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Motivated by Justice, Inspired by Service

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The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

THE PROMULGATOR The Promulgator is published six times a year by the Lafayette Bar Association. The Editorial Committee welcomes news contributions, substantive articles and/or comments for this publication.

Published by Lafayette Bar Association 2607 Johnston Street Lafayette LA 70503 P.O. Box 2194 Lafayette, LA 70502-2194 tel: (337) 237-4700 fax: (337) 237-0970 The mission of the Lafayette Bar Association is to serve the profession, its members and the community by promoting justice, professional excellence, respect for the rule of law and fellowship among attorneys and the Court.

OFFICERS REBEKAH HUGGINS President CHARLES ZIEGLER President-Elect ANDRE DOGUET Secretary/Treasurer MILES MATT Immediate Past President

DIRECTORS Evelyn Adams

Dean Doherty

Aaron Jay Allen

Greg Koury

Elena Arcos Pecoraro

Gary Kraus

Tiffany Babineaux

Tony Morrow

Marianna Broussard

Tricia Pierre

Larry Curtis

Dona Renegar

Shannon Dartez

Jeffrey Riggs

Blake David

Maggie Simar

EDITORIAL COMMITTEE Maggie Simar, Editor Adam Abdalla

Burton Guidry Rebekah Huggins

Nicole Breaux

Barbara Olinde

Shawn Carter

Laura Putnam

Cade Evans

Cynthia Simon

STAFF SUSAN HOLLIDAY Executive Director RUTHIE TOCE Marketing Director TAMMY DEROUEN LVL Program Director PENNY ROGERS Executive Assistant The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Committee of the Lafayette Bar Association. The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

President’s Message “Measure not the work until the day’s out and the labor done.” -Elizabeth Barrett Browning

membership meeting of the year.

My term as President shortly comes to an end. It has been a fabulous experience. Thank you to all who have expressed words of encouragement throughout the year. I particularly wish to thank Susan Holliday and the LBA staff, without whom our Bar would not be such a success.

We initiated “Beyond the Bench,” a new series of CLE meetings featuring local federal and state judges in an intimate lunch setting. This series Rebekah Huggins has been a notable LBA President success which we The Glenn Armentor Law will continue into the future. I am also Corporation personally pleased to report that our Bar provided its first ever CLE on women’s issues: the Running in Heels seminar. It was well attended and the feedback was nothing but positive. We plan to provide its sequel next year.

This year has been packed with activity. Most notably, our mediation center is on the map! Our promotional efforts and simple word of mouth has allowed it to become the most widely recognized legal conference center in Acadiana! We encourage you to schedule mediations, depositions and meetings there to see it yourself. In addition, we have made a distinct effort to partner with various other organizations. I am particularly happy that we rekindled our relationship with the Lafayette Parish Medical Society. This year, our two organizations provided a joint seminar to the public regarding end of life issues. In November, we are also partnering with the Lafayette Commission on the Needs of Women to provide a family law seminar to members of the community. Finally, we have partnered with the Louisiana Bar Association and the Louis Martinet to provide a social and CLE seminar to members of our organizations. Member services have always been of utmost importance. Our New Orleans Bench Bar Conference was the most well attended Bench Bar event in our history. James Carville brought a lively discussion to the table. A general membership meeting earlier in the year featured Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell. In October, Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel will speak at our final general

As always, the Bowling Tournament and the Clay Shoot brought out competitive member spirit. The Lafayette Young Lawyers Association provided various events throughout the year such as the High School Mock Trial Tournament and our Bar Foundation continued its good work placing pro bono cases with volunteer lawyers. These and other programs and events would not be possible without the enthusiastic support of our members. It is no wonder that our Bar is consistently recognized for its excellence. Thank you for making this an enjoyable year.

