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The SWR is back and also are we! Once more we bring you the special report about the SWR Barroselas Metalfest, now in its sixteenth edition! This is the sixth time that Metal Horde Zine tries to give to all of you an inside look of what’s going to happen in Barroselas! You have bios, photos and logos of the fifty-five bands that will step the stages of Barroselas alongside small interviews with all bands! If you have read one of these special reports before you know that there are three questions that were made to all bands! Only changing from Portuguese to foreign bands! So, the three questions to foreign bands were: 1- Is this your first gig in Portugal? 2- What are your expectations about SWR Barroselas Metalfest? Do you know anything about this fest? Do you expect a crazy crowd or what? 3- What can the Portuguese metal heads expect from you in stage? Send greetings to all metal fans in Portugal in your own way. As for the Portuguese bands, these were the questions made: 1 - Is this your first gig in SWR Barroselas Metalfest? 2 - What are you waiting of your performance? 3 - What do you think about this fest, with its 16 years of existence? So, hope you guys enjoy the reading and appreciate the bands that will rise in the stages of Barroselas!! See you all there!!! of the other editions at Barroselas. Besides the great many bands that go there there is a big union spirit, lots of fun and lot’s of headbanging…\m/ Line-Up: Vincent & Carlos Leitão (Gt); Fábio Silva (Bx/Vk); Flávio (Dr). Waste is a Heavy/Thrash Metal band hailing from Viana do Castelo, Portugal. They were formed in 2011 by a couple of friends and gave Line-Up: J (Dr); T & JR (Gt); R (Vk); P (Bx). their first concert in January of 2012. This year Portuguese Utopium formed in 2007 are all we will see them playing for a chance to be about Grindcore!! Their debut happened in part of the Wacken Open Air as they are one of 2008 with the demo ‘Rehearsal’ followed two the finalists of the WOA Metal Battle. years later by the EP ‘Conceptive Prescience’! In 2011 they released a split EP with Lifedeceiver through Juicy Records and in 2012 they were to debut in Barroselas for the WOA Metal Battle! Unfortunately because of 1- Yes, it is the first time with this band! We an injury they weren’t able to play but this year they have a second chance as they were again have all played there with other bands. 2- Normal expectation, it one more gig, like in choosen to be on the final of the WOA Metal Battle! all other, we want to do our best.

1- Yes, this is our first participation at Barroselas Metalfest. We only have a year and a half of existence and one year playing live, but that didn’t stop us from stepping stage with bands as Violator, WAKO and Revolution Within! 2- Above all we want to have fun on stage and giva a good concert to those who come to see us on the 24th. Needless to say that despite being a young band we won’t give up on Wacken in Germany, but our priority is giving a good gig and that people keep “Waste” in their heads and have a good image of the band. If we just happen to win, well we will join business and pleasure! 3- For us it’s the best metal fest in Portugal and one of the best in Europe. Each year that goes by, the fest improves. Brings old school bands, new bands and give the opportunity to Portuguese bands! Never forget your roots!

Line-Up: Outlaw Roque (Vk); Rick Chain (Gt); Lafayette (Dr); Gaza (Bx). Besta was born on the darkest corners of Portugal´s capital Lisbon, 4 friends, 2 passions in common, Napalm Death and Bad Brains and here you have it, Besta! Their furious Grind will shake your foundations so prepare yourself for some ear destruction with some of their works like the CD ‘Ajoelha-te Perante a Besta’ and the split tape with the Spanish Grinders Teething both out in 2012, and the 7’EP ‘Herege’ out in 2013. They come to Barroselas as one of the four finalists of the WOA Metal Battle.

3- This fest is already a reference in our country, probably the best extreme fest we have here.

Line-Up: Luis Barroso (Dr); Baal Roi (Bx); Vitor Lopes (Gt/Vk). Skinning was formed in middle December 2011 in Guimarães, Portugal. Formed by two former members of various underground acts they soon made an impact with their shows. As for released the only one until date is the EP ‘Beneath The Scars’ out in June of 2012 bringing five tracks of Brutal Death Metal. They debut on Barroselas as one of the four finalists of the WOA Metal Battle.

1- It is Skinning’s first time. 2- The expectations are very high, it’s not every day that you step on a stage as importante as Barroselas. For us it will be an immense privilege to be on the 2013 bill. It’s one more concert, our dedication and delivery will be the same as always, full speed ahead and SWR won’t be different. 3- I tis undoubtedly the best national Underground fest. We take the opportunity to congratulate all SWR organization because they deserve it. Skinning has 3 members and we have been spectators for many many years

1- Yes, this is the first time we will play at SWR. We have been to the fest for quite some time now, but this year we will step on stage. We were supposed to play last year but we were forced to cancel a few days before. 2- We will give all we have and we hope to have some return. I think it will be good. 3- I think the work Veigas and company have been doing throughout the year is remarkable and I hope they continue to improve. Thank you and see you at SWR!

Line-Up: Greg (Vk); Florian (Gt); Marc (Bx); Yohan (Dr). Department of Correction is a Grindcore band coming from France and formed around 2009! Their first work was the EP ‘L’Ecole du Gout’, a fourteen track EP that lasts for a brutal ten minute orgy of Grindcore, released in 2011! A year later was released a split CD with US band Noisear and this year they went on a tour

around the states among many other concerts! This year we expect them to release a split 7’EP with Strong Intention from the States!

1- Hi Nuno, Department of Correction will hit Portugal for the first time, and it will be at the SWR Barroselas metalfest! We already came as tourists in Portugal, visiting Porto, Lisboa, and Evora, and travelling by car through most of the north and central part of Portugal. This is a very beautiful country, and we have been very impressed by the kindness of the Portuguese, wonderful people. 2- This date at SWR Barroselas Metalfest will be part of our Europe tour with the band Strong Intention (USA with ex members of Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Cattle Decapitation). We hope to see a crowd of metalheads of course, but the most important is to see CRAZY metalheads!! 3- This show will be a great grindcore time for metalheads, we love Portugal, we will give all of our energy for the show and we want that every people in the crowd remember us. Fun and friendship are important for us in music. So let's grind the stage! "The stage is your's, Metalheads!"

