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Morpho l'l

1182 Nett

How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away? Hig h .<1 .rc:hil'-;b .nd their ,"';tic. h.... be·

com. tofiuted on ....k'ng.rt Qulof .rchilec lu •• th,t th. y h,v, ' orllonen how compleJ I disci pline ' rchi tectu •• •" lIy is. Th,ir di sc:us·

. ion pile ••• hig h Vllu. on Ih' j"nov.lion of

new vocabula,i. , ,nd on I b, I. . .. t form.1 qUIOl iti ••. Arch lteeru. aI eognoseenti focus their

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work. Othe.

Mgmenl. 01 building Pfoduc:tion thtol employ

1TIOf. populi, t and eommonly und .... tood YOubul.,I• • , such 81 period revlv, l.rchitectu.e,


illflO(ed .

But ...ell • focu s beg. thto prim.ry ni.Ienti.t


w. h,vI 10 .... our,..'....".

How do

those 01 uS ineuleat..:! in .rehitKtur.1 e ullure e __ isl wilto. world whlc:h I.rllely ignore. the v"ues.nd rules 01 hillh .rt erch ltec:lu,.? Wh.t I. Ihe r"'tionshi p 01 mo.t people to Ihe .elu.1 built .nvi ronment? How do Ihe buildings th., w. _from lhe freew.y, Itoe dev.'ope, hou.· inll . the bI.nk·IKed SpeCul. tive offiee build· 11'1\11 .nd the shOPPi"ll m.lts g.1 designed? How do th.y .ffecl the Qu.lity 01 ou' l.....s7 These .re the ilsuu th.1 .rchitects .nd the medl ••!lke Ihould put their mind. to. A,ehllec:lure, by its very n.tur. , i• • witeh '. brew , .n In lersec:tion of m.ny d iffer'nt diKipllne. r.nging f,om soc:loIogy to .rt to eity plann l"ll to e"llineering . Ginn such. broad renll' 01 Influenees .nd eoneern., It il onl, n. turel to essume Ito.t the bolk 01 buildinll proch.etion could belong to some clu.llleat;.o., 01 'rchllKl ure based on se .... ing • • m.ller subset 01 one or more 01 these needs. S lmil.rIy, not .11 wort<. oIarehitec:lure .ddress th,'ull r,nile o l 'rehiIKtur.' eone.,n • . Some bolfd inll' may indeed be 'boul rev'.'i"ll the m •• n. 01 th eir conltruction .nd other•• bout Ihe muterly h.ndlinll of IllIhl .nd aoec •. Som. m.y be .bout the beautiful orn.m.nletion 01 • slmpl.....ies 01 s oth..s m.y be.bout l"IIenlous methods of pr.,.brleetion. Just as bolto the essey .nd Itoe d.tec:tiv. /10'1l1li er. legitim.1e !iler.ry 'orms . 10 does erehitec:ture .11ow lor both the hillh ert bulfdlnll .nd more popul l.1 WOi'k wilto. wld.r .ud, . In


mod.m eonsumerist soc:lety m.ny build·

i"ll' h.v •• prim.ry or second.,., fu nc:tion as eonsumerisl •• ehitectv •• . Their rel.tionship 10 eonsum..s becom.. _ of the prim.ry determin.nts of lorm . In sec:ond l ry building. the "slh,lic .pope.' 0' the bulldlnlllS P3rt 01 the ow.r.ll lm'II' th.t Ito. building I. offerinll lor Ito., suc:h as eorpar.t. offic. build·

il'l\ls. tn prim.ry eonsumer building., the build·

nec:lSsiteting pileh<td rool • • Theotherpermi.-

of the same ege. Rather , 1\ .,.pressed the

1"11 itself I. p.rt 01 the edl'1l<tlsement 0' Ito,

sible .,.pLenl tion is thlt they Invenled a

lunctlon . It wll progremmed with through

p.od uc:t Inside .nd • k.y pert 01 the nperienee

n.w Irehilec:tural voe.bul,,., themselYes in

d ifferent Imeg...,. To the dlllree thlt both lhe

0' petronizing the busi ness in sl d•. When you

the m. nner 01 a mester sueh II Wright or

pe riod re"i"al and Ito. modernist hou .. w.,e

buy • teddy beer . 1 the Be.r T. . . in Or.n lle

G.hry and Itoerefore ere not indebted to

County, lor in,lenc:e, you "iIoO buy Ito. whims y


of w.'kinll inside' eonieal rooled buildi"ll

preeedeni. Wh ileltols premiM is th_eli(:Itty liberating to the e<tlsl in his .oIe I I

' limed the Mme way. or wllmec! by the .. me he.ting.ystem. Itoey lie equ.lI, modern .