Table of Contents Executive Director’s Message…………………………………………………….......3 Recent Developments.................................................................................4-5 Bench Bar 2009 Conference……………….................................................7-10 Lafayette Young Lawyers Association......................................................12-13 Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers........................................................................15 CLE By the Hour Schedule...........................................................................16 Recent Events…….......................................................................................17 Grapevine &Classifieds..........................................................................18-19 Upcoming Events……………………………………………………………………..19 Page 2

Executive Director’s Message In keeping with the celebration that October is National Pro Bono Awareness Month, I wanted to share with you a personal story. Over Labor Day I went fishing with my parrain and was fortunate to be able to meet his new “camp” neighbors. They are two families both from Chalmette whose homes flooded with about 10 feet of water during hurricane Katrina. One of the families is a single mom who to my amazement stayed for the hurricane and had to be rescued from her rooftop two days after the storm had passed. This woman evacuated to Lafayette and stayed with her college age daughter who was enrolled ay UL at the time and her younger daughter was quickly enrolled in Comeaux High School. When she found out that I was in Lafayette, she was quick to tell me what a great city I lived in and how she thinks residents from Lafayette are the most generous people in the State. She cited numerous instances of our Cajun generosity, but the most telling story was one day while in line at the post office on Bertrand Drive, an elderly gentleman asked where she was from, obviously the strong Chalmette accent had given her away. She retold how she

and this older gentleman made small talk about the hurricane, her home and her current situation. Not thinking much of it, and finishing her business at the post office, she went to leave and discovered the older gentleman was waiting for her and handed her $500. She was of course taken aback and tried to return the money but the man was insistent saying, “You need this way more than me, and I want to help.” As a Lafayette transplant myself, I was not only touched by this story but was filled with an enormous sense of pride in the city I now call home. It was also moving to see the woman eyes fill with tears when retelling how much this one person’s generosity had meant to her and how much she wished she would have gotten his name so she could send him a thank you note to tell him how she had single handily removed all the mud and debris from her house, completely renovated and was the second person to move back onto her street after the storm. I too wonder who was this kind person willing to give to someone out of the pure kindness of their heart and if I possibly

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know him. What a wonderful gesture! Working for the Lafayette Bar Association I was not surprised by this story because I encounter guardian angels like this man all Susan Holliday the time. I have Executive Director said it more than once, but I will say it again – Lafayette Attorneys are the most generous attorneys in the State of Louisiana. Our member’s generosity shows in our beautiful new building and of course in our successful Pro Bono Project, Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers. I hope each of you will continue to reach out and give of yourself by taking a pro bono case this month in honor of National Pro Bono Awareness Month. Volunteers are always in demand and the need is great. Consider reaching out this month to make a difference in someone’s life, you never know who you may touch or in what way.

The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

Recent Developments

Recent Developments in Family Law By Maggie Simar There were several “hot button” issues taken up by the legislature relating to family law in the 2009 Session. The most important one, however, was HB 363 (relating to Community Property reimbursement issues), which did several things, some of which are outlined below.

1. It resolved a circuit split on post-termination, pre-partition use of separate property to satisfy community obligations. The Third Circuit, in Bordelon v. Bordelon, 942 So.2d 708 (La.App. 3 Cir. 2006), stated that “the reimbursement scheme contemplated by the Civil Code pertains solely to debts paid DURING the marriage, and NOT those paid AFTER divorce”. In addition, the Third Circuit held that a spouse using separate funds to satisfy a community debt after termination but before partition was NOT entitled to reimbursement of any portion of the funds expended. This approach was polar-opposite to the other four appellate courts. In response, this bill makes it clear that reimbursement IS available. Typically, courts see this issue when wages are used to pay the debt on a community home, pending partition. This bill allows the party who uses his separate property (wages) to collect reimbursement for payments on a community debt.

2. It resolved a circuit split on limitation of reimbursement based on exclusive use of a depreciating asset. The First Circuit, contrary to the other four circuits, has consistently refused to limit reimbursement based on the type of property involved. The other four circuits hold that a spouse who makes post-termination, pre-partition payments of separate property (generally wages) to satisfy a community debt on a rapidly depreciating asset which they have exclusive use of, that spouse should be denied reimbursement for those expenditures. The bill codifies the majority jurisprudential rule which limits the reimbursement rights if the claimant has the exclusive use of the item relating to the subject of the reimbursement. Typically, this issue is raised when a party who is seeking reimbursement for payments made on a rapidly depreciating item, such as a vehicle, which they have use of during the pendency of the partition, but after termination of the Community Property.

