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In this mayhem and disarray of life where bliss seems to be illusory, where we all have, without any fear encaged ourselves in a cocoon, diversion is a must. No matter how intricate we find life to be, no matter how knotty the path is, we still treasure the moments of peace, serenity and joy, we still take time to appreciate, acknowledge and admire. We still take a quick look at that column in the magazine which talks about creating six-pack abs or getting a flawless skin. Lets ask ourselves, Can the present era commotion take away the pleasure of sipping early morning tea & reading the best beauty regime… The ecstasy of clicking links through to take a quick look at the most charming faces & the most visited places ..the zeal of reading new ways to improve our life style? .. No it can’t…and Lá Fiesta promises to steal some moments from your demanding life and make it alluring.

New faces need endorsement, new talent requires prop up, Lá Fiesta gives it all. Real, Substantial, enjoyable & prolific, Lá Fiesta is all about Connections & Celebrations. Of late, I had the finest realizations ever, We all, are just so same.. Isn’t it striking, that our wishes, desires and thought process connects so well, Lá Fiesta is an endeavor to depict those realizations, its an attempt to connect to the hearts of people, by giving them few moments of ecstasy and elation. Lá Fiesta is an initiative taken by people who are amongst you, like you to spread the message - Life is a Feast, a revelry, a celebration… Life is Lá Fiesta!

- Kiran Dhanwani

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Lá fiesta. All Rights Reserved. The writing, artwork and/or photography contained herein may not be sued or reproduced without the express written consent of Lá Fiesta. Lá Fiesta does not assume responsibility for any loss or damage of unsolicited products, manuscripts, photographs, artwork, transparencies, or other material. The views expressed in the magazine are not necessarily those of the publisher. All efforts have been made while compiling the contents of this magazine, however, any errors herein are purely unintentional and we assume no responsibility for the effects arising there from. Lá Fiesta does not assume any liability for services or products advertised herein. All disputes, differences, claims and proceedings are subject to Delhi Jurisdiction. Lá Fiesta June 2012 | 5

Contents – June 2012 ON THE COVER: Dipika


26. More photos

Kiran Dhanwani elaborates how the magazine relates itself to anyone and everyone. LÁ FIESTA TEAM

9. FASHION: Colors and You By Bimbita Arora

14. BEAUTY: Skin Deep By Bimbita Arora

28. Our BOYS-NEXT-DOOR 34. MODEL BANK: Runa Das 30. FRESH FACE: Arya 35. FROM THE LENS: The Indian 32. MODEL BANK: Ranjitha Bride 36. MODEL BANK:

17. DESIGNER HUB: Preeti Kukreja & Piranha GoldsExperience. Style. Work.

Sano Lamsal, Harsh, Irfan, Manjit Singh



24. LIFESTYLE: HTC One XNot just another android phone. Chetan says it all in his review on this extra smart phone

44. EVENTS: TEDxTughlaqRdChange

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FashiON ‘How dull the world would be without color! We rely on it as a means of identification and it adds richness and diversity to everything we can see. Imagine life without the splendor of crimson sunset, without springs hosts of golden daffodils! But what exactly is ‘color’? Here we explore the extraordinary phenomenon of color, present a fascinating color and stunning color nature – fashion’s greatest inspiration! Do some colors make you feel happy, while others give you the blues? Do some make you look pale and ill, while others put coloring your cheeks? In this discussion we explore how your moods and feelings are inextricably bound up with different colors. No one sees you quite the way

colors & you you see yourself- but you can change all that , by choosing and using color to tell the world exactly who you are and how you want to be treated from now on.

COLOR AND YOUR SKIN COMPLEXION Discovering your favorite colors is one of the most important stages in learning to look your best. But it’s not enough simply to know what colors you like. The simple secret of looking great is: look after your

complexion and always be true to your natural coloring.