Line-Up: Jesse (Dr); Sparky (Gt); Derek (), Zac Ohler (Bx/Vk). Formed in 1993 in Maryland, USA, Strong Intention continues to deliver brutal Thrash/Grind/Hardcore/Punk as they used to. Their first work was the demo ‘What’s At Stake’ in 1994 followed by the debut self titled 7’EP in 1997. The band meanwhile toured USA and Canada for about five times, released the CD ‘Extermination Vision’ and a split EP with German band Y. Between 2000 and 2002 they released their debut album ‘What Else Can We Do But Fight Back’ and the 7’EP ‘Each Day Lived An Act Of Defiance’. After this the band toured like hell with bands as D.R.I., Rotten Sound or Disfear, released a split EP with Solid Decline in 2004 and the EP ‘Razorblade Express’ in 2012. They will now debut in Portugal in 2013 in the XVI edition of the SWR Barroselas Metalfest and it’s expected that this year comes out a new 10’ split with French Grind maniacs Department of Correction.

1- Yes, this will be our first show as a band in Portugal.

2- I think it’s going to be a killer show. I have heard and read so much about the fest over the years and I know the day we are playing its actually free to get in. So there should be a really crazy crowd there ready to thrash and grind. 3- They can expect our version of hardcore/thrash/grind terrorism man. Turn it up to 11 and hopefully a full on riot will ensue. To all of the metal fans in Portugal, Strong Intention is very much looking forward to coming to your country to fucking thrash and grind. In the shadow of the horns man.

Line-Up: August Skipper (Bx/Vk); Saxon Jorgensen (Gt); Damian Coward (Dr). Ascetic is a Gothic Rock group out of Melbourne, Australia formed from the ashes of The Process alongside Damian Coward from Heirs. The trio was raised around 2012 and will debut in 2013 with the full length ‘Self Initiation’ out by OSCL.

1- This is our first show in Portugal, Ascetic's first tour in Europe. I'm looking forward to collecting the dust from every country and swallowing it at the end of the tour. 2- I have been told that at the Barroselas Metalfest the men wear very long metallic spikes. This is appropriate in keeping with the name of the festival. Metallic. I do not know enough about the crowd, I will soon know more than I know however. 3- The crowd should expect some heavy breath work, turning of sound into songs and various combinations. Greetings to Barroselas! I feel terrific!

Line-Up: José (Gt); Diogo (Bx); Joni (Dr). Hard Rock/Blues Experimental is what Killimanjaro, a young outfit that comes from Barcelos, Portugal has to offer us. They gathered in 2011 and released in the same year their first self entitled EP with seven tracks of alternative Rock!

1- As a band it’s the first time we go to SWR, until now we never thought we were noisy enough to go to SWR with our guitars in the air! 2- We hope to play as loud as the guys in black with long hair. We like metal and mortar in general or heavy-metal wouldn’t be one of our influences and inspirational sources, we are very excited to participate in this fest (I guess it’s not worth to mention that we are in the

same fest as Pentagram). Besides, we have lots of friendly bands that will also play there this year like Black Bombaim, The 1969 Revolutionary Orgy or Mr. Miyagi. 3- Barroselas is the living proof that things have to be done by will and gut and not to profit, as we see a lot nationwide regarding “places to play”. It’s not randomly that this is the coolest “heavy music” festival in the country capable of moving every year foreigners into Portugal. The guys from SWR have been showing (since we remember) an excellent continuous work, in and out the festival, it’s all year round presenting good stuff.

Line-Up: Alexandre N.H. Mota (Bx); Pedro Tosher (Dr); A Tree of Signs was born out of a night of inspiration between V-Kaos (Mother of the Hydra, V-Kaos) and NH (Corpus Christii, Morte Incandescente, Storm Legion, Coldness, etc) in March 2012. A first recording was done that same night. Soon after the two people realized that this would be a project worth going forth with P. Tosher joined as drummer completing the setting and adding further to the groove. The Debut EP "Salt" was released in September 2012 and contains 4 tracks, available on 12" vinyl through the labels Blood & Iron Records, Raging Planet, Chaosphere Records, of Psychedelic Doom Metal. Meanwhile V-Kaos abandoned the band.

1- Yes this is our first time as A TREE OF SIGNS, we’ve played before with other bands in this fest. 2- We want to promote our first EP “Salt” and gain some more audience with our music, let it be a musical ritual for everyone there. We will present “Salt” tracks and some new songs. 3- We have accompanied SWR for many years, there is a special affection for this festival and for the organization, they have been growing throughout the years and will continue to grow for sure!

Line-Up: Brent Stegman (Gt/Kb); Damian Coward (Dr). Heirs comes from Australia and they are synonym of post-Metal instrumental! Their first album ‘Alchera’ was released in 2009 and introduced their Industrial Metal roots to the Underground. Their next release was ‘Fowl’, their second album, released in 2010, bringing some Gothic influences to their sound. In 2011 they released the single ‘Hunter’ through Denovali Records. After dozens of concerts, that also had a Bracara Extreme presence, they

will show in 2013 in Barroselas for one more SWR Barroselas Metalfest.

1- No. We have played in Braga twice now, once in 2009 and also in 2010 at Extreme Fest. 2- Well, we know that the people who run this festival are some of our favorite people in this whole world, so we expect it to be better than anything we could hope for! We expect a lot more than we think, in other words haha 3- We will bring the slow, painful, heavy and dark. We are looking forward to rotting your minds and saving your souls! See you soon, HEIRS X

Line-Up: Without Name (Bx); Wod (Dr); Marj Panic (Vk); Jeffrey & Deathwish (Gt). The Way Of Purity is an International project formed by some unknown members with unknown nationalities! Their story is short, as they were formed in 2009, but in these four years the band filled pages with rumors and fictional (or not) stories! Their former singer has presumed committed suicide and they are also presumed members of the Earth terrorists, the Animal Liberation Front, truth or lie, nobody knows except them. As for music they deliver a very powerful Metalcore blended with some Melodic Death Metal and their first work was the album ‘Crosscore’ in 2010 followed a year later by the EP ‘Biteback’! In 2012 they unleashed their second album ‘Equate’, out through WormHoleDeath Records! Expect the unexpected when these masked Humans go on stage!

1- No we played in Portugal already when we supported Negura Bunget during their glorious "Spirit Of The land Tour" in February 2010. We played hellgarve festival in Estombar and and Benavente at Side-B club. 2- Our expectations are always quite high since we offer a very articulated and complex show. We really hope that organization, crowd promotion and everything will be great as we are prepared to let the crowd absolutely dazed.

