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Raise the Standard. Set the Standard. Be the Standard.

My name is Bridgett Mack. I am the President of Lady Elite Consulting. For the past 15 years, I have centered my career towards helping businesses, students and families develop/enhance the skills they need to succeed personally and professionally. My background experience includes working as a Project Analyst with Habitat for Humanity International, in Administration with the Department of Family and Children Services and as Executive Director for GO Ministries (a nonprofit Christian performing arts team). I am also the writer and director of the stage plays presented by GO Ministries. I firmly believe that by raising your standard, setting it as your foundation and becoming its prime example, clients will experience the promises of elite success. o

My services include creating a strategic and personalized client P.A.T.H plan. Each P.A.T.H plan guides clients on how to improve their visibility to target audiences. The end result for clients will include a polished, marketable, personal yet professional brand. Call me today and let’s get started on helping YOU become a better YOU!!!

Lady Elite Services

Career Coaching:

Let me show you how to successfully develop and meet your education and career goals!!! After an initial Needs Assessment, I will work one on one with my client to formulate a personalized education and career P.A.T.H plan. Your P.A.T.H plan will become your guide to helping you successfully accomplish each goal. Time line for coaching will vary based on client needs.

Image Development; Lady Elite Consultants uses a step-by-step process to help our clients develop their professional and personal style. Consultation and services comprises of three components: Business Etiquette Coaching, Self Esteem Building and Image Branding.


You can only make one first impression! I can show you how to stand out from the rest.



Communication & Etiquette: Did you know that good business etiquette is a valuable skill-set that will make you and/or your place of business stand out from others? It can also increase your chances at success and help you land that dream job/client. Lady Elite’s detailed Etiquette training is fine tuned to address your specific needs.

We Offer Training In:  Professional Presence: Verbal and nonverbal communication, including body language, posture, gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, business casual and professional dress, and grooming guide.  Business Dining: American and European dining skills, place settings, dining blunders to avoid, entertaining clients, alcohol guidelines and wine suggestions.  Office Communication and Techno-Etiquette: Email etiquette, texting guidelines, Smartphones suggestions and social media etiquette.  Rapport Building: Greetings, shaking hands, mingling, small talk.

Give Your Youth a Head start at Success Ask about our Etiquette Classes for Schools, Children and Teens!!!

Staff Development: Your staff needs constant development to help them perform their assigned duties to the best of their abilities and to educate them about new and changing products and services that will help them advance in their careers. Staff development can change the attitudes and motivate even the most unfriendly workers to want to serve your customers. Lady Elite also acts as a liaison between Employers and their Employees who are working to develop a more productive and successful relationship within the workplace. Your staff will be provided with fun and educational teambuilding exercises. My Staff Development training covers a wide range of workplace needs which includes:  Customer Service  Conflict Resolution  Team Building  Communication 229-942-5125 @BMackWrites BMackWrites Fan Page

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Information packet about Lady Elite owner, Bridgett Mack and the services her consulting business provides.