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Rotary International President 2023-24, Gordon McInally (Scotland) District 6330 Governor, Sonja Glass (RC of Meaford, ON) TRF Newsletter Editor – Kitty Bucsko (RC of D6330 Passport)

ROTARY D6330 FOUNDATION NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2023 Rotary International President for 2023-24, Gordon McInally, plans to make mental health a focus, and emphasized continuity in advancing the goals of previous leaders, including empowering girls and eradicating polio. He urges members to promote peace in troubled nations, help those affected by conflict, and maintain the momentum of initiatives begun by past leaders.

RI PRESIDENT Gordon R. McInally

Click this link to hear RI President McInally’s speech at the 2023 Melbourne Convention.

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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Editor Kitty Bucsko

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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ROTARY INTERNATIONAL PRESIDENT NOVEMBER 2023 MESSAGE The Road to Peace This month, Rotary takes a step toward supporting peacebuilding in the Middle East and North Africa region. In November, Rotary and District 2420 are hosting a signing ceremony for our newest peace center in partnership with Bahçeşehir University in Istanbul. The ceremony is the first in a series of events recognizing the new center at BAU and Rotary’s work to promote peace. The 2024 Rotary International Convention in May will mark 25 years since the first Rotary Peace Centers were announced – coincidentally at the Rotary Convention in Singapore in 1999. Recruitment for the first cohort of Rotary Peace Fellows at BAU also starts in 2024, and selected candidates will begin their program in early 2025. Since its beginning, the peace centers program has prepared more than 1,700 peace fellows working in more than 140 countries to create a more peaceful world. That is certainly worth celebrating, but Rotary Peace Fellows are more than statistics on a page. Their actions have helped Create Hope in the World and will continue to do so. For example, Jennifer Montgomery ad Gorett Komurembe – peace fellows from the program at Makerere University in Uganda – are co-founders of Magenta Girls Initiative. The international nongovernmental organization equips Ugandan girls and young women with the support and tools to overcome harmful gender norms, generational poverty, gender-based violence, trafficking, and trauma. Ndzi Divine Njamsi, another peace fellow who studied at Makerere, has taken lessons learned about Positive Peace and is sharing them with students of his own in Cameroon. He became interested in the Rotary Positive Peace Activator training program after witnessing extremism, online hate speech, and violence in Cameroon. Since completing the program, he has brought his lessons on peace to students at the Yaoundé International Business School and other organizations in the Central Africa country. The world needs more people like the graduates of the program at Makerere and our other peace fellows. To that end, we can all advance peace by encouraging our local peacebuilders to learn more about Rotary and apply for this impactful fellowship. Rotary members can also mentor candidates for the fellowship. Or you can work with peace fellows who have already graduated. They probably have an initiative or two that would benefit from your help. Our peace centers in North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia depend on financial support as well. The program at BAU was made possible thanks to a generous gift of $15.5 million to The Rotary Foundation from the Otto and Fran Walter Foundation. This new Rotary Peace Center will offer a one-year professional development certificate in peace and development studies for fellows focusing on peacebuilding within the Middle East and North Africa region. Peace must be waged persistently; it is the soil where hope takes root. But as with any journey, we take one step at a time. Let’s take those steps together.

R. Gordon R. McInally President, Rotary International

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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THE ROTARY FOUNDATION TRUSTEE CHAIR NOVEMBER 2023 - MESSAGE The Magnitude of Our Impact This month, as we celebrate The Rotary Foundation, let’s recognize it for what it is: one of the world’s best humanitarian organizations. Many charities relief organizations, and nonprofits do the same type of work, and the public associates them with the causes they work on. But I wonder how many people know that Rotary supports those same causes – seven of them in fact – which we call our areas of focus. If they want clean water, good health, and a sustainable future for our planet, they support what our Foundation does. If they envision a world where peace, full literacy, and economic opportunities for communities to support themselves exist, they also believe in Rotary’s mission. And if they want to see mothers and their babies thrive, their vision aligns with the work we do. And we have a lot of work in progress through the Foundation. Polio eradication is changing the world, one drop of vaccine at a time. Rotary Peace Centers are training peacebuilders to reduce violence and resolve conflict. And through Foundation global and district grants, we are improving lives in a real way. The way we work also sets us apart. We have a global reach, with more than 48,000 field offices in the form of Rotary and Rotaract clubs. We emphasize good stewardship of your funds and efficient implementation of your projects. And we always aim for sustainable solutions. During the 2022-23 Rotary year, the Foundation awarded 1,098 global grants. If you think of what a single grant can do, you begin to grasp the scale of our work and the magnitude of our impact – an impact people can see and feel in their daily lives. Our district supported a global grant project that focused on basic education and literacy in Malawi, where we helped train 38 teachers who are responsible for 4,000 students. We also built two toilets and installed a pump, so they had water for drinking and handwashing. I will never forget that when Esther and I visited the school, a young boy pointed to my Rotary pin, recognizing it from other volunteers who wore their pins during the projects. He said, “I know you helped me. I won’t be able to travel to thank the others who helped me, so please thank them for me.” So, thank you, Rotary, on behalf of a child in Malawi whose future you made a little brighter, and on behalf of thousands of others you have helped by supporting The Rotary Foundation.

