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Ladysmith Secondary dance showcase P. 14

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

T-Wolves get new shirts P. 6

Ladysmith assessments pretty stable

Endless Romance


Gordon and Ann Melliar have a love and friendship that has spanned five decades and two continents. Read all about it and find out how local residents can share their own stories of love during the Ladysmith Little Theatre’s Valentines Day production on Page 15.


Collision Repairs Need a Makeover?

It’s that time of year again when property owners receive their assessment notices — and for 2012, that likely means little change in Ladysmith and the surrounding area. “Most homes in Cowichan Valley will see moderate decreases or little change in value compared to last year’s assessment roll,” said Vancouver Island regional assessor Bill MacGougan. Overall Cowichan Valley’s taxable residential assessment roll is $11,868,483,068 this year. A total of almost $242,000,000 in new residential value has been added due to various changes, including subdivision, rezoning and new construction, according to BC Assessment. In Ladysmith, the residential general overall taxable value in 2011 was $1,037,804,001, and it is essentially unchanged for 2012, as the total residential value is $1,037,759,701, e x p l a i n e d MacGougan. “It’s so close to being no change at all for individual values in Ladysmith,” he said. “You’ll see changes for most properties

you can

of minus-10 per cent to plus-five per cent. The overall assessment is completely stable, but individual property owners will see changes to their assessments either moderately up or moderately down.” The total value of all property classes in Ladysmith in 2012 is $1,130,325,221, up from $1,125,766,282 in 2011. “There are two different types of changes affecting roll value,” said MacGougan. “ T h e r e ’s m a r k e t change — what happened in the market to affect change — and non-market change — new construction, rezoning, subdivision, all these sorts of things that can increase value or create value but are not related to changes in the market.” Within Ladysmith, $21 million in new residential construction added to the roll, according to MacGougan. “Last year, it was close to $27 million, so it’s not much different than last year,” he said. “Most jurisdictions are down more than that in their growth.” MacGougan says this year’s assessments See Deadline Page 3


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2 Tuesday, January 17, 2012 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle

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Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, January 17, 2012 3

News Busy week for RCMP

Christmas Cheer coins


Lily Kroll, president of the Ladysmith Health Auxiliary, presents about 60 pounds of coins to Dennis Lait, the executive director of the Ladysmith Resources Centre Association, for the Christmas Cheer Fund. The auxiliary raised the money by collecting change from Thrift Shop customers. This year, the Christmas Cheer Fund delivered hampers to 167 individuals or families. The community donated about $19,000 in cash to the fund this winter.

Deadline to appeal Jan. 31 From Page 1 follow recent stability in this area. “We’ve been stable for a couple years,” he said. “The market was climbing, and Ladysmith was not an anomaly for most of it. We saw substantial increases in the years leading up to 2008, then in 2008, we saw major correction. Definitely we saw the market climbing and assessments as well up until 2008. For the 2009 assessment roll, we had Bill 45, which, for the most part, caused assessments to stay the same. It’s been very stable this year and in 2011.” The total value of all property classes has increased every year in Ladysmith. The most dramatic changes occurred between 2005 and 2008, as values went from $547,142,516 in 2005 to $1,013,139,332 in 2008. MacGougan believes the market is still strong, despite economic turmoil across the globe. “I think there’s a balance going on between some of the factors that would push markets up and down,” he said. “The availability of credit is still good, and mortgage rates

are historically low, which drives buying up. But there’s still risk there. All these factors serve to mitigate the upward pressure and hold us in balance throughout the province, with the exception of Greater Va n c o u v e r. F o r Vancouver Island, it’s steady as she goes.” Assessments are the estimate of a property’s market value as of July 1, 2011, and physical condition as of Oct. 31, 2011. When estimating a property’s market value, BC Assessment’s professional appraisers analyse current sales in the area, and they consider factors such as size, age, quality, condition, view and location. After BC Assessment completes its assessments, it provides its data to municipalities, which set tax rates based on their budget requirements and send property owners a tax notice each spring. MacGougan encourages property owners to take a close look at their assessment notice and make sure it is fair and to go to BC Assessment’s website or contact the assessment office if they have questions. “It’s kind of like a pub-

lic audit for us, and people get to decide if it’s reasonable or not,” he said. Property owners who feel their property assessment does not reflect market value as of July 1, 2011, or who see incorrect information on their notice should contact the assessment office as soon as possible in January, according to MacGougan. If a property owner is still concerned about their assessment after speaking to an appraiser, they have until Jan. 31 to submit an appeal for an independent review by a Property Assessment Review Panel. The Property Assessment Review Panels, independent of BC Assessment, are appointed annually by the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, and they meet between Feb. 1 and March 15 to hear formal complaints. The Central Va n c o u v e r I s l a n d assessment office is located at 300-125 Wallace St. in Nanaimo. Contact the office at 250-753-6621. For more information about your notice, visit

There were no suspects around drinking alcoThere were a total of Ladysmith or witnesses. hol with a male they 62 calls for service over this period of time. To } A t 5 : 4 6 p . m . , didn’t know when the RCMP news date, 138 incidents have L a d y s m i t h R C M P male became belligJan. 9 to been reported (200 for r e s p o n d e d t o a n erent and they kicked Jan. 15 the same period in accident involving a him out. All was quiet Provided by 2011). vehicle and a bicycle. upon attendance. The Ladysmith Monday, Jan. 9 The cyclist was hit male was not located. RCMP } At 3:19 p.m., police while a vehicle was Friday, Jan. 13 } At 11:59 a.m., police received a report of pulling out of the 49th a lost iPhone 3. The Parallel Grocery park- received a report of phone was believed to ing lot onto Symonds an ongoing issue with be lost approximately Street. The bicycle a blue pickup truck two weeks earlier near is also no threat of any was without lights, revving its engine with Hall Road in Ladysmith. personal information and the rider was not a loud muffler, drivThe iPhone is several being obtained, as the wearing a helmet. The ing up Gatacre Street years old and has a ATM was unusable. driver did not see the and then up Fourth small dent in the bot- Thursday, Jan. 12 cyclist due to it being Avenue. Patrols were tom or top corner of } A t 1 : 0 7 p . m . , dark. The cyclist suf- made, but the vehicle the phone. L a d y s m i t h R C M P fered a minor injury was not located. } At 4:13 p.m., } A t 5 : 4 1 p . m . , received a report of and was taken to the L a d y s m i t h R C M P illegal dumping near hospital with a friend. L a d y s m i t h R C M P attended to a distur- Ninatti Road. Bags No charges are pend- received a report of found property from bance on Buller Street of garbage had been ing. at the request of a male dumped, and garbage, } At 7:49 p.m., police 2010. A ring was found caller. The male’s for- which was household responded to 9-1-1 call a t t h e L a d y s m i t h mer common-law part- in nature, was strewn on Riverbend Road Library in 2010 and ner was at the scene throughout the bush. for a domestic dis- was never claimed. causing a disturbance Police spoke with a pute. Police attended It will be held for 90 wanting to take custody suspect, who advised and arrested a 47-year- days. of the couple’s child. As that they were plan- old male for assault Saturday, Jan. 14 no court orders were in ning to move and had and breach of under} At 10:43 a.m., place, the child was left hired a person to haul taking for breach- L a d y s m i t h R C M P at the residence, and garbage to the dump. ing a condition not received a report of a the female was asked Arrangements were to possess firearms. theft of a Yamaha gento leave, which she did made to have the gar- Firearms were found erator from a pickup without incident. bage cleaned up, and in the residence and t r u c k p a r k e d o n } At 7:10 p.m., police no charges were laid. seized. The male was Wagon Wheel Drive. responded to a motor } At 3:35 p.m., police removed from the res- Police are investigatvehicle accident on the received a 9-1-1 call idence and released ing. Trans Canada Highway from a cellphone from on promise to appear } At 12:24 p.m., the near Baker Road involv- a child in a vehicle who a n d u n d e r t a k i n g L a d y s m i t h R C M P ing a 2002 Jeep Liberty. stated they needed help. given to a peace offi- received a report of The vehicle swerved to Extensive patrols were cer with no-contact people sitting in a car avoid a deer and col- made, but the vehicle and no-go conditions. near Shell Beach Road lided with the middle was not located. The About three hours drinking and playing jersey barrier. Both owner was later located, later, another call was loud music. Police the driver and passen- and it was determined received, as the male were in the area and ger were transported to that the driver had left had returned. Police made patrols, but Duncan Hospital with the vehicle momentari- located the male driv- the vehicle was not minor injuries. ly while the child was ing away, and he was located. Tuesday, Jan. 10 asleep, the child awoke arrested and held for Sunday, Jan. 15 } At 1:55 p.m., police and called 9-1-1. The court. Further charg} At 3:37 p.m., police received a report of driver spoke the child es are being recom- responded to a comroad rage/mischief. A about what constitutes mended. plaint of an assault male reported that an emergency. } A t 8 : 3 0 p . m . , on Penelakut Island. while awaiting a green } At 4:02 p.m., police L a d y s m i t h R C M P A female caller alleged light to turn off the responded to a distur- a t t e n d e d t o a n she was assaulted by Trans Canada Highway, bance on Silverstrand address on Hambrook her sister as the pair the driver of the vehicle Road. Upon attending, Street in Ladysmith were fighting over behind him got out and police discovered a van in response to a com- liquor. Police and BC smashed the mirror off with intoxicated people plaint of assault with Ambulance attended, his truck. A suspect has attended the residence a weapon. A dispute and the female was been identified; charg- wanting to fight. They between the upstairs transported to Duncan es are pending. were sent away by the and downstairs ten- Hospital with minor Wednesday, Jan. 11 home owners. The reg- ants over noise led injuries. Police con} At 9:52 a.m., police istered owner was later to a male assaulting tinue to investigate. a t t e n d e d t o 4 9 t h spoken with, and they another male with a } At 8:12 p.m., police Parallel Grocery Store advised that people baseball bat. There received a report of in Ladysmith after in their van had been were no injuries, and white flares on the receiving a report that fighting but were sepa- the male was arrested mountain range west s o m e o n e h a d t a m - rated and that the fist and released on no- of the airport and had contact conditions via seen lights moving pered with the ATM. fight was consensual. Someone had put an } At 5:05 p.m., RCMP an undertaking and fast down the mounexpired credit card in received a report that promise to appear. tain, possibly vehi} A t 9 : 3 2 p . m . , cles. Police attended the ATM with a piece between 2-3:30 p.m., of plastic that had thin u n k n o w n s u s p e c t s L a d y s m i t h R C M P but did not observe magnets attached to it. stole a tow strap and a received a report of any additional flares. There was no wiring spare tire from a Jeep a female yelling on N a n a i m o R C M P or circuitry with the Cherokee parked at the Silverstrand Road. were asked to check magnet. There was no Timberlands gravel pit. Police attended and their area. Extensive theft from the machine, The thieves entered were advised that the patrols were made nor any damage. There t h r o u g h t h e h a t c h . residents were sitting with negative results.

