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Jewelry pioneers from India since 1832; the PNG Group is known country-wide for its purity, surety, emphasis on customer satisfaction, and most importantly its unique collections and one of its kind’s jewelry designs. After having being adorned by various iconic deity’s around India and flaunted by the billions of loyal Maharashtrian patrons, PNG decided to stretch its wings to offer the other side of the world a glimpse of that innate intricate Indian touch to jewelry that only they know how by opening its doors in Sunnyvale California in 2008.


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06. ESSENCE IS CREATION: PR and Fashion Consultant Swagat Ranjan writes about the success story of the famous designer Sadan Pande and his latest obsession...


Cover Story




Indian male sensuality captured by the lens



Weddings are lavish and so is the wedding shopping. Here are some tips by Reena Sethi on how to go about compiling your wedding shopping list.



PHOTOGRAPHY: Cherished Wedding by Ashish Sahu



30. SOCIAL ANIMAL: INTERCAST MARRIAGES Is our society really open to such unions? Find more.



THE ART & CRAFT Fashion Designer Nupur Aggarwal put words of praise for the history of rich and diverse Indian cultural tradition


INTERIORS: LIGHT UP YOUR BEDROOM Bedroom is a space to relax and refresh and lighting can remarkably add to the soothing essence of the space. For your nicely done bedroom, lighting can just be the perfect ingredient to make it an ideal space. Here’s how Reena Sethi explores those mesmerizing options...

RELATIONSHIPS: A PHONE-THROW AWAY Mobile phones can be found in the pocket, purse or hand of most individuals today. Throw in the advancement of smartphones, and our constant need for entertainment, information and connection is filled through one small device. The problem is that some people become so obsessed or dependent on their phones that it ends up negatively affecting their relationships with their spouses or significant others.

26. 28.

YUMMY TUMMY: Khana Khake jaana ..haa !!! Meena Chourey discusses one of the instances of heavy food wastage in India- during marriages.

36. LOVE ETC.: TIPS ON HOW TO DATE YOUR DATE It’s time to talk dating, and it doesn’t just mean the basics... Everything from food stuck in your teeth, embarrassing habits, or that first kiss can make or break a date, so let’s concentrate on getting them right.


ENTERTAINMENT 52. CELEB WATCH: FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE- Kristina Akheeva The Russia-born and Australia-bred model is a known face in the advertising world. During her modeling stint, she managed to share screen space with Shahrukh Khan in a Dish TV commercial. Here she walks the ramp with designer Manish Malhotra.


TRIVIA: Things women must learn from men Beyond doubt, women are the finest creations of the Almighty. They posses some qualities that are even beyond the comprehension of men. However, if they adopt some of the qualities of men too, they will undeniably be the better sex.

54. MOVIE REVIEWS & BOX-OFFICE 56. TWEET TWEET PICS: Diva’s display pictures on twitter

66. EVENTS: Dehradun fashion week


GAMES KEEPING GTA5 A SECRET? Grand Theft Auto 5 was officially announced via Rockstar's web site on October 25, 2011. It was announced by simply posting an image of the logo on their website, along with the date November 2, 2011. But since then no official release date has been announced.



60. OUR UNIVERSE: Planet being devoured by its aging star discovered







KOMAL JHA’S Blueprint Of Success





ressing up is not a statement, it’s an act where design comes forward and with a mix of color, style and fabric defines an attitude. So every time when you plan to dress up, it reflects your very own self. From bold look to subtle serenity and from patterns to solids, it goes on to reflect your panache for looking and feeling good… Seldom designers work on fabrics. Most of the times they work on the mind-set. Sylph by Sadan is not about creating designs, it is all about creation. Through designs, color combinations, symmetrical-asymmetrical patterns and choice of fabric, Sylph by Sadan promises to write nuances of fashion. PR and Fashion Consultant Swagat Ranjan writes about the success story of the famous designer Sadan Pande and his latest obsession…

Essence is Fashion as they say is a statement and if that’s true, designer is all about making a statement! So here I am trying to find words in fabric, expressions in color and attitude in trends, cuts and designs. The journey which started with a first class degree from NIFT is still going on and strong. Every day brings in moments of euphoria, exuberance and share of melancholy. To express is to rejoice and I am finding my expression in Silhouettes, cuts, fabrics and colors of universe. In silhouettes you will find reflection of your own self; in the choice of colors you will find a touch of seasonality. From sharp spring to colorful summers and from thinking monsoons to a little tight lipped autumn, in every collection you will find a character of its own. This summer was all about a tinge of lime, abundance of white and extreme sensuality… nowhere we talked about fabric, cuts, designs and styling… At Sylph by Sadan intricacies of designs are pure hygiene-essence is creation. Where every applause is aspiration, I have found strength in words of appreciation, in beautiful figures adorning my creations and some words written about my work somewhere. This gives great amount of aspiration and a direction to move on… With a brief stint at some of the better known fashion design houses and corporate, I decided to swim on my own and thus began journey of self motivation and expression. With design on one hand, I decided to put creative energies to best use. With Fashion in the backdrop and creative urge in the forefront, I plunged into Fashion styling and could soon find my grounds there.



Today when I look back I see umpteen numbers of Music Videos, Brand Campaigns, Advertising campaigns and Bollywood Films to my credit. The endeavor which started as experimentation is today an introduction for me. Sylph by Sadan is my latest obsession. It is an analogy of thoughts, creations and a platform to communicate… The brand is a mirror and it reflects my creative urge. In my collection you will find an expression of desire, beauty, subtle serenity of nature and sometimes cosmopolitan couture. I believe I am a traveler, ready to tread on a path which is still unexplored…the works, the portfolios, the appreciations and critique are all companions…come join me in my journey! Currently retailing through stores from India – Ogaan, Delhi | Studio16, Delhi | Aura, Nagpur Zarah, Bangalore | Onionpeel, Bombay Studio- Sylph by Sadan, 16 a, Nautanky, Ahmedabad

Shahpurjat, New Delhi-49







Indian brides are emphatically amongst the most beautiful brides around the world. A lot of it is determined by the bridal wear that she has chosen for herself. Indian Bridal outfits are the perfect example of flaunt traditional Indian embroidery techniques. But just like the Indian food, a right combination of spicy accessories makes the whole outfit a perfect “treat” for the eye. Wedding is like a dream come true for any girl. Bride remains the center of attraction of any wedding and when speaking of Indian ethnic outfits for women, the three outfits that strike in mind are Saree, Lehenga Choli and Salwar Kameez. An Indian Bride chooses her Bridal Wear based on her religion, the current fashion trends and her personal preference. SOME HELPFUL HINTS When you are shopping around just choose that outfit in which you feel comfortable, discuss about your choice with the designer. So get something that suites your style, body, and personality. Don’t buy anything you saw for the first time, try the outfit & show it to the designer. Take a camera with you to take pictures of everything you try on. Go home, look through the pictures and choose the one in which you look perfect. Silk sarees can always be the perfect attire for any traditional occasion. Silk sarees in green, maroon, golden shades, magenta and red are suitable for a bride. When you have to choose the outfit according to your culture roots, most Indian brides opt to stay with classic gold for their wedding outfit anyway.

Tip: If you are going to wear a white gown on your wedding, flower is the best accessory you can wear. It looks beautiful, feminine and angelic. Forget the tiara if you can’t get one.



dress without accessories is like the food without spices.



INDIAN INDIAN RECEPTION RECEPTION OUTFIT OUTFIT This is the day when you can give more modern touch in your outfit! The biggest thing to remember is that YOU are the center of attention! Even if you’re a simple person, your reception outfit need not be modest because it needs to make you pop. BRIDAL BRIDAL DRESS DRESS IS IS INCOMPLETE INCOMPLETEWITHOUT WITHOUT ACCESSORIES ACCESSORIES Bridal dress without accessories is like the food without spices. Finding right accessories with Indian wedding is not as difficult chore as it looks. These are jewelry, hairstyle, bag, make up, shoes, bangles and bindis which can make you look perfect. Let us discuss them one by one. Jewelry Gold decorated with diamonds is the most worn jewelry of Indian brides. Necklace, bracelets, earrings are most important parts of jewelry. Hairstyle Popular hairstyles for the Indian brides are braids, layers, straight, combo, ringlets, fringes and many more. Bag Bag matching bridal dress only brings the perfect show, thus bag should be chosen with much consideration. Makeup It should be simple yet elegant and should look awesome on the bride. Do not over do with make up as it ruins appearance and gives a gaudy look. Shoes Shoes should match with the dress and other accessories in color. However don’t put the comfort of wearing them at stake just because you can’t do without that beautiful pair. Choose the right size for your feet. You really have a long day ahead. Bindis Bindis are a form of representation that a girl is married. Red bindis are highly worn by the Indian brides. So as they say- “Don’t leave home without it!”