.nd finished lik' I giln t Ir. . lrunk.

unfettered creetor. il does have the preelieal

Period revival architeets abt.lo make the

Beeluse 0' the specillc:ity 01 its Im'lIIry .nd

disedvan lege 0' erealinll environm.ntll eh _ and putti "ll many archileets In OWer thei r heeds .

.,.st their o wn wi\tloul uc:riflc:lng the fu ne ·

Not only do they to I. ern to s pea k a

form. I nd the . ymboli sm th. t they em plo yed

forms. Ii r.1 orde r consumer erchitKlure hu the e.p.c:ity to represent. sher, I nd eommunic.el. common e ultu,al vl lues.

tion l l iniegrity 01 thei r bu ildings . Nearly all the


lengu-ae , but they h. n 10 In wenl the rule. by

wer. no

which it is spoIo;en .

todey thIn they were 50 y.ers -ao.

eauld be to er. .l •• romenUe sense ol.seepe,

Post modernist I rch itec:ts encountered

In hi. motIOIJraph on the South..... Ce lifomi.

the principelfunetion of. eonsumer·or!en led

slmillr diffic:ullies. Their tllk Is d iffer.nt. They

reviv.tlst WetlKe Neff. Alsen Cllrk quo tlS

build ing such u . shoppj"ll center could .Iso

must lind I way of di.torting , perodyi"ll or

Aymer Embury It • • d istinguis hed Ee sl Co.ast

be . motiv. or noslelllie In lis .ppeel. If enler· l•• Ironle.lly d lstl nclnll themselves

tllnmenl Is I le\Iitimlt. 'unc:tIon of arc:hilec:·

lrom the lIenre they heve Hlec:ted. The parody

erehltec:t a nd author writinll In th. 1920 •. Embury pr.lsed erehllec:ts 01 the time bKeuse

ture. then the use oIlarm • • d.teils or I)Ittem,

o tt... h.. the effeet 0' meklng theit work brittle , sllIy.nd IKking in eomm llment.

al lId.pti"ll lTeditionll .lements to mod...,

tiel Plrt of both fine . nd pOpUlI.1 works 01

Thu. 1t was lnrtlteble Itoal period •• wlvel I rchl·

re1fiv., a.ehitecl, Wimam Delano. pre-

literetur" th.n it liso hIS. plK' in wort<. 01

teeture . wilto ils clearly delined Inltie l preml ..., he. begun to apopell more tike a viable

lerred to th ink 01 .11 0' his wort< , how..... r nawored by this or thll styl. , .. mod.,n, be-

option a nd tess lik. a e09"out.

eauM II WII delillned 10 suit c:onlempore,.,

or plee.

is q uil •• pprOpriat• . 1f s.uc:h rec:ell i•• n ••sen·

lIehilec:lure Intended 10 be slmlllrly


live . The of a projec:t In hitti"ll this

he believed they w... bec:oming more edepl uses. Motto.. well-known Eesl Co.ast period

pertleuler terg.t, the coherency Ind Ippropri ·

ne..:I. Ind Ie.le. Simll.rIy , N. ff ehose to eell

al_ss 01 its three-d imenslonlf mllenal reef-

And , .tt. . .11, period revivel .rc:hllec:ture he.

his work 'Celifomien"lo ernphelil. the primec:y

Ilation . OUIJht 10 be 1M princ:i9a1 e.iteril by which it Is velued . and nol by Its eon formanee

n."... eompletely d ied. It merely rWHtM from

01 the

the fronl Ii.... 01 Itchiteelure' e uttull proper

.truc:tIon OVflf tn. lime anet plec:. of sty-

to e urr.nUy eeeepted rule. of eonlampora,.,

but lived on in the worlds 01 popul. t erehilee ·

high . rt arc:hilec:ture .

lure .nd Inl.nor desllln. Ther. were ...en er-

li.tie orig Ins. In leet. Neft was unhef)9ie.1 wh. n loreed to eopy, as waslhe eIIM wllto the Villa

as Ke.per Ehrn<;k••nd

Sot d 'Oro In S ie rra Nadre. The elienl required

Dot, n. who eontin ued to preetiee It during the

ehilec:ls sueh


and plee. 01 hi. building. ' eon-

loee' arch iteel. hne become so eonlused l bout who thei •• udienc:e Is th.t the prime

50s. 80s end 70s In Southern Cl lilornie.