4 Tuesday, January 17, 2012 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle

Legion lends support to local groups

Ladysmith 10% Shift


The Royal Canadian Legion Branch 171 presented $3,200 in gaming donations to eight community organizations last Thursday. It’s a continuation of great community support, as the Ladysmith Legion presented $10,500 in gaming donations in 2011, as well as $3,000 in Poppy Bursaries for Ladysmith Secondary School and Cedar Community Secondary School students. Pictured here are Branch 171 First Vice-President Gary Phillips (far left) and President Roy Empey (far right) with: front from left, Jacquie Neligan of Ladysmith Family and Friends, Meghan Anderson of Royal Canadian Air Cadets 257 Parallel Squadron, Maggie McDonald of Cowichan Family Caregivers Support Society and Denise Rae of Ladysmith Chemainus Swim Club; and, back from left, Shirley and Dave Perry of Salvation Army Nanaimo, Jennifer Barnes van Elk of the Cowichan Therapeutic Riding Association, Hanna Coulson of the Errington Therapeutic Riding Association LINDSAY CHUNG/CHRONICLE and Heather Owen of the Central Vancouver Island Crisis Society.

Correction In the Chronicle’s Year in Review section in the Jan. 3 paper, we incorrectly identified one of the candidates coming forward for Ladysmith council in September as Bill Brown. It was actually David Brown who ran for a position on council.

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Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, January 17, 2012 5

Dancing Bean closed Looking for solutions to sewage stench

become part of the The Bean began in anymore — it’s bitteraudience. its Willow Street space sweet for for us.” BLACK PRESS “It’s been a wonderful then later punched Kossey agreed. After nine years and journey, creating it and through the wall and in “I’ve got the night off,” nearly 500 shows, the working it, but it’s a lot to the adjoining shop he said when reached by the Cowichan News D a n c i n g B e a n h a s of hard work. We want for more room. more time with family “We were at the end of Leader Pictorial. closed. our lease and imagine His musical memoOwners Larry Kossey and friends.” She and the Bean’s the landlord will look ries from the Bean and Mona Kennedy explain they’ve happily seven or so staffers for someone new,” said include hearing blues become has-beans to enjoyed many high- Kennedy who, like part- players Rick Fines lights during live music ner Larry Kossey, has and Suzie Vinnick “and Cowichan Valley Regional District take a break and enjoy Peter W. Rusland by struggling and pro a demanding day gig. seeing various artists life after their popular to find answers about quelling the BLACK PRESS players. “Larry may still promote come out.” Chemainus java joint. smell. “There’ve been so music in other venues, “ S o m e h a d n e v e r “It’s just the right “The audit’s supposed to tell us Solutions to snuffing a sewage time,” Kennedy said many special moments: and continue with played in public before, stench from Chemainus’ industrial where the smell’s coming from,” of the Bean that shut Amos Garrett, Fred Saltair City Limits,” and never missed an park will be aired during a looming Councillor Al Siebring said. Eaglesmith and Doug she said of the popular open mike for five It’s believed some odour stems a f t e r a D e c e m b e r public meeting, local officials say. Cox, Diamond Joe lawn concerts staged years,” he said. “Part of s h o w b y N a n a i m o Recommendations about corking from Chemainus Composting Inc.’s bluesman David Gogo. (White) and David at the Saltair Pub. our mandate was supthe stink stem from a $3,000 audit plant, and a nearby septage truck- “We’re at that point Francey. “We just didn’t want porting locals and featransfer operation. How do you pick a to be married to an turing the best when “(CCI’s) interested in w h e r e w e w a n t t o favourite?” 80-hour work week we could.” simplify things and Quoted in the Chronicle expanding, but we’re dealing with this audit “We’re trying to work with these first before considertheir expansion,” companies, not shut them down.” ing regional engineer Brian Dennison said. Al Siebring, Councillor store to wait for police arrival, he fled,” he “We have no control Staff Writer said. over (truck-transfer) THE CHRONICLE Despite a thorough search of the area, the septage.” done for taxpayers in September Several Duncan RCMP members and a K-9 male was unable to be located and the investiThat operation’s under a provinby microbiologist John Paul of unit were out in force last Wednesday after a gation is continuing. cial permit. Both operations are Abbotsford’s Transform Compost Police have a suspect and are following up legal, but that’s cold comfort to lone male attempted to shoplift from the 49th Systems. Parallel Grocery in Chemainus. on those leads. residents. His probe followed an angry protest According to Cpl. Kevin Day, spokesperson “At this point, if anyone from the public has by Chemainiacs living with a sewage- “We’re trying to work with these for the North Cowichan/Duncan RCMP, the any information that could assist in our inveslike stench from Mural Town’s indus- companies, not shut them down,” male stole approximately $30 worth of items tigation, we would ask that they contact the trial park. The park sits inside North said Siebring. before being caught by store personnel. North Cowichan RCMP or Crimestoppers,” Day For more, call the CVRD’s Bob Cowichan municipal boundaries. “When the staff attempted to keep him in the said. C o u n c i l ’s w o r k i n g w i t h t h e McDonald at 250-746-2500. Peter W. Rusland

Meeting will address Chemainus industrial park smell

Police search for shoplifter

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6 Tuesday, January 17, 2012 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle



Ladysmith Little Theatre Ladysmith Players Presents A Celebration of Robbie Burns Dates: January 27 & 28, 2012 Doors 6 pm Show and Dinner 6:30 pm All tickets $40. A not to be missed celebration! Box office 205-924-0658 or book online at 4985 Christie Road, Ladysmith

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Brian Mills, Zach Morneau and Jeremy Lepage, members of the CV 2 pee wee house team, sport the new Timberwolves shirts they received after Christmas.

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A group of local young hockey players are sporting a brand-new look around the locker room. The Cowichan Valley Timberwolves, a pee wee house team of the Cowichan Valley Capitals, recently received specially designed T-shirts to wear during tournaments and other gatherings. “They brainstormed different names and came up with the name Timberwolves, and from there, as a Christmas present, the management and the coach surprised them by hav-

ing it designed,” said team co-manager — it came to life pretty naturally; it had Kym Whitefield. a life of its own,” he said. Whitefield said the shirts have helped “I just wanted a really determined lookboost team morale. ing wolf ... something that was inspiWhile they still sport the Capitals logo rational and motivational to empower on the ice at Fuller Lake Arena, their the kids, something they’re excited to Timberwolves shirts help identify them wear.” as a group unit amid the other three The design and screen printing was local house teams. the first official commercial job for Mr. “It makes them feel like a team united Tee Graphics, which Arnold owns. and that they’re all equal,” she said. Arnold has been a freelance artist for The design is a stick-carrying, teeth- the last 15 years. gleaming wolf posing before a full He moved to the area three years ago, moon, and it was thoughtfully crafted and now designs and produces his own by Ladysmith’s Nevin Arnold. apparel. Discount screen printing is “I was really pleased with the design offered to non-profit organizations.

SD68 supporting early readers Members working together to cultivate the heart of our community.

LDBA AGM Thursday, January 19, 2012 12 pm at Columbo’s

Benefits of Membership? • Free business profile on LDBA website • Co-op advertising opportunities • Networking opportunities •Have a role in downtown initiatives Have a VOICE and become a member of a growing FORCE! Become a member before January 31, 2012 and pay only $100 (reg $120)

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Jenn McGarrigle

a pilot project in four Aboriginal students. elementary schools Southwick said the where teams of Grade district is seeing some School District 68 2 teachers work collab- success in this area is going back to the oratively to develop a because six-year combasics to boost student system of supports for pletion rates for those achievement. at-risk early readers. students rose from 43.1 Assistant superintenLast year, a budget per cent in 2009-10 to dent Chris Southwick proposal to fund a sys- 52.1 per cent in 2010s a i d h i g h s c h o o l tem-wide focus on early 11. She believes the completion rates for reading skills failed improvement is due to Nanaimo continue to because it meant cuts a concerted effort by lag below provincial elsewhere. Southwick district staff at all levaverages. said school officials els but acknowledged Educators hope that hope to find the money the district still has a identifying struggling required to make the long way to go. readers and giving them pilot project districtGoals laid out in the support at a young age wide in future years. district’s annual report will help those students “There’s an old saying: on student achievebecome more success- Learn to read so you ment are: to increase ful learners because can read to learn,” she student pass rates on they won’t spend the said. “That is so true. required provincial rest of their years in We get our information exams by five per cent public school trying to mostly by reading.” by spring 2014; to have catch up, she said. Another area of focus all students who are The district started is building success for able meeting or exceedBLACK PRESS

ing expectations at the Grade 4 reading level by spring 2014; and increased completion and grade-to-grade transition rates. Plans are to create a district-wide plan for success for each learner to help support these goals, which means putting information about students on a server so teachers have instant access to information from previous years, allowing educators to compare students from one year to the next, said Southwick. “We don’t track students individually right now other than report cards,” she said. School board chairman Jamie Brennan

said one of the challenging areas identified in the achievement report that troubles him is the gap between female and male students — 71 per cent of females achieved a C+ or better in Socials 11 last year, compared with just 59 per cent of males. “Male students in particular are seen as having a difficult time,” he said. “The best we can get is it’s really complicated.” He said some new models of instruction might be more effective at reaching boys. The school board has referred the achievement report to the education committee for more discussion.

The art of branding Community art showcase Sherry Bezanson Ladysmith Arts Council

N nott cows, and No, d nott even cowboys, and get that image of chaps out of your mind! But the effect is similar. What I’m talking about is a recognizable symbol that is a shortcut to identifying a store, a company or, in this case, the Ladysmith Arts Council. A “brand” is not just a label, a logo or a signature — instead, it is one of the most powerful marketing tools a business or organization can have. This year, the Ladysmith Arts Council has been fortunate to have a new logo created by local artist Trisha Oldfield. Oldfield, an Arts Council member, has forged a successful commercial and professional artist career for more than 12 years. Her images are playful, lively and engaging. You stop and look twice at Trisha Oldfield’s work. A few swishes here and there, a zap of colour, and voila, we have a branding. The effort is much more involved than this simple description, and yet the finished product evokes a sense of startling simplicity, which in fact is the key to being recognizable. That’s what true artists do — they make visual an image

indicates Arts Council president Kathy Holmes. “And part of the branding is our identify; the logo is contemporary, looking strong in both colour and black and white. Once people start recognizing it, it lends legitimacy and authenticity to the Arts Council of Ladysmith and District. It’s important to be easily recognized, as people are visual, and this logo will allow people to see it and recognize projects that we are involved in. In addition, it will be that much easier to find that looks easy and natural. the gallery having the logo on The Arts Council’s new logo highway and directional signs.” will be seen on newsletters, the Holmes says Oldfield was website, letterhead and all pro- asked to design a logo that motional materials. didn’t involve the sea, an arbuOldfield has provided logo tus or seagulls. She explains design and graphic design ser- that those images are over-used vices in the past for clients on the Island and don’t provide such as Salt Spring Coffee, enough information. Thermoproof Windows and Three simple letters: L A C. Urban Legends Salon Spa in Holmes feels that the artist Chemainus, Fernwood Coffee nailed it on the head. in Victoria, Heritage Business “We are more than delighted!” Park and Lighthouse Mortgages she says. “Trisha understood the in Ladysmith … to name just logo needed to identify the couna few. Currently, Oldfield is cil with the members and that one of the studio artists at the the council represents some of Ladysmith Waterfront Gallery, the best artists on the Island.” and she is focusing on fine art The logo launch is exciting as and commercial illustration. it markets the Arts Council in a “The arts council is more than fresh, simple, modern way. five years old in this location, “We want the public to come and it was time we had an iden- here for art, just like a customer tifiable image that associates will go to their favorite branded us with the Waterfront Gallery,” store for purchases.”

