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The Promulgator February 2010 | Volume 30 | Issue 1



Volume 30 Issue 1

The Promulgator February 2010

The Promulgator February 2010

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Volume 30 Issue 1

Volume 30 Issue 1

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The Promulgator February 2010

President’s Message events in the first quarter. In January we honored members who donated their time and talent to the Lafayette Volunteer Lawyer’s. We all get the e-mails, but these attorneys took the cases and were honored for their work. Without their help and hard work the program would not be a success. Your Mediation Center appears to be gaining momentum. January of 2010 will be our biggest revenue month. Everyone who has used the facility has raved over the hospitality, the comfort the facilities offer, and the environment created by a neutral forum. Please, think about your building the next time you set a mediation or arbitration.

2009 -2010 LBA President Charles Ziegler, Attorney at Law

This spring your Board is meeting to set goals and objectives for the next 3-5 years. By taking a few minutes to give us your input through the survey that was distributed online, we will be able to use your feedback in the planning process. As an added incentive, each member who participates in the survey will be entered in a drawing for a $150 gift certificate to Ruth Chris.

When I was a child, I thought the year 2000 would never come. It is now the year 2010, and another decade has come and gone. In December, we closed out our first year in the new building. We have a healthy organization and a fine building. Through the help of Andre Doguet, our Treasurer for 2009, we balanced our budget for 2009. In December, the mediation center had its best revenue month for 2009, and with the completion of one calendar year, projections can be made for 2010 using a proven track record. You have a great Bar Association, people outside of Lafayette have noticed and are commenting on our success.

With the New Year comes the dues letter. Obviously, this is the life blood of your organization. And I hope each of you will renew your membership in a timely manner. Excluding our association with the Lafayette Bar Foundation, the annual dues create the largest source of income for the Bar Association. Other important sources of income for the Association are, in declining order: CLE by the hour which is chaired by Blake David, the Bench-Bar Conference which is chaired by Boyd Anderson, and the Medication Center which is chaired by Joe Giglio, Jr. In closing: The Bar Association has many events set for the spring and I strongly recommend your attendance.

On a sad note, several attorneys passed away during the past year and were honored at the Red Mass and Court Opening on January 8, 2010; Melissa Doise, Richard C. “Dick” Meaux, Arthur “Scooter” Robinson, Honorable Judge Michael Sullivan, and Newman Trowbridge, Jr,. It is hard to imagine they are no longer with us. Looking forward, Mardi Gras is here, and the building will be open on Mardi Gras day for members to come by and enjoy, get a beverage, use the facilities, and get a snack.

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With each New Year, the Bar Association has several landmark

Executive Director’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . 6

President’s Message . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Court Opening & Red Mass . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Champions of Justice Breakfast . . . . . .8-9 Lafayette Young Lawyers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Cover Article- Hon. Pat Hanna . . . . . . .11-12 Second Career Lawyers . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13-15 Off the Beaten Path . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Grapevine & Classified . . . . . . . . . . . . 18-19

The Promulgator February 2010

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Volume 30 Issue 1

Volume 30 Issue 1

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The Promulgator February 2010

Executive Director’s Message The Promulgator The Promulgator is published six times a year by the Lafayette Bar Association. The Editorial Committee welcomes news contributions, substantive articles and/or comments for this publication.

Published by: Lafayette Bar Association 2607 Johnston Street, Lafayette, LA 70503 P.O. Box 2194, Lafayette, LA 70502-2194 tel: (337) 237-4700 fax: (337) 237-0970

LBA Executive Director Susan Holliday

The mission of the Lafayette Bar Association is to serve the profession, its members and the community by promoting justice, professional excellence, respect for the rule of law and fellowship among attorneys and the Court.

The Lafayette Bar Association is busy, busy, busy… the calendar is FULL!!!! We have so many exciting events coming up so please be sure to check our web-site and read those weekly e-mail blasts that we send to you. The staff and I look forward to seeing each of you at one of these events on the horizon.


I wanted to use my column in this issue to say a few THANK YOU’s to some special members who have gone above and beyond to make the staff happy and the organization a better place to work.