N.ff to modelltoe hou .. In pert .tt.. I buitdi"ll I ttributed to Miehelenoget.o, the Villa Collel l

whlppjnll boy .1 a reeent Southern Celilomia

Ther.for • • 1\ doesn't completel, qUlliry for •

nelr Aorenc:e.

Irchitec;tureisympos;um was none other than

mlrlCulou. cornebeck from the d." , dHpite

Princ:. Ch.rI... P.nelists Mieeled the Prinee

the new surlJl 01 interesl In the subjec:t. The

As the ereh ne. . . nd brittleness 01 post· mod ·

a because 01 hi. "woc:ec:y of Iredi ·

sltual;.o., brings to mind the mu slUI question

. rn Irony .nd the . nti·soc:l.1 . bstrKtion lor

lional Irehilec:tur" voelbullrie'. Th . invoea·

. bslrl(:tion ·s sek. 0' dec:on w. .r thin, raviv.l·

1;.0., of the 01 a m.mber 0' Europe's

th.t Dan Hleks and hi. Hoillek. alked In the l it rOs-' How c.n INiss You When You Won 'l

titled Iris toerec:y .lIowed th. m to ehlreelerize

Go Aw.y1·


(end eandemn) anyona questioning the soc:ifli re!evaneyol.soteric: erchilec;turll eon..... tion. II_rei" by an inlllnaUled arehitec:tural cui· lura . ll anythlng , AunlNarttoaOflha manonth.

r.mll .rehltec:ts ollen brOUlJht en inlormed

slr. .t I. probably mora to sympathll e

sen.ibltity to their sourc. mll..ill, tr.n.'orm ·

with Prlnee Chlrles th.n the Irehllec:ts on the

inll II .nd making it th.l. own . Eec:h desig,""

Pinel who were the reel elitist • . (See a<tlcle.

lett an Individu.' .tlmp on hi. work, ju.t IS

' Them vs U.· in Itois Issue.)

eec:h ... revives the I.nguege 01 the put in ils own w.y . As David Gebherd wrot. ln his booII

Th. Im"ll"" 01 the Americ;", ~ in the tw.ntieth eentury hIS uSU.lly hed s.ome Ir"i-

LA. In the lOs, the typic:el d'9<"ession ..a

tlonlll.lture., ewen whe n these w.,e mingled

Southern C.lilomla period reviv.1 hou..s hed high ly wort<able IIoor plan. that .!lowed lor

wllh modern lorms, sueh as the Wl90n wh. .1

.ISY K ees. to the ouldoofl , c:onvenient ac '

and spill fill fence In Ironl oIl mobit. h-ome.

commodltion 'or th •• utomoblle and alo!l lul clrcul.tion Pltt.,n. In this ...... , the modflfn-

8eeWIr Clea...... '. tile and limes would not .... v. pIe,.cI well ega;nst a beckdrop 0' eorner win · dow. end open web-.leeI \russes .

Ism eonlin ..... to off.. OJ)9Ortuni!les to wort< with in an egreed upon erchitecturl t vocebulery by ",tendi"ll .nd rllint...,..e U"II thet Ire-

FIr lrom being the e09'flsts thai conventiona' wisdom otten ...umes them to be , period

I.t hou.. of the t9lOs WIS not nec:e.H, ijy more func:tionlt then the period .evive! house

dition rether then by mocking it. Nosl importently. 1\ ean ct.ete bu ildings whose desitn Inlent ean be eleerly under.tood and . pprec:l-


On Augusl 4 . a sympos,um called 'Welcome to the MoI!en,um: Arch'lecture Slrti<,e$ Baclo ' was held on eonJUflCl1On ""th the Coop Horvne~.u Embol>on al the RocnIord Kuhlens<;hmldt Galie<y BdwId a table on. r..sed dais set up ," the gallery's parking 101. lour afc:hotects (Thorn Maine. MIChael Rotond,. ErIC Moss.rod Wolf p,,~). two cnlO<:S (Aaroo Betsky and leon Wh,leson) and moderator Chnst,an rlubert addressed a crowd of over. huodfed people.

I pproprial. or anee hrooi.tie

Just I I I prine;pel ' unc:tion of a wesl..n novel

of eomposltion e...old"lllnolh.. ti~

Themvs Us

ated by the pubtle . The 11m. has eome lor. IMrough ew.luation of regionelilt period rem ..