SKIN COLOR Natural skin color is not merely a question of black, olive or white. Complexions are either yellow, blue or red based and it is these undertones which affect how we look in different colors. Identify your own undertones which affect how we look in different colors. Identify Lá Fiesta June 2012 | 9

FashiON your own undertones by comparing yourself by reading what color suits you best. From then you will know which color to choose! A pink red undertone to your complexion may be extremely subtle, but it means that cool, clear color suits you best. They make your skin look clear, smooth and unblemished! Choose clothes and makeup in : Pure White, Powder Blue, Denim, Navy, Pearl Pink, Shoking Pink, Lavender, Royal Purple Or Mint Green. A yellow undertone to your skin means that warm, earthy colors suit you best. If your skin is dark, from olive to brown-black, choose tomato red , hot shocking pink (worn with scarlet, orange or yellow for impact!) , cinnamon , copper , gold, mustard, black , violet , turquoise , grass green, jungle khaki or jade. Some black complexions have blue black undertone. So although bright orange and red look dramatic on you, Cool colors, tinged with blue or pink, actually flatter your skin best. Choose Black, Grey, Navy, Pure White, Silver, Cyclamen, Ice Blue, Royal Blue, Sea Green, Lavender, Purple And Claret. 10 | Lá Fiesta June 2012

neutral. If your eyes are your best features, you should select a color which will accent them provided they match with your skin and hair. If you have blue eyes, try matching your shirt to their color, or if your hair are brown, wear a similar color outfit.

TECHNICAL TALK Freckles are lovely- don’t hide them! Well, usually they accompany fair, yellow-based skin. Warm, earthy tones suit you best so choose from Peach, Ginger, Cinnamon, Gold, Terracotta, Mustard, Orange, Salmon, Coral, Beige, Cream, Perowinkle, Warm Turquoise, Lime, Jade and Olive. Skin, hair, eyes, etc. also help in making color choice. A girl with healthy complexion can wear any color; cool colors for blondes, warm for brunettes with warm complexion and brown eyes. Girls with sallow skin should avoid tan, grayyellow, and yellow-green. The pale pink lipstick will not suit them. With a red or a bright colored outfit it is best to tone down the lips and keep them

You know the story: your friend looks fantastic in a mustard t-shirt dress. You try it on and look like sack of potatoes. The answer: choose your clothes to suit you. If you are BIG and BUXOM, don’t strain to get into clothes that hug the figure too closely. Go for simple shapes and DARK SOLID COLORS that flow from top to bottom. They elongate your silhouette and keep the eye of the observer moving down towards the slim hem of the skirt rather than hovering around the hidden curves in the middle. If you are SMALL and SLENDER and want to make little more impact, pale colors will add volume where you want it. You can wear clothes

FashiON with lots of softly gathered fabrics. Pleated skirts are for you, and even if you aren’t very tall, you can wear skirts short or demurely long. Generous hips can look womanly and attractive, but if you are worried that you have too much of a good thing, choose a slimming dark color for your skirt or trousers. Pick a tapered shape with gathers at the waist and a light color top. A jacket with padded shoulders will make your waist and hips look smaller by comparison. If its short it emphasizes your slim waist without having a cover up those hips!

DOTS Plumper girls who want to look taller and slimmer should keep the spots light and small on a darker background. But those average figures can throw such subtlety to the wind. Wear as many as you dare. Heaven knows, anything goes! If spots aren’t to your fancy, turn tiger and slink into stripes. Prowl the city in pin stripes, wide stripes, and vertical or horizontal stripes. As long as you stick to stripes as your theme you can mix up the colors as much as you like. When it comes to flattering your figure, remember that all eyes follow the stripe. So if

you want to look thinner choose vertical stripes. But if you want to look less skinny, choose horizontal stripes to even out the proportions. If thin legs make you shy to wear miniskirts, make them appear shapely with pale tights or leggings with horizontal stripes.

Wear as many as you dare. Heaven knows, anything goes! BREAKING THE RULES Keep your audience on their toes with all the brightest, most fluorescent colors so far invented. It’s casual, crazy, young and exciting look that is UNISEX and UNIVERSAL RULE. Take your cue from neon lights of the city. Forget what your granny told you now orange do go with cerise, and lime and hot neon pink and purple! For those who can’t quite let go of the safety rope, take navy as base and create sparks with yellow and orange. To carry it off, make

sure your hair is as zany as your clothes. Wear it short and spiky, or long and twisted up into futuristic shapes, or adorned with the brightest of bows. Whatever you choose, it’s got to be the latest, maddest, brightest thing. These colors call for flamboyant eye shadows and bold jewelry. Wear a green earring one side, an orange one other. Attach chunky beads to your hair. Get streetwise with bright trainers, built for speed. Pull on punk boots jangling with buckles, or patent pumps with clashing laces. Step into your part shoes- stilettos in hot pink, purple, lime, yellow or orange. Fashion is fun-not to be taken too seriously. Be bold, not boring. Treat the yuppies to a yawn. Now you’ve woken up and discovered that rules are meant to be broken!