Well, we know that some amazing bands will play there, like Agalloch, Cryptopsy, Cattle Decapitation, Decrepit Birth, Belphegor, Fen ... We are really happy to meet Belphegor and Fen as we toured with them already. I believe that Negura Bunget were announced but cancelled the show. Day one is definitely my favourite! I really hope that people will flog themselves. 3- They can expect a non-stop show, with ambiences, ultra violent songs, preaches. We will play songs both from "Crosscore" and "Equate" with no spare energies, like we always do. Representamos a luta gloriosa de animal e liberação humana contra opressão e tirania, juntamos a nossa guerra.

‘Anomaly’. In 2011 the band played some shows throughout Europe with the peak being the participation at Wacken Open Air.

Line-Up: Zeghers Jeremiah (Vk); Hanot Mathias & Pot Arnaud (Gt); Dassonvile Luc (Bx); Chiarenza Jonathan (Dr) The Last Shot of War comes from Belgium and was formed around 2007. Their first demo came in 2008 called ‘Tenia’ and their first album ‘The Final Answer’ comes in 2010. After this one the band established their sound as Beatdown Deathcore and released in 2011 the EP ‘First Line’. Already this year they released their second album ‘Piece of Hate’ and are going to debut in Portuguese lands in the XVI edition of the SWR Barroselas Metalfest.

1- No, this is not our first gig in Portugal, in 2011 we toured Germany, Portugal and Mexico, including a slot in the all mighty Wacken Open Air where we closed the WET Stage (we were the first Costa Rican band to ever play at Wacken), our time slot was between Blind Guardian and Ozzy Osbourne so it was pretty cool! This will be our second time in Portugal in 3 years, so we're just counting the days lml! 2- We were invited last year to Barroselas and unfortunately were not able to go but this year we are completely psyched for the opportunity to participate in this festival; no Costa Rican band has ever played at Barroselas so we will make the most of it! It will be f'n extreme, loud and dirty. We love it! 3- The Portuguese metal heads can expect intensity and just f'n energy from us. We will give it all we got, its the only reason you play play it F'N LOUD!!! It's F'N simple, we'll be there, you'll be there, we'll have a show and moshpit!! To al Portuguese metal heads: "WE CAN'T WAIT TO BE FACE TO FACE WITH YOU GUYS AND JUST TEAR THE STAGE DOWN!!!!!! CHEERS! lml!!!"

1- It’s our first gig in Portugal. We are impatient! 2- We hope that a lot of people will appreciate our songs and have a good time with the public from SWR BarroselasMetalfest. We think that it's a very good festival for us and all people who like death metal. We just hope that the people will be crazy. 3- We give you a crazy brutal show and a fucking good time :) see you soon.

Line-Up: Antonio Masis (Bx/Vk); Jose Sibaja & Daniel Vega (Gt); Andres Angulo (Dr).

Pneuma comes from Costa Rica, was formed in 2003 and plays a kind of Progressive Thrash Metal. In 2005 they released their first EP called ‘A Run Through’, did some shows and a tour around Costa Rica and Panama but then between 2006 and 2008 they lived some turmoil and almost ended. As that didn’t happen the full length was the next step and that happened in 2010 when they released

Line-Up: Diego Fanelli (Vk); Mario Di Giambattista (Gt); Giorgio Cavaliere (Bx) Vulvectomy is an Italian trio that plays Brutal Death Metal since 2007. Their first work was the demo ‘Syphilic Dismembered Slut’ released in 2007 followed by the debut album ‘Putrescent Clitoral Fermentation’. In 2010 came ‘Post Abortion Slut Fuck’ out by the North American label Sevared Records, an eight track soundtrack of gore and visceral sexbestiality! In February of 2013 it’s released their third album ‘Abusing Dismembered Beauties’ with again 8 tracks for the most sick and disgust minds!

1- Hi there, this is diego, vulvectomy singer, and this will be our 1st time in Portugal and we can’t wait to play there! 2- We expect a very good crowd, with a lot of crazy people moshing the pit...we know your fest...your popularity is growing year by year thanx also to the bands you invited there to we’re very excited to play at Barroselas fest guys! 3- The crowd we'll taste some of our new songs taken from our new album "abusing dismembered beauties" plus some vulvectomy classics...and obviously they will see the Italian slamming machine in action ahaha...i hope they'll have fun and we hope to offer them a show to remember don’t lose this opportunity folks :) take care and keep on slammin.

Line-Up: Stephan H. (Gt); Nehl Aëlin (Vk); Stephane B. (Bx); Loic Moussaoui (Dr) Akphaezya comes from France and plays a mix of everything you know in music. Formed in 2002 this quartet that comes from Orléans soon established themselves as one of the most original acts in the French underground with the demo ‘Anthology II: Links from the Dead Trinity’ released in 2004! Four years later the band decided to re-record that demo that would be released as their first full length by Ascendance Records (owned by Lee Barret, founder of Candlelight Records)! The band passed the next couple of years doing gigs and festivals all around Europe before releasing in ‘Anthology IV: The Tragedy of Nerak’ this time by Code666 Records! Again the media doesn’t know how to label these guys using words as masterpiece and exceptional for the music Akphaezya has created!

1- Yes! It will be the first time for Akphaezya in Portugal! But not for me, I went in Portugal in 2011. I visited Porto, Lisboa, Evora, Faro... A wonderful country with really nice people, sincerely! 2- Our expectations? Share our music with people, drink Sagres and Super Bock... Héhéhé Our friends of Nesseria who played in 2010 told us it was a really great festival! So, we expect a great screaming crowd!

3- You can expect some crazy fucking with Nehl's mad voice on them! héhé know, all we want is to have a good time the audience... "FESTA"!!!! To all metal in Portugal: Olá ! Enjoy life, old and music, friends and... Beers!

riffs You with fans new

Line-Up: Johnny Lee (Vk); K. Raffah (Gt); S. Rebelo (Bx); J. Garcia (Dr). Miss Lava is a Stoner/Doom Metal band from Lisbon, Portugal and was formed around 2006! Their first work was the self entitled EP in 2008 followed a year later by the album ‘Blues for the Dangerous Miles’, a hybrid of Stoner Rock and Doom Metal! The band then went on a rollercoaster of gigs playing from coast to coast in Portugal and abroad until 2012 when they released their second album, ‘Red Supergiant’! This year they are again playing everywhere and for the first time will step on the stage of Barroselas for the XVI edition of the biggest Portuguese Metalfest. So, prepare your joints & beers and let’s put it on with them.

