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SEP-OCT 2017


SEP-OCT 2017


Workouts are essential for a good body, but what you do before a workout is equally important. Pre-workout routines can actually make or break a deal during your workout sessions. Following it will help you benefit from the workouts but one lousy act can sometimes leave you with uninteresting workout sessions that bothers your muscle gain, strength and often weight loss. So here Strength and Conditioning Coach Mr. Mithil Vadhel sharing few tips that you should do before every workout:

1. EAT BEFORE WORKING OUT While most of us stress on what to eat after workout, it is also essential to place some emphasis on the nutrition you take before working out as well. In order to achieve long term muscle building goals, it is very important that you follow the preworkout nutrition as well. Eating some meal or snack at least one hour before your workout can give you a good amount of energy. However, different people have different digestion pattern, so try not to eat anything right before your workout session as it might leave you nauseating. Including carbs and protein in your pre-workout diet will be beneficial. You can opt for fruits like bananas, and apples or protein shakes and bars. 2. HYDRATE YOUR BODY WELL Nothing can be more dangerous than exercising on an empty stomach or with a dehydrated body. It is important to be well hydrated before any workout, although that does not mean that you hog on water right before your workout session. Drink at least one or half a litre of water an hour prior to the session so that you don’t have that bloated feeling. It is a known fact that those who exercise being well hydrated tend to do better in the sessions and benefit from it as well. 3. DO WARM-UP EXERCISES Getting out of the bed and heading straight to the gym in a hurry because your alarm clock ditched you in the morning? Most of us can relate to this situation. But even if you are running late, don’t you dare skip your warm up routine before the workout as it might leave you with injuries or cramps after the session is over. You can begin with simple aerobics and gradually move on to the dynamic exercises. While you might be having your own set of warm up exercises, you can try these as well: split squat, simple pushup, single arm dumbbell row, mini band walk and ankle mobility drill among others. 4. A HAPPENING PLAYLIST Imagine yourself in a party where your favourite music is playing in the background, can you feel your feet tapping of your footsteps to the tunes of that song? Yes, our body often tends to adapt to a certain tune as soon as a song plays, so what better way there is to pump up for the workout than by creating your own high-on-energy playlist. This can make your workout session much more happening than that of others who might be listening to the same monotonous music of the gym.

4 Things You Should Do Before Every Workout Session

SEP-OCT 2017


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SEP-OCT 2017

SEP-OCT 2017



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