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The Promulgator June 2012 | Volume 32 | Issue 3

Annual LVL Bowling Tournament BIRDIE WITH THE BAR 2012



President’s School's Academy of Legal Studies, and (3) LYLA's Third Annual Birdie with the Bar Golf Tournament, held this year, at the Le Triomphe golf course. [These LYLA events are described in more further in the LYLA Section of this edition of the Promulgator.]

2011-2012 LBA President Larry Curtis, Attorney at Law





Douget, wrote, in this very column, that the Lafayette Parish Bar Foundation, the owner’s of the bar building, had announced its intention to dedicate itself to the dual goals of (1) working to secure additional building p ledges in order to accelerate the pay down on the building loan balance and (2) to secure long term building financing. [For those unfamiliar with the nature and purpose of the Lafayette Parish Bar Foundation, its current President, Rebecca Huggins, has written, an informative article which appears later in this edition of Promulgator that concisely discusses our nonprofit entity known as the Lafayette Parish Bar Foundation.] This goal was realized earlier this year, when Miles Matt, then President of the Lafayette Parish Bar Foundation, obtained a commitment from Home Bank to provide this permanent financing. We should all take the opportunity to thank and congratulate Miles Matt on a job well done because, as the saying goes, he, more than anyone else, "made it happened." We should also take the opportunity to thank the folks at Home Bank, especially its CEO, John Bordelon, and its CLO and Executive Vice President, Darren Guidry, whose unwavering belief in the work of our Foundation and Association helped us reach this significant milestone in 40th anniversary of our professional association . We should be proud of this accomplishment and know that we are moving forward in an exponential manner, propelled by the talent and dedication of all of our members.

In June, your Association attended the LSBA's Annual Meeting in Destin, Florida. Our Association is fortunate to have six (6) of our members elected to serve important LSBA leadership positions in 2012 2013; namely, Jimmy Davidson, LSBA Immediate Past President; Buzz Durio, LSBA Treasurer; Jeff Riggs, House of Delegates Liaison Committee; Dona Renegar, Board of Governors Third District; Francesca Hamilton Acker, Board of Governors At Large Member and Sarah Rodrigue, YLD Council District 3. Two of our members received LSBA Awards, Jeff Coreil, the Young Lawyers Pro Bono Award and Lindsey Meador, the Hon. Michelle Pitard Wynne Professionalism Award. Congratulations to all. Finally, as many of you are aware, in the coming weeks, your Association will make available, at no cost, a series of presentations, to the general public, intended to be informational, as well as to allow participant's to ask specific questions about matters involving Family Law, Wills, Successions, among others. We are also presently working with the Family Court Judges, of the 15th Judicial District Court to develop a program, to be presented by the Association, to and for pro se litigants concerning, in particular, the type of information needed, and the materials required, for the Hearing Officer's Conference. The intent of these programs is to expand our Association's efforts already in place to facilitate access to justice for all members of our community. I am certain if our Association can harness the tremendous available legal talent, it will be a win win situation, for our community and for our profession. And, in the end, our Association will lead in this effort because, it is the right thing to do.

As always, although burdened by ever increasing demands, our Executive Director, Susan Holliday, with the help of Tammy, Penny, and Claire, have nicely managed to keep our Association focused and on track. Whether required to plan and present, our signature CLE programs like, Running in Heels, or organizing our annual bowling tournament, our staff is second to none. Frankly, I don't know how they do it take that back– actually I do‐they are extremely competent they know exactly what to do, and when to do it and when the event or program is finished you can be certain of one thing–we–all of us‐‐ were well served. This year, the Lafayette Young Lawyers Association, led by, Steven Ramos, has been active, committed and engaged, with several innovative programs yet to come before the end of Steve's term as LYLA President. To be sure, Steve and the LYLA Board executed, with precision, three recent LYLA events: (1) the LVLA Spring Social held at the Corner Bar, (2 the Law Week Program which, for the first time, saw LYLA members, take a field trip to the State Capital, with students from Northside High The Promulgator April 2012