1- Yes, it is the first time. We almost played last year as a latest addition in the Venom day but we were in the middle of “Red Supergiant” recording and we decided not to stop the recording. 2- This is “THE” fest where every band wants to play in! Everyone speaks about Barroselas and the bill is always very eclectic. You have very fast and heavy bands but then you have the old school finesse of Manilla Road or Pentagram. We are very excited to go on stage and give all we have!! Moreover in and event from SWR, long time friends of Miss Lava! This will deserve a bottoms up at the end of the gig!! 3- This is one of the most respectful fests. Both by bands and public. I have a friend that lives in Belgium and she comes every year to Barroselas for the fest!!! The truth is SWR has contributed since always for the development of the heavier scene in Portugal, and they do it with a very broad approach take for instance the quality and diversity of the bill, they have their “satellite” Bracara and even the partnerships with Milhões de Festa for instance. Barroselas is the best fest to know new things, feel the pulse of what has been going on throughout the world and have that comfort, that finesse of having Venom, for instance. It’s the best of both worlds, the best of new music and of, let’s say established music.

Line-Up: Grungyn (Bx); Derwydd (Dr); The Watcher (Gt/Vk). Fen comes from the UK and was formed around 2006! Their first work was the EP ‘Ancient Sorrow’ out in 2007 followed a year later by the demo ‘Onset of Winter’! In 2009 they released their first album ‘The Malediction Fields’ that presented an Atmospheric Black Metal with some bits of Post Rock! In 2011 they unleashed their second album called ‘Epoch’ and the split ‘Towards the Shores of the End’ alongside Swedish/UK project De Arma! Last year they released through Code666 Records ‘Dustwalker’ their third album and one of the best in that subgenre in that year, more than an hour of extreme and captive Post Metal! This year is their debut in Portugal in the XVI edition of the SWR Barroselas Metalfest! So prepare yourself for a trip into one of the most innovative bands in the last few years!!

1- It is indeed our first gig on Portuguese soil! I haven't been to Portugal since I was 7 years old so I'm really looking forward to playing this show. 2- I have been aware of the SWR Barroselas Metalfest for a few years now. I have only heard good things about the festival so I am expecting an excellent experience. The line-up is excellent and it's an honour to be included in such company. As for the crowd, I don't doubt that they will be going wild so I'm hoping that we can deliver the goods. 3- People might be a little surprised by the Fen live performance. We have a reputation for playing a lot of calm, quiet material but in the live environment, our more savage side tends to take over. It may end up being a much more intense, vicious performance than the audience is expecting! Whatever the case, we all send our deepest hails to the Portuguese metal scene - Fen will see you soon!

more of a force to be reckoned with. We're getting older and have less and less to lose so we try to make every moment count!

Line-Up: Travis Ryan (Vk); Josh Elmore (Gt); David McGraw (Dr); Derek Engemann (Bx).

Cattle Decapitation was born in 1996 in San Diego, California, USA. Their first work was the demo ‘Ten Torments of the Damned’ released a year later but it was with ‘Human Jerky’ the EP from ’99 that the started to shake the foundations of the Metal world with their extra fast Grind core and political incorrect covers. A year later they released two EP’s, ‘!Decapitacion!’ and ‘Homovore’, where for the first time they present songs with more than two minutes! This lead to a contract with Metal Blade Records that releases their first album ‘To Serve Man’ in 2002 followed two years later by ‘Humanure’! In 2005 they release a split EP with Grindcore act Caninus and in 2006 came ‘Karma.Bloody.Karma’ their third album! After much touring and rehearsing Cattle Decapitation released their fourth full length in 2009 and ‘The Harvest Floor’ was praised as their best album ever, that until ‘Monolith of Inhumanity’ was unleashed in May of 2012! Their fifth album brings even more progression from the quartet of California, leaving them as one of the ground breaking bands of the genre!

1- No, this is actually going to be our second time playing Portugal. We were there a couple years ago and played in Porto. Our bus actually broke down in Portugal on our way to the next gig in Madrid, Spain and so we got to spend a day or two in Braga, Portugal. VERY beautiful area, these places. Very much like Southern California believe it or not! In fact, the area where our bus was broken down looked very much like just minutes from where I grew up and where a lot of my family now resides. Had a great time playing Porto, played on a boat which was a first for us. 2- Not sure what to expect, honestly! I personally am very unfamiliar with the festivals over there except for the big Summer ones. I hear it should be a great fest and we are really looking forward to coming back to Portugal! We get a lot of email requests from there asking for us to come and destroy. 3- You can expect sheer brutality, chaos and intensity. We put every ounce of ourselves into our live show and have become known as more of a live band until this new record which a lot of people seem to like so now we are becoming

Line-Up: Bill Robinson (Vk); Matt Sotelo & Chase Fraser (Gt); Alex Bent (Dr); Decrepit Birth is a Tech Death Metal band that comes from the state of California in the USA and was formed around 2001! Their first work was the album ‘…and Time Begins’ out in 2003 through Unique Leader Records! In 2006 they released the ‘Promo’06’ followed two years later by the album ‘Diminishing Between Worlds’ and in 2010 by the third album ‘Polarity’ out through Nuclear Blast, that brings eleven tracks of a powerful and technical Death Metal. Alex Bent is replacing Samus Paulicelli only on this tour.

1- Yes it is! 2- I've definitely heard of this fest! We're beyond excited to play in Portugal for our first time! We are really looking forward to entertaining you guys. Hopefully we can get the crowd going, that's something we always try to do. 3- Greetings to all the metal heads of Portugal!!! Decrepit Birth is a band that plays progressive, melodic, brutal death metal. However, we love to bring our best to everyone with our performance and not just stand around on stage looking bored. We've been a touring band for over 7 years now. We feel like we are at our best at this point. So we can't wait to get out to Portugal for the SWR Barroselas Metalfest!! Thank you!

Line-Up: John Haughm (Gt/Vk); Don Anderson (Gt); Jason William Walton (Bx); Aesop Dekker (Dr). One of the bands that changed music in the last decade or so was formed in 1995 in the city of Portland, Oregon in the United States of America! Their name is Agalloch and all those into Folk, Black, Doom, Post Rock or whatever more you want to call their creations already know what we’re going to say here! Their first work was the now cult demo ‘From Which of This Oak’ in 1997 followed a year later by the second demo ‘Promo’98’ both delivering some fresh and eerie music! In 1999 ‘Pale Folklore’

was released: a masterpiece of blending sonorities and sights, in 2001 comes the EP ‘Of Stone, Wind and Pillor’ and in 2002 they unleashed the second album ‘The Mantle’, an album that, as would become usual in Agalloch, changed everything that you thought their music was! The EP’s ‘Tomorrow Will Never Come’ in 2003 and ‘The Grey’ in 2004 continued to showcase their head-breaking sounds and also in 2004 came probably one of their best ever releases: the 10’ split with Finnish horde Nest, that delivered art in a way that no words can do justice to it! ‘Ashes Against the Grain’ their third album appeared in 2006 and two years later was time for the EP ‘The White’ plus the compilation ‘The Demonstration Archive: 1996-1998’ that brought some of the old material back to life! In 2009 they released their first DVD called ‘The Silence of Forgotten Landscapes’ and in 2010 they delivered the compilation ‘The Compendium Archive’ and another great work in the form of their fourth album ‘Marrow Of The Spirit’! In 2011 the compilation ‘Whitedivisiongrey’ was released and last year came the epic EP ‘Faustian Echoes’, a twenty one minute song based on Goethe’s masterpiece ‘Faust’! For the first time in our country don’t even think to lose the time when Agalloch delivers the goods in the XVI edition of the SWR Barroselas Metalfest!!

