. They produce wines with strong character, quite different from wines obtained using the same vines grown in other areas of Italy and Apulia. The coexistence of indigenous varieties like Nero di Troia with “imported” varieties - now

perfectly adapted to the local soils and climate – bears witness to the excellent wine-growing conditions in this area. In past centuries this was also an important centre of production for other regions. These are very intense wines with a lot of structure, and are well-suited to accompany the straightforward flavours of Daunian gastronomy. This is a simple cuisine, in keeping with the simple habits of people dedicated to animal husbandry and agriculture. Simple, but extremely varied, containing the different regional characteristics. The Sub-Appenine mountains have a cuisine based on the foods of the woods and forests; wild boar and the exquisite meat of the black pig used to make salumi or delicious meat sauces. Asparagus,



mushrooms and chestnuts also inspire a long list of local dishes. Fresh pasta is the queen of the table here, as in the rest of the region, in the form of fusilli, capunti and troccoli, all made al ferro. Orecchiette and cavatelli are also a must, and come in a version made using “toasted wheat” flour obtained from patient harvesting of the earheads in burnt stubble – a tradition which says a lot about the intensity of cerealgrowing in the area. Then there are delicious dairy products recalling the drovers who journeyed with their herds and flocks along the old drove roads. Products range from Caciocavallo podolico dop - a really rare cheese made from the milk of the Podolica cattle typical in Apulia – to cheeses and dairy products from buffalo milk, found mainly in the Manfredonia area. Fish enriches the cuisine along the rocky coast of the Gargano Promontory, and can be eaten in the old “trabucchi” fishing posts, now converted into taverns suspended above the sea. The seafood cuisine of the coast is well-suited to Daunia’s white wines, mostly made using the Trebbiano, Bombino Bianco, Fiano and Falanghina grapes which are especially widespread in the vineyards of San Severo and Lucera. The area offers not only sea fish, but also delicious freshwater fish, like the famous eels from Lake Lesina and the larger capitoni eels from Lake Varano.



Antica Enotria

Antica Enotria was actually among the first producers in Apulia to convert to organic methods of cultivation for the typical local varieties of grape: Nero di Troia, Aglianico, Sangiovese and Montepulciano for reds, Falanghina and Greco for whites. The winery lies on the Cerignola plain, a few kilometres from the Gulf of Manfredonia, and has its headquarters in an 18th century farmstead building, which Raffaele Di Tuccio and his wife Antonia have restored and turned into a modern winery. Luigi works alongside his parents in managing the estate, and in welcoming wine tourists who can taste the wines made here, visit the winery, and also buy wines, extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes and preserves in the winery shop. 71042 Cerignola (Fg) Viale di Levante, 19 Tel. +39 0885 418462 Fax +39 0885 424688 Year founded: 1993 Owner: Raffaele di Tuccio Oenologist: Aldo Avello

Aglianico Puglia Rosso igt 2007 Grapes: Aglianico 100% Alcohol: 13,50% Cost: euro 14,00 Intense impenetrable ruby red hue. Intense scents of cherry, mace, vanilla and tobacco on the nose, with notes of ink. More delicate on the palate, full-bodied and excellently balanced with wellconstructed tannins - still a little lively but not astringent. Fairly good spicy finish, quite persistent. Good with ragù of Noci's wild boar.

Nero di Troia Puglia Rosso igt 2007 Grapes: Nero di Troia 100% Alcohol: 13% Cost: euro 12,00 Sharp intense ruby red colouring. Delicate memories of bilberry jam on the nose, with nutmeg, vanilla and notes of cinchona. Good intensity, fairly full-bodied, quite smooth and well balanced. Quite persistent and pleasantly marked tannins. Suggested with a spelt and pulse soup, seasoned with plenty of Peranzana extra virgin olive oil.

Senzazolfo Puglia Rosso igt 2008 Grapes: Montepulciano 100% Alcohol: 12% Cost: euro 10,00 Nicely intense ruby red hue. Simple on the nose, with fragrances of strawberries, cherries and some spicy notes. Very pleasant on the palate, mediumbodied and fairly balanced, without any abruptness. Deliciously spicy finish. No excesses, and suitable to serve with all courses.

Vineyard area (hectares): 12 Annual number of bottles: 100.000 OTHER WINES • Falù Puglia Rosso igt • Sangiovese Puglia Rosso igt • Falanghina Daunia Bianco igt



Podere Belmantello

Podere Belmantello is a family estate which means a lot to Angelo Paradiso, wine grower and owner of the winery. Angelo used to be in charge of wine making at Cantine Paradiso, and he represents the third generation of a family of wine growers with a strong link to tradition. In 2008 he decided to branch out on his own and to continue with this name in the footsteps of his grandfather, who built his first winery in 1950 at Cerignola, in the heart of Daunia. The winery aims to improve wine growing in this area, and so concentrates especially on the local varieties like Primitivo, Bombino Bianco and Nero di Troia.

71042 Cerignola (Fg)) Via Raffaele Tamma Tel. +39 0885 896179 Fax +39 0885 418081 Year founded: 2008 Owner: Angelo Paradiso

Secondopasso Puglia Rosso igt 2008 Grapes: Nero di Troia 100% Alcohol: 13,50% Cost: euro 9,00 Ruby red colouring enlivened by purple highlights. Nicely crafted and intense on t h e n o se , w i t h sc e n t s re c a lli n g raspberries, mushrooms, rhubarb and dried violets. Pleasant and balanced on the palate, with a good correspondence between aroma and taste. A little thin-bodied, and average persistence. Suggested to accompany torchi alla boscaiola.

