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MAY-JUN 2015


Preview make-up of models by GUNEET VIRDI



MAY-JUN 2015


he world is in a fast lane and is changing fast. Villages are growing into towns, towns into cities and the whole world turning global. With this change comes along the alteration in attitude, moral and lifestyle of people. It is quite debatable that how people, families and individuals are adapting themselves through this changing phase. With the changing structures, the values and moral of society also gets altered. Earlier a child used to grow up mostly in joint family structure. Unlikely now they grow in nuclear families. So naturally their values and moral have changed accordingly. The next notable thing is women empowerment. Nowadays women are not restricted to the household chores anymore nor are just considered an object to serve as a nest for carrying the offspring. They are doing better and better with each day. So now we can say that society is tremendously moving forward in a better direction. Dowry system and child marriage is in the verge of abolition. Along with that the role of the alpha male is also silently slipping away from the herd. That which was considered an honor is now taken to be a case of being rude and vulnerable.


MAY-JUN 2015

Now we live in a world which offers an incredible variety of career options. There was a time when only being a doctor, engineer, lawyer were considered on top of the hierarchy. But now we see a drastic change in when it comes to selection in jobs, career and lifestyle. The fashion industry is sky rocketing. With it the competition between people who earns a living through the services they provide is touching the horizon. As mentioned earlier, due to the drastic changes in the way we live, there are tremendous changes in the relationships that we build. Now issues of the other minority communities should be focused as well. People belonging to the third sex and different preferences like homosexuals and bisexuals should be provided with security, rights and better livelihood. It is quite surprising to see that a country like Nepal has legalized the rights of these particular groups and gives support to same sex marriage, then why a big country like India with much varied culture and tradition is holding such basic rights of people. What would a person with alternate sexual preference, who is a part of the fashion world do, apart from hunting for love in a willing man who in turn for giving sexual pleasure gets work? Then what would the Indian guy do, when our society is craving for whiteness in skin and showcasing foreign models, who don't even understand Indian authenticity. In return the Indian guy models tend to forget about their orientation and just go with the flow and take every single opportunity that knocks the door. They turn into being promiscuous. Indefinitely among male models and a gay person in fashion world is a must. And for this we can blame nobody. If there is something blamed is the structure of the society itself. A gay man, bisexual man or even a transgender needs the right to love rather than apathy or on Indian standard emotion. And on the part of the heterosexual men, it is so hard for them to get physical with the same sex. And on the part of the same sex orientation person it becomes so hard for them to face the rejection and being left for being them. All human thrives for love. Then why people who are different are not allowed to do so and suffer the most? They too feel pain when being hurt, feel happy with joy, and get hurt when rejected by somebody they love. Coming back to women, they too face a lot in this Industry. They have to go for meetings and auditions and have to meet several people. But the thing is that they too face lot of insecurities and the path they faces are very troublesome. And the best suggestion for them is that they should be liberated to such an extent that she no longer lacks in any strata. Men should be taught how to behave with women from an early age. And for the queer folks, they should shed inhibitions and come out for the betterment of the future generations. And lastly I would specify the thing that I am not favoring any industry but i am trying to support a cause. And the cause is love. Once we all are truthful to ourselves the word "infidelity" would be erased off our dictionaries.

Words : Ajan Akash Baruah | Models : Rahul Sharma, Sabina (Sara Models), Novle Goel Makeup : Leeview | Photographer : Siddhartha Gupta | Clothes: Forever21 Styling & Concept : Dipankar Kashyap


MAY-JUN 2015

Whether you need a pair of shoes to match your business suit, or are searching for the something nice to wear for weekend outings, there are good options. So step on it. LOAFERS - While summer shoes help us conjure up images of sandals and sand, there are shoes for those of you that must - and prefer to remain conservative for the days at the office. Loafers are the perfect answer to your business attire all year round, but summery loafers come in lighter shades like tan, beige and eggshell, and are more popular in suede rather than regular leather. The trendiest men are stepping out in moccasins, which have stitching around the shoe's base and boast maximum comfort thanks to their soft suede foundation and rubber sole. You can go barefoot in these (just make sure to sprinkle talcum powder in the shoe - smelly feet are never fashionable), and if you choose to wear socks, opt for a beige or natural color, unless you're wearing black loafers, in which case black socks are in order. LOUNGES - If you'd rather not wear your bulky oxfords to work, go for a pair of lounges, which are basically backless loafers. These solve the "no toe exposure" rule your office may have passed around in a memo, while remaining "summer friendly" thanks to their slip-on feature. Not to be confused with slippers, these are more appropriate for business casual attire if made from leather or suede. Casual choices for the beach and clubs, and something to slide into...


MAY-JUN 2015

A big question. As we begin to wave goodbye to the winter season, it's important we alter our wardrobe to suit the warmer months ahead. However, it's not just your fabric choice and clothing that needs to adjust - your footwear should too. Once spring and summer come to town, you need to swap your clunky boots and thick winter shoes and replace them with lighter, more breathable footwear. For summer there are issues like sweating, feet being smelly etc. Also when you getting irritated with heat, you would like to be more comfortable in all manner be it clothing or footwear. There is no excuse, because the wide variety of men's summer shoes proves that the fashion industry has put its best foot forward by offering up everything from sandals and flip-flops, to loafers and lounges for the men who want to turn heads with every step they take.

Naveen and Kirti Sachdeva

Poonam Sethi

LAUNCH PARTY SUFIAANA BY CHERISH Naveen Sachdeva, Bharat Mehta and Pramod Monga, Directors of Sufiaana by Cherish hosted a launch Party of their new restaurant - Sufiaana by Cherish in Rajouri Garden. The fine dining restaurant offers Persian, Arabic and Turkish cuisine, complete with signature dishes, and aims to mirror the rich Arabic culture in terms of food, service and ambience.

Meenakshi & Umesh Dutt

Tia Sephen & Jaskiran Komal Chawla

AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE 2015 Nishee Stephen from My City, recently hosted a gala awards evening called My Awards of Excellence 2015 at The Uppal. Guests witnessed the launch of G town Society.

Padma Swarup & Dhruv Stephen Unnat Dutt & Nishee Stephen

MAY-JUN 2015



MAY-JUN 2015


Issue 3 2015

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