Community Police If you have power or power assisted steering, you can still steer even after your engine has stopped, you just need to use more effort. If the engine stops don’t turn off the ignition because the steering column will lock. Coronation Mall, Ladysmith


Selected Crime Stats from December 1 to 31, 2011 Vandalism B&E Auto Theft Theft Ladysmith 6 2 0 6 Yellow Point/Cassidy 1 2 0 5 Saltair 0 0 0 0 Period Totals 7 4 0 11 Total reported RCMP Incidents during this period


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Your local certified inspection facility 1260 Rocky Creek Rd., Ladysmith, BC

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Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, January 17, 2012 7

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8 Tuesday, January 17, 2012 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle



Assessment notices can cause confusion

“You really do need to be friends to stand up and carry on.” Ann Melliar, Page 15


ell, another January means another round of property tax assessment notices. According to BC Assessment, nearly two million assessment notices have been mailed out across the province, 400,000 of them in the Cowichan Valley. It appears from a recent press release from BC Assessment that home owners in Ladysmith and the Cowichan Valley may not see a lot of change in their assessments this year, as the numbers are quite stable. Whether your assessment goes up or down, remember that this doesn’t necessarily mean your property taxes will be affected in the same way. The relationship between assessment notices and property taxes can be confusing. I know it is for me. I chose words over numbers for a reason. Ultimately, it is local government that determines local tax rates, based on the budget. The value of your property, as assessed by the B.C. Assessment Authority, is multiplied by the tax rates as set out by each of the taxing jurisdictions to determine your property taxes. “For example, if property assessments rise, and the costs of your local government remains stable, the tax rate will need to be reduced to generate only the required revenue,” explains Vancouver Island regional assessor Bill MacGougan.”Conversely, if property assessments decline and the cost of government remains stable or rises, tax authorities will increase the tax rate to ensure a balanced budget.” MacGougan is quick to encourage home owners to visit, which offers an e-valueBC tool which allows you to compare assessments online and view other property values in your neighbourhood — and anywhere else in B.C. — Lindsay Chung

Question of the Week

Return to the path you need to walk Points to Ponder Rev. Frances Marr darling

Did your property assessment go down this year? Vote online at

Chemainus United Church

This web poll is informal, not scientific. It reflects opinions of website visitors who voluntarily participate. Results may not represent the opinions of the public as a whole. Black Press is not responsible for the statistical accuracy of opinions expressed here. Results from last week’s question Have you participated in a Festival of Lights work party? Yes 40% No 60% The Ladysmith-Chemainus Chronicle is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province’s newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. Directors oversee the mediation of complaints, with input from both the newspaper and the complaint holder. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. Your written concern, with documentation, should be sent to B.C. Press Council, 201 Selby Street, Nanaimo, B.C., V9R-2R2. For information phone 1-888-687-2213 or go to

You couldn’t sleep past noon on the first morning of 2012 in Chemainus. Chemainus United Church made it impossible. After proclaiming our faith, re-committing to the age-old sacred covenant with our Creator and celebrating Communion, we left the stable hay and dregs of Christmas strewn across the church floor. On the way out, we rang our church bell. For 15 minutes, it echoed down the sleeping streets of our Little Town. Our unanimous New Year’s resolution is to ring that bell more often. It was that much fun. The top of the year

alwa always sparkles with hope, renewed conviction and a rene year yearning to turn over a new leaf as fresh as blank calendars on the walls. cale The church calls this very h human yearning repentance, which includes remorse for past ways. But its deep meaning involves turning our lives around, “coming about” to the Holy Path laid out for our lives. The fabled Navajo prayer calls it “walking in beauty.” We live a natural human rhythm of feast and fasting, celebration and routine. Sometimes in this century and this country, we kid ourselves that celebrating and feasting are our due. We live beyond our means, beyond what the earth can support, with mania for gadgets and entertainment. Then we naturally need to “fast” to right the balance. So we make resolutions. One of the most subver-

Chronicle The

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Vol. 103, #24 2012

sive lines we tell ourselves is “I deserve it.” I’m worthwhile; therefore, I deserve to colour my hair. I’ve had a rough week, so I deserve that piece of pie. In the Christian faith tradition, we are given everything as gift. We do not deserve anything. But we are created for a purpose; many of us spend a lifetime trying to figure out what. The rest is grace offered by the Holy One who made us, unearned by anything we do or fail to do. The good news of our Christian message is how deeply we are loved by the Holy One, how much God yearns for our well-being, for fulfilling our purpose in life. Once in a while, we see clearly how far we have wandered from this God-given path. And sometimes the depth of that realization is heartbreaking. Yet into those broken

hearts rushes the Holy Spirit of God, with healing and cosmos-wide unconditional love. With forgiveness. All the Spirit wants is that we make a fresh start. To give us the ground for that fresh start, God offers us absolute unconditional overflowing everlasting love, the same love that gave birth to the universe, the same love that undergirds the whole of life and will never fail. All New Year’s resolutions can begin here. Whenever we fall off the path — a cookie, a missed day at the gym, a harsh word — we can begin yet again in joy, knowing how treasured we are by the One who made us. Don’t fret if by midJanuary, you’ve dropped your resolutions. Forgive yourself and embrace that amazing grace. Return to the path you need to walk, rooted in gratitude.

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Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, January 17, 2012 9

Letters Your View

Cedar deserves better

Letters and Your View policy

Editor: As a former school administrator at then-Cedar Junior Secondary School and most recently a nineyear SD68 Trustee, I am disappointed and outraged to hear and read about the recent vandalism at Woodbank Elementary. Cedar has a major vandalism problem on its hands A) at schools, B) at the undeveloped residential area between the Wheatsheaf Pub and Mahle House, C) in the misuse of the “swimming holes� along the beautiful Nanaimo River and D) at residential properties. How will citizens — parents, schools, seniors and businesses — respond? Will they demand restorative justice (including payment of costs) by the vandals? Will parents of the vandals step up and seek out ways to help their children look for better behaviour alternatives? I truly hope the residents and families of Cedar hold a community meeting to look at facilities needs, including after-hours use of schools. I suggest teens need to be part of this discussion. Even the vandals need to attend to explain their behaviour and how it has affected the entire community. Do citizens of Cedar care enough to work with our MP, MLA, RDN and SD68 to help this community get over this black eye and move forward in a way that will construct a community of which all can be proud? I hope so. Cedar is worth it! Ron Dale Ladysmith

Thank you Editor: Thank you so much to our friends and neighbours who so generously donated for our cut holly. Through your generosity, we have donated $60 to the B.C. Cancer Fund. Thanks again. Hope to see you next Christmas! Lorraine and Jim Szasz Ladysmith. Lorraine and Jim Szasz Ladysmith

4UBZ4BGF Your independence may increase with home medical equipment that helps provide safety in your bathroom.


Brent Browning spied this cold heron with ice on its bill last month. If you have a photo you’d like to share with us, please send it to

Enbridge oil pipeline will not happen BC Views by Tom Fletcher After following the opening phase of the National Energy Board’s hearings on the Northern Gateway oil pipeline proposal, I have a prediction. B.C. will never see this pipeline. And that’s probably the best outcome. The first reason is the nearly unanimous opposition of informed Kitimat-area residents, led by Haisla Nation Chief Councillor Ellis Ross and local volunteers who described the marine environment of the Kitimat estuary. There was speculation that Ross, who was just appointed to chair Premier Christy Clark’s new Aboriginal Business and Investment Council, might bend on the oil proposal. His testimony put that notion to rest. The Haisla, Haida, Gitga’at and other members of the Coastal First Nations group put their marker


down on managed logging and eco-tourism years before this pipeline debate heated up. California do-gooders may have coined the term “Great Bear Rainforest,� but make no mistake, these tribes run the place. Moving inland, the Northern Gateway pipeline route is a tangle of dozens of asserted traditional territories, some in the century-old Treaty 8 zone and others with no legal settlement. Our courts will require at least another generation of millionaire lawyers to untangle the territorial claims involved, no matter what the B.C., Canadian or Chinese governments may wish to do with this oil. The Haisla have embraced liquefied natural gas ships, plants and pipelines, which may be all the industrial development the region can handle. Condensate can continue to be shipped into Kitimat by tankers and sent by railcar to Alberta to dilute bitumen. Which








The Chronicle encourages readers to express their opinions through a letter to the editor. Priority is given to local writers and local issues. Letters are encouraged to be 200 words. Letters must include the authorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name, phone number and address or they will not be published. The Chronicle reserves the right to edit letters for brevity, clarity, and legal reasons. Photos for Your View must reflect communities from Crofton to Cedar and include the photographerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s name. Contact the editor at editor@ladysmithchronicle. com or fax 250-245-2260. Letters can also be mailed to the Chronicle 341-1st Ave., PO Box 400, Ladysmith, B.C., V9G 1A3.


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brings me to the alternatives to Northern Gateway. CP Rail just announced a major investment in its U.S. main line south of Saskatchewan to transport crude oil from the Bakken Formation, an emerging source of shale oil and gas under Saskatchewan, Alberta and North Dakota. B.C.â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s likeliest alternative for oilsands crude is the existing Trans Mountain pipeline, which has been pumping Alberta oil and refined products to Burrard Inlet for nearly 60 years. Port Moodyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Ioco refinery is gone, but Chevronâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Burnaby plant remains, and some crude goes out by tanker or pipeline to refineries south of B.C. The current owner of Trans Mountain, Kinder Morgan Canada, is naturally watching the Enbridge battle closely. A Kinder Morgan representative provided the following information about tanker traffic from their Westridge Marine

Cash for Containers

Terminal in Burnaby. In 2011, there were 32 tankers loaded at Westridge, down from 69 in 2010. Demand varies widely (there were no tankers in 2000), and current traffic is similar to what went out of Burrard Inlet in the 1970s. Contrary to popular belief, there is not yet a major surge to Asia. Current Port Metro Vancouver rules allow Aframax-class tankers to pass under the Lions Gate and Second Narrows bridges, but they canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t take on a full load. Kinder Morgan has not yet formally applied to twin the Trans Mountain line. If it does expand its priceless right of way, the capacity would be greater than the Enbridge proposal. One way or another, that oil will move. Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter and columnist for Black Press. E-mail

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Much has been written about the Extension Mine explosion of 1909 when 32 lives were lost, but there is little about the fire in the mine on Sept. 30, 1901, when 16 miners lost their lives. The main reason is that the first newspaper published in Ladysmith was the Ladysmith Leader Wellington Extension News, published in January 1902 in what is now the Eagle’s Hall. The first report was in the Victoria Daily Colonist of Oct. 1, 1901: “At one o’clock this afternoon, a terrible disaster occurred involving the deaths of 16 or 17 men. The fire broke out at the bottom of the slope on the canvas curtains, then in half an hour, the whole slope was on fire. John Thomas, a rope-runner, was returning with a half trip of empty coal wagons when George Southcombe and Eugene Griffiths told him the mine was on fire and to run; all three started to run through

COLEMAN FRASER WHITTOME LEHAN Lawyers Michael G. Coleman, Q.C. Norman W. P. Fraser Robert J. Whittome Penny J. Lehan and James G. Coleman are pleased to announce effective January 1, 2012 they will practice law under the firm name COLEMAN FRASER WHITTOME LEHAN Lawyers 202-58 Station Street Duncan, BC V9L 1M4 Tel: 250-748-1013 Fax: 250-748-2733

This photo shows Extension Mine Shaft No. 4 in 1901. On Sept. 30, 1901, 16 miners lost their lives when a fire broke out in the mine. PHOTO COURTESY OF LADYSMITH AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY

the heat and smoke, but only Thomas reached the top, being young and active, managed to beat the fire racing up the slope.” Manager Andrew Bryden arrived and directed efforts to find the trapped miners, but they were not successful. The miners who perished ran with the fresh air coming down instead of against it, as was their accustomed way. Explosions went on all afternoon, and when it was realized that all hope of rescue was gone, they started blocking up the entrance and fan shafts. Dense volumes of black smoke poured out and filled the valley. Bryden sent a message to James Dunsmuir: “Fire occurred on No. 2 slope at No. 3 level which made such headway that in half

an hour, it was halfway up the slope spreading into the airways and workings of Numbers 2 and 3 mines. I was obliged to stop both mines off after two explosions. Have lost some men, cannot say how many.” Dunsmuir left by special train immediately. In February 1902, the fire was still burning, so it was decided to flood the mine. Then on Feb. 24, mine officials decided that the fire was out, and draining started. The bodies of Southcombe and Griffiths were recovered on Feb. 26. Griffiths’s funeral took place in Nanaimo under the direction of St. John’s Lodge. Southcombe’s funeral was to be later. On March 1, more bodies were recovered, and officials

hoped to have the mine clear of water and the mine in full working order by March 31. On March 15, it was reported that 11 mine victims were buried in Nanaimo last Sunday. (The first burial in the Ladysmith cemetery was in 1904). The L a d y s m i t h Leader and W e l l i n g t o n Extension News reported on March 5, 1902: “Nanaimo was the scene of a very sad and unusual event on Sunday, when the remains of 11 miners, victims of the Extension No. 2 disaster last October, were interred in the cemetery in the presence of an enormous crowd of spectators. The two trains which arrived from Extension and Ladysmith were crowded with hundreds of the friends of the dead miners.