BARRY RASSIN Foundation Trustee Chair

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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Chair 2023-24 Trustee 2020-24

Rotary Club of East Nassau BAHAMAS

Mark Daniel Maloney

Chair-elect 2023-24 Trustee 2021-25

Rotary Club of Decatur, Alabama USA

Bharat S. Pandya

Vice Chair 2023-24 Trustee 2022-26

Rotary Club of Borivli Maharashtra INDIA

Martha Peak Helman Chun-Wook Hyun Jennifer Jones Holger Knaack Hsiu-Ming Lin Larry A. Lunsford Geeta Manek Azia Memon Akira Miki Greg E. Podd Carlos Sandoval Delgado Dennis J. Shore John Hewko

Trustee 2022-26

Rotary Club of Boothbay Harbor, Maine USA Rotary Club of Seoul-Hansoo KOREA Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland Ontario CANADA Rotary Club of Herzogtum Lauenburg-Mölln, GERMANY Rotary Club of Taipei Tungteh TAIWAN Rotary Club of Kansas City-Plaza Missouri USA Rotary Club of Muthaiga KENYA Rotary Club of Karachi PAKISTAN Rotary Club of Himeji JAPAN Rotary Club of Evergreen, Colorado USA Rotary Club of San Nicolás de los Garza MEXICO Rotary Club of Hawthorn AUSTRALIA Rotary Club of Kiev UKRAINE

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

Trustee 2023-27 Trustee 2023-27 Trustee 2022-26 Trustee 2020-24 Trustee 2021-25 Trustee, 2020-24 Trustee, 2020-24 Trustee 2021-25 Trustee 2022-26 Trustee 2023-27 Trustee 2023-27 General Secretary and Chief Executive Officer

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For the 15th consecutive year, The Rotary Foundation has received the highest rating – four stars – from Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator of charities in the U.S.† The Foundation earned the recognition for adhering to sector best practices and executing its mission in a financially efficient way, demonstrating both strong financial health and commitment to accountability and transparency. “We are delighted to provide the Rotary Foundation with third-party accreditation that validates their operational excellence,” said Michael Thatcher, President and CEO of Charity Navigator. “The Four-Star Rating is the highest possible rating an organization can achieve. We are eager to see the good work that Rotary is able to accomplish in the years ahead.” Charity Navigator assesses nonprofit performance based on four key indicators, including the impact of the charity’s program relative to cost; the organization’s governance and financial health including its transparency, efficiency, and sustainability; a charity’s leadership capacity, strategic development, and ability to adapt to internal and external changes; and its overall culture and connectedness to its constituents and the communities they serve. – Oct 2023