Darione Puglia Rosso igt 2008 Grapes: Primitivo 100% Alcohol: 14,50% Cost: euro 9,50 Nicely intense ruby red colour. Delicate scents on the nose reminiscent of forest fruit jam and cloves with notes of citrus. Medium-structured, with a very good balance: despite the weighty pseudowarmth, it has a pleasantly fresh medium-length finish with notes of pepper. To serve with liver in griddle.

Salàpia Puglia Bianco igt 2008 Grapes: Bombino Bianco 100% Alcohol: 11,50% Cost: euro 8,50 Straw yellow hue with greenish highlights. Quite intense scents of may blossom, pineapple and marjoram on the nose. Has a fairly good structure, and is altogether quite balanced. A pleasant trace of citron makes it a drinkable wine for a variety of occasions. Average persistence. Recommended with raw or cooked vegetable starter dishes.

Vineyard area (hectares): 7 Annual number of bottles: 23.000 GLI ALTRI VINI

• Falù Puglia Rosso igt • Sangiovese Puglia Rosso igt • Falanghina Daunia Bianco igt



Torre Quarto Cantine dal 1847

Torre Quarto is a winery which is steeped in history and culture, and was first mentioned in 1418. In 1800, having found that the area around Cerignola was eminently suitable for the production of quality wine growing, the French dukes de la Rochefoucauld had their winery built here, and it now belongs to the Cirillo Farrusi family. Stefano, the youngest, has been helped by Luigi and Michele Paradiso to restore the winery buildings in keeping with the architectural style of their era, with stone galleries on various levels to recall the charm of the great French wine-producers. Wine tourists are welcome here all year round, for guided tours, tasting sessions and sale of wines. 71042 Cerignola (Fg) Contrada Quarto, 5 Tel. +39 0885 418453 – 6 Fax +39 0885 411620 Year founded: 1847 Owner: Stefano Cirillo Farrusi Oenologist: Cristoforo Pastore

Quarto Ducale Cerignola Rosso doc 2006 Grapes: Nero di Troia 70%, Negroamaro 30% Alcohol: 13,50% Cost: euro 12,00 Intense ruby red colouring. Delightful scents of vanilla, raspberries, blackcurrants and tamarind on the nose. Warm and full-bodied at first on the palate, with a developing balance due to the evident fine streak of acidity which is still quite lively. This is followed by delicate fruity echoes of average persistence. Ideal to serve with a rare tagliata beef.

Bottaccia Puglia Rosso igt 2007 Grapes: Nero di Troia 100% Alcohol: 13% Cost: euro 10,00 Intense consistent ruby red colour. Scents recalling cherry jam, cardamom, cut hay, cinnamon and vanilla. Mediumstructured and balanced, with a delightful trace of citron. Smooth, intense and persistent, with a slightly citrus finish. Ideal to serve with a piglet all'arancia.

Torre Quarto Puglia Bianco igt 2008 Grapes: Fiano 100% Alcohol: 13% Cost: euro 9,00 Intense straw yellow colouring. The range of scents includes white peaches, yellow apples, bitter almonds and linden flowers. Fairly intense and balanced, full-bodied with a delightful tartness. Delicate and quite persistent, and goes well with seafood appetisers.

Vineyard area (hectares): 32 Annual number of bottles: 500.000 OTHER WINES GLI ALTRI VINI •• Don Pugliaigt Rosso igt 2007 FalùMarcello Puglia Rosso •• Nina Falanghina Puglia Bianco Sangiovese Puglia Rosso igt igt 2008 • Hirondelle Greco Puglia Bianco igt 2008 • Falanghina Daunia Bianco igt • Claire Chardonnay Barricato Puglia igt


• Guappo Puglia Rosato igt 2008

• Sangue Blu Negroamaro Puglia igt 2007 • Torre Quarto Vivace Puglia Bianco e

Rosato igt 2008

• Codirosso Aglianico del Vulture doc 2008 • Tarabuso Primitivo di Manduria doc 2006 • Tarabuso Primitivo Puglia igt 2007



Vinicola Sanpaolo Vigna Vecchia Daunia Rosso igt 2006 Grapes: Nero di Troia 50%, Negroamaro 50% Alcohol: 13,50% Cost: euro 9,00 Ruby red hue tending towards garnet. Its aroma is a little let down by undefined scents covering up the fruit. A fairly good structure on the palate and a tartness which tends to make it slightly hard. Medium persistent finish with lovely clove echoes. With medium-mature pecorino cheese.

The Sanpaolo winery was established in 1992 following a family tradition which goes back three generations. It lies in the hills surrounded by vineyards, and here the winery uses not only the grapes from its own vineyards, but also from the vineyards belonging to a small group of growers who guarantee quality by using methods of cultivation which respect the environment. Matteo Ferri is the owner, and his aim is to produce wines which are an immediate and genuine reflection of this territory, an ideal place for vines because it receives the correct amount of sunlight, enjoys breezes, and is situated on chalky soils. Visitors can buy the wines made here and also visit the winery by appointment. 71042 Cerignola (Fg) SC Padula, km 11 Tel./Fax +39 0885 441452 Year founded: 1992 Owner: Matteo Ferri Adviser: Aldo Avello

Terra Daunia Puglia Bianco igt 2008 Grapes: Malvasia Bianca 100% Alcohol: 12% Cost: euro 6,00 Pale straw yellow hue with gold highlights. Scents of white fruits are not well defined. Much better on the palate, intense and quite balanced. A slight structure, but quite a persistent finish. Easy to drink and ideal with fried fish.

