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12 Ladybird Loves Ralph Lauren Summer 2017 Ready-to-Wear Collection 20 A wardrobe Upgrade

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It’s Time to Give Your Skin a Break Natural Remedies for Split Ends Secrets to a Youthful Skin


34 Ramadan & Eid Home Décor

2 | JUNE 2017


38 Boost Your Health This Ramadan 40 5 Tips to Maintain Your Weight in Ramadan 42 The 4 Essential Tips for Your Fitness in Ramadan 44 Build Better Eating Habits 46 Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude


48 The Best Dishes with Your Favorite Show Powered by Netflix


52 Financial Intimacy 101

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Amina Metwally

Makeup Artist A certified Freelance Makeup Artist from Academy Of Freelance Makeup in London “AOFM” . Amina is a Mass Communication graduate who worked in Corporate for 10 years where later she quit to pursue a childhood passion for makeup. She Work as a Makeup Instructor, teaching basics of makeup techniques and is Specialized in day, night, fashion , natural beauty and wedding makeup. for advice: instagram: aminametwally_mua FB: Amina Metwally Makeup Artist

Azza Abdel Aziz

Certified life coach Azza is certified from (IFCNLP) international federation for coaching and NLP started her career in coaching three years ago and got her master degree in NLP December 2016. She has the passion to influence and inspire others to find their real purpose and passion in life. She also worked in several business sectors like, banking, HR, marketing and administration.

Hanan Marwan

Freelance Interior Designer An aspiring passionate interior designer certified from Career Gates, MSA School for Training and Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Egypt. After 8 years of corporate life she started to follow her passion for interior designing. She thinks in colors and patterns to create her own work of art. Email:

Contributors Pages: • 25 It’s Time to Give Your Skin a Break • 34 Ramadan & Eid Home Décor • 46 Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude

6 | JUNE 2017

Ramadan Nights Summer Breeze.. Delicious Iftar and Special Sohor.. Ramadan Delights.. Various Shisha Flavors and Live Entertainment. Come to enjoy the Ramadan Spirit. Special rates for groups Iftar and Sohor reservations

For inquires please call: 02.2264.1111

Rana Abdel Naby Nutritionist A holder of BS in Business Administration from The American University in Cairo. After four years of working for corporations, mainly in the consultancy field, she quit to pursue a passionate career in Nutrition. She studied Fitness Nutrition at the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). Inspired to elevate people’s quality of lives through optimal nutrition, with a one size fits one approach. For nutrition advice, please contact:

Sarah Khaled

A certified relationship mentor & Writer An innovative thinker & a writer. By combining all of her passions together Sarah became an author, a relationship coach & a relentless marketer for luxury hotels. Embarking on a fruitful mentoring journey with her mentee is her ultimate destination. Consult her on:

Manish Kumar

Astrologer “Manish Kumar Arora is a renowned KP Astrologer, Numerologist, Tarot Reader & Vastu Consultant. He has been rendering professional advice to clients with a reasonable degree of success. He has been conferred with the title of ‘Jyotish Varahamihir’ and ‘Jyotish Aryabhatt.’ For advice, please contact

Contributors Pages: • 52 Financial Intimacy 101 • 58 Horoscope • 40 5 Tips to Maintain Your Weight in Ramadan 8 | JUNE 2017


With the Nile as your backdrop, the scene is set for the ultimate With theexperience Nile as your is set for the ultimate Ramadan at backdrop, Fawaneesthe by scene Nile Terrace. Fawanees NileIftars Terrace. Sit Ramadan back and experience enjoy openatair Sohoursbyand with authentic Sit backblended and enjoy open aromatic air Sohours and Iftars withentertainment; authentic flavours, drinks, shisha and live flavours, blended drinks, aromatic shisha and live all part of a unique dining experience that is truly entertainment; memorable. all part of a unique dining experience that is truly memorable.

Visit Visit CallCall +202 2798 8188 +202 2798 8188

Live thethe InterContinental Live InterContinental® ®life life Sponsors: Sponsors:
















Editor’s Letter





Our lives go through a lot of changes all the time. We meet new people, reunite with old ones, we create good memories, try to forget some and life goes on. With every new stage in your life there will be a bright side and a dark side. There will be days where your spirit is uplifted, and other days where you feel so weary with no energy left in you. It is no strange thing that you get drained along the way, that you sometimes feel overwhelmed and yes your soul sometimes need to heal. Pressures of life are not easy, this goes without saying; and for that you need to take breaks along your way, some pause to detox your soul. Let your heart have some space for love and forgiveness, let go of all that hurt you; leave those heart breaks and grudges behind. Dive deep into your feelings, understand them, find the reason for what triggers them and learn to deal with them. Connect with your soul! Explore new passions, find something you love, do it and invest in it. Dream! Set a goal, work for it, and thank yourself for the efforts you've been doing along the way. And most of all, have faith. Be patient and believe in the miraculous power of time; yes it heals all your wound, and yes it will take you exactly where you're meant to be, when it's meant to be. Breathe, don't be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself to see the beauty in your soul and this is when beautiful things take

Rana Hamdy 10 | JUNE 2017



12 | JUNE 2017

Ralph Lauren Summer 2017 Ready-to-Wear Collection


n this collection, Ralph Lauren embraced the summer season from all perspectives. With silk flowing dresses and jumpsuits in neutral shades of sand and golden hues of sun rays, a real reflection of earthly hues coming out in luxurious pieces. The collection was distinguished by its effortless glamorous look manifested in flowing silk and sleek cuts.

JUNE 2017 | 13


Misura redefines the art of footwear We all know how brides struggle to find the perfect pair of shoes to compliment her look on that special day, especially if you are looking for unique designs that are far from being so traditional and ordinary. Great news is the Egyptian brand Misura just launched to make your dream come true. Misura’s concept lies in the understanding of passion for shoes, and that every pair of shoe is unique and should express something special about you. With Italian components and highly selected materials, experienced designers & your individual touch Misura will bring out the design you’re looking for with all elegance and uniqueness. Apart from customer made shoe, if you are running out of time, at Misura you can choose from a wide variety of iconic designs of Evening & Bridal Ready to wear footwear.

Sami Amin Collaborates with Aiisha Ramadan in Arab Fashion Week in Dubai May 2017 The Egyptian Designer Sami Amin has surpassed all the beauty he has ever created in his earlier collections working on his newest collaboration with the Lebanese Designer Aiisha Ramadan. The collection is created by Sami Amin and will be presented in Arab Fashion Week in Dubai, UAE. The limited edition pieces are showcased under the name of Aiisha Ramadan, the epitome of modern design, known for her beautifully crafted garments. This is the first time Sami works on this kind of collaborations out of his own personal admiration of her brand and also his belief that the collaboration perfectly matches the atheistic of his own brand.

Camicie launch their SS17 collection Camicie is an Egyptian label designed for the contemporary woman in every casual, professional or evening occasion. Since their launch in 2012, they have been offering quality pieces at affordable prices with a philosophy revolving around combining both comfort and sophistication which is still showcased in their latest SS17 collection. Camicie’s niche combination of products grants every item the power to compliment, refresh and accentuate any given outfit. With a minimalist approach, our designers play with a scheme of neutral colors to execute effortlessly bold silhouettes. Also, with an exceptional selection of high-end fabrics, we blend and contrast textures to create dramatic tops and dresses. 14 | JUNE 2017


Trend of the Month Shirt Dresses

Summer calls for dresses and shirt dresses are having a big moment right now and seem they will hang in there for this season. Shirt dresses are truly BRUNELLO CUCINELLI a wardrobe chameleon, whether your style is edgy ASSYMMETRIC BELTED or traditional, with just a switch in shoes style and COTTON-POPLIN accessories you can take your look through a big DRESS shift in style.


16 | JUNE 2017




Editorial Future

Orange Announces the Launch of “Orange Game” The First Smart Phone Portal for Electronic Games

Eng. Ashraf Halim, Orange Egypt Chief Commercial Officer among Huawei officials and the teams of both companies


n light of being the first operator to acquire 4G technology in Egypt, Orange – in partnership with Huawei – announced the launch of “Orange Game”, the first platform bringing the best in the gaming scene. This came during a press conference held at the Fairmont Nile City Hotel attended by Eng. Ashraf Halim, Orange Egypt Chief Commercial Officer, Huawei officials, and a large group of press in the ICT sector. Since the gaming arena is becoming very dynamic with the digital transformation taking place all over the world, the “Orange Game” platform embraces more than one thousand games for all audience and gamers worldwide. Under the umbrella of “Orange Game”, Orange Egypt is introducing for the first time in the Egyptian market the Augmented Reality (AR), the new technology in the which is a modern technology offers a real scene of games that allows the customer to experience a game on his mobile phone with the possibility of interaction with that environment, in addition to the sounds and special

effects that takes the customer to another world through the mobile screen, to enter a new stage under the umbrella of Orange Game. As Orange supports its customers in what really matters to them, Ramadan is going to be different for “Orange Game” customers with the launch of Orange Soccer League. During the holy month of Ramadan, customers will participate in the first ranking soccer league and enjoy Orange’s top game with many surprises. Furthermore, it is a good opportunity for Orange to introduce a new system for the mobile game market in Egypt. Orange is playing a leading position in this ecosystem, under which lies Huawei, content providers and distributers to bring more interesting, more abundant games and provide more delight to its customers. Eng. Ashraf Halim, Orange Egypt Chief Commercial Officer said, “It is our pleasure to announce the launch of the new “Orange Game” platform. Orange ensures a smooth transition through the technological flow and with our international content providers and developers; we ensure the most prominent games for our customers.” JUNE 2017 | 17


Style zoom in By: Salma Loay

Laila Youssef Wearing Paperbag Midi Skirt From Stradivarius

Nour AbulEla Wearing He Loves Me Blouse By Boutique From Topshop 18 | JUNE 2017

Nourhanne Eissa Wearing Yellow Dress With Bardot Neckline From Zara

Noha ElSherbiny Wearing Off Shoulder Black Dress From Femi9

Sarah Afifi Wearing Embroidered Checked Top From Zara

Fatma Kamel Carrying Tote Bag With Embroidery Detail From Stradivarius. Mahe ElShamy wearing contrast poplin top from Zara JUNE 2017 | 19


A wardrobe upgrade


ou may sometimes worry that a casual outfit wouldn’t look sexy, the fact is you can be dressed in casual items and still look very polished. The secret is in how you match different items together. Make sure you have a couple of items with chic fabrics like lace. Also opting to cool tones can give you a vibrant and cheerful look.