November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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The Rotary Foundation, established in 1917, stands as a shining testament to the power of global goodwill and the transformative impact of philanthropy. This remarkable organization, born out of the collective vision of Rotary International, has not only played a pivotal role in addressing some of the world's most pressing challenges, but has also consistently ranked among the best charitable organizations worldwide. Let's delve into its inception, history, and what makes it a beacon of hope and change. Inception and Early History The Rotary Foundation was the brainchild of Arch C. Klumph, the sixth president of Rotary International. Inspired by the idea of "doing good in the world," Klumph proposed the establishment of a foundation that would enable Rotary members to contribute financially to fund projects for the betterment of humanity. His visionary idea was officially adopted at the Rotary Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1917, and thus, the Rotary Foundation was born. Initially funded with a mere $26.50, the Foundation embarked on its mission to promote peace, combat disease, provide clean water, support education, and alleviate poverty. Over the decades, it has grown into a formidable force for positive change, boasting an endowment that has surpassed the billion-dollar mark. A Legacy of Impact The Rotary Foundation's legacy is defined by its unwavering commitment to making the world a better place. Here are some key milestones in its history: 1. Polio Eradication: Perhaps the Foundation's most famous initiative is its role in the global effort to eradicate polio. Since 1985, Rotary International, in collaboration with partners like the World Health Organization and UNICEF, has led the charge to eliminate this crippling disease. Through its PolioPlus program, Rotary has contributed millions of dollars and countless volunteer hours to vaccinate children in every corner of the world, bringing us closer than ever to a polio-free world. 2. Clean Water and Sanitation: The Foundation has funded numerous projects aimed at providing clean water and sanitation facilities to underserved communities. These initiatives have improved the health and well-being of countless individuals and communities. 3. Education and Literacy: Supporting education and literacy is another cornerstone of the Rotary Foundation's work. From scholarships for students to promoting adult literacy programs, the Foundation has a profound impact on education worldwide. 4. Economic Development: The Foundation invests in projects that promote economic development, including microloans, vocational training, and small business development. These initiatives empower individuals and communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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Why It's One of the Best Charitable Organizations‡ Several factors contribute to the Rotary Foundation's standing as one of the best charitable organizations: 1. Longevity and Consistency: With a history spanning more than a century, the Rotary Foundation has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to making the world a better place, consistently delivering on its mission year after year. 2. Global Reach: Rotary International's vast network of clubs and volunteers operates in nearly every country, ensuring that the Foundation's projects have a global reach and a local impact. 3. Efficiency and Transparency: The Foundation prides itself on its prudent financial management, with a significant percentage of funds going directly to projects. Moreover, its transparency and accountability practices earn it the trust of donors and partners alike. 4. Impactful Initiatives: The Rotary Foundation's initiatives, such as the fight against polio and its focus on critical issues like clean water, education, and economic development, address some of the most pressing challenges facing humanity. The Rotary Foundation's inception, history, and remarkable contributions to the betterment of humanity make it a shining example of the power of philanthropy and global goodwill. Its unwavering commitment to Service Above Self, combined with its efficient operations and impactful initiatives, solidify its place among the best charitable organizations in the world. As it continues to work tirelessly toward a brighter future, the Rotary Foundation remains a beacon of hope and change for people in need around the globe.

‡This article was generated with the assistance of ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by OpenAI, and is based on information available up

to September 2021. For the most current and accurate information, please refer to official Rotary International sources. Rotary International, “Our July History,” (accessed October 13, 2023).

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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HOW ROTARY MAKES HELP HAPPEN Creating a culture of care

New Funding, to Protect 370 million Children from Polio Every Year, Puts World on Verge of Eradicating Polio Once and for All BRUSSELS (October 11, 2023) – Today, the European Commission, the European Investment Bank and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced a new financing partnership to address critical global health opportunities: eradicating polio and ensuring that innovations in health are more accessible to the people who need them most. The World Health Organization and UNICEF, as implementing partners for the polio funding, will deploy the resources to eradicate polio, support the distribution of other childhood immunizations and strengthen health systems so they are better able to respond to emerging health threats. The expected €1.1 billion financing package aims to provide new funding to eradicate a human disease for only the second time in history and help solve the health and development challenges faced by the world’s most vulnerable people, who otherwise do not get fair access to healthcare services and innovations. President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen said: “We are about to wipe polio off the face of the Earth. The European Commission, the EIB and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are partnering to get through the final stretch. With 1 billion euros supported by our European investment strategy Global Gateway, we will invest in stronger health systems globally and local vaccine and medicines production, manufacturing and administration, where it is most needed. Global cooperation has helped us put an end to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it will help us get rid of polio once and for all.” The partnership marks a significant increase in funding for global health and human development under the European Commission’s European Fund for Sustainable Development plus (EFSD+) and is expected to include a match of new complementary funding for global health by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, maximising the impact of every Euro committed by the EU and the European Investment Bank. “Today we are united to write the final chapter in the history of polio. The European Investment Bank is playing its part in a unique partnership with philanthropy and health partners, by providing EUR 500 million for investment in support of the Global Polio Eradication Programme. This initiative will be a milestone in scaling up immunization and strengthening healthcare, ensuring that every child, regardless of their circumstances, can be protected against polio,” said Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank. Click here to read more.

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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Try your hand at an interactive crossword with Rotary Foundation information. What do you know about TRF? You may have to look up a few of these, but let’s hope not. The crossword deals with Rotary grants, a little history, and some things that Rotarians should be aware of.

