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an annuuncement. .. n o. it'!! both . [ n all effOl,t to cOllserve ou r reSOl'vell and to regula l'ize OUI' mai l ings . the Board

approved this combo-fonuut. Commen ts, tomatocs ... the j ury's s t ill out. Thanks to Sylvia Lav in (01' coming to OUI'

aid a nd guest editing thi s ilUSue . • The Book I Its E.bibiUon • It"tjusla fi g-mentof Aa l'O!l"soverzealous imagi nati o n .

Advance copies of lhe lloon· lo·be avai lab Ie. Rizwli-publis hed . Fo rum bonk. Expt'rimenlal Architecture in Los Angeles, have been s ighl.ed but not yet in bookstores, Substantial discoun~ for members at'!! being n e gotiate d , Plans to work with MOCA tu mo u nt an exhibit in t h e TC Hhowca8ing the work of thOStl i n the book hit the s kid s with MOCA's announcement tha t th!! TC would close for HI months after " I-leiter Skelter." A lternative venues are soug h t . • Activities

Peter l,ipl:lon. answering t h e ea.11 of the open road. left town and his pOt;ition of Activities CommiUee chair. Our nextsel'ies , -The Spring Collection," will bechairedjointly by Mal"!: Tedescu and Aaron BeLsk y . • Pllmphlet

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108 ao,ele. for um for arohiteeture and urban deail'D

• • IIc hind l el' house • • • •• 110l'tl1 killgs road •• •• west h o ll ywood, califo rni a • • • 90089 • •• • • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 83~



mark mack


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larry totah

desIg n 8e~n Ad"lne


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The Education(s) of an Architect Sylvia lavin One tends to th i nk 01 Southern Californ i a

as quinteHt'nl ially without locus, lacking unifo rm direction, and consisting i n dIs-

parate ha mlets w it h only the va g uest sense of co mmo n pu rp ose, The schools ot a rch itecture within the region are in the p r ocess bo t h of substantia t i n g and co n tradicti n g

t hi 5 commonplace . Without e xce pt ion, each s chool is planning or has already in ilia ted conside ra ble reco nfiguratio n: deve lo pment s range from tu n icula r revisions and t he sea rch for new deans to ma jor shifts in phy Sical

plants an d the establishm e n t of new prog ram s, de p a rtm e nt s a nd e ve n sc hoo ls

themselves . Whi le c hang e is th e r efo re a

commo n r ule, the particu lar changes th a i have b een propos ed imply distin ct views of a r chitect ure a nd of Its e nabl i n g Institu · ti o n s_ Th e fo llowi ng statements ha ve been solicited from participants i n th ese vari ou s i n it i atives an d t oge th er o ff e r an educa tional gl imp se of th e lay of t h is changing archi t ec tura l l a nd _

Art Center College of Design

pulling together Its ImpreSSive faulty and fa-

tlCe as we ll <IS education Strength and d istInc-

and focus on buddong use and funcltion (pro ·

been called C .. tlca l Urbanism or Critical Urban

done to consolidate and expand our role In

Should he or she be an establoshed admonls\ra-

difficult and faltly pragmatiC ,ssues are th e greatN

cili ties to set IBeif the task of defin ing for Itself

tion on deSign IS thus an Indl spt'nsa ble atlrobute

grammlng and policy). We have co,nS lstently

St udies and History. and what is usually

these debates, to make us leaders rather

tor. or a we ll kn own scholar? Someone already

Issues about the Intellectua l and creative li fe of

and Its commun i ty a new Department of EnVI-

for any le.J.dmg school of Mchltecture Because

emphaSi zed that these broad areas off teaching

descfl bed as History. Theory an d Criticis m

tha n followers.