The funeral procession fell in behind the three hearses and, headed by a band playing funeral marches, set out by way of Fitzwilliam and Milton streets for the cemetery. The day was beautifully fine and the route lined with hundreds of sympathetic spectators” A coroner’s jury ruled that George Southcombe (and by extension, his 15 companions) met his death by suffocation. “Cause of the fire we were unable to determine by the evidence. We are of the opinion that the management are free from any blame according to the evidence.” We must remember them. Submitted by Kit Willmot Ladysmith Historical Society

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Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, January 17, 2012 11

12 Tuesday, January 17, 2012 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle

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Saturday’s bitter cold winds didn’t deter some young kids from getting out to play. Keeley and Teagan watch Elizabeth go down the slide at the Forrest Field playground in the afternoon.

Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, January 17, 2012 13

Slick tricks


Dylan Izon, 18, took advantage of some sunny, dry weather at the Ladysmith Skatepark last week.

Thank you Ladysmith for all your support in 2011! To show our appreciation, all new & used vehicle purchases by you, our local neighbours, will receive a Special Locals Discount! 2011 RAV4

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2012-01-18 (Wednesday) Time Height PST (m) (ft) 02:25 3.2 10.5 05:45 3.0 9.8 11:09 3.8 12.5 19:09 0.7 2.3

2012-01-19 (Thursday) Time Height PST (m) (ft) 03:31 3.5 11.5 07:13 3.1 10.2 11:59 3.7 12.1 20:02 0.5 1.6

2012-01-20 (Friday) Time Height PST (m) (ft) 04:20 3.7 12.1 08:26 3.2 10.5 12:59 3.7 12.1 20:52 0.4 1.3

2012-01-21 (Saturday) Time Height PST (m) (ft) 05:00 3.8 12.5 09:26 3.1 10.2 14:04 3.6 11.8 21:40 0.3 1.0

2012-01-22 (Sunday) Time Height PST (m) (ft) 05:36 3.8 12.5 10:18 3.0 9.8 15:06 3.6 11.8 22:25 0.4 1.3

2012-01-23 (Monday) Time Height PST (m) (ft) 06:07 3.9 12.8 11:06 2.8 9.2 16:04 3.5 11.5 23:08 0.5 1.6

2012-01-24 (Tuesday) Time Height PST (m) (ft) 06:35 3.9 12.8 11:53 2.6 8.5 17:01 3.4 11.2 23:47 0.7 2.3

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Dancing the night away Students at Ladysmith Secondary School showcased their talents and fancy footwork to a sold-out audience on Fri., Jan 13. The showcase featured everything from tap dances and interpretive to all that jazz. Proceeds from the sale of tickets and DVDs will fund the dance program at LSS. Photos by Niomi Pearson


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Clockwise, from top: Chanise Sykes holds an emotional pose alongside Anna McNab and Cassandra Plourde; Darrick Sampson, Josh Kulhawy tap dance with charming smiles; Matthew Matanovic took the lead in this old time number; Quinne Miller, Michaela Vugteveen, and the rest of the LSS Dance Team bust a move before intermission; and Karissa Thompson fronts a lovely line of dancers.

Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, January 17, 2012 15

Looking for love in Ladysmith Niomi Pearson THE CHRONICLE

They say all you need is love, and a little love is all the Ladysmith Little Theatre is looking for to enhance its upcoming Valentine’s production. They are asking local couples to tell their stories of love during a special segment of the Valentine Chocolate Madness and variety show. “It can be as simple as the story around your first dance at your wedding or as exciting as a [live] proposal of marriage,” says show co-director Wendy Wearne. “Whether it can be commemorated by song or just reenactment, it’s a story that can be told.” The production will consist of three shows from Feb. 10-12. The love stories will be told in the middle of two 40-minute sets featuring a variety of acts celebrating love. Wearne noted that the stories don’t have to necessarily be between a man and woman — they could also include the love between a mother a n d d a u g h t e r, f o r example. “We will build the performance around whatever the love story is,” she said. To mark the occasion, Wearne’s parents, Gordon and Ann Melliar, shared their own love story with

most basic human emotions — it’s the one thing that most songs are written “Love is one of the most basic about, it’s what wars human emotions — it’s the one have been started thing most songs are written about, over, and I don’t think there’s a human alive it’s what wars have been started who doesn’t have a over ... ” love story of some Wendy Wearne, Valentine Chocolate Madness co-director form to tell,” she said. To get involved with the Valentine’s variety show, contact Wendy the Chronicle. T h e y b e g a n d a t - Wearne by Feb. 1 at Originally from south i n g w h e n t h i n g s Africa, the Melliars didn’t work out with have been married Gordon’s friend. nearly 53 years. Ann says it didn’t Their love has sur- take her long to figure vived both time and out that Gordon was tribulations such as the man she wanted the 15-year Rhodesian to spend the rest of Bush War. her life with. They say their closeDuring their courtknit friendship has ship, Ann’s father helped keep them became very ill and though it all. passed away, a pro“You really do have cess Gordon helped to be friends to stand her through. up and carry on,” Ann “That’s when I realsaid. ized, ‘I like this man; Respect and regard he’s kind,’” she said. for each other’s difAll it took was a ferences and abilities simple “I love you,” has also been key. and Ann sprung the “That initial phase question, as it was a of physical attraction leap year custom for and physical love is women to propose. not enduring,” Gordon “The next thing said. I k n e w, w e w e r e Ann and Gordon met going to get married on a train station plat- and announced our form in Mahalapye, engagement in the where dances were paper,” Gordon said. often held in the eveThey came to nings. Ladysmith in 1999, to Both were young join daughter Wearne and in university at and her husband on the time. t h e i r Ye l l o w p o i n t “I spied her before I farm. knew my friend was Wearne said it is funtaking her out, and damental to pass the I thought she was concept of love down looking quite nice,” to future generations. Gordon said. “Love is one of the

Quoted in the Chronicle

250-245-3262 or e-mail Wendy.Wearne@shaw. ca. For tickets to the Valentine’s show, visit or call the box office at 250-9240658. Tickets are $25 per single or $40 per couple. Desserts will be served during the performance.

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In the spirit of the Bard It’s time to celebrate “bonnie Scotland’s most famous Bard.” The Ladysmith Little Theatre is hosting ‘In the Spirit of the Bard,’ a celebration of Robbie Burns, Jan. 27 and 28. The celebration will feature a traditional roast beef dinner with all the trimmings, the piping in of the haggis and a stage show celebrating Robbie Burns. Watch next Tuesday’s Chronicle for more information about this exciting event.

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16 Tuesday, January 17, 2012 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle

Chemainus dance students performing Lindsay Chung THE CHRONICLE

Sextet to sing in Chemainus S t . M i c h a e l ’s P r e s e n t s “Hexuberance” Jan. 22 as part of its Chemainus Classical Concerts series. At 2 p.m. on Jan. 22 in the intimate setting of 1891 heritage St. Michael’s Church, Victoria’s vocal sextet Hexaphone will excite and enthral us with everything from medieval and baroque to jazz and folk music. These six unaccompanied singers bring their music to life with verve, polish and panache. Following the performance, stay for a delicious ‘Meet the Artists’ reception. Hexaphone, Victoria’s sixmember a capella vocal ensemble, was formed in 2002 with the goal of performing diverse

styles of vocal music, one voice to a part. Hexaphone is Carolyn Howe (soprano), Arlene Overman (alto), John Doughty (tenor), Michael Zastre (tenor), Nicholas Fairbank (baritone) and Paul Boughen (bass). Called “Canada’s only professional vocal sextet” by Colin Miles of the Canadian Music Centre, Hexaphone has become a gem of Victoria’s music scene, singing an eclectic range of music with a particular focus on new Canadian works. The sextet is regularly invited to perform at arts events, including the Victoria Symphony’s New Currents Festival, the Voice++ Festival and the New Music In New Places concert series spon-

sored by the Canadian Music Centre. In 2008, Hexaphone was chosen to premiere BC 150 Project: Five Songs for British Columbia, commissioned by the Canadian Music Centre to celebrate BC’s 150th anniversary. Tickets are $15 in advance or $20 at the door and are available at Valley Vines to Wines (Mill Bay), Ten Old Books (Duncan), Ocean Soul Book Caffé (Crofton), Salamander Books (Ladysmith) and the Chemainus Festival Inn or by calling 250-748-8383. You may also buy tickets at Toad Hall Emporium (Chemainus) at the advance price of $15 until one hour before concert time. — Submitted

Chemainus Secondary School dance teacher Sarah Lane is working hard to build up the program at the school, and this week, the community will have a chance to see just how much work she and her students have put into it. Chemainus Secondary School is hosting a Dance Showcase this Wednesday and Thursday at 7 p.m. in the school’s theatre. Tickets are $5 at the door. Students in Grades 9 to 12 will present a variety of dances, from lyrical, ballet and modern to hip hop, Michael Jackson-style dancing, jazz and musical theatre, said Lane. “We’ve got solos, duos, trios and group numbers,” she said. “There’s just a huge variety of dances I’ve choreographed and the kids have been choreographing. (People) can expect a powerful, professionalquality show with a huge variety of dance styles.” There will also be performances by dancers from the Kirkwood Academy of Performing Arts in Nanaimo. Lane says her students are excited to get up on stage and show everyone what they’ve been working on. “They’re totally jazzed to show their stuff,” she said. “They’ve worked so hard since September. We dance every day, so it’s an awesome oppor-





314 Buller St., Ladysmith Jesus Said: “Come & See” Sunday Morning Worship 8am - Holy Communion 10am - Holy Eucharist Sunday School

