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annual report & donor recognition 2008–2009

Dear Donors We have changed our format for this year’s Annual Report and Donor Recognition publication. As a way to consolidate our annual publications, we have included only the audited financial statements and donor lists along with a message from our President and Finance Committee Chair. We encourage you to check out our regular Minto Messenger Newsletters, published twice a year (June and November) and available online at Alternatively, we would be happy to mail the newsletter to you. Just call us at (250) 538-4847 to be added to our publications mailing list.

LADY MINTO HOSPITAL Foundation Board of DirectorS FISCAL 2008-09 Officers: Gil Schultz – President Alan Wiggan – Past President David Southwell – Vice-President Mark Cutten – Treasurer David Feitelberg - Secretary Members at Large: Bob Food Linda Matteson-Reynolds Greg Harmeson Matt Steffich Janine Fernandes-Hayden Bryan Williams Bill Whitelaw Appointed Representatives: Dr. Don Shea – Medical Staff Representative Jennifer Williams – Auxiliary Representative Bill Relph – Site Manager, Rural Health Administration: Sharon Bond & Diana Hayes – Development Coordinators Karen Hosie – Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper Published by the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation Editor: Diana Hayes Layout: Mark Hand Design Printing: Lightning Press Photos: Janine Fernandes-Hayden, Diana Hayes, Linda Matteson-Reynolds


Through your estate planning, you can make a lasting gift that will provide the resources needed to ensure continued quality health care on the island. Remember no gift is too small and each gift makes a difference. Capital that is added to the endowed fund is held forever and invested to provide a steady source of income to the hospital. These gifts provide a dependable source of funding now and in the future. In addition to bequests, there are many other ways to give. Please contact Diana Hayes or Sharon Bond, Development Coordinators at 538-4847 to discuss these options. Not only will your gift have a positive impact on our health care, but it can also result in significant tax advantages during your lifetime.

Lifetime gifts

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Deferred gifts ■b  equest ■ life


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of residual interest



otwithstanding a global recession and uncertain economic conditions prevailing in Canada, the Hospital Foundation Endowment fund has continued to hold its own and as at July 31st 2009, stood at $2.48 Million. Markets continue to show signs of recovery and since the fiscal year end the Foundation’s investments have grown by 10.6%. Next year we shall strive to reach the target of $3 million to ensure a continuous benefit to Lady Minto Hospital in the future.

the amount of just under $44,000 which will go towards priority equipment needs in the current fiscal year. Our Development Committee has been extremely active this year in a unique and innovative program to promote philanthropy and giving in the community. This program is called “Kids Making Change” and will be coordinated with the local school system and will focus on the several ways children can help give something back to the community. The focus of this campaign is to promote the concept of young philanthropists, which has been defined as the “giving of time, talents and treasures”. The school boards are very excited and enthusiastic about this program and it dovetails well with their curriculum.

The 2009 Annual Golf Tournament, held on a beautiful sunny day on July 11th, raised $25,000, with approximately 180 participants. This was a record for both the number of participants and the amount raised. Our Phantom Ball campaign was initiated in June with the prize being a luxury Alaska Cruise for two, sponsored by Uniglobe Geo Travel. As at July 31st 2009, we had already received funds in

In the coming year, in addition to the main X-Ray unit (digital fluoroscopy system) referred to below, we intend purchasing a cardiac monitor continued on next page

For the fiscal year 2008-2009, we have spent approximately $330,000 on equipment and projects. Some of these include: Development of the Extended Care Palliative Care Room with a private patio garden Purchase of a new mobile X-Ray Unit Purchase of new furniture and the upgrade of the lobby and emergency room waiting areas Purchase of a number of minor equipment items valued at under $5,000 each A deposit towards the new X-Ray unit Continued contributions to the Nurses Education Fund Launch of the Extended Care Excursion Day Program


and ceiling lamp for the emergency room, replacement equipment items in the emergency room, a new cardiac treadmill and a mobile ultrasound system. We also intend upgrading the outpatient physician offices and waiting room in the downstairs clinical area.

of the community towards the hospital and we are truly grateful to all those so involved. Our Phantom Ball and Golf Tournament have now, for many years, been expertly managed by Diana Hayes and Sharon Bond, respectively. These events undoubtedly owe their success to the leadership of Diana and Sharon. They also are the Development Co-ordinators for the Foundation and are very ably aided by Karen Hosie, our part time administrative assistant and bookkeeper, who assists with receipting and acknowledging of donations.