20 | JUNE 2017


Massimo Dutti

Stradivarius H&M




H&M JUNE 2017 | 21




n the middle of all this fashion hustle and bustle going on in our country, only few has managed to leave a mark with their creativity and passion. So we decided to shed the light on those who successfully stood out with their hard work and authentic talents; in an attempt to support our local community and encourage such inspiring figures, who help put Egypt on the fashion map.

DnD Designs Instagram: dnd_designs Facebook: DnD Designs Mobile: +201111552256

J Pieces By Engy Fateen Instagram: jpiecesbyengyfateen Facebook: J Pieces By Engy Fateen

Meem Designs Instagram: Facebook: Meem Designs 22 | JUNE 2017

Fashion Fact Sheet I

t was once taboo to wear black unless one was in mourning. Victorian widows were expected to wear black mourning clothes for two years after their husbands’ deaths.


uring the medieval ages, you could tell a person’s social standard and their place in the class system based on the colors of their clothes. Members of the nobility wore red while peasants wore grey and brown.


he timeless stiletto was first invented in the 1950s by the Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo. He made his first pair to be worn by Marilyn Monroe. Back then the heels were no higher than 3 inches, a way lot shorter than these days standards.


triped shirts were first worn by naval sailors as to be easily distinguished from the waves and to be found easily if ever fell overboard. On a trip to the coast, Coco Chanel got inspired by the sailor’s clothing and used it in her 1917’s nautical line.


n the 1920s fabrics like silk, velvet and fur where favored by the wealthy. Cotton and wool were completely abandoned. They also favored synthetic fabrics such as viscose rayon” artificial silk” and jersey.


ead scarves were another must-haves fashion accessory in the bold era of the 1920s. The scarf was rolled and tied around the head just above the brow-line and knotted at the side or the back of the head. JUNE 2017 | 23






*All prices are subject to change. Available at





9 24 | JUNE 2017

1. Gucci Limited Edition Lipstick In Pech Egp 720 2. Bobbi Brown Sultry Nude Eye And Cheek Palette Egp 1175 3. Bing Bang Nyc 14K Yellow Gold Heart Pendant Necklace Egp 9,430 4. Erika Cavallini Off-Shoulders Shift Dress Egp 8,135 5. Chopard 18K Rose Gold Watch With Diamond Egp 681,570 6. Tom Ford Large Tote Bag Egp 35,920 7. Dior Sunglasses Egp 10,560 8. Prada Golden Leather Mules Egp 9,565 9. Zeus + Dione Cold-Shoulder Mini Dress Egp 6,645


It Is Time to Give Your Skin a Break By: Amina Metwally

As we have welcomed the holy month of Ramadan, a lot prefer to go all natural. It is that time of the year when we can give our skin a little break and let it breathe, all you have to do is to stick to your daily skincare routine and go with very minimal makeup. Ramadan brings with it the daily outings and here we can use the trick often seen in skin care adverts, where the skin looks flawless and fresh looking. Start by using foundation such as face & body to even out skin tone, nude pinkish lips, color sweep the eyes with a base shade lighter than natural skin tone and over the mobile lid a shade darker than natural skin tone. There should be no harsh lines on your eyebrows, you can use transparent mascara or light normal mascara as it shouldn’t be visible to the naked eye, powder

should be applied lightly as a matter of fact a damp sponge can be gently pushed into the skin to bring natural shine through. Creating Glow: For a dewy effect you can use an illuminizer such as MAC strobe cream, Benefit Sun Beam, Girl meets pearl or Becca moon. You can mix it with foundation or spot on selected areas such as cheek bones forehead (same areas of highlighting). But this look will require little powdering. If you feel like you have powdered too much you can always use a damp makeup sponge to bring back the natural glow. By following all the above you will have a fresh natural look for your day to day outings, if you want to add some depth to your look you can always use your eyeliner and bright or bold lipstick color this can change your look entirely. JUNE 2017 | 25


Natural Remedies for

Split Ends

Papaya & Yogurt: Papaya is rich in amino acids and protein that help your hair get stronger. Mixed with plain yogurt, they both make an enriching hair mask that will leave your hair silky and strong. Get one papaya skinned and after removing seeds. Mash it up and mix it with yogurt. Whip till you get a smooth consistency. Apply the mixture to your hair like your normal conditioner and cover with a shower cap. After 45 minutes, rinse thoroughly.


Shea butter: If your hair is very dry and the ends are really damaged, shea butter is a great cure. Apply shea butter on your hair after washing. Massage your damp hair with shea butter and let it dry naturally. Within few days you will begin to notice very effective results and will find that you are getting relief from frizzy hair and split ends. 26 | JUNE 2017

Honey is a great remedy for split ends especially when mixed with curd. All you need is half a cup of curd and a tablespoon of honey and mix them very well together. Massage the mixture into your hair paying extra attention to your split ends. Leave the mixture for 20 minutes then rinse with water. This remedy will give your hair a gorgeous sheen.

Avocado & Egg Whites: The oil in avocado is very beneficial to your hair, combined with eggs; this mixture is a wonderful treatment to split ends and will help nourish your hair. Mash up one skinned avocado with egg whites and till you obtain a creamy mixture like the conditioner. Apply to your hair and cover it with a shower cap. After 45 minutes, rinse with mild shampoo as to wash off the mixture without stripping your hair from the nutrients. You can add olive oil for extra shine.

Editorial Feature

Secrets to Youthful Skin By Professional beauty tips and advice by: Naoual Doghmi 1. Does summer season require a different skincare routine? During summer, sunrays are more aggressive which can cause stronger damages on the skin. The summer beauty routine should include a daily cleanse and makeup removing. In addition, it is important to keep a good moisturizer in order to maintain your skin hydration. Finally, and in order to protect your skin from harmful sunrays, a high protection sunscreen must be applied several times throughout the day. 2.What are the essential beauty products to use to keep the skin from looking tired and bring back its glow? Securing a healthy lifestyle is a key to have a great complexion and radiant skin. During summer, the beauty routine remains the same: • Step 1: remove the make-up and cleanse you skin with the Nuxe Rose petal range • Step 2: scrub your face and body twice a week with our Nuxe Rose scrub followed by a mask to reveal radiance ( Nuxe White sheet mask ) • Step 3: Moisturize with Crème Prodigiesue day cream • Step 4: protect your skin from sun rays with Nuxe Sun SPF 30 • Step 5 : At Night : apply Nuxellence Detox to help your skin detoxifying and reveal radiance at morning 3.Dealing with oily skin is a bit tricky, especially in hot and humid weather. Is it advisable or not to moisturize oily skin in summer? Indeed, during summer, sebum becomes more liquid because of the heat. Consequently, it comes out to the surface of the skin easily. That’s why our skin feels oilier during summer. As it is often considered as a misconception, moisturizing your skin doesn’t add an oily feeling to your skin. oily Our Aroma perfection balances the sebum production and mattifies the skin .

4.The harmful sun rays can affect the skin making it age earlier, how do we keep a youthful complexion? An excessive amount of sun exposure can indeed lead to premature skin aging. To keep a youthful complexion, using preventing anti-aging creams can delay the premature skin aging. We would recommend the following routine: • Day time : • Cleanse your skin and/or use the Rose micellar water to remove impurities • Apply Nuxellence Eclat, a fluid that will recharge your skin with youth and radiance. Nuxellence can be applied alone or before your anti-aging cream. • Apply your anti-aging cream according your skin anti-aging needs. If you are at a preventing stage with fine line, you can use Nirvanesque day cream and eye contour for the eye area. • Apply your daily sun protection, at least an SPF 30 if not 50. At NUXE, we have the DD cream (which stands for Daily Defense) that acts as an anti-oxidant shield (pollution, oxidation and sun rays, which are the main factors of skin aging). • Night time : • Remove your make-up and cleanse your skin (NUXE Rose range) • Apply Nuxellence Detox to detoxify your skin by regenerating your skin at a crucial time of the night, and also boost radiance. • Apply your night anti-aging cream.











28 | JUNE 2017









Editorial Feature Mercedes-Benz Egypt introduces the newest line up of Mercedes-Benz compact cars New GLA, CLA coupe’, and CLA Shooting Brake


ercedes-Benz Egypt Introduces its new generation of compact cars including the new GLA, the new CLA coupe’, and for the first time in the Egyptian market, the all new CLA shooting brake, a new market player destined to define a new segment characterized by a premium appeal and dynamic practicality. The sporty, expressive design of the new generation Mercedes-Benz compact cars involves new bumpers, radiator grille and new light-alloy wheels. The interior also benefits from numerous enhancements, among them new seat covers and trim parts, as well as chrome-plated controls. New LED High Performance headlamps and HANDS-FREE ACCESS also enhance safety and comfort. Meticulous attention to detail is evident from the silver chrome finish to the controls and to the elegantly crafted centre console.