Sanpaolo Puglia Rosato igt 2008 Grapes: Negroamaro 100% Alcohol: 13% Cost: euro 9,00 Intense cerasuolo pink colouring. Delightful fragrances suggesting rose petals, cherries and citrus notes. Medium-structured with a lot of tartness, giving a pleasant freshness. Fairly balanced and an averagely persistent finish. Good with a fresh tuna carpaccio.

Vineyard area (hectares): 12 Annual number of bottles: 50.000 OTHER WINES • Terra Dauna Puglia Rosso igt • Figorà Chardonnay Frizzante • Vigne del Tramezzo Puglia Rosato e

Bianco igt



Agricole Alberto Longo

Alberto Longo winery has its roots in an area of immense environmental and historic value. The winery is dedicated to careful enhancement of the territory and local vines, and Alberto Longo aims to consolidate the excellent results achieved through a combination of passion and the high quality of his wines. There are two splendid estates: Masseria Cavalli and Masseria Celentano. The former is near Lucera, and is based on a restored farmstead dating back to 1800; it is surrounded by hills and houses the very modern winemaking and bottling plants. The latter is near San Severo, and welcomes wine tourists to its splendid tasting room and picturesque underground cellars. 71036 Lucera (Fg) SP 5 Lucera Pietra Montecorvino km 4 c.p. 64 Tel. +39 0881 539057 Fax +39 0881 529200 Year founded: 2000 Owner: Alberto Longo Oenologist: Graziana Grassini

Le Cruste Puglia Rosso igt 2007 Grapes: Nero di Troia 100% Alcohol: 13,50% Cost: euro 15,00 Very intense bright ruby red hue. Intense and well-constructed aroma, with notes of vanilla, cherry, bilberries, black pepper and rhubarb sweets. Medium-bodied and fairly balanced on the palate, with still rather marked tannins conferring longevity. Medium persistence on the finish. A good accompaniment to sausages a punta di coltello in tomato sauce.

Le Fossette Puglia Bianco igt 2008 Grapes: Falanghina 100% Alcohol: 13% Cost: euro 9,70 Intense straw yellow colour with soft gold highlights. Delicate scents of exotic fruit on the nose, with sage, resin and cut grass. A good structure and balance on the palate. Not very intense, but has a delightful floral finish which is quite persistent. Recommended to accompany tagliolini, mazzancolle fish and asparagus.

Il Griccio Rosso da dessert 2008 Grapes: Syrah 100% Alcohol: 16% Cost: euro 15,00 Bright ruby red colouring with purplish flashes. Intense burst of cherry jam, cinnamon, rhubarb sweets, tobacco, resin and coffee fragrances. Full-bodied on the palate, balanced and magnificent correspondence in all stages of tasting. Intense on the palate with echoes of coffee on the persistent finish. Ideal to serve with mostaccioli.

Vineyard area (hectares): 35 Annual number of bottles: 250.000 OTHER WINES • • • • •

Donnadele Puglia Rosato igt Capoposto Puglia Rosso igt Calcara Vecchia Puglia Rosso igt Primitivo Salento Rosso igt Cacc'e Mmitte di Lucera doc

• Rossofreddo Puglia igt



Cooperativa Svevo Lucera

The Svevo Lucera Cooperative was founded in 1957 and has around 130 members, small and medium-sized growers who work to enhance the splendour of Cacc’e Mmitte di Lucera, the wine which symbolises this area. The Cooperative has been bottling this doc wine for over thirty years, and is now guided by Pasquale Ricci. The vineyards mostly contain local vines like Nero di Troia, Bombino and Malvasia, alongside Montepulciano grapes which give good results in this part of Apulia. These are low vineyards with an enviable position on chalky hill soils, the basis for the quality of an abundant wine production. The winery welcomes visitors for guided tours and wine tasting. 71036 Lucera (Fg) Viale Orazio snc Tel. +39 0881 547809 Fax +39 0881 530450 Year founded: 1957 Owner: Pasquale Ricci Oenologist: Mauro Cappabianca Vineyard area (hectares): 200 Annual number of bottles: 400.000

Mezzana Grande Cacc'è Mmitte di Lucera Rosso doc 2007 Grapes: Nero di Troia, Montepulciano, Bombino Bianco Alcohol: 13% Cost: euro 8,00 Intense consistent ruby red hue. Delicate fragrances of blackberries, plums, liquorice and dried flowers on the nose. Immediately noticeable on the palate its excellent balance of contrasts; elegant tannins and a strong tartness are counterbalanced by smoothness. It has a good structure and is a pleasantly drinkable wine. Averagely long on the finish, with delicious fruity and spicy notes. Recommended with a grilled fillet steak.

Mezzana Grande Nero di Troia Rosso igt 2007 Grapes: Nero di Troia 100% Alcohol: 12,50% Cost: euro 9,00 Bright ruby red colour. Scents suggesting red mulberries and white pepper on the nose, with notes of minerals and incense. Good balance on the palate, this is a wine with a medium structure and intensity. Medium persistence also on the finish, with frequent spicy echoes of coffee. Pleasant to drink and not very demanding. It can be served with a wide variety of dishes, including turkey with chestnuts.

Mezzana Grande Puglia Bianco igt 2008 Grapes: Greco 100% Alcohol: 12% Cost: euro 8,00 Crystal clear straw yellow colour with slightly golden highlights. Scents recall pear, jasmine and wet grass. Definite and pleasant tartness on the palate, giving plenty of freshness. Quite balanced and structured, with a lightly flavoured finish. To accompany pasta and potatoes.