Lá Fiesta June 2012 | 11



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beauty Skin DEEP

Knowing your skin type is the

chief way you can ensure your skin feels and looks its best. Many people, however, get confused when trying to figure out exactly what their skin type is. Through her columns, Bimbita Arora blackheads or enlarged pores, and there are no dry or flaky discusses various types of patches, lines or red veins. skins and some tips to bring back that charming glow… DRY SKIN: This is a fine type Skin can be divided into various types according to its texture. It is essential to know what skin type you actually have and using the correct products on your face can really make a difference to those problem areas you may have. There are five types of skin: NORMAL SKIN: This is very rare. There is no shiny center panel or 14 | Lá Fiesta June 2012

of skin and it is either inclined towards sensitivity or is rather tough and suffering from over exposure to climatic conditions, according to age group. This skin type has more lines than usual and does not have a “glow”. It is prone to dry flaky patches and inclined towards a red veined condition. DUAL TYPE SKIN: This is the most unusual skin type of all. It is recognized by an oily “T” zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and blackheads down the center panel. It is inclined to dryness and lines or the upper forehead, around

beauty on make-up. SENSITIVE SKIN: This is characterized by a florid coloring and red vein conditions. Usually the skin texture is thin, easily irritated and affected by such things as spicy foods, and certain weather conditions.

SKIN CARE ROUTINE There are four basic rules for skin care- CLEANSE, TONE, NOURISH & MOISTURISE. The purpose is to correct and normalize all types of skin, the exception being a normal skin where the aim is to preserve. Proper skin care treatment is based on four fundamental steps. CLEANSING: The importance of thorough cleansing cannot be over emphasized. A skin that is not completely cleansed regularly, so that the pores are free from waste matter, can never function in a normal healthy manner and many skin problems result from neglecting the first important step in skin care. Thorough cleansing should remove absorbed make-up dirt and excess oils from the skin pores. TONING: A toner/freshener contracts the pores and keeps them taut, stimulates the skins blood and circulation, firms the tissues and gives the skin life and color.

the eyes and lower cheeks. OILY SKIN: This is very shiny and prone to blackheads and large pores. It is inclined to be a yellow and sallow color; people with an oily skin, may find difficulty in keeping

NOURISHING: The aim here to maintain and restore the skins natural oils to rejuvenate, firm and smooth the skin. Therefore the application of a nourishing cream is advisable. A weekly massage with a vitamin skin cream will also help to strengthen the facial muscles and give the skin vitality. MOISTURISING: Whatever the skin type, it is imperative to moisturize it in Lรก Fiesta June 2012 | 15

beauty the morning and if necessary at night. To the living tissue, moisturize is vital, because it keeps the skin more resilient and plump, therefore younger looking. Good moisturizing will protect against changing temperatures, central heating and also help make-up to stay fresh longer. You may refer to the following routine chart specially designed to help you maintain a healthy looking skin.


16 | Lรก Fiesta June 2012




cleanse and nourish

tone and moisturize


cleanse, nourish and moisturize

tone and moisturize


cleanse, tone and nourish

tone and moisturize


cleanse, tone and nourish

tone and moisturize


cleanse and nourish

tone and moisturize


YMCA’S Best Fashion Designer 2010 award winner Preeti Kukreja and Piranha Golds are known for design innovation, forward thinking and extra ordinary inspired collection, which produced top sales season after season. Extremely creative and well developed fashion design professional with extensive in orchestrating all aspects of clothing and designs operation while demonstrating attuned attention to detail and inventive quality

LĂĄ Fiesta June 2012 | 17


18 | Lรก Fiesta June 2012


MODEL: Akhilesh Lรก fiesta June 2012 | 19



Lรก Fiesta June 2012 | 21


“Praveen Sinha”-the label and designer is a knitwear brand that is based in New Delhi. Label caters to the men and women who care about their individuality, belief, bonding and existence. After being awarded in the category of best design collection in the NIFT graduation show, it was born in the same year itself. It draws inspiration from the feelings and the moments that come in everybody’s life; every garment has a story that has a purpose to exist and an unembarrassed passion to care about something passionately. You got to fall in love with it. Moreover label “Praveen Sinha” just not only talks about the emotion. Furthermore it talks about the dream, set by a human eye through their journey of ups and down & above all, it talks about a life, a beautiful life.