on the co mm unity or outSi de o f 111 There are no

the school. Most univerSi ty faculties. If they are

ronmental DeSign . The vIsion It embraces lo ves

of the centra lrty of deSign In architec tural edu-

must co exist and complement one anoother. and

in Arch i tecture. I see this are a overla pping

3 . New approaches to critical studies are

easy answers to these questions. but SInce my

,11 all vigorous. havl' diverse vlewp oonts and

p;omanly In the mind of Its new 01<1lr. PatnCla

cation. the methods, approaches and theones

must aVOid Isolated deSign approa'ches that

significantly with our cours e offerings in

becom ing increasingl y important to making

own Institut iOn . USC . IS also looking for a new

philosoph ies. and often substantial disagrl'C-

Belton Oliver She sees a program wh ich suc-

dea ling With thiS subject have been paSSion -

claim exclUSiveness or rejec t Viable InlnOvat lonS

planning theory. comp ara t ive in ter nat iona l

practicaJ and political sense of the seemingly

dean. like others I have asked them .

ments about ped'lgogy. appOintments and tenure.

cessfully bndges the academiC and corpo rate

ately debated through the ages Al l of these

and alternat ives offered by other are-as

studies. and urban and regional po litical

ch ao tic cont emp orary world . This is especially

worlds by explOri ng and developing a holistic

debates - the rela t,on between deSign and theory. theor y as

pertinent to an Urban Planning Program

In part the answer depends upon the types of

structure for the inter-diSCiplinary components

deSign and research . deSign as a comprehenSive

The Program has been a leader rn atte mptong to

wh ich nurtures social movement approaches

tasks that the dean will be expected to perform .

respect. but Ideally a new dean should be able

o f the program. She believes Art Cen te r should

approach to architectural deCiSion-making as

move beyond the subject ive deflnitio.ns of cre-

to change. Our students not only have areas

These days most institutions want someone

to negotiate di ff erences and establish an envI-

who will be an effective fun dra iser. for pra g-

ronment where Informed de b.1\1' {an take place.

Art Center College of DeSign bounds into 1992 with optimism and enthusiasm eagerly welcoming new challenge, Undaunted by the confusion surrounding the expansive top ic of

its central unifying perspectiv e.

budget expend itures. and school admon lstra tion . USC is no d ifferent fr om others In thiS

be the laboratory where the Ind iVidual diSCiplines

opposed to design as a specialozed inqulfy onto

atiVity In arch itecture without abandoning it

Nearly all of us in the U rban Planning

of academic concentra t i on

of arch itecture, mtetlor deSign and product deSign

the essence of archi tecture - com prose part of

completely. A fundamental component o f our

Program, in one way or another. are engaged

organization of social action (communi t ies

matic reasons relating to the financial stability

A dean must be able to recognize and nounsh

are employed to examine. test and propose

the Intellectual concerns and progress of archi-

attempt to continue moving in this direction is

in critical stu d ies with respect to public

of resistance?) based on gender, ethnicity.

of mstitutions of higher education today - espe-

others. have the imagination and boldness to

class. sexual development. etc. .

cially important for private universities . But

build a strong program of Vis iting faculty to

there are perhaps more signifiunt items on the

supplement th e existing faculty. suppor t fac-

but also

new solutions to cur rent condit ions, The class-

tec ture schools. Rather than adopting attitudes

our location in Los Angeles. The i ncreasing

pol icy or in our approaches to teach ing the

room. the home . tne operating room. the

tha t are vague and consequently non-conlron-

diversity and multicultural nature of this con-

theoretical and conceptual underpi n nings

restau rant

demands the

ta tional. every leading school of archi tecture

text demands that the Program not on Iy address

of our subfields. I ndeed. this cri t ical stance

How Critical Studies in Arch jtect ure and

agenda of a new dean fo r USc. The Dean must

ulty who are cont ributl ng to the dlsCipli ne through

separate disciplines of Archi tecture (spatial .

needs to engage in such vigorous debates so as

the need for wider representation of different

is o ne of the most important features

Urban Planning should be developed IS

be able to stabil i ze or devt'lop three sets of

creative projects or scholarly work . stimulate

whatever ··it· ' IS

structural. formal), Intetlor Design (color. light.

to cla rify and consolidate the underlying frame-

ethnicities among faculty. students .and staff.

distinguishing us as a leading planning school .

difficult to answer, al t hough the urgent need

relations : that of the archilecture school to the

challenging teachers and curricula. and work to

texture) . and Product DeSign (the .. tools" for

work for a distinct philosophy o f deSign and

but also integ rate new ,:omposite v.alues and

Why t hen should cr itical stud ies be ra ised

for additional resources. courses , and faculty

rest of the un,versity, to the architectural com -

create courses and exchanges With other schools

the use of the envltonment) be In tegrated and


diverse concerns into the curricula. Thie maze of

as an impor ta nt n ew direction and prior ity?

is clear no matter what path is followed .

munity outside of the univerSity. and among

Within the univerSIty. Contrary

challenges and opportunities in -1.05 Angeles

There ar€ several re as ons.