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Table of Contents President’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 Executive Directors Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 LYLA President’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 LSBA Annual Meeting . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Foundation President’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Bowling Tournament . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Birdie with the Bar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Pro Bono Publico Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Tribute to Nathan Stansbury . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Grapevine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Classified . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18

Volume 32 Issue 2


Volume 32 Issue 2

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The Promulgator April 2012



Darren Guidry anytime soon please take a moment to thank them personally on behalf of the LBA. To Miles Matt, for still taking my calls and for recently coming to my rescue to perform light carpenter duties for the good of the membership. For Holli Yandle’s over the top effort to ensure that students at Northside High School Article continued on page 18

The Promulgator The Promulgator is published six times a year by the Lafayette Bar Association. The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Committee of the Lafayette Bar Association.

LBA Executive Director Susan Holliday

My column for this issue of the Promulgator pays tribute to some very special member volunteers. As a membership organization, our volunteers are the back‐bone of the LBA. We are fortunate to have many unsung heroes who are willing to share their time, talents, and energy to help make a project, event, or my day run better and smoother, and to help lighten the workload within our organization. My first ‘shout out” goes to Keith Saltzman and his golf committee: Trey Hightower III, Will Montz and Jeremy Morrow. These young lawyers planned and executed our biggest and best golf tournament to date. They helped to make me and my staff look good and even had the staff at LeTriomphe praising the organization and details of the event. Not to mention that the event raised thousands of dollars to help support LVL. These guys “rock”! The future of the bar looks good with these gentlemen as future bar leaders. Next, I need to thank Jill Wade, Dona Renegar and Lindsay Meador for spearheading the recent Running in Heels CLE. Trust me when I say these girls were running! The CLE portion was outstanding, the door prizes plentiful and the camaraderie will be remembered. This annual event has become a cornerstone CLE for our organization and addresses specific issues for fe‐male members of the bar. Way to go Jill, Dona and Lindsay you have made an important and worthwhile contribution to your fellow female colleagues. As always there will be certain members or companies who really do something extra special and while they do not ask for any recognition I believe in giving credit where credit is due, so her it goes…. To Homebank for bending over backwards to work with the Foundation’s board of directors to secure long term financing on our beloved bar building. If you see John Bordelon or The Promulgator April 2012

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Published by: Lafayette Bar Association 2607 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA 70503 P.O. Box 2194, Lafayette, LA 70502‐2194 tel: (337) 237‐4700 fax: (337) 237‐0970 The mission of the Lafayette Bar Association is to serve the profession, its members and the community by promoting justice, professional excellence, respect for the rule of law and fellowship among attorneys and the Court.

Officers Larry Curtis President Blake David President‐Elect

Tricia Pierre Secretary/Treasurer André Doguet Immediate Past President

Board of Directors Julia Autin Nicole Breaux Candace Breaux J. Bradley Duhe Cade Evans Shytishia A. Moore Flugence Paul D. Gibson

Kyle L. Gideon Joseph C. Giglio, Jr. Steven Ramos Cynthia K. Simon Melissa L. Theriot G. Edward Williams, Jr. Cassie Willis

Committee & Section Chairs Acadiana Legal Services Corporation, Candace Breaux Bench Bar, Kyle Gideon Family Law Section, Julia Autin Lafayette Young Lawyers, Steven Ramos

Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers, Cassie Willis Louis A. Martinet Society, Sam Flugence Maritime CLE, Chuck Mouton & Doug Truxillo Promulgator, Elena Pecoraro

LBA Staff Susan Holliday Executive Director

Penny Rogers Executive Assistant

Claire Oliver Marketing Director

Tammy Derouen LVL Program Director

Andie Richard

Katie Duffy Marketing Assistant

Volume 32 Issue 2


Volume 32 Issue 2

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The Promulgator April 2012


The Promulgator April 2012

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Volume 32 Issue 2

Lafayette Young Lawyers Credit goes to Holli Yandle, Barbara Olinde, and Tamara Rahim for organizing the field trip.