B A G & S H O E S


H A I R S T Y L E M A K E U P &


These seven accessories are very important part of bridal ensemble. They make great show of the Indian bridal outfit. Together they look like the moon surrounded by so many charming stars.

Wedding Jewelry


sensuality has always been a celebrated topic of discussion. Indian male are always known for their skin texture and body features... Right from the ancient time their sensuality has been depicted in various temples as Kama sutra poses. This is the time when we recall this sensuality through our pictures in 21st century, and it’s time to focus on traditional way of sensuality and do away with the western form of sensuality. A guy can look comparatively more sensual in a traditional attire than in international styling.





Routs of India: The Art & craft



India has a history of rich and diverse cultural tradition. Among its diversity, the legacy of India’s art & craft culture always occupies a special place owing to its beauty, dignity, form, style and aesthetics.

“To write about Indian Handicrafts is almost like writing about the country itself. So vast, complex and colorful, and yet with simplicity and charm, difficult to attain under comparable conditions!” It is a fact that Indian handicrafts have ancient origin and are of high quality. They have customarily received royal and aristocratic patronage and handicraft men were honored by other communities. The versatility of the various materials used in Indian handicrafts items, such as wood, stone, metal, grass, glass, cane and bamboo, textiles, clay, terracotta and ceramics, makes these products truly unique. Emphasizing on the greater value of the arts and crafts, T.M. Abraham wrote: “The world of art and craft is as valuable as the world of science, philosophy or ethics.” The present day handicraft tradition of India is a perfect example of assimilation between the traditional designs and modern techniques. Talking about Indian Handicrafts, which constitute a significant segment of the decentralized sector of the economy, its export has reached at a commendable height. Indian folk art and crafts which are the integral parts of the Indian culture and tradition are in high demand among the western consumers. Again, foreign fashion industry borrows a great deal from Indian appliquéd motifs Saree designs, an ethnic Indian wear. Needless to say, the borders between the world cultures are now eroding out. Art crafts in India which are made with attractive designs and meticulous craftsmanship. Referring to one of the India made craft jewelry, the anklets used by peasant women at Bundi in Rajasthan state of India.

It is surprisingly a phenomenon that many foreign fashion shows are run these days with Hollywood models wearing the appliqued motifs saris designed by Indian fashion designers. This instance adds to growing demand for Indian folk creations like, appliqué umbrellas in western sea beaches.

T.M. Abraham Vice Chairman (2001–2004), Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy

Handicraft and handloom industries are taking over fashion industry with their unique style. Various number of Clothing, accessories, home furnishing is made with exclusive ideas & designs. Indian designers also came forward and encourage the routes of Indian culture and help to make it popular at international level through international fashion shows, exhibitions. Handcrafted bags, jewelry, handloom fabric with different textures are very much popular these days. Now days it has become a trend to wear indo-western style... It’s very much popular among youngsters. Indian Handicrafts are said to be just another precious stone of its great culture and heritage. Whether its fashion industry or home furnishing industry or some superb painting, Indian Handicrafts are going places with their ethnic designs and flourishing textures.

Nuper Aggarwal (Fashion Designer)



ADVERTORIAL Obri Art Gallery is the latest hub of art lovers in the city. The gallery offers a peek into the Folk Culture of India. According to the owner Meenakshi who is a professional artist, her latest work is based on the pre-aryan culture inherited by our country in the form of folk art.

She offers you a wide range of products right from ethnic Wall Clocks to the modern day trousseau packing. The special editions is being tree lamps with authentic madhubani paintings, handmade paper lamps. Not only this, Obri offers you a number of corporate complimentary gifts which would be an eyecandy in a office cabin or on your boss’s table.

Obri is the ultimate place for art lovers who have a distinct taste and are looking for a blend of something fresh yet ethnic art piece.” - Meenakshi (Mini)

Art Source: Shreya Ghoshal official website


SHOP AROUND The Great Indian Shopping

- Inputs by REENA SETHI First and the most important step is preparing a comprehensive budget. It'll help you to ascertain that all your material is bought within the assigned expenditure. Always maintain a list of all the things that you need to buy. You won't miss out anything important. A separate list for all the gifts to be distributed to the guests should be maintained. Cosmetics, accessories, grooming and personal care products is always the last thing on our mind and often gets ignored. We should give due importance to the basics too. Wedding is a once in a lifetime experience. Mostly things are arranged in hustle and bustle due to the time frame and jitter. So start preparing early by looking out for wedding shows, special discounts and online shopping websites to know about prevalent fashion without making 'holes' in your pocket. Finding the perfect outfit for the wedding is at the top of most bride's priority list. Opt for a wedding dress that not only look good on you but comfortable too. We may not be a supermodel but we all have certain features that we like. Showcase your best assets and hide your flaws. A lovely neckline might flatter your elegant collar bones and frame your face. A short choli is perfect to highlight your slim waist.

Go for what looks good on you not what is the current fad in the fashion bizarre... Try different cuts and fits. Experiment with different colors like vibrant turquoise, fusia pink, peacock green or any green with a tint of red beyond are traditional hues of deep maroon. Choosing the correct footwear is as important as choosing your D-day dress. "Give the girl correct footwear and she can conquer the world!" Wedding band is the most enduring piece of jewelry worn through out your life. The ring not only signifies your marital status but also is a long lasting symbol of your love and commitment. Therefore your choice should be timeless and of high quality. Lastly always take someone whose opinion you trust on that shopping venture. It may be your mom, friend or even your wedding planner. Simply love your style.. and look your best... HAPPY SHOPPING!


Cherished Wedding

_ The collection has very unique connection with dreams, so it has been inspired by one of the richest culture Mythological story. This collection celebrates rich colors, old techniques of surface ornamentation with of little influence of today's time. The collection is timeless. The silhouettes provide an exquisite sense of luxury. Color are as usual mix and bold. Collection has little nostalgic impact. It's a very unique blend with tradition crafts in her collection. _






One accent wall in your bedroom is enough to add drama to your interiors and wall lighting is a perfect choice to draw attention to your paintings, photo frames and other decoration. You can also use spot-lights to highlight your paintings and beautiful colored textured walls.



Illuminating our bedroom decor is often left to last minute job once we have designed our bedroom and of course spent heavy bucks on its furnishing and decoration. Lighting is an inevitable element of an interior space. Bedroom is a space to relax and refresh and lighting can remarkably add to the soothing essence of the space. For your nicely done bedroom, Lighting can just be the perfect ingredient to make it an ideal space. Here’s how Reena Sethi explores those mesmerizing options‌

Wall alcoves are small wall recesses which can be used to flaunt showpieces and other decorative items in the bedroom. Lighting up these alcoves with miniature lamps is an excellent way to enliven your bedroom interiors. Wall Alcoves

In the bedroom pendant lights can be used to focus on bed or any other decorative lights. The lamp can also add more pep and color to your bedroom if used creatively. Using stained glass lampshades can take your bedroom experience to next level.

Pendant Lights

Free Standing / Side Lamps

Modern bedroom demands energy saving which can be achieved by using automatic lights. You can install one or two lights automatic lights in your bedroom. These will switch on when you enter and switch off once you walk out of the room.

Tip: Fill your surroundings with the aroma of coffee beans by liting tealight in the cup full of coffee beans.

The bedroom light switches are recommended to be located beside the bedroom entrance door so that one can easily switch on / off the light. The night lamp switches should be easily reachable from the bed. The author is a Faculty- Interior Designing Gautsni Educare (Lisa Pvt. Ltd)




Khana Khake jaana ..haa !!!

It is ironic to learn that being one of the leading agri-producers India also leads in the wastage of the same. One may attribute this wastage to lack of post harvest processing, lack of transport and infrastructure, storage facilities, climate uncertainty and so on. It is estimated that the annual food waste in India is almost equal to the annual consumption of United Kingdom. We may not be in command for many of these wastages but one such circumstance which is well in our control. It is not only about how we cultivate but also how we serve or consume our produce. One such instance of heavy food wastage is during marriages.

