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Jewelry pioneers from India since 1832; the PNG Group is known country-wide for its purity, surety, emphasis on customer satisfaction, and most importantly its unique collections and one of its kind’s jewelry designs. After having being adorned by various iconic deity’s around India and flaunted by the billions of loyal Maharashtrian patrons, PNG decided to stretch its wings to offer the other side of the world a glimpse of that innate intricate Indian touch to jewelry that only they know how by opening its doors in Sunnyvale California in 2008.


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08. FROM THE HOUSE OF A STYLIST Fashion stylist SUVANKO BISWAS comes with some tips for a perfect hair-do this festive season




| OCTOBER 2012

Diet Sodas: Changing Your Brain And Your Waistline

PLACES THAT AMAZE 10 handpicked beautiful heritage sites from around the world that will sweep you off your feet

Photography concepts presenting vivid pictures through the lens







32. HEALTHY LOVE: KISS UP YOUR HEALTH when it comes to that passionate moment of kissing your partner, we all have a story to tell of adolescence and all its glory. but you will be surprised to know as you come across the health benefits of the act of kissing. Flip through for more text by REENA.

36. TRAVELOGUE: NO MAN’S LAND AT SADQUI ‘N’ WAGAH Customs Officer Prateek Srivastava takes us on a remarkable journey through the history of Wagah Border and adjoining areas

ENTERTAINMENT 42. CELEB WATCH: SHONAA GONSALVES Her sensual voice compliments her stunning beauty even as she sets the stage on fire. Performer par excellence Shonaa Gonsalves shot into fame by singing with the inimitable and prolific Ishq Bector. The seductively voiced siren’s fan following increased phenomenally as she continued belting out numbers for the Sonik Gurus! The ‘Tere mere pyar ke chance’ remix helped her establish a mind space in the hearts of audiences. And singing BUDHHA MIL GAYA for Rakhi Sawant took her to new heights of popularity. There’s more to read.



50. OUR UNIVERSE: Nature spaces threatened by urban modernization





48. CELEB’s TRAVELLING STYLE Celebrity travelling style inspires us and these women know how to look like fashionistas after a long-haul flight. The fact that they travel at the front of the plane helps, of course!


64. EVENTS: Kolkata Fashion Week










Packing bags for holidays? But all confused when you open your wardrobe? Hmm! Everything looks so important and necessary, but your wardrobe won’t fit in your bag. No need to pack everything you own for vacation. The right tote, a versatile dress and quick-change separates can make all the difference. Our wardrobe picks make travel and packing a breeze. Let me help you out! - Reena Sethi

Once upon a time, travelling was an event you dressed up for, diner on a jet came with silverware and nobody would ever have dreamed of showing up to the airport in pajamas. Granted, we're not really nostalgic about air travel of that era, but when it comes to fashion, we are always on the opposite side of the aisle as velour tracksuits. But with the changing time, the comfort goes hand in hand with fashion and style. Our favorite outfit on which you have eyed upon to cover long distance should be comfy, wrinklefree and should happen to be chic at the same time. Glam up your entire outfit by slipping on some of these accessories:


| OCTOBER 2012

KNIT DRESS An easy knit dress is a vacation nobrainer to take you from shopping to dinner.

SARONG Worn low on the hips over a swimsuit, it becomes a cute skirt; knotted at the chest it is a short dress. It can chase away chills at night as a shawl or carry around beach necessities as a knapsack.

THE ACCESORIES LEATHER SANDALS Leave the sneakers at home and opt for naturally comfy leather sandals instead. The right pair is goes as well with a breezy sundress as shorts (Hint: Flat thongs in brown go with everything!)

WHITE SHIRT It's a work-wear staple and a great vacation partner. Wear it over a tank, knotted at the waist with shorts for sight-seeing style. Or roll up the sleeves, unbutton at the top, tuck into your favorite jeans and add strappy sandals for easy chic.

CANVAS TOTE BAG A carryall is a travel must! Look for leather-trimmed styles for classic chic, groovy patterns.

STRAW HAT Nothing says "relaxed" like a great straw hat. Choose a floppy style for maximum UV coverage. Just slip on a pair of dark shades and you're ready!

REVERSIBLE CLOTHING One day it's a print, the next a solid. You'll love how much reversible clothing can stretch your wardrobe (and save on packing space).

SPORTY WATCH Make sure you don't miss your flight with a watch that goes with everything casual. Look for high-tech features, even waterproof styles that can keep up with your active lifestyle.

COOL SHADES Of course you'll need an excellent pair of sunglasses to fend off sunny days. Look for rectangular shapes, chunky plastic rims, sleek wire rims or fun lens colors. Save the obviously designer shades for home (Don't want to flaunt that you're a tourist!)

OCTOBER 2012 |




DOS AND DON’TS Don't: Tight clothing. Do: Natural, breathable fabrics. We learned our lesson from Lady Gaga. Tight clothes can restrict blood flow in the already-confining space of an airplane seat. Is the reward of showing off your fantastically toned thighs worth the risk of deep vein thrombosis? Ditch the jeggings and don loose-fitting natural fiber garments (clothes made from cotton or linen are a great choice) to give your skin some breathing room.

Don't: High heels. Do: Comfortable shoes. Heels are restrictive, and they've been said to cause a long list of maladies, from chronic foot pain to hammer toe. Plus, unless you're one of Charlie's Angels, they don't exactly facilitate a clean exit in case of emergency. Hiking boots are a good bet, as wearing the bulky shoes as opposed to packing them frees up some suitcase space -- and you'll be comfortable walking miles through endless airport terminals. Also consider slip-on shoes, which are wonderful for easing your way through security.

Don't: Perfume or cologne. Do: Freshly washed clothes. You've been in Europe for two weeks, you've only packed so much, and by your date of departure you've run out of clean pants and shirts. It may be tempting to throw on something that more or less passes the sniff test and head off to the airport. But remember: Odors are intensified on a plane, where passengers are cramped in close quarters and stale air is recycled throughout the cabin. The perfect seatmate is one who doesn't smell like anything. To achieve a Zen-like lack of scent, be sure to reserve a clean outfit for the plane ride home. And go easy on the cologne. Better yet, don't wear any. Scent is subjective. You may adore the delicate bouquet of CK One, but your seatmate could find its aroma noxious. In particular, folks with allergies or asthma could have a reaction to strong perfumes.

Don't: Offensive clothing. Do: Anything you would wear to church. In 2005, Southwest Airlines crewmembers booted passenger Lorrie Heasley from a flight because she was wearing a politically offensive T-shirt, reported CNN. The shirt depicted the faces of President George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice above the caption "Meet the Fockers." After the incident, a Southwest spokeswoman told the Reno Gazette-Journal that the airline has the right to deny boarding to anyone wearing "lewd, obscene or patently offensive" clothing. Two years later, Southwest's flight crew cum fashion police threatened to remove a second female passenger from a flight for wearing clothes considered inappropriate for a family airline. According to TODAY People, Kyla Ebbert, who was wearing a tight shirt and mini-skirt, salvaged her seat by offering to pull her skirt down and pull up her top, thereby minimizing her cleavage (oh, the horror!). Whether or not you agree with what Southwest deems "inappropriate," you'll want to avoid wearing potentially offensive clothing to minimize a disruptive travel experience. Steer clear of T-shirts splashed with curse words or controversial statements, and anything that tends to raise eyebrows in public.