It is important to remember that despite the down turn in the economy, we shall have an increasing and ongoing responsibility to assist with equipment replacement and upgrades at Lady Minto Hospital and accordingly need the support of our community as much as ever. We are of the view that in the coming year it is important to foster and further develop our relationship with VIHA. We need to learn what their long term plans are likely to be so that we can in turn prepare accordingly and develop our strategies in conjunction with those of VIHA. Furthermore it is equally important to constantly keep abreast of the expressed needs of the hospital staff and the community they serve to endeavour to implement or create situations, in conjunction with VIHA, which will maximize our resources and those of VIHA for the benefit of staff and patients alike.

Bill Relph, our VIHA Site Manager, is a constant source of knowledge and help in assisting us in trying to maximize our resources to enhance and improve the quality of medical services for the patients. We certainly appreciate his time given his extremely busy schedule. We are very grateful for all the work and support of the Board Members over the past year. Gil Schultz, Past President, along with his wife Fran, are leaving for a volunteer stint at the Victoria Augusta Hospital in East Jerusalem. Gil will be working on securing grants for Gil & Fran Schultz the hospital which is his forte and Fran will be teaching English as a second language to staff members. We shall certainly miss Gil’s excellent leadership and hard work and we wish them both an exciting experience and safe return.

People Who Make a Difference We constantly hear from everyone about what terrific treatment and care they have received from the wonderful and dedicated professionals and staff throughout the hospital. It is this experience that no doubt results in the generosity

I would also like to thank Linda MattesonReynolds and Janine Fernandes-Hayden who are resigning after serving for two years on the continued on next page


Board. They have both worked extremely hard. In Linda’s case, she has left her mark with the development of the website, the Kids Making Change campaign, the Golf Tournament and professional photography at many events and for various publications. In Janine’s case, she has spearheaded the exciting Kids Making Change campaign and has had numerous meetings with school board officials in preparation for the launch of this campaign in September.

also taking responsibility for our investment portfolio currently managed by Leith Wheeler. Above all we shall miss Alan and Bob for their ever-innovative ideas invariably tabled very persuasively and with a great sense of humour. Their presence on the Board will be sorely missed, and we sincerely hope that we shall continue to be able to obtain advice from them in the future. Fortunately we have already obtained commitments from certain very competent replacements whose appointments will be announced after the elections at the Annual General Meeting September 17th, 2009.

After six years service each, Alan Wiggan and Bob Food will be retiring from the Board. Alan also served as President for two years and played a large role in the rapid growth of the Endowment Fund, which has grown from $479,000 in 2002 to $2,450,000 in 2009.

Finally to all our donors, thank you for your amazing generosity. We never cease to be inspired by your benevolence, which motivates us all to achieve greater goals. ■

Bob Food chaired the then Community Relations & Development Committee and sat on the Finance Committee for many years,

BEQUESTS 1994 Charles Bean 1996 Audrey Buitenwerf Doris Kiernan Mary Shank 1998 Emilie Gross Margaret M. Richardson 1999 Adolph Carillon Ruby Alton C. J. Colquhoun Alice Smirke H.E. Henderson

2000 Beatrice Carroll Ralph G. Mcdiarmid Betty Pruim Phoebe Russell Glenn Hewitson Ethel Irene Palmer 2001 Ruth Kathleen Crane Charles Baseley Charles Quentin Wilson J. A. Holder Lothar Kutz 2002 Nellie Jackson May Cree Shaw Myrtle Holloman Agnes Baker Dorothea Brown

2003 Edward Gear Frank Kennings Hazel Paterson Thomas Holtby 2004 Georgina Gibbs Margaret and Bert Mills 2005 Alex Heard Mary Inglin Robert N. Robertson 2006 Ruby Alton Charles Quentin Wilson Alice Beckley Simone Paulette Chantelu G. Rodger Beehler


Doris H. Bancroft John Arnold 2007 Marjorie Teresa Russell Cecil Frederick Moore William Webster Muriel Akey Frances Frederick Slaney Dennis O’Connor Josephine Bracher 2008 Sanchia Seward Albert James Underwood 2009 Leona (Babs) Ross


Anonymous............................................................... Laboratory Equipment Yvonne Bryant.......................................................... LCD Television for E.C.U.