The new GLA, Finesse of a compact SUV The outgoing GLA is a model of success in a segment it has shaped and redefined. The expressive design, and the clear SUV character harmonising with its technical performance are the significant reasons behind the wide popularity of the GLA. At first glance, the new GLA gains more presence and appeal than before, adopting a more powerful design idiom. It features Modified bumpers, new light-alloy wheels and new attractive color options. The attractively styled interior of the GLA with high-quality materials and excellent workmanship is enhanced by new seat covers and trim parts as well as chromed control panels. The interior also

benefits from the new dials with red needles, which are easily legible, yet oozing with sportiness. The new GLA is available as GLA 200 Urban, fitted with High performance LEDs which offer brilliant illumination and improved visibility, panoramic sliding sunroof, fog lamps and the iconic sport seats.The new GLA 200 Urban is well suited for any road with its comfort suspension and new 1.6L generation engine strongly pumping out 250 newton metres of torque. Coupled with 7G TRONIC automatic as standard, it enables rapid gear changes, lively performance and better efficiency. The breath taking new CLA coupe’ The CLA coupe’ has proven to be a huge success both globally and in Egypt, and it is now in its newest generation. Offered as CLA 180 urban and CLA 180, both are generously loaded with exquisite standard equipment including a 3-spoke sporty multifunction steering wheel, 3

selectable gear-shift programs 7" high resolution color display, Steering wheel gearshift paddles, Sport seats, a USB/Bluetooth interface and an ECO Start/Stop function for improved efficiency. Adding to this impressive kit, the CLA 180 urban is further equipped with a panoramic sliding sunroof, Twin visible exhaust pipes for an added aggressive stance, wider tyres and sportier styling. The new CLA Shooting brake: a designer’s gem, enhanced The new CLA Shooting Brake is a first in the Egyptian market, it strikes the perfect balance between practicality, design and dynamism. The CLA Shooting Brake offers a concept that is unique and novel, while certain styling elements, such as frameless windows, give the car the character of a coupé, it also offers the versatility and practicality of an estate car. Also offered as CLA 180 Urban Shooting Brake and

CLA 180 Shooting Brake, they are both well equipped with the same array of equipmet fitted on the CLA coupe’, while providing more storage space thanks to the elongated wheel base and the load compartment package, in addition to rear window tinted glass, chrome package and climate control system. The new Mercedes-Benz CLA 180 and CLA 180 Shooting Brake deliver Strong Performance in an Intelligent Drive Concept enabled by a new generation 1.6L turbocharged engine providing punchy torque, smooth power delivery and ofcourse better efficiency, thanks to the coupled 7-Speed Auto transmission (7G-DCT). The Mercedes-Benz compact car family is also endowed with a standard set of technological features for safety and driver assist including ATTENTION ASSIST, Active Brake ASSIST, in addition to a reversing camera and RunFlat tyres.

JUNE 2017 | 31

e v o l e w s e Piec

Accentuate your home décor with a splash of vibrant colors like bright yellows and greens.







Even if your home furniture is plain, infusing accessories with loud colors and patterns will uplift the entire home.









Ramadan and Eid Home Décor By: Hanan Marwan


he holy month of Ramadan has arrived and getting through these long fasting hours of the day isn’t an easy task. Most of our time is spent indoors to avoid the heat of the blazing sun and what would be a better distraction than keeping our homes decorated to renew faith and complement daily rituals that will help you cleanse physically and spiritually. With a lot of gatherings taking place during Ramadan, especially hosting Iftar or Sohor for your friends and family, you would definitely want to reflect the ambiance of this holy month in your home décor. It will only take you very simple tricks and affordable decorating accessories without the need of an exaggerated budget. You can decorate your shelves with simple festive paper banners with oriental calligraphy and prints. Let us also not forget the lanterns. Ramadan decorations are never complete without beautiful colorful lanterns whether with lamps or little candles. You can also opt for small painting with Arabic calligraphy or make a small shift in your sofa cushions using an oriental pattern. We’ve got you a roundup of home décor inspiration for Ramadan that can also extend with you till Eid time. 34 | JUNE 2017

Indulge into our special Ramadan menu. Enjoy the scrumptious grilled delicacies only with us

Cairo: 5, Abou El Feda Street, Om Kolthoom Hotel, Zamalek. Alexandria: l passage, 52 Foud Street For delivery call: 0101-222-8815 or 02-2737-2552


Travel the World Destination: Prague & Munich Agency: Travco Holidays Duration: 07 Days / 06 Nights Prices: Starting from 13,900 EGP Package Includes • Roundtrip economy airfare on Turkish airlines regular flights, including taxes. • 03- nights accommodation in Prague including breakfast and taxes. • 03- nights accommodation in Munich including breakfast and taxes. • Roundtrip airport transfers in Prague and Munich. Package Excludes • VISA for LE 2,000 per person. • Any item not mentioned in the package. • All personal items such as; beverages, room service, laundry, telephone calls,etc...

36 | JUNE 2017

Destination: Morocco Agency: Travco Holidays Duration: 07 Days / 06 Nights Price: Starting from 14,500 EGP Package Includes • Roundtrip economy airfare on board regular flights, including taxes. • 03- nights accommodation in Agadir hotel on a half board basis including taxes. • 03- nights accommodation in Marrakech hotel on a half board basis including taxes. • All transfers between cities. Package Excludes • Any item not mentioned in the package. • All personal items such; beverages, room service, laundry, telephone calls, etc... • VISA for LE 625.

Destination: Kuala Lumpur & Langkawi Agency: Kimidar Tours Duration: 07 Days / 06 Nights Price: Starting from: 16,300 EGP Package Includes • 3 Night’s accommodation in Kuala Lumpur at the Ibis Styles Kuala Lumpur Frase • 3 Night’s accommodation in Langkawi at the Century Helang Hotel • All tours and sightseeing as per the itinerary and are operated on shared basis or or will depend as per your vehicle selection during Customization • Return airport transfers are made on SIC basis or will depend as per your vehicle selection during customization Package Excludes • International / Domestic Airfare (to be advised at time of booking according to your chosen dates) • Tips & gratuities • Meals other than specified. • Anything which is not mentioned in inclusions JUNE 2017 | 37


boost your health this ramadan


amadan spirit is here with many gatherings ahead. Families have already prepared for the fasting month by stocking all the essential food items. After long hours of fasting when you see a good spread of appetizing iftar in front of you, eating healthy can sometimes be a distant dream. Follow our tips to make a few lifestyle changes to get the best out of this Ramadan. Let this season be a time of revival in spirit, soul and body.

Start your meal with dates Dates are a very important source of sugar that will replenish the energy you lost throughout the long hours of fasting.

Stay hydrated This year Ramadan will be at the peak of summer when temperatures are hitting high. You have to make sure that you drink enough water after you break your fast so that you do not feel thirsty or have any signs of dehydration the following day. 38 | JUNE 2017

Break your fast slowly Start with dates, water, followed by soup, a bowl of salad and then go to the main meal. If you feel full after the salad, you can take a break and continue your meals later. Overeating can cause stomach pain and bloating which is a very common problem that people face during Ramadan.

Ensure that your meal has all food groups Your iftar should have a source of grains, proteins, vegetables, fruits and healthy oils.

Make healthy food choices Choose whole grains, lean meat, chicken breast, fish, olive oil in moderation and whole fruits instead of fruit juices. Stay away from fried food, and food high in fat.Meats, legumes, eggs and dairy products are rich in proteins.

Enjoy an Iftar Like No Other 5 Abou El Feda st., Zamalek For reservation : 02 273 703 80

Tavolino Zamalek


JUNE 2017 | 39



Tips to Maintain Your Weight in Ramadan By: Rana Abdelnaby

40 | JUNE 2017


ntil the day before Ramadan, we were eating five meals a day, besides having our morning coffee. Suddenly, the next day, we shock our bodies when we quit eating and drinking for 16 hours nonstop, and start eating lots of food later in the day.

Choose your foods wisely

Next comes our exercise schedule; some of us of might be working out two hours a day. Yet, in the month of Ramadan, due to social and spiritual commitments, we may find ourselves challenged to squeeze in an hour of training a day. As this is a system that is very different from what we’re used to for most of the year, it’s normal to expect some changes in how our bodies operate.

Expect to crave sweets after Iftar, since your body has been sugar deprived for a long period of time. However, to deal with every day’s cravings, make yourself healthy desserts at home, and reserve that piece of Konafa to special gatherings. That way, when a craving sets in, you have a good option to give to your body. You can easily find multiple recipes of healthy desserts online.

From here, we start to wonder if we’ll be able to maintain our lifestyle in terms of eating healthy, exercising and staying in shape. Will it be possible to stay on the right track, given all the temptations around us? The good news is; everyone can experience a healthy Ramadan and come out of it without gaining weight. The process just requires a bit of directed effort.