OTHER WINES • • • • •

Bombino Puglia Bianco igt Cioccarello Puglia Rosato igt Saraceno Daunia Rosso igt Barbarossa Daunia Rosso igt Frisello Daunia Bianco igt

• Borgo Feudo Cacc'è Mmitte di Lucera

Rosso doc



Franco Ladogana

The Franco Ladogana winery can boast a family tradition of wine growing which goes back four generations. It is faithful to these inherited traditions and manages its own vineyards using only organic methods on the chalky soils typical of this area. The grapes are harvested by hand and carefully selected, then made into wine here in the winery, which has been designed to safeguard the integrity, quality, bouquet and aroma of the grapes. Experience and enthusiasm for this work are two more fundamental ingredients which guarantee that the winery maintains high quality standards over the years, gathering an ever-increasing number of admirers. It is possible to visit the winery and to buy the wines made here. 71045 Orta Nova (Fg) Via Alcide De Gasperi, 61 Tel./Fax: +39 0885 784335 Year founded: 1890 Owner: Franco Ladogana Oenologist: Vittorio Feola

Mater Naturae della Daunia Bianco igt 2008 Grapes: Chardonnay 100% Alcohol: 13% Cost: euro 10,00 Intense straw yellow colouring with gold highlights. Fragrances reminiscent of banana, asparagus and white flowers. Fairly intense on the palate, with a good trace of citron. A little weak on structure, and not quite balanced. Drinkable and definitely warm. Perfect to accompany fresh burratine from Andria.

Vespro Orta Nova Rosso doc 2006 Grapes: Sangiovese 100% Alcohol: 13% Cost: euro 10,00 Almost impenetrable ruby red colour w i t h ga r n e t h i gh l i gh t s . I n te n s e fragrances of dried flowers on the nose, with cacao, plum jam and black pepper. Quite balanced on the palate, with a fairly good acidity still developing; this gives a certain longevity but at the same time prevents a perfect balance. Good persistence and some lovely spicy echoes. To accompany roast beef.

Zenit Nero di Troia Rosso igt 2007 Grapes: Nero di Troia 100% Alcohol: 13% Cost: euro 15,00 Ruby red hue with soft garnet highlights. Scents of blackberries, redcurrants, soft toffee and green pepper on the nose. Pleasant on the palate, with a medium structure and balance. Quite persistent, constant fruity note gives a delightful finish. It is fresh and can be served with orecchiette e cavoli.

Vineyard area (hectares): 40 Annual number of bottles: 250.000 OTHER WINES • • • • •

MaterNaturaeGrecoDauniaigt MaterNaturaeAglianicoDauniaigt NectarisPassitoDauniaBio DuettoDauniaRosso,RosatoeBiancoigt Rughetta Rosso, Rosato e Bianco vino da tavola 53



The Teanum winery takes its name from the ancient and important city of Teanum Apulum, which flourished in the 4th century B.C. Now an association of young and dynamic entrepreneurs has injected new life into local wine growing, already mentioned in Roman times, with an abundant production of high quality wines made mostly from local varieties, but also from some international varieties. Here we find Nero di Troia, Negroamaro, Aglianico, Primitivo, Syrah Montepulciano, and among the whites there are Falanghina, Trebbiano and Bombino Bianco. These are the varieties which are best suited to the soils, the climate and the requirements of the producers, and are also appreciated by consumers. The winery offers tours, and visitors can taste and can buy its wines 71010 San Paolo di Civitate (Fg) Via Salvemini, 1 Tel. +39 0882 551056 Fax +39 0881 554014 Year founded: 1998 Owner: Domenico Demaio Oenologist: Donato Giuliani Vineyard area (hectares): 120 Annual number of bottles: 800.000

Otre Puglia Rosso igt 2007 Grapes: Primitivo 100% Alcohol: 15% Cost: euro 9,50 Intense ruby red colouring. Intense scents of plums, boiled chestnuts, cardamom and butter. More delicate on the palate with a good structure and smoothness, contrasted by a nice tartness. Excellent correspondence of aroma and taste, and an impressive note of freshness on the finish. Recommended with grilled slices of horse meat.

Alta Puglia Rosso igt 2007 Grapes: Nero di Troia 100% Alcohol: 13,50% Cost: 8,00 Bright ruby red colour. Scents are partly obscured by the heavy alcoholic note. Much better on the palate, with an excellent structure and good balance. Intense with a medium-persistent finish containing pleasantly fruity notes. To try with stuffed artichokes.

Gran Tiati Puglia Rosso igt 2006 Grapes: Syrah, Montepulciano, Aglianico Alcohol: 14% Cost: euro 15,00 Intense ruby red hue. The first scents on the nose are redcurrants and mulberries; followed by memories of cloves, cumin, paprika and vanilla, with light balsamic notes. Medium intensity and structure, excellently balanced. The medium persistent finish is embellished by a lot of vanilla and fruity echoes. Suggested to accompany beef seasoned with ginger.

OTHER WINES • Otre Aglianico Puglia igt ß@ç • Otre Negroamaro Puglia igt ⇓ ßn 9‰ qëø 6)‰R Ò ÀÈغ| ³ 2ÄcQ æUOS iðú® ߨ¨ XŠìÝŒô² ⇓ ß - 1• Uh- R ‚•F ut Ó ⇓ ßn –ÈÌ åŸç— @ Ö21• ⇓ ßácâ 5Q‡ Æ%î• K–f nQ2ÿÏÎ - "-qä } ì ̉ ‘



Azienda Agricola Biologica Ariano Attilio

The winery is based on a strong family tradition together with deep respect for the environment. These are the principles driving Attilio Ariano, who has always used certified organic farming methods in his winegrowing activity, and also uses homegenerated solar energy. His vines are typical of the area: Montepulciano, Bombino Bianco and Greco, which give quality wines reflecting the territory, thanks to an expert combination of age-old traditions and modern wine-making techniques. There is a cordial and professional welcome for visitors, who can take a guided tour and taste the wines produced here.