2011-2012 LYLA President Steven Ramos, Onebane

LYLA has been in full swing the last few months putting on several key programs. In late March, our Social Committee held our spring social at Corner Bar. The event was well‐attended and provided a great atmosphere for those who came. Thanks again to Jeff Coreil, Jerome Moroux, and Donnie O'Pry for putting on another successful party. In April, LYLA ventured out for this year's Law Week event. In fact, this year's committee went all the way to Baton Rouge to bring some deserving high school students to the State Capital. Several of Northside High School's law program students attended LYLA's first student field trip and got to see the legislative process first‐hand, including meeting with some of Acadiana's legislative delegation. The students had a wonderful time with this unique experience.

Following close on the heels of Law Week, the Bar's 3rd Annual Birdie with the Bar golf tournament took place in late May. In a bit of a departure from previous years, LYLA moved this year's event to Le Triomphe golf course. The change of scenery was a hit with golfers and sponsors alike. Most importantly, the tournament continues to grow. Not surprisingly, LYLA's successes on the course are a direct result of the hard work put in by committee members Trey Hightower, Keith Saltzman, Jeremy Morrow, and Will Montz, as well as the LBA staff. I tip my hat to all involved for another wonderful tournament. Summer is here and with that my time as President of this fine organization will soon come to an end. But before I bow out, LYLA has a couple more events in store. Later this month, on June 23rd, we will host our first "Advice, Attorney, Answers" program in several years. The event provides a series of short seminars open to the general public and featuring topics of general interest. Already, over 50 people have signed up and that number will only grow as the program approaches. LYLA is always excited to engage with the citizens of Lafayette. In addition, LYLA will host our annual summer social in July. Details are not yet set, but I expect the Social Committee will again do a great job and provide a fun event for our members to wind down.

Law Week 2012 This year’s law week included a trip to the capital in order for the students from the Academy of Legal Studies at Northside High School to get a closer look at the legislative process. On Wednesday, April 25, 2012, over thirty students along with their law class teacher Ms. Tullier, participated in the legislative process. The goal of law week is to expose students to the legal process. We would like to thank you to the Young Lawyers Section Law Week Committee Holli Yandle, Barbara Olinde and Tamara Rahim for setting up the field trip and the Duhe Inn of Court for providing the students with lunch and Representative Pierre for welcoming the students to the Capital. Volume 32 Issue 2

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The Promulgator April 2012

Louisiana State Bar Association Annual Meeting

June 6-8, 2012, Destin Members of the Lafayette Bar were well represented during the LSBA Annual Meeting in Destin.

The Promulgator April 2012

James J. Davidson, III was installed as Immediate Past President of the LSBA.

Steven “Buzz” Durio was elected as Treasurer.

Jeff Riggs was elected to the House of Delegates Liaison Committee.

Dona K. Renegar was elected to the Board of Governors Third District.

Franchesca L. Hamilton‐Acker was elected to the Board of Governors At‐Large Member.

Sara Rodrigue was elected to the YLD Council District 3.

Jeff Coreil received the Young Lawyers Pro Bono Award.

Lindsay Meador received the Hon. Michaelle Pitard Wynne Professionalism Award.

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Volume 32 Issue 2

Lafayette Parish Bar Foundation

condition, economic status, religion, sex, age or race of the person in need. The Foundation is a non‐profit 501 ( c)(3) entity. The Foundation is supported by grants, fund‐raising events and donations in furtherance of LPBF programs including the Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers, the Protective Order Panel, the Homeless Experience Legal Problems (H.E.L.P) Program, and Law at the Library.

2011-2012 Foundation President Rebekah Huggins The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation

Board of Directors Richard Becker Marianna Broussard Larry Curtis Blake David Dave Ernest Thomas R. Hightower, Jr.