Here are 5 tips to follow to keep your Ramadan as healthy as possible:

With a long fasting period, decreased workout dose and less than eight hours to eat, we really need to be selective about our food. With only a few meals a day, everything we eat really counts. Make sure to pick whole foods such as whole grains, legumes, dairy, veggies and fruits. That also means you should stay away from foods high in sodium, such as processed & frozen food. Eating these foods not only affects your weight, but also your energy level for the next day

Feed your cravings

Hydrate Forgetting to drink water is not uncommon, as you often get busy with food, social gatherings, prayers and all there is. Your body needs water all the time to function well and for our metabolism to stay active and burn calories. To compensate for the lack of water during the fasting period, make sure to drink at least eight glasses between Iftar and Sohoor.

Due to fasting, the body attempts to conserve its energy, and it does that by slowing down metabolism. That’s why, it’s important to integrate some physical activity in your day to give your metabolism a much needed boost. However, it’s important to do it smartly. Pre-Iftar exercise is safe only when it’s done an hour before Iftar, so that you can refuel immediately after your training session. Your pre-Iftar exercise session should be done at a reduced intensity, since your body has limited energy stores. Your second option is to exercise two hours (or more) after eating your Iftar, and in that case, you can exercise at your normal intensity.

Eat your Sohoor While some like to skip Sohoor, others feel tempted to overeat. Those who skip Sohoor believe that this habit will make them lose weight, and feel healthier and lighter the next day. Truth is, the healthiest practice is to eat a proper meal at Sohoor, as late as you possibly could. Fasting already deprives your body of energy for a long period of time, so don’t prolong that period by not eating Sohoor. JUNE 2017 | 41


The 4 Essential Tips

for Your Fitness Program in Ramadan


ith Ramadan lifestyle some people may find it difficult to keeo up with their fitness routine and are concerned about their physical fitness find themselves wondering how and when to continue their fitness program during the month of Ramadan. Here are 4 tips that will allow you to continue to stay active in Ramadan without over taxing your system and jeopardizing your fast. 1.Adjust Your Fitness Goals in Ramadan Make your goals simple to be maintained. Making fitness or weight loss improvements requires you giving your body a deficient of some sort which causes a reduction in energy, and often compromises the immune system. 2.Reduce the Intensity of your Exercise Reducing the intensity of the exercise will allow you to stay consistent in working out without over taxing your energy reserve. The most important thing to do this month is to continue to exercise. Consistency is the key ingredient to maintaining your fitness level. 3.Combine Cardio and Resistance Training If you normally do both cardio and resistance training as a part of your workout and can’t find the time or energy to do both in Ramadan then combine them both into a resistance training circuit, to burn fat. Doing this will allow you to build muscle and increase cardiovascular endurance all in one workout. 4.Workout When it Works If you feel the need to fit a good workout in you may have to plan your workout in your day. Instead of exercising when it’s convenient choose a time when you have the most energy and it won’t compromise your fast. Whatever time or day or night your energy level allows you to expend extra calories without becoming fatigued is the best time of day for you to exercise.

42 | JUNE 2017


Ramadan Spirit With Our

Sohour menu

• Madinaty • Chillout Mall • Sodic (westown hub) • Lpassage (Alexandria) • Court yard Maadi • New Cairo • Cairo Festival City Mall • Tivoli Dome Heliopolis & Zayed • Maadi • Zamalek • Mall of Arabia • Heliopolis JUNE 2017 | 43


Build Better Eating Habits One of the questions that people want to know is what exactly should they eat during Ramadan? Are there special foods that need to be eaten before the start of the fast and at the end of the fast during Ramadan? The answer is actually rather simple. There is no special diet that is necessary during Ramadan. What is important is to maintain a normal and healthy diet while fasting, and to eat in moderation. Avoid over-eating at the end of the fast at all costs. Overeating is not a correct way to compensate for the lack of calories during fasting!

3. Sample Meal Plans. Your meal plan should include:

Bread/ Cereal/ Rice, Pasta Group – 6-11 servings/ day Meat/ Beans/ Nuts Group – 2-3 servings/ day Milk & milk products – 2-3 servings/ day Vegetable Group – 3-5 servings/ day Fruit Group – 2-4 servings/ day Added sugar & fat – use sparingly.

Here are some useful tips that will help you in planning your Ramadan meals: 1. Think of vegetables as the main food. Treat meat, milk and grains as condiments. Don’t give up eating breads and meat, just de-emphasize them. Put veggies at the top of your list for a better health and nutrition. 2. Drink lots of water. You should not ignore your water consumption. It seems obvious but we advise you to drink lots of water between Iftar and sleep, to avoid dehydration. Drinking too much tea will increase urine output and inevitably cause the loss of valuable mineral salts.

Breaking the fast (Iftar): 2-3 dates, a serving of unsweetened juice, a cup of light vegetable soup. Consume foods from all the food groups. Include salads, chicken or fish or lean meat, some grain as rice or bread or pasta, a small tub of low-fat yogurt, and a serving of fruit.

Pre-dawn Meal (Suhur): Consume a light suhur. Eat whole wheat or oat cereal or whole wheat bread. Have a salad along with 1-2 servings of fruit. In view of the long hours of fasting, the so-called “complex carbohydrates” or slow digesting foods should be consumed at suhur, resulting in less hunger during the day.

44 | JUNE 2017


Why Eat This? Dates

• Bone Health and Strength: The significant amounts of minerals found in dates make it a super food for strengthening bones and fighting off painful and debilitating diseases like osteoporosis. • Anemia: Dates have a high mineral content, which is beneficial for many different health conditions, but their impressive levels of iron make them a perfect dietary supplement for people suffering from anemia. The high level of iron balances out the inherent lack of iron in anemic patients, increasing energy and strength, while decreasing feelings of

fatigue and sluggishness. • Energy Booster: Dates are high in natural sugars like glucose, fructose, and sucrose. Therefore, they are the perfect snack for an immediate burst of energy. Many people around the world use dates for a quick afternoon snack when they are feeling lethargic or sluggish. • Healthy Heart: Dates are quite helpful in keeping your heart healthy. When they are soaked for the night, crushed in the morning and then consumed, they have been shown to have a positive effect on weak hearts.

5 Word Answer

What are the best foods to ease your digestion for Ramadan? Yoghurt, dried fruits, Coconut oil, Rice Pudding and Chia seeds

Super Food...


How to Beat Food Coma • Apricots are full of Vitamin A which strengthens optic nerves of eyes and help avoid other eye diseases, they are considered to be a digestive booster because it contains Fiber which aids in digestion. • The antioxidants in Apricots slow down the aging process where they renew the skin layers& remove the fine wrinkles. • Apricots are low caloric which makes them the perfect snack for dieting as they give the fulfilling sensation without bloating. • Apricots are a good source of Vitamin C which

strengthens the immune system and enhance it while fighting various immune diseases. • It contains all the essential nutrients that assure healthy bone structure and boasting the muscles vital activities. • It’s considered a good source of Iron thus is very beneficial to pregnant women as well as the nursing period. • Dried Apricots could also be used as a Natural Laxative to cleanse your body from unwanted waste and keep the digestion on the healthy track.

Fix with Food

During a food coma, all you feel like doing is hit the couch and take a nap. Important tasks? No way. A food coma is caused by eating a lot of food. Your body is focusing most of its energy on digesting the huge amount of food you just downed. So clearly, the best way to not fall victim to a food coma is to eat less. Just Drink a large glass of water before your meal, eat complex foods and try to avoid eating sugary snacks right after. Some fruit is good, but don’t be fooled by fruit drinks, it’s not the same as fruit. Finishing up, you can have a cup of coffee and take a 15-minute walk to help you to stay awake and control your digestion. JUNE 2017 | 45


inhale love; exhale gratitude

By: Azza Abdel Aziz

46 | JUNE 2017


t is stressful most of the time, always crowded with lots of voices coming in that sometimes we cannot even hear our own. That is all of us when we are life driven, voices will never lower down on its own and life will never stop to happen. That is why we need to cool it downs a bit so we do not get lost. So, breathe in, breath out, accept the presence as is and observe it. Have you ever asked yourself why sometimes you feel void like something is missing? Despite all the events happening in our lives and with jammed days ending without even remembering how it started, we still get the feeling that something is missing? Believe it or not, that is when we need to let go and take a look at our lives from a different perspective, a positive one. With the fast pace of the life we are living we miss on the small details that makes our lives worthwhile we even take them for granted not knowing they could be real blessings. Let us take ourselves to a place of gratefulness, and think of all the things we are grateful for in our lives, observe how our mind will react to these thoughts. Let us

take the chance of the holy month of Ramadan to lighten up and slow down the pace of our lives a bit so we can start to enjoy it. While the body fast during Ramadan we have got to feed the soul, our precious soul has the lowest voice of all yet the wisest. When was the last time you decided to listen to it and accept it as it is? It’s all within your soul; it ignites from within only if you believed in it. Your inner voice will highlight many of your exquisite blessings that we miss on living it. May be a true love you have been looking for and it is right in front of you but you fail to see it because you are too busy to take a closer look or you do not believe enough in your instinct. Our soul guides to believe that the simple acts of kindness in life lead us to the greatest happiness and content that we strive for. Worth to mention, the soul works inside out and that is because it is whole and complete, it simply has it all. Therefore, if we are missing kindness in our lives that means we need to spread more kindness out there without fearing the return. Do more acts of kindness,

smile without restrictions and spread more mercy. If we are missing love then definitely we are not giving enough of it so it can get back to us, it is that simple. At the end, what we experience in our journey is a reflection of who we are. Acceptance is a huge factor in maintaining gratitude, it helps us distinguish the wisdom in opposites and let us learn that we cannot experience the real taste of life without living the opposite in everything; or as it called the theory of duality. If we didn’t feel the pain we will never know how to heal ourselves and be grateful for the cure, without living in lies we would never realize the strength of truth. We enjoy happiness because we struggled with sadness long time. And we had to fall down into pieces in order to grow wiser and stronger. Eventually, while we are in a grateful state of mind we will discover that every small detail that comes or leaves our journey is for our own good all we need to do is take a closer look. Do not turn a blind eye on your own blessings; be grateful for them and always believe everything that happens, is always for the best.