However. Crjtical Studies w ill build on our

faculty members w ithin the school i tself ,

Wisdom. however. a dean need neither bt' a accomplosh these Important oblec tlves

pOSSibly developed as a package. Professor Oliver envisions a slice through these worlds - a kmd

The central issue in this debate is how to achieve

have always served as a laboratory for our

of topographic slice - to discover the layers of

excellence in architectural deSign and design

explorations. We aim to implement our new

1. We do no t teach cr itical theory and

to new initiatives thaI combine t he interests

At USC the School of Archi tecture IS perceived

sediment that have produced them and the

education From i ts inception the Program at

research. ideas and design in Los Angeles through

methods per se. except perhaps as a sidelight

of the Urban Planning Program to those of

as Isolated by the res t of the UniverSity the

emergence of a kind of section model of what

UCLA has used a dual strategy to deal with t his

increased exposure of our work and active com-

to some of our history and planning theory

the Architecture and Urban DeSign Program

ger.era l education requiremen ts do not match

could become an inte g rated environment. She

issue: first. by improving the design process

munity involvement. We aim to recover

courses We tend i nstead to take in d ividual

and extend to other departments across the

those that the res t of the unoversity IS adopting.

campus .

established leadersh ip and add Significantly

:0 convent ional

g rea t archltecl nor a great Intellect to be able to

is very interested in discovering with her col-

itself through better methods and by integrat-

architecture from being a too l of commercial-

st ances on what and how to critique and

leagues what is possible by investing in the

ing the use of computers: and second . by enriching

ism. from its timid use of yes terday's tectlnologies,

teach our students by personal example

scapes or urban p lans do not produce the kind of schola rly research typ ically found in other

faculty members who design buildings. land-

UC, San Diego An Arch itecture Schoo l I n the Mak ing

separateness of the environmental design disci-

the design process through inclusion and em-

and to transform the discipline into an arena of

Rarely do we make e xpliCit our theory of

plines and forging the link between them . This

phasis on d istinct sub-disciplines that would

experimentation , challenge, and innovation by

critICism - or critic ally examine al ternative

is unconstellated air. but with ne w conviction

not only strengthen architectu re. but also result

linking creat ivity w ith scientific research . We

approaches to our personal favorites . Cri t ical

the Art Center faculty throw themselves to the

in a better product. Th is dual strategy is reflected

aim to provide a socia!!y responsible cultural

studies in urban planning should be par t of

O n th e Search for a New Dean

new dean must be able to help bind studen ts

ing the nature of architectural education Wi th

skies .

in the program's comprehensive studios and

direction in architecture and reunite its useful-

our core curriculum as one of GSAUP's mos t

Dianne Ghorardo. Assoc iate Professor

and faculty to the univerSity and to bnng stu-

Just nine months until the arrival o f th e first

theory co urses: nurturing 01 creativi ty ( basic

ness w ith art.

disti ro ctive specializations

dents from o ther departmen ts Into contact with

class of students. she and her four foundIng

UCLA, Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning

design); development of design methods (com-


Through some strange sequPnce o f events. an

architecture courses,

faculty are honing In on the final aspects of the

Modelling a New Department of En vi ronmental Desi gn

economy. I also see critical

2 What we do here In GSAUP has

USC School of Architecture

tively few

puter-aided design _formalized design processes,

New D irections and Pr iorities

become the focus of attention for cri t ical

astonishing number of schools are seeking new

shape grammars): development of design theo-

in t h e Urb an Plann i ng Pr og ram

t heorists and philosophers all over the world .

deans this year, Not surprosingly. one o f the first

Future Directio ns:

r ies (prinCiples of composition. color theory.