Miles A Matt Jack McElligott Tricia Pierre John Swift Cassie Willis Charles Ziegler

The mission of the Lafayette Parish Bar Foundation is to advance and improve the administration of justice; foster confidence in the law, lawyers, and the judiciary; encourage altruism among the legal profession and the general public; to support worthy causes of a charitable nature related to the legal profession; and to remove barriers and provide access to the civil justice system regardless of mental or physical

Our Foundation volunteers ensure that the under‐ privileged are secured access to justice‐‐a benefit to society which is self‐evident. But if pure altruism is not enough, do you realize that pro bono work can also benefit your legal practice? By dealing with a broader cross section of the community, you become more aware of the attitudes and values of the community, thus enabling you improve your ability to select a jury, depose a witness, or negotiate a settlement. It will also better enable you to analyze your actions and predict outcomes. Younger lawyers will become more experienced and will mature more rapidly by expanding their knowledge base. Our legal community has supported the Foundation since its inception. Countless volunteers have committed hundreds of hours in furtherance of our mission. Thank you for your commitment and I look forward to working with you in the year ahead.

LBA Member Ben Mayeaux Wraps Up His Year as LADC President in Costa Rica

Every year, the Louisiana Association of Defense Council (LADC) gathers for CLE, networking, and an outing oversees. This particular association of attorneys gathered in Costa Rica this year to cap off Ben Mayeaux’s year as President of the LADC. Mayeaux has been a member of the LADC for over 20 years and served in various director and officer positions.

Volume 32 Issue 2

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The Promulgator April 2012




1st Place Team Randy Olson, Gerald Dartes, Padgette, and Jimmy Roberts Olson & O’Neil– Prime Title Highest Male Score Josh Creasman Onebane

B : N

Also Spupported By: HomeBank, Kaigler Consulting Service, Lowry’s Printing and Williams & Associates Law Firm

2nd Place Team Monika Arceneaux, Tom Dooley, Kenanne Dooley, and Kermit Arceneaux Liskow & Lewis

Wri en and Designed by Ka e Duffy, LBA Marke ng Intern

Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers held its annual bowling tournament, this year with a fun “A Night with the Stars” theme, on Friday, June 1st. Lafayette area judges, legal staff, lawyers, and their families were invited to the event in order to help raise over $5,000 to benefit the community through the Lafayette Parish Bar Foundation programs.

The Promulgator April 2012

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Volume 32 Issue 2

Highest Female Score Monika Arceneaux Liskow & Lewis


Spirit Award Winners- Williams & Associates

Volume 32 Issue 2

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The Promulgator April 2012

The 3rd annual Birdie with the Bar golf tournament organized by the Lafayette Young Lawyers Association was held at Le Triomphe golf course on Monday, May 21, 2012 in order to benefit the Lafayette Parish Bar Foundation. The golf tournament included all the trappings of a memorable and fun four man scramble. Attorneys and judges came out with their clients, friends and family to compete and were greeted at every other tee box along the course by sponsors giving away refreshments and goodies. While the golfers were enjoying a great day on the course, there were also raising money for charities championed by the Lafayette Parish Bar Foundation. Money raised will help cover the costs of filing, administration, and processing of cases associated with the foundation’s three major programs: Homeless Experience Legal Protection (H.E.L.P.), Protective Order Panel for Victims of Domestic Violence, and Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers program Thanks to David Guidry at Pro Legal Copies for providing the burger supplies, Brian Pope and the City Marshalls for cooking the burgers, Adam Angers from Keaty Real Estate for providing us with shade from their tent, Felicia Smith with Write Away Court Reporters for keeping us cool with water and soft drinks, Andrew and Rachel Godley from Parish Brewing Company for the cold, delicious beer and Henry Hebert from Jimmy John’s for providing us with those great gourmet sandwiches. Also, thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help with the tournament.