Wednesdays: 7pm

Prayer & Holy Communion Rev. Daniel Fournier

tunity for the kids. It’s almost like a dance school feel because they get to dance every day, and we have great continuity.” Students have had a lot of training this year, including a session with Ballet Victoria. “This (showcase) is just sort of the culmination of lots of great stuff going on,” said Lane. Lane, who also teaches drama, has been dancing since she was three years old and has studied at the University of Windsor and Canadian College of Performing Arts. “I feel like I bring a really strong background of professional performance to the performing arts program at Chemainus Secondary School, so it’s been really exciting to be here this past year,” she said. “We hope to really be building (the program) every year to create a truly high-calibre performing arts program at Chemainus where it will be a real feature of the school that will draw talented kids to the area. We’re wanting to draw kids in so I can share my passion and experience and hopefully connections, and hopefully the goal for next year is to work on a musical.” As the dance program at Chemainus Secondary School grows, the school is looking for old jazz shoes. Anyone who would like to donate shoes can contact Sarah Lane at

Welcome to

St. Mary’s Catholic Church 1135 - 4th Avenue Ladysmith, BC

in their shoes

Mass Times: Sat. 5:00 pm Sun. 9:00 am 250-245-3414 Hall Rentals Available 250-245-2077


1149 Fourth Ave, Ladysmith Phone: 250-245-8221 (PAOC) Sunday - Worship Service: 10:30 am Childcare for kids 0 – Grade 5 available every Sunday Tuesday 7:00 pm – “G67s” (Grades 6 & 7) Bi-weekly Wednesday 6:30 pm – “Kidopolis” (Grades K-5) Weekly Friday 7:11 pm – “Gravity Youth” (Grades 8-12) Weekly

Attend regularly the church of your choice

January 22, 2012 @ 10am Capernwray Bible Harbour

Life Lesson Series: The Lord’s Prayers Rev. Robert Bedard (Lead Pastor) Phil Hazzard (Youth Pastor) Georgie Williams (Children’s Ministries Director) Rev. H. Nettleton (Visitation Pastor)

Guest Speaker: Ben Ellershaw 381 Davis Road 250-245-5113

Attention Attention Teachers: Teachers:

The Hero In You® education program offers a series of FREE curriculum-linked lesson plans (grades 4-7) aimed to motivate children to find the champion within themselves. In addition, teachers can request a FREE classroom presentation delivered in-person by a Hall of Fame athlete! If you are a principal, teacher or parent and would like to book a presentation for your classroom, call

Lauren McCallum at (604) 687-5520 x 26 or visit to download lesson plans.

When children are exposed to inspiring stories of athletes, they begin to imagine what they can do and how they too can make a difference.


Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, January 17, 2012 17

Sports Getting a step ahead

Conrad Carlson, bottom left, leads the pack during an after-school practice Thursday.


Orcas relay good scores Niomi Pearson THE CHRONICLE

The Ladysmith Orcas continue to make and break records as the season progresses. During three swim meets held in December, seasoned members of the local swim club were improving personal bests while first-time competitors put themselves comfortably on the scoreboards. “That’s what makes me happy; that the little ones are not only coming out for swimming, but they’re actually doing really good. They’ve got medals, they’ve got top places and they’ve got best times,” said coach Dusan Toth-Szabo. “They are working hard.” During the Winter

Break swim meet between Ladysmith and Duncan, eightyear-old Ethan Alsop, in his first meet, placed first in three out of four of his events: 25 back, 25 free and 25 breast, and he was second in the 25 fly. Ladysmith was represented by 21 Orcas swim club members. “It was a smaller meet, but it was really good to finish the year with,” Toth-Szabo said. During that same meet, Conrad Carlson, 15, who is approaching AAA provincials, placed first in the 100 breast, 50 free, 100 free and 200 free. Also taking first in their respective categories were Maria Jones, 8, Faith Knelson, 10, and Darby Rae, 14. Knelson is five seconds away from quali-

fying for a national time in the 100 breaststroke and uses that motivation to drive her when she competes. Knelson joined the Orcas after getting the inspiration in the bathtub. She had just come home from a freezing cold baseball game that her brother had played in. “I sat in the tub and said I want a big trophy in my room,” she recalled. “When I started, I could practically make it across the pool.” The 10-year-old is hoping to one day earn university scholarships by keeping up her training. The focus involved with the sport has already helped improve her scores in school, she said. At 0.08 seconds off

her national time in the 50m free, Rae is hoping she’ll qualify for nationals in Calgary. She currently sits at No. 10 in the province in that category. “It’s a hard event to get into,” she said. Like her co-swimmers, Rae is passionate about the sport and sees a future for herself in it. “I enjoy it for fitness, and I’ve been told I’m good at it.” Five members of the Orcas will make an appearance this weekend at a high-level meet, the Vancouver Island region short course championship in Nanaimo. There are still 10 spots left for any young swimmers who want to get in on the season, which ends in July.


The Ladysmith Tsunami U12 boys took on the Nanaimo Dynamite on Saturday afternoon. Here, a Ladysmith player attempts to keep the ball away from his opponent.

Baseball registration opens this weekend Niomi Pearson THE CHRONICLE

The Ladysmith Minor Baseball Association has three upcoming dates available for parents and guardians wanting to register their child for baseball this season. No prior experience is necessary, and participants can expect to learn, play and grow on the team. “Anyone that does

sports is active, whether you walk or play hockey, soccer or baseball ... it’s worthwhile because there’s always benefits,” said association president Garnet Mah. He added that the cost is very reasonable compared to some other sports. The Ladysmith Minor Baseball Association accepts registration from both boys and girls aged six to 18.

Registration will take place at the Dogwood Street clubhouse on Jan. 19 from 6-8 p.m., Jan. 21 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Feb. 11 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. “It’s the greatest game played in the dirt,” Mah said. “It’s a sport where anybody can play.” Volunteers are also welcome to show up to registration to sign up. For more information, visit


Play Ball!

Baseball players and umpires. Sign Up! Baseball, Players and Umpires. Sign Up!

Last Chance Sat, Feb 11 - 11 am to 3 pm at the Dogwood Clubhouse on Dogwood

Come prepared with your forms already filled out. $20 late registration fee.

For information forms, visit our website:

18 Tuesday, January 17, 2012 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle

Call these fine businesses and find out why they are the...


T 250-245-1111 x 306 F 888-206-0456

821 Colonia Drive - $369,900 Curb appeal plus! !

This 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 1752 sq. Ft. Rancher is a dream to show and perfect for the person who wishes a single level home, and a kitchen that has WOW factor, with maple cabinets, marble counters and terrazzo floors!! Wonderful easy to maintain engineered hardwood and tile flooring, HRV system, RV parking, woodstove and gas fireplace, patios front and back for easy entertaining, updated bathrooms, walk in master suite loset, newer roof, skylights. This home is worthy of a new owner with a most discerning of tastes. Call today!


• Interiors Oceanview Retirement • Exteriors Hailed H il as the Prototype/Model • Home Decor for Retirement Living by an • Home Staging Independent Study. Personalized fees. • Color Consultation

NEW CAFE NOW OPEN! Open 7 days a week Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Baked-in-house Treats and Specialty Coffees 2930 Trans Canada Hwy. Cassidy Just North of Airport

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Did You Know That

Respite and Day Care offered see web site for details: Crofton 250-246-4967


Your notary also prepares wills, powers of attorney and provides estate planning

C H A R T E R E D A C C O U N TA N T S “Your Hometown Accounting Firm” • Clean, Dry Storage • Boxes & Packing Supplies • Electronic Gate • mortgages • Video Surveillance • home transfers • Fully Secured • wills & power of attorney • Access 7am-9pm For further information call 7 days a week Joan Phillips • Gary Richardson Notaries Public email –junction1@shaw – Ladysmith 13136 Thomas Road, Lad Joan Phillips Notary Public, CPCA

Gary Richardson Notary Public, RI


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Junction of Trans Canada Hwy. & South Cedar Road





Business of the Week

Professional Automotive Repairs by Licensed Technicians using the latest computerized equipment Open every day from 6 am to 6 pm We bake everything from scratch A real ARTISAN BAKERY CAFE in your neighbourhood with a very nice patio to relax A-9780 WILLOW STREET CHEMAINUS

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Home & Hospital Visits NO REFERRAL In House Lab NECESSARY Same Day Relines/Repairs FREE Partial Dentures CONSULTATION Dentures over Implants

#7-8377 Chemainus Road at the corner of Chemainus Rd. & Crofton Rd.

Brian Harris

Complete Denture Services



Upgrade your windows before winter FINANCING AVAILABLE Fully Insured


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We install high-quality

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ALSO AVAILABLE Cleaning products Pre-paid fleet cards Gift cards

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Ken Brownlow Prompt Free Estimates

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HONEY HOUSE • Honey • Pollen • Propolis • Beeswax B candles & many ma other products m GIFT PACKAGES G

2 eelevated platforms HEALTHY TASTY NATURAL NA FOOD Outboard motor wash Out 1 outside bay FREDRICH’S HONEY Sani-dump Farm & Shop 3 Vacuums 2798 Cedar Road • 250-245-4214 Boats too! OPEN DAILY 10am 10 - 5pm

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â&#x20AC;&#x153;A Guide to Planning Ahead.â&#x20AC;?

Cedar Heritage Centre 1644 MacMillan Rd Jan 24, 10am - 12noon Fuller Lake Arena Registration: 9:30am Jan 25, 10am-12noon Duncan Community Lodge (Formerly the Moose Lodge). Jan 24, Tuesday, 3pm-5pm

Iain S. Smith Manager Nanaimo

SANDS FUNERAL CHAPELS Nanaimo 250-753-2032 Proudly Canadian


For further information Brenda 250-749-0134



CALL FOR ENTRIES 10TH ANNUAL Kitty Coleman Woodland Art & Bloom Festival. Fine Art and Quality Crafts Juried Show. Presented in a spectacular outdoor setting May 19,20, 21 Applications for Artisans are available at or phone 250-338-6901

DATING SERVICE. LongTerm/Short-Term Relationships, Free to try!!! 1-877-2979883. Live intimate conversation, Call: #7878 or 1-888-5346984. Live adult 1on1. Call: 1866-311-9640 or #5015. Meet Local Single Ladies. 1-877804-5381. (18+).







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Burial and Cremation Centre Your local Memorial Society of BC Funeral Home, caring service at reasonable cost. NANAIMO 595 Townsite Rd.


$)3#2)-).!4/29 ,%')3,!4)/.


Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, January 17, 2012 19 y

LADYSMITH 112 French St. Greg Lonsdale


250-245-5553 DEATHS

JOHNSTON â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Eric James It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Eric Johnston on January 4th, 2012. Eric has walked hand in hand with his wife, Joan, for the past 56 years. He was the proud father of eight children; Sandra, Tony, Lynda, Eric, Tim, Simon, Alastair and Brian. Eric proudly served in the British Airborne 7th Paratrooper and was honoured to wear the Red Beret. He will be missed by many but never forgotten. Condolences may be offered at Telfordâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of Ladysmith 250-245-5553

SUMMER STUDENTS COWICHAN VALLEY REGIONAL DISTRICT Looking for an opportunity to gain meaningful work experience and earn money toward next yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tuition? The CVRD is looking for students to ďŹ ll challenging and rewarding summer student opportunities during the Summer of 2012 in the areas of: â&#x20AC;˘ Engineering & Environment & Utilities â&#x20AC;˘ GIS â&#x20AC;˘ Public Safety â&#x20AC;˘ Legislative Services (Records Mgt) â&#x20AC;˘ Arts & Culture (Program Admin) â&#x20AC;˘ Parks & Trails Planning â&#x20AC;˘ Parks Outdoor Work Crew â&#x20AC;˘ Recreation Summer Camps â&#x20AC;˘ Lifeguarding If you are a student currently attending high school, community college or university and planning to return to school next Fall, visit our website to view all available opportunities, including qualiďŹ cation requirements and application instructions:

GREAT RETIREMENT Job! Join the GoTaxi! team & work from your Ladysmith home. Drive one of our unique cars and meet interesting people. Day or night shift, full or parttime, will help with license. or 250-5339104.