Larry Curtis Secretary/Treasurer

Andre Doguet President-Elect

Rebekah Huggins Immediate Past President

Board of Directors Aaron Allen Tiffany Babineaux Nicole Breaux Marianna Broussard Ariel Campos Shannon Dartez Blake David Cade Evans

The first THANK YOU goes to Laborde & Neuner. The firm recently donated a copy machine to our office, fondly called the “Cadillac Copier”. Amazingly it scans, copies super fast and does just about everything except create the document for you. It has made such a tremendous difference in our productivity level at the office. MERCI to Durio, McGoffin, Stagg & Ackermann. I called this firm back in December and asked if I could borrow the firm’s projector and screen for one day for the CLE by the HOUR. Well a day turned into a month; thankfully they did not charge me a rental fee.

Joe Giglio, Jr. Tony Morrow Tricia Pierre Dona Renegar Jeff Riggs Maggie Simar Cynthia Simon

Committee & Section Chairs Bench Bar, Boyd Anderson CLE By the Hour, Blake David Promulgator, Elena Pecoraro Beyond the Bench, Maggie Simar Maritime CLE, Chuck Mouton & Doug Truxillo Woman’s Issues, Dona Renegar

GRAZIE to Blake Monrose who made my day by dressing up as Santa Clause for our annual Christmas Social. We planned the party at the last minute and the staff and I were stressed and the appearance of Santa at the event was PERFECT!

Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers, Marianna Broussard Family Law Section, Nicole Breaux Lafayette Young Lawyers, Cynthia Simon

Editorial Committee

GRACIAS to Greg Laborde who hung out with the staff one day in our kitchen while he was participating in mediation. We talked about how much we love spicy food and low and behold a few days later we got a special pepper grinder that we use each and every day.

Elena Pecoraro, Editor Adam Abdalla Nicole Breaux Shawn Carter Cade Evans

A special THANKS to Gil Dozier and members of his firm Mike Ardoin, Keith Saltzman, and Nick Blanda for taking the staff to a Friday lunch at Lafonda’s during the summer. Gil called me and said he wanted to take the staff to lunch to get to know us better! Always a first time for everything and we had a awesome time and truly appreciated the kind gesture.

Burton Guidry Rebekah Huggins Barbara Olinde Laura Putnam Cynthia Simon

LBA Staff

And of course this New Orleans transplant would be remiss if I did not say Thank You to the Saints for an exciting football season and an inspiring Super Bowl Victory. The Promulgator February 2010

Charles Ziegler President

Susan Holliday Executive Director

Tammy Derouen LVL Program Director

Ruthie Toce Marketing Director

Penny Rogers Executive Assistant

The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editorial Committee of the Lafayette Bar Association.

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Volume 30 Issue 1

2010 New Attorneys Bradley J. Aldrich, Johnson Gray McNamara; Rebecca K. Bayless, Law Clerk to the Hon. Phyllis M. Keaty; Jeffrey K. Coreil, Laborde & Neuner; Laura Davenport, Attorney at Law; Natalie DeJean, Law Clerk to the Hon. Richard T. Haik; Megan Donohue, Jones Walker; Sara Taylor Donohue, Ottinger Hebert; Mark A. Dore’, Attorney at Law; Robert D. Felder, Gachassin Law Firm; Nathan G. Frazier, Attorney at Law; Wesley Galjour, Law Clerk to the Hon. Edward Broussard; Matthew S. Green, Preis & Roy; Jacob H. Hargett, Davidson Meaux Sonnier & McElligott; Kristen Hernandez, Attorney at Law; Jaime F. Landry, Preis & Roy; Anthony J. Lascaro, Preis & Roy; Beau Leblanc, Voorhies & Labbe; Jerome Moroux, Broussard & David; Alana E. Odom, Durio, McGoffin, Stagg & Ackermann; Michael A. Rainey, Attorney at Law; Chaz Roberts, Laborde & Neuner; Dwazendra J. Smith, Davidson Meaux Sonnier & McElligott; Jennifer Sebille, Cornay-Lowry Land & Abstract; Blair Suire, Jones Walker; Talbot Theunissen, Gordon, Arata, McCollam, Duplantis & Eagan; Celeste White, LeBas Law Offices

Thank you to Event Sponsors: the Jones Walker Law Firm and the Louisiana State Bar Association

Court Opening & Red Mass 2010 Lafayette’s legal community recently celebrated the annual Red Mass and Court Opening ceremonies on January 8, 2010. The Red Mass was held at St. John’s Cathedral where Bishop Michael Jarrell and Arch Bishop Joseph Kurtz welcomed the new members of the bar and also gave thanks and prayers for the lives of those in the legal community who had passed away in 2009. The homolist, Father Kurtz, talked about the many ways in which members of our legal community shape our society with their work and dedication to the law. Following the Red Mass, a reception hosted by the Lafayette Bar Association Auxiliary was held at the Cathedral Center. Doug Ashy, Sr., Richard Broussard, Arch Bishop Joseph Kurtz, and many others gathered to celebrate after the Red Mass.