71016 San Severo (Fg) SP 30 San Severo - Torremaggiore km 1+800 Tel./Fax +39 0882 392139 Year founded: 1997 Owner: Attilio Ariano Oenologist/Adviser: Federica Ariano, Aldo e Michele Avello Vineyard area (hectares): 5 Annual number of bottles: 50.000

Sogno di Volpe San Severo Rosato doc 2008 Grapes: Montepulciano 100% Alcohol: 12,50% Cost: euro 8,00 Pale cherry pink hue. Scents on the nose are a little confused: redcurrants and rose petals. Fairly intense, but not quite balanced and a little thin-bodied. Pleasant redcurrant finish, but short. Deal to serve with wild chicory and tomatoes.

Sogno di Volpe Daunia Bianco igt 2008 Grapes: Bombino Bianco 100% Alcohol: 12,50% Cost: euro 8,00 Straw yellow hue with emphatic gold highlights. Timid on the nose, with scents of white and ripe fruits and vegetal notes. Slightly more intense on the palate and full-bodied. Not very smooth, and not quite balanced despite a lack of tartness. Easy to drink and a good aperitif.

Sogno di Volpe San Severo Rosso doc 2006 Grapes: Montepulciano 100% Alcohol: 13% Cost: euro 10,00 Consistent ruby red hue with garnet highlights. Inviting memories of ripe blackberries, allspice, butter and toasted almonds. Nicely intense on the palate and fullbodied. Not totally balanced because smoothness is slightly dominant. Various fruity echoes on the vaguely ethereal finish. Suggested to accompany mediummature cheeses.

OTHER WINES • Terra Quadra San Severo Rosso doc • Palea Greco Daunia igt • I 40 Filari Daunia Rosso e Bianco igt



D`Alfonso del Sordo

Wine-making at the d’Alfonso Sordo winery dates back to the year 1800, when some members of this family of committed farmers started growing vines on the family estates in the countryside near San Severo. Over the centuries the winery has always been managed directly by the family, with an important role in safeguarding Apulian wine-making traditions. The latest in this line are Gianfelice and his wife Celeste, who have brought a modern and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit to the winery, achieving important results in terms of quality and recognition. There is an exquisite welcome awaiting visitors to the Coppanetta estate, the very heart of the winery, which offers guided tours and tasting sessions. 71016 San Severo (Fg) Contrada Sant`Antonino Tel. +39 0882 221444 Fax +39 0882 241234 Year founded: 1957 Owner: Gianfelice D' Alfonso del Sordo Oenologist: Luigi Moio Vineyard area (hectares): 90 Annual number of bottles: 390.000

Guado San Leo Daunia Rosso igt 2007 Grapes: Nero di Troia 100% Alcohol: 13% Cost: euro 20,00 Ruby red colouring with garnet highlights. Fantastic on the nose, intoxicating variety of scents: the strongest are blackberry jam, leather, pepper, cacao, nutmeg, vanilla and liquorice. Good structure and intensity on the palate. A little unbalanced by slightly astringent wood tannins tending to cover up the fruitiness, still evident in any case. Suggested with pork's bombette and cheese.

Catapanus Daunia Bianco igt 2008 Grapes: Bombino Bianco 100% Alcohol: 12,50% Cost: euro 7,00 Brilliant straw yellow hue with greenish highlights. Delicate scents of white peaches, wild fennel and white lilies on the nose. Delicate on the palate as well, mediumbodied and medium intensity. The averagely long finish has delicious mineral echoes.

Cava del Re Daunia Rosso igt 2006 Grapes: Cabernet Sauvignon 100% Alcohol: 13% Cost: euro 20,00 Dark ruby red colouring with subtle garnet highlights. Scents recalling blackberry jam, ripe paprika, aniseed, cardamom and vanilla on the nose. Good balance on the palate, smooth with nice fine tannins. Fairly good structure and the finish corresponds well to the aroma, quite persistent with delicious notes of blackberries and vanilla. Ideal with a roasted pork meatloaf with roast potatoes.

OTHER WINES • Posta Arignano San Severo Rosso,

Rosato e Bianco doc • Candelaro Puglia Bianco igt • Montero Puglia Rosso igt • Casteldrione Puglia Rosso igt • Doganera Merlot Daunia igt

• Terramatta Puglia igt • Contrada del Santo Puglia Rosso igt




d`Araprì Spumante Classico d'Araprì Brut Riserva Nobile 2004 Grapes: Bombino Bianco 100% Alcohol: 12,50% Cost: euro 18,00 Pale straw yellow colour with lively gold nuances and fine persistent perlage. Intense fragrances of bread and toasted almonds, vanilla, coconut, hay and juniper, with notes of citrus. Smooth and delicious on the palate. Strong structure and long almond finish. Can be served with all dishes, except for dessert.