Noreen Clarke.......................................................... Television for E.C.U.


Ann & George Hignell.............................................. Walker for Extended Care


Salt Spring Island Lions Club................................... Hip Protectors

April 1, 2008 – March 31, 2009

Gulf Islands Shrine Club.......................................... Hospice and Palliative Care Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Fund....................... Mobilizing and Physiotherapy Equipment Salt Spring Island Women’s Institute....................... E.C.U. Fund Kenneth Spittle......................................................... Nurses’ Social Fund Thrifty Goods Smile Card Program.......................... Extended Care Activities Vancouver Foundation Oliver Fund.......................... Mental Health Program

Auxiliary members presenting the quilt for E.C.U. Palliative Care Room to staff: left to right: Kay Woodhouse, Jo Twaites, Gisela Welsh, Jen Ritson, Rosalind Hope

Barbara Archer and Rob Oliver................................ Patio Furnishing including water feature

Substantial donations were received for the Extended Care Palliative Care Room

Melanie Dick............................................................. Stained Glass Lamp Family of Betty Dring................................................ Painting Gulf Island Shrine Club............................................ Patio Furnishings and Patio Door Gabrielle Jensen...................................................... Frame for Painting Lady Minto Hospital Auxiliary................................... Flat Screen T.V., Easy Chair/Daybed, Hand Made Quilt Ken Lee.................................................................... Patio Umbrella Salt Spring Stitchers................................................. Stereo system and Bookshelf Unit Estate of Albert James Underwood.......................... Artwork


FINANCIAL REPORT Fiscal Year April 1, 2008–March 31, 2009

Mark Cutten, Chair, Finance Committee


he Lady Minto Hospital Foundation has a serious commitment to the Island hospital community to participate, in partnership with the Vancouver Island Health Authority, in the funding of major on-going and new project and equipment acquisitions. We are all very aware of the current global market decline and recession and this has certainly been a contributing factor to the 2008/09 financial year for the Foundation. First of all, this is probably a major reason for our decrease in donations from $584,360, for the fiscal year ended March 31/08, to the $289,618 reported in the current year. Also, the March 31/09 market value for our investments was $2,246,474, which meant for a decrease in the reported value of our investment by $545,716. This is recorded in the current financial statements as an “Unrealized loss on investments”, and I emphasize the description “Unrealized” as the market value of our investment portfolio did rebound to $2,480,000 (approx.) as at July 31/09. Overall, the Foundation is in a solid financial position with net assets of almost $2.64 million. Excluding the investment loss, the total revenues, net of expense, was $350,704 for the year (2008 - $747,096). The amount paid through V.I.H.A. and directly to the hospital was $317,855 (2008 - $219,148). Our current estimate for this expediture for the 2009/10 fiscal year is $265,000. Reference to the attached Presidents Report will list the many equipment items and projects included in the expenditures referred to above. I would encourage you to take the time to review the attached financial statements. To better understand our complete and positive financial picture, a copy of the full financial statements with the notes can be obtained from the Foundation office at the hospital. Thank-you for your continued support and generosity. The Board recognizes its financial responsibility to its many donors, and the community-at-large, to assist in maintaining a vibrant hospital on the Island. ■

DONOR RECOGNITION AND THE PRIVACY ACT As part of our donor recognition policy, the Foundation publishes a list of annual donors of $250 and up in the Annual Report. The report is distributed each fall to our donors from the previous two fiscal years. If you do not wish your name to appear on this list, please contact our office at 538-4845, or email us at The Lady Minto Hospital Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information of its donors. Personal information gathered by our organization is kept in confidence. We do not sell or trade donor information with any other organization or individual. At all times, the Foundation adheres to the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ Code of Ethics and Practice Standards, which protects donor confidentiality.



