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ELECTRONIC PERMIT & PLAN SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS General Information: 1. YOU MUST HAVE AN APPROVED PERMIT BEFORE INSTALLING, REMOVING, ABANDONING IN PLACE OR ALTERING YOUR UST SYSTEM 2. Permit applications and plans shall be submitted to : (In the subject line of the email please indicate “PLAN CHECK” followed by the site address and zip code) * 3. All plans shall follow the format and contain the details listed on Page 2. 4. We accept a maximum of (3) plan submittals per-contractor per-day. 5. Upon receipt, requests will be processed for payment. An invoice will be generated and emailed to the requestor or designated person. After payment has been received, plans will be forwarded to an LAFD Inspector for review. 6. Plan submittals are reviewed on a first come – first served basis. 7. We will return your approved plans by email. [Approx 3-4 weeks from submittal] 8. Your plans will be returned by email for correction if any items are missing or incorrect. 9. For further information please contact the UST Plan Check office at (213) 978-3728. 

*Please keep email size to maximum of 10MB

1 UST-DOC #42 1/3/2017

R/tech/UST PC Insp


DETAIL: The plans shall show site-specific system layouts and details

COVER PAGE: Provide a clear vicinity map, site address, DBA, and a site plan identifying all pertinent on-site structures, adjacent structures, property lines, and two street references for the site

SITE PLAN: Show the location of all new and existing tanks, dispensers and monitoring systems. Show new and existing piping where piping work is involved.

SCOPE OF WORK: An itemized scope of work shall be provided on the cover page.

SIZE: Plans shall be submitted as file.pdf formatted to print natively at 17” x 22”. A 6” square (relative size) area shall be left blank on the front page for approval stamps.

PLAN DESIGNERS: Name, complete address, phone number and e-mail shall be on the plans.

SCALE: All plans shall be drawn to scale and include site plan and elevations of all components. Tank removals shall show linear distances from property lines or readily identifiable permanent structures.

PAPERWORK: You must submit a LAFD UST permit application, copy of city business license with proof of payment for the current year, and PDF plan check. CONTRACTOR RESPONSIBILITES: The Contractor of record shall be responsible for all subcontractors and required permits.

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DIAGRAMS: Typed text shall be a minimum of 10-pitch. Diagrams must be clearly depicted. COMPONENTS: The plans shall include a detailed diagram of each system and associated components being installed, removed, repaired or altered [Identify all systems as either New or Existing] PARTS LIST: Provide a complete manufacturers equipment parts list for each product and component being used. Include make, model, size, and quantity. Provide compatibility statements/3rd party listing as applicable.

Note: ON-SITE: ICC certified person(s) shall be on site during all work, inspections and testing activities.

2 UST-DOC #42 1/3/2017

R/tech/UST PC Insp


Electronic plan submittal requirements updated  
Electronic plan submittal requirements updated