Ed SOia. Assistant Dean

Arch itecture an d Urban Design

computational theory); incorporation of struc-

Jurg Lang. Head of A/UD Program

tura l design and technology (building

I have decided to use the broad title of

the environment. Art Center is drawing on Its

disciplines. and archi tecture students take relaclasse~

outSide of Architecture. A

Under the leader ship of founding dean Adele Naude Santos. the UCSD School of Architecture is absorbed in its firs t re search project : re thonk -

curriculum This relation to the rest of the univerSity IS no

Archi t ecture, urbanism and spatialities are

questions asked by faculty members IS what

small matter in these days of shronklng budge ts

"We're starting o ff With the Idea of

often seen as the " privileged" languages

kind of person the new dean ought to be.

and belt-tightening and. In fact. USCs School

Inqulty. then developing our program around II

and most revealing " texts " of contemporary

Should the dean be a famous practitioner. ei-

of Architecture has sever~1 yeMs of defICi ts to

At some level Irs a sta' e of mond," says Santos



construc tion. structural analysis. sound. light

Critical Sludies in ArchItecture and Urban

debates In critical theory. And then these on

ther with a well-estab lished corporate practice

overcome on ordel to return to good standing

"Deslgn on thl' studiOS Wil l be ,lssoclated With

DeSign is the central focus of architectural prac-

and heat technologies, architectural detailing) ;

Plaoninj: to encompass what has recently

Los Angeles Itst'11. Sure l y more needs to be

or a small bu t very prominent and trendy one?

withon th e unoverSIty. However. beyond these

the questions we are addreSSing In the research

group, and the ideas generated will be put to

hundred applications were received for the small

often cause the heat-death of the institution .

profeSSionals. The Environmental Design De-

asked to engage In methods of analySIS (such as

ind iVidua ls whose enthUSiasm transcends mere

selling well )

some greate r use. We aren·t just creating theo·

number of posts .

"void sectronong" ) that challenge traditIOnal

commerC ialism. A poin ted example of these

six ty year history of excellence in design and is

Although thiS future is unlikely with the type of

Whatever happens in the next few years, the

partment at the Otis Art Institute proposes to

retical design exe rcises."

people around here

SCI·Arc is filled with

changes that are happening now and tha t are

crea te a course of study tha t

studen ts the

methods of composition based on the autonomy

qualities IS William Stout whose bookstore I'!

A VISit to Big and Tall books, In contrast. IS a

The schoo!"s rese arch agenda s include housing


the most in terest ing and discon-

symbolized by the move reflec t a process of

tools they need to be crotically aware of their

of the object They are encouraged to see their

SarI FranCISco IS pervaded In every aspect by a

stimulatIng expeflence bot h SOCially and

certing thing I've found in this process was the

renewa l. The energy that has been here In the

environment. and then al ter it .

activities as in vestigations. installations and in-

passionate Interest In both books and architecture

Intellectually. even though ItS architecture section

terventions . ra ther than as the creation of

As much as any archi tecture school. Stout Books

IS re latively small. Some may f ind Its unabashedly


prototypes. environmentally appropriate design .


and energy alterna tives among many others.

SC t· Arc In Mot io n

resistance that was put up to the move by

last five years will simply take on a differen t

Santos and the faculty are examining the vari-

Michael Rotondi , Director

people w ithin the SCI-Arc community. In the

focus . We're just trading a building that leaks

The Departmen t of EnVironmen tal Design was

programmed spaces. They are continually forced

and its publications helped create t he

trendy spirit excessive while others may think

end even anarchists don· t like change . But rather

for a bui!ding everyone gets lost on .

estabfished five years ago. and Its director. Fred

to conlront the physical and socia l reality of

contemporary architectural culture of that city.

i t epitomizes the best of Los Angeles . Bu t for

Fisher. has been trYing to ex tend and dissolve

their work through matenals and methods o f

the notion of deSign as it is defined withon each

construct ion that are in terwoven with historical

Despite i ts current world-w ide sta tus as a mecca

book cultur e. its selections Me conSIstent ly

of the design disciplines into an in terdiscipli-

for architects. Los Angeles is at present poorly served by its art and architec ture bookstores.

rewarding . Irs also fun to hang out there.

nary course of study ever since His goal has

discussions. The Depart ment is. In other words. moving away from the idea of a curriculum

been to tra in "design generalists " who can

based around the production of buildings.