Two other relevant legislative changes are outlined as follows, and pertain to the timeline in which courts are required to hear certain issues relating to TROs and Ex Parte Custody orders. (HB 628) Relating to CCP 3945 actions In an incidental order of temporary custody and injunctive relief during the pendency of an action for divorce, extends the period of expiration of an ex parte order of custody and assignment for hearing from 15 days to 30 days. (HB 629) Relating to TRO’s under the Domestic Violence statutes Provides, relative to domestic abuse cases, that if a temporary restraining order is granted without notice, the matter shall be set within 21 days (changed from 15) for a rule to show cause why the protective order should not be issued, at which time the petitioner must prove the allegations of abuse by a preponderance of the evidence. Provides that any continuance of the rule to show cause shall not exceed 15 days (changed from 10).



Recent Developments

The Med Mal Cap: Is There Hope for Change? 2009 MMA Legislative Update Article Since its inception, the Louisiana Medical Malpractice Act’s $500,000 Cap on damages has been the target of much criticism and many constitutional challenges. The legislature has amended the Act several times in an effort to appease its critics. The Cap received some attention in the Supreme Court’s 2007 Arrington decision, but procedural deficiencies at the trial court level precluded any substantive decision by the Supreme Court. In 2008, Senate Bill 652, originally drafted by Lafayette Republican Senator, Mike Michot, was signed by the Governor and enrolled as Act No. 558. Act No. 558 made some important changes for the PCF, but did not address the Cap. In 2009, with hope of effecting some

change, Amite’s Democratic Party State Representative, John Bel Edwards, authored 2009 House Bill 224, which proposed to exclude economic damages (loss of earnings, loss of capacity, loss of support and services, etc.) from the Cap, raise individual healthcare provider liability from $100,000 to $150,000, and increase the Cap from $500,000 to $750,000. To address inflation, HB 224 would have adjusted the Cap to the Consumer Price Index every year (by no more than 4%). HB 224 was on the House Civil Law Committee agenda for Monday, June 1, 2009. Edwards had hoped to report on the progress of the negotiations among the Louisiana State Medical Society, the LHA, and the Louisiana Association for Justice. Though some progress had been

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made, because the bill was so complicated and had so many moving parts, it did not receive support from all the major players in time for the 2009 legislative session. Therefore, Edwards decided not pursue a hearing on the bill and pulled it from the committee’s agenda. Edwards hopes to reintroduce a reworked compromise bill in 2010. Until further judicial or legislative actions are taken, the constitutionality of the Cap will hang in the balance. In the meantime, the PCF Oversight Board has voted to recommend increased medical malpractice surcharge rates for 2010 in response to pressure from Commissioner of Insurance Jim Donelon.

