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Road Trip Save Earth Naam Karan

Skin & Body Evolution of Numerology Cover story: Paper Outfit Photography : Rajvir Saini

Model: Marina

Cloud burst over the highlands and the consequent flash flood and immeasurable devastation as that happened in Uttarakhand doesn’t spell nature’s fury but instead this is an expression of nature’s agony. Human specie quite often finds itself into an unintended dischord and very often due to greed and selfishness. Whether it is the physical environment around us or the relations governing us in our social space we need to tread that with ultimate caution.

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We need to always bear in our collective consciousness that we have a symbiotic relationship with everything around us. This bonding can last only upto the time we try to cultivate harmony with animate and inanimate world which surrounds us. This holds true everywhere, inside the precincts of our home or in context of our attitude towards a strange young woman out there upon the night street. It seems as if living in synchronicity was never our prime concern lest we would not have been showing symptoms of extreme indulgence in committing human feoticide. We need to refrain from creating imbalance be that of any type. Probably universality of education can assist us in reducing the retrograde trend that has poisoned us for long. Our heart should skip many a beat on seeing those kids who although are into their growing years but are forced to run around the traffic light with their nose running all across their boney face which exudes only extreme deprivation HOPE WE THINK.

Manoj Joshi Editor

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6. Cover story: Paper dresses

8. Plan your road trip

16. Evolution of Numerology

18. Relationship

30. My Column: Written by Namita Raj

32. My Rights Sexual Harassment at workplace

10. Are you adding

22. Child Education


years to your face?

12. Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

14. Naam Karan

35. Upcoming Movies

24. Indian Party Dresses

28. Yummy Tummy:

38. Lafiesta Title: Face of the month

Classic Cheese Omelet


06 | JULY JUNE 2013 2013



gency & Rajvir Saini's dresses for the July 2013 issue of Lafiesta features dresses made out of a very interesting medium..PAPER! These pieces truly bring out the extravagant and vibrant qualities of such a plain material. The dresses are not only breathtaking but flawless, representing creativity and thinking that's outside-of-the-box. Rather than using paper in a boring way, Designer worked with a Lafiesta team to create something unique, unexpected and different. "We really wanted to create something beautiful from a material that doesn't normally lend itself to being draped and shaped on a living being," Rajvir says, "it had to be apparent that it was paper, but not because it looked like shit." The photo shoot is absolutely stunning, showing a great fusion of skills. While the dresses leave viewers absolutely speechless, credit must also be given to the rest of the team. The set design is clever and playful, while all the styling makes for a near-perfect execution. My favorite piece is the pencil shredder dress. Don't you love how the dress extends into a giant pencil sharpener? Such whimsical design makes this editorial almost dolllike and unreal!

We were lucky enough to get in touch with photographer Rajvir to ask him a few more questions about this shoot. Read that interview, below. Your Paper Dresses set is incredibly creative. How did you come up with the idea for it? I worked on this project with stylist Sarah and Agency Get the look who works extensively in paper, and in all we batted 6 paper ideas around and submitted them to Lafiesta whom I work with a lot. They came back saying they liked our idea of paper dresses. I have done a little dressmaking in the past, and agency is a genius with paper but we knew it was going to be a huge learning curve for us both. We began by thinking of all the properties of paper, what you could do with it fold, crease, burn, tear it, thick, thin, shiny, matte etc. and from there we broke it down into eight dresses and sketched ideas for each. I'm quite methodical in my work, agency is much more organic but it's a mix that works well. We began making prototypes, most of which failed or were just going to be so mammoth a task we would never have time. On day five, after a long week hitting the wall, we sat eating tea and cake, looking at our creations and the idea of stationary dawned on us. You say the shoot was the "most fun, and most challenging to date." Why was it so challenging and how did you get through it? The biggest challenge was arriving at the idea, seconded by the execution of it. We just ploughed our way through it, you get brain freeze and you just have to keep writing and drawing and making stuff to arrive at the good stuff. The fun is in the reward, the high when it comes together, and the silly outfits you wear around the studio to make each other laugh. What's next for you? I'd like to shoot some moving image next year, there's more opportunity with narrative. Stills-wise, I have a few more playful ideas I'm toying with.

-Interview taken by Mano Joshi Association- Lafiesta Team Photography- Rajvir Saini Fashion Stylist- Sarah Agency- Get the Look Model- Marina Makeup and Hair- Dilshaad

JULY 2013 | 07

TRAVELOPEDIA ---Mr. Prateek Srivastava

A road trip is one of the coolest and cheapest ways of traveling to new places. You can go with a group of friends and split the cost between you, making it a cost-effective way of taking a break. If you're planning on organizing a road trip – check out the following few things before you set off…


Hit the Road

There you have it, a short guide on how to plan a road trip… As long as you've got all the basics covered – everything else can follow. Oh, and remember, what happens on the road…

08 | JULY 2013

Stays on the road… Enjoy!

Decide Who You're Going With You may think that this is one of the easiest parts of planning your road trip – but you could be wrong. Make sure you choose people that are fun to hang out with, but won't be tiring after hours with them in a car. If they're the type of friend you invite out clubbing or to the cinema because you know you won't have to talk much – inviting them on a road trip is probably not the best idea. Oh, and choosing someone smart is always sensible – you know, someone to calculate the fuel and budget for the trip.

Decide Where You're


Decide How You're Going Now that you've got your road trippers together, you need to decide who has the most reliable car. If you and your friends are luckily enough to have equally fabulous cars – choose the one that has the best fuel economy… It'll work out miles cheaper for you all in the end. Alternately, if none of your vehicles are reliable, you might want to consider a cheap car rental service, this may also be wise if none of your cars have enough adequate room for the amount of passengers you're taking. Definitely don't try and pack extra people in the car – you can get pulled over by the police if there aren't enough seatbelts for the number of passengers travelling, not to mention how irritable everyone will be if they're uncomfortable.