Hubert '"< altempted to org..,Ole the doSCUSSlOn ""th • $enes ot quesl>ons 10 .rchledUfe.iS Ifl. Ihot notw ,ntotrn.toon.' slyle (aka deconstruc:lmsm). the .rch,te<:~ur.' cl.mate ,n Southem Cahtorroa and the retallOnshIP of the arcMectyre ot Coop H,mmelblau to lhe los AngO!les context. The assembled .rchrtects. who have been worIung the e,rc:uol logelhe' tor m..,y $eISO!"lS , $UmlnlOriIy IQno<ed Ihrs p<Dgram Eric 1.4055 began by recounbng his appreoabon !of the wa<y Coop Hommelbtau "",.. ted lhe .. des.gns: In IOeO-motorsketch, whoch ,s made ""In Ihe e)'otS closed, sets the cooceplual slrategy l(lf the devel· opment of lhe p<a,ect. (He SpecIOUSly asserted that the source of the p<O]l'Ct 's lhereto«! nor\-.,.,sual) Thorn Mayne conlrasted thos approectl ..,th tnat ot hlslim!. Morphosos, which he said looks toCOfVl«l ..,th • do.ee1 pnm.we end pragmetc ~sponsO! 10 edueve I $OIu11On for a partocular prqec:I.

In both eases, the odea of gelt.rlg beyond p<escnptove rules 10 a deeper, more ",Ial solubon was revealed. Unlortunaleiy, after this oIMous po<nl was mede, an ' us versus \hem-theme was eSlab.shed tnat pre-empted • mo<e onte<esbng d,scus· soon 01 how each archrtect QOe$ eborA hrs on(JMdu;at search lot form It would appear lhat Ihe work of I-4orphos,s and Coop H,mmelblau are doametnt.,1y opposed. Coop H,mmelbtau Sl!f!ms to take the <ntult,veiy dehned skelch .s Ihe poont of departure to< the creatIOn of a set 01 rules thai gUIde the deweIopment of the desogn. Thew lines 01 force f!$~ bolh a parti end an.mage whoc:h IS subsequenlty aafted ,"10 the f,,,... worl< . Chaos" IrOlen and govenorder In fact. ii " thts subsequent ra\lonll deo<elopment of e. qUls· 'Iely crafted detail'ng whICh frnally g"es the woO< ,ts


The work of Morphos<s, on the contrary. Sl!f!ms

grounded ... a lond of eonsoous encoon\el ""th the srte end context If rI even c:omes 10 ~SembIe the work 01 Coop Himmelbleu il '5 becIuse ~ is deve-Ioped beyond the prt!scopt""" of h" toncafly den'<ed form or typologoes. Yel to look " the sweep 01 their work '5 10 note, Iond of cootrourng disas5efllbty of the typology of the Ired,t-.l oty and ,15 <eIOCOI"pOf.bon ,"10 work thaI 0$ ' prlnIr!rte end preg. mato<:" In thIS sense , there IS eno4her level of tet\SlOn on the Morphosis work - typoIogocel antec:edenls ..... "~enl bul not dorrMnenl.


For most modernist arc:hitects. howiIYer, 11 hIS nol been enough to muter a sel ollorms or a . yst.m 01 eomposition. II any . y.t.m of lamil · lar .e' is • .,.,.renl in their lIeh ileeture . there .r. only two permisslbl. e.r.ple n.tion • • One II that the relerenees Ir. not intention.1 end er•• b,product o l ..tisf'yi"ll s.ome other eonslderation , suc:h as e he"",



UIt,mately, these aIchrte<:ts have allc~aled engag. 'ng.nd cralled works thaI communoce\e the" Ideas II9IIressM!1y Ooe would tIIl'fI hoped lllat the critICS .ttempt speofo<: analysis Of QUfliloonng of the worl< leon Whlteson look the erch leets 10 tasIo. lot the" _ tomes awl<ward Ittempts .t e.llpblOfWlQ \heir work, but attempted none hlmsetf Aaron Belsky rllSed rmportanl issues f89IIrd'ng the work '" the con text of los Angeles. but l198,n dod not spec,f,c.'1y address the aIchrtects' p<oducbon.

The sympos .... m dogfessed from broad assertlOf\$ atloul the art,st ,n socoety - who ereates selltshly yet who$e worl< has the power to ,nSlruct the massesto lhe odea lhat perhaps Ihe work wdl make sense to a future. more enbghlened puI)Ioc.