- Meena Chourey



Marriages these days have become more of a lavish display of culinary food as if they were to be multi-cuisine restaurants. The host tries to feed, in a platter, the guests as if they have been critically affected by a major Force majeure. Attractive ushers are been appointed to serve the guests right into their hands and the guests have to struggle with a tooth pick and a piece of tissue to consume the share with almost a guilt inside them. This entire scenario is put up in a background when the guests are deeply engrossed in interacting with each other. Suddenly the focus shifts to the appetizers or the multi coloured fluid, supposed to be mocktail, which is deliberately been forced down the throat of the guest. Attractive display of buffet dinners has become an extravagant affair. You would find the dinner arena embedded with all possible cuisine accessible to mankind raging from Indian to Punjabi, Chinese, South Indian, Mexican, Italian and the list goes on. The host clearly anticipates that the guest is going to suffer severe stomach upset the other day and owing to which he already install as a dedicated stall for Churan. Further adding to the direct wastage are the effigies of swan, birds, artistically carved out raw vegetables as if they are to be served. Better were the days when the food in marriages was confined to meet a normal appetite of the person. The Pangat arrangement made it, although more tedious, but more eventful and livelier. All family members would eat at the same time and gave due respect to all including the food which was served. The Pangat wouldn’t start until all the places of that round are taken and all the variety has been served, and that too in sequential order.

It gave a chance to the host to literally serve the guests and take utmost care of the visitors. It also induced family bonding, a sense of team work and helped treat all guests equally. Although there was less variety been served then, it was the attachment and interaction which made it more delicious and memorable. Moreover the food served was more of the local specialty and locally available resources making it more sustainable. One is forced to think that is it really necessary to flaunt the purchase power during the marriages at the cost of lavish food display and where the interaction of the guest and host remains confined to four words “Khana Khake jaana ...haa!!!�


INTER Source:



Marriage may be in the same caste or it may be inter caste. Marriages within the same caste mean that both boy and the girl belong to the same community. Inter-caste marriage means girl and boy are from different castes where one member belongs to lower caste. When God created men and women, he has not assigned any caste on them. But human beings are so selfish that have virtually spoilt the sacredness of these relations. How can the human beings divide God's created world into castes and communities? The things do not end up here. From the time of Kings and Queens, caste system has been practiced. In earlier days, it was customary to marry in the same castes. If anyone dares to disobey the rules of the society, he was confined to severe punishments. Whole community was barred from keeping any relation with the family where inter caste marriage had taken place.

Customs and religions practiced were so strict and merciless that even sometimes the boy and girl were hacked to death by their own family members due to the pressures from the society. Sometimes young hearts were separated by marrying them off to other boy or girl of the same caste. This way the lovers were separated by their own relatives. There are lots of such incidents where you can find the merciless punishments inflicted by the opposition parties of the inter-caste marriages. With more globalization and increase in educational facilities, there is great change in the views of people. As modernization has affected every section of society, inter-caste marriages have also received acceptance from the people in urban and modern societies. There has been wide change in the social scenario. Parents and relatives of the lovers have been coming up with more open minds with wide acceptance of marriages outside their own castes. But in some regions which lack exposure to the education and modern society culture, things have remained unchanged. There are still oppositions by the members of different castes if they encounter any incident of inter-caste marriage. These societies need some change of views so that young hearts could unite and live happily. A good relation needs understanding and devotion from boy and girl to blossom. If there are malpractices like caste system, then there will be unhealthy marital relations which increase the rate of divorces and mutual misunderstandings. Government should come forward to make such policies and rules which can encourage marriage between the members of two different castes. There should be some type of appreciation from the government so that more inter-caste marriages can take place. Though government has taken many steps to improve the situation but still there is a great need to implement more measures to make the situation happier.




Relationships: A Phone-

Through Away

- Ratna Bhushan

PHONES CAUSE DISTRACTION If your mobile phone is constantly glued to your hand, it will distract you from having a relationship with your significant other. Rather than spending time with your loved one, you are texting friends, scouring the Internet, playing games, watching YouTube videos or playing around on social networking sites. If you’re constantly glued to your phone, you will not be paying attention to the real world around you. When you are constantly enamored with your phone, it ruins your relationship because you don’t communicate with your significant other. Instead of having a conversation, you’re posting comments on Facebook. If you go out on a date, you spend more time checking your phone than you do being with your loved one. If you stop talking to each other, your relationship isn’t going to last. Great relationships are built on even greater communication—and no, texting doesn’t count. CONSTANT PHONE USE COULD CAUSE SUSPICION If you are constantly on your phone, it could cause your significant other to start thinking that you’re having an affair. The constant texting or social media messaging could put the thought into their head that you are having a virtual relationship with someone else. Once they’ve built up this idea, it is hard for them to let it go, even if they don’t have proof. The more time you spend on your phone, the more the idea will flow through their mind. If it builds up enough, it could cause them to finally reach a breaking point and leave.

Source: Guest



PHONES CAUSE FIGHTS If you’re constantly distracted by your phone, you will notice that you and your significant other start fighting more. They’ll claim you don’t pay attention to them, and you’ll claim that they’re wrong. If they start being suspicious of your habits, they may accuse you of having an affair. This opens a whole new array of trust issues with each other that may have never existed until now.

THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM Mobile phones are a way to communicate with others, but they shouldn’t be the reason you lose your significant other. Put their needs first, and make sure that you are still spending quality time together without distraction. If you constantly choose to play with your phone instead of spend time with your significant other, it will make them feel as if spending time with them is no longer good enough. It will wear at your relationship until finally your relationship disappears. If you want to keep your relationship lasting, put the phone away. The Internet, the games and the social networks will still be there at another date, but if you keep putting your phone in front of your significant other, they won’t be. Make a rule that once you get home after work, mobile phones get left in another room so that you two can focus on each other. Never bring phones to the dinner table, and if you and your significant other go on a date, leave your phone in your purse, pocket or in the car. Practicing good phone etiquette can be what saves your relationship.


We have your Solution…

We are a team of well trained psychologists working as one unit. This equips us to deal with all sorts of relationship conflicts, be it decision making, assertiveness, intimacy issues, commitment issues or anything. Our dynamic approach helps us be the number one in our field. We believe in one thing, every relationship can be wonderful, and we can help you create the wonders in your relationship too. SERVICES > Marriage Counselling > Procedure Of Counselling

> Relationship Counselling > Workshops & Seminars

CONTACT US (BY PRIOR APPOINTMENT ONLY) Dr. Nishu Shukla PhD. Address : B - 2 / 20 (Basement), Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi (Near Mohammed Pur Bus Stand) Phone : 011-26108134, 26108135 Mobile : +91-9810983328, 9810076659 Email :





Source: Guest

OK girls, listen up! It’s time to talk dating, and it doesn’t just mean the basics... Everything from food stuck in your teeth, embarrassing habits, or that first kiss can make or break a date, so let’s concentrate on getting them right. Let’s delve into the wonderful world of first dates and make sure those date ruining awkward moments become thing of the past.

Listen OK, picture this. You’re sitting eating dinner with a lovely bottle of wine, in the heat of summer with this gorgeous man from your office, (not that you should be dating guys from your office – but that’s an entirely different topic.) Anyway, he’s beautiful and on first meeting that’s really all you can concentrate on. Sadly, this means the things coming out of his mouth are going in one ear and out the other. Big hint now – this isn’t brilliant. Most guys, whether they are talking about themselves all night or not, will judge their first date partner on their ability to listen to what they are saying. One reason for this is to make conversation, the other is so you can learn about each other and have more to discuss. So, rather than focusing on those big alluring eyes of his, try to listen to what he’s saying. It’s often the simple things that let you down.



Remember OK, picture this. You’re sitting eating dinner with a lovely bottle of wine, in the heat of summer with this gorgeous man from your office, (not that you should be dating guys from your office – but that’s an entirely different topic.) Anyway, he’s beautiful and on first meeting that’s really all you can concentrate on. Sadly, this means the things coming out of his mouth are going in one ear and out the other. Big hint now – this isn’t brilliant. Most guys, whether they are talking about themselves all night or not, will judge their first date partner on their ability to listen to what they are saying. One reason for this is to make conversation, the other is so you can learn about each other and have more to discuss. So, rather than focusing on those big alluring eyes of his, try to listen to what he’s saying. It’s often the simple things that let you down.

Smile Along with keeping eye contact as much as possible, try to smile too. Believe it or not, people like happy people – and as long as you don’t go overboard with your happiness, you’ll find a smile is infectious and a great affectionate gesture.

Eye Contact If you’re anything like me and he’s anything like Jake Gyllenhaal, you won’t have a problem staying fixated on him. But even if this comes second nature to you remember to sustain eye contact throughout your date to really show him you are interested. It’s a massive sign of confidence, as long as you aren’t staring him out – which is a massive sign you are a psycho. Remember to get the balance right!

Be Yourself It’s important to be yourself on a first date and not lie or deceive your partner. If you see them again, lies will always uncover themselves and you’ll just end up looking stupid. Also if you are dating to find a compatible partner, being yourself is a great way to discover if they are really for you. If they aren’t, move on! Plenty of fish in the sea!