Plus, it’s fun to complete!

Click here to open the online Interactive Crossword. If you have difficulties with the answers, click the

in the top right corner.

Then, you can choose Reveal Current Answer. No prizes. Just fun!

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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GRANTS REPORT - DISTRICT 6330 November 2023

Pat Cavan, District Grants Committee Chair - The clubs in District 6330 are busy completing their grant projects and providing assistance to both our local and international neighbours. The projects are diverse in nature and meet a wide variety of needs. The following clubs have completed the full application process and are actively providing support to their communities. Note that only the club completing the application is listed. In some cases, other clubs are partnering in the project, providing both financial support and hands-on volunteer work. Date Submitted May 15, 2023 May 15, 2023 May 31, 2023 May 22, 2023 May 19, 2023 May 26, 2023

May 22, 2023 May 23, 2023 May 24, 2023 May 11, 2023 May 4, 2023 May 10, 2023 May 26, 2023 May 20, 2023 May 18, 2023 May 15, 2023 May 21, 2023

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

Project Name Rotary House for Elizabeth in 2024 Aquaboxes for Global Disaster Areas Surplus School Furniture and Supplies to Eswatini ESL classes Soccer Field Bleachers Aaron Roote Memorial Youth Center Refurbishment Ukerewe Water Well Project IV Tanzania Hout Bay, South Africa, Grade Seven Vision Project Canadian Mental Health Association Laptops for Northern Students Habitat for Humanity Solar Umbrella Supporting Education in South Sudan Dictionary Project Sleep in Heavenly Peace Bed Project Salvation Army Xmas Dinner Programme Christmas Care Apples

Sponsoring Club

Est. Budget

Grant Amount

London South






Grand Bend



St. Mary’s












Festival City (Stratford)













London East



St. Thomas






London Rotary Club



St. Thomas Railway City Rotary Club



Sarnia Lambton After-Hours St. Clair

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"Do all the good you can, for all the people you can, in all the ways you can, just as long as ever you can." While we don't know its exact origin, the above widely quoted saying summarizes what Rotary and The Rotary Foundation are all about:

We do quite a lot of good, serving people around the world in myriad ways, and we are in it for the long haul.

How many other charities do so much good - in so many ways - for so many as The Rotary Foundation?

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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One Rotary Center 1560 Sherman Avenue EVANSTON, ILLINOIS 60201-3698 USA ROTARY.ORG

To make a contribution, go to

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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Thank you to everyone in D6330 who has given to the Foundation, who has participated in a Foundation project, or has helped spread the word about the Foundation. Thank you! Click here to view a short video about your contributions to TRF and the good that you do! We’re changing lives through our vision and unwavering commitment, bringing hope to those who need it most.

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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PAUL HARRIS SOCIETY What's the Paul Harris Society? Not to be confused with a Paul Harris Fellow (which means a life-time gift of $1000 to The Rotary Foundation's annual fund), the Paul Harris Society is the name given to those Rotarians who pledge a $1000 gift annually – every year. You may know these committed individuals -- they wear a "flag" below their Rotary pin that reads "PHS." One easy way to give at the $1000 level is through Rotary Direct -- sign up and an amount of money you designate is automatically deducted from your account each month. Learn more at Members of the Paul Harris Society know that the need never ends -- and neither should the giving. D6330 Long-time Paul Harris Society Chair is Rotarian Jamie Pole.

What your giving supports Paul Harris Society gifts have helped provide: • • • • •

Rotarian Jamie Pole

Vocational training for teachers establishing an early childhood education center in South Africa Water filters, toilets, and hygiene training to prevent fluorosis, diarrhea, and other diseases in India A scholarship for a medical professional in Italy to research treatments that minimize mortality rates among premature babies Peace-building seminars for 200 teachers and 1,300 students in Uganda Treated mosquito nets and medical services that prevent malaria in Mali

In District 6330 we are proud to have over 116 members in our Paul Harris Society. We have over 32 of our clubs that now have members in the Paul Harris Society. For information please contact

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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Did you know that there is a Rotary Club of Mental Health and Wellness?

Listen to this short but very inspiring speech by Alex Montoya, as he becomes a new Rotarian. And there’s an important mention of RYLA! Click here or the graphic below to view the video.

