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The Promulgator 2013-2014 LBA President, Tricia R. Pierre

President’s the conversation current. It is an issue so important that the discussion related to it should never be associated with fatigue, but must remain relevant to the legal profession. I am fortunate that next year I will have the pleasure of serving with extremely talented attorneys that I am proud to say are uniquely diverse in experience and background. I am excited about future collaboration with the LBA Board of Directors and committee members on continued programming that enhances the profession.

I am sworn in as Lafayette Bar President is not lost upon me. It is a pleasure and privilege that my peers have given me the opportunity to lead our association. The Lafayette Bar Association (“LBA”) has grown under the leadership of some of the finest legal minds and a dedicated and innovative director. I am confident that it will continue to grow under new leadership and direction. Most importantly, the association will continue to thrive because of the commitment of volunteer members. Volunteer members that no matter the challenge--through countless volunteer hours, have helped change the course of how legal services are delivered to those who cannot afford representation in our community. I commend the efforts of the Lafayette Bar Foundation which has been important to achieving the LBA’s belief in access to justice. The LBA’s motto “Motivated by Justice, Inspired by Service” is confirmed through the work and unwavering support of members. I must also recognize the tireless efforts of the Lafayette Young Lawyers Association for their passion and energy to this cause. As an attorney that has strived to dedicate my legal career to access to justice issues, I am proud to be a member of the LBA. The opportunity to participate in bar service has provided endless benefits to me on a personal and professional level. An issue that has affected me on all levels has been diversity in the legal profession. Upon being appointed in 2004 to a task force on issues related to diversity formed by the Louisiana State Bar Association, I have been striving to continue to keep

I look forward to a year that I hope is marked with prioritizing member benefits and increasing outreach to outlying parishes. I welcome the opportunity to cultivate new relationships and nurture established relationships with members of the bar, bench, the Acadiana community, and other professional organizations.

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Champions of Justice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 FLS Christmas Party . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 History of Red Mass . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Meet Tricia Pierre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Grapevine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Classifieds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19

Crystal Gavel Award LBA member Jeffrey K. Coreil has been named a Crystal Gavel awardee for 2013 by the Louisiana State Bar Association. Every year this prestigious award is given to select attorneys who best exemplify the profession's ideals, including commitment to community service. Coreil was chosen because of his "outstanding work and efforts in providing pro bono legal services," according to State Bar Association President, Richard K. Leefe. The only recipient of the Crystal Gavel Award from the Lafayette region, Coreil was nominated by the former Executive Director of the Lafayette Bar Association, Susan Holliday, because of his

What is it you need?

tireless dedication to the community. Coreil makes time to work with a number of the Lafayette Bar Association’s programs to provide legal assistance to those in need, including the Homeless Experience Legal Protection (H.E.L.P.) program and the Protective Order Panel of the Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers organization. In recent years he's taken on a number of pro bono cases for low-income families and assisted over two dozen domestic violence victims with their protective order petitions. "I'm grateful and honored to receive this award," said Coreil. "Lafayette is such a great community to live and work in, and I'm proud to be able to do something to give back."

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We’re excellent court reporters and videographers... who can also assist you in many other ways. A Kaufman & Associates Company Serving Lafayette and Louisiana since 1985


Lafayette Young Lawyers and time keepers. You can also get involved by volunteering as a coach for a local team. If you are interested in getting involved in this program, please contact Travis Broussard, Margot Dugas, or Carolyn Cole. In the spring, we will also be hosting our second CLE for younger attorneys. The first of these CLEs was held on November 7 and was well attended. We were fortunate to have a distinguished panel of speaker including Judge Phyllis Keaty, Judge Frances Bouillon, Judge Glennon Everett, Blake David, Jennie Pellegrin, and Jim Gibson. Many thanks to each of the speakers for volunteering and to Jeff Coreil and G.W. Ruddick for their hard work in putting on the program. Thanks also to Mimi Methvin of Satori ADR for sponsoring the event. down, LYLA is grateful for having had the opportunity to continue its mission of giving back to the community which has given each of us so much. At the beginning of December, we sent out letters to the members of the bar seeking donations for our Annual Holiday Giving Program. This year, we chose to support Faith House’s “Adopt a Family” program which provides holiday gifts to needy families affected by domestic violence. The response was tremendous. Total donation received totaled $5360 exceeding last year’s total $3390. With the money raised, LYLA was able to purchase gifts for 5 large families totaling 29 people and provide the Faith House with much needed money to take care of the day to day needs of all of the families it serves. In addition to the Holiday Giving Program, LYLA hosted its annual Wills for Heroes Program on December 14 at the bar building. This year, our group of volunteers prepared simple wills and powers of attorney for members of the Lafayette Firefighters. In addition to those who gave their Saturday morning to volunteer for this program, special thanks are deserved by Kevin Blanchard, who coordinated this year’s program, and Steven Ramos, who agreed to (once again) served as our qualified estate planning expert for the day. During the program, we were able to help between 15 and 20 firefighters and their families prepare wills and trusts to plan for the future. Looking into the coming year, we have begun to gear up to host the Regional Mock Trial Competition in February. In order to put this event on, we will need volunteers to serve as scoring judges, presiding judges,