HELP WANTED Alberta earthmoving company requires a Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanic. You will work in a modern shop and also have mechanics truck for ďŹ eld work. The job is at Edson, Alberta. We require that you have experience on Cat crawlers and or Deere excavators. Call Lloyd at (780)723-5051.

EDUCATION/TRADE SCHOOLS ACCOUNTING & Payroll Trainees needed. Large & small ďŹ rms depend on certiďŹ ed A&P professionals. No experience needed! Local career training & job placement available. 1-888-424-9417. Become a Psychiatric Nurse - train locally via distance education, local and/or regional clinical placements and some regional classroom delivery. Wages start at $30.79/hr to $40.42/hr. This 23 month program is recognized by the CRPNBC. Govâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t funding may be available. Toll-free 1-87-STENBERG INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. Locations in Alberta & BC. Hands on real world training. Full sized equipment. Job placement assist. Funding Avail. 1-866-399-3853

THE LEMARE GROUP is seeking Forestry Engineers to assist in road and cutback design. For those that display the qualities we desire we will provide remuneration that is above industry standard. Send resumes to the Planning Manager at (250)956-4888 or email

MEDICAL TRAINEES needed now! Hospitals & Doctors need well trained staff. No experience needed! Local training & job placement available. Call for more info! 1-888-7484126.

LEMARE GROUP is seeking a certiďŹ ed heavy duty mechanic and an experienced off-highway logging truck driver for the North Vancouver Island area. Full time union wages. Send resume by fax to 250-9564888 or by email to ofďŹ



Community WALK Coordinator â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 2012 Nanaimo Scotiabank MS WALK The MS Society of Canada, Central Island Chapter is currently recruiting for the contract position of Community WALK Coordinator for the 2012 Scotiabank MS WALK in Nanaimo. This is a part-time contract position from February through to May 31st. This contract could possibly be extended. The Community WALK Coordinator will be responsible for the organization of the 2012 Scotiabank MS WALK held in Nanaimo on April 29, 2012. The MS WALK is the MS Societyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s largest national fundraising event and occurs in 25 sites across BC. The successful applicant will be well-organized, enthusiastic, have experience working with volunteers, event planning, corporate sponsorships, fundraising and be very familiar with community of Nanaimo. The applicant must have their own vehicle and be available to work ďŹ&#x201A;exible hours. They must also be highly computer literate and have daily access to a computer running Windows, e-mail and a high speed internet connection. QualiďŹ ed applicants are invited to send their resumes, including salary expectations by January 23, 2012 Paula Springman MS Society of Canada, BC Division Fax: (604) 689-0377 E-mail: We thank all applicants for their interest in the MS Society of Canada and regret that only those selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls please.

20 Tuesday, January 17, 2012 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle y , , , PERSONAL SERVICES



PORT HARDY BC- Journeyman GM Technician required. Full-time competitive pay, bonuses, benefits. Aval. immediately. Send resume to or fax (250)949-7440 Attention Corey Klassen.

Social Worker

THE LEMARE GROUP is seeking a Machinist. Fulltime union wages. Please send resumes by fax to (250)956-4888 or by email to

Sunridge Place, a Residential Complex Care facility in Duncan is recruiting for a part-time Social Worker. If you wish to be part of an enthusiastic team who are making a difference in the lives of seniors, please send your resume to Thank you to all applicants for your interest in Sunridge Place, however, only those applicants selected for interview will be contacted.

EARN EXTRA Cash! - P/T, F/T Immediate openings. Easy computer work, others positions are available. Can be done from home. No experience needed.






M.I.C.s GROUP of Health Services, Matheson - Iroquois Falls - Cochrane. (View job ad at Fax: 705-258-2645. DIETITIAN (Full-time position). This position will be based at Bingham Memorial Hospital (Matheson, ON), and will provide Clinical Nutrition services and Diabetes Program and long-term care services. Must hold a Bachelor Degree in Dietetics, have successfully completed an accredited internship program and be eligible for membership in the College of Dietitians of Ontario. Excellent salary, employee benefits. Traveling compensation package and a signing bonus is available.

M.I.C.s GROUP of Health Services (View job ad at Fax: 705-258-2645. Pharmacist: Permanent Full Time ($120,000-$150,000 + benefits) The Pharmacist directs clinical support for three hospital sites within MICs. Qualifications: Degree in Pharmacy (BScPhm, PharmD). Licensed with the Ontario College of Pharmacy. Recent/ current acute care/hospital pharmacy experience.

Looking for a NEW job?


Ladysmith Resources Centre is currently seeking Part-time Project Manager Project Reel Life


TRADES, TECHNICAL PIPE LAYERS REQUIRED at Locar Industries. Minimum 5 years experience. Fax resume to 250-751-3314

Ladysmith Resources Centre is currently seeking

Program Manager The Ladysmith Resources Centre is looking to hire a Program Manager to manage various programs offered by the Association. This person will be responsible to ensure that the programs they oversee are successful in meeting their mandates and to ensure funding is maintained and continually forthcoming to support ongoing delivery. Qualifications: Social Services Diploma / Early Childhood Education diploma or equivalent education and experience. Experience in program management Theoretical and practical knowledge of parenting young children. Ability to work independently and in a team Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills Excellent communication skills – both verbal and written Criminal Record Check Hours: 18 hours/week Position to start Feb 2012. For more information on the position, go to our website Job Opportunities Submit resume to: Ladysmith Resources Centre Association Attn: Program Manager Position 630 Second Avenue, PO Box 1653 Ladysmith, BC V9G 1B2 Fax: 250-245-3798 Email: Only applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted.


1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366)

HOME/BUSINESS SERVICES ELECTRICAL DROWNING IN Debts? Helping Canadians 25 years. Lower payments by 30%, or cut debts 70% thru Settlements. Avoid bankruptcy! Free consultation. Toll Free 1 877-5563500,

1A ELECTRICIAN, licenced, bonded, Small Jobs Specialist, panel upgrades and renos. All work guaranteed since 1989. Rob at 250-732-PLUG (7584).



2 BURLEY MEN MOVING. $85/hr for 2 men (no before or after travel time charges on local moves. Please call Scott or Joshua, (250)753-6633.


PLUMBING A SERVICE PLUMBER. Licence, Insured. Drains, HWT, Reno’s, Repairs. Senior Discounts. After Hour Service. Call Coval Plumbing, 250709-5103.


R&L Roofing Trent Dammel Ray Gisborne


For more information on the position, go to our website Job Opportunities

Applications will be accepted until February 15, 2012 Only applicants chosen for an interview will be contacted.


Guaranteed Record Removal since 1989. Confidential, Fast, & Affordable. Our A+BBB Rating assures EMPLOYMENT & TRAVEL FREEDOM. Call for FREE INFO. BOOKLET

A minimum 2 years experience in commercial project management Strong problem solving, decision making and multi-tasking skills Ability to lead and work within a project team Strong interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written) Experience working with youth

Please submit resume and cover letter to: PROJECT REEL LIFE PROJECT MANAGER POSITION Ladysmith Resources Centre Association 630 Second Avenue, PO Box 1653 Ladysmith, BC V9G 1B2 Fax: 250-245-3798 Email:



Project Reel Life is a youth-led enterprise that hopes to bring a movie theatre to the community of Ladysmith. We are looking for someone who can fill the following requirements: Contract period: 15 months starting late January 2012 Qualifications: t t t t t


CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

TEACHERS GPRC, FAIRVIEW Campus (located in the heart of Alberta’s Peace Country in northwestern Alberta) requires an Animal Health Instructor (DVM) to commence immediately. Visit our website at y

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RENTALS APARTMENT/CONDO Chemainus: Lockwood Villa, well kept bldg, 1 bdrm $625 incl. heat & hot water, sm pets welcome. Call Karen 250-2461033 or 250-709-2765. Ladysmith: bachelor, 1 & 2 bdrm suites from $700/mo incl. heat & hot water, ocean views, completely renovated, new management, on trolly route, small pets ok, rent incentives. 250-668-9086. LADYSMITH, 2 bdrm corner suite, avail now. New upgades. Includes insuite laundry. $700/mo. 250-741-0353 or LADYSMITH, LIKE new, 1 yr old, 2 bdrm, 2 bath condo, 1250 sq ft, 360 degree ocean view, 5 appls, pet friendly, $1195 mo, 250-245-8997. LADYSMITH: BRAND new 3 bdrm, 3 bath, 1600 sq.ft. townhome, 5 appls, pet friendly, $1450/mo. Call 250-245-8997. LADYSMITH, LUXURY 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 2 F/P, 5 appls, 2 decks, fab ocean views, pet friendly, $1395, 250-245-8997 Ladysmith: 1 & 2 bdrm apts, heat incl., n/p, ref’s required. The Villa 250-245-3583.


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GORGE VIEW APT 258 Gorge Road East Stes avail. - Some Immed. 1 Bdrm $860; 2 Bdrms $1120; 2 Bdrm & den $1125. Amenities incl’s indoor pool, fitness facilities, above grnd and parkade pkg, on site laundry. Onsite staff avail. Please call Sue or Elena 250-380-6566 Email:

$850/MO- 1bdrm new home, lrg yard, view; lake/mnts, country living. Discount $100. for lease. Call 250-753-1200.

TOP DOLLAR Paid! Want To Buy Junk Cars & Trucks for cash. 1-250-954-7843.

EXECUTIVE HOME 4000 sq.ft. Cowichan Valley Hwy, with great view, 4 bdrm, 3 1/2 bath, 2 fireplaces plus approx. 1 acre horse paddock. Available immediately, $2500 per month, utilities not included. For viewing, contact (250) 248-0015.


PARK WEST APTS 55 Bay Street Stes avail. - some immed. 1 Bdrms from $875; 2 bdrms from $1125. Close to Victoria downtown, Save-On, Starbucks & transportation. Please Call Wendy 250-590-7505 Email: WETHERBY APTS FOR SENIORS ONLY 55+ Spacious stes Avail. - some immed. Bach $750; 1 bdrm $890; 2 bdrms $1075 & up. Close to buses, Hillside Mall, doctors, dentists all within walking distance. Seniors lifestyle of convenience & comfort. On site laundry, social room. Staff available. Please call Bonny 250-598-1650 Email: SEAGATE APTS 707 Esquimalt Road Stes avail. - some immed. 1 bdrm $875 & up; 2 bdrms $1010 & up. Indoor pool, exercise rm and many other fitness amenities. Full view of Strait of Juan de Fuca. Please call Sylvia 250-383-1731 Email:

COMMERCIAL/INDUSTRIAL Retail Commercial Space 1430 sq. ft. of commercial or warehouse space for rent. Located in front of Junction Mini Storage with great highway exposure. Deer Lake Properties (Thomas Rd.) Inc. dba Junction Mini Storage 13136 Thomas Rd. Ladysmith, BC 250-245-2760

HOMES FOR RENT Royal LePage Property Management

Ladysmith: 3 bdrm bungalow, central, newly reno’d, 6 appls, n/s, n/p, $1200/mo + utils, Avail. Feb. 1st, 250-668-3149. Saltair: 2 bedroom oceanfront cottage, w/d, f/s. Seniors walk-in tub/shower, references required, available March 1st, $1200/mo, 250-246-0021.