The objective of the brand is to reinvent this ancient Indian craft of hand knitting through exquisite forms, patterns, detailed structures, innovation and unusual use of materials and yarns. The brand forte is to create an art form in the state of handcrafted apparel and accessories that speaks for itself by taking care of commercial viability and the purpose is not to do something new but to sail on a journey into the unknown. Where most of the designers are working on new innovation and patterns, the label emphasizes on rare and valuable craftsmanship of hand knitting and crochet and wishes to take this valuable art to a global platform where it gets recognized and perceived in an astonishing way, where they start expecting more out of us and start considering us, our nation as a new fashion epitome. Brand also aims at creating job opportunities for the poor housewives and workers who inherent this valuable skills.


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lifestyle HTC One X Review: The Best Android Phone Right Now

htc is bringing its A-game in a big way. It brings a bigger, more beautiful screen, and LTE connectivity. It's beautifully designed. But is it enough to eclipse the best Android phones—or even the iPhone? Chetan Sharma unveils the truth...

HTC One X Specs OS: Android 4.0 ICS Screen: 4.7-inch Super LCD2 Processor and RAM: 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 / 1GB RAM Storage: 32GB internal Camera: Back: 8MP, Front: 1.3MP Weight: 4.55 ounces Battery: 1800 mAh Li-Po Beats Audio Technology Price: ` 36000-37000

24 | Lá Fiesta June 2012

lifestyle WHY IT MATTERS? The One X is the flagship of the new HTC One line. It has a 4.7inch screen, Qualcomm's newest 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor, and it runs Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 4.0 and superfast 4G network; we are still waiting for it right? And the materials, physically, look and feel cool and futuristic. Seriously, this thing is gorgeous. USING IT The first thing you'll notice is the screen. By the beard of Zeus, the screen. The 4.7-inch Super LCD2 is simply the best screen on a mobile device. Ever. Yes, at 312 pixels per inch (PPI) it doesn't quite reach the iPhone 4S's 326 ppi, but it more than makes up for those 14 missing pixels (which you won't see anyway, lol). It's bright enough to be clearly visible at high noon, colors are rich and accurate, and the pixels are all but invisible. Plus, the viewing angle is just insane on this thing. It looks like it's printed on a glossy magazine page. It's awesome. The formfactor is excellent. It's different from the cold, hard aluminum of the One S, but the machined polycarbonate unibody on the One X feels plenty strong. Plus, it's a freaking machined polycarbonate unibody—it feels like the future. There is a nice, brushed feel to its blend of soft curves and sharp lines. The camera juts out of the back a little, but because of the phone's subtle curve it sits perfectly flat on a table. Just superb attention to detail here. On top of that, it's very thin (.35 inches) and very light (4.55 ounces). The screen is a bit big for small hands, though. Well we can live with that! In general Ice Cream Sandwich with HTC's Sense 4.0 is a very smooth and quick experience. It's both an improvement and a step back compared to stock Android. It has Beats by Dre audio, which gives a little bass boost, but it's not particularly remarkable. The One X's camera has all but non-existent shutter-lag and it captures very good photos. The HDR mode is pretty good. The panoramic mode is very good. It holds its own against the iPhone 4S, though the HTC's video quality is definitely not as good.

I LIKE IT OR I LIKE IT NOT… Good things first. The screen and the design are amazing. You will want to rub it on your face. The radio on this phone has superpowers. Battery life is excellent. Despite abusive usage (tons of gaming, web surfing, shooting a gazillion photos and videos, and lots of emailing, texting, and calling) it always made it though the day. Really impressive, considering how big and bright the screen is. Call quality is good. Sense 4.0 actually makes some improvements over stock Android, in the lock-screen, multitasking, and the camera software. Over all, the phone just provides a great user experience. It's nice for reading and games. It's nice-looking. It's just nice. I hate this part. There is no camera button. Really? Why the awesome camera with no camera button? There's no expandable storage, so you're limited to the 16/32GB. Some elements of HTC Sense 4.0 are not as good as the Ice Cream Sandwich OS. The worst tweak is the keyboard—it's buggy, and generally not pleasant to use. With SwiftKey X, or another replacement keyboard, the phone becomes much more usable. The calendar app is another example. There's no weekly view, and the monthly view shows you no information at all. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. That said, this is by far the most usable incarnation of HTC Sense. SHOULD I BUY IT? Totally. The one caveat is that you must like big phones. They're not for everybody, and that's a totally respectable position. If you do like big phones, though, this is easily the best Android phone now, and very possibly the best Android phone period (the other current contenders are the HTC Evo 4G LTE and the long awaited Samsung Galaxy SIII). You could argue that the HTC One X is better than the iPhone 4S. Yeah, you heard that! The screen is most definitely better, the rest comes down to personal preference. Also, at `36000, this thing is a steal.