On behalf of LYLA, I hope each of you had a great holiday season and will have a new year filled with health, happiness, and great success.

2013-2014 Board of Directors: President: Tricia Pierre, Tricia R. Pierre, Attorney at Law President-Elect: Kyle Gideon, Davidson, Meaux, Sonnier, McElligott, Fontenot, Gideon & Edwards Secretary / Treasurer: Danielle Cromwell, Acadiana Computer Systems Immediate Past President: Blake David, Broussard & David

Board Members: Candace Breaux, Acadiana Legal Service Corporation

John Mouton, III, Law Offices of John A Mouton, III

Bianca Chretien, John Ortego & Associates

Donovan O’Pry, II, Jeansonne & Remondet

Jeffrey Coreil, NeunerPate

Steven Ramos, Onebane Law Firm

Jean-Paul Coussan, Andrus, Boudreaux, Landry & Coussan

Maggie Simar, Hearing Officer, 16th JDC

Paul Gibson, Gibson-Gruenert Karen King, Office of the U.S. Attorney

Cynthia Simon, District Attorney’s Office, 15th JDC

Cliff LaCour, NeunerPate

Bill Stagg, Durio, McGoffin, Stagg & Ackermann

Steve Lanza, Onebane Law Firm

Melissa Theriot, Laborde & Neuner

CLE By the Hour


Jeffery Riggs, Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith

Nicole B. Breaux, Law Office of Nicole B. Breaux

Running in Heels CLE

Jerome Moroux, Broussard & David

Jennie P. Pellegrin, NeunerPate

Sara Tannehill, Andrus, Boudreaux, Landry & Coussan

Valerie, G. Garrett, Valerie Gotch Garrett,APLC

Past President’s Committee

Monique Kolder, Broussard & David

Scott Privat, Acadia Parish Bar Liaison

Maritime CLE

Desiree Auzenne, Allen & Gooch

Charles Mouton, Mahtook & Lafleur


Douglas Truxillo, Onebane Law Firm

Jill Busby Wade, Editor, Jeansonne & Remondet Kevin M. Blanchard, Lafayette Consolidated Government

Champions of Justice awards breakfast on October 25, 2013 at City Club in River Ranch. This awards breakfast attended by Lafayette’s attorneys, judges, and elected officials serves to honor those members of the legal community who have given their time and energy to provide legal assistance and counsel to victims of domestic violence, the homeless, and the disadvantaged through the programs run by the foundation. This year’s event was especially important because it celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Lafayette Volunteer Lawyer (LVL) program. The Chair of the LPBF, Rebekah Huggins of The Glenn Armentor Law Corporation, commenced the awards


ceremony by welcoming everyone and introducing honored guests and judges. The importance of LVL & Outstanding Attorney Awards were presented to the following attorneys: Jeffrey Coreil Elizabeth Dugal Bradford Felder Valerie Garrett Kenneth W. Jones David Kaufman Greg Koury Judith Kennedy Cliff LaCour

Christopher Ludeau Seth Mansfield Lindsay Meador Michael Rainey Dona Renegar Dwazendra Smith Grady Spears K. Wade Trahan

The Foundation operates three distinct programs that offer legal assistance to different types of clients. The Protective Order Panel program helps victims of domestic violence to find relief through Title 46 protective orders. This year’s Protective Order Panel Award was presented by Rebekah Huggins to Kenneth Jones of Gibson Gruenert pictured on left.