Hennessey and Ingalls remains the one-stop

We understand Rizzoli is opening a store

venue. yet the .. indifference to books and

Beverly Hills. This way. at least . Los Angeles w ill

1\ remains to be seen how effective this evolv-

architects makes shopping or browsing there

have a top-ol-the-line artbook superm arket A

however. have still tended to overwhelm such

Ing course of studies will be. The Department

less an intellectual adventure and more li ke a

f irst-rate bookstore wi t h ties to the loca l

ety of contexts in which these agendas can be explored and applied. "The world is ou r labora-

Afler Ilmosllwenty ynrs It lis orlg lnll site on

tory ..' says Santos . "An important part of our

Berkeley Street In SIOII Monlu . SCI -Aft wi ll be

to focus on what the changes are and learn to

curriculum involves a ·practicum .· Our students

moving this spring to new qUlrters on 5454 Beethoven

construct something new out of these ing red i-

will work with the research group on projects

Stree t. The former lutory an d offiCes of the Quotron

ents . We may end up with something else. bu t

located locally and throughout developing

data services will provide double the currently Ivall_

can retlon our original vitality.

coun tries. For example. designing and building

abl e squ a r~ footaseat the ume co st. with the ~ecu r ltr

a pro totype for affordable housing in Tijuana

of a Ions-term luse_ among other benefll s.

than judge the change as good or bad, we have

We are not moving somewhere designed or

Environmental Design Oepartment. Otis Art Institute Experimen ts Against Bui ldi ngs

engage the "real world" With the critical eye of

Aaron Betsky, Depar tment Coordinabr

an artist . Traditional notions of architecture.

that stands as an emblem of what has been

has all sorts of dimenSions: clima te, culture.

anyone with a general interest In contemporary


materials and construction technology to name

The move IS symbolic. for the most part - what

accomplished at SCI - Arc in the last 20 years

What is a Department of Environll1'n ta l De-

attemp ts at cross-diSCiplinary th inking. More-

has the advantage of being part of an art school

trip to the supermarket. The store's notable

arch itectural community

Just a few"

does It mean to go from a building that leaks to

The new tilt-up concrete building is almost

sign? During the 19605. Environmenal Design

over. at least half o f the students in the sma ll

which encourages such ways of thinking. but

facade Inspires false hopes. InSide it is inundated

wh ich architects can learn - is stili sadly lacking.

Santos describes the UCSD School of Arch,tec·

a building tha t doesn't leak? In some ways It

non-denominational . bu t nevertheless i t offers

was a phrase meant to del use th. imperial

depar tment see themselves as future archi tec-

the disadvantage of not offering students "sal-

w ith commercial calendars and gift books and

means that SCI-Arc is growing up. because

dist inct poss,blhtles. On Berkeley Street. the

overtones of arch itecture, It Implied :he disso-

tural professionals.

abl e" skills that can be immediat ely and efficiently

shor t on publications 01 importance to anyone

lution of a formalist practice inlo te clnologiul

applied, The Department is moreover sma:1.

whose interests are not limite d to the commercial

ture as an exc iting expenment In arch itec tural

,"stitutlons change the same way people change

three differer,t parts of the school were discon-

educat ion . About the founding facu lty. she says'

ThiS mo~e IS the eqUivalent of gomg from ado-

nected ' graduate students didn't see

crr te ria and process-droven modes . f design .

This fall. the faculty has started to review the

and will need to grow substan tially to be able to

mainstream. Ask ing their staff for information

"Dana Cuff. William CurtiS, Craig Hodgetts and

lescence to young adu lt hood . a momen t when

undergradualeS who didn't see advanced stu-

The result was a loss of historrcal m6l10ry and

CUrriculum o f the Department in order to come

give itself the leeway to explore various alter-

only reinforces the supermarket analogy. When

Susan Ubbelohde are all individuals who are

you begin to gel a focus on what your ambi-

dents. who were In another buitd,"g Th is Situation

any method of creatong an autonOm)US arch i-

up With ways of breakmg down the building as

natIVt'S, The Environmental Design Department

was the last time you asked a supermarket clerk

exceptIOnal. not only In the sense that they are

tions are for the rest of your li fe It IS also like

IS not unloke a normal campus where '" te raction

tecture . ThiS might on and of Itself not have

Isolated oblect -orlented tendenCies of the course

at Otis IS a continull1g experiment With no

for cul inary advice?