Later on in the afternoon of that icy January day, members of the legal community again gathered to celebrate the age old tradition of opening the court and welcoming new attorneys and judges at the 15th JDC Courthouse. Chief Judge Blanchet presided over the ceremony and LBA President Charles Ziegler acted as the master of ceremonies. Judge Blanchet read aloud a speech written by Abraham Lincoln extolling the nobility of the legal profession and the obligations to be a responsible and fair administrator of the law. In regard to honesty, Judge Blanchet quoted Lincoln, “Let no young man choosing the law for a calling for a moment yield to the popular belief -- resolve to be honest at all events; and if in your own judgment you cannot be an honest lawyer, resolve to be honest without being a lawyer.”

Members of the LBA Auxiliary Brigid Guillory, JoLynn Cole, and Kathy Broussard with Judge Durwood Conque

To wrap up the day of ceremony and professional camaraderie, a reception was held at the Jones Walker Law Firm and cohosted by the Louisiana State Bar Association. Volume 30 Issue 1

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The Promulgator February 2010

Champions of Justice Breakfast Lafayette Volunteer Lawyers hosted their annual celebration to honor lawyers who have dedicated time and energy in order to provide pro bono legal services to members of our community who would otherwise be unable to afford such services. Held at the Petroleum Club, the Champions of Justice Breakfast paid tribute to over 77 Lafayette attorneys who through their generosity assisted 600 clients last year.

Small Firm Award

The Champions of Justice Breakfast guest speaker, the Honorable Marc T. Amy said in his speech about the importance of pro bono, “This is perhaps the only way for these people to resolve some life issues, which would maybe worsen if not addressed.” Each year these attorneys generously give back to the community to help shape a better future for the people in Acadiana.

Large Firm Award The Lafayette Parish Bar Foundation offers legal representation and advice to those who cannot afford it through programs like the Homeless Experience Legal Protection (H.E.L.P.) program which offers legal services to homeless individuals who have lost all legal paperwork or identification and are currently looking for work. Another program, The Protective Order Panel; offers services to help victims of domestic violence obtain Title 46 Protective orders against their abusers. The volunteer lawyer program also takes referrals from the Acadiana Legal Services Corporation on cases such as divorce, custody, child support, bankruptcy and SSI.

Outstanding Attorney Awards Written by: Kelley LeBlanc,

Hon. Marc T. Amy swears in members of the 2010 Lafayette Parish Bar Foundation Board of Directors. The Promulgator February 2010

Page 8

Volume 30 Issue 1

Champions of Justice Breakfast

Small Firm Award Huval, Veazey, Felder, Aertker & Renegar

Large Firm Award Laborde & Neuner

Outstanding Attorney Awards Bradley Black Candace Breaux Bridget Broussard Marianna Broussard Bianca Chretien Lindsay DeBlois Laura Davenport Olita Magee Domingue Elizabeth Dugal Brad Felder Franchesca Hamilton-Acker Greg Koury Douglas Truxillo Cassie Willis

Top LVL Attorney Award Presented by: Tammy Derouen, LVL Director Cassie Willis

Help Award Bridget Broussard

2010 Lafayette Parish Bar Foundation Board of Directors Miles Matt, Chair Richard Becker Marianna Broussard Larry Curtis Andre’ Doguet

Volume 30 Issue 1

Dave Ernest Jack McElligott Thomas R. Hightower, Jr. John Swift Charles Ziegler

Protective Order Panel Award Presented by: Billi Lacombe, Executive Director, Faith House Lindsay DeBlois

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The Promulgator February 2010

LYLA President’s Message

Lafayette Young Lawyers President Cynthia K. Simon, 15th JDC Asst. D.A.