Don't: Warm-weather clothing. Do: Layers, layers, layers. Fliers must brave a multitude of temperature changes throughout their journeys. There's the sweat-inducing jog through the sunny airport terminal, the warm 20 minutes while the plane sits on the tarmac pre-take-off and that in-flight arctic chill (against which paper-thin airline blankets do nothing). Layers are a traveler's best weapon against such varying conditions. Furthermore, the more apparel you tie around your waist or throw over your shoulders, the fewer clothing items you need to ball up and stuff into your suitcase.






| OCTOBER 2012

HAIR AND YOU As we know the festive season is here knocking the doors. And we all wait for this season to style ourselves. I am sure we all need to stylize ourselves which would be apt for the occasion and look beautiful. Less is never more. For the season's festivity it's always good to go minimal either in the neckline or ear rings as a neat bun style hair would be apt and with a pair of ear rings with minimal or rather nothing in the neckline, a heavy ear rings with solitaire or white stone will be all of it and make you look beautiful. Bangles are girls best friends hence keep a odd color out of your dress code and have the sequential bangles in the hand to give a break to the monotony of the rest of the colored bangles you wear. A ring in your left hand adds on to the grace which you can pair with your anarkali or salwar or even saree. Try to wear darker shades and colorful shades as its the festive season hence I'm sure you don't want to look dull. Choose colors of the season like multicolor in shades of red, green, purple and blue to add a bit L'Oreal to your attire add a sarvoski flower in the bun of your hair and there you go all ready for the seasons festival.


| OCTOBER 2012






Covered by fashion consultant Swagat Ranjan Kirti was born in a Rajput family, belonging to the Naruka clan that ruled Alwar. Her mother was a traditional housewife who belonged to the royal family of Bundi. Her father a doctor, passed away before she was born, leaving behind a single parent to look after Kirti and her elder sister and brother. Kirti completed her education from Sophia, Ajmer. She did her Masters in English from Rajasthan University and under the influence of her mother sat for the RAS exams. In the meantime, being intelligent and bright student she got selected in NIFT Delhi. While in NIFT, she was called for interview for RAS having cleared her written exams. On her return to Jaipur, however, destiny had other design for her. The family did not approve of her joining the civil services and instead she got married. The budding bureaucrat /fashion designer became a housewife! A woman of determination, Kirti’s desire to pursue her passion in design never left her. She received great support from her mother in-law, elder brother in-law and husband Tejender.


| OCTOBER 2012

In 2007, with a second hand machine and one tailor, Kirti made a humble beginning. An old machine with fresh ideas created wonders and brought her back to the glittering world of fashion. Today Kirti has 3 prestigious fashion shows under her belt. She designs for various celebrities in Bollywood and television. She has recently been engaged to design outfit for her childhood hero, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan to be worn by him in one of the programs. For Kirti, designing for Big B is truly a dream come true. Nothing succeeds like success and for Kirti Rathore nothing is enough. She now dreams of showcasing her exclusive designs on the ramps of Paris, Milan and New York, revealing Rajasthan to the world. Spiritual in soul, Kirti thanks Sai Baba for giving her strength and determination. She believes her father, her role model is always watching from heaven and is proud of where she is today. His compassion for the downtrodden has inspired her to dedicate some of her shows towards social causes. She also works closely with HIV infected children. This creative tireless woman believes that success does not come in one day but nothing can stop success if one is true to oneself.

SPECIALS > Re-bonding (Schwarzkopf) Any Length – 3499/> 20 Hair Streaks (Wella) – 1599/> 20 hair streaks (L'Oreal) – 1999/> Head-to-toe package for ladies and gents – 799/Includes hair-cut and dry, hair spa (Matrix), facial (VLCC), manicure/ pedicure, wax (full arms/half legs) or head massage, bleach, threading/ Special bridal/ shave pre-bridal package > Yoga classes also available

We offer best customer service and quality of work. Call today for appointment : 011-64720505 / 9650787747 | Like us on Facebook : Address : WE-300 1st Floor, Hari Nagar, Jail Road, Above LG Showroom, Opposite Reebok Outlet, New Delhi-110064

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THE CONCEPT Call him a nomad, Call him an explorer. For he has risen From a deep torpor; His unrest soul for An undying journey, In pursuit of music, In search of words, Calls him a Rockstar, More than A traveller.





STYLING: Suvanko Biswas & Prateek Rajora MAKEUP AND HAIR: Akhil Gupta & Bilal PHOTOGRAPHER: Akshay Rajan & Shabbir FASHION CONSULTANT: Swagat Ranjan & Param Sahni

MODEL INFO: Name - Prashant Chauhan Date of birth - 13th Jan 1993 Height - 5'10" City - Dehradun A college going boy who started his modeling career in college days. He has got high dreams to sparkle as a good model and successful actor in future. Prashant being a modest and cool guy is hardworking and fully dedicated to work. He believes in giving the best.



are & old

MODELS (clockwise): Yogesh Yadav, Harvinder Yadav, Kshitij Guwalani, Raghav Soni; (center) Param Sawhney

concept-swagat ranjan styling-suvanko biswas make up and hair- akhil gupta photographer- agnimirh basu and akshay rajan fashion consultant-swagat ranjan 20

| OCTOBER 2012

Style and sensuality have always remained parallel. Many big people tried to investigate through various paintings and pictures but they failed to differentiate between the two. On this concept, we have tried to showcase here that sensuality with present style statement of denim. It propagates the sensuality of male, describing its potential and how it inclines people for it.

ADVERTORIAL Obri Art Gallery is the latest hub of art lovers in the city. The gallery offers a peek into the Folk Culture of India. According to the owner Meenakshi who is a professional artist, her latest work is based on the pre-aryan culture inherited by our country in the form of folk art.

She offers you a wide range of products right from ethnic Wall Clocks to the modern day trousseau packing. The special editions is being tree lamps with authentic madhubani paintings, handmade paper lamps. Not only this, Obri offers you a number of corporate complimentary gifts which would be an eyecandy in a office cabin or on your boss’s table.

Obri is the ultimate place for art lovers who have a distinct taste and are looking for a blend of something fresh yet ethnic art piece.” - Meenakshi (Mini)

Art Source: Shreya Ghoshal official website



SPRING ON UR ATTITUDE!! Tattoo ‘n’ Piercing Trend In India Tattooing is a growing art in India and so is the need to expedite the proliferation of this art. Moreover tattooing is no less than a minor surgery and only a trained tattoo artist can conduct them successfully. There are no short cuts to learn tattooing. However there is certainly a proper and perfect way and I will help you to learn that. Tattoo Training and Academy is a one stop shop for all tattoo needs. Be it beginner or advanced level courses or purchasing quality tattoo equipment or tattoo jewelry, we offer it all. Start a Lucrative, Glamorous and Promising career! Call us for Tattoo and Piercing training. Check our website for Trainees from different parts of the country!

At KDzTATTOOs Body Studio, we take hygiene and safety very seriously. Tattoo artists work with needles and human blood. It is critical that when you are choosing a studio, that you consider the health practices of your potential artist. We never reuse ink or needles. For every client and every tattoo we use a new sterile needle which is immediately discarded in a bio hazard-safe container after our work is finished. We sterilize all of our equipment with an autoclave, which is a machine used by hospitals, doctors and dentists to sterilize their equipment to insure bacteria, germ and disease-free instruments. After the equipment is sterilized, each piece is placed in a new, clean bag, and is stored in the autoclave until the next tattoo. We always use latex gloves and we use new ink in small individual containers. We always use a disposable instrument to dispense Vaseline. We also disinfect our work surface (our tattoo table or arm stand) and then seal it with plastic before you are positioned for your tattoo. We urge you, no matter where you choose to get your tattoo, to go with a studio that has an autoclave. This is the best insurance against the spread of germs and disease. We welcome any questions about our health practices or tattoo health in general.

Our Tattoo Studio The mind weaves many beautiful designs, which are either influenced by components or elements, which are close to our life. It requires great talent and expertise to be able to visualize another person's imagination. Apart from customizing designs, KDz offers thousands of attractive designs from which you can choose. We offer a wide portfolio of tattoo designs and body piercings. KDz pays utmost attention to hygiene while making a tattoo. You can always walk in with any concept and we would confidently shape it into reality. Our long list of satisfied clientele speaks for our credibility. kdztattoos

Rajouri Garden: J-13/65 Basement, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Main Market, Next To "The Gym", New Delhi-110027. District Center: 613, Vishwasadan Tower, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110058.


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M A K E U P T I P S 26

By Helen Stewart



Clean, dry and moisturize face before applying any makeup. A clean, smooth canvas is always easier to apply ‘paint’ too. Use your favorite moisturizer with sunscreen under foundation to help prevent skin damage due to sun exposure. If your favorite skin moisturizer does not contain sunscreen, make your own skin protecting moisturizer by mixing one part moisturizer and one part sunscreen. As facial skin ages, it loses its elasticity and becomes less firm than it used to be. A good foundation for maturing skin is one that serves double duty by making the skin look firm and luminous. Use a foundation has a light texture (so it won’t weigh skin down) and light reflecting properties for firm and youthful appearance. A light liquid foundation won’t cake up in fine lines and wrinkles like a heavy cream or compact powder foundation.