The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

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Bench Bar Conference 2009

Lafayette Bar Association Holds 10th Annual Bench Bar Conference in the Big Easy The 10th annual Bench Bar Conference was the largest event held to date, with CLE events designed to help attorneys better manage their practices and better serve their clients. Topics featured throughout the day included “Using Google in an Attorney’s Practice,” where Attorney at Law, AJ Levy explained the different ways that attorneys can use Google for research and for saving time. Levy was followed by Dane Ciolino of Loyola University College of Law who presented on the topic, “Rhetoric, Legal Ethics, and Professionalism: Are they compatible?” Rick Schroeder, Blake and Amber David with Attorney at Law, followed Richard and Kathy Broussard Ciolino with a presentation outside of Muriel’s in New Orleans titled, “Image is Everything: Ethical Considerations When Close to 100 attorneys and judges from the Giving or Receiving Campaign Lafayette area gathered at the 10th Annual Contributions.” The Judges of Lafayette Bar Association (LBA) Bench Bar the Third Circuit led a panel Conference in New Orleans, La. to earn discussion in which “The Do’s continuing legal education (CLE) hours and and Don’ts of Practicing to enjoy some networking opportunities in before the Third Circuit” were the Big Easy. discussed. To wrap up the day’s CLE topics, Judge The two-day conference, which was held Saloom gave a presentation September 24-25, 2009, opened with a about the “Differences in Civil dinner sponsored by Dr. David Barczyk at Procedure between City Muriel’s on Jackson Square during which Court and District Court.” James Carville, the Democratic strategist Many judges and attorneys who commandeered Bill Clinton’s attended all of the CLE hours successful campaign gave a lively speech and were able to earn over about American politics. Starting early the half of their required CLE following day, the attorneys in attendance credits for the year. had the opportunity to eat breakfast with the judges in attendance and discuss the “Our annual conference is a law and the profession in a unique and great time and a place for informal setting. The breakfast was Lafayette attorneys and followed by CLE events that lasted judges to interact,” said LBA throughout the day and included President Rebekah Huggins. presenters AJ Levy, Dane Ciolino, Rick “Attending LBA’s conference Schroeder, Judges of the Third Circuit, and is an excellent way for our the Hon. Doug Saloom. Afterwards, the members to earn CLE hours, LBA members and their guests enjoyed one network with other last networking event at the closing party professionals, and establish a sponsored by the Louisiana State Bar name for themselves within Association held at Galatoire’s in the French the legal community.” Quarter. Page 7

Attorneys and sponsors networked in between the CLE events throughout the conference.

Miles and Glenda Matt with James Carville at Muriel’s

LBA Members at the Judicial Roundtable Breakfast The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

An Interview with James Carville by Maggie Simar It started like a scene from a Southern themed movie. In walks a lanky, Southern Democrat. He has a seat at a table full of lawyers and starts to spin tall tales of the “good ole days”. He goes on and on about Washington antics and how you can “get things done” in the place that never changes. Such was my experience at the Bench Bar conference on September 24, 2009. James Carville, the uber-friendly Democratic strategist who commandeered Bill Clinton’s successful campaign, spoke to the Lafayette Bar Association during the opening dinner at Muriel’s on Jackson Square. While he sat down at the table I was sharing with Nicole Breaux, Matt Fontenot, my husband, Todd, and Mr. Carville’s old law school buddy, Jack Miller, I was impressed with his excited declarations that he could recite all 64 Parishes! Then to my surprise, while I was asking him the impromptu questions I had prepared two minutes earlier, he proceeded to list 63 of the 64 parishes, correctly. The only one he forgot, unbeknownst to me, was the one that his mother was raised in, Avoyelles Parish. In fact, he was so fond of Avoyelles Parish that he joked that he was the only person whose mother was from Avoyelles and father was from Iberville (his home parish), who “didn’t get indicted.” After Mr. Carville laughed at the fact he could not remember his mother’s home parish, I proceeded to ask him several questions, including his reason for returning to New Orleans. I remembered that when I heard him speak at the LSBA Summer School this summer, he said that he and his wife returned to New Orleans recently. I asked him his reason, and he said that he

James Carville with Jack Miller, Nicole Fontenot, and Maggie Simar

and his wife missed the city terribly, and he “wanted to come home”. During the formal speech to the LBA membership, he elaborated on this theme, and said that “New Orleans was the only city with a culture”, complete with “our own food, funerals and music”. I then asked him what he thought the most important current legal issue facing Louisiana, to which the former Marine corporal replied that “we have to find a way to compensate people who are losing land from coastal erosion.” He indicated during his speech that “Lafayette will be the new