The Promulgator April 2012

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Volume 32 Issue 2


Thanks to Our Birdie Sponsors



,H M




Thanks to Our Tee Box Sponsors Lori Heaphy & Associates GoDepo Thomas R. Hightower, JR. APLC Accurate Intelligence Terry Woffard: State Farm Tuten Title & Escrow Barry Heinen Perry Dampf Quality Investigative Group First National Bank Gilsbar PRO Jamie A. Roy Certified Stenotype Reporter Envision Imaging

F›½®‘®ƒ Sîã«, Wٮ㛠Aóƒù CÊçÙã R›ÖÊÙã›ÙÝ

Volume 32 Issue 2

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The Promulgator April 2012

LSBA Access to Justice

2012 Pro Bono Awards

Presented at Reception in New Orleans, May 2012

Judy Kennedy Judy Kennedy is a solo practitioner in the area of family law. In 1970 she received a Bachelor of Arts in French and English from the University of Southwestern Louisiana (now ULL). She is a 1997 graduate of the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University and clerk for the Honorable John M. Duhé at the United States Court of

The Promulgator April 2012

Appeals for the Fifth Circuit following her graduation. A long‐time volunteer in Lafayette for non‐profit organizations and a member and officer of many of their boards of directors, Judy has continued her history of volunteer work in the legal arena. She represents victims of domestic abuse through the protective order panel established by the Lafayette Bar Association, volunteers for pro bono cases received through the Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers, and assists in Project HELP. She is also former head of the protective order panel. Additionally, she has presented numerous classes on the subject of child support as part of the PALS (Parents and the Law) program sponsored by the Woman’s Foundation, on whose board and executive committee she sits. Judy also serves on the Louisiana Bar Foundation Grants Committee. She has been a member of or chaired the Domestic Violence and Pro Bono Project sub‐committees since 2008.

Dwazendra J. Smith Dwazendra J. Smith is an associate at Davidson, Meaux, Sonnier, McElligott, Fontenot, Gideon & Edwards, LLP in Lafayette, Louisiana. She practices in the areas of civil litigation, premises liability and family law. She obtained

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Volume 32 Issue 2

her law degree from Southern University Law Center and undergraduate degree from Louisiana State University in Shreveport. Dwazendra provides pro bono services through the Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers program (LVL) and Lafayette Bar Association’s Protective Order Panel. Throughout 2011‐2012, she assisted several clients in obtaining 102 and 103 divorces and protective orders. Dwazendra has always wanted to be an attorney since childhood to help others and make a difference in the world. She volunteers because she feels that regardless of socioeconomic status, everyone should have access to the legal system and access to attorneys who will zealously represent them.

organizations, including Homeless Experience Legal Protection (HELP) Program, Lafayette Young Lawyers Association and Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers (LVL). Since his admission to the bar in 2009, Mr. Coreil has provided over 200 hours of pro bono services through LVL. He has represented numerous clients in family law matters and assisted in obtaining countless protective orders. Mr. Coreil has received the LVL Protective Order Panel Award for 2011, the LVL Outstanding Attorney Award for 2010 and 2011, and the Louisiana State Bar Association Pro Bono Century Award in 2010. He was nominated for this award by Tammy DeRouen for his pro bono work through Laborde and Neuner.

Carolyn Navarre


Carolyn Navarre has been an ardent supporter of Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers throughout her years working at the Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court’s office. She has been an active member of Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers and has served numerous years on the advisory board for the organization. She was instrumental in establishing a pro bono curator panel list in Lafayette to and worked diligently with Acadiana Legal Services to form and appeal process for clients who were being denied their unemployment benefits. Most recently, Navarre dedicated countless hours in helping Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers create pro se forms which are available to the public through the Lafayette Bar Foundation Kiosk. The kiosk allowed over 1145 people to gain access to the justice system in 2011. Navarre, a native of Lafayette, Louisiana recently retired from the Lafayette Parish Clerk of Court after 36 years of exemplary service. Her tenure with the Clerk’s office began as minute clerk where she worked her way to the Civil Supervisor a position she held for close to twenty years. She is married to Eric Navarre and they have one son, Julian.