I just can’t help but start this month’s message with GEAUX SAINTS! By the time this is published, we will have already played in the Superbowl, but how exciting for our state to finally make it there! Now onto LYLA related information: It’s that time of year again, Mock Trial is scheduled for March 6, 2010, and we at LYLA are calling for volunteers. We currently have at least 13 teams registered, which is awesome for the students participating and for our profession. However, this also means many volunteers are needed to score the mock trials, give critique to the teams, and keep time for each trial. In addition, we ask our local judges to serve as judges for these trials. Each trial lasts approximately two hours. I know your time is valuable, but this volunteer experience is well worth it. Not only do we appreciate your participation in this competition, but so do the students! Witnessing the determination and courage of the participants is a reminder of why we decided to become attorneys and the importance of participating in the education of our local high school students. If you are able to serve as a volunteer, please contact Ruthie. We are also partnering with the state young lawyers in a project entitled, “YLS Closet Event”, which provides high school females, who otherwise may not be able to afford a dress, with one for prom. Dresses that are appropriate for evening, after 5, cocktail, or full length formal gowns are all being collected. We are also collecting shoes and accessories. If any of you ladies out there have one or more of these dresses and you are willing to donate them, please do so. Also, please pass this information on to your friends. We only ask that you have the dress dry-cleaned prior to donation. You can bring them to the Bar Association building by February 24, 2010. Thank you all for your continued support of LYLA’s projects!

The Promulgator February 2010

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Volume 30 Issue 1

Cover Article: LBA Welcomes New Federal Magistrate Judge Pat Hanna

The Honorable Patrick Hanna was appointed to serve as a Magistrate Judge for the Western District of Louisiana. He was sworn in on December 1, 2009, taking the seat previously held by Judge Mildred Methvin, who retired last year. Judge Hanna looks forward to working with members of the Lafayette Bar Association and continuing to build a strong and positive relationship between our members and the Lafayette-Opelousas Division of the Western District Court.

where he focused his practice in maritime, construction, and environmental law. He gained extensive experience in complex environmental, construction, maritime, insurance, and toxic tort litigation. Judge Hanna has traded in his former clients for what he considers three new ones – the public, the Bar, and the Court. His duty to all three “clients” is to help move cases through the court system as efficiently and economically as possible while making certain that all parties receive equal treatment under the law. He would like to change any negative perception there is to practicing in federal court and stresses that litigants need not be nervous or intimidated.

Prior to his appointment, Judge Hanna practiced law in Louisiana for over 20 years. Although he was born in Texas, he has spent most of his life in Louisiana. After his discharge from the Coast Guard, he attended USL where he graduated in 1984 with an undergraduate degree in political science. He received his Juris Doctor from Louisiana State University Law Center in 1987. Upon graduation, he began practicing law with the Onebane Law Firm in Lafayette. In 1994, he and his partners formed the law firm of Rabalais, Hanna & Hays Volume 30 Issue 1

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The Promulgator February 2010

heard before him and fellow Magistrate Judge Michael Hill.

He knows that litigants will be prepared and for his part, he too promises to be prepared. Unless there are specific issues that need further research he expects to give results as early as he can.

Judge Hanna is married to local attorney Frances Hays, who also works for the Western District Court. One of the perks of his job, he adds, is that the appointment allows him to spend more time with her. Hanna notes that she is a constant source of inspiration to him in his work and in his life. She is simply the most courageous person that he has ever known. Together, they enjoy traveling to their home away from home in South Carolina and share a love of renovating old houses.

While moving cases through the system expeditiously is a goal, foremost, Judge Hanna knows and understands how important our work is and the sense of fairness that is required to reach a just result. When asked about any surprises he’s experienced in his first few months, he said there have been a few. “A pleasant surprise is having the ability and the time – to take whatever time it takes to get it right. This is extremely important to the parties.” He’s also enjoying learning new areas of law.

Anyone who needs to reach Judge Hanna can do so by contacting him at the Federal Courthouse, 800 Lafayette Street. The Lafayette-Opelousas division of the Western District Court serves St. Martin, Acadia, Evangeline, Iberia, Lafayette, St. Mary, St. Landry and Vermilion Parishes. Judge Hanna’s law clerks are Lynn Arceneaux and L’Reece David.

Through his law practice, Judge Hanna learned the value of mediation and is a big proponent of pre-trial conflict resolution. He has carried over this element into his new job and enjoys the process of guiding attorneys toward resolutions of their clients’ interests. Private mediation can be costly. He encourages the bar to consider alternative dispute resolution through the court, whether in simple two- party cases or in more complex multiparty cases.