1- Yes. 2- Honestly, we have no idea what to expect. We try to go into a new experience with no specific expectations so I guess we'll see what happens. Hopefully we will be pleasantly surprised. 3- Loud, passionate, and intense. We hope to have enough stage time to play material from all of our albums. Heathen hails to all of our cult fans in Portugal! See you soon!

Line-Up: Flo Mounier (Dr); Jon Levasseur & Chris Donaldson (Gt); Olivier Pinard (Bx); Matt McGachy (Vk). Cryptopsy comes from Canada and they were formed in 1988 as Necrosis. Under that moniker they unleashed four demos until 1992 when they adopted the name Cryptopsy. Under that name their first work was the demo ‘Ungentle Exhumation’ in 1993 soon followed in ’94 by the debut album ‘Blasphemy Made Flesh’, a blast of debut that left the underground with its mouth wide open. The

follow up was released in ’96 called ‘None So Vile’ and again the Brutal Tech Death Metal family was surprised by the quality of this Canadian horde. ‘Whisper Supremacy’ from 1998 and ‘And Then You’ll Beg’ from 2000 strengthened their spot on the Death Metal scene and in 2003 they released their first live album ‘None So Live’. The band destroyed stages all over the world coming back to releases in 2005 with their fifth album ‘Once Was Not’ and in 2008 with ‘The Unspoken King’, a very controversial album because of the change of sonority sounding a lot more Metalcore, something that divided their fans. They got back to their roots four years later when they released their seventh album ‘Cryptopsy’ through Century Media Records. Expect nothing more that sheer brutality when Cryptopsy step on the stage of Barroselas.

1- Yes this is actually the first time Cryptopsy will be playing Portugal. 2- It's hard to say what to expect. But i'm sure it will be awesome. Since Portuguese fans have never seen Cryptopsy live before it could turn out amazing. 3- They can expect to be ravaged by the intensity and power which is Cryptopsy live!!! Thanks for all your support and see you very soon!!!

Line-Up: Álvaro F. & Marco S. (Gt); Z. Pedro (Bx); Live Members: N. Lima (Vk) & João R. (Dr). Dementia 13 is a Portuguese Death Metal project that pays tribute to Old School bands from that genre and also to classic cult Horror cinema. Each and every song and lyrics are inspired in a particular movie. Three musicians from several Underground Portuguese Metal bands (Pitch Black, Holocausto Canibal, Biolence and Grunt) represent the main line-up while others take part as special guests. Formed in 2010, their first work was released in 2013, the EP ‘Tales For The Carnivorous’ brings four tracks of Old School Death Metal full of vicious riffs and horror lyrics! Prepare yourself for their debut in Barroselas in its sixteenth edition.

1- Yes, it is our first time and in our case it’s one of the bands’ first concerts because this project was broadcasted from this January only. Personally I have played in Barroselas three times with Pitch Black. Zé Pedro from Holocausto Canibal and João from RDB have also played there several times. It is not a new experience for us, but for Dementia 13 will be the debut! 2- We hope everything goes well!! We’re going to bring a massive dose of Old School Death Metal to SWR’s stage and it would be great to do a great genre celebration with everyone! We pay tribute to the true roots of this style and as such, we will do a very special set with covers from bands that ispire us since we were kids. Moreover, in our case the gig is free ‘cause we will play on stage #3 outside. We’ll have many guests and will do our best to destroy everything! So I hope the alcohol levels in the end of the night are high and damaging ‘cause the idea is contribute to the great Metal environment that you can live at this fest! There is no excuse not to come and share a drink with us!!! 3- It is the most successful Metalfest in Portugal, taking in consideration the number of editions and the size of the fest. When it comes to extreme Metal, I would say that it is the biggest at the Iberian level! It has an awesome environment (except when Watain play! heeheh). It is a gathering point for friends and good folks! I’ve discovered lots of good bands at Barroselas, had also many disappointments but I’ve also seen bands that I never thought I would see live! Bolt Thrower, Malignant Tumour, The Haunted, Atheist, Sodom, Perverse, Grog, Ratos de Porão, Malevolent Creation, Kreator, Vomitory, Corpus Christii, Gama Bomb, Saturnus, Hour of Penance, Dead Meat, Immortal, Holocausto Canibal, Keep of Kalessin, Gorerotted, Enthroned and Jungle Rot were the ones I’ve most enjoyed seeing (had to check the list to remember them all, obviously eheheheh). KEEP IT BRUTAL!!!!!

Line-Up: Rob da Crakstone & K. Overdose (Vk); Tony Deline (Bx); Joe Cokebust (Dr); Don Johnson Speed (Gt). This quintet of maniacs come from Portugal and their music is a hybrid of raw low punk and Black Metal! Formed around 2009 their first work was the demo ‘Necronoise’ a ten track tape full of rawness and speed released in 2011! That year and the one after were spent on playing concerts and delivering their noise all around our smelly country! Already this year Hellcharge released a couple of split tapes, the first ‘Death Rituals’ a live one alongside North American cult band Nunslaughter and the second with Portuguese project Womb called ‘This Knot…’ out by Purodium Rekords!

1- Yes.

2- None. 3- Shit/Watain.

Line-Up: Bor Desgrace, David Ole & Nuno Olivieri (Gt/Vk); Rui Parvo (Bx); Tito Frito (Dr).

This young band was formed in 2008 in Braga, Portugal and they bring a good dose of improvisation and Rock to Barroselas. Their first EP was released in March of 2013 just called ‘The 1969 Revolutionary Orgy EP’ and brings five tracks of a very vicious and frenetic Rock!