Jeff Coreil


Dr. Bochm is a native of Mexico Languages fluent: Spanish & English Flexible scheduling Same day appointments Motor Vehicle Accidents Workers compensation Personal Injury

105 Independence Blvd. Suite 2

An associate at Laborde and Neuner, Jeffrey K. Coreil concentrates his practice in the fields of Admiralty & Maritime, Toxic Tort & Environmental Litigation, and Workers’ Compensation. He obtained his law and undergraduate degrees from Louisiana State University. Mr.



Volume 32 Issue 2




Lafayette, LA | 70506 Phone 337-991-0600

community Page 15

The Promulgator April 2012

Remembering Nathan Stansbury – Two Perspectives

By: Thomas E. Guilbeau, Criminal Defense A orney By: Jeff J. Moss, Former Assistant District A orney

I lost a good friend and the community lost a great District Attorney and defender of all the people...both the public and the accused. Nathan was one of a kind in a special good sort of way. He had an innate sense of fairness and he was fearless in the pursuit of justice whether it was in the court room trying cases or in his office plea bargaining a case. I was privileged to try cases against him for the entire 22 years he was D.A. and two of them were among the biggest of our careers, being the Dalton Prejean case and the Joe Breland case. The death penalty case of Dalton Prejean was fraught with constitutional issues of “youth” (the defendant was 17 at the time of the offense) and “mental illness” (the defendant’s IQ was 69). It was a high profile case as it involved the first shooting death of a Louisiana State Trooper while making a routine traffic stop. The case was tried in Monroe LA in 1978 and the appellate process lasted for 13 years ending with Dalton Prejean’s execution in 1990. While Nathan and I remained diametrically opposed on all issues of this case, from start to finish we always remained friends throughout the 13 year process. I attribute that to Nathan’s core humanity in always treating me with the utmost respect and empathy for what we both went through in that the most difficult case of our careers. Assistant District Attorney Keith Stutes recently told me that when he asked Nathan why he personally handled the Dalton Prejean case at trial and on appeal, which included oral argument before the Federal Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal (889 F.2d 1391 (5th Cir.1989)), instead of turning it over to an assistant as was the custom at that time, he said “because I wanted to be sure we did it right.” Later, Nathan and I tried another landmark case when I represented Joe Breland in 1979, a high profile second degree murder case. A verdict of "not guilty by reason of insanity" was secured in that case and I used to rib Nathan that that I had "won” the only case that he ever lost in the courtroom. Nathan being Nathan would

The Promulgator April 2012

shake his head and smile and say "You never "won" that case because the verdict was NOT "Not guilty"...rather the jury found him "not guilty by reason of insanity" and there is a difference. In 1970 Nathan was the first president of L.J.Y.A. (Lafayette Juvenile and Young Adult Program) and I followed him as the second president. Nathan was instrumental in getting then Superintendent of Education Louis Michot to give a state grant to the program that allowed it to open and help many wayward boys in Lafayette in the 70's. Working with Nathan on L.J.Y.A. through the years showed me what a compassionate and caring man he was for those people he later ended up prosecuting. I could go on and on about my friend Nathan Stansbury… the duck hunts at his camp with his "podna" Gene Fontenot and his son Mark, the funny times we had teasing his secretary Joan Slaughter who was his gate keeper and closest friend in the office, the time we both picked attorney Freddie Hays to serve on an armed robbery jury.... I lost that one 11‐1 but Freddie did vote for my man. Yes Nathan was one of a kind. A handsome man that the ladies loved and men wanted to be like. I will miss him for he was a truly unique man and influence for good in my life. Thomas E. Guilbeau, Attorney at Law For a short story that Mr. Guilbeau wrote that features D.A. Stansbury see Mr. Guilbeau’s webpage at under “Writings” (“The Bowling Ball Murder Case”).