We were taught to apply blush to the apples of our cheeks. That’s the correct location for the younger crowd. Move blush from the apples of cheeks to the cheek bones for an instant face lift. Select blush colors in rose and berry family to make dull, aging skin look vibrant and healthy.

| OCTOBER 2012

SOFTEN EYE SHADOW While a rosy color for cheeks bones present a healthier look, a too bright eye shadow will emphasize eyes that have sunk in with age. Skip the glitter and metallic shades of youthful eye shadow and pass on the bright bold shades that scream ‘look at me!’ and select soft color shades for eye shadow. Neutral colors like honey or peach will warm up face tone and open up the eyes.

As we change and mature, so should our makeup. After all, our clothing and hair styles have changed, and our skin care and makeup routine should change to meet the needs of a more mature skin and style. If you find yourself in the not-so-young age bracket, give these makeup tips for older women a try so you will look your best regardless of age. Use these makeup tips as you age to meet the needs of maturing skin and present a more youthful appearance. BROWN OR BLACK EYELINER The skin around eyes is very delicate and is often the first locations to show signs of aging. Counter act droopy or hidden eyelids by using very dark brown or black eyeliner. The dark contrast of brown or black define the eyes and enhance their size, offsetting the soft shades of eye shadow and making the eyes the focal feature of the face.


Changing Your Brain And Your


Diet Sodas


| OCTOBER 2012

Diet sodas (also diet pop, diet, sugar-free, or light soft drinks, refreshments, or carbonated beverages) are typically sugarfree, artificially sweetened and non-alcoholic carbonated beverages. They are generally marketed toward health-conscious people, diabetics, athletes, and other people who want to lose weight, improve physical fitness, or reduce their sugar intake. HISTORY The beginning of the diet soda or refreshment era was in 1952, when Kirsch Bottling in Brooklyn, New York launched a sugar-free ginger ale called No-Cal. It was designed for diabetics, not dieters, and distribution remained local. Royal Crown Cola placed an announcement in an Atlanta newspaper in 1958 announcing a diet soda product, Diet Rite. In 1962, Dr. Pepper released a diet(etic) version of its soda, although it sold slowly due to the misconception that it was meant solely for diabetic consumption. In 1963, the CocaCola Company joined the diet soda market with Tab, which proved to be a huge success. Tab was originally sweetened with cyclamates and saccharin. Pepsi released Diet Pepsi in the 1960s (initially as Patio Diet Cola). Diet 7 Up was released in 1963 under the name Like. It was discontinued in 1969 due to the US government ban of cyclamate sweetener. After reformulation, it was reintroduced as Diet 7 Up in 1970. Prompted by the rising popularity of soft drinks, in the mid-1980s some of those in the alcohol industry began to follow their lead with some beer companies putting sugar-free beer on the market. By the early 1990s, a wide array of companies had their own diet refreshments on supermarket shelves. By 2002, some soda companies had diversified to include such flavors as vanilla and lemon among their products, and diet sodas were soon being produced with those flavors as well. By 2004, several alcohol companies had released sugar-free or "diet" alcoholic products too.

ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS CONFUSE REWARD A little bit of background: the caudate head is a part of the brain involved in signaling reward and controlling food intake—and its decreased activity in the brains of diet soda drinkers has substantial implications. Researchers posit that consumption of diet soda had confused the reward loops normally processed by the caudate head: because sweetness was no longer a reliable indicator of incoming calories, the brain had trained itself to respond less in the face of sweet flavors. Unreliable sweet tastes threw off normal predictions about calories and energy in the changed brains of diet soda drinkers—making it more likely that these people would consume additional calories later in the day. SMALL CHOICES CAN AFFECT YOUR BRAIN

patterns. Still, this recent investigation provides an interesting reflection on how choices and actions made in everyday life can powerfully influence the way your brain is wired—in other words, the concept of neuroplasticity. We can’t always foresee the unintended negative responses our brain makes—who would have thought diet coke might do quite the opposite of what its name suggests?—but there are positive ways to harness your brain’s ability to change. Just a little Lumosity training every day, for example, can change your brain for the better: instead of confused reward signals, you could experience faster processing speed, quicker flexibility, and improved problem solving. Unlock full access today and harness that power to change! Visit Us at

This newest study is pretty preliminary; it’s difficult to say how drastically diet sodas can affect bigger questions of lifestyle and health based on such short-term brain activation

SCANNING DIET SODA DRINKERS' BRAINS The University of San Diego study followed 24 young adults: half the group drank at least one serving of diet soda every day, while the other half avoided the artificially sweetened drinks. These adults were then hooked up to brain scanning equipment while scientists fed them water alternately flavored by natural and artificial sweeteners—then the researchers sat back and watched what unfolded in the brain. The results, according to University of California San Diego researchers Green and Murphy, were pronounced: “Diet soda drinkers who consumed a greater number of diet sodas had reduced caudate head activation. These findings may provide some insight into the link between diet soda consumption and obesity.”

OCTOBER 2012 |



- Reena

WHEN IT COMES TO THAT PASSIONATE MOMENT OF KISSING YOUR PARTNER, WE ALL HAVE A STORY TO TELL OF ADOLESCENCE THE HISTORYKiss, as it is termedITS technically, is the act of AND ALL GLORY. BUT YOU WILL BE pressing one's lips against the lips or other body parts of another person or of an object. If we flicker the pages of our SURPRISED TOwhich KNOW history we found that kiss is a gesture is exchanged AS YOU COME ACROSS since ages. As Ernest Crawler (20th century writer) wrote'Kiss was aTHE universal expression in the social life of the higher HEALTH BENEFITS OF THE ACT OF civilization of the feelings of affection and love." According to him touch is the mother of the senses and the kiss was a KISSING. LET'S KISS-START... tactile and specialized form of intimate contact. Traces of French kiss was also found in the book "Song of Solomon "in the old testimonial of the Bible. "How delightful is your love my sister, my bride; How much more pleasing is your love then wine And the fragrance of your perfume than any other spice Your lips drop sweetness as the honey comb, My bride milk and honey are under your tongue.“ He starts of by calling her 'my sister, my bride'. This does not mean it's incest. What he tries to express through his words is that he loves and cherish this women so much and treats her delicately and respectfully like a sister. It's getting bit poetic but so spell binding. Now let's share wealth of health...

36 32


The knight rescue the princess and they share true love's first kiss.

PHOTO BY: Vishal Seth | STYLING By: Parantap Shekhar MODEL: Anthony Prada Byron Giovini & Julie Rask Jepsen

HEALTH WISE- It's healthy! Yes you read it right. According to the lab-coat clad classic braniacs, when we kiss our total 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles gets activated and also our oris muscle which is also known as kissing muscle when we puck our lips. In the case of French kiss, the tongue is the main component. Lips have many nerve endings which make them sensitive to touch and bite. Guys! Get an attractive jaw line by exercising your muscle. 30 min of kissing can relieve you from sneezing running nose symptoms. So when your allergies freak you out now you know were to head towards; and say adios to doc and anti-allergic medicines.

Shrek: Um!!! Fiona. Fiona: Yes Shrek? Shrek: I love you. Fiona: Really! Shrek: Really! Really! Fiona: I love you too...

And then they kiss and Fiona floats up in the air.

When you kiss you pass thousands of bacteria to your partner's mouth and out of which 20% is unique in every individual. It acts like a vaccination so as to produces antibodies to fight the foreign bacteria. Advice to girls; kiss a healthy guy! It's good for your teeth. Kissing neutralizes acid which causes tooth decay and washes away food and bacteria and gives you stronger teeth. Take your partner on a date and do this light 'workout' and burn up to 6 calories a minute. It may not give you flat abs but you can feel slightly less guilty by ordering another glass of fresh beer or wine or how about that Choco dip dessert?

OCTOBER 2012 |



Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

Wadi Al-Hitan (Whale Valley), Egypt

Over 40,000 massive basalt columns rise out of the sea, the result of volcanic activity on the green isle some 50-60 million years ago. These strange, stunning columns have spurred myths and research - from legends of giants using them to stride over the sea into Scotland to 300 years of serious geological studies and research.

Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Lake Baikal, Southeast Siberia Formed 25 million years ago, Lake Baikal is the oldest, deepest lake in the world, reaching depths of 5,577 ft. - more than a mile! This icy oasis holds 20 percent of Earth's unfrozen freshwater supply and sustains unique species, making Lake Baikal a prime site for researchers to study freshwater ecosystems and evolutionary science. Located near the RussianMongolian border, you can see the lake's forested shores surrounded by snow-clad peaks of the Barguizin mountains in this photo.

How's this for a tourism hook: Komodo National Park, where Komodo dragons outnumber the locals. It's true. The park is home to approx. 5,700 of these giant lizards and 4,000 people. Located among the volcanic islands of Indonesia's Wallacea region with its dry savannah and thorny green vegetation, the park is the only natural home for Varanus komodoensis in the world. In addition to being named a World Heritage Site, the area has also been identified by both the World Wildlife Federation and Conservation International as a global conservation priority.

This area south of Cairo tells one of Earth's most mind bending stories of evolution. Bone and skeletons scattered throughout the area show the transformation of whales (suborder: Archaeceti) from landbased to ocean-swimming mammals. Scientists have found fossils caught in the middle of the process: Young whales outgrowing their soon-to-be obsolete hind limbs. Long hailed as one of the seven wonders of the natural world, the Grand Canyon remains one of Earth's greatest ongoing geological spectacles. Approximately 65 million years ago what is now called the Colorado Plateau was uplifted 1.5 miles above sea-level. The Colorado River began carving its way down through the layers of rock 5-6 million years ago. After millions of years of erosion, today the canyon is nearly one mile (1,500 meters) deep and nearly 18 miles (29 km) across at its widest points. The result: One of the most spectacular gorges in the world, with spectacular rock walls revealing 2 billion years of Earth's geologic history.


Grand Canyon, USA


| OCTOBER 2012


Ilulissat Ice fjord, Denmark Near the top of the world, lies the glacier Ilulissat Icefjord. Situated on the west coast of Greenland near the town of Ilulissat and north of the Arctic Circle, this site offers scientists a magnificent natural laboratory for studying climate change and icecap glaciology. It's significant because the area is actually a combination of several extraordinary natural phenomena. A huge ice-sheet moving at the rate of 62 ft. (19 meters) per day. Now, combine that with the dramatic sounds of a fast-moving glacial ice-stream careening into a fjord already covered by icebergs. It makes for some incredible icy fireworks not found anywhere else on Earth. The Ilulissat Icefjord is one of the fastest and most active glaciers in the world, calving more ice per year than any glacier outside Antarctica.

Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area, China

Surtsey, Iceland

Central Amazon Conservation Complex, Brazil Made up of the Jau, Mamiraua, and Amana reserves, the complex is the largest protected tropical rainforest in the world. Just the portion designated as a World Heritage protected site is larger than Switzerland. Its forests, lakes, rivers and islands are home to many continually changing terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems as well as numerous endangered species. It's been given priority in the World Wildlife Fund as one of the most diverse and important bird areas in the world, as well a protected area for human cultures living in the reserves.

The Great Barrier Reef is a site for the record books. Another spectacular place recognized as one of the seven wonders of the natural world, Australia's Great Barrier Reef also lays claim to being the only living, thriving ecosystem on Earth visible from space. The marine park extends more than 1,800 miles (3,000 km) along the Queensland coast of northeast Australia, and it's home to the world's largest collection of corals - 400 distinct types!. It's also home to 1,500 species of tropical fish, 4,000 types of mollusks, 200 types of birds and 20 types of reptiles, as well as many threatened species such as the dugong ("sea cow") and large green turtle. The Great Barrier Reef is also an important breeding area for humpback whales migrating from Antarctica.

This strikingly beautiful site is best known for its unusual quartzite sandstone pillars and peaks - over 3,000 of them. But the park also abounds in endangered plants and animals. Located in China's Hunan Province, the area has numerous ravines and gorges filled with streams, waterfalls, and pools, as well as caves and two large natural bridges. In all, Wulingyuan spans over 64,200 acres. A series of volcanic eruptions from 1963-1967 formed this very young island off the southern coast of Iceland. Because the island immediately received protected status, scientists have been able to study development of plant and animal life free of human influences in this small, isolated area. Watching the process of a new world form, scientists observed that the first seeds arrived via ocean currents. Molds, bacteria, and fungi appeared next, followed by the first vascular plant in 1965. This unspoiled natural laboratory is now home to 89 species of birds and 335 species of invertebrates.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

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sides still they kept lauding at each others performance which kept bringing home lot of bonhomie. The drive to Sadqui in the very amenable and modest Commandant’s gypsy with BSF bus following us was for sure an eye opener. We moved across the temporary iron bridge build over ditch and bund which actually provided obstruction to the enemy tanks in times of crisis when the water from river Sutlej was diverted into the ditch which was constructed 10-15 km inside all along the border and which fortunately was now dry. The village of Pucca Chisti had its own anxious moments of daily soap of head counting to be retold over and over again which actually gets converted into a ghost town during war. The drive through different border outpost (BOP) made us realize the extreme regimentation of jawan who invite court-marshal even for a slight dereliction of their duty like sitting even for seconds when they are expected to stand for nearly 16 hrs. and perform. Then it was the majestic Shri Swarn Mandir Gurudwara Sahib where the sarovar abound with big colored fishes is said to carry medicinal properties. It was 12 o’clock in the night but the meticulous planning ensured that all and sundry were ceaselessly fed at the langar. There was incessant rattling of the steel thali moving across the washing alley through hundreds of hand that vied with each other for kar-seva. It was a continuous reminder of prosperous heart and a very humbling humanity.

Next to follow in the itinerary was reliving history at Jaliawalan Bagh where the demoniac act of British and recovery of 120 dead from ‘maut ka kuaan’ has forever broken the myth of a merciful and civilized Laat Saheb. We bid adieu on the third day but not before making bag full of purchase from the neighboring market. There were Amritsari vadiyaan, daal paapad and ladies suit length embroidered with traditional phulkari. After a travel of 1500 km in three days we returned with many indelible imprints through NH 1 across the city of Jalandhar, Phagwara, Ludhiana, Ambala and Karnal after paying hefty toll at the plaza that dotted the highway that was still to come up and that was still replete with broken roads and multiple diversions without any signage.

Consulted by MANOJ JOSHI


A road trip is one DECIDE WHERE YOU’RE GOING of the coolest and So first things first – you need a destination. Even if you fancy a totally random trip, it’s good to know the general geographic direction you want to take to save you driving across a boarder or into the ocean for that matter. Also, having a clear and exciting destination will cheapest ways of help you attract your travel buddies and entice them into taking to the open road with you. Of course, it’s not being suggested that traveling to new your personality won’t be enough. If you’re super-organized, you may even want to plan places to visit on the way to make the most of your trip. Are there long-lost relatives you can surprise, or tourist attractions you can visit? Taking regular breaks will be a safer, more places. You can enjoyable way of reaching your final destination. go with a group of friends and split the cost between you, making it a DECIDE HOW YOU’RE GOING cost-effective way Now that you’ve got your road trippers together, you need to decide who has the most reliable of taking a break. car. If you and your friends are luckily enough to have If you’re planning equally fabulous cars – choose the one that has the best fuel economy. It’ll work out miles cheaper for you all in on organizing a the end. Alternately, if none of your vehicles are reliable, road trip, check you might want to consider a cheap car rental service. This may also be wise if none of your cars have enough DECIDE YOU’RE GOING WITH outWHO the following adequate room for the amount of passengers you’re You may think that this is one of the easiest parts of planning your road few things before taking. Definitely don’t try and pack extra people in the trip – but you could be wrong. Make sure you choose people that are car – you can get pulled over by the police if there aren’t fun to hang out with, but won’t be tiring after hours with them in a car. If you set off… enough seatbelts for the number of passengers travelling, they’re the type of friend you invite out clubbing or to the cinema because you know you won’t have to talk much – inviting them on a road trip is probably not the best idea. Oh, and choosing someone smart is always sensible – you know, someone to calculate the fuel and budget for the trip.