Copies of the complete Audited Financial Statements for Fiscal 2008-2009 can be requested through the Foundation Office, 250-538-4845,



ENDOWMENT donorS perpetual list to march 31, 2009

Founders $100,000+

Phyllis Buell Estate of Charles Q. Wilson Estate of John Arnold Cecil F. Moore Dennis O’Connor Building Partners $25,000 - $99,999

Susan Bloom Estate of Robert N. Robertson Estate Of Ruby Alton Phyllis Meagher President’s Circle $10,000 - $24,000

Rose Fewings Nancy Keith-Murray Norah McCloy and Norbert Schlenker Alan and Maryann Wiggan Benefactors $5,000 - $9,999

Josephine Bracher Estate of G. Rodger Beehler Estate of the Late Josephine Rosa Bracher Estate of Marjorie Teresa Russell E. Joan McConnell Thomas and Yvonne Toynbee Patrons $1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous - 5 Muriel Akey Frances Antonik Dorothy Apple Alice Beckley Joseph Benge Catherine Bennett Lloyd Berntsen and Lise Poitras David Braide Audrey Cannon Jim and Wendy Charlton Nancy Coughlan

Bill and Barni Cowan Vivian and Bryan Dawson Estate of Georgina Gibbs Estate of Ralph G. McDiarmid Estate of Simone Paulette Chantelu John Evans David and Gill Feitelberg John H. Fisher Francis Frederick Slaney Louise Fuoco Alexander P. S. Gordon Donald and Sandra Hodgins Anne John Cicely Jones Ernst and Diana Kramer Tak Kun and Winnie Kwong John and Bev Menzies David Montalbetti John T. Mulski Dick Pattinson Ruth and Louis Pepin Daniel Phelan John and Claire Pickering Ralph and Jennifer Quick Leona “Babs” Ross Ron and Linda Sangster Gilbert and Fran Schultz Stanley and Roberta Shapiro Betty Sharp Don and Wendy Shea David and Joanna Southwell Laurel Gordon and Murray Sumpton William Webster Wieland and Susan Wettstein Barbara Wood Supporters $250 - $999

Anonymous - 2 Richard and Jean Addison Cyril Astill David Astill Jack Barclay and Sharon Bond Georges Benloulou


Susan Brown Ken and Jill Byron Jerry and Susan Davidson Ryan Davies Blair and Margaret Dymond Estate of Sanchia Seward Manuel and Teresa Fernandes John and Patricia Flannagan Robert Goldie Bob Greggs and Marilyn Hood John and Carolina Griffiths Madeleine Hardie Louise Harker Ted Harrison Jon and Jennifer Healey Arthur and Esther Hengstler Ruth Hopping Betsy Johnson Jean Johnston Joseph Kandler Don and Joy Longley Fred and June Lyhne Don and Nancy MacDougall Bert McCann Norah McQuiggan Margaret Niven Donald and Betty Ogilvie Noot Peel Allan E. and Effie M. Peirce Robert Peters Edna Phillips Lotus Ruckle Russ and Pat Spencer Richard Toynbee Audrey Wild Edith M. Young Robert and Judith Young Donors $1 - $249

Anonymous - 7 Bryan and Lucile Adderley

F.E. (Betty) Ball Doris H. Bancroft June Beaddie

ENDOWMENT donorS continued

Jackie Bennett and Mickey Lee Willem A. Blom Kaj Bondrup-Nielsen Thomas and Joanne Cartwright Julie Chen W. Craig Clark Madeleine Cooper and Dionne Georges Don Dabbs Donald and Arlene Dashwood Larry and Karen Davies Maurice and Audrey Davis Bill and Emma Dawson John and Dorinne Denton Richard and Vivienne Dobell Rann and Elizabeth Emmerson Gordon and Sandra English Enid Errington Conrad Flebbe Robert and Elizabeth Food Alice Fraser Howard and Judy Fry E. Margaret Fulton Galiano Island Freight Service Sharon Glover Muriel Greenhough Hugh and Sylvia Greenwood Donna Hall and Ron Watts Cornelia Hazenboom James and Miriam Heffernan Lowell and Barbara Hicks Ashley and Wendy Hilliard