A few words to describe my friend and mentor, Nathan Stansbury: Nathan was a man for all seasons: He was a talented attorney who could have made a handsome living as a private trial attorney, but opted to serve Acadiana and Louisiana as an Assistant DA, then as the DA for 22 years, served as the President of the Louisiana District Attorneys Association that helped to craft many of the changes in criminal laws for the State of Louisiana, who supported the Sheriff’s Offices and Deputies in Acadia, Vermilion and Lafayette Parishes and the Police Departments and policemen in every town and municipality in those parishes by assisting them to learn

Page 16

Volume 32 Issue 2

the legal requirements for successfully prosecuting cases. When he first got into office, he pressed so hard on drug dealers that one of them tried to murder him in 1973 by shotgun blast through his car window while he was driving home down Johnston St. late at night. If anything, that motivated him to do more to fight drug trafficking. He was instrumental in forming joint task forces between City and Parish law enforcement to provide a united front in fighting crime. He was tough on crime, but understood the need to approach the prosecution and punishment of criminals in a way that most likely to result in rehabilitation where possible and probable. He was a natural leader and many sought his counsel and blessing as they got into public life, then, again as they served the public; many others wished they had. He was able to deal with the politics of his day and had the respect of those who were politically powerful. He was comfortable dealing with politicians at the police jury level and in the Governor’s Office and in the halls of Congress. Most people seeking statewide office knew who Nathan Stansbury was and made it a point to “make his acquaintance”. Nathan’s approach to most problems and people with problems was guided by the simple principle of “doing the right thing”. He comfortable in

Volume 32 Issue 2

the most humble surroundings (his Pecan Island Duck Camp) and in the midst of the more gentile surroundings, at a black‐tie dinner or hosting the many charitable events he was asked to assist with. But he was never one to promote himself. And, almost as a contradiction, yet confirmation, of the world he worked and thrived in, Nathan was an avid collector of orchids & tropical fish, a diver, a fisherman, a hunter, a skier. His appetite for adventure was rarely satisfied. He was happiest in the marsh or on the Gulf of Mexico. And, if the weather didn’t permit, he could play a mean game of Gin Rummy, poker, or Bridge. Of all of the things that he was and did, the most important for most of us was that he was our friend. We have missed that for these years and now have to tell our friend goodbye. Thanks, Nathan, for all of those years that all of us had together with you as our friend, our mentor, our moral guide. We will see you when we join you in the great new adventure you are now on!

God speed. Jeff Moss

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The Promulgator April 2012

Meet Katie Duffy

Lafayette Bar Association is proud to announce Katie Duffy as their new Marketing Intern. Originally from New Orleans, Katie is a senior at University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a December graduation date with a degree in Marketing. Duffy will help oversee the Association’s social marketing efforts, plan events, and promote the Association’s 900 plus members to the Lafayette Community. Continued from page 4

celebrated Law Week with a bang. Holli single handily arranged for 40 students to go to the State capital for the day, take a tour and meet with members of the Acadiana delegation and further help to expose high school students to the legal profession. There is no doubt that the key to our organization’s success rests in people like the ones mentioned above whose dedication and commitment should inspire us all. THANK YOU! In closing, I am just returning from the LSBA’s annual meeting in San Destin. I was able to meet many new attorneys from all over and I am always proud to say that I represent the best local bar association in the State. Lafayette’s own Jimmy Davidson III concluded his year as President of the LSBA and was presented with an extremely moving video tribute to highlight his year. Also, at the annual meeting, Buzz Durio was installed as LSBA Treasurer, Dona Renegar will serve as our local representative on the LSBA Board of Governors, Franchesca Hamilton –Ackers will be an at large member of the board and Sara Rodrigue will be the area’s Young Lawyer representative on the LSBA Young Lawyer Council. I am also proud to share that Lafayette took home two prestigious Young Lawyer awards, Jeff Coreil with Laborde & Neuner won the Outstanding Pro Bono award and Lindsay Meador with Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith was awarded the Michaelle Pitard Wynne Professionalism award. All in all with the exception of the rainy weather the conference was a success! I hope each one of you is enjoying your Summer and have plans to take a vacation where you can unplug, unwind and relax. For those of you needing additional relaxation you don’t want to miss the 2012 Bench Bar Conference chaired by Kyle Gideon and which focuses on balancing work/ life isues. The dates are September 20th‐22nd in New Orleans and trust me when I say we have a very special conference planned, one you will want to be a part of! Until next time… Susan The Promulgator April 2012