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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FROM THE DISTRICT – RE COPYRIGHT Imagine this: You're making a social media post for your Rotary Club's upcoming annual fundraiser. You want an eye-catching image for the post, so you do a Google search, download the image you like, and add it to your post. All good, you are ready to go! Wait... what's the problem? Well, that image was copyrighted, meaning you can't use it without the author's permission. And now, you may be dealing with copyright infringement—using works (i.e., photos, videos, music, images, etc.) protected by copyright without permission. "But", you say to yourself upon reading the first paragraph... "we're Rotary! We do good in the world! Surely no one really cares if we use the odd copyrighted image or video here and there... right?" My friends, that's where you'd be wrong. The following is an excerpt from an email sent by Rotary International's Risk Management Department: "Rotary districts continue to post images and other media (cartoons, songs, etc.) online in disregard of copyright laws, resulting in a considerable increase in claims activity under the U.S. Rotary Club & District Liability Insurance Program ("Program"). Over 40% of the Program's open claims now pertain to copyright infringement. Copyright owners hire companies offering software that "trolls" the internet in search of copyright violations involving their images or other media. These companies are commonly referred to as copyright trolls. When a troll finds a violation, they contact the party who mis-used the image or other media and make a demand to settle the violation. Failure to respond to the demand increases the difficulty of resolving the claim." Folks, it is our responsibility—each and every one of us who creates social media posts, flyers, videos—any materials on behalf of our Clubs, Area, District, Rotary Program, or Rotary in general—to comply with copyright laws so D6330 isn't dealing with a copyright infringement of our own. So, what can you do to protect Rotary and ensure compliance with copyright laws? Read on to learn some helpful steps! Step 1: Understand Copyright Infringement Copyright infringement occurs when individuals or organizations use copyrighted materials such as images, videos, songs, and other media without proper authorization from the copyright owner. This unauthorized use can result in legal consequences and financial liabilities. To prevent copyright infringement, it is essential to understand what materials you can and cannot use from the internet. Generally, if an image, video, or audio is not from a royalty/copyright-free website, then it is likely owned by someone, and you would need their permission to use it on your website, on your social media, in your newsletter, etc. If you are unsure, it's best to air on the side of caution, assuming that a certain image, photo, video, etc. likely is protected by copyright.

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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Step 2: Use Royalty-Free Resources To help you avoid copyright issues, use royalty-free images, videos, and music. These resources are available for use without the need to pay royalties or obtain special permissions. Here are some websites where you can find royalty-free content: Royalty-Free Images and Videos: 1. Unsplash: 2. Pexels: 3. Canva: - Canva offers a wide range of royalty-free images and design elements that you can use in your projects. Royalty-Free Music: 1. Epidemic Sound: 2. Artlist: By using content from these websites, you can confidently include them in your Rotary-related projects and publications without worrying about copyright violations. Step 3: Review Your Existing Online Content Examine your Rotary Club's social media accounts, websites, bulletins, newsletters, and other documents for any media content that lacks proper copyright authorization. Remove any such content promptly, even if it is several years old. Step 4: Report Copyright Notices If your Rotary Club receives a notice of copyright infringement, please contact Risk Management immediately at Depending on the circumstances, the U.S. Rotary Club & District Liability Insurance Program may provide coverage. Step 5: What to Do Going Forward I get it: life is hard enough and busy enough without having one more rule or policy to follow. It's easy to just keep doing what you've been doing and cross your fingers that one of those software 'trolls' doesn't pick up our use of copyrighted images. But we know that wouldn't pass the Four-Way Test, and this is something we have to be aware of. So, I've provided some tips to help keep your Rotary Club, and our District, safe from copyright infringement. 1. Use Member-Created Content: Whenever possible, use media created by members of your Rotary district. Always obtain their permission first before using their work. 2. Leverage the Rotary Brand Center: Explore the Rotary Brand Center for a wealth of Rotary-specific images and media that can be used safely in your projects. All of the images, videos, and assets found on this website are totally fine to use in your publications.