Written by: Laura Putnam, Office of the Attorney General

In addition to alternative dispute resolution, another way to help expedite the disposition of the civil cases is by having the parties consent to trial before a Magistrate Judge. Both of the Magistrate Judges in the Lafayette-Opelousas division have extensive trial experience. He encourages the Lafayette Bar members to consider the option of allowing their cases to be

Lowry’s Ad The Promulgator February 2010

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Volume 30 Issue 1

What Brought You to the Legal Profession? engineer before he decided to becomee a lawyer. With a masters in civill engineering, Bill practiced at a largee engineering firm in Texas for a shortt while before moving to Lafayette to work k with his father-in-law’s firm. While Billl no longer maintains his engineering g license, his training and education n have formed the foundation for an active practice in Intellectual Property Law. He is licensed to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. “Bill would tell you that his lawyer skills are better than his engineering skills,” says associate Shawn Carter, “but I think the combination of the two is the secret to his success.”

The Promulgator Editorial Committee recently discovered that members of Lafayette’s legal community have an array of talents and backgrounds. Several of our members started out in other careers; including a few of our LBA officers: Chuck Ziegler, worked as a real estate developer for many years before he decided to go to law school, and one of our past presidents, Miles Matt worked as an engineer before pursuing a career as a lawyer. For a variety of reasons, these “mid-career movers” have found that the legal career can be more rewarding than most. Despite the volatility caused by the economy in other industries, the legal profession remains one of dignity and prosperity for those who dedicate themselves to their work . The following profiles are a testament to the hard working members of our group who have found success in the noble work of the legal profession.

William W. Stagg

“Bill would tell you that his lawyer skills are better than his engineering skills”

– Bill, a named partner of, Durio, McGoffin, Stagg & Ackermann, practiced as a registered professional

Volume 30 Issue 1

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The Promulgator February 2010

passionate about ensuring children’s in Minnesota. She is very p rights are protected and that th their voices are heard especially systems. She chose the legal profession when involved in State syst the best avenue to continue doing this because she thought it is th work. She is currently a staff Attorney at Acadiana Legal Service in the Children in Need of Care (CINC) Unit.

Tamara Persaud - Tamara is a new member of the LBA is one of our group who comes from an interesting alternate career. She graduated from college in 1999 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work and began her professional career officer working as a juvenile probation officer in Ramsey County, Minnesota through a non-profit organization 180 Degrees, Inc. She

Marianna Bro Broussard - For Marianna, Mariann law w came after a seriess of jobs – First, she was a high school English teacher forr teac about three years. Second, Second whilee teaching she purchased new houses under construction and remodeled older cons homes home for resale. Third, she was the owner own of some jean shops and boutiques in the late ‘60’s and early 70’s: “The t Body Bo Shop” on the UL campus, “The Emporium” in the Oil Center, “You Em Babes” on Johnston Street and in B Baton Rouge . Later, she was the Assistant Dean of Women at UL (USL at the time) for four years. She even taught aaerobics and dance at Cornay Dance School for thirteen years. Finally, she came around to the legal F profession and attended law school from 1992-1995, bought her law office in 1995 which sh she spent several months remodeling but never opened practice. Instead, she went to work for John Hill at Hill and Beyer, APLC APL in 1996 where she has worked for thirteen years.

enjoyed the work and collaborated with the agency to create gender specific programming for juvenile female offenders. The program, Girls Resiliency Mentoring Program, is still in existence and doing a lot of great work with at-risk young ladies. She was later promoted to Director of Juvenile Services at 180 Degrees, Inc. and did a lot of grantt writing for juvenilee programming, and advocating g for services forr youth, especiallyy in the Juvenilee Detention Initiative (JDAI) area, initiative created by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. She moved to Louisiana in 2007 and worked as a child protection worker with Office of Community Services for 1.5 years. She started law school in 2002 while she was working full-time

The Promulgator February 2010

Robbie Voitie Voitier - Robbie was another aattorney who o He is currentlyy made the move late in life. H practicing at Juneau & David. Davi His familyy distributorship companyy owns a beer distributors and he was on the fast track to a lucrativee business. However,, career in the family busine and decided to go to law school instead he had other aspirations an of following in his father’s ffootsteps. Robbie is a fun guy to talk occasion. A friend of Robbie said, “I to and has a joke for every o could tell just from talking to him that he loves what he does and does not regret making the career move.”