Food & Drink Food is an essential part of the dating process, as most first dates revolve around restaurants. If I can remind you of anything its to avoid anything with onion and/or garlic like the plague! They will certainly ruin your breath and in turn, perhaps any chance you’ll see him again. When at the first impression stage, select somewhere that suits your personality, and won’t run the risk of you ending up with sauce all down your new dress. It happens! Booze is great – but don’t get plastered. If nothing else, you’ll be labeled as a cheap date, and will probably end up doing something you regret. Getting a little tipsy together is a great ice breaker – but make sure you stay in control. Oh, and be sophisticated…no one likes a beer drinking lady!

Location As discussed before, leave the location of a first date to him… he’s paying after all! It’s a big tell-tell sign about his personality too – so judge away!

Body Language Closed body language is a huge HUGE turn off so don’t do it. If you fold your arms you are literally cutting off everything and basically showing you are aren’t interested. A good position is to simply to sit with your hands together, (and your legs together) and keep your shoulders back. It might sound like a stupid school rule, but believe me, it’s a winner.

Pick Ups/Drop Offs This is the cliché moment of any date. Does he pick you up. Do you let him drop you off, come in for coffee? The best advice I can give is to see how you feel. It can be quite romantic to be picked up if you trust the person, but my golden rule is never let a guy up for coffee on the first date. It will either lead to something else, and if it doesn’t, even the nicest guy will think you are... to put it bluntly... a d**k tease. So good luck ladies, and let us know your first date stories at Always good to share!

LOVE ETC. Ring Around the…Oww! "I was ecstatic when my boyfriend of three years proposed. He took me out to dinner, and the actual proposal was really emotional and touching. Even better: He invested in a serious rock for me. When he went to slip it on my finger, it was a little small, but I was so excited that I forced it on. Within an hour, my finger had swollen to twice its normal size, and the ring wouldn't come off. When my finger turned blue, my fiancé dragged me to the emergency room. The doctor took one look and said he would have to cut off the ring. I cried the entire time. Luckily, we were able to get a bigger band for the diamond the following week.“ - Pooja, 27, GK-II

Gold Digger "My guy and I had been dating for about a year when we decided to go on a vacation to Goa together. After a romantic dinner on our last night there, we took a stroll on the beach. I was thinking about how much fun we were having when I looked down and saw that he was holding a ring in front of me. We hadn't been together for very long, and I was so shocked that I screamed, causing him to jump and drop the ring. When he went to get it, it was buried in the sand. We spent 10 minutes digging it up before I could say yes.“ - Kritika, 30, Vasant Kunj

Getting Messy "My boyfriend called and told me to meet him at his place for a date. I was running late, so I decided just to go over first and then get ready — I leave plenty of makeup and clothes there. I drove over in pajama pants, with my hair in a ponytail, and wearing no makeup. When I walked in, my entire family was standing there, and my guy was on one knee. Flashes started going off as my two sisters began taking pictures. All I could think about was how terrible I looked for one of the most important moments of my life. I was so embarrassed that I actually started crying. Thankfully, everyone thought it was because I was happy." - Samvedna, 23, Rohini

In the Doghouse "Tanya, my girlfriend, really wanted to get a puppy, but I told her I didn't think we were ready for that responsibility. About a year later, I knew I was ready for our relationship to go to the next level, so I planned a sweet surprise for her. I picked out the perfect ring, then found a breeder and bought a baby golden retriever. One day, when Tanya wasn't home, I brought the dog there and tied the ring around its neck with a thick pink ribbon. I figured that she would come home, the puppy would run up to her, and she'd find the diamond. Well, she got home, found the puppy, and was thrilled...but when I told her to look around its neck, nothing was there. Somehow, when I wasn't looking, the dog had pawed the ribbon off its neck. We had to ransack the entire house to find the ring." - Anshuman, 31, Gurgaon



TRIVIA Beyond doubt, women are the finest creations of the Almighty. They posses some qualities that are even beyond the comprehension of men. However, if they adopt some of the qualities of men too, they will undeniably be the better sex. Source:

There is no foreseeable end to the battle of the sexes. So it would be wise to come to terms with the fact that both sexes have some qualities that are unique to each of them. Men are creatures of physical strength, chivalry and pride whereas women are creatures of beauty, grace and elegance. However, there are some things that are universal to all men, but went somewhere missing in the case of women. Let’s take a look at some of those things. 1. Dialing down Emotions Women have a penchant for being dramatic. It is understandable that women are sensitive beings, but having emotional outbreaks over the most trivial things is something that can be avoided for the better interest of all. 2. Be More Realistic Often, women seem to live by a make-believe perspective that clouds the reality from them. While it is perfectly appropriate to be positive, it is not apt to blatantly ignore your flaws and faults. Embracing faults and living with them is something women can learn from men. 3. Be Daring Life is something that can only be thoroughly enjoyed by taking risks. Women often hold back on some of the most crucial junctures of life when they should have just taken the leap. Mankind has made numerous advances just because of man’s affinity towards risk. 4. Be Less Intense Women are always picky on the details even up to the point of obsession. They seem to over-analyze and complicate some of the simplest things in life. While attention to detail is a good quality, women should learn not to push the limits of the same. 5. Driving No offence to the ladies but they just never seem to get the hang of driving a car. They even have a hard time parking the car. So this is one of the practical traits that women can learn from men. 6. Forgive All Men don’t hold grudges; they seem to sort even the biggest fights over beer. Women can surely learn a thing or two from the brotherly bond of men. 7. Technology Literate Women and technology don’t go well. While men humbly embrace their geeky side, women like to keep a reasonable distance from it. It wouldn’t hurt for women to learn a thing or two more about their gadgets. 8. Sense of Humor Men can be light-hearted about almost anything while women are not that receptive to all kinds of humor. Women can certainly enjoy themselves more by increasing their range of humor.



GAMER’S PARADISE Rockstar Games Top Secret: GTA5 Grand Theft Auto 5 was officially announced via Rockstar's web site on October 25, 2011. It was announced by simply posting an image of the logo on their website, along with the date November 2, 2011. But since then no official release date has been announced. Why is Rockstar Keeping GTA5 So Secretive? Grand Theft Auto V (also: Grand Theft Auto 5 and GTA5) is the "fifth" game in the Grand Theft Auto series from developer Rockstar Games. While there has been other fullfledged GTA games (like GTA Chinatown Wars, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, etc.), the "5" in this case represents the fifth installment of the game's "main" story that started anew with the nameless protagonist in Grand Theft Auto 3. Where is GTA5 set? Grand Theft Auto 5 is set in San Andreas, a fictional U.S. Southwestern state which includes three cites based on real U.S. cities - Los Santos, (Los Angeles), San Fierro (San Francisco) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas). Unlike GTA: San Andreas, however, GTA 5 will only feature Los Santos and the surrounding countryside (albeit in much greater scope and detail). However, it has been noticed that the license plates on vehicles read "SAN ANDREAS", not "LOS SANTOS" as it should. This could be a minor oversee or could be on purpose, but does this hint towards the ENTIRE state of SA existing in GTA5 (or as DLC)? No one is quite sure. Who are the main characters? No Characters have been confirmed at this time for Grand Theft Auto 5, not even C.J, but much speculation has surrounded the voiceover character and his similarities to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's Tommy Vercetti. Because of the statement at the beginning of the debut trailer, "Why did I move here? I guess it was the weather," it could be presumed that the protagonist is NOT Tommy Vercetti. Vice City's (Miami) weather is the same, or better, than Los Santos. It has been confirmed though that it is not Ray Liotta's voice in the trailer. It has been said, though it is a rumor, that the actor Ned Luke is involved, interpreting the voice that can be listened in the trailer. After a few days of crossed messages in Twitter, between a supposed Ned Luke's cousin and an actor friend of him, Jimmy Taenaka, It could be seen in Luke's profile at imdb, that interprets a character named Albert De Silva in GTA V. Sadly, this information has been removed and it is no longer available. This IMDB entry was added as a joke by a member of

Source Courtesy:

There have been widespread discussions over the previous protagonists returning in GTA5. First off, Rockstar Games stated that there are "era's" between games/series, and each era has certain uniquenesses. GTA3 marked the beginning of the 3 ERA which lasted up to GTA Vice City Stories. Then GTA4 came along, which is on new gen consoles and marks the new 4 ERA. It has been stated that other than references or artworks, nothing else will remain from the old era in the new era. They have also stated that this is because of "technical" issues. As an example, CJ from GTASA featured in PS2 and XBOX consoles. GTA5 takes place on PS3 and XBOX 360 consoles. There is a HUGE graphical gap, and if they create CJ for GTA5, there will be 2 different versions of him, which is VERY conflicting when looked at a canonical perspective. It might be complicated, but the bare fact is NO previous GTA protag' will return in a new gen game, unless Rockstar finds a reason. Also, an Easter egg in GTA IV makes it highly unlikely that Tommy, or CJ, or any other character will be returning from GTA III era games. In GTA IV, in staircases in most apartment buildings, graffiti can be found that has all of the names of protagonists of GTA III era games as well as the repeated use of "R.I.P.", almost certainly pointing towards Rockstar Games‘ statement.

