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Is it Signs of Guilt or Cheating?

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Is this Signs of Guilt or Cheating? Or just signs of not loving or caring anymore And them trying to drive a person away. They start accusing you of being the bad guy by reading items on the computer you normally in the past had full access to or you happen to come across incriminating evidence of a cheating nature and you are treated like you are the one that did something wrong. They hide or destroy business receipts from a trip so that you don’t see that they paid for dinner and breakfast for two when they should have only been paying for one. If they start constantly erasing phone calls and messages. They become protective over their cell phone. They start complaining about their privacy when all the time before you had an open and honest relationship. When talking to certain people on the cell phone they walk away to other areas of the house. Not in an absent minded type walk away but walk away so not to be heard type. When they normally talk loud but when talking to certain people they whisper. They wait until they are away from you to make phone calls. Like excusing them self to the bathroom and call someone while in there. Will only talk to certain people while you are away or they are at work. They don’t want you around when they talk to certain “FRIENDS” They leave you at an appointment to go out to the auto and say they are going to “Sit and wait while cooling down the auto”. And you realize later they only wanted to talk to a “FRIEND” while away from you. They accuse you of being nosy when you walk into a room to join in their personal party with their “NEW Friend” They accuse you of making their “FRIENDS” uncomfortable when they come to your house and you have been nothing but nice to them. When you first met them they never watch sports games and give you the impression that they are not interested in sports. But later as he suddenly is leaving you home alone to go to many sports games.

They tell you to leave when their “FRIEND” visits, but tell you that their “FRIEND” can stay when you want to talk with them alone. Then when you get upset and demand the “FRIEND” leave, they tell you you’re the one that was not suppose to be there. You rearrange your things to spend more time with them in the room they spend all their time, only for them to then move to another room and ignore you. And they are most the time not doing anything in that other room that they needed to move to the other room. You walk into the computer room and they close down the screens. When they do leave the screen open because they did not see you coming fast enough they look at you a lot to find out if your reading their screen while they have a guilty look on their face. They pout or get very cranky when you change your plans to spend time with them or you come home early to be with them. Their “FRIEND” confronts or attacks you and professing too much something that had not crossed your mind until they started professing too much. When you catch them at something no matter how small it is and when you walk away, they call your phone leaving angry messages. They host a family party and include their “FRIEND”. They ignore you and act like you are not there during parties. They do not introducing you to some “FRIENDS” but spend all their time them. When you see them from across the room they look like they are all over them. They send you to do tasks that take you away from seeing them with their “FRIEND” They start acting toward their “FRIEND” the way to acted to you when you first met them and start treating you like you do not exist. They stop touching you in every way, but are always touching, hugging and kissing on “FRIENDS” They talk to you in a bland voice if they talk to you at all, but when a “FRIEND calls or stops by suddenly their voice gets animated. They cut you off and stifle you when talking to people. When you talk to strangers they tell you to shut up because they are not interested in what you have to say. When you run into an old friend, they cut you off and pull you away like a jealous person. They bad mouth to you about their “FRIENDS” only to turn around as you hear them beg them to come see them or call them.

Their story about what happened changes many times as they find out you know more about what happened than they thought. They start keeping many secrets from you, were in the past you had an open relationship and could talk about anything and everything. They start making many plans and don’t bother to even ask you anymore if you want to be included or if you mind that he makes the plans. All the things they use to do with you when they were trying to win you over they stopped doing with you and are now doing that with their “FRIENDS” Simple things like trying to make you laugh, for no reason at all calling you in the middle of the day, doing and saying things to make you feel special. Start saying things that are not nice and sometimes are even cruel. Making you feel, by what things they do say to you, that you are always doing things wrong or you are always at fault at all things. They make you cry most days even if they don’t know it. They make you depressed instead of happy to be alive. They even make a comment in front of a bunch of people, pointing at “FRIEND” “This is my mistress” then points at you “Oh yeah and that is just the wife.” They stop being interested in you and your day or what you do and cut you off when you try to talk about your day and change the subject to something about them self and make you feel totally unimportant. They choose their “FRIEND” over you about all matters. They completely disrespect your feelings or disrespect you as a wife. They choose to not take your side when their “FRIEND” disrespects you. They do not protect you when their “FRIENDS” have been mean, cruel or even attack you. They even disrespect you and treat you like a fool in front of others. They gladly take all your money you saved up for a surgery you needed for years for their own surgery and then never help you save for your surgery. When you are in the hospital they only visit you for a few minutes in a day and even bring their “FRIEND” and they both harass you into tears. But when they are in the hospital you are expected to be there 24 hours a day with no sleep and wait on them hand and foot. Then they kick you out when they want their “FRIEND” to visit. They stop walking arm in arm with you and start walking or running ahead, making you have to follow them. They even stop waiting for you at all and just leave without you. All their “FRIENDS” are female. And men they know are treated like acquaintances. They make it clear that they hate you even talking to a man, and you overhear them say and are told by many people that they tell your female friend’s things that make them think I don’t like them. They say things in front of family to make you look stupid or embarrassed in front of them.

They start having activities that don’t include you and leave you home alone often. If an activity might be something you would be interested in going on you are not even asked if you want to go. They stop asking you to join them on activities. When you have an argument and ask them if they want you to leave, their only answer is “I don’t want you to leave, cause who would do my laundry then?” When you have a party you are ordered around and talked to like a maid servant in front of everyone. You see them reach to goose a “FRIEND” inappropriately or you walk into a room to find a “FRIEND” on their lap or you walk into a room and suddenly you see them and their “FRIEND” back up front each other. You over hear remarks like; (husband to friend) “Why are you so jumpy?” (Friend to husband) “Kathleen is near”. You just happen to overhear conversations that sound like they are cheating on you or they are making plans for a future without you but include their “FRIEND” You hear them telling a “FRIEND” (not just once, but on many occasions) “I LOVE YOU, SWEETY” They give their friends nicknames like SWEETY, HUNNY, SWEET HEART; they give you a nickname of “BUG”

They never wear their wedding ring using any lame excuse.

POST NOTE: Yes it was cheating, I left, and he asked for a divorce, he got remarried the day after the paperwork was final.

Now SHE will be the next to be cheated on as he has done so many times before and the signs are already there everyone says!

Is this Signs of Guilt or Cheating?  

Is this Signs of Guilt or Cheating? Or just signs of not loving or caring anymore And them trying to drive a person away

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