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LA FIN DE LA RUE 1270 Chemin des Carlues, Venelles 13770, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, FRANCE

www.lafindelarue.com enquiries@lafindelarue.com


WELCOME TO OUR HOME Welcome to our home. Over the years this property has brought us many memorable moments and wonderful experiences. Now it gives me great pleasure to open the doors to you, so that you can make memories of your own. The region of Provence is famous for the way natural light interacts with the countryside, lavender fields and traditional French stone. La Fin de la Rue maximises this beautiful local quality with large windows and seamless indoor-outdoor living. The property is comprised of a main building, smaller guest house, tree house, hot yoga pavilion, tennis court, swimming pool, tree top adventure experience and 7 acres of surrounding gardens. In addition, our home has become an outstanding sporting estate. We offer access to professional level training across a range of sports, including tennis, road cycling, mountain biking, triathlon, hiking, climbing, horse riding, swimming, watersports, personal training and yoga. The house is the perfect base to enjoy intensive training for one of these activities, or a multi-sports experience covering them all. Combining an active life, with luxurious living and food from Michelin starred chefs amidst stunning scenery and a gorgeous ambiance, is exactly how we like to live our lives. This book will show you the property and its many features. After taking a look I hope that you too will captivated by the unique charm of La Fin de la Rue. – Tim Levy


Upon entry to the main house, you are greeted by clean and spacious rooms with plenty of natural light from the outside.



The kitchen has all the equipment required by a professional chef.

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The bedrooms in both houses are guaranteed to give you a restful experience when relaxing or sleeping.


The rooms on the ground floor of the guest house have a very open feel, allowing for a greater sense of closeness to the stunning scenery that can be found just outside the doors.

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The tree house takes you closer to nature, whilst providing luxurious comfort. Its cosy interior will make you feel right at home, and at the same time, the surrounding views can make you feel as if you are staying in a different world. It has room to sleep 4.

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RELAXATION & RECREATION La Fin de la Rue is suited to any type of stay – whether you are excited more by the prospect of an engaging and active break, or if your preference is simply to unwind and embrace the peaceful qualities of the property. If you consider yourself more of a thrill-seeker, an abundance of recreational activities awaits you. Practice your tennis skills on our synthetic clay court, challenge yourself on our 50-foot climbing wall, take the quad bikes out for a spin or explore the surrounding areas on a cycle tour. Whatever you decide to take on, the choice is yours. Alternatively, a more laid-back visit can be just as easily experienced here. Various types of massage are available on request, while the 17 metre long swimming pool can provide a welcome respite from the Mediterranean heat. The outdoor seating areas are the perfect place to dine al fresco, and the beautiful gardens make you feel as though you are in a different world. The following pages will give you a taste of what you can discover and experience during your stay.

The house has a lovely 17 metre long swimming pool.

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There is a synthetic clay court that is in excellent condition and plays beautifully. Also, a fantastic tree-top adventure tour is perfect for thrill-seekers (with harnesses and safety lines, suitable for ages 8+).

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A unique hot yoga pavilion, with teachers available on request, can give you the chance to work the entire body and see a whole host of benefits as a result. The spaces just outside the property can be a peaceful haven to wander through or to stay, relax and take in the beautiful light.

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Dining al fresco is a wonderful experience at Le Fin de la Rue. Enjoy meals prepared by a range of highly skilled chefs, available on request – or sit back and have a picnic in one of the many spots outside.

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Partially air-conditioned


1 double bed

One acre of lavender field

Large kitchen


1 bunk bed

Formal garden

Covered patio with dining table and chill out seating area

2 large reception rooms


Gas stove

Wild garden

Large indoor and outdoor dining areas

4 double bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (all en- suite)

Poolside seating and loungers

Lawn Guest house patio Woodland area

5 double bedrooms and 5 bathrooms (2 en suite)

400 metre driveway

Summer house by tennis court

Children’s playroom

Fruit orchard

Climbing wall

Laundry room

Outdoor gym

Study Indoor gym area Hot yoga pavilion

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* on request

Michelin star chef *


Tree top adventure

Quad bikes

Yacht rental *

Masseuse *

Personal training *

Tree house

Outdoor & indoor gym

Sky television




Golf (30 mins)


Hot yoga pavilion

Tennis coaching *

Cycle tours *

Horse riding (20 mins)


Calisthenics *

Climbing wall

A GREAT LOCATION London airports to Marseilles airport in 1:30 hours 10 minutes from Aix-en-Provence 30 minutes from Marseilles airport 40 minutes to sandy beaches (St Cyr sur Mer)

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CONTACT www.lafindelarue.com enquiries@lafindelarue.com 1270 Chemin des Carlues, Venelles 13770, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, FRANCE

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A luxury sporting estate for rent in the heart of Provence.


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La Fin De La Rue is an extraordinary luxury seven acre sporting estate for rent in the heart of Provence. Open to read about the many featur...

La Fin de la Rue – Property Guide  

La Fin De La Rue is an extraordinary luxury seven acre sporting estate for rent in the heart of Provence. Open to read about the many featur...