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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3. Obtain Proper Permissions: Never use media from the internet without obtaining explicit permission from the copyright owner. 4. Purchase Media Online: If necessary, consider purchasing images, videos, or music online from reputable sources, such as iStock, Adobe Stock, or other stock image sources. 5. Consult the U.S. Copyright Office: For comprehensive guidance on copyright-related matters, visit the United States Copyright Office's website. Your diligence in adhering to copyright laws protects our Rotary District and your Club, and upholds the ethical standards to which we hold ourselves as Rotarians. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your commitment to Rotary! Yours in service,

Kirk Langford Public Image and Social Media Committee Chair, D6330 519-872-3856

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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Sunday, November 5 World Tsunami Awareness Day Monday, November 6 International Day for Preventing the Exploitation Of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict Friday, November 10 World Science Day for Peace and Development Tuesday, November 14 World Diabetes Day Thursday, November 16 International Day for Tolerance Sunday, November 19 World Toilet Day Monday, November 20 World Children’s Day Saturday, November 25 International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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Summary of new polioviruses this week: • • • • • • •

Cameroon: two cVDPV2 positive environmental samples Central African Republic: one cVDPV2 case Côte d’Ivoire: two cVDPV2 cases and four positive environmental samples DR Congo: three cVDPV1 and three cVDPV2 cases, two cVDPV2 positive environmental samples Madagascar: three cVDPV1 positive environmental samples Mali: one cVDPV2 case Yemen: one cVDPV2 case

For more information, click here - Click here to learn the difference between Wild Polio Virus (WPV) and Vaccine-derived Polio Virus. (VDPV)

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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European leaders announce new financing partnership to deliver a healthier, polio-free world§ BRUSSELS, 11 October 2023 – Today, the European Commission (EC), the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), along with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) announced a new financing partnership to advance polio eradication efforts and strengthen healthcare systems. Of the expected €1.1 billion, €500 million in new funding will go to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) – specifically to its implementing partners, WHO and UNICEF – and €500 million to programs that expand innovation and research capacity in low- and middle-income countries. This announcement comes at a critical time for global eradication efforts. When the GPEI was established in 1988, wild poliovirus paralyzed an estimated 350,000 children in over 125 countries every year. Today, only two endemic countries remain – Pakistan and Afghanistan – and 80% of variant poliovirus cases are found in only four subnational regions. Promising trends in affected countries, like shrinking genetic diversity of the virus and increasingly geographically confined outbreaks, suggest that in most places the virus is on its last leg. Now, new commitments from European leaders puts the program one step closer to seizing the historic opportunity we have to overcome final hurdles and end polio for good. The expected funds will allow polio vaccinations to reach nearly 370 million children annually, with a focus on targeting remaining un- or undervaccinated children who typically live in some of the world’s hardest-to-reach areas. By focusing on such communities, the program is able to deliver broader health benefits to low resource settings, including routine immunizations, counseling on breastfeeding, Vitamin A supplementation and more. This not only fosters healthier communities today, but also strengthens health systems to better prepare for and respond to emerging health threats, as the polio program and workforce has done against COVID-19, Ebola, and other diseases. Partners announced the new financing partnership at the “Healthy Hopes: Reasons for optimism in science and global cooperation” event in Brussels. The event featured a keynote speech from Stella Kyriakides, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, remarks from Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO, and a panel discussion featuring Catherine Russell, Executive Director of UNICEF and European leaders – Koen Doens, Director-General at the EC’s Directorate General for International Partnerships, Werner Hoyer, President of the EIB, and Caroline Gennez, Belgium’s Minister for Development. The event concluded with a fireside chat with Bill Gates, Co-Chair of the BMGF. European leaders re-affirmed their commitment to ending polio for good and called on the rest of the world to join them and the GPEI partners in the fight for a polio-free world. They underscored the need for global cooperation in the final stretch to eradicate this devastating disease. §

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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In his remarks, Dr. Tedros reminded attendees about the incredible progress that has been made toward a poliofree world, the tools and strategies we have at our disposal that will get the job done, and the importance of donors like the EC and EIB in unlocking the GPEI’s ability to utilize them. Catherine Russell reinforced the ever-narrowing window of opportunity we have to end polio for good and affirmed her confidence in the program’s ability to stop all virus transmission in the immediate future while meeting the broader health needs of communities now. During the fireside chat, Bill Gates expressed his optimism about what this new investment represents for the future of eradication efforts and global health. By finding innovative ways to partner, European leaders are helping us achieve a world where no child is paralyzed by this preventable disease. Increased support from donors, leaders of polio-affected countries and partners is essential to protect the incredible progress made so far, achieve high vaccination coverage and end polio for good. A polio-free world is in sight, but stakeholders at all levels must stay committed to achieving this goal and building strong health systems to protect children today and future generations. About the Global Polio Eradication Initiative The Global Polio Eradication Initiative is a public-private partnership, spearheaded by national governments, WHO, Rotary International, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, UNICEF, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. Since its launch in 1988, this partnership has helped prevent more than 20 million cases of paralysis, prevented more than 1.5 million childhood deaths and reduced the incidence of wild poliovirus by 99 percent, from more than 350,000 cases in more than 125 endemic countries, to seven cases in two endemic countries in 2023. For more information, please visit and**