So first things first – you need a destination. Even if you fancy a totally random trip, it's good to know the general geographic direction you want to take to save you driving across a boarder or into the ocean for that matter. Also, having a clear and exciting destination will help you attract your travel buddies and entice them into taking to the open road with you. Of course I am not suggesting your personality won't be enough. If you're super-organised, you may even want to plan places to visit on the way to make the most of your trip. Are there long-lost relatives you can surprise, or tourist attractions you can visit? Taking regular breaks will be a safer, more enjoyable way of reaching your final destination.

JULY 2013 | 09


Suggested by Dr. Nisha Goel

Are you adding years to your face? Your skin is a dynamic organ, affected constantly by internal and external changes and desires the right care. Here are a few gross beauty mistakes that you shouldn't make to have youthful skin for a long time.

10 | JULY 2013

Exfoliating more and moisturizing less A moisturizer acts as a protective barrier against the elements and shields your skin from toxins. The common belief that skin does not need to be moisturized if it is oily or is going through an oily phase like in summers, is totally unfounded. “Even if you have an oily skin you must use a water based lotion or a gel for adding moisture to it, the belief that scrubbing your face very often can rid you of dead skin, make you fairer and give you a smoother skin texture, is baseless. This process will only dry the skin and aggravate wrinkles. It may also stimulate pigmentation. Avoid the use of scrubs with large, coarse granules. “For best results don't exfoliate more than once a week if you have an oily skin and maybe once in two to three weeks if your skin is dry.

Using too many similar products at the same time There are times when your dermatologist or salon expert prescribes you a certain set of skin care products, but you don't get the desired effect from them. While you are absolutely right in visiting another expert for a second opinion, you must make it

a point to inform your new mentor about the products you have been using. As you begin to use the new set of products, stop the use of the previous set of products, if your latest expert has advised against it. If you continue to use all the products by both the experts, there is bound to be an interaction. “You could ruin your skin and aggravate ageing,” says Dr. Goel.

Doing facials or clean-ups very frequently Young skin, if oily, does not need a facial. If, however, you have dry skin, you can do a facial once in 6-8 weeks. Cleanups are a must for young skin, acne skin as well as oily skin. You should get one done once in 6 weeks or as per the dermatologist's recommendation. Once you are thirty, you must get a facial done once in 5-6 weeks. “Facials done with trained medical personnel are very scientific and personalized and will remove the dead skin from your face while hydrating and nourishing it,” says Dr. Goel. “However, if facials are done too frequently, they will cause loosening of the skin and aggravate wrinkles due to vigorous massage movements and certain chemicals in products,” she adds.

JULY 2013 | 11


Benefits of Consuming more Vegetables and Fruits

Everyone knows that we should eat fruits and vegetables and that they provide vitamins and fiber, necessary for the prevention of disease. We all realize that we ought to eat more of them and we all remember that Mom told us about it, but were we listening? Suggested by- Laxmi Joshi

It is no secret to medical researchers that we are not getting the fruits and veggies we need. Therefore, to motivate us they are touting a five a day campaign engineered to increase our awareness of our eating habits and to incite us into eating five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. This number may seem difficult to eat in the beginning. But there are practical suggestions which may be implemented to help get to the five servings per day, such as by eating fruit for breakfast. Having cereal? Toss in some fruit. Cooking up a batch of flapjacks or waffles? Throw in some blueberries or bananas, or even some strawberries. Yummy! For later in the day when you crave a snack, take along a banana or apple to school or work.

12 | JULY 2013

You can get the best fruit at work information by visiting this website. We're all running from place to place picking up greasy foods from the fast food drive through and slurping on shakes for many of our meals. Okay, perhaps you're doing better than the average bear. Let's say you don't each lunch through your car window on a daily basis. Good for you. But how often do you consume pre-packaged foods? When's the last time you indulged in a comfort food like potato chips or Oreos? These foods are cheap, convenient, and easy to access. And, let's face it, they make us feel good when we eat them... at least, for a little while. If it's simple you want, why not try some watermelon, grapes, or a cantaloupe? Simply wash and slice and they are ready to go....

At lunchtime, it's easy to include vegetables in your menu. Add a salad to your lunch. When you eat out you can order sandwiches with tomatoes, sprouts, and lettuce. Vegetables are also good inside of baked goods and in as soups, stews, and meat and tomato sauces. Do you like peanut butter? Add some celery with it. Kids especially love this snack. Toss some raisins on top as well! Cheese and celery make a nice snack too. And, concerning children who are usually very picky, all you can do is give them a variety of food choices every day. We're all familiar with the old saying, 'You won't get any dessert until you eat your vegetables.' There isn't much about that warning to make

vegetables more appealing. What do you think would happen to our society if everyone changed their eating habits and consumed the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables daily? How about after broccoli then chocolate cake? Consuming juice is an excellent method of getting in additional servings of fruits and veggies. Unfortunately, there is no healthy fiber in a glass of fruit juice. It is also possible for kids to get full drinking juice and then refuse their meal. Fruit juice is also high in calories. You can't deny the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. Studies show that people who get plenty of vegetables and fruits reduce

their chances by half of getting fourteen different kinds of adult cancers as compared to people who only eat one or two servings a day. Fruits and vegetables also help in the reduction of risks of adult blindness, strokes, and heart attacks. Everyone ought to take note of this, but we continue to compose too many rationalizations for why we do not eat better than we do. Some people state that fresh fruits and vegetables are too costly while others say that they just do not have enough time to slice a strawberry. Others just make up the excuse that when they are ready to eat a peach, banana, or zucchini, it's already gone bad....