1- Yes. 2- We hope that we have a good participation that keeps the party going and the fest diverse music wise. 3- We have high consideration for it. It is undoubtedly one of the best fests.

Line-Up: Hugo Martins & Ivo Cunha (Gt); Ricardo Sá (Bx); Igor Esteves (Dr). Larkin was born in 2004 in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. They released their debut album ‘Every Living Day Begs The Question’ that was released by the UK label Mother Should Know Recs. In 2008 after an European tour they decided to take a rest for some time and re-emerged in 2011 with their second album ‘Elements To Our Desires’ released by Lovers & Lollypops. They play a kind of Indie Rock mixed with Soul and Punk and whatever more comes to your mind.

1- No!!! In 2011 when we released our second álbum “Elements to Our Desires” we played in the outside stage of the fest. And in 2004 under the name Die In Vain the majority of this act has performed in the main stage of the fest.

2- We are very eager to it because this year we come back to the original band formation, the formation that wrote the darkest and most heavy album, that fits the festival perfectly. 3- The best fest of the genre in Portugal, SWR crew is to be congratulated because despite the adversities that exist when it come to a festival this big, the Veiga brothers and company still make this grow year after year bringing international and known bands to a small town like Barroselas.

Line-Up: Balc (Gt/Vk); Morg (Bx); Virus (Dr).

Balmog is from Galicia, Spain and were formed around 2003. Their Black Metal soon grabbed the Metal world by the balls with the release of ‘The Discipline & Poetry of Pest’, their first demo out through Portuguese label War Productions. A year later they released the second demo called ‘Pestilent Rats For Your Moribund Children’ plus the EP ‘Nausea’ and in 2009 came the split 12’ ‘Odium Mors/Neverending Rain’ with the Italian horde Deathrow and the split tape ‘Descend to the Apocalyptic Beliefs/Necroangel’s Revelations’ with their Galician brother Aboriorth. Their part of the split would be released as a 12’EP in 2010 through Bloody Productions and in 2012 came the first full length ‘Testimony of the Abominable’ through the Spanish label BlackSeed Prods. Also in 2012 they released the split EP ‘Grim Repulse of the Southern Lodge’ accompanied by their comrades of Amnion. Desecration is here to stay when Balmog steps on SWR Barroselas Metalfest stage.

1-Yes, it’s the first with Balmog. 2- I tis a pleasure to participate in this Barroselas’ edition, without any doubt the most important underground fest in the Peninsule. We hope that the stench of death will infect the whole fest!!! 3- We have been following this fest since ’98 or ’99 when it was held at Casa da Cultura de Barroselas, since then, things have changed a lot, but the spirit and essence are still whole!

Line-Up: Shore (Gt/Vk); Loki (Gt); Jay (Bx); Zeus (Dr). The Ransack comes from Portugal with their mix of Thrash with Death Metal in a blend called by the band Extreme Metal. They began their voyage in this life with the demo ‘Chaotic’ from 2002 released a year after the birth of the band. In 2005 they put out the MCD ‘Necropolis’ that was followed by the first full length ‘Azrael’ two years later. And as they don’t sleep in the work done, they released in 2009 their second one, ‘Vortex’. ‘Bloodline’, their third album was released in 2011 through Raging Planet Records showing ten tracks of their full of power and melody Metal! After a couple of gigs all over Portugal let’s receive them once more in Barroselas for some Extreme Metal!

1- This is our third presence in this emblematic fest. We were also at the IX and XII edition. 2- We are always proud to play at SWR because it represents the most emblematic underground fest in the country. It is unavoidable within the Portuguese scene and it is there that we find our road friends, besides that, it is always a pleasure to play in such a big fest for all the covering and attention it gives to the bands. 3- It is a festival with a sustained growth and that has been able to grow and survive in a not easy conjuction. Besides, and as I’ve said before, it grew to the point of becoming the biggest national metal fest and a big communion party within our community.

Line-Up: Kommander L. (Bx/Vk); Shatras & Alenas Blakulla (Gt); Kingas (Dr). Luctus is a Lithuanian Black Metal band formed in 2001 as an one man band by Kommander L. The first demo tape came in 2002 called ‘My Sorrow In The Lifeless Landscapes’ followed a year later by another demo ‘The Dawn Of The Eclipsed Desperation’. In 2004 they released the EP ‘Ad Arma’ and after finding some live members played their first ever gigs. Then some silence until 2007 when the Lithuanian label Ledo Takas released the split album ‘Sonitus Caeli Ardentis’ with Luctus and another Lithuanian act called Argharus. At this time Luctus was a full band having some session members also for live support. After a year of silence, in 2009

Ledo Takas rec. presents the new Luctus album "Jaučiant pabaigą arti" ("Feeling the End Near"), that contains 11 tracks of crunchy thrashing black metal with a certain old-school spirit. In 2011 they released a very limited edition of a live album called ‘Live at Intro’ with a show recorded in 2007. Be prepared for the coming of Luctus for the first time to Portugal in the XVI edition of the SWR Barroselas Metalfest.

1- Yes, this will be our first gig in Portugal! 2- We are very happy to play at so big and important festival like Barroselas. We know that it’s event that has been held for many years and attracts many metalheads. We expect a lot of maniacs under the stage, violence, devastation and tons of alcohol! 3- SWR maniacs can expect a good (over)dose of Lithuanian black metal! We will come from Kaunas to perform our ritual of nihil! See you there!!!

Line-Up: Gisli Sigmundsson (Vk); Jóhann Sigurdsson & Unnar Siggurdsson (Gt); Gisli Gudmundsson (Bx); Ragnar Sverrisson (Dr).

Beneath is an Icelandic death metal band that was formed during the winter of 2007/2008. After a few minor changes, the current line-up was finalized in November 2008. The members of Beneath have all been active in the Icelandic metal scene for some years in some current and former bands include Sororicide, Changer, Atrum and Diabolus to name a few. In 2009 they won the inaugural Icelandic finals for the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle and became the first Icelandic band to perform at the Wacken Open Air festival in August 2009. In February 2010 Beneath released their debut EP entitled “Hollow Empty Void” on Mordbrann Musikk. The EP included four tracks of intense Icelandic death metal plus two live tracks. Beneath then signed a deal with Unique Leader Records from USA that released their first album ‘Enslaved By Fear’ in July of 2012. Now, a visit to the sunny lands of Portugal and the beautiful landscapes of Barroselas is what comes next.

1- Yes, we have never played so far south before. But we´re counting on this not to be our last time either!

