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Ladydust is quite possibly the best known dj and radio producer in the indie and broader rock n’roll scene in greece. In her long career as a DJ, she has been invited to almost every corner of her country present, as a guest dj, her sets which she titles ‘The Art of Modern Rock’, during which she also many times features guest bands (mainly) from the english-performing greek or foreign band scene. A sample of these bands read names such as the ‘Velvoids’, ‘Bad Mathematics’, ‘Decomposer’, ‘Xaxakes’,‘Mavro-Kokkino’, ‘Liarbirds’, ( 72157606646553519/ )‘Voyage Limpid Sound’,‘Massroom’,’The Bet ’,’The Social End Products’,’Victim Of Society ‘ etc

In addition to performances in major capitals such as Athens(resident DJ at Hard Rock Café and the Booze Cooperativa) London(‘The Others’) Bucharest (Control club )etc HYPERLINK "", she has performed in venues in the biggest cities in Greece, (in more than 20 destinations)such as:Athens,Thessaloniki,Patra,Kavala,Halkidiki Ioannina,Larisa,Naypaktos,Kozani, Alexandroupoli,Serres as well as at popular islands destinations such as Kos, Mykonos, Crete and Santorini. She has also on numerous occasions appeared in major music festivals with bands of the indie rock scene, such as at the ‘Greek Alternative Day’ festival e%204%20september.mp3)(‘Theatro Petras’-alongside bands such as: ‘Closer’, ‘Mary’s Flower’, ‘Superhead’ etc), the ‘4 living Thursdays’ (with ‘Berlin Brides’,‘5 star hotel’, ‘m.minimal’,etc)/,‘Free magazine festival’ (‘Tehnopolis Gazi’), 'Anorak Team Festival’, ‘Schoolwave’ festival,’Matala Open Air Festival’ (June 2011) and so many more. She's also been the dj for the opening act of big concerts like Tricky's( HYPERLINK " up-dj-set-for-tricky.html", the ‘pierced arrows’,’Xaxakes’,( http://www.e-­‐ Sivert Hoyem,( ), or she 's done the music production for fashion shows like those ones of D.Valente-chairwoman of greek designers.(,K.Alexandraki,etc Her radio show titled “Planet Ladydust’ ( broadcasted for a year during the 2009-2010 period at the ‘Sto Kokkino’(105,5) radio station during the high listening zone of Fridays from 10:30pm-midnight.The broadcasts present a weekly selection of 20-25 new bands, carefully selected from a multitude of propositions from the international rock n’roll arena, and would also frequently host important personas from the local and international recording stage (artists/producers,like :’Tim Warren-Crypt Records,’Pure Team’'Strays band' etc d ded ).Playlists were compiled with a multinational gusto from the galaxy all over the world.Talking about the general alternative scene,brit pop,garage punk,hard


rock,krautrock,punk,desert rock,film soundracks,music from the 60's,70's,90's etc.( are now made available to be broadcasted in various fm radio stations throughout the country.(Mojo Radio,Rodon fm,Akroama fm etc).Ladydust had done 'guest broadcasts' in the past,anyway,for all those radios stations all over the country where she had been interviewed in terms of her guest dj’ing appearances(like:’Rodon Fm’, guestmixes_09.html#linksetc. ,studio e (Iwannina),Republic, Off radio & Ert3 (Thess/ki),Akroama/(Kavala),Bleep Radio, Rockarolla radio etc Ladydust also leads parallel careers, most recently in acting (Fleur Boonman’s ‘Portable Life’ (starring Rutger Hauers/Blade Runner & Jim Christodoulou’s ‘Saita’ final cut in L.A. Greek Film Festival, ’Seal of lilith’Headbangers’ Ball’ videoclip featured on European MTV, ‘Denousa’ film of P.Venetsano(international festivals)‘Heaven’s Key’(tv series),and at the moment she just finished the dubbing of the starring voice in the new animation movie of 'Fox Entertainment' called: 'Rio'(direction: Carlos Saldanha) ( She has also an extensive multi-year career as a model, where she was featured in international campaigns such as ‘Cadbury’ chocolate and ‘Prestige’ cosmetics, or in catwalks for renowned designers as M.Aslanis and Nelyda Acosta (Fashion TV/) among others. ( has been interviewed by almost every ‘culture’ & ‘civilization’ magazine & newspapers in her country,and her future plans include ‘expanding’ the avatar of Ladydust in international markets,as an animation comic,a book and a movie. The idea of 'opening new paths',always seemed by far more charming,risky & adventurous to her.She's one of the breakout female dj's in the world,touring and supporting new bands internationally.She feels that in this way,she helps expand the rock n' roll philosophy. She’s also one of the few dj's in Europe who is sponsored by major north american companies,such as Jack Daniels Tenessee whiskey.(

72157606646553519/) At the moment,she’s negotiating a music ‘magazino’ with some popular tv channels.

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Ladydust presentation  

a presentation of Ladydust in english,mostly orientated in english

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