The Homeless Experience Legal Protection program award was presented to K. Wade Trahan with Ottinger Hebert, L.L.C. for helping more than 30 clients obtain birth certificates and IDs through his volunteer hours with the HELP program in 2013. The Lafayette Volunteer Lawyer program Top Attorney Award was presented to Valerie Garrett for the countless hours she logged taking difficult cases such as divorce and custody for clients of the LVL program last year. Firm Awards, which are awarded to the firms that have provided the highest volume of volunteer service, included: Small Firm Award (firms that consist of 7 or fewer attorneys): Huval, Veazey, Felder & Renegar (pictured on page 11: Dona K. Renegar and Andrew Veazey) Large Firm Award (firms that consist of 8 or more attorneys): NeunerPate (pictured on page 11; Will Montz, Missy Theriot, Seth Mansfield, Jeff Coreil, Robert Torian and Cliff LaCour) The first ever Solo Practioner Award was presented by Judge David Blanchet to Judith Kennedy (pictured on page 11 with Rebekah Huggins), for all her hours and relentless dedication she put into the foundation programs.

First and foremost, it takes a willing volunteer to lend some time and expertise to any of the pro bono programs run by the Lafayette Parish Bar Foundation. Then, these volunteers earn points that accumulate throughout the year. At the annual awards ceremony each year, program volunteers receive awards based on the number of points they have accrued. A breakdown of this points system is below.

5 points for divorce with custody 3 points for simple divorce 2 points for curator 2 points for protective order client 1 point per day H.E.L.P. program The Large Firm award will go to a law firm with seven or more attorneys and the highest points. The Small Firm award will go to a law firm with six or less attorneys with the highest points. The top LVL award goes to the individual who has earned the highest overall points. The H.E.L.P. award goes to the attorney who has signed up and worked the most days with the H.E.L.P. program. The Protective Order Award goes to the attorney who has represented the most protective order clients.

Family Law Section Christmas Party T

he Lafayette Bar Association’s Family Law Section had their annual Christmas Party on Saturday, December 14, 2013 at Judge David and Paula Blanchet. Thank you to Judge David Blanchet and Judge Susan Theall for sponsoring this wonderful event. This event was a fundraiser for Avec Les Enfants and included a silent auction with items donated from local businesses. All proceeds from this event were donated to Avec Les Enfants, who provide a safe and secure place for children to visit with non-custodial parents and for exchanges for visitation purposes to occur in a safe way. With the money from the auction, the Family Law Section was able to donate over $3500.



Tradition Continues In Lafayette by Jill Busby Wade and L. Bianca Chretien

Lafayette legal community celebrated its annual Red Mass, a historical tradition in the Catholic Church that dates back centuries and helps to mark the start of a new year for the practice of law. The purpose of the Red Mass is to invoke God’s blessings in the carrying out of justice during the court year. The Mass requests guidance from the Holy Spirit for all who seek justice, and gives participants an opportunity to reflect on what Catholics believe is the God-given power and responsibility of all in the legal profession. The Mass also helps to create community amongst those who have the shared vision of approaching their legal duties with honesty and integrity. It sets the tone for the court year, and, in Lafayette, is usually followed by the court opening for the 15th Judicial District Court, where newly admitted

attorneys are formally introduced to the court and members of the bar that have passed away can be honored and eulogized by their colleagues. The Red Mass has been observed only sporadically through the years in Lafayette before Bishop Glenn Provost, current bishop of the Diocese of Lake Charles, came to St. John’s Cathedral in 1985. With the support of several members of the legal community, the thenMonsignor approached Bishop Harry Flynn, then the bishop of the Diocese of Lafayette, to resurrect the celebration of the Red Mass in Lafayette. Bishop Flynn appointed Monsignor Provost as a liaison to the legal community for the purpose of organizing and hosting an annual Red Mass. With only a few exceptions, the Red Mass has been observed annually in Lafayette ever since.