James Carville with Jeff and Rebekah Huggins and Stephanie and Donnie O’Pry

Houma” and pondered whether lawyers could come up with clever ways to recover, and if so, under what sort of action? In the middle of a mildly serious portion of his speech, he made several clever jokes, which came through with the enthusiasm of a high school cheerleader. One of the best was: “Dennis Miller made fun of me all the time on Saturday Night Live. He said ‘Carville is the only snake oil salesman that actually looks like a snake’”. The room erupted in laughter, but quickly became refocused when the speech again became more serious, talking about Afghanistan and economic issues after Katrina. I also asked him what he missed most about his day to day involvement in the political scene, to which he replied that he missed the “camaraderie and adrenaline” from day to day activities. He then moved on to the trials of practicing law, declaring that law was “hard work” and if he had to hire a lawyer, he certainly “wouldn’t hire James Carville”. He went on to say that he felt like Washington was the least flexible place in the nation. “There is only one way to conduct business in DC and that is to do business as usual”. He further elaborated “not to say people can’t be effective within the frame work of the process,” but that in general DC “never, ever changes.” Finally, he wrapped up his speech with a heated discussion with the audience, before wrapping up with a couple of other jokes. All in all, the speech was very, very entertaining and from talking to other participants at the conference, a welcome addition to the Bench Bar conference!

The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

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Bench Bar Conference 2009

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The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

Bench Bar Conference 2009

Blake David, Judge Jimmie Peters, 3rd Circuit and Richard Broussard

LBA Immediate Past President Miles Matt and Glenda Matt with James Carville

Judges James Doherty and Ellis Daigle of the 27th JDC with their lovely wives

Rickey Andreas of UBS and Miles Matt, LBA Immediate Past President at Muriel’s

Jean Hill and Sachida Raman at Muriel’s balcony overlooking French Quarter

LBA members and guests enjoy their time at Muriel’s for the 2009 Bench Bar.

Flo and Chuck Ziegler, LBA President Elect

LBA members at the Judicial Roundtable Discussion

The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

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The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

Lafayette Young Lawyers Association

2009 LYLA Social and Installation of Officers The Lafayette Bar Association is proud to announce Cynthia K. Simon, Assistant to 15th JDC District Attorney, Mike Harson was installed as president of the Lafayette Young Lawyers Association (LYLA). Simon, along with immediate past president, Greg Koury of Laborde & Neuner; president-elect, Steven Ramos of Onebane Law Firm; and secretary/ treasurer, Danielle Cromwell, General Counsel for Acadiana Computer Systems were installed as officers for 2009-2010. The event was combined with LYLA’s annual new attorney’s social in which new attorneys are welcomed to the profession as they await the results of the bar examination which come out in October. While Jeremy Benoit kept the party in full swing with his saxophone and disc jockey skills, the new attorneys took advantage of an opportunity to network and socialize with established judges and attorneys from the Lafayette area, thanks to sponsorship from IBERIABANK, Northwestern Mutual, and Mike Harson, D.A. 15th JDC.

Sponsored by:

Mike Harson, D.A.

The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

The 2009-2010 LYLA Board includes: Franchesca L. Hamilton-Acker, Acadiana Legal Service Corporation Paul Gardner, Allen & Gooch Keith Saltzman ,Anderson & Dozier Jean Paul Coussan, Andrus-Boudreaux Suzanne deMahy, Attorney at Law Adam Abdalla, Becker & Associates Peter Brian Derouen, Broussard & Kay Rachal Welch, Daigle Rayburn Lindsay DeBlois, Davidson, Meaux, Sonnier & McElligott Rachel Godley, Davidson, Meaux, Sonnier & McElligott Jessica L. Haggerty, Gachassin Law Firm Jennifer Barber, Janice H Barber Law Corp Donovan J. O'Pry II, Jeansonne & Remondet Trey Hightower, Judice & Adley Brandon Letulier, Laborde & Neuner William Montz, Jr., Laborde & Neuner Jeremy Morrow, Laborde & Neuner Danny Poolson, Laborde & Neuner Andrea Savorgnan, Law Offices of Kenneth W. Jones, Jr. Holli Yandle LeBas Law Offices Michael L. Barras, Michael Barras Steven Ramos, Onebane Law Firm Valerie Guidry, Ottinger Hebert J. Michael Fussell, Jr., Preis & Roy J. Collin Sims, United States Attorney’s Office