Lá Fiesta June 2012 | 25



26 | Lá Fiesta June 2012


DIPIKA PANDEY Vitals: 32-28-34 Height: 5’5 Weight: 48 kg Eye Color: Dark Brown Hair Color: Dark Brown Age: 22

Photography by:

RAJVIR SAINI (Get the Look)

Lรก Fiesta June 2012 | 27

B A T TLE OF the ASHISH Height - 5’7 | Chest – 33 | Waist - 30

boys NEXT DOO R GAURAV Height - 5’9 | Chest – 34 | Waist - 32



ARYA SAXENA Height - 5’10 Chest - 38 Shoulder - 10 Hips - 33 Shoe Size - 9 Eye Color - Brown Hair Color - Black Trouser Length - 40

30 | Lá Fiesta June 2012

Lรก Fiesta June 2012 | 31




Vitals: 34-28-36 Height: 5'5 Weight: 48 Kg Eyes: Black Hair: Light Brown Skin Color: Fair


MODEL RUNA DAS Vitals: 34-30-36 Height: 5'6 Weight: 55 Kg Eye Color: Light Hazel Hair Color: Brown Complexion: Dusky

The Indian Bride



An Indian bride comes across as a picture of beauty and grace. While all the guests appreciate the way she is looking, hardly a few of them are aware of how much preparation goes into being a bride. right from trying a thousands of outfits to selecting the best one for the wedding, to finding marvelous jewelry to taking care of the skin and buying matching accessories, she has to undertake a lot of efforts, to look her best. There has been no modifications of this and they have kept the tradition going, so no wonder our Indian brides are so full Indian pride. Now-a-days everything is changing day by day, but one thing has and that is our Indian traditional bride. We have adopted and accepted many things in our life, but our brides will not accept or settle for anything less than the tradition. They have maintained the legacy in line with faith, because one cannot change the faith related with the way of performing our weddings. This is something we Indian parents are proud of. -URVASHI



SANO LAMSAL Vitals: 33-26-33 Hair: Black Curly Complexion: Fair Height: 5'4

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HARSH Height - 5’10 Chest – 38 Waist - 32 Shoe Size - 7



IRFAAN Height - 6’1 Chest - 38 Waist - 32 Shoe Size - 9 Complexion- Fair

Lรก fiesta June 2012 | 41



42 | Lá Fiesta June 2012

MANJIT SINGH Height - 5’10 Weight – 65kg Chest - 39 Waist - 30 Shoe Size – 7 Arms - 14

Lรก fiesta June 2012 | 43


TEDxTughlaqRdChange At India Habitat Center TEDxChange 2012 was a TEDx event co-organized by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and TED. Convened by Melinda French Gates and hosted by Chris Anderson, TEDxChange focused on issues surrounding global health and development. TEDxChange type events are TEDx events hosted around the live webcast of TEDxChange, and also feature local speakers. Our event was called TEDxTughlaqRdChange, and had been one of many TEDx events that happened around the globe on April 5th that expanded on the ideas brought up at TEDxChange 2010. Eminent danseuse

Rama Vaidyanathan, noted comedian Papa CJ, super cool RJ HIT95FM Sarthak, Welspun group's head Dipali Goenka, MP Anurag Singh Thakur, and Whats Up Bharat's Kartik Desai spoke their hearts out. The event with a short half an hour break between the talks and the webcast gave a chance to the audience to meet with the speakers over tea/coffee. A great way to spend a Spring evening in Delhi, to inspire and get inspired! Photography By Vishal Seth


46 | Lรก Fiesta June 2012


Quarter 2 2012 (Epilogue)


Quarter 2 2012 (Epilogue)