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Your Options for Custom Cabinets in Oklahoma City

One of the most common projects that homeowners undertake is cabinet refinishing and restoration. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets take a lot of abuse – steam and water vapor can warp the wood, impacts and constant use can chip paint and varnish, and age can fade even the richest stain. But there are several options you have when considering how to bring your cabinets back to their former glory. Refinishing is the simplest and most straightforward way to update your cabinets and achieve a clean, new look. With this technique, the old varnish and paint is stripped off of the cabinet and replaced with a new product. This is an easy way to achieve a new look, and with a nearly infinite array of stains, varnishes, and other products on the market, you can certainly create your own style.

Another option is cabinet refacing. This is more involved than simple refinishing, but also provides a more drastic change from your original cabinets. With refacing, the “face” side of your cabinets – the drawer fronts and doors – are either updated with new wood or laminate on the outside, or replaced entirely by new doors and fronts. This is slightly more involved and expensive than just refinishing, but not nearly as expensive as replacing the entire cabinet.

A third option is to replace or expand on your existing cabinets with custom work. This is the most extensive change you can make to your existing cabinets. With custom replacement, you choose what you want to keep and what you want to alter, and the look of your new room is entirely up to you. A well-done custom cabinet installation can transform a room, and allows for a great deal of freedom in terms of what kind of storage solutions you want in your home.

Cabinet Cures of Oklahoma is an Oklahoma City-based custom cabinet resurfacing and cabinet refacing company that has been working in the Oklahoma market for nearly 30 years. We have the experience you need, and we use the products you want, to create the cabinets of your dreams. Our work has a 10-year guarantee, and we’re dedicated to providing outstanding work to all of our clients. If you want to see whether Cabinet Cures can help you, contact us today .

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cabinets oklahoma city