D’Araprì is one of the few wineries in southern Italy - and the only one in Apulia - to produce only spumante using the classical method. They have been doing this now for over thirty years, using a local variety like Bombino Bianco, with a very international style. The winery possesses a “vendangerie” in its own vineyards, so that grapes can be transformed and made into wine immediately, while the cellars for maturation of the wines are in the old town of San Severo. A visit to these underground cellars is picturesque, because not only are there thousands of bottles to see, but visitors can also admire the remains of the mediaeval city walls and an underground olive oil press dating back to the year 1700. The adjoining 19th century building has a room where visiting groups can dine. 71016 San Severo (Fg) Via Zannotti, 30 Tel./Fax +39 0882 227643 Year founded: 1979 Owner: d'Arapri srl Oenologist: Girolamo d'Amico Vineyard area (hectares): 7 Annual number of bottles: 78.000

La Dama Forestiera di d'Araprì 2003 Grapes: Pinot Nero 50%, Montepulciano 50% Alcohol: 12,50% Cost: euro 55,00 Brilliant straw yellow colouring with gold flashes and fine, very dense and persistent perlage. Wonderfully complex aromas recalling ripe pear, musk, thyme, dried flowers, caramel, acacia honey, wild fennel and sage. Intensely impressive on the palate with an excellent balance and structure and an endless citrus finish. Its strong flavour suggests serving with white lasagna.

d'Araprì Brut Rosé Metodo Classico 2009 Grapes: Pinot Nero 30%, Montepulciano 70% Alcohol: 12,50% Cost: euro 20,00 Cerasuolo pink with nuances recalling onion skins. A range of dense strong scents reminiscent of caramel, vanilla, ripe banana, oregano, morel and eucalyptus. Smooth, fresh and full-bodied with a fine persistent perlage. The long finish repeats echoes of morels and caramel. Perfect with the entire meal, except of course for dessert.

OTHER WINES • d' Araprì Pas Dosé • d' Araprì Brut • d'Araprì Brut Gran Cuvée XXI Secolo




L'Antica Cantina Cantina Sociale Coop. San Severo

Eighty years have gone by since Antonio La Monaca, a local farmer, got together with a small group of San Severo wine-growers to establish this winery. Today, L’Antica Cantina is under the direction of Alfredo Luigi Curtotti, and has 700 members with over a thousand hectares of vineyards producing doc and igt wines. The most common varieties are those characteristic of this territory: Trebbiano, Bombino Bianco, Malvasia Bianca, Montepulciano and Sangiovese. Despite the numbers involved in this activity, the winery never loses sight of quality, and welcomes wine tourists who can take a guided tour, taste and buy the wines made here.

71016 San Severo (Fg) Viale San Bernardino, 94 Tel. +39 0882 221125 Fax +39 0882 223076 Year founded: 1933 President: Alfredo Luigi Curtotti Oenologist: Felice Cota

Castrum San Severo Bianco doc 2008 Grapes: Bombino 50%, Trebbiano 30%, Malvasia 20% Alcohol: 12% Cost: euro 3,00 Brilliant straw yellow colour with greenish highlights. Quite intense scents of ripe melon, cut grass and acacia. Medium structure and intensity on the palate, backed up by a fairly good balance. Echoes of different fruits on the rather short finish. Recommended with stewed cod.

Nobiles Daunia Rosso igt 2008 Grapes: Nero di Troia 100% Alcohol: 12,50% Cost: euro 3,50 Intense ruby red colouring with slightly purplish highlights. Delicate aroma and taste, suggesting memories of red mulberries, withered violets, walnut husk and some notes of woodland undergrowth. Pleasantly structured, fresh and fairly balanced. The finish is quite persistent, with frequent vegetal echoes. Good with stew, potatoes and cloves.

Settantacinque San Severo Rosato doc 2008 Grapes: Montepulciano 100% Alcohol: 12,50% Cost: euro 3,00 lt 0,500 Intense cherry pink colour with orange nuances. Intense fragrances of fruit jam, cinnamon and dried flowers. Intense on the palate, not quite balanced with a rather slim structure, almost developed. Lovely bitter cherry finish, but not very persistent. Excellent to serve with a cherry tart.

Vineyard area (hectares): 1000 Annual number of bottles: 3.000.000 OTHER WINES • Castrum San Severo Rosso doc • Carpe Diem San Severo Barricato

Rosso doc

• Portale San Severo Rosso, Rosato e

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Bianco doc

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• Ottagono San Severo Rosso, Rosato e



Terre Federiciane

T h e a m b i t i o u s a i m o f Te r r e Federiciane originated ten years ago with a group of wine enthusiasts, and has been put into practice through the entrepreneurial capacity of the Biscotti family. The aim is to obtain a high quality production while respecting the ageold local tradition of using the native Apulian varieties, especially the varieties of the Daunia area. The winery owes its name to this strong bond with the local territory and also to its proximity to Castel Fiorentino where the Swabian Emperor Frederick II died. The image of the winery and its products also feature Frederick II. Visitors can take a guided tour and taste the wines produced here. 71016 San Severo (Fg) Via Belmonte, 127 Tel./Fax +39 0882 337325 Year founded: 2000 Sole director: Tommaso Biscotti Oenologist: Mauro Cappabianca

Coppa Castello Puglia Rosso igt 2006 Grapes: Nero di Troia 70%, Montepulciano 30% Alcohol: 13,50% Cost: euro 23,00 Intense ruby red hue. Scents are mostly fruity: blackberries and plums, but also notes of vanilla and spices. A good structure and fairly good balance on the palate, with a leitmotiv of nutmeg. Warm and averagely persistent, with a lovely fruity finish. Recommended with horse's pizzaiola.

Bianca Lancia Puglia Bianco igt 2008 Grapes: Bombino Bianco 70%, Fiano 30% Alcohol: 13% Cost: euro 13,00 Fairly intense straw yellow colouring. Fragrances reminiscent of flowering almond trees and ripe pineapple with notes of citrus. Fairly intense, with a good balance and a good correspondence of aroma and taste. The finish is fresh and delightfully flavoured, averagely persistent. Ideal with a grouper fillet in crosta.

