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6 Wedding Moments You'll Definitely Want to Capture on Video

1. Getting Ready with Your Girls

A giddy feeling is in the air. Your closest friends and family surround you as you have your hair pinned up and makeup applied ever so carefully. Make sure to capture the toasts, giggles, and tears in the moments leading

2. First Look Sneaking up behind your groom, knowing this is the first time he’ll see you in your dress and the last time he’ll see you before you’re married is one of the most exciting moments of the day.

3. Ceremony Site

Most likely, you’ll be too busy primping to see the ceremony setup before you walk down the aisle. Don’t miss out on all the special little touches that make the moment you say “I do” as beautiful as it is memorable.

4. The Grand Entrance

If you have two cameramen, have one capture you walking down the aisle and the other film your groom’s face the first moment he sees you. If you only have one videographer, ask a family member to {discretely} film the groom and ask to have this footage added to the final cut.

5. Introducing Mr. & Mrs.

The fabulous moment you’re introduced as newlyweds and come together for your first

6. The Exit:- Whether you have a sparkly send-off or opt for an understated getaway, watching the two of you leave your guests and start your life together is the perfect way to end your video.

These all are the best moment that you want to capture in video

6 Wedding Moments You'll Definitely Want to Capture on Video  

While photos have the ability to stop time, a video will capture the movement and sounds of a day that will go by so quickly. Here are 15 mu...

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