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We give young people and children’s organisations in Peru the tools and skills they need to build a more independent future. We provide education and vocational training for at-risk young people. We also support homes to be more sustainable with income generation, cost reduction and capacity building.

We live in a world where we have learned to expect impressive-looking statistics, fast results and big changes. It can be all too easy to dismiss the little achievements in life. This year, we asked everyone in LAFF to share what they learnt, their mini milestones and everyday miracles – so we could all remember and celebrate what really matters. I hope you enjoy this taster of what 2014 has looked like for us. Thank you as always for your support – you’re making the future brighter for some very special young people in Peru. Sarah Oakes, Director

“The best book I read this year was ‘Cinderella’ and I liked it because it was a nice story.” Carmen Rosa, 9, Azul Wasi

“My proudest moment this year was when I realised that I had almost finished secondary school.� Ida Liz, 16, Casa Mantay

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“Self esteem means loving yourself and it is important to accept yourself as you are.” Silvia, 18, Sacred Valley Project

“The best idea I had this year was to study floristry.” Ida Liz has just started Ida Liz, 16, Casa Mantay. studying floristry for Casa Mantay’s new social enterprise which we hope to launch in 2015.

“At Azul Wasi we separate and recycle rubbish so that we are sustainable.” Hernán, 16, Azul Wasi

“My favourite training course this year was financial literacy because I learnt how a business works.” Nayda, 14, Sacred Valley Project “It is important to manage your money because then you can open a shop.” Dani, 12, Azul Wasi

“My vertical garden is important because garlic, onion and lettuce are going to grow and we won’t need to go to the market.” Mariela, 14, Sacred Valley Project

Selling leather products made by the mums at Mantay online increases the market, distribution and sales of products. This not only means more jobs for teenage mothers, but also means more funds contributing to the sustainability of the home.” Raquel, Director, Casa Mantay

“Being part of Ayllu helps me because it makes my creativity and imagination flow. I feel open to change, more empathetic and consistent. I value and recognize people.”

Memorial Fundraising: £1,368

1-off & Regular Donations: £4,585

Gift Aid: £855 Events / Sponsored Challenges: £3,281

Trusts, Foundations & Corporates: £34,669

LAFF work hard to keep overheads to a minimum and make donations of time and money have the greatest impact possible. Our biggest donation is that of time – 17 volunteers donated 3,348 hours of their time to support LAFF’s work in 2014, to a value of £65,300. They made your financial contributions go even further.

Fundraising costs: £6,487 Management, admin & fees: £1,145

Grants & Project Support: £46,702

Thanks to everyone who has given time, skills and money, but especially to: Our partners: Casa Mantay, Azul Wasi, Sacred Valley Project, Ruwasunchis and Mosqoy Our volunteers: Agnieszka Bielecka, Alice Cane, Arianna Valentini, the Oakes family, Dulce Pedroso, Geoff Morgan, Jess Wright, Ivan Corimanya, Luke Dare, Marcus Revington, Maria Paula Jaramillo, Matt Kinsella, Mishel Paiva Vargas, Myriam Diaz, Pete Howson, Sarah Warry and Vicky Thornton. Our fundraising partners and supporters: American Express and the HOLA network, the Andes Cycle Challenge boys Wouter and Tijs, the Garcia family, Geoff Morgan, Gulf4Good, KEHS, Matt and Cande Kinsella, Merilyn and Paul Barrett, Petra Blaskovics and Beth Cox, Solihull School, St Andrew’s and the numerous Trusts and Foundations who kindly support specific education and sustainability projects.

“My biggest achievement this year was getting full marks in Communication.� Flor, 11, Sacred Valley Project

Profile for Latin American Foundation for the Future

LAFF Annual Report 2014  

Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF) share their impact and updates for 2014.

LAFF Annual Report 2014  

Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF) share their impact and updates for 2014.