Jocelyn Hocking Thomas Hooton Robert Hoskin and Nancy Robblee Donna Jenkins Ian and Rae Jessiman Albert and Margaret Johnston Wendy Kaye Walton W. Langford Donald and Hilda Layzell Patrick Lee Spencer Lerhe Eleanor Lloyd Joan Mackenzie John Matheson Marilyn McDowell Gundy and Ann McLeod Minvielle Family Allan and Mary Neil Victoria Olchowecki Sylvia Ommanney Wilfred and Wiebke Ortlepp Ruth Outerbridge Andrew Peat Edith Prior Nancy Rainsford E. S. Ramsey Carole Reiner Margaret Rithaler Brian Rowley Jane Rule Salt Spring Linen and Drycleaners

John and Claire Sellar Diana Setterfield Terry Simard Audrey Simas Lorna Simpson Jim Sinclair Lois Sisson Margaret Spencer Lynn Stevenson Morton and Margaret Stratton Ken and Gwyn Strike Reginald Taylor Ann M. Taylor Bill Ten Heggeler Richard Toller Mary W. Toynbee Dick and Eli Trory Gordon Trueman Albert Underwood Jutta Van Doornick Ken Vidalin Tom and Ruth Volquardsen Gloria Wagner Pat Walker Ann Wiebe Terry Wilkinson James and Dorothy Wlasitz Brian and Fiona Wolfe-Milner Alan and Margaret Wooldridge E.A. (Nancy) Wright

Sonya Frebold, with children Zephyr and Solena, perform for their cousin and ECU resident, Gillian Lee.


Extended Care Excursion Day Program (initiated November 2008)

Donors who have given to the Foundation between April 1, 2008 and March 31, 2009

ANNUAL donorS Founders - $100,000+

Estate of Charles Q. Wilson Building Partners - $25,000 - $99,999

Phyllis Buell Estate Of Ruby Alton Benefactors - $5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous - 1 Susan Bloom Bill and Barni Cowan

Please help us keep our records up to date. Let us know if you would like us to make any changes to your record.


Patrons - $1,000 - $4,999

Anonymous - 6 Dorothy Apple Leon and Rita Aptekmann Robert and Birgit Bateman Joseph Benge Catherine Bennett Yvonne Bryant Don and Carole Chalmers Joan Dickenson Estate of Albert James Underwood Estate of Robert Michael Muller John H. Fisher Robert Gilchrist and Deborah Wheeler-Gilchrist Alexander P. S. Gordon John Graham Gulf Islands Shrine Club John and Judy Heddle M. Ann and George Hignell Helen Hinchliff Donald and Sandra Hodgins A. Jean Hoskin Ian and Rae Jessiman Anne John Charles A. Kahn and Judy Norget Jean King Tak Kun and Winnie Kwong Garry Leach David and Catherine Lewis Patricia Low E. Joan McConnell

John and Bev Menzies Walter and Donna Mort Catherine Newman Rob Oliver and Barb Archer Michael and Linda Overholt Daniel Phelan Bob and Paulette Reid Michael Robison and Erna-May Pierce Royal Canadian Legion Branch #92 Robert Russell Salt Spring Island Women’s Institute Hannelore Schroder Stanley and Roberta Shapiro Betty Sharp Roger and Lorna Smith David and Joanna Southwell SSI Lions Club Telus Community Engagement Thrifty Foods Richard Toynbee Johan Van de Sande and Sharon Sullivan Tom and Helen Varzeliotis Philip and Denise Ward Peter Weldon Wieland and Susan Wettstein Alan and Maryann Wiggan Bryan and Audrey Williams Barbara Wood Young Hyun Yun

Please help us keep our records up to date. Let us know if you would like us to make any changes to your record.

I think the great livers, the people who are fully self-actualizing and alive, are the great givers. Mark Victor Hansen 12

SUPPORTERS $250 - $999

Supporters - $250 - $999 Anonymous - 6 Cyril Astill David Astill Jack Avison Roderick Bailey James and Ann Barber Kenneth and Patricia Barnes Laszlo Bedocs Owen Benwell Sheri Berkowitz Bigfoot Herbs Stephanie Bond Sharon Bond Kaj Bondrup-Nielsen Patrick Byrne Ken and Jill Byron Sharon and Dan Callahan John and Gladys Campbell Gary and Beth Cherneff Fu-Shiang and Sharon Chia Country Grocer Jim Cunningham Mark Cutten Mary Davidson Vivian and Bryan Dawson John and Donna De Haan Tony De Vlaming Norman Dinsmore and Sally Plunkett Discovery Holdings Charles and Gloria Dorworth Driftwood Publishing Blair and Margaret Dymond Lynne Earwaker Lyle and Susan Eide Estate of Sanchia Seward Falconshead Grill Sharon Farquharson A.W. Farrow David and Gill Feitelberg Manuel and Teresa Fernandes Myrtle Fitz-Patrick Robert and Elizabeth Food Toby Fouks Bob and Judi Francis