The quest"", of relalong Iter .. chotectu~ to los Angeles re<:erved only IWSong mentIOn from the ~ members The conseoSys'mong Ihe .rc... · teets seemed 10 be lhat thete '5 a great freedom to work'ng on los Angeles, bul by ",rtllf! of.ts lack of ,mpoS<1'on ralher than by any dLfecl ,n5p1rabOfl Th,s see"" • I,ttle d'S<IIQenoous In the end. the artho· leelS ~ to eollec:trvely dosmossl.A. as a banal ugly plec:e _th no onlMSOC v;lIue Wolf P". 's commerlls were bolh the ffIO$llroubiing and lhe ffIO$l lhoughl provok'ng. Dlsclos,ng h,s lack of love ior the tradltronal European efty. and VoeM8 '" perto<:ulat, he stated thll Vief>ne; Ind Los Angeles were more ahke Ihandllfer8fl1 to hom In both the well-heeled lew p<e5Cfobe wiI buill whal snd, ., the end, both O\leS $Ulfer trom a deed, conse .... atrve poont 01 ",""W thaI st,lIes oncf......duat expressIOn. He slated that the oft asked quest"", of whether the" worl< could reme,n the same ,n Los An9l!Ies where il would not stand in d,a~tlC tension W"th the clasSICal bu,Id'ngs of the Ira(l<toonal c,ty was 'rrelevanl. The ompI bon was thaI Coop H.... me!bIIu·s,.,.grl< transcends the tyrar\r"I)' of context and stands alone. whateve, the settong h COflsbMes a new 00"de< thaI mal<.O!s no bridge to olher I,mes 0< pornls of voew Coop H.mmelbtau's besl known pro]f!ds have eilher been embedded ,n lhe Irad ,bonal c,ty 00" haw! taken the form of freestand<ng structures In the forst cese, the traditoonel c:rty asserts ,Is own her· melo<: retoonaIISm end '5 re$obefll to the ontruSlOn of Ihe.. ontu,tntely-bised areh,te<:ture 1"heu- free· stendong prorecls take advantege of • sam,l,n free00m where lhe e.\j)ressoon of forces r$ unfetlered by any bound'ng obstructoon The" projeCt lor Melrose Avenllf! ,S, the<elore, of partoc:ular .,Ierest on thaI neother the c1anty of the !rad<t<onal e,ty no< Ihe freedom of the dear Slle 0$ po-CMded The clasSICal oty p<~ .., automabc ground'ng fOf lhe,.,.grl<, no InIOller what ,Is ",tent"",. SImply because of rls conSistency, clarity, and ability to hold rls own. Melrose and the pla,ns of Los Aogeles ere a protean half·formed woOd. The s,te demands that a new ,.,.grI< be Judged III reialoor> to the sland il takes ""th regard to the patlaally-fonned .nd confloctong tendenetes tnalsp'" aIound rt By eweanng 10 take no parbCular inlefest '" the unoque urbarosm 01 los Angeles, tht$ prqecl nSk$ Ihal ,I moght also cont.ibute noth'ng, however wellcr.ftedand engag'ng ,t may be on ~sown. S,m llarly. the fa"ure of the sympoStum 10 address thIS same i5sue p<oduc:ed an empty doscussoon thai had little to contnbule 10 the c:rty ,I was hetd ., I(N CAffEY

M.'ro •• 1 Projlct


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Two Recent Defeats

The other e vent was more parochia l in n.ture.

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The FOI'um had intende d to ho ld a d iscussion

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killed Ihe event. The Trump Organization p.e·

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Trump's Ie""alhan has swallowed the Forum and

Two rKen t e vents have brought political reo to a ny Intere Sled

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erties. The Forum lelt that 'his situation was

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lall. This sile is owned by a consortium of

tailor, made fOl' a di scussi on about the way in

lobbying . Perhaps they are air aid that their

In the case of the AmbessadOl' Hotel sile e venl ,

investors led by Ihe noto.ious Trump Organi·

which physical issues · Ihe size o f the site, Ihe

plans wi ll not stand up in the li ght of day.

Our alte mptto

zalion in New York . This group would like to

density of the surroundinllarea. the appropri·

erecl a giant office . reta il and res idential

ateness of certain bu ilding types · were inter·

In both cases, the

0' the problem is the

obvious Irom view in g some of Ihe models

com pie. on the site, including the world's

twined wilh difficult social and economic

clarityofarchi l ecl ure. When something is built .

commissioned by Trump th at the physical is·

the sprrng. (See Aa.on Betsky's art,cie ' Two feats' also In th iS ,ssue.)

