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CALL FOR GRUNDTVIG LEARNING PARTNERSHIPS Dear all, Country: Turkey Organization name is: EDOSK EDİRNE DOĞA SPORLARI KULÜBÜ (EDİRNE NATURE SPORTS CLUB ASSOCIATION) EDOSK POSTA-OFFICE ADDRESS: Edirne Doğa Sporları Kulübü Derneği ( Edirne Nature Sports Club Association ) Mithat Paşa Mahallesi Kule Kapı Caddesi Hürriyet Meydanı Kirişçiler İş Merkezi Kat:3 No:14 Merkez-Edirne-TÜRKİYE ( TURKEY) Organization type is local NGO We are looking for partners to submit a Grundtvig proposal for the time frame on training in adult education.

You can find detailed information on below. If you are interested in applying with us as a partner, please follow instructions at the end of the mail. Only fully completed applications will be evaluated. Project period: 2012- April 2014 Application Deadline to the national Agencies: 21 February 2012 General Project Description: Grundtvig Learning Partnership Number of partners requested: Max 8 Title of Project: ADULTS ON BIKE FOR HEALTHY AND GREEN EUROPE The Earth is under threat of global warming and high consumption of fossil fuels, and unfortunately this threat will be greater in near future. Commonly, adult people prefer to use the vehicles which consume fossil fuels as means of transportation in the urban areas. These kind of vehicles are regarded as easier to go somewhere for adult people because of physical conditions of higher ages. The use of bicycle ratio is very common in some European cities while it is still in very low level in some cities of the continent. The Bicycles are transportation option not only in urban areas but also between cities, countryside and even countries. For instance, there are many cycling routes throughout the continent such as Iron Curtain Trail, Eurovole, Danube Cycle Route which all of them attach the countries and people in Europe. In this context, it is very important to increase the usage of bicycle especially among adult people in terms of healthy and ecologic way of lifestyle for the green Europe of future. The cycle paths and the use of bicycle should be promoted for the purpose of more green and sustainable Europe, and the cycle paths and the number of adults who prefer bicycle should be raised in every city of Europe as a common identity of the continent as an idea of movement. As a result, adult Europeans will be much healthier and more mobilize and they will make a significant contribution for sustainable Europe whether they prefer bicycles as a mean of transportation in their daily life. In the main context of the Project; the seminars and workshops which promote the use of bicycle, meeting with bicycle clubs, field of study on bicycle paths and routes, visits of the local administrations, short videos, a festival that introduce cycling as a daily life activity, observation of fairs and festivals about bicycle in Europe, discussions on the regulation and application of local administrations about bicycle paths and cycle parking places, comparing the best practices in different countries, discussions on legal regulation about cycling in different countries of Europe, all of them will be covered by the Project. At the final stage, there will be guidelines about

bicycle as a key for healthy lifestyle and promotion of cycling in the urban life. After the Project, the use of bicycle in Europe will be increased as a healthy and environmental friendly means of transportation and the communication with institutions in the cities where the use of bicycle is common also will be increased thus active networks will be build up. FOCUS GROUP: The employment and especially retired adult people over +35 ages will be the main focus group in this Project. The balance among men and women will be promoted within participants. The adult people who have less mobility, interested in cycling, prefer bicycle as a key of healthier life and love cycling will have a priority in this Project. ACTIVITIES:             

Cycling trainings for adults Field of study on cycle paths and bike parking places Study visits to local public authorities to analyze their efforts about emancipation of cycling for adults Questionnaire and pollster studies in the European countries about the use of bicycle Discussion on best practices and introduce models to follow Make a website Comparison between the countries which less and higher usage of bicycles and put a road map to develop cycling in any European cities Publishing brochures, leaflets, and catalogues Studies on the healthier contribution of the biking for adults in urban areas Workshop and working groups for the European cycling Networks Field activities towards families and adult people to promote cycling Efforts to promote cycling among adult people via social sharing websites with short movies Putting campaigns to encourage the local administration to promote cycle activities

REQUIREMENTS FOR PROJECT PARTNERS: Bicycle clubs, associations, youth centers, outdoor and sport organizations, municipalities and local administrations, the organizations which promote adult education via sport activities, the organizations on the national and international cycle routes, the organizations in the European cities where fair, festival or such activities are organized. Offered countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Ireland, the United Kingdom. DO YOU WISH TO DEVELOP THE IDEA OF “ADULTS ON BIKE” WITH US AS OUR PROJECT PARTNER?

If you want to be partnership, you can send all this by email to: Contact Person: Onur DONAT


30 December 2011

Grundtvig partner from Turkey_2012  

A potential project for Grundtvig Learning Partnerships 2012. Announcement from Turkish organisation.