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LOS ANGELES CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT HYDRANTS AND ACCESS UNIT Notice: The Development Services Center building (201 N. Figueroa St.) remains closed to the public entirely with the exception of the ground floor. There are drop off and pick up boxes in the lobby for each Development Services department, including LAFD, where any hardcopy documents may be left and retrieved. Please also note the LAFD counters in West L.A. and Van Nuys are both closed until further notice.

UPDATED: EFFECTIVE FRIDAY NOVEMBER 13, 2020: To Submit Plans to LAFD Hydrants and Access 1) Plan check applications shall be submitted electronically through the FIMS Cutomer Portal. If this is the first time using the FIMS Customer Portal, a new account will need to be created. 2) The applicant will receive several emails from the system throughout the application process, including email verification when a new account is created. Be sure to check the “Spam/Junk Mail” folder for any correspondence. 3) Once logged into the FIMS Customer Portal, follow the steps to complete the plan check application. Be sure to complete the application as thoroughly as possible to prevent the application being returned. For Hydrants and Access Review, please select the “Water Resources and Infrastructure” option. 4) If there are multiple PCIS numbers associated with the project, please enter any additional PCIS numbers in the “Work Description” box during the plan check application process. 5) Upon reaching the screen requesting the uploading of documentation, the applicant shall select “E-Plan” or “Drop Off Plans”. Please note that if multiple files need to be attached, all files will need to be selected simultaneously. Currently the system does not allow for files to be attached individually. 6) Once the plan check application has been submitted, it will be reviewed for completeness by LAFD staff. If corrections or changes are required to the plan check application, it will be returned with comments. Comments can be viewed within the FIMS Customer Portal. 7) When a complete application has been confirmed and accepted by LAFD staff, the payment option will be available in the FIMS Customer Portal. After payment has been made, the project status will change to “Pending Assignment” to an LAFD Hydrants and Access Inspector for review. 8) Hard copies of plans will need to be submitted via drop-off in the lobby of our Metro office located at 201 N. Figueroa St. Applicants shall submit a plan check application via the FIMS Customer Portal prior to dropping off hard copies of plans Projects WILL NOT be available for assignment to an Inspector until a complete plan check application has been received and accepted, payment has been made, and hard copies of the plans have been received for those that have indicated “Drop Off Plans”.

9) When dropping off hard copies of plans for review, at a MINIMUM, the following documents are required to be attached: ➢ A copy of the LADBS permit application including the structure inventory ➢ A copy of the LADBS clearance sheet ➢ Plans for the proposed project(s). At a minimum, submitted plans should include site/plot plans, floor plans, roof plans, and elevations. ➢ If the project clearance is oil well related, a Construction Site Well Review (CSWR) letter will be required. A CSWR letter can be obtained from CalGEM (DOGGR). ➢ Any additional supporting documentation that will assist with the plan review. 10) The status of the project can be tracked within the FIMS Customer Portal. Once the plan check has been approved, the applicant will be contacted by a member of our staff to schedule a pickup date. 11) Please note that if a project is submitted in the FIMS Customer Portal for Hydrants and Access review, it will ONLY be reviewed by Hydrants and Access. If the project requires review by Fire/Life Safety, a separate application will need to be submitted within the FIMS Customer Portal for their review in accordance with their policy which can be found at 12) General questions and requests can be sent to along with any supporting documents in PDF format. We appreciate your assistance and patience during this period. Counter reviews are no longer available until further notice.