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not to mention how irritable everyone will be if they’re uncomfortable.



While your larger focus this month is likely to be your intimate life, dear Aries, you have opportunities to transform a professional dream into a reality. You can feel especially inspired by a work project, and while physical energy may not be at its highest, inspiration can motivate you to do more. Plant a seed around the 5th. You would do well to organize your finances and to get a stronger sense of where you stand in terms of debt to and support from others, as circumstances are such that you will be needing to face reality about these matters in the next while. Your intimate life comes into strong focus this month as well, and any lack felt now can seem glaring, particularly around the 24-25. You are in top form when it comes to your ability to assert yourself without complications. Wonderful relationship opportunities can come through friend or group associations from the 15th. Protect sensitive information this month, particularly towards the middle of October. Be sure to feed your thirst for non-routine adventures.


Freer, more creative, and forward-looking energy is with you in October, dear Gemini. Mid-month brings strong opportunities to begin anew, whether this is creatively or romantically. Your social life looks excellent this month. While there can be some ups and downs, your love life is sure to be animated in October. Long-standing problems come up to the surface for resolution. As sociable as the month can be, a period of hard work is ahead with Saturn monitoring your sector of work, health, and routines now and until 2015. It's a strong period for making changes in your daily habits, for dieting, health improvement, cutting back, and healthier, more structured routines. Some of you could land a new position that requires more structure and effort. Discipline and a slow-but-steady approach works better than bold moves right now. Home life is rich this month, and home improvement efforts are favored. Career and work goals seem within reach around the 5-10. Watch for fuzzy thinking and possibly misrepresentation on the 29th.


Good energy is with you for pursuing your heart's desire this month, dear Leo, particularly after the 7th. Romance can be challenging at times, but also stimulating. A long-term influence starts in October that can bring new responsibilities and structure to your family and home life. Domestic matters require more serious thought, self-discipline, and organization. Some of you could realize a homeowning dream, although new responsibilities and pressures come along with it. Learning endeavors are highly favored this month. New interests emerge, and you're extra motivated to learn, communicate, and share your knowledge. Saturn's transit of your third house in recent years has limited your responsiveness to social contact. This influence lifts in October. Going forward, you are more motivated to branch out and network. The lines of communication open. The last week of October can involve a culmination of a career project.


This is a potentially excellent month for communicating with special people in your life, dear Taurus. You enjoy increased personal charisma. You are more playful and communicative than usual. Nevertheless, there can be some challenges this month with shared resources - money owed and/or shared with a partner. As well, you are entering a long-term cycle in which relationships go through some tests. To commit or not to commit? That is the question! This cycle lasts until 2015, but for now, easy and friendly energy is with you for partnering. Many of you are easing slowly but surely into a more committed, stable relationship. Some of you may be committing to a friend or going into partnership with a friend. You've recently learned to live a more structured life. More work and less recognition for it may have been a theme in your life. This month, attitudes toward work improve. The Full Moon on the 29th brings a relationship or personal matter to a head.


Excellent energy is with you this month for romantic and creative expression, dear Cancer. Conversations feed your feeling of being loved and appreciated. Communication is the key to happiness in love in October. Nevertheless, you are entering a long-term cycle in which commitment can become a big issue. Relationships that don't live up to their potential are likely to be questioned, particularly around the 24-25 this month, but also as a general theme going forward. Love becomes serious, hobbies can turn into work, and there may be fewer avenues for entertainment open to you. Family pressures and difficulties around the home are decreasing now. You'll derive more enjoyment from family life and find responsibilities less burdensome. Work this month is busy. While you can wow those in authority, there will be times that conflicts arise and you'll need to center yourself in order to handle them calmly. If possible, set your own pace and work independently. Others may not be working as quickly as you.


October is a generally stabilizing month for you, dear Virgo, particularly when it comes to relationships or your attitude towards partnership. Both casual and committed relationships can thrive this month. Venus graces your sign most of October, and this serves to enhance your natural charm and beauty. You're turning heads, particularly around the 9-10, and it's not only for your personal magnetism your brains get attention as well. Make a few wishes, dare to say them aloud, and expect results. Saturn's entry into Scorpio this month is generally good news for you. During this transit that lasts until 2015, you are more able to meet your responsibilities and you generally are able to keep your cool. More stability is experienced in your life, and you communicate with more authority. Some distancing yourself from others might occur with new interests and responsibilities, however. Home life should be especially busy this month, and finances are likely to improve.



Saturn leaving your sign this month, dear Libra, can bring about a feeling that a heavy weight has been lifted. You're likely to be more outgoing than you have been for some time. Ideally, you've built strength and balance in your life since 2009, when Saturn first entered your sign. Confidence now comes from a stronger sense of reality. The 15-16 brings strong energy for starting fresh and reinventing yourself. You'll receive all the support you need. This month, work and money matters are strong. You're finding motivation and inspiration to pursue your goals. Being especially realistic about your capabilities and talents right now is important and can help prevent you from overextending yourself. Some of you could pursue a dream job now. A home business may be part of the picture. Stronger energy for romantic relationships is with you mid-month. Open the lines of communication. Be available and willing to take an emotional risk.

Get extra rest and avoid pushing yourself this month, dear Scorpio, with Saturn entering your sign (where it will transit until 2015), and the Sun in your privacy sector until the 22nd. You're likely to sense that you need more time for rest and reflection, and it's wise to listen to your inner signals. Nevertheless, there is no need to cut yourself off from others. This month, strong benefits come from your social life. Connect with friends and groups, but know also when to draw the line. Some of you will be making an important romantic connection this month. It's a time for keeping a lower profile and working on solid, long-term goals. Getting your life into order is the focus now. You'll be tending to those things you've left unfinished or neglected matters that suddenly become pressing at this time. The Full Moon in the last week of the month brings a relationship matter to the fore. Use the reality check you receive on the 24-25 for personal growth, and feel stronger for it.



From the 7th forward, you have strong energy to get out and really experience life, dear Sagittarius. Your personal magnetism is strong, and your ability to ask for what you want without apology is increased. You can find new forums for creativity and self-expression. Avoid impatience, however. Focusing on your desires is appropriate now, but avoid overdoing this. You thrive when you can set your own pace and work independently. This month, family and home goals can be realized. A loan could come through, for example, that allows you to make home improvements. Mid-month brings exciting energy for friendships, group associations, and romance, which can be new or renewed. Be open to new ideas, plant some seeds, and embrace the unexpected. Creative ideas are abundant this month. Watch for excess and arrogance in the last week of the month especially, when there can be a standoff of sorts with a special someone.


This is an important month for your career, dear Aquarius. You're likely to uncover new goals and attitudes, and you are likely to work hard at achieving some of your more realistic dreams. You are entering a long-term cycle that will be with you until 2015 in which you are likely to reassess your career and standing, realigning your attitudes to better serve your purpose. Circumstances conspire to remind you of the importance of structure, responsibility, and reputation in your life. Many of you will be making changes in the coming years so that your career path better reflects the principles closest to your heart. Nevertheless, your social life is likely to be especially active in October. Midmonth brings new energy for educational and travel pursuits, as well as important and helpful connections. Write, speak, and generally keep in touch with others. Publishing and speaking opportunities can present themselves.

Both work and your social life are likely to demand your attention this month, dear Capricorn. From the 7th forward, however, be sure to get extra rest and down time. Decisions may be more difficult to make, and you could be wrestling with some, so allow yourself extra time to draw conclusions. October is a strong month overall for goal-making, communications, and learning. With Saturn's entry into Scorpio, you'll find that your goals are shifting, and that you are ready to take on challenges. You can accomplish a great deal with minimal stress. The New Moon mid-month provides you with a new start and renewed perspective on your professional and public life. You are more able to embrace change rather than feeling at its mercy. Love this month is likely to involve some level of adventure and experimentation and requires an open mind. Someone could be changing your world in special ways with a fresh perspective.