Yes. Rockstar Games co-founder and the co-writer of Grand Theft Auto V, Dan Houser has revealed that Grand Theft Auto V will let players use the same 'crews' they establish and build in Max Payne 3's multiplayer, thanks to Social Club integration. Houser said, "Multiplayer is an ever-more important part of all our games moving forward. And by creating crews through Social Club, the crews that you create in Max Payne 3 will be ready and available for you to play in Grand Theft Auto V from day one. It's all part of our larger approach to make multiplayer deeper and richer than what's currently available, much more easily accessible to the newcomer and rewarding for the hardcore." "We are sorry if you find this frustrating," said Rockstar, "but please understand, we don’t do this because we ‘don’t care about our fans' 'don’t respect our fans’ 'hate GTA fans etc.' – precisely the opposite! We do it because we want to make sure we only release 100% correct information, and because we want to keep plenty back for the actual game release so there are still lots of surprises when you play it."

The Man in the Suit, seen in the blue car, is hit by the red sports car that is seen early in the trailer, retracting its convertible top. The Man in the Suit can also been seen wearing a mask after exiting a pest exterminator's van. One of the two men that exit from the back of the same van looks suspiciously like the driver of the red convertible sports car. Since these two characters possibly have interconnecting stories, could these be the multiple playable characters?

The Future Of Gaming, Coming Soon…

Will GTA5 have multiplayer?

Grand Theft Auto 5 will appear on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but it has not yet been confirmed for the Wii U or PC. Grand Theft Auto 5 was officially announced via a logo posted on Rockstar's web site on October 25, 2011. The setting is once again San Andreas, the California-inspired region where Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was set. No official release date has been announced for Grand Theft Auto 5 at this time, but a fall release date would be consistent with previous releases.

Till Then





Looking for a special destination for that special someone in your life? Well, you got it here! Couples worldwide come to India to spend a splendid time with the most beautiful person in their life. India offers a multitude of choices from mountains to beaches, to forts and gardens to start your relationship with a romantic essence. To make your honeymoon the most cherishing and exciting moment of your life, we present below the top 10 honeymoon destinations in India.

DESTINATIONS IN INDIA LAKSHADWEEP ISLANDS - Quiet & Uninhabited The pristine coral paradise of Lakshadeep with a tinge of bluish-green waters is an exotic archipelago in the Arabian Sea. It possesses everything required for a perfect honeymoon. Lakshadweep Islands lives up to the expectation as the best romantic destination in India. Honeymooning in Lakshadweep will turn your fantasy into real-life experience. This sparsely inhabited land has extraordinary beautiful ambience setting stage for an incredible romantic vacation. You can relax on the beaches of this wonder world amidst the sound of the roaring waves, the rustling sound of the swaying palm tree, and the amazing marine life.

Just 43 kms from the maddening pace of Shimla is the quaint hill station Chail, happily isolated from the rest of Himachal The most romantic place to stay at Lakshadweep would beach cottages. Your andbe the occupying prime position on three window will give you an amazing view of long stretch of white sand and Palm trees. hills. Escape toyouthe hills of Chail from the You can step out for sunbathing or building sand castle. If you are adventurous, can engage in snorkeling, diving, or maybe parasailing. Otherwise you can head off on bigreefs city rushtheand a boat scrutinizing the natural lagoons, enchanting coral and visiting fantasticexperience nature at its Bangaram and Agatti. An experience that is indescribable is a bird’s eye view of best and have a tryst with adventure. Lakshadweep Islands through the helicopter rides. The adventurous sports along with a wonderful combination of scenic splendor adds a special dimension to the island Lakshadweep. The matchless beauty of these emerald islands will certainly overwhelm each honeymoon couple. This solitude island will provide the newly weds with ethereal moments of sheer wonder and bliss.



| AUGUST 2012 Source Courtesy:

ANDAMAN & NIKOBAR ISLANDS - Stunning Beautiful & Secluded If you are dearly looking to find a pleasurable and romantic start to your life then Andaman & Nicobar Islands would be the best choice. This is the place, where you could find opportunities to spent quality time with each other. Exploring this island is a mesmerizing experience by itself and the coconut palms surrounding the coastline add zest for rejoicing and merriment. You can spend an excellent time by visiting the stunning places of these islands. The fabulous company of your beloved one will enable you to look at the island from a different perspective. The island hotels are extremely pleasant and peps-up your mood with tastefully done up rooms. You can enjoy both North Indian and South Indian food. The pleasant and soothing climate is ideal for the romantic mood. This island is neither very hot nor very cold either. If you are planning to take a romantic trip, December to April would be an ideal choice because of pleasant weather. The bravura of the Andaman and Nicobar islands will provide you with more than just a week of fun, togetherness and relaxation. Romantic getaways to these islands of Andaman and Nicobar will grant you with memories of special moments, memories that will carry on for a lifetime. A blend of natural beauty, stunning marine life and adventure sports will make your stay peaceful and pleasurable one. GOA - Destination For All Seasons & Moods The setting sun, miles upon miles of golden sand, coconut palms playing with the wind. This is the charm of Goa. If having a great time with a dear one is on your mind, Goa is the perfect place for togetherness. Multi-cuisine restaurant, clean and secluded beaches make Goa an ideal setting for romance and relaxation. The lush natural beaches, excellent infrastructure and facilities, warm and welcoming people - all add to the special magic of Goa. A 131-km long coastline means choices are aplenty. Visit Anjuna for its lively flea market, Palolem for water sports and Calangute and Dona Paula for shopping, nightlife, food and drink. Head to Vagator, where dramatic red cliff looks down on the shore. These unique features make Goa the coolest hot spot for honeymooners. Life in Goa is full of song, dance and merriment to the lilting beat of guitar and drum. It’s peaceful and serene here, just the right atmosphere for the lazing holiday-maker seeking Sun-n-sand, food-n-wine. Goa is a hot honeymoon destination not just for celebrities, but also for foreign and domestic tourists who want to associate the most important event of their lives with the picturesque settings of one of the beautiful states of India. Goa has a little bit of everything, both for the extrovert and as well as the introvert. Goa gives the opportunity to newlyweds to savor it their way and to keep its landscape etched in their heart forever. KOVALAM - Shady Coconut Groves & Sunbathing Golden Beaches With natural beauty at its best, planning your honeymoon in Kovalam is no brainer. Rows of swaying coconut trees are lined along the sandy beaches of Kovalam. Chatting and relaxing under the palm trees with swishing sound of the waves and the breeze in the background will add a romantic touch. Taking long walks with your dear one, relaxing beneath the swaying coconut palm, sunbathing and trying luscious seafood are some of the common activities that couples can join in. A canopy of lush green vegetation to shade you, and the gentle swoosh of your boat sliding through Kovalam’s jewel-green backwaters is an idyllic, and perhaps an unusual way to explore the place with your spouse. A luxurious boat-ride gives you a fascinating glimpse of village life in the little town. Adventurous couples can jointly participate in water sports like kayaking, swimming, surfing, waterskiing and kayaking. With its expertise in ayurvedic techniques over centuries, Kovalam makes sure you pamper yourself and leave in the pink of health. While every hotel will offer at least a rejuvenation package, for more specialized treatment, you can head to any of the renowned ayurveda centers. It is said that the best things in life are free. With Kovalam renowned for its cerulean colored water, silky sand, beautiful beaches, and lush green coconut trees, you’ll start believing in this adage. These natural and romantic surrounding add luster and vibrance and make your moment with your loved one captivating and delightful.