JULY 2013 | 13


Most of the baby

names here are Sanskrit in origin, however a few are of Hindi, Tamil, Greek and Persian origin. The spelling of the Indian baby names in Devanagari script, so it is easy for you to pronounce the name during

Naam Karan.

Few Indian Baby Names Abharana


The baby name Abharana is Sanskrit in origin and its meaning is ornament, jewellery or decoration. Abharana is pronounced aa-bha-ra-Naa. Abharana is a name suitable for girls.

The baby name Yashti is Sanskrit in origin and its meaning is slim, slender, a creeper, or a string of pearls. Yashti is pronounced ya-Sh-ti. Yashti is a name suitable for girls.



The baby name Bhairav is Sanskrit in origin and its meaning is terrible or frightening. Bhairav is another name for Shiva. Bhairav is pronounced Bhai-ra-v. Bhairav is also spelled as Bhyrav and Bairav. Bhairav is a name suitable for boys.

The baby name Navan is Sanskrit in origin and its meaning is the number nine. Navan is pronounced na-va-n. Navan is a name suitable for boys.

14 | JULY 2013



The baby name Prayukti is Sanskrit in origin and its meaning is motive, consequence, employment or result. Prayukti is pronounced pra-yu-k-tii. Prayukti is also spelled as Prayukthi. Prayukti is a name suitable for girls.

The baby name Shruti is Sanskrit in origin and its meaning is hearing or sound. Shruti is another name for the Vedas, and for a division of the octavo in music. Shruti is pronounced shru-tii. Shruti is also spelled as Shruthi, Sruti and Shruthy. Shruti is a name suitable for girls.

Dhatri The baby name Dhatri is Sanskrit in origin and its meaning is mother. Dhatri is another name for earth. Dhatri is pronounced dhaa-t-ri. Dhatri is also spelled as Dhaatri, Dhathri and Dhathree. Dhatri is a name suitable for girls.

Chintan The baby name Chintan is Sanskrit in origin and its meaning is thoughts or ideas. Chintan is pronounced chi*-ta-n. Chintan is also spelled as Chinthan. Chintan is a name suitable for boys.



The baby name Triankush is Sanskrit in origin and its meaning is three goads. In Hindu mythology, Triankush is the name of the thunderbolt of Inder. Triankush is pronounced tri-a*-ku-sh. Triankush is a name suitable for boys.

The baby name Kumudesh is Sanskrit in origin and its meaning is lord of lotuses. Kumudesh is another name for the moon. Kumudesh is pronounced ku-mu-de-sh. Kumudesh is also spelled as Kumudhesh. Kumudesh is a name suitable for boys.

JULY 2013 | 15


The Evolution of Numerology Shri. Mahendera Negi : Numerologist


umerology is an ancient science which drews together numbers, letters and astrology. Its development was thus influenced by the development of these three. All ancient civilizations-the Babylonians, the Hebrews, the Greeks, the Egyptians and the Indians used Numerical systems to decode secret messages in their respective scriptures. The Chaldeans or Babylonians were the first to study the occult sciences deeply and to fix phonetic values to the letters of the alphabet. The Bobylonians (c. 2000 BC) were proficient in astrogloy and are credited with creating the first recorded astrology system. The Assyrians also make major contribution to astrology. The Phoenicians learnt the basic concepts of the alphabet from the Hebrews and Egyptians, and

16 | JULY 2013

developed it to a degree of sophistication and added the vowel sound and 1000BC. Earlier Egyptian hieroglyphics existed from 3000 BC. In about 800 BC, the Greeks modified the twenty-two-symbol Phoenician alphabet to form their own, which is need for writing English and other European languages today. The evolution of numbers is less clear. Cavemen used sticks to mark the sand for counting. About 580 BC, the Greek philosopher Pythagoras founded a university at Crotona for the study of numbers. Pythagoras travelled widely and studied the teaching of the Egyptians, Assyrians and Indians. He taught that Mathematics, music and astronomy formed the triangle of the all arts and sciences and were the basis of all knowledge. For practical calculations he used arithmetic, and for spiritual he used numerology. Pythagoras believed that there was nothing that

could not be explained by numbers. He, like the ancient Greek philosophers, believed that numbers possessed mysterious powers independent of their arithmetic significance. Pythagorean numerology formed the spiritual basis for many secret societies, such as the Rosicrusians, the Masons and the Anthrosophists. During the Renaissance, astrology and numerology were taught in the universities and revered as sciences. In India, certain syllables were considered holy, specially Om which is said to contain the essence of the Vedas. The Indus Valley Civilization used numbers with precision. Accurately cut cubes in ratios 1:2, 32:64 and 320:640 used as weights have been found during excavations. This system of weights is unique. It is

interesting to note that the ratio is based on 16, an important number in ancient Indian numerology. The layout of the cities indicates good knowledge of simple geometry. The earliest Sanskrit text that deals with astronomy is Jyotisha Vedanga (c. 500 BC) which gives the rules for calculating the positions of the new moon and full moon. The Taittriya Samhita which gives speaks about the lunar-solar calendar, probably is even older, from about the seventh century BC. Early Indian cosmologies are based on the square and the seris of numbers 4, 12, 28, 60 obtained as subdivision of the square. Ancient Indian mathematicians developed the system of expressing large numbers in powers of 10, and the

division of time into its smallest units. There are references to these powers of numbers in the Vedic Samhitas, Brahmanas-sutras, the Mahabharata, and the Ramayana. The Satapatha Brahmana refers to the unknown quantity, designated x. Surya Siddhanta was written by 400 BC, Varahamihira's Panchasiddhantika by 505 AD. Varahamira's other massive contributions to astrology include Brihatjatika, Brihatsamhita, Laghujatika and Romaka Siddhanta, which shows Greek influence. Other scholars whose contributions have helped in the evolution of numerology and Aryabhatta (c. 499 AD), and Brahmagupta and Bhaskara. Parashara's Horashashtra (fifth Century AD), was the first major numerological treatise. Indian mathematicians brought intuitive

insight into the behavior of numbers, and their arrangement into patterns and series. Ganita Kaumudi (c. 1356) by Narayana is notable for its treatment of magic squares. One of the most important people in the development of numerology in the twentieth century was count Louis Hamon, popularly known as Chiero. His research into ancient Hebrew and Chaldean systems of numerology and astrology have contributed much to the development of occult sciences. Others who have made significant contributions to numerology in the twentieth century are Sepharial, Helen Hitchcock and Mrs Dow Balliet.