accomplished within thelt area of expertise. but

mov'"g trom young adulthood to m iddle age

between schools and depa rt ments takes effort

been too bad. except that the alternabve turned

There IS a slill evolvong plan tha t will expose

results expected .

also on their willingness to explore, to be expero-

when you move from the promise of youth to

In the new bUilding. everyone Will be ,n one

out to be a collection of abstract pseudo-

students to all levels, sca les and methods of

experienced the depth of that Indifference in

the I,m,ts of ma turo ty Although thiS ,"volves a

place and SOCially It Will be a better place with

scientific actiVities that dissolved Into a

deSign In

reve als a lot about our aspirations for the new

mixture of regret and nostalgia . these limits can

a better miX The layout IS a fast track version of

purposefully uncritical acceptance d conton-

tween such classifications In lavor of a focus on

gency and accepted social structures. rven when

different deSign methodologies. Process rears

school. We are building th is program together. from the curroculum to the research group . "

be positive : you realoze you don't have to climb the Himalayas . or play baske tb all With the Lak-

te ll wh o dec,ded what and thongs will remain

ers or swim the English Channel

open-ended . But more permanence and lon-

The school IS in the process of admitting its lirst class in the Mastel of Archit'!cturt' programs fo r

how a city grows accretlonally. It Will be hill"d to

gevity wol l let us use the entore B5,000 squart' The new location IS a step up and seems more

feet as

a build ing site

V"'e Will be able to use the

posing itself as an aid In



way that dissolves the barroers be-

Learning from Bookstores

our eflorts to distribute the ARCH INFO pamphlet. Christian Hubert

making. or. on how human beings extend

The architectural cultur e of any metropolos both

on ly exception was H&.I - and thi ' despite the

The Idea of dissolving traditional notions of the

themselves and make real their actiVitIes

needs and IS reflected by the quality of its

unusually low cost due to the amount of free

arch;tectural profession is one that contonues to

socialized space

bookstores More than places to buy books,

labor that goes Into theIr production . The purpose

they are II1dlspensable educational resources

of the Forum IS to promote archItectural cul ture

Students are asked to explore ways In which

for the communities they serve. For many

,n Los Angeles. and the refusal of Hennessey



fa ll, 1992 . ThiS first year. two degrees are o f -

substan tial In many ways. ThiS brongs With II

place literally as a la boratory for mateflals and

Interest us at Otis . II IS. however. not only

fered : M .Arch I. a fi rst profeSSiona l degree for

certa in risks . On Ber kele y St reet. everyth,"g

methods of construction We Will be able to do

archi tect ure that must try to escape from i ts role

students With a bachelor of arts or a bachelo r of

felt Impermanent and things worked well ,n

light experoments by cutting '"to the roof. Stu-

as an Integral par t of the propagation of the

they can make themselves at home in the world

profeSSionals . bookstores take th e place of the

and Ingalls to support that effort is an egregious

school library: they are a si te of SOCIal interaction

failure (Incid ental ly. If YOU'r e looking to buy a

and intellectual exploration .

copy of ARCHINFO. go to Arcana or Big and

sCience : and M .Arch II for those students who

part because there was a high degree of uncer-

dents Will be able to see how deCISiOnS materialize

existing status quo . Interior DeSign . Landscape

by becomll1g aware of the socio-spatial quali-

have earned a bachelor of architecture. £nroll-

tainty. Ou r energy has been devoted to putt'"g

and test thin gs very d irectly So much can hap-

Design. Urban Plann ing. Set Design and Furni-

ties of their environment and of the act of

ment wil l be limited to a maximum of thirty

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Newsletter, Spring 1992  
Newsletter, Spring 1992  

Forum Update, The Education(s) of an Architect by Sylvia Lavin, UCLA, Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning by Jurg Lang, New D...