SRINAGAR - Heaven On Earth The lush valleys, sparkling lakes, high mountains and beautiful scenery make Srinagar a tempting place for honeymooners. Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is a very popular honeymoon destination. It is a perfect place to start you life in the wonderful company of your partner. No hotel in the world can compete with the charm of the shikaras (houseboats) in Dal Lake. The most luxurious ones are furnished with the finest carved walnut wood, hand-embroidered fabrics and carpets; a passionate place for the honeymooning couple. The amazing view of snow-covered mountains by the side will make the experience a memorable one. The grandeur of the charming Mughal gardens of Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh and Chashma Shahi will add color and radiance to happy moments of your life. The sight of fresh flowers, tempting fragrance emanating from them will help you to unwind and enjoy every minute of your honeymoon in Srinagar. The gigantic mountains and thick pine forests add splendor to the already charming city. Beautiful lakes, charming rivers, lofty glaciers, and pleasant weather throughout the year make it an ideal destination for newly weds. A holiday in this paradise, glittering in nature’s beauty will linger in the minds of the visitors for long. DARJEELING - A Paradise On Offer In the refreshing hilly air of Darjeeling, acres of tea plantation will offer you a majestical and cherishable honeymoon like no other destination. The narrow hilly path of Darjeeling leading to beautiful quaint spots has a magical effect. The red and golden hues of the sunrays early in the morning give a spectacular effect to this hilly region. The picturesque land in the east India, although remote, is a charming honeymoon spot. You can plenty to do in Darjeeling. Catch the spectacular view of the Kanchenjunga from the Tiger hills early in the morning. Visit the elegant monasteries of Darjeeling. Take a leisurely walk amid the tea bushes observing tea pickers at work and watching fresh tea leaves converted into tea. It is this amazing experience of this secluded region that makes it popular among honeymoon couples. The poignant, multifarious scenery and astounding beauty of Darjeeling will make your honeymoon an experience that will linger in your memories for a lifetime. The exotic fir forest, the emerald green tea plantations, undulating hillsides and the white magnolias add magnificence to this rightly called ‘Queen of all Hill Stations’. It gives honeymooners respite from the usual cacophony of our day-to-day life. Whether you prefer to relax, adventure or savor the flora and fauna of this region, Darjeeling is really a traveler’s delight. River rafting and canoeing are also widespread in Darjeeling apart from mountaineering and trekking. Invigorating environment with splendid view of the beautiful valleys and the breathtaking view of the sunrise and sunset makes Darjeeling qualify as the most popular honeymoon destination. JODHPUR – Royal Treatment Jodhpur offers a unique honeymoon experience sans the run-of-the-mill mountains and beaches. If you are a couple who are fascinated by the rustic villages, heritage structures and palaces, Jodhpur is where you want to go. You can explore this ancient land of loyalty, dedication and love through unique village safaris. These village safaris will take you to the interiors of the village and give you ample opportunities to mingle with the locals. The newly weds will be spellbound by the architectural splendor of the majestic forts and palaces. Jodhpur is filled with romantic legends and sagas. Bejeweled camels, enthralling havelis and colorful crafts will add glamour to your honeymoon. Some of the palaces, which have now been converted to hotels, are best to stay in. This will add a touch of yesteryears passion to your honeymoon period. The hotels of Jodhpur have the right historic ambience that will set the atmosphere right for a splendorous romance. You can embark on a romantic excursion to the lakes and historic spots and spend time together as you begin to bond on this land of lovers. Include tours to Umaid Bhawan Palace, Phool Mahal, Mehrangarh Fort, Balsamand Lake and Mandore Gardens in the honeymoon itinerary. The romantic destinations of Jodhpur will leave a romantic spell on the honeymoon couple. Don’t forget to pick traditional handicrafts, jewelry and textile items of this region while you are on a shopping spree. Choose Jodhpur as your destination and this land will bear testimony to your love story, as it has been doing to love stories since age-old times.



COORG - Scotland Of India Honeymooning in the intoxicating and invigorate beauty of Coorg would be a wise choice if a secluded getaway is what the couple is looking for. The orange orchards, the refreshing aroma of coffee and acres of verdant greenery is ideally suited for a cozy honeymoon. Your time here promises to be loads of fun. So look no further for a holiday that rejuvenates and offers tons of peace. Coorg’s evergreen dense forest on the southern range of the Western Ghats and the plantation that cover this landscape make the visual imagery mystically charming with a chilling eeriness to it. At the bottom of the hill slopes under canopies of huge trees are grown orange, black pepper, anthurium flowers, paddy and cardamom and coffee. These plantations exude a heady fragrance setting the atmosphere right for a romantic getaway. Sprawling in the midst of cloud-wreathed hills, this misty town is a haven for walkers. Coorg can be visited around the year owing to its pleasant weather. Accommodations at the well-networked home stays are usually run by the well-off local population who own plantations around Coorg. These spacious homes built inside the estates promise an even more tranquil experience for the newly weds. A home stay will also provide the best opportunity to savor the mouthwatering spice-rich Coorgi cuisine. This one-traffic signal town is the ideal destination for honeymoon with a tempting combination of solitude and fresh air minus the frills and fanfare of what most typically tourist spots have to offer. OOTY - All Time Favorite Located on the Nilgiri hills and surrounded by blue mist, Ooty is probably the most celebrated honeymoon destination in India. And rightly so. Plethora of beautiful flowers on the hilly slopes, splendid tea and cardamom plantation and mist covered mountains indeed make Ooty a very romantic place. Ooty is serene enough for lovebirds that are looking forward to a quiet retreat. You can pick a start to your day among a romantic walk into the dense forest or a gorgeous mountain trails. Complement it with a visit to beautiful spots of Doddabetta Peak and Ketty Valley. You could also gallop on ponies wandering through the Blue Mountains. Top it with a romantic meal in the woods. Waterfalls arising out of the blue and sight of variety of bird species add to the excitement. In your spare time, you can visit the botanical garden and glance at the incredible collection of shrubs, trees and beautiful collection of roses. For couples wanting to join in some action, venture into the lakes and spend time together in the pedal boats. A ride in the mini blue train which will take you through the eucalyptus forest and tea plantations is a must. The abundant flowers, lushy vegetation and majestic hills add charm to this quaint hill-station. Ooty is perfect place for couples who like to be in the lap of nature. SHIMLA - Peace, tranquility, natural beauty Shimla is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations of India. The moment you enter, you’ll be greeted with salubrious climate, and picturesque green hills with snow peaks surrounded by thick forests of fir, pine and oak making it a favorite among honeymoon couples. To the delight of the visitors, Shimla has gorgeous views of the Himalayas, trips to the surroundings countryside coupled with excellent hotels and impressive vestiges of its colonial past in the old vice regal Lodge, the Mall and the Christ Church with its stained glass windows. For more energetic entertainment, hit the indoor roller-skating rink in Lakkar bazaar or go open-air ice-skating above the Rivoli Bus stand. Easy accessible, good infrastructure and numerous places of attractions make Shimla a worthwhile destination. The gushing sound of streams, swaying fields, natural surroundings as well as man-made edifices accompanied by tranquility and peace will make honeymoon in Shimla pleasurable. The extravagance and solace of Shimla has made it a crowd-puller. Shimla’s enchanting beauty is available all around the town. Exotic places of interest like the Chadwick falls, Jakhoo hill, Summer hill, Prospect hill add romance to Shimla honeymoon. Affordable hotels are also available to suit every couple’s budget. Shimla has plenty to offer trekking enthusiasts as well as those looking for easy hikes and scenic drive. You can view some of the most beautiful mountainscapes and flower-filled meadows in Shimla. A drive around Shimla will take you to rustic villages, river gorge, temples and pastures. Exploring Shimla with your beloved will add zing to your romantic holiday.


Your love life and playtime activities are receiving lovely positive energy and plenty of encouragement from the cosmos. Your career is full of mixed blessings. You are given an opportunity to launch a project, accept a new position, start a new job, or some other new beginning in your career and it looks like things are profitable. You are succeeding, but something about how you behave, present yourself, or go about climbing the Ladder of Success is rubbing people the wrong way. You might be right or you might be wrong, but either way, you are going to have to give in to the idea that your outer persona needs fine-tuning. That is not necessarily a bad thing.


You have some good news moving into your professional life. But for now, you are more focused on your lovers, children, pets, hobbies, creative projects, vacations, and having fun. Unfortunately, your finances are not cooperating as much as you would like. And you could also find that friends, teammates, clubs, committees, or Internet activities are becoming overly demanding and chaotic and not allowing you to spend enough time with your loved ones. And those same friends, groups, or Internet entities are adding to your financial blues. By the end of the month, it becomes pretty clear that you have to put your foot down and say, "Enough already!" to this friend, group, or Internet project. Your happiness depends on it.


You have some excellent financial opportunities during the first half of the month. They help to funnel more economic security into your residential situation and they help you to do well professionally. You have some major communications, travel, cultural, academic, political, commercial, and/or legal matters causing all kinds of drama for you and your coworkers. Eventually you resolve the problem, but it is not a big happy ending. You will probably find that teamwork, friendship, the Internet, negotiation skills, and/or local people are a huge help while you and your coworkers are trying to deal with your professional challenges.