JUNE 2017 | 47


The Best Dishes with Your Favorite Show By: NETFLIX

Ramadan Kareem! We all know that the Holy month of Ramadan is a time to reconnect with faith, family and friends. But it is also a time when one of our most beloved things comes to mind. Food. Delicious dishes always appear during the Holy Month that never ceases to tantalise the taste buds. We’ve combined our two favorite things - food and entertainment. Netflix have shared with us the ideally themed ‘Ramadan menu’, to accompany you while comfy on the sofa ready to catch up on all the bingeworthy shows you’ve been meaning to watch


These light bites can be stuffed with any filling, and are perfect to keep your eyes peeled to all action and drama of Glow - the Glamourous Ladies Of Wrestling!

48 | JUNE 2017


For the dough: • • • • •

3 cups plain flour or 420 g 1 tablespoon sugar 1½ teaspoons salt ½ cup butter or 110 g, softened ½ cup butter or 110 g, softened

For the stuffing: • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil • 2 medium onions or 250 g, chopped • 500 g minced lamb • 2 chicken stock cubes, crumbled • 2 tablespoons pine seeds, toasted • ¼ teaspoon ground black pepper • 1 teaspoon seven spices • ½ teaspoon dried mint • 2 cups oil for frying

How to prepare: 1. Place flour in a deep bowl, add sugar, salt, butter and mix well with your fingertips until it resembles fine breadcrumbs. 2. Gradually add little quantities of water and mix thoroughly until a dough forms. Cover with kitchen cloth and set aside for 30 minutes. 3. Meanwhile, heat the vegetable oil in saucepan and sauté onion for 2 minutes then add the minced lamb and fry for 5 minutes or until brown in color. Add the crumbled MAGGI Chicken cubes, toasted pine seeds, spices and dried mint. Stir for few

seconds or until all are well combined then set aside to cool. 4. Roll the dough into around 3 millimeters thin pastry. Using a medium size cup or dough cutter, cut round pieces of the dough. Place 1 tablespoon of the stuffing in the center of each piece and seal the edges by twisting them or pressing with fork. 5. Deep-fry the sambousek in 190°C preheated oil for 5-6 minutes or until golden brown in color. Remove from oil and place in kitchen tissues to absorb excess oil then serve.

Roz bel khalta A delicious rice and nuts combo, which is usually topped with a meat of your choosing. This is the carb load up we all need to keep our energy high through the endless laughter of Dave Chappelle.

JUNE 2017 | 49

Ingredients • 3 tablespoons vegetable oil • 1 large onion or 200 g, cut into slices • 2 cloves garlic, crushed • 500 g lamb liver, cut into small cubes • 2 tablespoons raisins • ¼ cup roasted almonds or 50 g, peeled • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon • 3 cubes of chicken stock, crumbled

• 2½ cups egyptian rice or 500 g, washed and drained • 4½ cups water or 1125 ml

How to prepare: 1. Heat the vegetable oil in a large saucepan, add and cook onions over medium heat for 6-7 minutes or until they become brown in color. 2. Add garlic and lamb liver. Cook with occasional stirring for

another 5 minutes or until liver is cooked. 3. Add the raisins, peeled fried almond, cinnamon powder, MAGGI Chicken Stock cubes and rice. Stir for 1 minute then add the water and bring to boil with occasional stirring 4. Reduce the heat, cover and simmer over low heat for 20-25 minutes or until rice is cooked.


The kids stolen the TV remote? We’ve got the perfect treat to get you through an episode or two of Tarzan and Jane swinging through the vines. It’s almost a ritual that breaking your fast “has to be followed by dessert”. It’s safe to say that this favourite sweet treat takes everyone back to their childhood.

Ingredients: • 1/2 teaspoon orange color powder • 4 tablespoons Ghee • 200 g Othmaliye dough • 1 tin sweetened condensed milk • 2 cups Water • 1/2 cup corn flour • 2 cups sugar syrup

How to prepare: 1. Grease the sides and the bottom of a round 25cm shallow baking 50 | JUNE 2017

tin with orange color powder and 2 tablespoons of the ghee together. 2. Put the othmaliye dough over the tray. Melt the remaining ghee in a small sauce pan and sprinkle over the dough. 3. Press dough down with a pot filled with water for 1 hour minimum in room temperature. Remove the pot and bake the othmaliye tray in a 150˚C preheated oven for 20 minutes

or until the dough becomes dry. Remove from oven and set aside. 4. Mix in a saucepan the sweetened condensed milk, water and cornflour. Bring to boil with constant stirring until it thickens. 5. Pour the sweetened condensed milk mixture over the prepared othmaliye and flatten evenly. 6. Allow Kunafa to rest for 5 minutes before overturning it to a suitable dish. Slice, garnish with crushed pistachio and serve hot with sugar syrup.

Now Open @

The Courtyard - Maadi

Maadi: 0127 974 6031 - 02 2754 7576 Zamalek: 0101 222 8818 - 02 2737 2551 Tivoli Dome Heliopolis : 0120 083 3499



52 | JUNE 2017

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” Robert H. Schuller Money and marriage is an age old problem and it’s no secret that fighting about money puts a huge strain on the entire relationship, if left unchecked; it can ultimately destroy the whole marriage. Thus, coming up with jointly held values obviously involve some give and take. Start by aligning your financial goals and life objectives together. Before you start this conversation and in order for you to tackle this topic smoothly, take some time to observe your partner. It’s crucial to have an understating of how your spouse views money and how they were raised around it. “Were their parents frugal or big spenders? Did they live on a budget? Did their parents talk about money or was it a taboo subject? What is your spouse’s greatest fear with their finances? All of these answers will play into how that partner treats money today.” Monitor and assess your spending habits frequently and identify your areas for improvement until you get your finances well calibrated, and don’t forget to budget for some “quality time money”. Never hide your accounts or lie about big purchases; as this can be toxic to the relationship and can lead to bigger emotional issues down the line such as questions of trust when the partner who was deceived inevitably finds out.

Looking at the bright side, there are endless ways to maturely and effectively have the “money talk” without going to bed angry. Here’s a quick guide on how to diffuse the tension: • Move heated conversations to a cushioned surface like a sofa or chairs with padded seats.Take the argument down a notch, by starting with “I” not “You”, as this will alleviate the blame. • Ask questions: “Why did that upset you?” or “How are you seeing this situation?” Once you’ve heard the answers, paraphrase them back to your partner to show them that you’re listening. • Putting your hand on your partner’s knee or making a point to hold hands can also take the

sting out and literally strengthen your connection. Touch boosts oxytocin to increase feelings of trust, and lowers cortisol to reduce stress. • Telling a joke at the right time can also help in cooling things off; because laughter releases the tension in the air. Couples often have mismatched money styles--one is a spender while the other is a saver. Instead of having them work against each other, causing fights and tension, successful couples don’t try to change each other. They adapt their styles to work for both of them so take a look at those 4 different money styles and identify your partner’s style: 1. The Amasser/ The Worrier You are the happiest when you have large amounts of money at your disposal to spend, to save, and/or to invest. You tend to equate money with self-worth and power, so a lack of money may lead to feelings of failure and even depression. 2. The Avoider You probably have a hard time balancing your checkbook and paying your bills promptly until the very last minute. You may avoid making a budget. You won’t know how much money you have, how much you owe, or how much you spend. 3. The Hoarder You enjoy the process of making up a budget and reviewing it periodically. You most likely have a hard time spending money on yourself and your loved ones for luxury items or even practical gifts. “Saving for a rainy day” appeals to your orderly nature. 4. The Spender You enjoy buying yourself goods and services for your immediate pleasure. As a result, it may be difficult for you to put aside enough money for future-oriented purchases and long-term financial goals. You may spend most or all of the money you earn, and you may even be in debt now. Last but not least, always remember that just because you don’t agree with the luxury items your spouse enjoys, doesn’t mean you should belittle them. Chances are that you both want the same beautiful things in life and share similar values; which was the reason of your attraction to each other in the first place. Just beware of little expenses; and remember that small leaks always sink great ships!

JUNE 2017 | 53



Kendall Jenner’s Bringing This Bikini Style Back The high-waisted suit is back in action! Kendall Jenner’s been slaying the swimsuit game lately So it might be the right thing to look at her as inspiration for your next big bathing suit shopping binge, right? Her stunning $420 Lisa Marie Fernandez suit is that timeless kind of chic, one that will never go out of style, and its feminine features like small buttons and ruffles are just the thing to set your swimwear apart from the rest.

Lara Scandar is back After a long wait, Lara Scandar is finally back to the singing world. After having taken some time away following her last singles, ‘Love Birds’and her Arabic one, ‘Taalou Ghannou Maaya’, Scandar finally released her newest Arabic single ‘Khalas Khalas’. The song, which is Lara’s first Lebanese single, pays homage to her Lebanese heritage. For Scandar, connecting with her origins is very important. Having been raised with a multicultural background, she believes that an artist has to be open to singing in all different accents and languages because that’s how they get to stretch their abilities and broaden their prospects. “I don’t think an artist should be one thing. I’m a growing artist,” said Scandar. “I love toexperiment with my image and with my projects.” Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor Split After 17 Years Of Marriage Ben stiller and Christina Taylor announced they’re splitting after whole 17 years of marriage. “With tremendous love and respect for each other, and the 18 years we spent together as a couple, we have made the decision to separate,” the couple said in a joint statement to Entertainment Tonight. “Our priority will continue to be raising our children as devoted parents and the closest of friends. We kindly ask that the media respect our privacy at this time.”