tallest building. The los Angeles Unilied School

choices . The various proposals have physical

you can't hide it. A building is inlentions, val·

sues were already crystal·clear: how could

After a s,x month h,atus, Adele Santos 1S aga,n

Board has other plans . Because of the severe

impacts, and a reading of the models and

ues an d economic power made flesh. A close

one integrate either of Ihe two developments

shortage 01 classroom spece, they ha ve can·

plan s could allow us 10 understand Ihe under·


0' an arch itec tural object can reveal

in the li ' e of the community. and how would

vinced the slate to let them acquire the si te for

lying issues in greater deplh. We h ad hoped 10

mucll aboul the Ilidden agend as and power

such building s tran sform Ihe r>eighborhood7

a major new high SChool Loca l property own·

put such an understandinll to llood use by

relationships of the various players in the de·

One doe s not need a l inal plan 10 figure ou t

Trump's organ'lat,on pulled out therr local rep re·

e ~am;ne

the vafious plans and

Pfesident of tile Cultu. al Affairs ideas was labeled "premalure. " though it was

Commission. NOI'ris has been in strumental in turni ng Ihal body into an activist agenc y with a For um Events , 10

participate In

Ang eles Forum lor

recelw e lhe

pl , nn l ng Forum

Architectu re .


sentat"e and refused to lei the" archotect Scott Johnson (who had already agreed 10 speak) part,c,· pate They cla,m to be ,n the midd le 01 negot lahons and don' t realty haVf! a proposal yel The local school board , the s.te 's nerghbors. arch,tect Richard Keating and

p.ofound influence on the physk;al develop· mant o f the city. City age ncies and developers were no longer able to impose their struclures on los Anlleles w ith no regard fOl' their impact on the community, their appearance Or tlleir



publication s pl an n ing and development


lund raising

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humanity. Forfour years Norris fought with Ihe


Marty Berko had also ag,eed

10 be part 01 the proceedings. We wi ll try again ,n


I am ,ntere sted ,n tile lolJow' ng aCI,vil,es:

The lall Forum S\lrres City Design LA

On the future of the Ambassador Hotel site this

lorced resign ation 01 Merry NOI'ris from her an nu al lee entities

sp,t ,t out

was sche<luled to have ItS fourth and clrmactlC Imal evenl on the s,te of the Ambassador Hotet unto!

alilies home to us. The lirst was the recent Individual. The

Members' Notes


WIth the CRA on the Hollywood Case Study

Pro)8Cl. Adele 's part Irme at UC San Drego begrnn'ng In October and lull t,me from 1991. and ,s rumored 10 beslart,n9 a Wesl Coast jrrm. Shewl li be laking apphcabons for tcachrng pos,bons start· rng th,s Oclober lo.can O' Herlihy


tak,ng on She ila Klein' s

poMron at Ot,s as ass,stanl dean. Lou Naidorff '5 ers . led by the Wilsh ire Stakehotde's group

lect ure s and di scussio n s

sponso. ing an idu s competition for the si le

~ elopmenl

of the city. In Ihe


of M.IffY

what the issues are, but one also doesn ' t need

powers·thal·be to make them accountable to

the new Dean al Wood bury Joon Kaliski rs lak'ng 3 Sc,·Ate students and F.ank Gehry 10 Germany to

readlnggroups / researcll

and local developet W.yne

socia l evenls

R ~ tkovitch,


after the evenl .

Norris, Iler aggressive campa ign to scru tin ize

a wealherman 10 know which wa y the w in d

some standards o f afchitKlural merit · and to

redes'gn the gr eenbelt around Frankfurt.


Cha se w,1I be teach,ng at USC and Viclor ia all the 5()I;ial and aeslhetic standard s that

Th e F orum at 213 4131198

beca u se it is so large , Ih, second because the



Assoc iaTe

$too $500 $1000

P"nc 'pa l Client H ,Roark


D. Trump

When we contacted Barbara Ress of the Tru mp

much pain and aggravation 10 departmen t


Call1SCo wrl l be

at Sc,· Arc

are hitKlural judgements im ply . Finally , she

Nicolas Siern , the son 0 1 Robert Ste.n. '5

had just made too many enemies, and, as she

M e mb ership categories $35

projects bu ilt on Of abo ... e city land has caused

uncomfortable wilh both ptans : with the lirst,

For more ,n lormanon contact:

O.ganiza tion. however, she nolonly relused 10

heads and developers used to getting their

W01k'ng for Orsney Imag1neerrn9 Jean Gath and Dick Law haVf! left SWA to JOtn Mic hael Pitta s on

cooperate, bul told me in no uncertain lerms

way withoul public scrutiny. The changes

wn,1e our own ed,lor , Natalie Shivers ,

hersell admits, her politically useM life was

form,ng a frrm, Pat Dawe ,s lea. 'ng A.C. Mart,n, has moved

10 Paramount PICtures

that she did not want the event to occur. She

proposed by the Commission with the help o f

1000bade her partners and the architect for the

the Mayor 's Design Advisory Board ha.e o ften

site (Scott Johnson of Johnson Fa in and Pereira)

had tile result of integrating city buildinlls

10 pertic ipate and vowed 10 pressure all those

better into the surroundinll community and o f

over. Unfortunately. Br eclley' s rKent appoint· men l s to the C<:rmmission, wh ic h include Peler

