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| MAR-APR 2015


RAMOLA BACHCHAN is a recognized name in the fashion and business world, having built a reputation through her entrepreneurial and social skills. Based in London for twenty years before settling down in India a few years ago, Ramola is of the view that India is an amazing place for young people to showcase their talent and learn to do business the global way. Ramola Bachchan’s Runway Rising is a fashion and lifestyle exhibition that has quickly blossomed into a successful business venture. Says Ramola, "It is exciting to see the quantum of talent and entrepreneurial spirit that proliferates in our country and gratifying to have an opportunity to be part of a process that will shape the fashion-scape of the future." Brand Ramola Bachchan is synonymous with flair and diversity, and true to this, Ramola has recently forayed into the wedding business. As she elaborates, "Being a bit of an adventurer, I don’t allow myself any limitations and am constantly experimenting with different ideas to create interesting and innovative business options." Hailing from the renowned Bachchan family, Ramola is an independent woman and a mother of four children, each of them enterprising in their own right. True to her illustrious surname, Ramola has always been driven towards excellence. Be it in achieving a law degree from UK or in her experience in the hospitality sector, Ramola is a multi-faceted entrepreneur who defies age in all aspects and today is a well established brand in Delhi and around the country.

Fashion designer Aslam Khan with his couture ontology has touched the hearts of Fashion lovers throughout the world. Most of the designs of Fashion designer Aslam Khan represent the fine art of tailoring, as it showcased with fascinating pin tucks, piping, cuts, and frills. All these artistic chunks of the creativity of Fashion designer ASLAM KHAN give a perfect look. Fashion designer Aslam Khan also designs some trendy but graceful items for the energetic and lively generation, as they love to live with their dreams. Interviewed by Mehul Suthar



| MAR-APR 2015


| MAR-APR 2015

Summer season is here! The umbrellas and funky shades are out. Bright colors are waiting to be flaunted. It is bright everywhere. Summer spreads much energy and cheer. As the weather warms and the humidity skyrockets, our skin reacts too. During summers the skin is subjected to a variety of external factors like the sun, UV rays, dust, heat etc. which can result in several skin problems. So, when the mercury continues to rise and the heat waves batter the skin, it is time to take extra care of your skin. Here are some great tips you can follow under the supervision of a dermatologist to keep you going and glowing this summer season: Clean well - Use an appropriate cleanser as per your skin type and skin concerns twice daily followed by an appropriate toner. Do not cleanse too often because this can break down the skin’s protective barrier, causing excessive dryness and irritation, and may also lead to breakouts. Replenish Moisture - Whatever be your skin type, you must moisturize. Apply a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type and skin needs to keep your skin soft and supple. A lighter, preferably water based moisturizer is recommended. If you are susceptible to acne or pimples, use a non-comedogenic and oil free moisturizer. Protect from the sun - The sun's UV rays can damage your skin throughout the year. Choose a good broadspectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. Apply your sunscreen 20 to 30 minutes before going out. Apply a good amount of sunscreen on all exposed body parts and reapply every two hours or after getting out of the water or after exercise. Apply and liberally re-apply a lip balm with SPF to protect your lips as well, even if you are using lipstick. Cover yourself well - Lightweight, cotton clothes along


| MAR-APR 2015

with a cap, scarf or broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses act as shields from harmful UV rays. Exfoliate - Facial scrubs and masks may help lift off the dead, dull, sun-damaged skin cells revealing the healthier skin below and remove the tan. Use a mild facial exfoliator for the face and a good body scrub for the body. Use Instant face packs - Instant face packs like curd with honey for dry skin, lemon with rose water for oily skin and lemon with honey for normal skin used at least twice a week may help. Maintain proper hydration - Drink adequate amount of water throughout the day. If you are on the go, try carrying a bottle of water and a container of fresh fruit with you to prevent dehydration and heat stroke.