** New Funding, to Protect 370 Million Children from Polio Every Year, Puts World on Verge of Eradicating Polio Once and for All


November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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Articles online provide opinions about ending polio in 2023

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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POLIOPLUS SOCIETY Our District 6330 proudly joins The Rotary Foundation and fellow districts across the world to announce the new Polio Plus Society and invite all our members to join. This simple act of generosity by our fellow Rotarians around the world will bring the life saving polio immunization to countless children until the day that the world has been rid of the virus. We are truly This Close, and we need your help to complete the job. The Polio Plus Society is an organization of like-minded individuals who have committed to contribute $100 US or more each and every year to Polio Plus until the world has been declared free of the Wild Polio Virus. This is our commitment to fulfill the promise Rotary made in 1985 to immunize all the children of the world. It’s easy and rewarding to become a member. Download, complete and submit the Polio Plus Society Pledge Form and email to the Polio Chair at Complete your contribution commitment in one of three ways: Contribute with your credit card online at: - OR Write a for cheque for $100 or cheque for the US $100 equivalent (or more!) to The Rotary Foundation with "Polio Plus" in the memo line and give it to your club's Rotary Foundation Chair for submission. - OR Enroll in Rotary’s recurring giving program, Rotary Direct, which makes giving easy, fast, and secure. You can schedule a monthly, quarterly, or annual donation that empowers Rotarians to change lives in communities around the world. YES, all donations will be matched 2 to 1 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Anyone can join the society, not only Rotarians. Everyone will be recognized with a special pin, an End Polio Now bracelet, a Society Certificate, and a great feeling in their heart. With your help, we will reach every last child and achieve a polio free world. Please reach out to Katherine and sign up today

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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Tuesday, November 28, 2023 Giving Tuesday 2023 will be Tuesday, November 28, 2023. The date is always the Tuesday after U.S. Thanksgiving. As at November 1, there are only 28 days left until November 28 – Giving Tuesday! Considered by many as the day that kicks off the giving season, Giving Tuesday directly follows three major shopping days in the U.S. - Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Because it usually falls on a day in late November or early December, some nonprofits use the day as an opportunity to launch end-of-year giving campaigns to take advantage of people making their final tax-deductible donations for the year. Nonprofits benefit from the generosity of those wishing to make a positive impact during the holiday season. Giving Tuesday is a day that encourages people to give back in whatever ways they can. It presents nonprofit organizations with the chance to raise even more money than they would on an average day. How will your club help to raise money for The Rotary Foundation on Giving Tuesday? • •

A goal to consider is a total club donation equal to $100 USD per member. You can challenge your members to pledge support for Rotary’s Foundation!

A challenge - Which Rotary Clubs in D6330 will reach their TRF goals or more on Giving Tuesday?

Why should you donate to TRF? The bottom line - Giving Tuesday happens once a year, but your gift of Rotary will make a difference for a lifetime. This Giving Tuesday, consider making a special gift to The Rotary Foundation and together we can continue doing good in the world and we can Create Hope in the World. Click here to donate -

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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The Rotary Foundation – the Engine that runs Rotary!

WAYS TO GIVE TO THE ROTARY FOUNDATION Your donation changes lives! and this information bears repeating… There are numerous ways to support The Rotary Foundation. Every amount contributed to The Rotary Foundation is spent in support of humanitarian, educational, and cultural programs, and their operations. Clubs and districts apply for and receive Foundation grants to carry out worthy projects worldwide. Here are a few of the ways that your contribution can make a difference: •

$100 can buy textbooks for one elementary school in Zambia

$5,000 can buy vaccine to immunize 10,000 children against polio

$24,000 can buy an academic-year Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship

$100,000 can buy funding for two to complete a two-year graduate program for a Rotary World Peace Fellow

Donate Online When you donate online, you get to choose where your donations go. Support thousands of service projects our people of action are tackling around the world. Outright gifts can be made easily with The Rotary Foundation online contribution form. This method expedites processing your tax receipt and Paul Harris Fellow recognition points. For online donations please visit • •

Memorial or Tribute Donations: A gift to The Rotary Foundation is a meaningful way to honour a loved one. Recurring Donations: Rotary Direct allows you to help year-round by automatically giving each month, quarter, or year.