54 | JUNE 2017

Pippa Middelton and James Matthews tie the knot While her big sister Kate wowed the world when she wed her prince in Westminster Abbey, Pippa Middleton has opted for much more low-key affair with her banking tycoon fiancé. Pipa Middelton got married to James Matthews. And she is not afraid of being upstaged by the wedding party, as she has named nephew and niece Prince George and Princess Charlotte as a page boy and flower girl , Kensington Palace have confirmed. Surrounded by a much smaller selection of friends and family than on the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s big day, the guests are set to include some very famous faces.

Taim Hassan and Wafaa Elkilany get married The Syrian actor has announced his marriage to the renowned media figure Wafaa Elkelany through twitter with pictures from the ceremony. As soon as Taim made the announcement, pictures of the ceremony have been taking the social media by the storm where various celebrities expressed their joy and congratulated the new couple and wishing them a happy and blissful marriage.

George Clooney banned from attending his own event as pregnant wife Amal prepares to give birth to their twins George Clooney and Amal are set to be expecting their twins any day now and so the mum-to-be has banned Ocean’s Eleven actor from attending overseas events, in case he misses the birth of their first children together. The 56 year old was unable to appear at his own Aurora Prize award show, in Armenia, explaining the human rights lawyer would never forgive him otherwise. “If I came and my wife had twins while I was away I could never come home,” he told the crowd via video link.

JUNE 2017 | 55


Arts Culture Artwork

Mostafa Rabie

Tanseem El-Meshad

56 | JUNE 2017

Ladybird Recommends

Our Playlist

1. Charlie Puth _Attention 2. Imagine Dragons_ Thunder 3. Niall Horan_ Slow Hands 4. Samo Zaen_ Taam El Hayah

Movie: After the murder of his father, young Arthur’s power-hungry uncle Vortigern seizes control of the crown. Robbed of his birthright, he grows up the hard way in the back alleys of the city, not knowing who he truly is. When fate leads him to pull the Excalibur sword from stone, Arthur embraces his true destiny to become a legendary fighter and leader.

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Omar Khairat Concert by Ahl Masr Foundation Date: June 9th 2017 Place: Mena House Hotel Garden

Book: This book is an addicting, psychological thriller that won’t leave readers disappointed. A single mother, who’s found dead in the local river — leaves her only daughter behind in the care of her sister. Her sister, who’d vowed never to return, is forced back to the place she ran from. JUNE 2017 | 57



Life: Your ambitious and enterprising qualities can fuel motivation and determination this month. You can be super-motivated to reach health and work goals. Love: The month brings heightened emotions and personal revelations, and romance begins to heat up. Most of Geminis would be pursuing it more assertively, and some may be experiencing ups and downs. Career: You’re in a great position to work with a business plan or new idea and run with it. You’re most interested in becoming the best version of yourself than beating out the competition. Fashion Tip: Egyptian tunic style dresses and tops with belting in the waist are now being sought after by most women and high waistlines through the revival of baby doll dresses.

(21 May – 20 June)

Aries There can be a clearer window into a financial matter and a chance to take charge. Personal revelations serve to push you towards growth and experience.

Taurus Life is a little quieter as you find more time to slip into the background to enjoy rest and reflection. Challenges with finances can be ultimately pushing you towards better management of your resources.

cancer This month is characterized by intensity of work and total workload of professional life. It’s a good time to get comfortable with the world of the five senses and getting inclined towards spiritualism.

disruptions in your life that occur as a result of this inner conflict.

virgo You are looking forward and while you tend to enjoy collaboration by nature, you’re in the position to make executive decisions. Projects begin to regain momentum and money-making ideas are plentiful.

58 | JUNE 2017

capricorn The enterprising side of your nature emerges powerfully. This can be a good time for throwing yourself into a creative project and sharing time with others.

libra This month is excellent for learning something valuable, thinking in big terms, expanding a project or business, and making long-range plans.

aquarius You will achieve excellent results in your core business, showing creativity, zeal and enthusiasm and you’re being received in a wonderfully charming light.

scorpio There is a social theme to the month, but your practical affairs are in good shape as well. You may defend your values and this energy might also translate in more positive terms.

leo This month tends to highlight your needs for both partnership and independence and the

expressing some interest in branching out and taking a few personal risks and working hard for money.

sagittarius You can bring special creativity and warmth. You’re also

Pisces This is an opportunity period for family relationships and personal magnetism. Creativity soars and relationships may reach a whole new level with intimate bonding.

The Best The Top HOTEL


Orange Egypt Announces the Exclusive Cooperation With Nancy Ajram

Outside Catering at Fairmont Heliopolis and Towers Fairmont Heliopolis and Towers continues to prove its primary position among Egypt’s five star deluxe hotels by providing first class outside catering facilities. We Provide highly trained employees and world-class chefs work hand in hand to offer you the most exclusive and personalized events. From the largest function for thousands, to smaller private events, Fairmont Heliopolis and Towers looks after each and every detail to create the perfect event. Moreover, an entirely inspired and dedicated catering team easily handles the event from its start to its end according to your taste and requirements turning your occasion into a memory of a lifetime.

60 | JUNE 2017

Orange Egypt, the leading provider of integrated telecommunication services, has announced an exclusive cooperation with the super star Nancy Ajram. Nancy Ajram has been chosen for her great popularity and the fact that she is presenting a unique art with her distinctive songs close to the hearts of Egyptians. Moreover; Orange Egypt is providing its customers with the newest album of Nancy Ajram “Hassa beek” exclusively on Orange music platforms. Through “Ghaneely” Application, the latest digital music platform and with 4G speed, Orange customers are able to enjoy music anytime and anywhere.

Discover New Possibilities with the Samsung Galaxy S8: A Smartphone Without Limits introduces the world to the Galaxy S8, a smartphone that pushes the boundaries of traditional smartphones with its seamless hardware design and a variety of new service offerings. With the launch of multiple services and apps, as well as a stunning Infinity Display for immersive viewing experiences, the Galaxy S8 brings a new level of functionality and convenience, opening up a galaxy of possibilities.

The Must Know! Ramadan

Ramadan Spirit at Conrad Cairo Conrad Cairo offers a magical Ramadan experience nights for the whole family and friends this year, offering a full range of Iftar and Sohour options in an authentic Ramadan spirit. Guests can experience an extravagant Iftar buffet with a spectacular view of the Nile at Solana Restaurant, featuring a diverse selections and specialties. Guests can also indulge in a lavish array of modern Lebanese specialties for Iftar in Oak Grill Restaurant with a special Set Menu. The Atrium Lobby Lounge also offers a spectacular selection of beverages and pastries, including oriental dessert & a vast bakery selection. For large groups wishing for a unique Iftar or Sohour experience; special Ramadan menus are created for gathers or corporate events.

Katayef Night at Radisson Blu The long awaited month is finally here and it is time you gather with your friends and family and share memorable moments together this Ramadan. Experience an indulging sohour with Ramadan cuisine as you enjoy the breeze on the roof top. Book your Sohour not and don’t miss the exquisite Ramadan experience For Bookings call: +202 2696 5656 / +2010 1730 0003

RAMADAN KAREEM AT RAMSES HILTON Celebrate the month of generosity and experience our spectacular Oriental Iftar Buffet served daily from sunset at the Terrace Café with tunes of oriental music and enjoy a taste of an authentic Sohour with a wide variety of Oriental dishes, and creative Ramadan juices whilst enjoying the live entertainment provided by a traditional Oriental band and Takht. Shisha lovers may enjoy their favorite flavors in an atmosphere that embodies the true spirit of Ramadan. For Iftar & Sohour reservation Pleases call: 010 222 189 77 or email us on: All above prices are per person subject to service charge and taxes

RAMADAN HIGHLIGHTS AT SEMIRAMIS INTERCONTINENTAL CAIRO 2017 As the lanterns are lit and excitement approaches Cairo streets, we at the Semiramis InterContinental have set our venues for the most authentic Ramadan this summer. From Night & Day’s multi ethnic Iftars to Fawaness by Nile Terrace’s open air Sohours and Café Corniche’s sweet treats. Night & Day is serving up a Multi Ethnic Iftar Cuisine with numerous buffets all Ramadan. For an alternative and unforgettable Ramadan experience with an elegant twist, enjoy our array of Iftar set menus at The Grill Restaurant & Lounge. Nile Terrace presents Fawanees and authentic Ramadan Iftar and Sohour experiences. Indulge in delicious oriental favourites under the stars and enjoy Shisha and live entertainment or watch your favourite shows on our large screens. For an Italian flavoured Iftar, join us at Pane Vino where you can enjoy our special menus featuring an array of delicious dishes.You can also experience Lebanese cuisine for Iftar & Sohour at Sabaya where our set menus include some of your favourite plates. At Tea Garden & Café Corniche, take pleasure in all your favourite sweet Ramadan delicacies with our wide ranging assortment. JUNE 2017 | 61

Embrace special scents of Ramadan at Dusit Thani LakeView Cairo Dusit Thani LakeView invites you to celebrate Ramadan in style with all its wonderful spirit of caring and sharing. Share special time with friends and family at our world-class “Ramadan Tent” and discover an authentic Ramadan experience as never before. When it comes to Ramadan, it’s always exciting to experience “Eftar & Sohour” in the open air, enjoy an amazing experience along with oriental tunes of a live performance, oriental takht, and DJ in the tranquil open air setting overlooking the pool, all embraced with unique quality of service of Thai signature for more intimate gatherings. Make this Ramadan different at Dusit Thani LakeView Cairo and enjoy a true culinary embraced genuine hospitality of a Thai touch.