Page 12

Lafayette Young Lawyers Association

Pictured above: Bar Association Past Presidents, Thomas Hightower and Miles Matt; Lafayette Bar Association Board Member, Blake David and his wife, Amber; LYLA members, Lindsay DeBlois and Jessie Haggerty and Jenny Barber; Jennifer Hart, Attorney at Law, Honorable Durwood Conque, 15th JDC, Lindsay DeBlois of Davidson, Meaux, Sonnier & McElligott, and Jenny Barber of Janice H. Barber Law Corp.; LYLA members Sara Rodrigue, Law Clerk to the Honorable Marilyn C. Castle and Rebecca Bayless, Law Clerk to the Honorable Phyllis M. Keaty

LYLA President’s Message at The Wetlands. I want to thank the Fundraising Committee and the Bar Staff for all you their hard work in putting the tournament together! Thank you also to all the sponsors and teams who will have participated, as well as all of the volunteers!

Cynthia Simon 2009-2010 LYLA President I’d like to tell all of you to enjoy the fall weather, but as I write this, we are experiencing the hottest day we’ve had in a while. You’ve got to love south Louisiana. I am hoping it cools off for the LYLA golf tournament, benefiting the Lafayette Bar Foundation and Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers, Monday, October 12,

encourage you to take on this endeavor, as much for the knowledge you have to impart on these students as for the benefits you receive in return. It is amazing how the students’ thirst for and dedication to this program re-inspires us in our careers. It’s a feeling we should all experience.

I’d also like to welcome all the new lawyers to our area and invite all young lawyers to become active members of our bar association. I personally invite each of you to attend our meetings, social functions, and any of the other projects we participate in and sponsor throughout the year. If you have any questions about LYLA or want more information, please do not hesitate to contact me or the Lafayette Bar Association staff. Thanks to everyone who attended the LYLA Installation Ceremony and New Attorney Soiree at LaFonda! I look forward to seeing all of you at the next LBA function. In the next month or so, we will be asking for help from you all with coaching our area high school teams for Mock Trial. I

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The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

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LVL Spotlight LVL Spotlight on: Laura Davenport, Attorney at Law Making Volunteering a Rewarding Experience Why do you decide to volunteer your time to accept pro bono cases? I realize that not everyone has had the opportunities I have had to receive a legal education and have made a commitment to insure that my interests will always include the interests of others. With LVL, I try to make the intimidating legal world more accessible and to offer help to those for whom the legal system would otherwise be cost prohibitive. There is a need for pro bono legal assistance for those who are in a crisis situation and I am happy to assist whenever I can. On average, how many hours do you spend working on a pro bono case? It depends. For protective orders, I spend only a couple of hours speaking to the petitioner on the phone and formulating questions for hearing. The hearing itself does not last very long, perhaps only 30

minutes to an hour. In representing a client in a custody case, I treat it as a normal case and spend up to 5 or 6 hours consulting with the client, drafting pleadings, and attending the hearing officer conference. I have the option of handling only the issues presented or resolving other issues which may prove beneficial to the client.

assist clients who are genuinely in need of services and who are appreciative of the impact we have on their lives. Why would you accept more cases next year?

For the joy of meeting new people, helping others, and knowing, at the end of the day, I How does it make you feel to know you have had the opportunity to “give back� to helped an underprivileged member of others. the community with a legal issue? This is a reciprocal relationship, the clients Great! Prior to becoming a lawyer, I was a receive free legal services, and as a young teacher and alcohol and drug abuse lawyer, I benefit from client contact, counselor. Helping others make positive courtroom experience, and exposure to a changes in their lives is always fulfilling. wide variety of issues and legal challenges. I receive much more than I give. Why is it important for attorneys to volunteer to accept pro bono cases? What advice would you give to someone considering volunteering his It is important for lawyers to realize they are or her time for a pro bono case? not only members of the legal community, but members of a much larger community to When the opportunity to help others which they have an obligation to serve. In presents itself, accept it. The people at LVL addition to fulfilling the ethical obligations as are GREAT and fun to work with. a member of the bar, volunteering for pro bono cases offers a rewarding opportunity to