Dragonara Puglia Rosso igt 2008 Grapes: Nero di Troia 100% Alcohol: 12,50% Cost: euro 13,00 Ruby red colour with soft purplish highlights. Rather indefinite scents, mostly of red fruits and musk. on the nose. Thin-bodied and not quite balanced, but fairly intense. A pleasant trace of citron on the fleeting finish. Drinkable, and recommended with fresh cheeses.

Vineyard area (hectares): 19 Annual number of bottles: 62.000 OTHER WINES • Delle Vigne Puglia Rosso igt • Dolze Apulia vino amabile • Sciurentino Daunia Rosso igt



Cantine Spelonga Azienda Agricola Nappi Nero di Troia Puglia Rosso igt 2007 Grapes: Nero di Troia 100% Alcohol: 13,50% Cost: euro 6,50 Intense consistent ruby red hue. Fine decisive scents on the nose of bilberries, fresh butter, allspice and tobacco, with hints of woodland plants. Delicate on the palate, with an impeccable balance of smoothness and a definite acidity. Good persistence on the finish, recalling nutmeg and other sweet spices. Ideal with a mix of roasted meat.

The winery was founded in 2001 by Carmine Nappi and Maria Franca Spelonga, and from the very beginning has distinguished itself through the impulse given to enhancement of old local varieties. Here there is an expert combination of passion and tradition, of age-old techniques and the most modern wine-making technology. A wide variety of grape varieties grow in the winery’s vineyards, which are on the surrounding hillsides and so provide a lovely setting. Nero di Troia, Negroamaro and Malvasia, and also Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Trebbiano and Merlot are produced on the sandy soil using organic methods. Between one glass and another in the winery visitors can appreciate the precious links between the people, the wine and the life of this territory. 71047 Stornara (Fg) Via Menola, c.n. Tel. +39 0885 431048 - Fax +39 0885 434224 Year founded: 2001 Owner: Carmine Nappi, Maria Franca Spelonga Oenologist: Leonardo Palumbo Vineyard area (hectares): 20 Annual number of bottles: 30.000

Primitivo Puglia Rosso igt 2007 Grapes: Primitivo 100% Alcohol: 14,50% Cost: euro 6,50 Ruby red colour with purplish highlights. Fragrances of Ferrovia cherries, boiled chestnuts, vanilla and rosemary on the nose. Medium-structured on the palate, fairly balanced and intense. A pleasant medium-persistent finish with a fresh trace of citron. Good with fried rabbit.

Mondano Puglia Bianco igt 2008 Grapes: Bombino Bianco 60%, Malvasia Bianca 20%, Chardonnay 20% Alcohol: 12,50% Cost: euro 5,50 Sunny yellow colour. Inviting scents of apricot, rosemary, iris and mint. Intense at first on the palate, immediately fresh and full of flavour. Balanced, with a lot of sage and rosemary echoes on the finish. Aromatic and fairly persistent, this can accompany a dish of trofie, butter and sage.

OTHER WINES • Mondano Puglia Rosso igt • Tramontano Puglia Rosso igt • Bianco n° 1 Puglia Bianco igt



Primis Crusta Puglia Rosso igt 2006 Grapes: Montepulciano 100% Alcohol 14% Cost: euro 18,00 Ruby red colour with garnet nuances. Fruity and spicy scents are a little confused on the nose. Definitely better on the palate, with an excellent structure, fairly good intensity and good balance. Pleasantly satisfying hot spicy notes on the persistent finish. To accompany a mix of roasted meat.

Primis means primordial, and refers to the simple natural approach of this winery to the vine and to wine. The winery was founded in 1999 by two young experts and friends, Nicola Selano and Gianni Mauriello, farmers’ sons who aimed to enhance a small but significant heritage of vines by using the methods they had studied. Their objective is to improve quality by bringing out the best features of the noble varieties which grow in this territory. The local varieties like Nero di Troia, Bombino Bianco and Negroamaro are mostly used, alongside Chardonnay and Sauvignon. The winery welcomes visitors.

71048 Stornarella (Fg) Via C. Colombo, 44 Tel./Fax +39 0885 433333 Year founded: 2003 Owner/President: Nicola Selano, Gianni Mauriello Oenologist: Angelo Mauriello Vineyard area (hectares): 22 Annual number of bottles: 150.000

Cenerata Puglia Bianco igt 2007 Grapes: Chardonnay 100% Alcohol. 13% Cost: euro 12,00 Consistent straw yellow colour. A lot of elegant fragrances on the nose: citrus fruits, honey, vanilla, banana, basil and broom. Intense also on the palate, with a good balance and structure. Its elegant vanilla finish is fruit and delightfully flavoured. Comes close to excellence. Suggested with mackerel in lemon sauce.

Ciliegiolo Daunia Rosso igt 2008 Grapes: Ciliegiolo 100% Alcohol: 12% Not very intense ruby red colour. Simple but intense scents of cherry, justwithered red flowers and rhubarb sweets. Good intensity on the palate, smooth with plenty of freshness, pleasant but not completely balanced. Not very structured and easy to drink. Medium persistent finish with lovely strawberry echoes. With scottona beef slices alla pizzaiola

OTHER WINES ⇓ ߨ g úöö š bÆ ‹mÊŸç— @ Ö21• ⇓ ßý…‰ ó ‹ õ q‹ŠO «{MÚ Ö· r ⇓ ßn^ – ½ï F¨ØÛõ¥N Mn>=œÓÆO -«i ⇓ ߟO™ Gb! : =W¯®s ÐÏ ⇓ßÁ - Õ • 7Ï ³ =„ 4¯®s Ð „† wY ˆ‡æ ⇓ ß• ƒû “ ûÜ£+ÓÒ– óÉ Ái;ÿ\“ BG ¥£a

• Negramaro Puglia Rosso igt • Syrah Daunia Rosso igt • Storno Puglia Rosso e Bianco igt • Aglianico Puglia igt



Società Coop. Agricola Fortore Falanghina Daunia Bianco igt 2008 Grapes: Falanghina 100% Alcohol 13% Straw yellow colour with intense gold highlights. Scents recalling ripe bananas, asparagus, bitter almonds and some citrus notes. Very well-balanced body although a little thin. Pleasantly intense and has a nice strong streak of citron on the mediumpersistent finish. Recommended with cavatelli, mussels and clams.