Chic to the Street Ramadan at Som3a Basha Welcome Ramadan in style this year at Som3a Basha! Go back to the old traditions of Ramadan in the modern time capsule that is the Palace. Enjoy plenty of delicious food and entertainment whether at Iftar, Shour or both! Enjoy a nice Iftar at Omar’s Café. A delicious array of Egyptian and oriental buffet. Som3a Basha offers a unique Street-Style sohour experience out on the Patio.Go for the A La Carte Sohour Street Chic experience. Family Iftar menus are available to book for groups of 15 or more. For a uniquely upscale Iftar, Saraya Gallery now offers a family style Iftar available only for bookings. The Cairo Marriott can also bring over the excitement to your event or home with excellent outside catering services.

Celebrate this Joyful Festival with intercontinental holiday inn & stay bridge suites Hosting family and friends is a Ramadan tradition with Iftar and Sohour; the highlights of the social calendar. InterContinental’s spectacular lobby is the focal point for blissful Ramadan celebrations. Esplanade hosts Iftar followed by Sohour featuring the Oriental Takht musical ensemble from 10:30pm until midnight. For celebrations with an authentic Oriental touch head for Fayruz, which will open for Iftar, while Al Khal, will display that so-special Egyptian ambience and also hosts Iftar. The Lounge and Pool Bar will stage a traditional Sohour buffet, including tea, coffee, Ramadan drinks with a DJ and live band. At Holiday Inn Cairo Citystars, there will be a splendid Iftar buffet located in Windows with. At Pool Garden, enjoy an open buffet for Sohour with a live band from midnight till 3am. Star Corner features a Ramadan package with Om Ali, Oriental pastries and a flavoured shisha stone. 62 | JUNE 2017

Special Ramadan Nights with Bab Al Qasr Tent Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski proudly announces the launch of their very own Ramadan tent, Bab Al Qasr. Bab Al Qasr Tent will feature modern Arabian Nights set with upscale luxury, entertainment, and ambiance everyone seeks during this joyful month. Bab Al Qasr tent is welcoming its guests to Join for Iftar or Sohour and enjoy an evening with mouthwatering grills, different flavors of shisha, and live entertainment with distinctive performances every weekend during the month. Join Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski and spread the Ramadan spirit by opening the gates to Bab Al Qasr Tent. For reservations, call +20 2 2389 9000.

RAMADAN CELEBRATIONS AT FAIRMONT HELIOPOLIS & TOWERS Experience the true spirit of Ramadan at the vibrant Si Omar; your Ramadan Pool Lounge located at Fairmont Heliopolis Pool. Set against the backdrop of contemporary design, and overlooking the gardens, this modern lounge features extensive al fresco terrace and a full range of delectable offerings. Delight yourself with a variety of traditional specialties and an array of shisha flavours; all in a magical atmosphere complemented by oriental entertainment during Sohour. Break your fast with an extensive selection of authentic cuisines offering oriental buffet at Aqua e Luce and My Kind of Place restaurants. For an exquisite Lebanese Iftar set menu, savor mouthwatering dishes at Al Dabké.

Ramadan by the Nile At Hilton Zamalek This year celebrate Ramadan differently in Hilton Zamalek, feel the Nile breeze while enjoying your Sohour in open air on pool deck at “The Terrace and Abu Ali”, a unique Sohour menu has been prepared for you to choose from, along with BBQ festival and flavoured shisha, enjoy our daily live entertainment program and games “ Backgammon, Domino” throughout the night. Come along with your friends and family and break your fast with our famous Ramadan daily wide buffet at our main restaurant overlooking the stunning view of the Nile. For more information please call 01001604031

JUNE 2017 | 63

Si Omar’s Magical Ramadan at Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers Ramadan at Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers goes hand-in-hand with the stunning Si Omar tent … now the ever-popular Si Omar is back guaranteeing that the festival’s Arabian traditions and celebrations go hand-in-hand also with a fun and contemporary twist. With cuisine for Iftar and Sohour that is unrivalled anywhere in the city there is only one place to experience the ultimate Ramadan this year … the Si Omar tent on the outdoor terrace where guests can embrace the magic of Sohour in an enchanting atmosphere where a warm welcome awaits.

RAMADAN BY THE SEA AT FOUR SEASONS HOTEL ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano welcomes guests with a Ramadan journey of a variety of Iftar and Sohour offers surrounded by the serenity of the Mediterranean Sea. For Iftar and Sohour, Executive Chef Hossam Saied will create a memorable experience by the Hotel’s private Beach restaurant with an imaginative new buffet and where the lounge area with a big screen and a kids playground sets the mood for the whole family to enjoy. For an indoor cool space, Kala restaurant will offer a lavish Iftar buffet, and Byblos restaurant will deliver a family-style set menu for Iftar with a Lebanese twist.

Celebrate Ramadan At Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel! Renaissance Cairo Mirage City hotel welcomes Ramadan with authentic Iftar & Suhour offering during the holy month. The hotel invites guests to share the ceremonial breaking of the fast with loved ones in the relaxed, family-friendly setting of Afandina Ramadan venue located around the pool area offering various selections of shisha flavors. Afandina also serves Sohour menu options for guests who’d like to enjoy a magnificent getaway under the stars surrounded by lush greenery and pool. For scrumptious oriental desserts, head to En Passant for take away and gift options for your loved ones.

64 | JUNE 2017

Moments shared with your favorite people makes Ramadan feel extra special! Ramadan is a time of tranquility and reflection, a time to slow down and connect with friends and family. Celebrate this favorable occasion at JW Marriott hotel Cairo with a wealth of options. Choose to break your fast at Plateau or enjoy an exclusive Sohour set menu in an alfresco setting, with your favorite shisha flavor. Enjoy Layaly Mirage serving daily Iftar or have an exquisite Sohour experience at Welad El Zawat in the fresh open air with live Arabic entertainment in the fresh open-air both venues located at the Club House. La Patisserie is open daily offering extensive selection of oriental pastries and desserts, ideal for any Ramadan table of gift.

Ovio Goes Turkish For Ramadan Ovio Introduces New Turkish Menu At Cairo Festival City Branch In honor of the holy month of Ramadan, Ovio decided to create something special this year, by developing a Turkish Iftar menu for customers to enjoy with friends and loved ones. The new menu features bold oriental flavours, inspired byTurkish cuisine from Europe’s rich Ottoman history. The holy month of Ramadan is always a great time to be amongst friends and family, enjoying great food and the best of oriental desserts. Ovio will continue to provide its guests high quality food with their new Turkish menu.

Celebrate Ramadan in style at Sheraton Montazah Alexandria Sheraton Montazah Hotel invites you to celebrate Ramadan in luxury with all its amazing spirit and sharing traditions. A variety of outlets are there for Ramadan fans ; “El Moled Theme at the Beach Café” overlooking the superb view of the Mediterranean seashore with elegant seating serves sumptuous sohour meal, mouthwatering Ramadan drinks and your choice of flavored shisha along with the oriental tunes of Takht Sharky, tanoura, folkloric show and live songs by our duo and trio band throughout the holy month of Ramadan. Families and friends are invited to break their fast at Café Coquillage with its daily Iftar buffet that features an array of different traditional Arabic dishes and continental delicacies with exquisite oriental specialties while watching your favorite TV Shows also you can share quality time at “La Mamma Terrace Café” & “Café Trottoir” or try our wide selection of oriental desserts at the Café Rendez- Vous. JUNE 2017 | 65

Editorial Feature

The New MINI COUNTRYMAN: The Biggest MINI Ever


n a world where SUV’s segment is the fastest growing one and is undoubtedly on-trend, MINI Egypt has recently launched the newest iteration of its line-up models, the all-new COUNTRYMAN, in the local market. The "big MINI" which first introduced seven years ago, now evolved to become the biggest and most versatile model in the British brand's history. It is patently obvious that MINI COUNTRYMAN is cruising into its second generation with a more mature character combined with exterior and interior refinements. In other words, it’s bigger and better groomed inside and out, compared to the model it replaced. In fact, though the previous COUNTRYMAN was one of the company’s strongest sellers – over 500,000 units had been sold since 2010 – MINI is pinning high hopes on the second iteration to continue the success they had with the first one. In adopting UKL2 platform which means the new model is 200mm longer and 30mm wider than the old one, five fullyfledged seats and a versatile, yet modern interior, the new MINI COUNTRYMAN meets all the requirements of the compact class in terms of functionality and everyday practicality in its unique way. Of course, without compromising the typical MINI proportions.

The matured character of the new COUNTRYMAN is clearly reflected in dimensions, bearing in mind that the new model is the biggest and most practical MINI yet to hit the production. The new model’s cargo capacity is, by all means, the largest of all MINI’s line-up models. It offers 450 liters and can be extended to 1390 liters, which means it is 100 liters bigger than before!