2- What I know (Ragnar), is that SWR is the biggest metalfest in Portugal, it is in a small town by the sea, which we like very much (the sea that is). We think it will be an awesome time and we look forward to getting to know new people and showing them what we are all about. We of course expect the craziest crowd, I´ve heard that Portuguese metalheads are some of the most dedicated people. I am also excited to look at the town and hopefully we´ll get to see some more of Portugal. 3- Expect war! We are coming to thunder our artillery in your ears, we will bring our heaviest songs and attitude, nothing but relentless blastbeats and death! We want to see how you guys like Icelandic death metal, and we want to drink and party with you! We are very excited to be a part of the festival, both performing and also checking out the other great bands that are playing. Lets make this a festival to remember!

Line-Up: IX (GT/Vk); VRDRBR (Dr). Urfaust comes from The Netherlands and was formed in 2003 as a solo Dark/Ambient project by IX. The first demo ‘Urvaterlicher Sagen’ released in 2004 would be the only work that followed that path. His next work, the full length ‘Geist Ist Teufel’ showed already more focus on Raw Black Metal with the addition of VRDRBR to the line-up. Next came in 2005 ‘Verräterischer, Nichtswürdiger Geist’ another full length and a year after the split ‘Auerauege Raa Verduistering’ with the Finnish act Circle of Ouroborus. In 2007 came the split 7’ with Germans The Ruins Of Beverast, out through Ván Records, in 2008 the EP ‘Drei Rituale Jenseits Des Kosmos’ and in 2009 they released a split 7’EP with Norway’s entity Joyless and the EP ‘Der Einsiedler’. The third album came in 2010 under the name of ‘Der Freiwillige Bettler’ out through Ván Records and in 2011 the split EP with Norway’s Celestial Bloodshed. Last year Ván Records released the compilation ‘Ritual Music for the True Clochard’ with a couple of remastered tracks plus the songs from the splits. April of 2013 will be the time when we will see Urfaust playing for the first time in our sunny country.

‘Hell is Here’ and next came the debut album ‘Born …Suffer…Die’ in 1991 through the famous Brazilian label Cogumelo Records. That label also would release their second album in 1993 called ‘Punishment at Dawn’. In 1996 they recorded a three track promo and in 2000 their third album ‘…and the Sky Turns to Black… (The Dark Age Has Come)’ is out through Mutilation Records. In 2002 a live tape entitled “Brazilian Deathkult Live Violence... 14 Years of Brutality!!!” was released through Eternal Fire Tapes (France), a kind of homage to the band for its then almost 15 years of existence extremely limited to 100 copies only and five years later the band released three works: in May their fourth album, ‘God’s Spreading Cancer’, still in May comes out the split 10” EP with their country mates Sanctifier entitled “…In Deathmetallic Brotherhood” on French cult label Legion of Death Rekordz and the 7’EP ‘Long Live the Hunter’! In 2010 Crypts of Eternity from Peru released a compilation called ‘The Darkest Archives…From The Death Cult (1987-2007)’ with rare and obscure materials from the band. A year later comes the single ‘Deny The Light’ and in 2012 they released their fifth album ‘…In Unholy Mourning’. Prepare yourself for the Death Cult to destroy Portugal.

1- Yes! First time we are going to Portugal: never been there, so this is something new to us: Normally we travel up North to Ritualize Scandinavia, but now we will take on the South! 2- We heard some good stories, but we travel there with zero expectations; this way, it can only be good! As for the crazy crowd: Normally our crowd is a bunch of headbanging zombies who are trance induced by our séance of Devilworship and Intoxication! 3- We will bring a Séance of repetitive Black Doom that will put the crowd into a certain mind-state: this way we suck up their energy and use it for our own benefit in this Ritual of Intoxication & Possession! The candle will be lit and the incense will burn: Lucifer is the Light! Hail the Portuguese Devotees! Praise Intoxication & Hail Possession!!!

1- Yes, it’s going to be our very first show in Portugal and our very first appearance in Europe. 2- The best possible! I’ve heard very good comments on the festival and have seen some great videos on Youtube. I was surprised when I knew that one of its promoters is Ricardo Veiga, who I used to be in contact with through letters in mid/late 90’s! I also know that some Brazilian bands have already played at the fest, and according to the comments I heard from them the crowd was very participatory. I expect nothing but crazy metalheads banging their fucking skulls wildly in the front rows!!! 3- A real unholy old school Death Metal cult & 666% pure headbanging orgy as the tradition dictates! We’re glad for sharing our 25 years of existence with the Portuguese and European crowds, so see you in the front rows at SWR Barroselas Metalfest in April! DEATH METAL

Line-Up: Daniel Neagoe (Vk); Daniel Herrera & Ross Piazza (Gt); Federico Benini (Bx); Doug Anderson (Dr).

Unfathomable Ruination is a Brutal Death Metal quintet hailing from London, UK formed in 2010. In the same year the band released their debut self entitled demo that was distributed through Sevared Records. The EP helped establish the band as one of the most promising Death Metal acts in the UK and after a good amount of gigs the band released their debut album ‘Misshapen Congenital Entropy’ last year through Sevared Records, a debut that brings ten tracks full of intensity and brutality.

1- Indeed it is and we are looking forward to it a lot! 2- Our expectations are pretty big as we have been looking at footage from all the great bands that have played there already. We have heard great things from this festival from friends that have played there already ( Wormed, Dyscarnate, Cerebral Bore- to name a few) It is a great honour for us to be part of this amazing festival and we are ready to deliver a crushing performance as well as partying with everyone! 3- No blastbeats, no intense riffage/solos, no gutterals and no slams. We'll play love ballads only so everyone please dress nicely for our set, we can't wait to have a nice cup of putrid tea with you all!


Line-Up: Paulo Lisboa & George Lessa (Gt); Sérgio Baloff (Vk); Zulbert Buery (Bx); Daniel Beans (Dr). If you don’t know by now this Brazilian Death Metal horde you’re not a Death Metal fan. Headhunter D.C. (stands for Death Cult) was formed in 1987, when many that will read this probably would still suck on their mother’s tits. Their first demo was released in 1989 called

Line-Up: Marc Martins (Vk); Carlos Lozano & Jordi Gorgues (Gt); Toni Mestre (Bx); Marc Mas (Dr); Miguel Espinosa (Kb). Persefone comes from Andorra and they were born in 2003! A year after they released their first album, ‘Truth Inside The Shades’ out in Adipocere Records that showed the potential of the Progressive Death Metal that this guys were doing. Two years later they released the second

one called ‘Core’ and the third appeared in 2009 under the name of ‘Shin-Ken’. The sextet of Andorra in 2013 will debut in Lusitanian lands in the XVI edition of the SWR Barroselas Metalfest as they are preparing to release their fourth album ‘Spiritual Migration’ through the Swedish label ViciSolum Productions.