You are entering a period in your life in which getting organized is a priority, and easier than usual, dear Pisces. Meeting your responsibilities also comes more naturally this month. This month, putting an end to a bad habit and creating a plan to help reduce debt are both highly favored, especially around the 15-16. Money is at a peak this month. Take advantage by asking for a raise, making a long-term investment, or going over your budget, but avoid the 3rd, 7-8, and 29th, when it can be difficult to get what you want. Relationships receive a nice boost in October. You're likely to be dealing with kind and helpful people, and your own hospitality is recognized and appreciated. Career matters can be busy and temperamental. Use your better judgment and powers of discrimination to sort out what lines to pursue, and which to trash. This is a good month overall for applying yourself to educational pursuits and for considering courses that will help you to brush up your skills.

CELEB WATCH The brilliant rendition of the lilting lyrics of Shonaa’s much appreciated songs typically exemplifies the life and times of this naturally blessed playback singer-cum-performer. Shonaa is a ‘soul culture icon’ and a very special ‘live singer performer’, who has been rocking the popular charts since quite some time now. A sublime blend of childhood innocence and mature sensuality, ‘soul siren’ Shonaa is the most sought after live performer and most unique live female act. This ‘pop soul’ artiste is a champion of the proposition that ‘Singers have a face’ and “Music lovers look for complete performers’! Shonaa Gonsalves says, “Performing live on a big canvas in stage shows gives me the blues because every few singers dare to do this in today’s world. However, I believe that I have an internationally relevant potential that hasn’t been fully explored or tapped as yet. I am clear about not doing item numbers but would want to do something like Kylie Minogue, which will rock and rule the world. I dream of doing a Broadway musical because that is the ultimate testimony for a singerperformer.” Talking about her immense talent, Shonaa says, “I’m a feel good artiste. I believe in the music I create and the power of the song I sing. I infuse the words with a lot of love and power to help the song transcend into the hearts of people. I believe that I have a natural instinct to recognize a good song and give it a soul-stirring and heart-rendering impetus. Only a song sung from the heart can stir emotions.” Doing things differently is in her genes and that’s why Shonaa Gonsalves has plunged totally into the art and science of music and songs. She is one of the rare singers to take part in music and dance therapy initiatives. “I ardently believe that music and dance heals the world even as it gives joy to numerous people. Music and dance therapy initiatives help to do this in a systematic and organized manner. There are scientifically proved methods that can help use such therapy for the betterment of people at large. I am keen to make a significant contribution to society through such initiatives.” No wonder, Shonaa’s work has gathered so much of adulation and accolades. “I am a belief artiste. I believe that success needs a lot of courage, strategy and effort. My fans love my voice due to its sheer range and depth, which appeal to Indian and western audiences. And the presentation and packaging is as important as the content,” avers Shonaa.

A prolific stage performer, Shonaa has shared performances with some of Bollywood's top names like Bombay Vikings, Leslie Lewis, Sunidh Chauhan, Anu malik, Shaan, Bappi Lahari and Alisha Chinoy. She sang in remix albums like The Virus, Take Me Home Baby, Pin Up Doll, Super Girl released by Universal Music, T series, Tip, Venus, Times music and has sung with London based Band Sonik Gurus.


| OCTOBER 2012

S HON A A Gonsalves Her sensual voice compliments her stunning beauty even as she sets the stage on fire. Performer par excellence Shonaa Gonsalves shot into fame by singing with the inimitable and prolific Ishq Bector. The seductively voiced siren’s fan following increased phenomenally as she continued belting out numbers for the Sonik Gurus! The ‘Tere mere pyar ke chance’ remix helped her establish a mind space in the hearts of audiences. And singing BUDHHA MIL GAYA for Rakhi Sawant took her to new heights of popularity. Here’s more to read…



HALO 4 (Microsoft Studios | 343 Industries) Third parties make up the majority of this year's 360 lineup. Without a concrete slate of first-party announcements (besides Halo 4), we're leaning more towards the 360's solid foundation of third party titles. As expected: if you like shooters, then you'll enjoy the Xbox 360. We still haven't seen any Kinect-only titles to merit inclusion on our list, but if you prefer using analog sticks to move and shoot, then this is the system for you (still). If you're wondering why something on another platform list is missing (like GTA5), it's probably because we feel that the third-party games below feel and play better on the 360 -- while some other games just feel a bit better on the PS3. We'll see if E3 will add new game announcements or new hardware altogether, but until then, here's our pick for which third-party titles make the 360 shine in 2012.

MASS EFFECT 3 (Electronic Arts | BioWare) It's safe to proclaim the Mass Effect series as probably the grandest video game sci-fi epic since, well, er, Halo. And we're finally at The Big One: the final act in a grand trilogy where hyperintelligent giant robots from another dimension pop out of their space sabbatical for a full-on invasion of Earth. BioWare has been pretty good in offering players many interesting choices for their individual Commander Shepards in this action-RPG, and we expect most of those choices to pay off in this all-or-nothing conclusion. It also helps that BioWare continues to refine the fast-paced cover-shooter combat, while also addressing the missing RPG elements from ME2. We're mostly looking forward to seeing who has the crazier experience: the 1UP staffers with Paragon Shepards or the ones with Renegade Shepards.

Third parties make up the majority of this year's 360 lineup. Without a concrete slate of first-party announcements (besides Halo 4), we're leaning more towards the 360's solid foundation of third party titles. As expected: if you like shooters, then you'll enjoy the Xbox 360. We still haven't seen any Kinect-only titles to merit inclusion on our list, but if you prefer using analog sticks to move and shoot, then this is the system for you (still). If you're wondering why something on another platform list is missing (like GTA5), it's probably because we feel that the third-party games below feel and play better on the 360 -- while some other games just feel a bit better on the PS3. We'll see if E3 will add new game announcements or new hardware altogether, but until then, here's our pick for which third-party titles make the 360 shine in 2012.

BIOSHOCK INFINITE (2K Games | Irrational Games) With a small resume that features quality titles like System Shock 2, Freedom Force, and BioShock, Irrational Games has already earned a spot on our "check out without reservation" list. Even though it has "BioShock" in the title, and we know that the basic gameplay formula of "shooter with some crazy powers" has been preserved, everything else looks utterly original: A private investigator guides a girl who can tear the fabric of reality through an ultranationalist floating city. All while dealing with strikingly relevant factions such as xenophobic government troops and angry commoners labeled as terrorists. And also evading the pursuit of a giant mechanical Maltese Falcon. The sheer originality and established creativity behind Irrational makes this one of the more exciting titles in 2012 for us.


| OCTOBER 2012

ALAN WAKE'S AMERICAN NIGHTMARE (Microsoft Studios | Remedy Entertainment) Smaller than a "proper" Alan Wake 2, but bigger than the two previous Alan Wake DLC Episodes. American Nightmare looks like Remedy's version of inFamous: Festival of Blood: a stand-alone downloadable title that expands the game/lore for diehard fans, while presenting newbies a solid action-suspense-horror-thriller experience. Alan Wake finds himself exploring a mysterious Arizona town within an episode of The Twilight Zone inspired Night Springs. Within that premise, Remedy has changed the linear structure of the 2010 game into a more open hub area for players to snoop around, shoot weird enemies in, and puzzle over metafiction/game puzzles. It's cool when talented developers such as Double Fine and Remedy shift from lengthy development cycles to smaller games, so that we get more than one game every six years.

BORDERLANDS 2 (2K Games | Gearbox Software) We were surprised that it took until Borderlands for someone to get the "let's combine loot-heavy RPGs with fast paced shooter mechanics" idea right, but now that we have that solid foundation, more guns and celshaded mayhem sounds just fine with us for Borderlands 2. Little tweaks like four-seated vehicles, an expanded visual palette (there's snow and jungle; the planet isn't just a valley full of rocks!), and guns with more distinctive characteristics (such as the inability to reload, meaning you just toss it aside and pick up a new one when you run out of ammunition) look to add a lot for this installment. Plus, any game where you play a psychotic dwarf who can dual-wield any pair of firearms looks like a fine one to us.