Politics, religion, cultures, academics, media, and/or travel related topics are great when you are playing, vacationing, and having fun, but they seem to be causing some huge issues at work. Enough so, that you would like to run away and hide from it all. The good news is that when you focus on teamwork and contributing to group dynamics, thing turn out really well at work. You also have some financial challenges but you are able to smooth things over fairly quickly.


Your spouse, best friend, business partner, rival, enemy, or competitor has been upset about your reputation, professional path, leadership style, boss, father, or an authority figure in your life for quite some time now. Things get worse this month, now they are also upset about your roommates, houseguests, mother, private life, housing situation, real estate deal, or a landscaping or home-improvement project too. The whole thing blows up and you end up taking sides with your mother, roommates, home, or private life. You end a professional path, quit a job, give up a leadership role, or put an end to a dysfunctional relationship with your boss or father figure. Nobody is happy about how this ends, but something had to change. The tension was too much for everyone involved.


During the first half of the month, you and your partner have some lovely opportunities to work on financial and commercial projects. You also get to spend quality time together. The second half of the month has some tough financial, romantic, and/or trust issues that are making it very difficult for you to have fun, play, and/or splurge on your loved ones. You finally accomplish a financial goal, end a dysfunctional relationship, or you stop dealing with whatever it is that has been causing you so much trouble. Whatever the grand finale you create, it is not a fun one, but it does need to happen so that you can eventually move on and focus on other things.


During the first half of this month, you are encouraged to focus on your financial and emotional security. Your residential situation and your career both benefit from this idea. During the second half of the month, you and a partner or a rival are battling over something or someone in your home life, or you are disagreeing about retirement plans. Your partner/rival either gives up and quits or they finish the project with a bad attitude.


You have some great professional and financial opportunities during the first half of the month. You and a partner have some excellent opportunities to socialize, network, travel, or to get involved in cultural, political, religious, media, or academic projects. But towards the end of the month, your social life, personal happiness, and finances are all clashing. You might give up a hobby, relationship, vacation, or luxury purchase as a result. Or you could successfully accomplish a creative, romantic, fun, or luxury related goal, but it is financially and socially costly.


Your career, finances, and love life are all enjoying plenty of positive energy, fun, and inspiration. However, political, religious, cultural, academic, media, relocation, and/or travel related topics are causing all kinds of stress and challenges. Know-it-alls are telling everyone else what to think, how to feel, what "the facts" are. And bureaucrats are making things needlessly complicated. Eventually, you get the last word, but it probably will not feel like a victory, just a good place to end the debate, stop arguing, and/or finalize negotiations.

SCORPIO (OCTOBER 24-NOVEMBER 22) The month starts out with such lovely communications, professional successes, and financial opportunities. But it quickly becomes a mess. Your career or a coworker could be making your life a living hell this month. You want to quit, fire someone, and/or just get the job done so that you can put the whole episode behind you. Either way, it is clear that you are the one who will be solving things if they are to be dealt with in a logical and tenacious manner. The good news is that your happiness and playtime sector is beginning to light up with some great energy. When you get off work each day, take advantage of that playful and fun energy so that you can keep your sanity in tact.


You have a lot of positive energy promoting the idea that you should be focused on your career, profits, sales, and professional networking projects. But your parents, roommates, houseguests, mortgages, rental contracts, lease agreements, landscaping or home-improvement projects are demanding your attention. Juggling home and work is a serious challenge this month, but in the end, whatever is happening at home is resolved.


Your career and your home life are both doing great. But your social life, friends, teams, clubs, committees, professional associations, networking projects, and/or Internet activities are causing all kinds of financial, romantic, and/or self-esteem issues for you. Eventually, you accomplish a financial goal, but it is not easy.



CELEB WATCH FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE... The Russia-born and Australia-bred model Kristina Akheeva is a known face in the advertising world. During her modeling stint, she managed to share screen space with Shahrukh Khan in a Dish TV commercial.

She walked the ramp with designer Manish Malhotra. Kristina wore an ornate black bra-top with a bold necklace and bright pink lehenga.



While the first Yamla Pagla Deewana movie launched TV actor Kulraj Randhawa, Deols' friends and well-wishers claim that they will follow the current fad of casting hot models in Hindi movies. That is exactly where Kristina fits the role She is a globetrotter and has tried her hand in modeling in Singapore also before ending up in Bollywood.

ENTER-TAINMENT Film: Jism 2 Position: 3 Director: Pooja Bhatt Cast: Sunny Leone, Randeep Hooda, Arunoday Singh Upside: Sunny Leone sex-quotient, good music Downside: Below average performances, slow narrative, dull story Running Week: 3 Box-Office Verdict: The film has recovered costs but not made big money.

Film: Gangs of Wasseypur II Position: 2 Director: Anurag Kashyup Cast: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Zeishan Qureshi, Huma Qureshi, Tigmanshu Dhulia Upside: Brilliant performances, good storytelling and direction, different music Downside: Stretched towards the end, repetitive after a point Running Week: 2 Box-Office Verdict: Below Average



Movie Reviews For 3 Biggest Releases In The Month

Film: Ek Tha Tiger Position: 1 Director: Kabir Khan Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif Upside: Salman-Katrina chemistry, superb action sequences, riveting narrative Downside: Some loose ends Running Week: 1 Trade Comments: The film started on humungous note on Wednesday (August 15 holiday) collecting Rs. 32 crores on its opening day. The first weekend collection touched over Rs. 160 crores.


Deepika Padukone's display picture oozes oomph. The lady who is on a high after the success of Cocktail is on cloud nine.

Raima Sen's display picture talks class and style. Doesn't she look awesome?

We do not hear a lot about Minissha Lamba these days. Is that why she has this super hot picture on Twitter? Celina Jaitly has updated her display picture with her children. Surprising how fast she lost the baby weight. Ameesha Patel looks sizzling hot in this denim shorts and knee length boots. You like?



Dia Mirza is the girl next door in this picture. Lovely. isn't she?

Angela Jonsson who is making her Bollywood debut soon looks cute in this picture. Her oomph factor so subdued.

No list on Twitter pictures is complete without Poonam Pandey. We don't know what to think of her display picture.




SAIFEENA MARRIAGE MYSTERY CONTINUES Kareena maintains silence over her conversion to Islam after marriage

Despite a strong buzz that Saif's mother Sharmila has been sending out invites for the impending wedding of her son, actress Kareena Kapoor still remains tight-lipped on the issue. Kareena Kapoor is reportedly tying the knot with Saif Ali Khan Oct 16, but the actress is not confirming it and has also refused to answer a question whether she would be converting to Islam after marriage. Sharmila Tagore had recently indicated at an event that Saif and Kareena's marriage will take place on October (either October 16 or October 17) and there have been whispers that she has also started distributing the wedding cards. "We are not hiding anything about marriage as we have not decided yet where and how the wedding will take place. I am sure everyone will come to know about it," Kareena told reporters here last night at an event. "I know everyone is curious about my wedding. I am so sorry I cannot say anything now, it is not a press conference for my marriage," she said. Kareena's to-be mother-in-law Sharmila had converted to Islam after her marriage to Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, the Nawab of Pataudi and former Indian cricket captain. When asked if she would follow the same, Kareena only said, "It's a very personal question and I cannot answer it." On the news about her wedding date and distribution of invites, she said, "I am used to it (the news about marriage, wedding cards and the date), some news is true some is false. I am used to it so I am fine. I know everyone is curious about my wedding. I am so sorry I cannot say anything now, it is not a press conference for my marriage," she said. Post the release of her much talked about film "Heroine" on September 21, her next big venture will be "Talaash" alongside Aamir Khan, to be released on November 30. On if "Talaash" will be her last film before marriage, the actress quipped, "How does it matter, I am there in both the films." It is learnt that Kareena's designer friend Manish Malhotra will be designing a red sari for the Mumbai reception. Asked about her take on it, Kareena only said, "Red is my favorite color. I wear it every time. "Saif-Kareena had officially declared their plans to tie the knot in the beginning of 2012, after the release of their film "Agent Vinod". However, the film did not do that well at the box office and both the actors got busy with other projects. The couple later postponed the wedding to October-November.