SHARED ACCOMMODATION LADYSMITH, PRIVATE bdrm w/ F/P, luxury onsuite bath, private ocean view deck, in fully furn’d 1600 sq ft condo, incls hydro and 3 tier cable, must see, $525 mo, 250-245-8997.

SUITES, LOWER LADYSMITH, 1 bdrm, large, newer, insuite W/D, walk to all amenities. Avail immed. $575 mo. Call 250-667-1555.

Ladysmith: 1 bdrm, ocean view, w/d, f/s. Avail. now $700/mo incl. utils except phone & internet. n/s, n/p, 250-245-9938. LADYSMITH. 2 Bdrm. Lndry & util incl. $900/mth & DD. N/S, N/P, Refs. Avail immed. Call: 250-245-9348 LADYSMITH NEW 1 bdrm Avail now! In suite laundry, 5 new appls, all utils except cable incld, private patio, NS/NP. $825. 250-714-8556. LADYSMITH- (walk to town) new bright 1 bdrm, Priv. entr. NS/NP. Quiet, mature tenant(s). Utils incld. Parking small car. On bus route. Avail Jan 15. $750. (250)245-4025.

SUITES, UPPER LADYSMITH: 2 bdrm, in central location. Hydro & cable included, F/S, N/S, N/P. Call 250-245-4638.

TRANSPORTATION AUTO FINANCING Auto Financing 1.800.910.6402

Ladysmith: Twin Falls. A deluxe townhome. 3 bdrm with finished bsmt, 6 appls, gas f/p, n/s, n/p, $1250/mo, ref’s pls. Chemainus: 4 bdrm ocean view apartment, f/s, shared w/d, n/s, n/p, avail now, ref’s required, $995/mo.

Ladysmith: Harbour view 4 bdrm home with basement suite, 5 appls., gas f/p, hotwater heat, n/s, n/p, references please, available now, $1500/mo. South Wellington Area: 1 bdrm suite in quiet and private country setting, n/s, n/p, avail. now, references required, $850/mo. Ladysmith: Warehouse/retail space, 2000 square feet Rd. approx., Westdown Available Dec. 2011 Ladysmith:Alderwood Area, 3 bdrm rancher, like new, 5 appls, nice yard, n/s, n/p, avail. now, $1300/mo.

Call Royal LePage 250-245-0975

SCRAP BATTERIES Wanted We buy scrap batteries from cars, trucks & heavy equip. $4.00 & up each. Free pick-up anywhere in BC, Minimum 10. Toll Free 1.877.334.2288.

TRUCKS & VANS 2005 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN SXT. $10,895. Stow N Go seats, 3.8L V6 OHV engine. This is my wife’s car and has excellent care and attention. Most options, TRAILER TOW Prep Group (never hauled anything), Front Set Console, Driver’s Seat 8 Way Power, CD Player, Exterior Colour Linen Gold Metallic. Seasonal tire sets. Parksville location. 250-248-4721 CASH BUYER of junk cars and trucks. Over the phone price quotes. 1-250-954-7843.

Ladysmith: 1 bdrm, large suite, reasonable rent, ref’s req., More info 250-245-8842.

Ladysmith: Executive at The Creek, 2 bdrm with loft, 5 appls, gas f/p, covered prkg, n/s, n/p, $1200/mo, ref’s pls.

Chemainus area: 2 bdrm ocean view duplex, f/s, w/d, n/s, n/p, $750/mo, available December 1.

SCRAP BATTERIES Wanted! We BUY Scrap Batteries from Cars, Trucks etc. $4.00/ea. & up! Free pick-up Island Wide. Min. 10 (1)604.866.9004 Ask for Brad

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What’s Happening Email items for publication to with the subject line containing "What's Happening". This is a free service for non-profit groups that runs as space allows. As we have pages of entries, publication is not guaranteed and copy is subject to editing. Please keep length to 25 words or less.

Up Coming REGULAR HIGH STREET OPEN MIC/ COFFEEHOUSE Sat, Jan 28, 7- 10 pm. 232 High St. Come for a great evening of entertainment. Donation to Foodbank appreciated Contact 250-245-2909 LADYSMITH SALTAIR GARDEN CLUB Meeting Jan 19, 7:30 pm United Church Hall, 232 High St. Speaker: Colin Bartlett - Backyard Bird Store. Membership $10/yr Everyone Welcome . PRE-MARRIAGE WORKSHOP FOR SINGLE PARENTS PLANNING TO REMARRY. - What 'To Do' before you say 'I Do'. Lively, interactive one day pre-marriage workshop offers ideas, information, & pre-wedding tips for single parents planning to remarry. Sat, Feb 18, Nanaimo, Register or more info - Dianne 250- 591-8184, or email dianne@dianne

Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, January 17, 2012 21 FROM EL HOL REFUGEE CAMP TO PEACE Fundraising Salmon Supper for our Refugee Family. Fri, Jan 20, 7 pm. St Johns Anglican Church Hall, tickets $25.00 pp, only 75 available. Dr John Potts speaker. Please contact Kathie @ 250 245-8498 Elizabeth @250 754-5687 Louise @ 250 245-7264

HARVEST HOUSE FOOD BANK Chemainus. Friday, Info call 250-246-3455.

SPECTRUM - PEER SUPPORT GROUP FOR TEENS - whose families have experienced changes such as separation, divorce, death or other major events. The next session will be starting Thurs, Jan 26 3:30-4:30 pm at St. John's Church 314 Buller St, Ladysmith. Call 250-6680894 to register or for more information.

MEALS ON WHEELS Ladysmith meals delivered Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays. Volunteer drivers needed. Call Pearl: 250-245-3844.

SING FOR PURE JOY! - meets on Saturdays, 7-8:30 pm in the 2nd floor lounge of The Lodge on 4th singforpurejoy@gmail. com or (250) 285-3764 LADYSMITH CAMERA CLUB - “Getting the Shot”, a how-to exposé of the techniques of award-winning Ladysmithbased photographer Sean Sherstone. Tues, Jan 24, 7 pm, Hardwick Hall, High St at 3rd Ave, Ladysmith. Public welcome. Non-members $5 drop-in fee. LCC invites new members, novice to pro. Info, www. KINSMEN/BROWN DR. PLAYGROUND PROJECT HAS SET UP A FUNDRAISING ACCOUNT at the Junction Bottle Depot, on Ludlow Rd. in Ladysmith. Take your empties to the bottle depot, funds credited to the Kin. Park Playground account.

On Going BINGO - LADYSMITH Every Wed - 6:45 pm, Doors 5 pm, St. Mary's Church Hall. Info call 250-245-3079. Sponsored by Ladysmith Resources Centre Association CANCER SOCIETY The Ladysmith Branch needs volunteer drivers to provide transportation for Ladysmith cancer patients needing help to and from cancer-related appointments. Volunteers needed for all aspects of the society's work. Weekdays call 250-2450671, 10 am - 1 pm.

BINGO Chemainus Senior Dropin Centre. Mondays, 6:40 pm. Info: Murray 250-2469968. NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH Volunteers needed. 250-245-1118.

LADYSMITH LEGION Mondays, crib, 7 p.m. Meat draws: Saturdays 2 5:15 pm, Fridays 4-6 pm, Sundays 3-5 pm, Darts: Wednesdays, 7 pm, Line dancing: Thursdays 9-11 am, Fridays: pool, 8 pm, 250-245-2273. CANADIAN FEDERATION of UNIVERSITY WOMEN Nanaimo branch. Meets 4th Monday of each month. St. Andrews Presbyterian. 7 pm. Karen: 250-756-9508. BINGO Every Fri, 6:45 p.m., Chemainus Legion branch #191. Doors open 5 p.m. FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS Organizers meet 3rd Thursday of each month at the FOL building at 4th & Strathcona Ave. 7 pm. 250-245-5888 or 250245-2263. LADYSMITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS Parent/caregiver & children age 0-6 drop-in, Sept to June: Mon - Fri 9:30 am. - noon at Aggie Hall. July to August: Tues to Thurs: 9:30 am - noon. Info: 250-210-0870. LADYSMITH EAGLES AERIE #2101 Meets every 1st & 3rd Wednesday. 8 p.m. Auxiliary meets 2nd & 4th Thursdays, 7:30 pm Eagles Hall. CHEMAINUS THEATRE COSTUME SHOP Needs volunteer seamstresses to help build for upcoming shows. Contact Crystal Hanson 250-246-9800 ext. 7117. SPEEDWATCH/COPS Citizens on Patrol & SpeedWatch need volunteers. Contact the Community Policing Station at Coronation Mall. 250-245-1118. LADIES GOLF Continued on page 22

CLUES ACROSS 1. Tooth caregiver 4. Greek counterpart of Rhea 7. A numbered mail compartment (abbr.) 10. New Zealand parrots 12. Political action committees 14. Fringe-toed lizard 15. Reposes 17. Winglike structures 18. MacMurray of “My Three Sons” 19. Oprah’s Broadway show 22. Ceaser, egg and tossed 23. Oarlock 24. Agile, lively (nautical) 25. Skim or dart 26. And (Latin) 27. Embodies 28. Gallivants 30. Hyperbolic cosecant 32. Rural delivery 33. Atomic #89 34. Opposite of wealthy 36. Imus and Knotts 39. Yellow ageratum species 41. Large tropical Am. lizard 43. Late Show star 46. Armor breastplate 47. “Death in the Family” author 48. Liquors from rice 50. Bread for a burger 51. Yeast 52. 100 = 1 tala in W. Samoa 53. Two-year-old sheep 54. Hyrax or cony 55. Engine additive


CLUES DOWN 1. Danish krone (abbr.) 2. Insect repellents 3. Move sideways 4. October’s birthstones 5. __ Alto, California city 6. Mark of healed tissue 7. Somewhat purple 8. Egg mixture cooked until just set 9. Past tense of bid 11. Ancient stone slab bearing markings 13. 9th month (abbr.) 16. Thrown into a fright 18. A playful antic 20. “Waiting for Lefty” playwright 21. Ultrahigh frequency 28. Cutting gun barrel spirals 29. Youth loved by Aphrodite 30. Get by begging 31. Cleans by scrubbing vigorously 34. Bubonic calamity 35. Radioactivity unit 37. South African peoples 38. Legless reptiles 40. Thick piece of something 41. A distinct part of a list 42. Regarding (Scottish prep.) 43. Something that is owed 44. Mild exclamation 45. Etce____: continuing the same 49. Variation of 17 down

22 Tuesday, January 17, 2012 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle

What’s Happening Continued from page 21

On Going Ladysmith Golf Course, Tuesdays, 10 am. Call 250-245-7313. TOPS #4456 - Ladysmith Meets each Thurs 9-11 am in the Pentecostal Church on 4th Ave. Call Sheila 250-722-2613.

residents to the Ladysmith area. Couples & singles welcome. Sharon at 250-245-9334 or ladysmithnewcomers@ LADYSMITH MENTAL HEALTH SUPPORT GROUP Meets on the 1st & 3rd Friday of the month 1:30 pm basement of Ladysmith Resource Centre.

THE ORCAS SWIM CLUB Ongoing registration. Call Registrar Denise Rae at 250-245-7925.

LADYSMITH CELEBRATIONS SOCIETY Ladysmith Days. Ladysmith city hall, on 1st Thursday of every month, 7 pm 250-245-2263. www.