JULY 2013 | 17


A family in any society consists of an inherited group of people who are related with by birth or marriage. It is a relation between parents and children, relations between spouses or between grand parents and grandson. Good family relationships are vital for the development of child's personality. Developing healthy relation is in the hand of family members. Their habits, way of working, problem solving approach all together makes a home haven or hell. All of us want home to be a place where we can relax and be ourselves, and recover from the conflicts of the external world.

Actor Preeti with her family

There are different types of family structure in Indian culture. In past, there were joint families because members were involved in home business or farming. They live together and jointly work in specialized area to generate income for family. There are many benefits for joint family. Children can get better environment. Many members are there to take care in case of any problem. There were less security problems. Members enjoy their festival with full enthusiasm. Still there are happy joint families. But in modern times, nuclear families are developing. Sons or daughters have to leave parent's house for job and they have separate unit. They have to face many problems but somehow they manage because it is necessary for earning money. There is some freedom in nuclear family. Individual can take his own decision to make their future bright. They can ignore some orthodox belief. Family relationships never lose colors. Though there may be some disagreement between family members. It is very imperative that everyone must remain trustworthy to all relatives and spend lots of time with them. It will augment relationship and can avoid major family conflicts. In order to solve family relationship problems, everyone need to go off his consciousness up a level and take a deeper look at his values, beliefs, and his characterization of terms like loyalty and family. Family member must share their problems and take major decision in discussion with each member of the family. Families who have high moral values have prestigious status in society and they are the ideal for those people in society who are confused or did not learn good ethics in teenage. Living with unity and following ethics, families can contribute to eradicate societal problems. It is observed that in hi tech world, people do not have any relation with neighbor. All are too

18 | JULY 2013

Actor-Politician Cheeranjivi with his family

Strong family relationship makes Healthy Society busy in their work. They don't have time to expand social relationship. So, there is a need to develop strong relationship by following family traditions which provides a good base for bringing the family closer together. We all must step forward to unite family members, respect elders to create an atmosphere of affection.

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It is that specific technique of de-stressing the pressures and unwanted stress of the brain that haunts a patient to work efficiently and take the day-to-day decisions from dawn to dusk. A meditation as a stress reducer wipes away the unexpected negative feelings and thoughts from the mind and gives a clean slate to the person with satisfactory results.

Stress reduction meditation One has the liberty to meditate anywhere at any moment any time of the day. In this juncture certain specific employees are learning special classes of meditation at the workplace so as to de-stress the working loads from their brains because every individual at the work place takes pressures to work their brain for many hours at a stretch without a necessary pause to the brain that in turn makes them vulnerable to take all decisions at a time therefore the therapeutic results out of meditation at workplace is increasing becoming popular in various parts of our world. In short the mystical

20 | JULY 2013

forces and sacred of life can easily be understood. The meditation works as a tranquilizer of our mind to control and numb the mind for a short span of time as the sensors of the body and soul are charged with the help of deep meditation skills and thus those sensors starts emitting a positive energy from inside the body while washing away the impurities of the human body or wiping out the accumulated sins too. One mustn't be daunted by meditation or related exercising forms at all.

Today you can buy ultram as well as vicodin and lexapro from internet. Those who buy propecia now have a whole internet database of online pharmacies to choose from.

Transcendental meditation; Movement meditation etc. These numbers of available meditations helps in for acquiring inner peace of heart and soul and thus matches easily with one's busy lifestyle.

A medical illness is also overcome with the help of deep seated meditation tricks in one's body and the specific conditions are taken care of with it such as in the case of: Excessive anxiety; Arthritis; Chronic pain of the joints and the bones; Allergies; Depressions; Cardiovascular diseases of the heart; High-blood pressure etc. A patient shouldn't consider meditation as a form of the replacement for a traditional medicinal method but rather act in a

The specialized meditation centers and group classes all around the world are moving pillar-to-post to let trained instructors instructing the group for the power and results of meditation and energy transformation and also to teach them to guide the patients to utmost fulfillment guarantee skills. The names of certain guided meditations are as follows: Tai chi; Yoga; Qi gong (Chinese Meditation Therapies) and other guided meditations.

\ form of yet another miracle treatment therapy which is hard to achieve through any form of conventional methods available at over-the-counter. A new prospective emerges when distracting thoughts are aired away easily by exercising techniques and automatically self-awareness starts seeming in with abundance of patience and having a calm and quiet stationery mind. The lists are then focused to have yet another growing power of making necessary corrections and the person attains bliss for the rest of his life. The different names of understanding the meditations are: Zen meditation;

The actual normal meditation skills involves: deep breathing; Repetition of scared names or phrases; scanning of the body Charkas; Enlightenment of the soul while engaging oneself into the prayer; Combining meditation with walking skills; Focusing gratitude and love and precisely listening and reading to the reflect benefits received with the help of devotion of the time and bodily skills etc. The ultimate stress management therapy technique in a form of meditation is: Laughing therapy where many available at the same spot can clap their hands and relax there entire body organs by laughing out loud. JULY 2013 | 21



1. Set an agenda Kids thrive on schedules. Early on, establish in them the value of schedules and hard work. Show them that work is significant and should also be taken seriously along with hobbies and leisure pursuits. Set a time frame on when they can do their homework. When doing this, think about the preference of your kids. There are kids who are more able to work well after an hour's rest or playtime which will help them recharge their batteries. While waiting for their study schedule, you can afford them merienda or allow them to watch their favorite TV show. Some kids, nevertheless, can't be sidetrack. They need to go on with their schedule otherwise, they will lose their focus. These are the kids who will benefit more with a study schedule that commences immediately after class when everything is still fresh in their minds.