MAX PAYNE 3 (Rockstar Games | Rockstar Vancouver) It's been long overdue, but it's still nice to see a proper follow-up to Remedy's solid bullet-time shooter. What's interests for us is hearing Rockstar Games personnel stating that all the care, detail, and attention of their open-world titles (GTA4, Red Dead Redemption) are now being focused into a cinematic action shooter. From what little we've seen -some gunfights in New York and Sao Paulo -- it does look like that attention to detail will be present. In-between the shooting and slow motion were weird little moments, like crazed hobos hiding in their rundown apartments or seeing all the little cans in a pantry roll around a kitchen during a firefight. Plus, the last time we saw a really promising cinematic third-person shooter with lots of little details was a minor title called Uncharted.

PREY 2 (Bethesda Softworks | Human Head Studios) A lot of times, we find ourselves lamenting how sequels tend to just be More Of The Previous Game. Sure, there are some really good sequels that build upon their predecessors --some are even on this very list -- but more often, they're pretty blah. Prey 2 completely defies the MOTS-premise -- the only known ties it has with Prey relate to its subject matter of a common fellow dealing with crazy alien stuff, and that it's from developer Human Head. Instead of playing a Native American getting confounded by alien portals, you're now a U.S. Marshal who's gone through one heck of a fugue state by finding out he's somehow become an intergalactic bounty hunter on some farflung planet. Shooting, parkour-inspired movement, and a large open-world "alien noir" environment all contribute to one of more original looking sequels for 2012.

THE DARKNESS 2 (2K Games | Digital Extremes) The Darkness tapped into a field that's been severely underrepresented: the good "superpowered comic book-y first person shooter." Within a dazzling array of urban first person shooters, The Darkness stood out for being the one where you can either shoot a mobster like any other game, or instead impale him with a weird demon tentacle straight out of H.R. Giger's doodle pad. A sequel with a new art style (a distinct type of shading that separates it from FAR CRY 3 (Ubisoft | Ubisoft Montreal) traditional cel-shaded games), and even crazier supernatural abilities -- like We once called Far Cry 2 "Grand Theft Mogadishu", in that it was a cutting people in half with your demon arms or unleashing a swarm of locusts shooter with a lot of crazy systems and mechanics working inside a giant or juggling baddies like some sort of demonic circus performer. It already sandbox. We haven't seem much of Far Cry 3, besides the fact that it's in looks like a heck of a way to welcome Valentine's Day. a tropical setting and has undergone some tweaks to stealth and cover, but the promise of another game where we can play and experiment with intricate systems and mechanics with a crazy level of freedom is enough Courtesy: to get on this list.

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STORY The road from youth to adulthood is paved with myriad emotions and Student Of The Year celebrates this colorful coming of age. It is the story of Abhimanyu Singh and Rohan Nanda who traverse the path of competition, envy, triumph, failure, manipulation and heartbreak in their mini-universe of St. Teresas High School, Dehradun. Things are further knotted up when Shanaya Singhania, the most popular girl on the campus enters the equation. STAR CAST Sidharth Malhotra (Abhimanyu Singh a.k.a Abhi) | Varun Dhawan (Rohan Nanda a.k.a Ro) Alia Bhatt (Shanaya Singhania) | Rishi Kapoor (Dean Yogendra Vasisht) | Sanjay Dutt Kayoze Irani | Boman Irani (Cameo) | Kajol (Cameo) | Farah Khan (Cameo) | Ronit Roy Ram Kapoor | Sana Saeed | Farida Jalal | Sushma Seth | Akshay Anand | Prachi Shah Manjot Singh | Mansi Rach (Shruti Pathak) | Gautami Kapoor | Maninni De BANNER Dharma Productions Red Chillies Entertainment PRODUCER Hiroo Johar Gauri Khan

COSTUME DESIGNERS Manish Malhotra Shiraz Siddiqui MUSIC DIRECTOR Vishal Dadlani Shekhar Ravjiani

DIRECTOR Karan Johar RELEASE DATE 19 Oct 2012 GENRE Comedy, Romance


Elle Macpherson’s all-black ensemble is easy, laid-back and glamorous. A supermodel in tracksuit pants shows that comfort is key, even if you’re a star.

We love Eva Longoria’s on-the-move look. Naturally, having a Hermès bag on your arm will help you look the part, but this movie star took the airport in her stride in casual jeans, oversized sunglasses and flats.

Giuliana Rancic chose an animal print to sprint through LAX. This E! Entertainment host looked perfectly summery in this short dress accessorized with an extra large belt.

C E L E B ’ s T R AV E L L I N G S T Y L E Celebrity travelling style inspires us and these women know how to look like fashionistas after a long-haul flight. The fact that they travel at the front of the plane helps, of course!

Kim Kardashian opted for bling – did you really expect anything less from the new Mrs. Humphries? – with thigh-high Lanvin leather boots and a goldembellished top. Only Kim can travel like this!


| OCTOBER 2012

Kirsten Stewart looked comfortable without losing her signature off-the-wall, almost rock chic style. Her classic Vans slip-ons look great and add the necessary detail while being practical for running around Heathrow.

Rosie Huntington, as nearly always, is the epitome of jet-set style. Her Chloé pumps and Burberry bag make the look, especially with this tribal-print scarf.

OUR UNIVERSE During a lecture at the annual day celebrations of the Centre for Sustainable Development, Dr. K Kasturirangan, the member of the Planning Commission and Chairman of the Karnataka Knowledge Commission said that development must be balanced lest it pose a threat to the Western Ghats. “Any damage to the Western Ghats, which are rich in bio-diversity, will straightaway affect six States along its belt. Preservation of the Ghats is a major challenge for the government as well as for the people,” said the former ISRO Chairman. In addition to the Western Ghats, Dr. Kasturirangan explained that the sustainable management of the Himalayan ecosystem, and safeguarding the Eastern Himalayas is an equally important task. “New threats to the environment are posing new challenges to the country. If sustainable development has to be taken care of, we need to innovate, invest and improvise the related efforts, both at the national as well as the local level,” he said. Speaking on the occasion, retired judge R. V. Raveendran said that development without sustainable values will only cause destruction. Citing an example of the effect of uncontrolled mining activities by private individuals in Bellary district and the resultant damage to the environment there, he said that, “In the name of economic development, a few 100 individuals became rich by exporting iron ore. The government did not even get enough royalties as much of the mining went unaccounted for. The damage done to the environment there is irreversible.” Justice Raveendran also offered the example of solid waste mismanagement in Bangalore and expressed regret that the City is losing its nickname of ‘garden city’ gradually. “The Palike corporators are playing spoilsport in garbage disposal while experts in the field are kept away from the business. Rules should be framed so that people causing pollution are made to pay for it,” he said. He also gave an example of how the Lakshwadeep islands are suffering from environmental degradation due to government-sponsored “development” schemes. An annual report on the activities and achievement of Centre for Sustainable Development was released on the occasion. Source:


| OCTOBER 2012


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MODELS ERA Ticket To Bollywood:

VINAY SINDYA Standing tall at 5'10", Vinay who is from Bangalore started his career from South Model Hunt contest. He did many retail brand and print shoots like Spykar, Cavali, Luiottn calendar and catalogue. Very soon Vinay is launching his career in Bollywood with a big break. So it's time to watch him out!

- Swagat Ranjan (PR and Fashion Consultant)

SWATEE VATSA A Delhi girl who made awesome and remarkable stamp in the print and commercial world. One of the most famous model and favorite of all casting agency in Mumbai. Waiting for a big break for big banner in Bollywood. She has done previews for Manish Malhotra Sarees, Satya Paul Sarees and Sepia Clothes. She has also worked with channels like NDTV GOOD TIMES (I am too sexy for my shoes), STAR CJS ALIVE and HOME SHOPPE 18. - Swagat Ranjan (PR and Fashion Consultant) Swatee’s Print Commercials BIG BAZAAR | COLLECTION G JEWELLERY | TATA INDICOM | SATTVA JEWELLERY WORLD VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONSHIP | GODREJ RENEW HAIRCOLOR | IPL PRINT FEMINA MAGAZINE | MC DOWELLS | H&A APPARELS | FEDERAL BANK GODREJ INTERIO FURNITURES | GRT JEWELLERY MAX BUPA INSURANCE MAHINDRA INSURANCE | BANK OF INDIA | FLORIANA BANQUETS | CROMA | KDZ JEWELLERY BANK OF INDIA | HUE | JABONG.COM | EXCLUSIVELY.IN Swatee’s TV Commercials PARACHUTE OIL | REXONA DEO | NOKIA | NDTV IMAGINE | SAAM MARATHI | MAHINDRA XUV


