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2. Computational Architecture

Almost ten years ago, rapid development and popularity of computer technology makes Auto CAD join in architectural filed successfully. Computer Aided Design was one of the best invention ever during the development of computer. Because of computational design, the quality of design raise greatly, manner of work simplify greatly, working environment and information carrier have changed totally. Since 2D digital design software was approved, 3D design software not only enriches the design software family but also it is subversive. Nowadays, we can see computer as a medium, it integrates and connects gaps between each stages during design. As personal opinion, parametric is the tool to build a connection in architecture, hence it makes a more continuous process. During experiences from reading, I have a thought about almost things could be quantization, things which cannot be quantization is not easy to evaluate. In theory, it will be continuous as you can quantify it. Of course, there are a lot of things you can not quantify in architecture filed. Parametric will not instead of traditional design, it is supplement, which try to quantify better and more continuous. This is absolutely an architectural design evolution, as a very cutting-edge technology, parametric design not only brings innovate technology, but also untraditional creation manner and the way of thinking. Therefore, it brings so many kinds of potential possibility for design of architecture.

This is work designed by Coop Himmelblau, DaLian International Conference and Exhibition center. which using blocks and street elements to build a urban structure. Manner of designing creates plenty of opening space which could develop communication between people. Surface of this building is gentle and dynamic, forms a shell shape, according the whole surface structure twists, extruded on 3 dimension. It looks like to imitate surge of the ocean. The main concept about the architecture is sustainability development, huge amount of energy conservation system are added such as sea water desalinating technology. With help of computational technology, it is impossible to carried out such a sci-fi architecture. Therefore, designer will try more dauntless projects.

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