22 | JULY 2013

Homework can sometimes be a nightmare particularly for young kids who are not used to getting so much work. It was only a couple of years when all they do is play all day. But homework is their first shot with reality and they need to feel it as soon as possible in order to realize the hard work that they will need to do sooner or later. What mothers and fathers can just do is to help their kids with their homework. Here are some ways that you can help without making them give up their independence.

2. Guide them with their lessons Although it's their duty and their duty as students to do their own assignments, it would not hurt if you are there at hand to answer any queries that they could have. You can guide them in their lessons and even give them mock quizzes if required as a way to help them with their grades. Just ensure though that you are not answering their homeworks yourself. They in addition need to work by themselves

3. Provide them with resources If you can't always be there to help your child, make sure that you will more than likely have some representatives in the sort of little helpers like maybe a dictionary, a group of encyclopedia or even some review materials. This will also teach them to work by themselves without people helping them. In the end, these resource materials can help them a lot.

4. Give them a study corner Nothing can motivate an individual than a place of their own where they can read about. Not simply will it energize your children to study, it will also give them that sense of consequence. It will also show them that schoolwork is important and valuable for you and as a consequence, they should likewise provide value to it.

5. Give them rewards Helping them with their homework does not only involve helping them study or giving them mock quizzes. By encouraging them and motivating them to do good, you can make them better students. You can achieve this by giving them rewards, either in the kind of material rewards or with praises and words of encouragement. This will not only help them in their projects in college or school, but it will also teach them that their efforts will be rewarded one way or the other. Just ensure though that you do not overdo the material rewards. Time may come when they will only do it if there's a bequest. JULY 2013 |




Designer-Surbhi Kaur

Party is an occasion where all near and dear ones meet together and share happy moments of success and multiply happiness. Best way to express this felicity is dress that showcase best fashion, style and elegance. Thus being a host it becomes all-important to look fresh and graceful. In India tradition of hosting party in special occasions of life is very old and celebrates with much gaiety. Women play a great role in hosting parties. Host should look the most graceful as it is her happy day. There are plenty of party wear dresses for Indian women complementing her personality. Here in this article are described Indian dresses styles and other ideas that make her look elegant and add a glam look to her beauty for a party. First most important thing that Indian women should consider prior finalizing on party wear dress is that she should wear the clothes suiting her age and personality. It's not only about dress style but about color of the dress and design also that should be in accord to the age.

One of the most famous and most liked styles for parties is stylish Anarkali style

SALWAR KAMEEZ. It is most sought after by Indian women as it suits all body types and gives younger and glamorous look. This style is the oldest one but still maintain its show. Apart from Anarkali there are various styled salwar kameez apt for wearing in parties. This versatile fashion attire is for all age women.

24 | JULY 2013

LEHENGA CHOLI is another very good wear for getting flattering look in a party. It will give a charming host look. They come in various forms like designer lehnga choli, festival lehnga choli, and simple lehenga choli and so on. Ascertaining every individual taste all types of lehenga choli are being made. They are a great combination of comfort and a glam look.

Wearing SAREE is also an elegant fashion for women in a party. It

Little MAKE UP will add a great touch up to your looks will help in garnering everyone's attention. Bodily beauty and beauty of the dress both matter equally in looking ravishing.

looks good on every age women. Designer sarees, simple sarees printed sarees etc greatly enhances the show.

Indian party wears are capable of creating various statements as per your wish. There are various party wears such as embroidered party wears, fancy party wears, designer party wears, fashion party wears, sexy party wears, stylish party wears, lovely party wears, seasonal party wears, functional party wears, occasional party wears, and celebrity party wears, and so on. Show your own personal style with them. The Indian party wears are for formal and informal occasions both. Their various silhouettes make them appropriate for wearing everywhere. Thus no need to get worry though whatever the occasion is. The above tips regarding party wears will surely glam up any type of party with warm hosting and glam personality. They will set eyes on you and make you a center of attraction. Have a great part by following these pointers. JULY 2013 | 25

JOB TIPS If you are like the hundreds of thousands of other Indians that are looking for a job, then it is important that you know what you need to do in order to get a job. Chances are if you have even made an interview, you will have to work your butt off making sure that they know that you are the candidate for the job, because chances are the person that just went before you, did the same thing. ICWAI holder- Mr. Prakash Rawat

How To Get A Job First: When trying to get a job, confidence is key. This does not mean you should walk in their gloating, acting like if they don't hire you, there company is doomed to fail. All this means is when they are asking you questions, you look them in the eye, and talk in a firm, not to loud and not to soft voice, and tell them about your past experiences, and what you had to deal with at your previous jobs that ended up teaching you a lot of what you know now.

Second: Consistency is key when trying to get a new job, if you haven't heard back from them in a while, you make the effort to call them or go back in and let them know you really are serious about this job. You do not want to come across as rude or desperate, but give them a clear understanding that you are a great employer because you fight for the things you want and need in your life.

Third: Chances are you are going to get a two week period in which you are tested out to see if you are the right person for the job. Normally this is a good sign, as long as you don't do anything dramatic to ruin your chanced. This is your time to shine. Make sure that you put your best work forward, and from this point on continue to do so. Don't just think that once you made it through your first to weeks, that you are safe, that is not the case. Keep working hard.