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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Learn how you can support our Annual Fund. Click here to read and learn more.

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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YOUR ROTARY LEGACY – Doing Good in the World beyond your lifetime

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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Rotarians can get involved in various types of service – Club Service, Community Service, International Service, Vocational Service, New Generations (Youth) Service A list of Rotary's 7 areas of focus and a brief description of each: 1. Peacebuilding and conflict prevention: Rotary aims to address the root causes of conflict and promote sustainable peace through initiatives that support education and training, promote community dialogue, and build networks of peacebuilders. 2. Disease prevention and treatment: Rotary works to improve health outcomes and reduce the spread of disease through initiatives that promote immunization, provide access to clean water and sanitation, and support medical research. 3. Water and sanitation: Rotary aims to improve access to clean water and sanitation in underserved communities, through initiatives that promote infrastructure development, support education and training, and raise awareness about the importance of clean water and sanitation. 4. Maternal and child health: Rotary works to improve maternal and child health outcomes by supporting initiatives that provide access to prenatal and postnatal care, promote vaccination, and support nutrition and education programs for mothers and children. 5. Basic education and literacy: Rotary aims to improve access to education and literacy for children and adults, through initiatives that support teacher training, provide educational resources and materials, and promote community-based programs that increase literacy rates.

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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6. Economic and community development: Rotary works to support economic and community development initiatives that promote job creation, increase access to financial services, and support small business development and entrepreneurship. 7. Supporting the environment: Rotary aims to support environmental sustainability initiatives, through programs that promote conservation, improve access to clean energy, and support the development of sustainable agriculture and other eco-friendly practices.

Plant a Seed

DISTRICT 6330 CONFERENCE June 21-23, 2024 Owen Sound

Do you need a make-up? missed meetings? To learn about other Rotary clubs? Here is a list of online clubs where you can earn a make-up along with learning a whole lot more about Rotary! Why not visit them all? • • •

Rotary E-Club of Canada One – Rotary On Demand, Where you want, When you want! Rotary Club of One World Rotary E-Club of World Peace Click here to attend this week’s posted meeting of E-Club of Canada One. These meetings are posted online and available 24/7!

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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December is Disease Prevention and Treatment Month Rotary is dedicated to fighting and preventing disease. Disease Prevention and Treatment is one of Rotary’s Six Area of Focus. Disease and illness result in pain and injury. Prolonged severe illness may result in loss of employment and income. It affects families. It affects quality of life. Rotary and Rotarians are committed to helping people to live healthy lives. Our signature project in this area is Polio Eradication. But polio is not the only disease or aspect of healthy living on which Rotarians have expended energies.

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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WHAT IS ROTARY? Rotary International is an international service organization whose stated purpose is to bring business and professional leaders together to provide humanitarian service and to advance goodwill and peace around the world. It is a non-political and non-religious organization. Rotarians can get involved in various types of service – Club Service, Community Service, International Service, Vocational Service, New Generations Service

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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Click the 4-way test above to hear the Four-Way Test by RC of Saskatoon Nutana.

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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THE ROTARY FOUNDATION EREY – Every Rotarian Every Year

Click here for a short video. Our Every Rotarian, Every Year (EREY) initiative encourages all Rotary club members to contribute something each year to The Rotary Foundation. We hope that you can consider at least $100 USD every year to help us reach our goal to support the Rotary Foundation financially each year.

Sustaining member. One who contributes $100 USD every year is a Sustaining Member. With EREY, we encourage you to contribute an amount you can afford every year.

ROTARY BEQUEST SOCIETY What is a Rotary Foundation Bequest Society Member? Those who have made commitments for future gifts of $10,000 or more to The Rotary Foundation are invited to join the Bequest Society. Donors may elect to receive various benefits and recognition pieces commemorating their commitment at each new recognition level, including pins, crystals, named funds, and special seating at the Rotary International Convention. A bequest gift of at least $10,000 in your name to The Rotary Foundation creates a legacy of your generosity and compassion as you are helping many people live better lives around the world. Today there are over 18,000 Bequest Society Members worldwide. Will you join them by leaving a gift to Rotary in your estate? Contact the Rotary Foundation’s Planned Giving team.

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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But no -

When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever. In its place is something that you have left behind. Let it be something good.

November 2023 - D6330 , 2020

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