The Red Mass is so called because of the red vestments worn by the celebrants as a representation of the fire of the Holy Spirit’s guidance to all who pursue justice in their daily lives. The tradition of holding a ceremony to mark the opening of court dates back to the Middle Ages and was traditionally held in the autumn. The tradition of the Red Mass likewise began in the Middle Ages in Europe when the church would seek God’s blessings on the judiciary and on lawyers at the opening of court each year. There is usually a guest speaker at the Mass, and in the past such notable persons as Cardinal Raymond Burke and Bishop Leonard Blair have filled that role for Lafayette’s Red Mass. According to Bishop Glenn Provost of the Diocese of Lake Charles, in order to serve the virtue of justice, lawyers and judges must strive to be in sync, as best they can, with Divine will. Further, Bishop Provost noted, the church has always had a close connection with the legal community as some of the oldest legal codes are religious in nature, and the church preserved those early codes. Lafayette attorney Tim Maragos, who also serves as a deacon at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, stated that the importance of the Red Mass is that it, in part, reminds members of the bar and judiciary to consider their duty to justice in a broader sense. “First of all, I think it serves as a reminder that there is something called justice that we all work toward that is greater than our desire to win,” Maragos said. “We serve God by serving our community and by making justice available to everyone.” The 2014 Court Opening is being held on Friday, January 10th with the Red Mass at St. John's Cathedral at noon and a luncheon sponsored by the Lafayette Parish Bar Auxiliary immediately following the Red Mass. The official Court Opening ceremony will be held later the same day at 3pm at the Lafayette Parish Courthouse in downtown Lafayette. The ceremony will welcome the newly admitted attorneys and eulogize the

attorneys that passed in 2013. The ceremony will feature judges from the 15th JDC, 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal, US Western District Court and City Court. In addition, representatives from the Lafayette Bar Association as well as the Louisiana State Bar Association will be in attendance. Immediately following the ceremony a special reception will be held at the Jefferson Street Pub at 500 Jefferson St . which you and any guests you may have are welcomed to attend.

Getting to know 2013 2013--2014 LBA President

Tricia R. Pierre Written By: Susan Holliday

but this country girl can certainly hold her own. There are so many words that come to mind when this writer thinks about the incoming President of the Lafayette Bar Association, Ms. Tricia R. Pierre: strong–willed, determined, compassionate, dedicated, and most of all trailblazer.

Pierre hails from Loreauville, Louisiana where her rather large family were mostly farmers, raising sugar cane and peppers. After deciding in elementary school that she would pursue a career in law, Pierre graduated from Louisiana State University and then received her Juris Doctorate from Southern University Law School. In doing so, she became the first person in her immediate family to not only attend college, but graduate. Pierre shares that she recalls reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” in Junior High and subsequently watched the movie. Both have impacted her theory on what an attorney should be. Pierre believes that people are defined by the way they treat others, and so she has strived during her legal career to zealously represent her clients and always treat them with the utmost respect. A true volunteer from an early age, Pierre has always been involved in various clubs or groups. This volunteerism spirit grew in college where she

And finally some interesting, quirky, raise your eyebrow facts that even this discerning writer did not know about the 2014 Lafayette Bar Association President. Voted most friendliest in High School Grew up on a farm but has never owned a pet Was a Tigerette (dance team at Loureaville High School) Worked at a campus coffee shop during college which started her dedication to Community brand coffee She was a Homecoming Queen Nominee in college She is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and proudly wears her Pink and Green

was able to really grow and expand as a person. Moving to Baton Rouge opened Pierre up to so many new experiences and a diverse group of people. “It was an exciting time for this small town girl,” Pierre recalls. “I was able to move from one experience to the next and learn that there was so much more out there. It was truly an exciting time” Pierre credits Frank Neuner, a Lafayette attorney and himself a past LBA president, with her appreciation of the importance of service to the legal profession. Neuner nominated Tricia for the Louisiana State Bar Association’s Leadership Class

many years ago. It was during this year of service that she realized how important it was for her to give back to her profession. She recognized that the vision of a few inspired people can make a significant impact in her profession. And Neuner agrees that Pierre will be a solid leader of the LBA. “I remember meeting Tricia as a brand new lawyer when she was assigned to my Acadiana Inn of Court team and I've been impressed with her since the day I met her,” Neuner recalls. “Her bright smile and energy were the first indications I had that she would be a successful lawyer who would become a leader in the legal community. True to my initial impression, Tricia has become a leader not only in the Lafayette legal community, but the State Bar association who give freely of her time for the betterment of the community and the profession.” The bar service spark had been ignited, and it would not burn out. Throughout her career, Pierre has served as Louis A. Martinet Society president; as a committee member on several Louisiana State Bar Association committees; as a member of the Lafayette Young Lawyers Association; and as a board member of the Lafayette Bar Association—it would take up all of the space this article has been allotted to list all of her service commitments individually. And for every committee she served on, you can bet she did so diligently and probably still has typed notes she can send to you on the history of the committee and why decisions were made. If there were a job description for President of the LBA, it would be clear from reviewing Pierre’s extensive resume that she is overqualified and that the organization is in excellent hands for the coming year. When asked about her goals for her year as President of the LBA, Pierre enthusiastically remarks that she wants to focus on prioritizing member benefits and increasing the LBA’s outreach to the outlying parishes. She is ready once again to cultivate new relationships and is open to new opportunities for the Lafayette Bar Association.