26 | JULY 2013

Ad Size Front Cover Full Page (Inner) 2/3 Page 1/2 Page 1/3 Page 1/4 Page Inside Front Cover Inside Back Cover Back Cover Double Page

Full page 2/3 Page 1/2 page 1/3 Page 1/4 page Double Page

Lá Fiesta Magazine Advertising Rates 1x 3x 20,000 5,000 4,000 4,000 3,200 3,000 2,400 2,000 1,600 1,500 1,200 10,000 8,000 7,500 6,000 15,000 12,000 7,500 6,000

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# Benefits only for respective month

JUNE 2013 | 1/2 33 Website: | Email:


Classic Cheese Omelet

28 | JULY 2013

Omelets are the little black dresses of cooking: Simple, understated, and always in good taste, they can be dressed up or down for any meal. Because cooking time is so short, you'll need to have your eggs, seasonings, and fillings at your elbow so you can give individual attention to each omelet.

Recipe Ingredients 8 large eggs ½ cup(s) water ½ teaspoon(s) salt ½ teaspoon(s) coarsely ground black pepper 2 tablespoon(s) margarine or butter 4 ounce(s) shredded Cheddar, Gruyère, or Fontina cheese Chopped green onions, for garnish Toasted country-style bread (optional)

Directions 1. Preheat oven to 200 degrees F. Place 4 dinner plates in oven to warm. In medium bowl, place eggs, water, salt, and black pepper. With fork, beat 25 to 30 quick strokes to blend mixture without making it fluffy. (Overbeating toughens the proteins in the whites.) 2. In 8-inch nonstick skillet, melt 1 1/2 teaspoons margarine on medium. When margarine stops sizzling, pour or ladle 1/2 cup egg mixture into skillet. 3. After egg mixture begins to set around edges, about 25 to 30 seconds, with heat-safe spatula, carefully push cooked egg from side of skillet toward center, so uncooked egg can reach bottom of hot skillet. Repeat 8 to 10 times around skillet,

tilting as necessary, 1 to 1 ½ minutes.

4. Cook until omelet is almost set but still creamy and moist on top. Place skillet handle facing you, and sprinkle 1/4 cup cheese on half of omelet. 5. With spatula, fold unfilled half over filling. 6. Shake pan gently to loosen any egg or filling from edge, then slide omelet to edge of skillet. Holding skillet above warm plate, tip skillet so omelet slides onto plate. Keep warm in oven. Repeat with remaining margarine, egg mixture, and cheese to make 4 omelets in all. Sprinkle with green onions and serve with toast if you like. JULY 2013 | 29


Jeena hai tamanna meri Marna main nahi chaahti, Is aazad bharat mein main Apni azadi bhi chahti. Yun toh hai mahfooz kitna Yeh ghar aangan mera, Par dar ka saaya rehta hai Sarkon par tu dekh zara. Gum hai ek baat ka Kyun ladki ko mil rahi saza, Kuch Darindon ki wajah se Desh hai dara hua. Maine dekha akhbaaron mein Ladki ki kya hui dasah, Phir bhi hawaan hatyaaron ne Na paayi zurm ki saza. Meri hai yeh aashta Sarkar nikalegi koi rasta, Ladki phir na daregi Na katega koi uska rasta. Namita Raj Feedback:

30 | JULY 2013


“Without the Earth we have no where to live, along with many other organisms. If we don't save the Earth now maybe our children or grandchildren might not be able to see it for long. Our atmosphere is weakening and we have to do something about it fast. We could plant more trees to create more oxygen to keep the bad air away from the atmosphere, or we could just stop cutting down the rainforest. We are living and we need the space but we aren't the only species on this earth. Saving the rainforest is not only good for us and the atmosphere but also good for the many different species that it homes. We could try to get as many people as possible to switch to hybrids and other energy saving things to use less fossil fuel for energy and relying more on solar and wind energy. Fossil fuels are destroying our earth and we need to limit the use of it. Recycling is a great and easy way to help our precious planet. Everyone can help, all they have to do is follow three simple rules; Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! The world is precious and we need to keep it that way�.

Initiative by Gantavaya Sansthan

----Dr. Arvind Tyagi

JULY 2013 | 31


ADVICE Adv. Rajender K. Rawat

Vishaka Guidelines against Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Guidelines and norms laid down by the Hon'ble Supreme Court in Vishaka and Others Vs. State of Rajasthan and Others (JT 1997 (7) SC 384) HAVING REGARD to the definition of 'human rights' in Section 2 (d) of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993, TAKING NOTE of the fact that the present civil and penal laws in India do not adequately provide for specific protection of women from sexual harassment in work places and that enactment of such legislation will take considerable time, It is necessary and expedient for employers in work places as well as other responsible persons or institutions to observe certain guidelines to ensure the prevention of sexual harassment of women.

Duty of the Employer or other responsible persons in work places and other institutions It shall be the duty of the employer or other responsible persons in work places or other institutions to prevent or deter the commission of acts of sexual harassment and to provide the procedures for the resolution, settlement or prosecution of acts, of sexual harassment by taking all steps required.

Definition For this purpose, sexual harassment includes such unwelcome sexually determined behaviour (whether directly or by implication) as: a) Physical contact and advances; b) A demand or request for sexual favours; c) Sexually coloured remarks; d) Showing pornography; e) Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or nonverbal conduct of sexual nature Where any of these acts is committed in circumstances where-under the victim of such conduct has a reasonable apprehension that in relation to the victim's employment or work whether she is drawing salary, or honorarium or

32 | JULY 2013

voluntary, whether in government, publicor private enterprise such conduct can be humiliating and may constitute a health and safety problem. It is discriminatory for instance when the woman has reasonable grounds to believe that her objection would disadvantage her in connection with her employment or work including recruiting or promotion or when it creates a hostile work environment. Adverse consequences might be visited if the victim does not consent to the conduct in question or raises any objection thereto.