Amy Alper and luis Hoyos are/or ha ... e plan s to move Into Sch,ndler's Sach's Apartments In S,· lake, a .e"lable warren of architects,


Ueberroth 's former assistan t and the eleva' Yasmine Ma hmoudieh ,s return'ng to Europe tion of p.r, flack David Simon 10 Ihe Presi·


mod·October and would hke 10 su b·let her Ve nICe offICe. (great locallOll, cJose to beach, etc) Opllon

making them more usefu l to neighbors' re sults dency, do nol bode well for any kind o f archi ·

Taiep hon e

Ihal have nothing to dO wilh the smooth func · tKlural activism Irom the Commission ,

La. "'ng aleo Fo,um lor "'rchltacl u' a li nd U,,;un D' .'gn

to ta ke OVer e.. st'ngc lrent list l100$f (shared· w/ fll< . confe<ence room, etc .). Rent $700 • $775/ mo 2133965765 1350 Abbott Kmney Blvd.


21ft Sunset Boul ... rd

los AnO " ' •• C.lllorni. 100 21

Ca lenda r Forum Ewen ts City Design LA Cenlral City West B. · ··

,,' H'I " S,'

l'l ', ', ',,,' , .. ,' 2 .,' S·


", A'


,,, ..

Universal City: I e J " '" C


T" , .

" ()

,,, ..

All Forum Eve n ts lake place at 7:30

om Lectures/ Eve nl$

Lecture by Laurie H.wkinson Pr.-Iopal, Sm lth·M,lIer + Hil'Mooson, NYC SCI·ARC Marn Space.

SM" """" October IO.8p.m. Lecture by Peter Waldmen

F'nno?aI, Waldman & Genik, Hooston

SCI·ARC Marn Space, Santa Mo..uca October 17.8 p.m, Leclure by Julie Ei«l<1berg.".;l IiIInk Koning


, Ko<w>g

Er.tenberg ArcMeclure UCLA, 1 10'2 PetIoli Hall October 18,8 p.m,

Symposrum on Los Angeles Architecture Panel d<scussoon lea!llMg Kenneth Frampton. David Gebhardt. Mict.ael Sor1<in, Frank Gehry and Aaron Belsky

Coope •• Ht'Wln MU5eUm, New yO<!< (212) 860-6898 lor


lecture by Anthony Vidler UClA, 110'2 Pf!t1011 Novemt>er 29, 8 p,m, Lecture by Robert Irwin SCI·ARC Main Space,

SM"""'" (213) 829·34B:l for ..,fOfmatoon DATE TBA

Symposrum on Aaya Vista Panel diSCIJssoon lutunng Andres Cuany, Dougln Ga rdner. Rieerdo L.egorreta, Laurie Olin, StepMnos PoIy:roicles and Bun Yudell UCLA, Fowle< Aud~onum

SCI·ARC Maln Space, Santa Monca Novembe,1 4,8p.m, Lecture by Harry Wolf UCLA, 110'2 Pf!t1otl No.embe, 15, 8p.m,

and Botancal Gardens, San Marino Contrnvtng \lvough October 28 -Eric Orr"

Blum Helman GalIety,

Santa Monca Conltnurng through October 13 "Irving Penn: Photographs" Faheyll<lell'l Gallery , Los Angeles Contrnurng througll October 13

Responsive Environment, USA I USSR, 1980-1 990"

Murray Feldman No.ember1· Decembere "Chieeno All: Resistance and Affirrnetion: 1965 •

''''. Woght

Contrnurng through October '28

An Gallery, UClA Con\lnulng tIvough Oecember9

"Robert Rauscnenber9" Recent parntrngs Scott Hansen Gallery.

"Edward Ruscha" MOCA al Calilomra

SM" ""'" Cont,n"ng through

Oecember9 · Fe!lruary 24

"Jim Dine: Rec:enl



October 30

"Donald JuOd"; "Robert Mangold"; "Sol LewitI"

""'"" "'"""y


Irn;tallatron by Jady Zellen

""" ""'"" tlYough October 30

"American Arts and Crafts: Virtue in Design' LACMA Contrnurng through

'ntemaliOtl8I Folk Art Market Vete.ans· Memonal Auditonum , Culver Oty (213) 937·5544 for II'llonnatoon October 14, lOam. 4 pm.