Basil and Margaret Franey Richard Fraser Jack and June Frazer R.D. and M.A. Gainor Niels and Armgard Gerbitz Sharon Glover Robert Goldie Laurel Gordon and Murray Sumpton Bob and Pat Gorman W. Thomas Gossett, Jr. Hugh and Sylvia Greenwood Bob Greggs and Marilyn Hood Gulf Islands Septic Ltd. Judith Hancock Judith Harrison Richard Hayden and Janine Fernandes-Hayden Hans and Ellen Hazenboom Health Sciences Association of British Columbia Robert and Diane Hele Arthur and Esther Hengstler David Hinchcliffe Dave and Donna Hogarth Bill and Mary Hogg Thomas Hooton Howard Horel Barbara Hughes Hydrecs Trust Fund Lauretta Jewell and Bob Procinsky Betsy Johnson Clifford Jory Fordene Kavanagh John Kavelin Hubert W. and V. Ann King Jean Knight Ernst and Diana Kramer Keith and Pat Lavender Jenny Layng Donald and Hilda Layzell Dr. Wm. E. Lea Inc. Marilyn Leavitt Leith Wheeler Investment Counsel Ltd. Timothy Leutwiler and David Rumsey Eleanor Lloyd John and Marg Lowther Hilda Lucas

Please help us keep our records up to date. Let us know if you would like us to make any changes to your record.


SUPPORTERS $250 - $999

Don and Nancy MacDougall Bryon MacGregor Deanna and Joseph Marleau Bert McCann Brian and Gisele McDermott Sheila McEachern McKimm and Lott Gundy and Ann McLeod Donald McMahon Denis McMaster MD Management Jack and Paula Medd Medical Staff of Lady Minto Hospital Minvielle Family June Mitchell David Montalbetti John and Pip Moore Gilbert Mouat Norman and Carolyn Mouat Mouat’s Trading Company Ltd. John and Joan Myers Paul and Eileen Naaykens Debra Neely Allan and Mary Neil Donald and Betty Ogilvie Bob and Gabrielle Page Pharmasave #270 Uptown John and Edna Phillips Barry and Betty Pinchin J. Lewis Potts Quart Family Fund

Ralph and Jennifer Quick Margaret Rajala Charles and Liane Read Harald Repen P. Jennifer and William Rickard Alan and Rita Robertson Peter and Maureen Rowell Salt Spring Golf and Country Club Salt Spring Veterinary Services Gilbert and Fran Schultz Don and Wendy Shea Jeremy and Jackie Shrive Audrey Simas SIMS Leadership Students Dorothy M. Sloan Jan Smith Melba Sutcliffe Lynn and Drew Thorburn Gordon Thorne Upper Ganges Centre Ltd. Vancouver Foundation Andrea Varju VitalAire Health Care Fiona and Dave Walls James Warren Clive and Alix Whitfield Terry Wilkinson Myles and Jessica Wilson Ronald and Jean Wood Robert and Kathleen Woodhouse Eileen Wttewaall

Please help us keep our records up to date. Let us know if you would like us to make any changes to your record.




atients and visitors to the hospital can expect to be greeted by a new panel on the Donor Wall, honoring “young philanthropists”. Over the past year, a number of school-aged youth have raised money through carwashes and bottle drives and donated the proceeds to the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation. We recognized the need to celebrate, validate and encourage young people who get involved in their community and particularly with the hospital.

the walls of patients’ rooms, provide their musical talents to residents in the Extended Care Unit and paint wooden tulips that will brighten up the entranceways to Acute Care and Extended Care. That’s the “time” and “talents” portion. The “treasure” is in the loose change that seems to collect in little bowls or the bottoms of drawers or piggy banks. Students will come home with a collection can to collect that loose change theirs, their families and perhaps their families’ friends and that change will be used to buy a paediatric wheelchair for the Hospital. It’s important to note that this is not a door-to-door campaign. It’s about learning that even a little change can make a difference.