Source: Jagran



OUR UNIVERSE Source: Penn State

The first evidence of a planet being destroyed by the aging of its star has been discovered by a team of researchers. The evidence seems to show that the missing planet was destroyed as its star began expanding into a “red giant”. “A similar fate may await the inner planets in our solar system, when the Sun becomes a red giant and expands all the way out to Earth’s orbit some five-billion years from now,” said Alex Wolszczan, an Evan Pugh Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at Penn State, University, who is one of the members of the research team. Wolszczan also is the discoverer of the first planet ever found outside our solar system. “The astronomers also discovered a massive planet in a surprisingly elliptical orbit around the same red-giant star, named BD+48 740, which is older than the Sun with a radius about eleven times bigger.” “Wolszczan and the team’s other members, Monika Adamow, Grzegorz Nowak, and Andrzej Niedzielski of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland; and Eva Villaver of the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid in Spain, detected evidence of the missing planet’s destruction while they were using the Hobby-Eberly Telescope to study the aging star and to search for planets around it. The evidence includes the star’s peculiar chemical composition, plus the highly unusual elliptical orbit of its surviving planet.” “Our detailed spectroscopic analysis reveals that this red-giant star, BD+48 740, contains an abnormally high amount of lithium, a rare element created primarily during the Big Bang 14 billion years ago,” Adamow said. “Lithium is easily destroyed in stars, which is why its abnormally high abundance in this older star is so unusual. Theorists have identified only a few, very specific circumstances, other than the Big Bang, under which lithium can be created in stars,” Wolszczan added. “In the case of BD+48 740, it is probable that the lithium production was triggered by a mass the size of a planet that spiraled into the star and heated it up while the star was digesting it.” “The second piece of evidence discovered by the astronomers is the highly elliptical orbit of the star’s newly discovered massive planet, which is at least 1.6 times as massive as Jupiter.” “We discovered that this planet revolves around the star in an orbit that is only slightly wider than that of Mars at its narrowest point, but is much more extended at its farthest point,” Niedzielski said. “Such orbits are uncommon in planetary systems around evolved stars and, in fact, the BD+48 740 planet’s orbit is the most elliptical one detected so far.” “Because gravitational interactions between planets are responsible for such peculiar orbits, the astronomers suspect that the dive of the missing planet toward the star before it became a giant could have given the surviving massive planet a burst of energy, throwing it into an eccentric orbit like a boomerang.” “Catching a planet in the act of being devoured by a star is an almost improbable feat to accomplish because of the comparative swiftness of the process, but the occurrence of such a collision can be deduced from the way it affects the stellar chemistry,” Villaver explained. “The highly elongated orbit of the massive planet we discovered around this lithium-polluted red-giant star is exactly the kind of evidence that would point to the star’s recent destruction of its now-missing planet.”




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SMITA SHARMA: A STAR IS BORN A well known model who made her name on sum top designer shows, Smita is 5'8” and a favorite model for many commercial and advertising company. She is now trying her career in Bollywood industry.

EVER RISING MODEL: HARVINDER YADAV Standing tall at 6‘2“, Harvinder started his career with many big shows like Wills for Sadan Pande, Kolkata Couture Week, Dehradun Fashion Week, Pune Designer Night, Zoom TV Show and many brand & stock shoots plus scores of shows in Delhi in his name. He has got an international look for which designers love to make him a showstopper in their show.



being original: Jaynath Yadav (Jay) Jay stays true to himself and his style, and he always tells to himself to be aware of that and be original. The 21 year old model who did his graduation in B. Com. from North Bengal University is conscious about his looks and styles which comes from his thoughts. Jay believes we only live once, but once is enough if we do it right. “Live your life with class, dignity, and style so that an exclamation, rather than a question mark signifies it!” This is the source of his energy. Modeling and acting is his passion. He loves to play outdoor games such as cricket, football and tennis. He also reads novels when he gets time. Jay believes in true friendship and to love deeply. He smiles and says if someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. For him fun means more than self-enjoyment. To make someone happy is fun for Jay. His inspiration comes from John Abraham, Shahid Kappor and Salman Khan,



Height - 5’9” | Weight – 62 Chest - 36” | Waist - 31” | Shoe size - 9”

Model Engineering With MAYANK SRIVASTAVA

With over 3 years of experience in modeling & acting during college time, Mayank who belongs to Uttarakhand is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. Son of L.Sri Sushil Kumar Srivastava, Mayank stands tall at 5'10“ and exhibits great potential, confidence and talent in the modeling world. “My hobbies are yoga and playing cricket. And I am single!” Weight - 68 kg | Waist - 34“ | Chest - 39.5“ Eye Color – Black | Hair Color – Black Complexion - Fair

Student of the year: SAGAR WADHWANI A 2nd year student of Bachelor of Journalism in Mass Communications, Sagar dreams of building and maintaining a successful role in the world of high fashion modeling & acting. His areas of interest are photo-shoot, ramp walk & acting. Date of birth: 19th July 1992 Height: 5'11'' Weight: 76kg Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Dark Brown Waist: 34'' Biceps:15” Hips: 36'' Chest:40” Shoe Size: 10

THE ROLE MODEL Her journey from being a hardcore civil engineer to the lead actress in an upcoming Telugu feature film to be screened at Cannes was not a child’s play. The Mumbai based model-actress Komal Jha reckons that the foundation of success was laid long time ago. In her interview with Chetan Sharma, she talks about how she surpassed the hurdles with her confidence and talent.



C: My first question for you. Who is Komal Jha?

K: (smiles) To start with, my hometown is Ranchi, Jharkhand. I did my schooling from D.A.V. and completed my civil engineering from Bengaluru. Then I took one of the prominent decisions to change my profession and become a model. And here I am. Komal Jha, a model, an actress…

C: At a young age of 23, don’t you think you have put your career at risk by changing your profession? Any catch?

C: Lets talk about your lighter side. The craziest thing you’ve ever done…

K: Hmm! Well since I told you I was the topper of my batch, so what was expected out of me to be a role model for juniors and portray executive presence. I used to hate that and my lady teacher. She was after my life for my bold dressing sense. I mean, come on, being yourself ain’t a crime. So I rebelled against her in front of my principal. Crazy enough (burst into laughter)...

K: Oh.. you asked me this quite early! But let me be very candid. I know I had chosen to be a model over civil engineering. And that was indeed a tough decision. I was a hardcore ‘book-worm ‘when it came to studies and was a topper of my batch. I had even foreseen a bumpy ride ahead of me for such a decision couldn’t be supported by my family. Yet it was my fate, my destiny. I chose it. And I’m glad I did. Besides I am 5’7” (laughs).

C: Any gadget or thing that you always carry?

C: What do you do when you don’t do what you have to do?

C: Any recent plans for marriage? And will it be arranged or love?

K: A simple answer to your twisted question. My favorite past time is reading and writing. It’s in my blood.

C: In your blood?

K: My father Dr. Shyma Nand Jha is a great writer and philosopher. He is my greatest inspiration.

C: Can you tell us about your experience?

K: I had worked in Dubai as a civil engineer. However, one of the highest points in my life came when I entered into the world of fashion. From there, I got my first movie break in 2010 Malayalam action thriller “24 Hrs.”. Then I worked for movies like Kaal Chakram and Rama-chari besides many album videos.

K: My diary and my pen, dearest to me. I carry them even on my shoots. These days I love to flaunt my Galaxy Note.

C: That food you can break your diet regime for?

K: Though I am very conscious, but I can commit the sin for either North Indian or Italian.

K: No. At least not for a decade! Though I have covered a long distance in this short span of time but I still have a long journey ahead. And it’s gonna be arranged. (laughs) I am single and happy.

C: Your favorite destination K: Venice, Greece

C: One advice you want to give to freshers?

K: Be yourself. Believe yourself. Don’t get carried away by what others say or think. If need be, stand alone for what is right.

C: And your next venture…

K: Mukta Arts.. Yes. The movie named Nimbe Huli (means sore lemon) directed by Hemant Hegde for producer Subash Ghai.

C: Like many, do you have a godfather?

K: It’s me, myself and I. I want to dedicate my success to myself. I own it and have earned it. There were times when my family was against my decision of being an actress since I belong to an intellectual and learned family. They had wanted me to continue my engineering career. I pat on my back.. Lolz!

C: How were the people around you all these years both at personal and professional front?

K: People doubted me and my abilities. You know how they looked at me when I used to share my dreams.. God! It was tough to face them and hear their not-so-wise advices. But now, the tables are turned. The same crowd now greets me, wants to meet me and wanna get clicked with me. Those not-so-wise people, as I call them (smiles), ask me for my advice. That one moment of satisfaction is worth all hardships I went through to reach at this level. Besides, I am more comfortable working with South Indians as they are more professional.




DEHRADUN FASHION WEEK Sumit Dasgupta collection in Dehradun Fashion Week was inspired from the famous festival of West Bengal "Durga Puja" He used all vibrant colors in his collection which symbolizes the festive mood. The designer who made his name through his incredible Indian collection through Pune Designer Night, Rajasthan Fashion Week, Kolkata Fashion Week, Bangalore Fashion Week is in the pipeline to do Dubai International Fashion week and Wills Lifestyle this year. -Swagat Ranjan (PR and Fashion Consultant)



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