""""" 6 "The Independent Group: Postwar Britain and the Aesthetics Plenty" MOCAaT the Temporary

"Tables & Jewelry" Gallery 01 Functronal An, Santa Monrca Conbl"lJll'lQ ttvough Oecembef 15


Doucet and Cajun


band Beauso4cil Wadsworth Theater , UCLA October 14,7 p.m

Cootll'lUlng through January 13

los Angeles F'tIilharmonie 1990/ 199t5eHon Music Cenler Dorothy


Chandler PaWion ,

ellects on

Coot"""'ng "Phantom of the

collection wrth light and

1925 silent Ii"" WIth



(213) 850-20'20 lor \Jckets

"""""" "'-'"'

"Ita~an ~i sMnc e


Upstalf5 Ga/lery, Venrce Contrnurng through October '27

Drawings" 15t1l and 16th cent"')' dra""ngs by Mantega, del Sartoda, Da Vrno, CorreggIO, and T<ban


"Coenties Slip"

The J. Paul Getty

MOCAat the T.",...., Contemporary ContirUng ttvough December 30

Featurrng work by Kel~, Indiana. Martin and Rosenquist Richard Green Gamely, Santa Mornc.a Conlrnurng through October '27

Museum, Ma~bu Contiioulng Ihrough No.ember II

"RebeccIr Hom " MOCA at CaI~omra

"Plrul Strand: P.apIe and Place"


Continuing ttvco.ogh January 6

the Slumer



'27. 8;30 p.m.

Intemational Festival

Hancocl< Coonty Pati< , L~_

(213) 937·5544 for ",fOfmatoon Octoller '28, 1 1 a.m.


Body muSIC Iflterwoven WIth BalInese 'Monkey




UCLA Nr;wref'lber 17,8pm



lNe per10fmance of muSIC from "61ac1e Runner' ""th fi m drps and other rT\OIIIf! musrc: Royce HaIl,lIO..A October 20, e p.m.

W.... Zooi & The EnmbIe


"North Alrican rhythms , cool jazz motifs, a"2Otll century dassrcaI aesthebc and a passionate , relentless pertormar.:e


Grupo Corpo Dence CompenW ~ 's premrere




H~ , lIO..A

October 26 . '27, ep,m .

October 13, 8:30 p, m.

The J . Paul Getty

"A Gathering of Friends'

MlI'lr-organ concert: 6:30p.m. Screenong: 8:00 p, m. October 18 "Music from the

Branford Marllliis


Royce Hall, UCLA No.ember 30, e p.m

Hot Springs Sybanbc splendor 3Ce N O. ford Avenue , Los Angeles (2 13) 734 -7000 for rnlonnato:lfl ContLf1U1"9 Be..erty

"Raiees Musicales' Musrc: of Meroco and the H<5p<lO>C Southwest Wadsworth Theater , UCLA Novembe' 2. 8 p.m.

Royce HaIl, lIO..A


Royce Hall, UCLA October 12, 8p.m.




live muSIC and

Turtle Island Smng

"Pereeptu.1 InYHtigation· WorI<s Irom the

Brech.a . World Music Acoustical world mu sic Quartet

¢ . . ""

"A Cajun Extravaganza" Featumg M>chaeI

Dfvef$lon s

Contemporary Art.

"Whet Is Legitimate



Gallery, POe

"',.,,, Exhibits

No.emt>er 7. a p.m.

Lecture by e .... Hickey C""" curator, eOltor , teadle'. purnalist. ""'iter of frctoon and


WOI1<s Ganery, Long



-Piranesi Prints Irom the Hr,lOlington Collection" The Hoot.ngtoo Garden LJbrary. An

H you know about !e<:tures, events. e"M,.ts, etc . that others shoukf know aboot, contact

m~ ,

Randall Cloud:

Geofge st-ring. Joe Wilt;.ms & Joe Pass Royce Hal, UCLA November 4, 7 p.m .

(2 13)933-283 1

"Hope of the Heart " A pre-CMI Waf drama adapted from the wrlfjngs 01 Robert Penn Warren Mati< Taper Forum ,

"" """",

(7 13) 972·7337 lor


Cooton<Jing through November 11

S u n set

C. lilornl. 90026




Blvd. Los An ge l es

MU5eUm, Maiibu Conbnuong through Nr;wrember 25

, o


•• ••E •> o



••o o"

Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design

Newsletter, October-November 1990  

Two Recent Defeats by Aaron Betsky, How Can I Miss You When You Wont' Go Away? by John Chase, Them vs Us by Ben Caffey, Jumbo Size Architect...

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