MOUNT BRENTON POWER & SAIL SQUADRON Membership meeting. Ladysmith Legion hall. Every 3rd Tuesday except holidays & July & August, 7:30 pm.

DAD'S GROUP - Drop In Breakfast - Program of the Ladysmith Resources Centre Association. 630 - 2nd Ave., Upper Floor, Saturdays, 10 - noon. 250-245-3079.

LODGE ON 4TH FAMILY COUNCIL - Family & friends advocating on behalf of the residents. Next meeting info contact Judy at 250-245-3438.

ALZHEIMER/ DEMENTIA SUPPORT GROUP Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesdays. Call Jane Hope, Alzheimer Society of BC at 250-245-7939 or 1-800-462-2833.



Emotional support for those facing a life threatening illness, family and friends and for those grieving the death of a loved one. 1-888-701-4242. Group, telephone & individual support available.

NARCOTICS ANONYOMOUS Meets Sundays, 7-8 pm Downstairs at Ladysmith Resource Centre Association.

NORTH OYSTER HISTORICAL SOCIETY Engraved bricks fundraiser. Info call Bob Handel at 250-245-0919.

DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB Meets Tuesdays weekly, 1 pm. Beginners welcome. Town and Country Mobile Home Park. 250-245-4522.

LADYSMITH AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY New members welcome. Meets 3rd Tuesday of the month. 2 p.m. at the archives. 250-245-0100. LADYSMITH SALTAIR GARDEN CLUB Every third Thur at 7:30 pm, First United Church Hall, (corner of High St & 3rd Ave) with in-garden meetings June, July, August. Come& grow with us! New members always welcome. $10 membership, $2 drop-in.

LADYSMITH LEGION LADIES AUXILIARY Meets 2nd Wednesdays monthly, 7 pm. NANAIMO-CEDAR FARMER’S INSTITUTE Cedar United Church Hall. 2nd Thursdays Oct. to

June. Visitors welcome. Info: 250-722-3397. PROBUS CLUB OF LADYSMITH (for information see www., meets every third Wed morning of the month at the new Seniors' Centre Hall, 2nd Ave. and Buller St. Doors 9.30. No mtg. in August. Call Vince Devries 245-0907 or Don Fisher 245-5965. LADYSMITH MEDITATION Drop in Wednesday nights, 7 pm., 281 Dogwood Drive. Meditation lessons, discussion & goodies. Free. 250-245-4102. bhiggs@bcsupernet. com.

410A First Avenue, Ladysmith. Office (250) 245-1111 ext. 311 or Cell (250) 714-3280 or Email

Doug Bodaly

Beautiful One Owner Home, Million Dollar View, in Sunny Saltair Priced at $409,000 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and double garage. Owner built by retiring tradesman

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WIN 1 of 4 $250 Gift Cards Island Homes Realty wishes to announce that Doug Bodaly has joined our sales team at 410A First Avenue, Ladysmith. Doug brings a high level of integrity and 30 years of real estate sales experience. Island Homes Realty invites all Doug’s past, present & future clients to contact him at his new office (250) 245-1111 ext. 311 or on his cell (250) 714-3280 or by email

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e Sav% Call Now! 250-245-2277 30

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Greg Buchanan 250-245-8914 See All My Listing on the Internet!

with 4 bedroom and 3 bathrooms. Boasts great ocean views, granite counters, high quality hardwood floors, cherry cabinets etc etc etc

savee time and money money

Welcome Doug Bodaly!

Chemainus: Diana 250-246-4463 Ladysmith: Eileen 250-245-0799

$529,900 Beautiful executive home

No Fancy Promises. We Offer Service & Get Results.


Our hostess will bring gifts & greetings along with helpful community information.


AL-ANON Meets Tuesdays, 7:30 pm downstairs at Ladysmith Resource Centre Association.


2727 JAMES ST. 250-748-9977 DUNCAN

LINE DANCING Chemainus Seniors Drop In Centre. Tuesdays, 10 - 11 a.m. Jo Kelly: 250245-1185.

Independently Owned and Operated


between January 1–31, 2012

New level entry home $474,900 Gorgeous views of the ocean, gulf Islands and the mainland mountains. With hardwood floors, 2 sided gas Fireplace, heat pump this is a must see.

Reduced to $259,900

Visit and click on the Contest tab

Beautiful 1683 sq ft open floor plan home on it’s own lot with vaulted ceilings, 3 bedrooms 2 baths, gas fireplace and a very private back yard early possession is possible.


$299,900 Great Family Home

Save time, save money.

Visit our other Black Press sites

Located on a huge fenced lot with lots of fruit trees, this 3 bedroom 2 bath has been well maintained. Renos include new windows, flooring,deck, bathroom and more.


Spectacular Ocean View 3 bedroom (each with an ensuite) 2169 sq ft home. With hardwood floors, 9 ft ceilings, gas fireplace and a wrap around deck all sitting on a beautiful private yard.

Beyond Your Expectations

640 Trans Canada Hwy Box 970, Ladysmith, BC V9G 1A7

P. 250-245-3700 C. 250-667-7653 E.

Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle Tuesday, January 17, 2012 23


r ion fo ons t u l o s # Re ti E vaca r ✔ Ou take MOR ! . e 2012.. SS expens me with i E t L ds with nd quality eeken s w e & p S s k ra ✔ – wee ays fo family xing getaw kly (oac) e of rela s $ 75 bi-we ine Coast little a r the Sunsh RV – no ✔ Tou rade to an puddle! a ✔ Upg leeping in go s more dy, can we oo?" t ✔"Dad g in Tofino n i p cam

2012 Island Trail 2500BH Travel Trailer STK# P12N649


Perfect family bunkhouse! Heated enclosed tanks, Touring Edition, island queen, dbl bunks + more! MSRP $20,180

2012 Coachmen Freelander 21QB Class C STK# S12N11169


Resolution Sale Price♦



92*** bi-wkly oac


2012 Infinity 3250RL 5th Wheel STK# A12N2142


Wow! 3 slides, cedar walk-in closet, kitchen island, fireplace, heat pump, central vac, luxury home comforts! MSRP $78,790

4** 23 bi-wkly oac



2012 Springdale 190RLBS Travel Trailer STK# P12N639


Large dinette slide, enclosed underbelly, front diamond plate. RVing has never been more affordable! MSRP $27,650


4** 23 bi-wkly oac

79* bi-wkly oac



2012 Damon Challenger 32VS Class A STK# S12N11142


Sleeps 5+ in glorious comfort, 2 slides, Corian kitchen, Media Package, over-range microwave, sofa air bed. MSRP $136,469

STK# P11N617

2** 43 bi-wkly oac



STK# 11N1276

Denali Luxury Package, sofa-bed with air mattress, dual panes, rear cocktail chairs. All Weather Premium insulation pkg. MSRP $36,052

118* bi-wkly oac




2012 Voltage V3200 Toy Hauler 5th Wheel STK# A12N2097

Luxury living for you AND your toys! A must see unit – 3 option packages, 2 slides, keyless entry and SO much more! MSRP $78,690

94*** bi-wkly oac


1** 24 bi-wkly oac



2012 Sundance 287RLXLT 5th Wheel STK# 12N1446

Residential amenities + 1/2 ton towable! Rear living room, dual slides, pull-out bumper with bike rack, electric awning. MSRP $48,408

Resolution Sale Price♦


7** 13 bi-wkly oac





2012 Island Trail 286BHGS Travel Trailer STK# A12N2143


VOLUME PURCHASE SPECIAL – limited inventory! POWER everything (jacks, awning), leather furniture, large slide++++++ MSRP $26,590

Resolution Sale Price♦

83* bi-wkly oac $



2012 Kodiak 221RBSL Ultra-lite Travel Trailer STK# M12N1223

Innovative floorplan,

FRAMELESS WINDOW DESIGN oversized pass-through

storage, solid surface counters, island queen, ultra-special ultra-lite. MSRP $33,605

Resolution Sale Price♦


Sofa slide on this sporty ultra-lite! Jack 'n Jill bunks, electric awning, A/C, unbeatable value. MSRP $24,313

Resolution Sale Price♦

Resolution Sale Price♦

Resolution Sale Price♦




2011 Denali 265RL Travel Trailer

Resolution Sale Price♦


Easy drive and park! U-shaped dinette, Onan generator, bedroom LCD TV with DVD, dual panes. MSRP $74,517

2011 Surveyor SP189 Ultra-lite Travel Trailer

Resolution Sale Price♦

Resolution Sale Price♦



y NOW ✔ Arbut 'cause us has o ... nly a LIM of their ITED SU VOLUM P E BUY they wo SPECIA PLY n't be a L S r o so, u n ✔ Thes d for lon e new R g. Vs ha we wan ted but ve ALL the gad didn't g ✔ We w et for Ch gets ant to sta ristmas. rt the ye our new a r off right, RV! in ✔ Prefe rred Dea ler P NO PAY MENTS lan Financing m until Ma e credit. y on app ans roved


Resolution Sale Price♦

106* bi-wkly oac




FREE 7-Day S


is pleased to be EXCLUSIVELY to able to continue to offer a FREE 7-DAY ST every ARBUTUS RV purchase r, AY at their be RV Park in Met autiful oceanfront chosin.

Check k out our 30 NEW W PRO PRODUCT ODUCT LINES & BC’s Biggest Selection of over 600 NEW & Pre-Enjoyed RVs plus Parts & Service Specials, on-line at

SIDNEY 250-655-1119

Toll Free 1-888-272-8888

MILL BAY 250-743-3800

Toll Free: 1-800-665-5581

COURTENAY 250-337-2174

Toll Free: 1-866-330-2174

PORT ALBERNI 250-724-4648

Toll Free: 1-877-724-4648

NANAIMO 250-245-3858 • Toll Free: 1-888-272-8887

Payment based on: Total Price including freight and taxes ♦, 10% down (or equivalent trade). Variable interest rate at the time of calculation 6.99% on approved credit (OAC), amortized over *390 bi-weekly pymts/5 yr term, **520 bi-weekly pymts/5 yr term, ***260 bi-weekly pymts/5 yr term, ****130 bi-weekly pymts/5 yr term.


24 Tuesday, January 17, 2012 Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle

49th Cafe & Tiger’s Sushi

Great at the 49th in Ladysmith VE Manytime I A “Tigers” Fresh Made

Sushi Made Fresh EVERYDAY!

Come on IN! See whats NEW this week @ the 49th Cafe

January Specials! Check out our

Mexican Week Specials inside this week’s flyer!

Lean Quality

Fresh Chilean

Ground Beef

Organic Blueberries

Warehouse pak, 6.15 kg


79 lb.

6 oz.


2/ 5


Olafson’s Large Burrito or 60% Whole Wheat

Soup Tomato or Cream of Mushroom. 284 ml, limit 12 tins



Tortilla Shells 8’s or 10’s, 488 g or 620 g



100% Locally Owned & Operated We deliver! (See store for details) We reserve the right to limit quantities Pictures for illustrative purposes only Visit our Website:

Prices in effect Monday, January 16 to Sunday, January 22, 2012

Next to Cedar Plank Restaurant

Open Daily 7:30 am to 9 pm

The Old Bruce’s Store

DUNCAN Open Daily 250-722-7010 8:00 am to 9 pm 250-748-2412


550 Cairnsmore Street

CHEMAINUS Open Daily 8:00 am to 9 pm 250-246-3551 Next to the Ferry Dock


Beside the Liquor Depot Open Daily 7:30 am to 9 pm


January 17, 2012, Ladysmith Chemainus Chronicle  

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