Editorial Features

Vivo Ristorante:

The Authentic Taste of Italy


f all the cuisines around the world, one cannot doubt that the Italian has a unique taste of its own. Maybe because they prepare every dish with passion, maybe because they like to reflect the artistic taste of Italy in their cuisine, all we know that it is perfect in every way. On our search for the right place where we can indulge ourselves into the exquisite taste of Italian favorites, we knew that Vivo is the right place to be. Magnificently located in The Nile Ritz Carlton with a breath-taking view of the Nile, the warm ambiance with the sleek interior design Vivo makes the whole dining experience one of a kind.

Right at Vivo a dining experience is of very high standards, the whole team is very attentive, welcoming and friendly creating a cozy and hospitable atmosphere. Their new menu holds a huge variety and selections of the best Italian dishes. Worth mentioning not only that Vivo has the best Italian Chef Carmine Di Luggo, he was the very same Chef who has dined the Pope during his visit to Egypt. So yes we were more than glad to have indulged our taste buds by Chef Carmine Di Luggo himself! For a starter we choose braised lamb leg with cream of cannellini beans and fried rosemary, very tenderly cooked to tantalize your senses. It took us a while till we’ve decided what to treat ourselves with for a main dish because everything seemed irresistible. For the main dish we decided to go for shrimp and lemon risotto perfectly seasoned and prepared, truly the best risotto we’ve ever had. Have we mentioned their beef tenderloin with foie gras, spinash and pine nuts? A dish prepared with passion to indulge you with every bite, the beef was very tender and you can experience the exquisite taste of Italian herbs. The menu holds a selection of very distinctive mouthwatering desserts, like lemon custard cake, caprese cake with vanilla ice cream and almond, and our eyes couldn’t help but catch the name of that very unique dessert, ricotta cheese with pear mousse. But again, who can resist a tiramisu; especially if made the Vivo way. What makes Vivo

tiramisu very special is that it’s very light and a great treat for those who have a sweet tooth but don’t like a very sugary aftertaste. From the moment we stepped in Vivo till the moment we left, we experienced an exceptional dining experience where the setting is elegant and sophisticated, and all the dishes are prepared with love and passion reflecting the very standard level and efficiency in Vivo. If you are someone who seeks a luxurious dining with the authentic taste of Italy Vivo Restorante is where you need to be.

Mr. George Ghattas has been appointed as Director of Finance at JW Marriott Cairo. Nile Air, Egypt’s largest private airline, has become the first Egyptian airline to order the newest Airbus single aisle aircraft – the Airbus A321neo.

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski, Cairo appointed Russel Storey as its new General Manager.


The Party Continues at Cairo Festival City Mall with Amr Diab.

From Gouna to Dahab, to Aswan and the North Coast – CocaCola’s New Campaign gives Consumers the Chance to “Taste the Destination” . Misr El-Kheir 2017 Campaign for Ramadan: Henedi is the ambassador of Breakfast for 5M Fasting Muslims.

Attijariwafa bank Group organized a press conference to announce its entry into the Egyptian market through the acquisition of Barclays Bank Egypt. IMAGE, a high-end home department store showcased at the exclusive Le Marche furniture fair.

BMW team wins first place in the 2017 Polo Championship in El Gouna.

Mastercard Sponsors the Egyptian Banking Institute Ninth Annual Conference. MG Holding is moving to open new markets in the north coast and establishment of new company within the MGI Group for the development of the Egyptian Real Estate Market.

Hilton Cairo Zamalek Residences Hosting delegation of Pope Francis Historic Visit to Egypt.

Fairy Ultra washes over 6000 plates at Cairo Bites food festival led by Fairy Ultra’s ambassador Dalia Elbeheiry and TV presenter Sherif Madkour.

Orange Announces the Launch of “Orange Game” The First Smart Phone Portal for Electronic Games. Careem Expands Its Network to Cover More Cities in the Delta Region.

PepsiCo Egypt supports third Corporate Social Responsibility Forum. Pick A Street Launches Nation-wide Campaign to Support Hearing Impaired Children.

Sofitel Winter Palace & Pavilion has recently appointed Selim Shawer as the new Hotel Manager.

Hany Samir has been appointed as the new director of B&F of Renaissance Cairo Mirage City hotel.

Samsung Electronics Egypt opens a new allinclusive brand store at the CAIRO Festival City mall.

Michael Schmermer appointed as new Managing Director for Siemens Healthineers, Egypt. Founding partner Tatweer Misr celebrates, at the United Nations, the realization of the UN latest resolution designating June 27 as “Micro-, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day”. CAF Highlights Wadi Degla’s Successes possessing a Unique Marketing Strategy and uses New High-Tech Training Routines.

As part of its global engagement in the UN Road Safety Week, Uber launches a safety driving competition in Egypt, powered by AXA.

Fashion Comes Alive at City Centre Alexandria and City Centre Maadi this Spring.

When style meets performance: HUAWEI P10 lite now available in the local market

Sofitel Legend Old Cataract has recently appointed Ahmed El Shandawili as the new General Manager of the property.

On Spot

Cairo Fashion Festival Season 8 Cairo Fashion Festival in collaboration with Cairo Festival City Mall brought to you by ‘’Selfie expert Oppo Camera phone’’ hosted the capital’s largest fashion event for the 8th time. Talents from all over the world ranging from designers, influencers to celebrities came together at The Grand amphitheater to give Cairo an exquisite night full of trends, culture, glamour, and entertainment.

70 | JUNE 2017

On Spot

JUNE 2017 | 71

On Spot

Discover New Possibilities with the Samsung Galaxy S8: A Smartphone Without Limits Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. introduces the world to the Galaxy S8, in a posh event at The Nile Ritz Carlton attended by top public figures and media where the superstar Myriam Faress took the stage for a marvelous night. 72 | JUNE 2017

On Spot

Mashrou’ Amal Awards at Cairo Marriott As a part of Marriott international’s continuous “Spirit to Serve” initiatives, Cairo Marriott Hotel joined hands with media magnate MBC Amal and TEDxCairoWomen to host the “Mashrou’ Amal” awards ceremony. The competition was launched to support high performing and aspiring Egyptian business women with innovative ideas to bring forth their vision to life.

74 | JUNE 2017

On Spot

Mashrou’ Amal Awards at Cairo Marriott As a part of Marriott international’s continuous “Spirit to Serve” initiatives, Cairo Marriott Hotel joined hands with media magnate MBC Amal and TEDxCairoWomen to host the “Mashrou’ Amal” awards ceremony. The competition was launched to support high performing and aspiring Egyptian business women with innovative ideas to bring forth their vision to life.

Torii’s New Asian Fusion Extravaganza! To celebrate the new menu, Torii invited Cairo’s biggest media, influencers and taste makers to try out the delicious new menu. Guests enjoyed sampling the sushi rolls, fried seafood and of course the live Teppanyaki show. JUNE 2017 | 75

On Spot

We Care - Sealed Air with Ana El Masry, Wash Hands Save Lives. Diversey Care Egypt employees visited Anal el Masry Foundation, a non-profit and non-governmental foundation, to present a hand hygiene session under the campaign of “Fight antibiotic resistance - it’s in your hands” to 100 kids, aged 2 to 18 years old. Fun activities such as art and drawing sessions were planned to educate the importance of hand hygiene on health.

A Songkran Festival at Fairmont Heliopolis & Towers In celebration of “- Thai’s new year”- Songkran, the hotel recently hosted H.E Ambassador Chainarong Keratiyutwong of the Royal Thai Embassy and a number of his guests; H.E. Ambassador of Myanmar , H.E. Ambassador of Cambodia , H.E. Ambassador of Indonesia , H.E. Ambassador of Singapore, H.E. Ambassador of Vietnam , Charge d' Affairs of Embassy of Malaysia over a glamorous dinner at Lan Tania, Fairmont’s Heliopolis & Towers Thai haute cuisine. 76 | JUNE 2017

On Spot

Nuxe Hosts a Beauty Brunch at Le Deck

Massimo Dutti Unveils Ss17 Collection At CFC Store In a special event held at its Cairo Festival City store, Massimo Dutti launched its Spring/ Summer 2017 collection in the presence of Egypt’s most influential fashion bloggers and lifestyle media. Stylists Nour Bayadi and Ahmed Hamdy were present on ground to give expert styling tips to the attendees.

On Spot

BACK TO THE 70s PARTY by the pool of Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza

STEIGENBERGER ALCAZAR Sharm El Sheikh, Another Magnificent Addition to Egypt Deutsche Hospitality is expanding its presence in Egypt by adding the first Steigenberger resort in Sharm to its portfolio, Steigenberger Alcazar – Sharm El Sheikh. Steigenberger Alcazar, Sharm El Sheikh is a luxurious family property located on the fascinating “Nabq Bay” and the one & only resort of the German chain in Sharm. JUNE 2017 | 79

On Spot

Ariaf Launches Its New Real Furniture Emporium In Cairo The opening ceremony was the launch of Ariaf ’s new showroom, presenting the brand’s famous country-inspired furniture and unique products. The showroom also highlights the work of 150 of Egypt’s most talented designers and artists, as well as veterans of the art world.

Armani Jeans Grand Opening In Citystars Armani Jeans hosted a big event for its grand opening attending by celebrities, influencers and media figure. Italian artist Matteo Balza attended the opening and customized jeans for the guests.

80 | JUNE 2017

Enjoy Ramadan Spirit With Our Iftar Menu • Madinaty • Chillout Mall • Sodic (westown hub) • Lpassage (Alexandria) • Court yard Maadi • New Cairo • Cairo Festival City Mall • Tivoli Dome Heliopolis & Zayed • Maadi • Zamalek • Mall of Arabia • Heliopolis

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