Our discussions about “young philanthropists” led us to realize that there were many more youth in our community giving to Lady Minto, not only in terms of monetary donations but also through formal programs such If you, as a parent as the Candy Extended Care resident, Frances Antonik, and cellist Rylan Gajek or grandparent, Stripers and volunteer regularly, then you know the good junior volunteers, as well as informally and feelings that come from giving of ourselves. If we independently giving of their time. Soon a new expose our kids to that kind of experience, we campaign idea emerged and the “Kids Making will help them develop a greater love and respect Change” campaign was born. The purpose of the for others and teach them a more philanthropic campaign is to promote the concept of youth way of life. philanthropists, which we have defined as the giving of “time, talents and treasurers”. We are truly excited about this great community Here’s what’s involved; students will write letters campaign and hope that you will share in our to patients, draw pictures that will be posted on enthusiasm. ■


IN MEMORIAM GIFTS Memorial gifts are a wonderful way to remember loved ones, and to share gifts that truly make the difference for patients and residents. We are always grateful when families name the Lady Minto Hospital Foundation for this purpose.

of $535,427. Donors can be assured that their memorial gifts will assist the hospital with much needed equipment purchases. All memorial names are listed on our Donor Recognition Wall in the front Lobby of the hospital. The memorial names panel is updated twice a year. ■

Since the Foundation began in 1992, we have received a total of 3,647 memorial gifts for a total

DONATIONS IN MEMORY OF COMMUNITY MEMBERS, FRIENDS & RELATIVES Fiscal 2008–2009 James Adrian Robert Akerman Marion Andrew Mary Ashworth Jack Barclay Bob Barker Thomas Buell Kathy Chorney John Clancy Donald Clarkson James Cockburn Joan Conlan Jean Cunningham J.F.B. Cupples Flossie Dalrymple Gilbert Dalrymple

Claude de Martino Jean Deburgh Bryan Denton Ronald Dickson Mona Doerksen Diana Elliott John Evans Sheila Farrow Eugene Fitz-Patrick John Fraser Greta Graham Nairn Howe Brian Jewell Gordon Jones George "Bud" Keech Nancy Keith-Murray

Shirley MacDonald Elizabeth Marshall Mary McDonald Ron McEachern Jock McManus Don Mintzer Isabella Mouat Bruce Murakami Muriel Osburn Betty Owen Christina Pattinson James Pavey Vera Petapiece Michael Phillips Mary Pike George Rickard

Anna Robinson Hans Schroder Eugene Scown Sanchia Seward Ken Sutfin Peggy Thorne Keith Toule Philip Townsend Arlene Turmel Jock Volkommer Bill Wilkinson Ian Wood Doreen Young

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On Our Covers FRONT: Maddee Nash: KMC Campaign Contributor Maddee is a is a Grade 9 student at Gulf Islands Secondary School and a perfect example of what you would call a “Go Getter”. She loves acting and has done years of Stagecoach Theatre. She plays flute and is a French Immersion student. She had her Bat Mitzvah this past year because she wanted to keep the tradition of her father's family alive — not because anyone expected her to do it. It was a big deal as she had to cram all of her Hebrew lessons into one year, commuting off island each weekend to study and prepare. She was noted for her mastery of Hebrew in such a short time that she could actually read from the Torah and not just repeat from memory. Maddee has the makings of an entrepreneur. She has developed her own line of note cards that she has sold at the Saturday Market. As part of the Kids Making Change Campaign, Maddee contributed her “time” and “talent” by designing a Get Well card that was included in the package that was given to each elementary student as part of the campaign. BACK: Scenes from our “Kids Making Change” Campaign activities: Clockwise from top: Cellist, Rylan Gajek; Young entrepreneurs, Emerson and India Hayden at their lemonade stand with Board Member, David Southwell; Our Kids Making Change Teddybear logo; Junior Volunteer, Delaney Johnson with E.C.U. resident, Marilyn Miller

Lady Minto Hospital Foundation, 135 Crofton Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1T1 phone: 250-538-4845 fax: 250-538-4870 email:

Lmhf annual report 09 web final  
Lmhf annual report 09 web final