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HYDRANTS AND ACCESS UNIT Notice: The Development Services Center building is now closed to the public entirely with the exception of the ground floor. There are drop off and pick up boxes in the lobby for each Development Services department, including LAFD, where any hardcopy documents may be left and retrieved. Please also note the LAFD counters in West L.A. and Van Nuys are both closed until further notice.


To Submit Plans to LAFD Hydrants and Access PLEASE drop off your plans in the appropriate bin in the lobby, fill out the Hydrants and Access Plan Review form (separate document) legibly and completely, and attach the form to your plans. There will be a three day turnaround time for your plans to be reviewed. You’ll be notified via email that your plans are ready for pick up and/or with corrections that need to be made on the plans. We will be available for questions and concerns that can be answered via email and phone calls. Inspector Carter will be the initial point of contact. Depending on the location of the project, an Inspector will contact you with answers to your questions. When submitting a question, please give all supporting documents via a PDF file in your email. The Hydrants & Access Unit will have modified operations so your projects are not delayed due to the recent changes that have been made. Plans will be available for pick up in the lobby of Figueroa Plaza across from where they were initially dropped off. An Inspector will call or email you once your plan review has been completed. Please email all modification requests to Captain Mittino, Inspector Duff and Inspector Carter (christopher.mittino@lacity.org, robert.duff@lacity.org, jeremy.carter@lacity.org) We appreciate your assistance and patience during this period.

Counter reviews are no longer available until further notice.

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COVID-19 Hydrants and Access Plan Review  

COVID-19 Hydrants and Access Plan Review  

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