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Johnny Barnes a.k.a Mr. Happy Man

A Bermudian Hero By Radianman (Flickr)

Anybody who lives in Bermuda, or who has lived here in the last two decades, will be instantly familiar with Mr. Barnes. To many, Mr. Barnes is the face of Bermuda and epitomises all that was best in the Bermudian people (but which has been sadly lost). Into the maelstrom that rush hour brings every morning enters Mr. Johnny Barnes, the most beloved man in Bermuda. Ever since Mr. Barnes reached retirement he has set himself a mission, 5 days per week, to travel to the round-a-bout (traffic circus) at the entrance to Hamilton city where traffic from some of the islands major roads meet and spill their traffic into this one junction: it is a bottle neck. After an slow and arduous journey, this is (almost) the final affront, and road users’ nerves are close to snapping, and there, in this bleakest moment stands Johhny Barnes on an island betwen the inbound and outbound lanes greeting every driver and rider with a warm smile, a two-handed wave and a good morning: for a moment, the miasma of stress, frustration fatigue and fear is lifted and we smile back. Mr. Barnes is reliably at his post every morning in the pre-dawn hours (4am) and remains standing there until the traffic abates (10am). Mr. Barnes has become an institution: during every election years you will find smiling politicians at his side greeting commuters. During every beauty pageant Mr. Barnes will at eventually be joined by a bevy of gorgeous contestants (a potentially dangerous distraction). Charities send volunteers to share his vigil to raise awareness for their causes, fully clad motorcycle racers stand with him to promote upcoming race events. So much a part of the Bermudian psyche is Mr. Barnes smiling image that it adorns many postcards, posters and books. A statue of Mr. Barnes was commisioned from the islands internationally respected sculptor Mr. Desmond Fountain, so that motorists actually receive two greetings from Mr. Barnes on their journey to work. Long may he live to continue his good work.

STEP ONE: Reaching out and opening your hands welcomes people towards you, as it implies honesty and trust.

STEP TWO: Showing a genuine smile shows people not only, your happiness but it is also contagious, and you will find no matter what mood they’re in they will smile back.

STEP THREE: Wave, Blow kisses and Say either “I love you“, “God bless you“ or “Have a good day“. Or even all three if you wish.

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