Wedding happens once in a life and to make it memorable, everyone wants each and everything perfect, best and impeccable. Indian weddings are full of colors, and beautiful mix of traditions, culture and family values. So make it memorable. Start with your attire. Create your own style statement by not just focusing on red. Try different colors like gold, emerald green, silver, violet, pink, fuchsia etc. Opt from the fabric i.e. brocade, crepe-silk, georgette, tulle and brocade. Either you opt for a sari or a traditional lehnga but choose the right fabric for your look and complete your look by donning a traditional piece of jewelry. Precious jewels are the best options to indulge in. You can wear bangles in gold, silver or glass with traditional neck-pieces and chand-bali earrings. Gold can easily be replaced with other metals such as silver, gold plated, glass, diamonds and pearls. Kundan & polki accessories are big in this season. For hair style, you can opt for beautifully shaped buns, braids or plaits which can be accessorized with hair accessories. For make-up use natural make-up base and to add some shine you can apply gold dust. You can use eye shadow and lipstick which should compliment and match with your outfit. Always remember, you should not look like a plastic doll on your wedding.

(-aamer zakir) COURTESY Organized by - Amit Kumar Concept & Shoot - Aashish Khuraana Location Courtesy - Shaam Ramani Fashion Consultant/Styling - Aamer Zakir Designer - Poonam Dubey Jewelry - Pooja Motwani Make-up and Hair - Shweta Gaur Models : Lvana, Renata (Sky Model & Events), Rooth Massey, Kajal Kashyap, Sonam Verma, Bella (Auraa Coordination & Production), Laurel Singh, Priyanka Sharma

BIRTH DATES (1,10,19,28)

BIRTH DATES (4,13,22,31)

BIRTH DATES (7,16,25)

March - Time to enjoy social, travel and to complete experiences based on relationships.

March - The focus is on domestic matters and circumstances will force you to accept responsibility and devote more time and energy to the family and friends.

March - A personal relationship or experience is likely to be completed with emotional upsets. Remember that something has to be put out of your life to clear the way for new domestic experiences.

April - Completion of experiences may bring feelings of limitation and restrictions which should be checked to be successful in the end. Lucky number - 4 Lucky color - Yellow

April - Artistic and creative ventures can be specialized with personal likes and dislikes, sitting alone away from the crowd and the future activities can be planned.

April - A new relationship or experience may begin at home or in personal life. You must avoid being impulsive, aggressive and argumentative.

Lucky number - 7 Lucky color - Violet

Lucky number - 1 Lucky color - Red

BIRTH DATES (2,11,20,29) March - Get down working giving a practical start to the new venture. You must try to bring order in your work a more practical and disciplined approach is needed. April - New opportunities should be taken advantage of for the expansion of the work. You will find new people and interest coming into your life. Travel if required. Lucky number - 5 Lucky color - Blue

BIRTH DATES (5,14,23) March - Do not start anything new instead attend to the business at hand. Time to sit alone and analyze the duties and responsibilities and future actions. April - The thrust will be on business. Hard work should be directed towards the organization of the business and material things for advancement. Lucky number - 8 Lucky color – Blue-Grey

BIRTH DATES (3,12,21,30) March - New opportunities coming in an easy way should be accepted. Be friendly with new acquaintances and enjoy changes, the unexpected and travel. April - Help family members and relatives with good emotions and sensitivity and enjoy the pleasures of love, friendship and love. Lucky number - 6 Lucky color - Turquoise


| MAR-APR 2015

BIRTH DATES (6,15,24) March - Organizations of new opportunities is likely to bring progress in business and material achievements. Speculations or investments can bring good returns the time is also good for buying and selling property. April - Watch the completion of an experience. Let the undesirable go away without regrets so that the way is opened for better opportunities and progress. Lucky number - 9 Lucky color – Gold

BIRTH DATES (8,17,26) March - Begin the work on study, specialization, meditation or inner development. April - The work begun last month needs the cooperation of others. Intuition and inner awareness is on the increase which can be shared with others. Lucky number - 2 Lucky color - Orange

BIRTH DATES (9,18,27) March - Use power and position in cooperation with others for advancement and keep a check on the nervous tension. April - Time to relax a bit, reaping the benefits of your achievements. Nevertheless one should grab the opportunities presented by socials and friends. Lucky number - 3 Lucky color - White


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