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Volume 30 Issue 1

blessings today. She thoroughly enjoys practicing law, and is happy that she embraced the challenge.

Mary McCrory Hamilton – Now a shareholder at Voorhies and d Labbe, Mary joined the firm as an n associate in 1992 after a year’s clerkship p with the Honorable Judge James Trimble.. She entered LSU Law School at the ripee old age of 41 which to her seemed very old d at the time. Prior to her legal profession,, she was in education from the time shee graduated from college. She taught high school for several years but for most of the 20 years before she went to law school, she was the head of St. James Episcopal Day School in Alexandria. She went to law school because of the financial shortcomings of the teaching profession, and because she loves to write and argue.

Mary Jones – With an undergraduate degree in English,, Mary started out in communications – firstt as a newspaper reporter, then as a publicc g relations officer for LSU. Just prior to starting law school, she worked as a corporatee communications writer for Blue Cross and d Blue Shield of Louisiana – a position shee held for seven and a half years. She loved d her job of writing speeches, sales brochures, newsletters, heading up public relations campaigns, producing corporate video, among a whole host of other things. But at the end of the day, she still wanted something more, something bigger. After being accepted into the part-time evening program at Southern University Law Center, she moved to the company’s marketing department as a health insurance sales representative. Because it had always been a dream of hers to become an attorney, Mary used the flexibility of her new job to pursue her dream. Fortunately, when Southern introduced its part-time evening program, she finally had a break and was able to complete her degree. She now clerks for a judge in the 16th Judicial District, and loves every minute of it.

“She entered LSU Law School at the ripe old age of 41 which to her seemed very old at the time.”

Maria Pitre – Maria was an accounting manager for years. When she started to get stir crazy staying at home with her children after a premature “retirement,” she decided to finish the degree she had started as a teenager, now as an “old lady” at ULL. Because her undergrad degree went so well, she decided to apply for law school, a life-long dream of hers. Although she was well into her thirties, she figured, “Oh well, if I get to practice for at least a few years of my life, I’ll have lived out my dream.” She was accepted to law school, and embraced the challenge. During that time, she commuted from Lafayette to Baton Rouge for three years, while simultaneously giving it her best shot to wear the hats of both student and mother. She suffered two bouts of illness during her matriculation, so serious that she thought she would have to drop out of law school. With the love and encouragement of her family and by the grace of God, she graduated law school. Within two weeks of the exam, she finally felt well enough to continue her study preparations for the bar exam, and she passed the bar exam, first time around. Within weeks, she was blessed with a full time job at the real estate law firm of Bradley & Moreau/Real Title, and she continues to count her

“Maria was an accounting manager for years.”

Volume 30 Issue 1

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The Promulgator February 2010

The Promulgator February 2010

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Volume 30 Issue 1

Off the Beaten Path Because there’s more to life than the practice Not too long ago, LBA President, Chuck Ziegler, some of his buddies, and their sons undertook a hog hunting expedition. With several bull dogs, plenty of man power and gun power, this expedition was a success. The guys brought home a 400 pound wild beast!

Volume 30 Issue 1

Page 17

The Promulgator February 2010

The Grapevine a beloved judge and outstanding individual who passed away recently. in

Gordon, Arata, McCollam, Duplantis plantis & Eagan, L.L.P. is pleased to announce nce that Sara E. Mouledoux has become a partner of the firm. She practices in the oil and gas section of the firm’s New Orleans office.

We want tto wish Chief Justice Catherine D. “Kitty” Kimball a speedy recovery. “K Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

The law firm of Jones, Walker, Waechter, Poitevent, Carrère & Denègre gre L.L.P. announced today that former United ed States Attorney Donald W. Washington on has joined the firm and will practice from om the Lafayette office.


omething ome to new to look at. . . “I hope h you all enjoy the new look and feel of your local bar association’s newsletter. With the help of the newslett Promulgator Editorial Board, we came Promulg together to come up with a new design for togethe the 2010 version of the LBA newsletter. I hope this new vversion of the LBA Promulgator something that members of our will be someth association keep kee out on their coffee tables and desks in their offices so that anyone who walks in can tak a glance and see some of the great things going Lafayette Bar Association. We’d love on here at the Lafay feedback to hear your feedba ack and see what you think nk k of of the new design. Please feel f free to email or call me.”