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Volume 32 Issue 2



Congratulations to Preis & Roy and Perry Dampf Dispute Solutions. Both firms were selected by Louisiana State University for inclusion in the "2012 LSU100 Fastest Growing Tiger Businesses.” The LSU100 identifies, recognizes and celebrates the 100 fastest growing LSU‐owned or LSU‐lead businesses in the world.

AV‐rated maritime and insurance defense firm with offices in Texas and Louisiana seeks attorneys for its Lafayette office. Great opportunity for motivated and ambitious self starter who is seeking considerable hands‐on experience, a progression to partnership commensurate with experience, excellent compensation and fringe benefits package. Prior admiralty and trial experience preferred. Mail confidential resume to P.O. Box 2194.

Barbara Olinde has move to the Gachassin Law Firm. Jones Walker is pleased to announce that C. Dean Domingue has joined the firm’s Lafayette office as a special counsel in the Business and Commercial Litigation Practice Group. H.L. “Rye” Tuten, III, has opened Tuten Title & Escrow, LLC, as an extension of Judice & Adley, APLC. Tuten Title handles commercial and residential real estate closings, title insurance, and all actions necessary to complete the closing process. Galloway Johnson Thomson Burr & Smith has moved offices. Their new offices are located at 328 Settlers Trace Blvd, Lafayette LA 70506. Please make a note of this new address.

Busy defense practice seeks full time legal secretary. Must have excellent communication skills and extensive computer knowledge and experience. Salary commensurate with experience. Send resumes to mrj@judice‐ or Office Manager, P.O. Box 51769, Lafayette, LA 70505.

Gibson ‐ Gruenert is pleased to announce their new partner, Ken Jones and new associate Lisa Mayer. Dupuis & Polozola is pleased to announce that we have moved our office to accommodate our growing firm. They can now be reached by mail at 900 South College Rd. Suite 302 Lafayette, LA 70503. L’Kenya T. Jackson announces her new position as Director of Specialized Contracting for Entity Management at Schumacher Group. She can now be reached by mail at 200 Corporate Boulevard, Suite 201 Lafayette, Louisiana 70508; E‐ mail; Phone 337.521.2898; Fax 337.371.4068 Gordon Arata McCollam Duplantis & Eagan, LLC is recognized as a leading law firm in Louisiana in the 2012 reference book, Chambers USA: America's Leading Lawyers for Business. This year, Gordon Arata was acknowledged by Chambers in seven categories with twelve attorneys receiving accolades in Louisiana. Gordon Arata was named a leading law firm in the following practice areas: Bankruptcy/Restructuring; Construction; Energy & Natural Resources (Oil and Gas, as well as Utilities); and Litigation: General Commercial. Congrats to LBA members Robin Jones and Pat Magee on their recent nuptials. The Lafayette Bar Association and its officers send out condolences to the family of Honorable George Bradford “Bumpy” Ware, Sr., who recently passed away. He will be greatly missed by all who knew and practiced before him. Liskow & Lewis is pleased to announce new practice area and attorney ranking in the 2012 edition of Chambers USA‐ America’s Leading Lawyers for Business. The firm received esteemed first‐band (first‐tier) rankings for the state of Louisiana in the areas of Energy & Natural Resources, Environment, and Litigation: General Commercial, noting the firm's capabilities in these areas. Volume 32 Issue 2

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The Promulgator April 2012

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June 2012 Promulgator  

Lafayette Bar Association Newsletter, the Promulgator

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