Preventive Steps All employers or persons in charge of work place whether in public or private sector should take appropriate steps to prevent sexual harassment. Without prejudice to the generality of this obligation they should take the following steps: A. Express prohibition of sexual harassment as defined above at the work place should be notified, published and circulated in appropriate ways. B. The Rules/Regulations of Government and Public Sector bodies relating to conduct and discipline should include rules/regulations prohibiting sexual harassment and provide for appropriate penalties in such rules against the offender. C. As regards private employers, steps should be taken to include the aforesaid prohibitions in the standing orders under the Industrial Employment (Standing Orders) Act, 1946. D. Appropriate work conditions should be provided in respect of work, leisure, health and hygiene to further ensure that there is no hostile environment towards women at work places and no employee woman should have reasonable grounds to believe that she is disadvantaged in connection with her employment.

Criminal Proceedings Where such conduct amounts to a specific offence under the Indian Penal Code or under any other law, the employer shall initiate appropriate action in accordance with law by making a complaint with the appropriate authority.

In particular, it should ensure that victims or witnesses are not victimized or discriminated against while dealing with complaints of sexual harassment. The victims of sexual harassment should have the option to seek transfer of the perpetrator or their own transfer.

Disciplinary Action Where such conduct amounts to misconduct in employment as defined by the relevant service rules, appropriate disciplinary action should be initiated by the employer in accordance with those rules.

Complaint Mechanism Whether or not such conduct constitutes an offence under law or a breach of the service rules, an appropriate complaint mechanism should be created in the employer’s organisation for redress of the complaint made by the victim. Such complaint mechanism should ensure time bound treatment of complaints.

appropriate forum and it should be affirmatively discussed in Employer-Employee Meetings.

Awareness Awareness of the rights of female employees in this regard should be created in particular by prominently notifying the guidelines (and appropriate legislation when enacted on the subject) in a suitable manner.

Third Party Harassment Where sexual harassment occurs as a result of an act or omission by any third party or outsider, the employer and person in charge will take all steps necessary and reasonable to assist the affected person in terms of support and preventive action.

Complaints Committee

The Central/State Governments are requested to consider adopting suitable measures including legislation to ensure that the guidelines laid down by this order are also observed by the employers in Private Sector.

The complaint mechanism, referred to above, should be adequate to provide, where necessary, a Complaints Committee, a special counsellor or other support service, including the maintenance of confidentiality.

These guidelines will not prejudice any rights available under the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993.

The Complaints Committee should be headed by a woman and not less than half of its member should be women. Further, to prevent the possibility of any undue pressure or influence from senior levels, such Complaints Committee should involve a third party, either NGO or other body who is familiar with the issue of sexual harassment. The Complaints Committee must make an annual report to the Government department concerned of the complaints and action taken by them. The employers and person in charge will also report on the compliance with the aforesaid guidelines including on the reports of the Complaints Committee to the Government department.

Worker’s Initiative Employees should be allowed to raise issues of sexual harassment at a workers’ meeting and in other

RAJENDER Kr. RAWAT & ASSOCIATES, the Law firm started in the year 2000, one of the growing legal firm in Delhi. The firm is dealing with every type of legal consultancy and providing the legal solutions to all and any kind legal problem in all type of Civil and Criminal Cases. Mr. R. K. Rawat a lawyer and legal consultant.

For Consultancy Please contact: Ph: 9810053768 E-mail Address:

JULY 2013 | 33



Since organization established she have been supporting many issue like Animal Husbandry, president of Mahila Pragati Sansthan which based in Dairying & Fisheries, Aged/Elderly, Agriculture, Art Delhi, professional dedicated who enhancing human & Culture, Biotechnology, Children, Civic Issues, capacity to solve complex social problems in order to Differently Abled, Disaster Management, Dalit create a more humane and just society. One of the Upliftment, Drinking Water, Education & Literacy, cornerstones of social work practice is her focus on the Environment & Forests, Food Processing, Health & strengths, as opposed to the shortcomings, of Family Welfare, HIV/AIDS, Housing, Human individuals, families and communities so that these can Rights, Information & Communication Technology, be deployed to find creative solutions for complex Legal Awareness & Aid, Labour & Employment, social problems. Her profession is characterized by a Land Resources, Micro Finance (SHGs), Minority steadfast commitment to social justice in the service of empowering individuals, families and communities to and others Issues, Micro Small & Medium Enterprises and others. meet their needs.

Mrs. Rita Mishra, a well known Social Worker and

She is active in eradication of social evils like dowery, women empowerment, upgradation of depressed class of community, environment protection, AIDS, Child abuse, legal aid, etc from society. Mahila Pragati Sansthan is giving more emphasis on Rural Development and working for poor. NGO has been doing well in the field of education for more than 10 years. 34 | JULY 2013

For help/assistance please contact: Mrs. Rita Mishra T-172, Shukar Bazar, Om Vihar, UTTAM NAGAR NEW DELHI110059 Telephone: 011-25333130


Upcoming Movies Releasing India Release Date: 2 August, 2013 Genre: Comedy, Romance Cast: Anuradha Patel , Arshad Warsi , Himani Shivpuri , Paresh Rawal , Raj Babbar Summary: Rabba Main Kya Karoon story revolves around two brothers - Arshad Warsi and his younger cousin brother, Akash Chopra who is getting married lavishly in a typical Indian style in Delhi.

India Release Date: 8 August, 2013 Genre: Comedy, Romance Cast: Shahrukh Khan , Deepika Padukone , Nikitin Dheer , Manorama, Sathyaraj Summary: Chennai Express is a story about a man s journey from Mumbai to Rameshwaram and what happens along the way. The film features Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone in lead roles.