Chris Rainey & Associates A Professional Corporation

Lowry’s ad

Business Valuation, Investigative Accounting and Litigation Support Services Chris Rainey, CPA, CFE, CVA 208 Magnate Drive Lafayette, LA 70508

(ph) 337.232.0422 (fax) 337.232.2016

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The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

CLE By the Hour 2009 Running out of Time to fulfill your CLE requirements for the year? Try LBA’s CLE By the Hour 2009 Program.

Each class has been approved by the Louisiana State Bar Association for one hour of Continuing Legal Education credit. To qualify for pre-registration fees, your registration must be postmarked by or faxed to the Lafayette Parish Bar Association no later than one day prior to the date of the session. Anyone, including walk-ins, who registers after the pre-registration deadline is required to pay walk-in fees. Walk-ins are welcome, but are not guaranteed seminar materials. All sessions will be held at the Lafayette Bar Association The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

Page 16

Headquarters located at 2607 Johnston St. in Lafayette, Louisiana. FREE parking is available. Registration fees may be paid with cash or check. Credit cards are NOT accepted. No refunds will be given after the pre-registration deadline date, but reservations are transferable. NO EXCEPTIONS

Pre-Registration Fees LBA Member $30 Per Hour Non-Member $45 Per Hour Walk-in Registration Fees LBA Member $40 Per Hour Non-Member $55 Per Hour

Recent Events

Nanette V. Jolivette, Judge David Blanchet, and Judy Fuller attended LSBA’s Mini Diversity Conclave hosted at the Lafayette Bar Association on October 14, 2009.

LBA officers Chuck Ziegler, Miles Matt, Rebekah Huggins and Frank Neuner with Attorney General Buddy Caldwell for the LBA general membership meeting which was held at the Petroleum Club on August, 20, 2009.

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The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

Outside the Practice

The Grapevine The law firm of Davidson Meaux is pleased to announce the addition of two new associates: Dwazendra Smith & Jacob Hargett. Durio, McGoffin, Stagg & Ackermann is pleased to announce that Alana Odom joined the firm as an associate. Her practice will focus on Intellectual Property and Medical Malpractice Defense. She graduated from LSU in May of 2009 and is a registered patent agent. Congratulations to Lauren Ledet, with L. Clayton Burgess, APLC and Paul Gardner, with Allen & Gooch who are getting married October 23, 2009. Louis A. Martinet Legal Society, Inc., Greater Lafayette Chapter cordially invites you to attend their third Annual Gala which is scheduled at A La Carte for November 21, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. Kim M. Boyle, President of the Louisiana State Bar Association is the honored guest speaker. The event is semi-formal and our featured entertainment is August Heat. Individual tickets are $50.00 and couple tickets are $80.00. Sponsorship opportunities are available until November 2, 2009. Please contact Tricia R. Pierre at 337-261-9094 for additional information. Congratulations to J.P. D'Albor who recently joined the firm of Haik Minvielle and Grubbs. The law firm of Galloway & Jefcoat is pleased to announce two new additions to the firm: Catherine A.F. Adair and Holly Lamarche. Holly's emphasis will be on the Latin community working in family law, personal injury, and immigration. She is fluent in Spanish and did immigration work in the Dominican Republic for two years. Gachassin Law Firm’s Julie Savoy, RN, JD, recently served as a speaker at the Louisiana Osteopathic Medical Association’s 2009 Annual Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana, on August 6-9. Ms. Savoy, along with other health care and risk management professionals, provided education to the convention attendees on issues consistent The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

with the theme of this year's meeting, “Focus on Primary Care”. During the convention, she addressed the topic of “Medical Jurisprudence: Risk Management of Mid-Level Providers.”

both professions, and to promote good relations between the medical and legal professions, and to mediate disputes between the professions.