ANKIT BHANDARI Attractive and well groomed personality , slim and fit physique, photogenic face, Natural acting skills with an ability to express different moods and sentiments and conversant with different movements, postures. Ready to travel at short notice with all necessary documents for national and international travel. Height - 5'9“ | Weight - 76 Kg | Waist - 34" Hair - Black | Eyes - Brown Specials Skills - Dancing, Stunts, Basketball, Football, Diving Work Experience - Done theatre at college level and participated in many modeling contests Residence - New Delhi

The Journalist Model: PAVNEET SACHDEVA Born on 14th March 1992, Pavneet has walked ramp for Fashion Fiesta and Chandigarh Fashion Week. She also performed in a street play “AAM AADMI” directed by Mr. Nadeem (NSD repertory), as an actor and got best actress award by Mr. Arvind Gaur (well known theatre artist). She won the title of MISS SMILE 2011 in Modelz View magazine and was the 1st runner up in Miss Rajdhani 2011. Her height is 5’11” and vital stats are 34-32-36. This Delhibased model is pursuing Journalism and loves to dance. She speaks Hindi, English and Punjabi. Currently, she is doing theatre from 1 and half year from People's Theatre Group.


| OCTOBER 2012

GAUTAM Height - 6’1 Chest - 38 Waist - 32 Shoe Size - 9 Complexion- Fair




Rehan is a fun loving person who has a very cool outlook towards life. Besides participating in many fashion shows as a model, he is also a fashion designer by profession. Imbibing both these qualities, he wants to challenge the boundaries of imagination by re-living the classic designing fundamentals of the country, with elegance and sensuality.

Height-5'10" Weight-69 kg Chest-41" Waist-32" Shoe size-8" Arms-15"


DEEPAK KRISHAN Age-18 year Height-6'2" Complexion-Fair Hair Color-Golden Brown Eyes color-Dark Brown 58

| OCTOBER 2012


Place of birth : The Hague (Netherlands) Hair color : Brown | Hair length : Long Eye color : Brown | Complexion : Caramel Vital stats : 34/26/36 | Location : Lokhandwala, Mumbai Film - Featured in two clips of Red Chillies Production RA-one | In line with “London Dreams” producer for three projects by end of the year along with South Indian producers TV -VJ for a nation Hindi music TV channel | Featured and danced in an international clip of Kamal Raja and Jasz Gill song “Teri Chaal” | TVC for a lip gloss by GED films Fashion - Shoots for Sonja bride fashion for a national Dutch wedding gown shop | Fashion show & commercial for City Cilks, an international Indian garment store based in Netherlands and UK | Commercial for BMC, International multicultural shop | Fashion show for Moroccan event | In line with projects for Dutch Asiana magazine, a famous Indian fashion magazines in UK Dance - Trained by Ganesh Hegde | Zumba | Freestyle Languages - Dutch | Hindi | English | Spanish | French

THE ROLE MODEL They do not believe in what most bands in the city end up withmixing stuff. They create multigenre music that appeals to people with varied tastes. MiR, the Delhibased band, call themselves an ‘Indie Blues Sufi music group’ who “create music on the lines of Coke Studio”. Here’s more to read about them. -Chetan Sharma

THE BAND MiR was a project once dreamed by Ankit Chawla. It was in October 2010 when they found the missing elements Prateek Anand, Wazeem, Ankit Vedic, Rishabh and Ashutosh to complete MiR as a Band.

LYRICS & SONG WRITING Words are something which, when written together in a beautiful arrangement, can lure the mind and heart of any human being. They are the best form of communicating the emotions from one heart to another in a meaningful way. Through the years, writers have used this form of expression in their novels, poems and scripts. Using these words in meaningful, confined and different ways is what the Band looks forward to.


the city

THE MUSIC The music of the Band is basically guitar driven and soul based. It signifies the dilemma of thoughts racing through brains of almost every individual. It helps the listeners relate to what the Band sounds as a whole. Although guitars act as a base instrument to almost every composition, other instruments like Flute, Xylophone, Tanpura, Drums, Bass and even Harmonium add up to create a unique soulful but yet racy sound of the Band. The band experiments a lot with new sounds and textures to their music. Odd time signatures and processed sounds of common Indian instruments is what make the sound of the Band different. Listeners find themselves in a fit of emotions bounding their presence and the music brings out their deep rested sentiments to life. The band has worked over 4 years in rooting emotions to the words of every original song. With every original song the Band has achieved a sense of diversity in expressing their views and perception about emotions. All the self-compositions have provided the band with a heart raging confidence and zeal to perform them live in front of audience having different emotions but the same core, and the music of the band tries solely to hit that core. Members of MiR strongly believe that every song either fast or slow has the potential to attract the ears of the audience or bound them to listen and enjoy to what the band has to offer. Also, Practice is the core formula to achieve the best possible sound on stage. With this thought, MiR has been trying to bring the best musicians out of themselves.

Ankit Chawla Vocals

Rishabh Lead Guitar

He has been learning Hindustani classical music since he was 15 year old. It was his tremendous talent and conviction that has proven to be key contents in his upbringing as a versatile vocalist. He has been performing all over Delhi and greatly appreciated by Pt. Shri Gyan Vistaar Ji and many more regional artists. While learning the depths of Hindustani classical, he turned to writing songs and has written marvelous poetic and emotional songs backed with an amazing sense of musicality. Ankit Chawla is a true asset to MiR. He is known for his powerful and mesmerizing vocal ability. He has a knack for bringing colors in the song through modulation. His constant endeavors has helped a lot to form "MIR". He is the driving force and a source of motivation for the band.

With his great sense of music, he has been composing and writing songs for MiR and his band Firaaq and is known for his excellent solos along with his skills for handling the whole composition single handedly.

Ashutosh Rhythm Guitar His musical journey started in the 1st year of college when he started learning guitar and has nurtured his skills over the years with influences from a variety of genres ranging soft rock to heavy metal to Indian Sufi. He's the newest member of the band.

Ankit Vedic - Bass He is a profound bassist, who gives a melodic touch to every composition. His thoughtful bass lines and technically precise note sense helps the Band in a very subtle manner and he’s also working on his first solo Album. He is literally the backbone of every composition of the band. His rocker attitude and bindas onstage presence attracts audience and turns a band performance into a rock fiesta. His groovy and funky bass lines make people dance and provide an opportunity to the band to think beyond the old school genres like punk rock and classic rock.

OCTOBER 2012 |



MIR-THE BAND OF THE CITY Wazeem - Lead & Shredding Guitars Wazeem started his musical voyage at an early age of 13. Since then, he has adopted unique and self taught techniques of playing guitars which has helped him to establish a different mark in the styles of guitar playing. His beautiful lyrical ability and his technical knowledge along with song arranging skills make him a pivotal element of MiR. He has already been associated with Delhi based Band ALEPH. Apart from his talent in Hindi song making, he is currently working over his 2nd solo Album.

FEW OF THE PERFORMANCES Hinglish - The Colonial Café, Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden Hops ‘n’ Brew on 11th Feb 2011 Vibrant Fashion week in Ahmedabad Performed in Jamia Millia Islamia Performed in Club Velocity GK 1, M Block Market

Prateek Anand -Drums He has been a music enthusiast from his childhood. He started playing drums when he was 15 years old. His religious conviction and desire to play music has been helping him turn out to be a drummer with heart-thumping grooves that blend with the compositions completely. His sound technical training and desire to experiment with odd time signatures add as a great distinction in the band’s overall sound. Before being a part of MiR, he was associated with a Delhi based band called RUSTED STRINGS and performed in different live shows and won many battles.


| OCTOBER 2012




We covered the show held in Park Hotel. Designers Sumit Dasgupta and Kirti Rathore showcased true Indian collection along with vibrant bridal attire. Sumit’s collection was for both men and women whereas Kirti showcased only men’s collection. The glamor of the event reached the skies with the presence of many known personalities.

- Swagat Ranjan (PR and Fashion Consultant)


| OCTOBER 2012


Eternal Bliss

Photography: Rajvir Saini Model: Alisha

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