The Società Cooperativa Agricola Fortore is now fifty years old, and was set up by fifty local producers. Today there are over 1400 members who grow the typical local varieties. The winery lies at the heart of the Apulian “Tavoliere”, in a predominantly agricultural area where the rows of Montepulciano, Nero di Troia, Bombino Bianco and Falanghina enjoy particularly favourable climatic conditions, growing in a hilly area sheltered on one side by the last slopes of the Daunia Sub-Appennines, and on the other side by the first slopes of the Gargano promontory. The winery welcomes wine tourists and offers visitors the possibility of seeing pieces of equipment used in the past for wine-making. 71017 Torremaggiore (Fg) Via Matteo Colacchio, 39 Tel. +39 0882 385111 Fax +39 0882 385333 Year founded: 1960 President: Giovanni Picciuto Oenologist: Gennaro Ercolino

Bombino Daunia Bianco igt 2008 Grapes: Bombino Bianco 100% Alcohol 11% Pale straw crystal clear colouring, shading into greenish. A little meek on the nose with scents of fresh white fruit and wild flowers. Intense on the palate, slim-bodied and fairly balanced. The short finish has a delightful freshness. To accompany a spelt and vegetable salad.

Merlot Daunia Rosso igt 2008 Grapes: Merlot 100% Alcohol 13% Intense ruby red hue with slightly purplish highlights. Intense fragrances of blackberries and red mulberries, black pepper and star aniseed. Coherently intense on the palate as well, full-bodied and fairly balanced. Pleasant persistent finish with echoes of small red fruits. Good with a peperonata.

Ettari vitati: 12 Annual number of bottles: 6.000.000 OTHER WINES ⇓ ßnæ ‹ QU¾® ] w×ŸÏ ŒØz‚ ’t £ÛX‡Ö• 1* ⇓ ß F(À啸 §¦kÈÿ|~-• ¿¾ ⇓ ß• 7ˆ Œ `4% ½Ì $? ¢t9• Í Jy{]Œ ‹ê ⇓ ßn –ÈÌ å çGŽÅÄˆå ™› ˬ ÜÛ: ⇓ ß ú' · –FªBB• /7H)† VU´ ëÞÀ ï Ày ⇓ ß - ÝØy)ªªŒ : À : • œa • `_¿ "èÊ&øW

• Bombino Frizzante Daunia Bianco igt • Galeò Daunia Bianco igt




Casaltrinità was founded in 1965 as a cooperative winery of the Trinitapoli growers. Nowadays it includes around 250 local growers, guided by Antonio Gargano. Due to grapes being selected with great care and to modern winemaking techniques, the wines produced here are much appreciated for their structure and bouquet derived from the chalky-clay soils in which the vines grow. Nero di Troia dominates the reds, and is the base for blends using Cabernet, Merlot, Sangiovese or Lambrusco; Greco and Moscato are the dominant whites. Visitors will enjoy a tour of the winery, where they can taste and buy the wines produced.

71049 Trinitapoli (Bt) SS 544 km 44,5 Tel. +39 0883 634032 Fax +39 0883 635154 Year founded: 1965 President: Antonio Gargano Oenologist: Pasquale Pastore

Terra di Corte Puglia Rosso igt 2007 Grapes: Nero di Troia 70%, Merlot 30% Alcohol: 13% Cost: euro 5,50 Ruby red hue with soft garnet highlights. Lovely delicate fragrances of plums, pepper, vanilla and liquorice with hints of citrus fill the nose. Medium intensity and structure on the palate, but a wonderful balance. Gradual blurring of flavours between sweet tannins and echoes of spices and dried fruits. Recommended with beef with green pepper.

Nero di Troia Puglia Rosso igt 2007 Grapes: Nero di Troia 100% Alcohol: 13% Cost: euro 6,50 Intense bright ruby red colouring. Fragrant scents of wild strawberries on the nose, with eucalyptus, butter and some spicy hints. Nicely fresh on the palate, quite intense and mediumbodied, with a good balance. The finish is medium-persistent, with corresponding echoes of delicate red fruits. Suggested to accompany buckwheat orecchiette with cardoncelli mushrooms.

Rondirosa Puglia Rosato igt 2008 Grapes: Nero di Troia 100% Alcohol: 12,50% Cost: euro 4,50 Pale cerasuolo pink colour. Delicate scents of chestnut flowers, cherries, lavender and violets. Fruity echoes also on the palate, from a full body and a pleasant sharpness. Not quite balanced, but pleasantly fresh and sweetly spicy on the finish. Suggested with tubettini and mussels.

Vineyard area (hectares): 603 Annual number of bottles: 100.000 OTHER WINES • • • •

Zinzania Puglia Bianco igt La Trinità Moscato Passito Puglia igt Greco Puglia Bianco igt Coppa Malva Puglia Rosso igt


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