RABALAIS, HANNA & HEBERT,, LLC is pleased to announce thatt PATRICK J. HANNA has been en appointed Magistrate Judge U.S. S. District Court Western District of Louisiana. siana. The name of the firm has been changed hanged to RABALAIS & HEBERT 701 Robley ley Drive, Suite 210; Lafayette, LA 70503 Maggie Simar will be re installed ed as District 3 Representative (Lafayette and surrounding parishes) to the LSBA Young Lawyers yers Council at their annual meeting. This will be her second two year term.

~Ruthie Toce

LBA Marketing Mark keting Director, ruthie@lafayettebar.orrg rg

Jones Walker is pleased to announce unce that 37 attorneys have to the 2010 editio edition been named named aam m on off Louisiana Super Sup Lawyers. Walker La awy wyers. Among the Jones Walke er attorneys who were we w erree named to Louisiana Super Lawyers Law wyers 2010.

P.S. Don’t forget to check checck out the full color online version of the th he newsletter at www.lafayettebar.or og

February Events 14. Valentines Day 15 & 16. Mardi Gras (Bar Association Offices Open for Members)

William William H. “Bill” Goforth, has again been included in the Louisiana Louisiana Super Lawyers 2010 magazine by Law and Politics Lo P as Louisiana. as b being one of the TOP LAWYERS in the State of Lou The The Super Supe peer Lawyers p Lawyers Magazine rankings are based on o peer surveying surv su rvvey eying eyin in ng of of more than 16,000 lawyers across the state. Bill B has also been Association also b als al eeen se sselected eleect cted by The American Trial Lawyers Asso as 100 as one one of of tthe he To Top p 10 00 Lawyers in Louisiana for 2010.

25. Beyond the Bench with Hon. Pat Hanna at LBA 11:30 am - 1 pm, 1 credit Lunch and CLE

March Events 6. High School Mock Trial 8am - 3pm 15th JDC 12. Clay Shoot at GOL Shooting Range 11am-5pm 17. Shamrocks for Sully - at LBA from 6pm -8pm

Congratulations her own Co ong ngraatu tula ula lati tion on ns to to Nicole N cole B. Breaux who opened h Ni practice is p acti pr tiice ce this thi his year. his yyeear. The The Law Th La L aw Offi O ce of Nicole B. Breaux Bre located N.. P Parkerson Avenue, 337-783-0888. locateed at at 415 4155 N Pa ark kerrso on Av A ven enue, Crowley, LA 337-783 Our father, John Ou ur condolences co ond dol o en ence nccees to to Janice Janice Beyt on the loss of her fathe Daigre passed passeed aw aaway. way ay.. Rabalais Williams, L.L.C. pleased P. Raba bala ba aiiss W iillli liam am ms, L.L L.C. .C C iss p ple l aassed le d tto o announce that Chad C Pitre Counsel with Firm. Piitr t e is is Of Of Co C unse un seell wi ith th the F irm. ir rm m..

25. Beyond the Bench with Hon. Paul deMahy at LBA 11:30 am - 1 pm, 1 credit Lunch and CLE 25 & 26. LBA Board of Directors Retreat

April Events 9. LYLA Birdie with the Bar Golf Tournament 1pm Shotgun Start,Wetlands 25. Beyond the Bench with Hon. Thomas Duplantier at

Elena Arcos Pecoraro Law of Arco Ar os Pecoraro Peco Peco Pe ora raro ro o off Pe P eco cora aro oL aw w and nd n d Mike Miike Maraist M Mar Maraist Law Firm Off Co Counsel with other’s Mara ais ist La L aw Fi F rm m are aree now no ow wO oun unsel wi w ith th eeach ach ac h ot o her’s firms.

LBA 11:30 am - 1 pm, 1 credit Lunch and CLE 29. Lori Heaphy Last Appointment at Pamplona Tapas Bar 5pm -7pm

Our condolences family condo olen ol len e ce cess to to tthe hee fam h mily of of Judge Judge Michael Ju Miichael M ch l Sullivan, ch S Su The Promulgator February 2010

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Volume 30 Issue 1


Volume 30 Issue 1

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The Promulgator February 2010

The Promulgator February 2010

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Volume 30 Issue 1

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