As to becoming the first African-American president of the LBA, Pierre takes such distinction in stride. “While I know there must be ‘firsts,’ I look forward to the day when race or gender will not be attached to achievement,” Pierre says. “I hope I will be recognized and remembered for my commitment to serving the legal profession and my time spent working to enhance our profession.” On a side note what does this girl do for fun? Well she is the founder of “The Dining Divas,” a women’s dining group which consists of mainly attorneys. The group started over 5 years ago, boasts 10 members, and is going strong. In true Tricia Pierre fashion, she recruited people from diverse backgrounds (yours truly included) to gather once a month to share, vent, laugh, and cry. Pierre counts her dining group as one of the many blessings in her life as it allows her to stay connected to her friends though all the curve balls that life sometimes throws at her.

On a cold December night, the veteran Barristers flag football team won back to back playoff games to capture the 2013 Acadiana Sports League Fall Championship. The team, made up of mostly local lawyers, cruised to wins over arch-nemesis Team Planet (20-12) and Head Busters (21-6). The Barristers completed the last two playoff games in ironman style with only 7 players (no reserves) to capture the crown.

Pictured left to right: Tad Hightower, Brent Carriere, Taylor Bassett, Blake David, Matt deGraauw, Spencer Roussel, and Trey Hightower (Not pictured: Richie Haik, Ryan Pierret, and Emile Joseph).

LSU Law Center Chancellor Jack M. Weiss is pleased to announce the creation of the Liskow & Lewis Visiting Professorship in Energy Law, an endowment established through a $200,000 gift by the Liskow & Lewis law firm. Juneau David, APLC is pleased to announce that Kyle N. Choate has joined our firm as an associate attorney. The law firm of Galloway, Jefcoat, LLP, is pleased to announce that Cameron S. Snowden has joined the firm as an Associate Attorney in the area of personal injury.

CLASS A OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE IN RIVER RANCH. High visibility with signage. 1318 Camellia Boulevard near the intersection with Kaliste Saloom. Available 3 executive office suite with receptionist and lobby and 1 executive office suite with receptionist and lobby. Landlord pays utilities, property taxes and property insurance. Second story to include conference room, elevator and beautiful courtyard. Call 337-366-9160.

Busy defense practice seeks full time attorney, up to three years experience, with interest in litigation; primary focus in professional liability defense and medical malpractice. Salary commensurate with experience. Send resumes to or Office Manager, P.O. Box 51769, Lafayette, LA 70505.

Saturday, February 15th Region II Mock Trial Lafayette Federal Courthouse Tuesday, March 4th Mardi Gras Office Open for LBA Members LBA Headquarters

LAFAYETTE LAW FIRM– AV rated law firm with offices in Louisiana and Texas seeks coverage attorney with exceptional legal research and writing skills for its growing insurance coverage practice area. Great Opportunity for motivated and ambitious self-starter who is seeking considerable hands-on experience, a progression to partnership commensurate with experience, and excellent compensation and fringe benefits package. Willing to also consider a flexible work schedule. All replies held in strictest of confidence. Mail confidential resume to P.O. Drawer 94-C, Lafayette, Louisiana 70509

Part time receptionist needed to answer phones and handle front desk and clerical duties. Computer knowledge, experience, typing ability and excellent communication skills are required. Must be 21, or over. Send resumes to or Office Manager, P.O. Box 51769, Lafayette, LA 70505.

The Promulgator is published six times a year by the Lafayette Bar Association. The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Committee of the Lafayette Bar Association.

Friday, March 21st Shoot for Justice G.O.L Shoorting Range

Published by: Lafayette Bar Association 2607 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA 70503 P.O. Box 2194, Lafayette, LA 70502-2194 tel: (337) 237-4700 fax: (337) 237-0970

Friday, May 9th Running in Heels LBA Headquarters

To place an ad in The Promulgator, contact Claire Oliver for ad sizes and rate information. (337)237-4700

Monday, May 19th Birdie with the Bar Le Triomphe

The mission of the Lafayette Bar Association is to serve the profession, its members and the community by promoting justice, professional excellence, respect for the rule of law and fellowship among attorneys and the Court.

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