India Release Date: 15 August, 2013 Genre: Action, Crime, Drama Cast: Akshay Kumar , Imran Khan , Sonakshi Sinha , Sonali Bendre Summary: Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again is a crime gangster film directed by Milan Luthria. It is a sequel to the 2010 film Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai. The sequel features Akshay Kumar, Imran Khan, Sonali Bendre and Sonakshi Sinha in pivotal roles. India Release Date: 23 August, 2013 Genre: Drama Cast: Ajay Devgan , Amitabh Bachchan , Arjun Rampal , Kareena Kapoor , Manoj Bajpai Summary: Satyagraha is a Hindi drama movie starring Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn, Manoj Bajpai, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal in lead roles. The film is scheduled to go on floors in January will address a peaceful mass protest against corruption. JULY 2013 | 35



Is there a better way for a youngster to kick off the summer than with a photo shoot at Kalkaji Studio I seriously doubt it. In the first summer theme photo shoot for this edition, I coordinated it as well as modeled in it! Many things inspired me for this summer theme shoot. When models Ankita, Aashi, Vipul & Abhishek with child model Zeus & Aditya entered into studio and once shots were taken on the floor, Photographer Zohaib decided it would be fun to take pictures of the girls, boys and small kids. I was worried we would get yelled at by some team members randomly on the delay in shoot but after he gave a pleasant smile to the models and me, the shoot resumed. While my models Ankita, Aashi, Vipul & Abhishek with child model Zeus & Aditya took photos for the July Edition against a white backdrop, I changed the Models’ hair and makeup, and the models were into a kind of '60s glamour look. With the next look the group came out much beyond the expectations. First, I assigned summer outfits to my male/female models by the colors they were wearing. Ankita, Aashi, Vipul, Abhishek, Zeus, Aditya and I were next to the Photographer Zohaib Hussian. This positioning changed as we took more photos and more people joined in. At the end of the shoot, we even managed to get some hilarious shots for fun. From eight to eight, I supervised, modeled and had an amazing time.



36 | JULY 2013

Amit Malhotra Shoot Organizer LAFIESTA



Photography by : Zohaib Hussain

VIPUL SHARMA Height - 6ft Complexion - Wheatish Location: Delhi Experience- He has done fashion shows at college an university level, worked for some print shoots. On Career : “I am always wanted to be model since childhood as I remember during my teenage i was really fascinated towards this field and have always aspired to be amongst the top models of this industry and when i got the chance to walk on the run way for a fashion event at my university level, my desire to be a model was on the top and i felt that this is my cup of tea and modeling is something in which i can never get fatigue and i am always super exited about assignments related to modeling... for other things i have to make promises to my self that yes i'll work hard to get it but this is something for which am ready to work hard anytime without any such promise to myself... I really LOVE it

“Experience with Lafiesta team was amazing with good cooperation. I am thankful to the magazine which gave me platform for exposure. I am proud to be a part of that. I am looking for a career in modeling and entertainment industry, Its just a beginning of my career and I wish to climb the ladder in with association with Lafiesta”.

Ankita Tomar 20 Years Height- 5'3 Weight- 45kg New Delhi Complexion- Wheatish Vital- 32 26 33 Shoe Size 4 Hair Color- Dark Brown Eye Color- Dark Brown JULY 2013 | 37


38 | JULY 2013

Lafiesta Talk with Model/Actor Shruti: On Lafiesta Face of the month title she said “It is a dream comes true. I always wanted to be a achiever. I am really thankful to Lafiesta Team and My Designer Deepika who encouraged me to participate in this contest” Model/Actor Shruti sade “I have always been fascinated by the world of modeling, glamour and confident models depicting women power and an admirable sense of style . I feel I am old enough to have the platform where I can pursue my dreams of modeling and turn my aspirations into reality”. On Modelling experience she added “I have tried my hand at a modeling event conducted by a friend , designer Deeepika and came out with rave reviews and landed up with my photos in the newspaper” .

Based: Delhi | Complexion : fair | Body : Slim | Hair Color: Black | Hair Length: Medium | Eye Color: Black | Vital Stats : 34-26-36 | Height: 5’8 | Weight : 50 Kg | Age:19

SHRUTI On Childhood she added “During school days I have had a sense of style admired by my family and friends and after finishing my schooling from D.P.S. R.K.Puram, New Delhi I am on appropriate dias”

On Idol and inspiration she said “I have mostly been inspired by actresses like Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone , who themselves are fabulous models . My aim to do modeling for the best brands in the country”.

JULY 2013 |


Age - 23 Height - 5.11" City - New Delhi Model/Actor

40 | JULY 2013



Sunil Yadav Age - 24 Height - 5.11" City - New Delhi Model/Actor


Place of Birth: Ghaziabad | Complexion : fair | Body : Slim | Hair Color: Black | Hair Length: Medium | Eye Color: Black Vital Stats : 34-28-36 | Height: 5’3 | Weight : 50 Kg | Age:27

Renu Robin

Idol: Actress Kareena Kapoor Food :Matar Paneer, Rice, Mainly Vegetarian. Travel: Switzerland | Music : All songs Video Projects: Bhojpuri Music album, Anchor shows for Pragya TV Channel. Print: Gimmicks Ramp Show, Print shoots for Saree.

On LaFiesta Face Of The Month title she said “I was really surprised when I came to know that I have won this title, I never ever expected that and couldn’t believe this. I am really thankful to LaFiesta Team who made me feel proud and happy”. On Career, She Said “I am looking for chance to work with Bollywood and wanna proof myself if I get an opportunity”. On Personal front “I am very much thankful to my family and husband for supporting and encouraging me to go ahead” she added JULY 2013 | 41

Um ao My Style Advisor Salwar Kameez Lehnga Cholis Sarees

2326, Arya Samaj Road, (Karol Bagh, New Delhi) 9718898888, 9718998888


July-August 2013 (Combo)


July-August 2013 (Combo)