Congratulations to Sharon Jones, Acadiana Legal Service Corporation’s new Director of Administration as she was selected as one of the ten women to receive Lafayette's Women of Excellence Awards. She was selected for her contributions of time, talent and tenacity to Acadiana.

Charlie Brandt recently enjoyed some time off

Congratulations to Ariel Campos, Sr. as he has been chosen by the Lafayette Bar Association as a member of their Board of Directors, representing Acadiana Legal Service Corporation. The firm of Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith welcomes Elizabeth P. ("Beth") Trotter to their Lafayette office. Beth is a contract attorney who will be working on special projects for the firm. Congratulations to Karen Daniel Ancelet as she has joined Onebane Law Firm in its Oil and Gas Section. Owen Goudelocke has been reappointed to his position as Office Chief of the Lafayette and Lake Charles regional litigation offices of the State of Louisiana, Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General. Laura Putnam is the newly-appointed Assistant Office Chief. There are twelve Assistant Attorneys General in the two offices, and they principally handle civil litigation against the State, its agencies, departments, and employees in southwest Louisiana. Charles J. Boudreaux, Jr. of Preis & Roy, was recently reappointed to the LOUISIANA STATE BAR ASSOCIATION MEDICAL/LEGAL INTERPROFESSIONAL COMMITTEE. The Committee is a joint committee of the Louisiana State Bar Association and the Louisiana State Medical Society. During his tenure Mr. Boudreaux assisted in writing the interprofessional code for physicians and attorneys for the state of Louisiana. The committee was organized and functions to educate members of the legal and medical professions on issues relevant to Page 18

hunting in Texas July 14 2009 and fishing in Costa Rica in Sept 2009. James L. Daniels opened his new office, James L. Daniels Attorney at Law, L.L.C., on Jan. 1, 2009 after 26 years with Ringuet, Daniels and Collier. We are grateful for the service to our country by attorneys Roan Evans and Steven Ramos as they are both being deployed to Iraq in January 2010. Congratulations to Roan Evans and his wife for the birth of their child, Neely Rose Evans on July, 22, 2009. The law office of Perrin, Landry, deLaunay, Dartez & Ouellet has relocated to 251 La Rue France. The law firm engages in the general practice of civil law, including real estate, probate, domestic, labor, maritime, wrongful death, employment, environmental, personal injury and corporate litigation. The building also houses the offices of Perrin Architecture and the Acadian Museum’s corporate office. Congratulations to Beau Leblanc who is a new associate with Voorhies & Labbe. Congratulations to Trey Hightower, III who is now an associate with Judice & Adley. Preis & Roy is pleased to announce that Matthew S. Green has joined the Lafayette office as an Associate.


Upcoming Events November 12: LBA Board of Directors Installation Banquet honoring incoming president Chuck Ziegler, Attorney at Law Petroleum Club, 6-9 pm November 21: Louis A. Martinet Legal Society Gala Louis A. Martinet Legal Society, Inc., Greater Lafayette Chapter cordially invites you to attend their third Annual Gala at A La Carte; November 21, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. Kim M. Boyle, President of the Louisiana State Bar Association is the honored guest speaker. The event is semi-formal and the featured entertainment is August Heat. Individual tickets are $50.00 and couple tickets are $80.00. Please contact Tricia R. Pierre at 337-261-9094 for additional information. November 24, December 1, 3, 9, 15, 17, 22 & 30: CLE By the Hour LBA Headquarters, see pg. 16 for details.

December 4: Birdie with the Bar Rescheduled! LYLA Golf Tournament benefiting the Lafayette Parish Bar Foundation hosted at the Wetlands golf course. Tournament will begin at 1 pm with a shotgun start.

December 4: Family Law Section Christmas Party LYLA Golf Tournament benefiting the Lafayette Parish Bar Foundation hosted at the Wetlands golf course. Tournament will begin at 1 pm with a shotgun start.

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The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

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The Promulgator October 2009 Volume 29, Issue 5

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October 2009 Promulgator  
October 2009 Promulgator  

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