1- Thanks for contacting us! We are very happy with the idea of playing on Barroselas Festival. This will be our first show in Portugal. We have been playing a lot during this last two three years, on our two European tours, but Portugal is one of the places we really want to go and never had the chance. So this is the time. We have just released our first video clip of our new upcoming album and we will have it released for the time we play in Barroselas. Actually it will be the first show for the band after the releasing date. 2- Our expectations about the festival are easy. We want to let the people from Portugal to know our music, our live show, and of course, be able to talk with them and spend a great time. In the end, the objective with music is always spending a great time and if possible, make our music arrive a bit further :) Besides, Marc Martins, our singer, has family roots in Portugal, and he is willing to go and play in there for the first time! We are sure that he will specially enjoy the show! :D 3- Metal heads in the festival can expect a powerful performance. We like to stay in touch with them directly! Technical music, brutal parts, fast solos or melodic passages are all part of the show! Um grande abraço ao povo lusitano, e um maior bem haja pelo apoio. Até breve!

Line-Up: Brain (Gt/Vk); Buraak (Bx/Vk); Kaspy (Dr). Jig-Ai is a Grind Core band from the Czech Republic formed in 2005. A year later they released their first work, the demo ‘Promo 2006’ and in the same year they recorded 18 songs in what would be their self entitled debut album! In 2008 and again through Bizarre Leprous Production they released their second album ‘Katana Orgy’ and in 2011 they recorded 4 tracks for a split 10’ with Polish act Ass To Mouth.

1- It is gonna be our 2nd gig in Portugal. First time was Butchery At Christmas Time 2007 and it was perfect time there. So we are looking forward to be back. 2- Same as always. Good time full of fun and

brutal music for us and all the people under the stage. 3- Get ready for big load of Czech grindcore!!!

Line-Up: Sy Keeler (Vk); Nige Rockett & Andy Rosser-Davies (Gt); Jeff Williams (Bx); Mic Hourihan (Dr). What to say of a band that was born in 1983 and with the album ‘Power From Hell’ has become one of the strongest forces of Thrash Metal coming from the UK? Everything started in Bristol in 1983, by the hand of Nige Rockett, a time when Onslaught played something more like Hardcore! They released a couple of demos ‘Demo 1’, ‘Demo 2’ e ‘What Lies Ahead’ in that year e ‘Foxhole’, ‘Demo 6’, ‘Hatred Towards The System’ e ‘Demo 5’ in 1984! Next year brought their debut album, and what a debut! ‘Power From Hell’ brought eleven tracks of an anger Thrash Metal that left many fans and the critics with their mouth wide open with this new English band! A year later they managed to overcome their debut releasing ‘The Force’, another powerful release! In ’87 they released the EP ‘Let There Be Rock’ followed of the EP ‘Shellshock’ in 1988 and a year later of the third album ‘In Search Of Sanity’ and the EP ‘Welcome To Dying’! Label and structural problems lead to the end of the band in 1991 but fortunately not to the end of the story! That one continued to be written in 2005 when Nige and Syd decided to bring back Onslaught from the dead! That comeback took form in 2006 with the release of the singles ‘Shadow Of Death’ e ‘Power From Hell/Angels Of Death’ and got even stronger with the release of their fourth album ‘Killing Peace’ in 2007! In the same year they unleashed their first DVD called ‘Live Polish Assault 2007’ where we can see the strength of this veteran band! 2009 was chosen to release their first live album, ‘Live Damnation’ and in 2010 they released the single ‘Bomber’, with a cover of the mighty Motörhead, that opened the way to their fifth album ‘Sounds Of Violence’ released by AFM Recs.

1- No, our appearance at SWR Barroselas Festival 2013 will be the 4th time that 'Onslaught' have played in Portugal over the past 5 years.. It’s very important that we try to come and visit our Portuguese fans as often as possible and to continue building our fan base in your country. 2- Well, we are looking forward to some good weather, meeting our wonderful friends and playing a great festival...As far as i know SWR is the longest running / Premier Metal festival in Portugal which is real cool.. The Portuguese crowds are always very good for Onslaught so we are hoping its gonna be crazier than ever, i believe we play on the friday night so i think everyone there is gonna be really charged up for the weekend...!!!

3- 1000% Thrashing energy is what you guys / Ladies can expect from Onslaught...!!! SWR is gonna get a special '30 years of Violence' show from us in April, it’s gonna be brutal...!!! Olá a todos metalheads de Portugal, Onslaught estará no SWR Barroselas no dia 26 de Abril, Estamos ansiosos por rever todos os nossos amigos de Portugal mais uma vez, será um show louco e muito especial somente para vcs! We're gonna really kick your asses hard and want you to kick ours right back...!! :)

Line-Up: Helmuth (Gt/Vk); Serpenth (Bx); Live members: Schoft (Gt); Marthyn (Dr); Belphegor is one of the oldest Austrian bands and is unleashing its Black/Death Metal since 1992! Formed as Betrayer in 1991 (they released only one demo under that moniker) soon they changed name to the actual one and released the EP ‘Bloodbath in Paradise’ in 1993 followed a year later by the EP ‘Obscure and Deep’! The first album ‘The Last Supper’ appeared in 1995 but it was in 1996 that the all Metal scene acclaimed Belphegor with the release of the masterpiece of brutality ‘Blutsabbath’ a vile piece of Death/Black Metal! ‘Necrodaemon Terrorsathan’ followed in 2000 and the live album ‘Infernal Live Orgasm’ came in 2002 just before the release a year later of their fourth album ‘Lucifer Incestus’! Belphegor continued to whip the Christian world with their next offers, the albums ‘Goatreich – Fleshcult’ in 2005 and ‘Pestapokalypse VI’ in 2006! ‘Bondage Goat Zombie’ was released in 2008 ‘Walpurgis Rites – Hexenwahn’ in 2009 and the last offer until now come with the name of ‘Blood Magick Necromance’, the ninth of their career and out through Nuclear Blast! Suffering always of multiple line-up problems and of a serious illness that almost took Belphegor to its grave, the band was quiet for some time being now prepared the tenth offering and plans for a thirty year career special shows are on the making! Prepare yourself to be blown away by the power of Belphegor!

1- No we already did a few open airs over the years, about time to return to Portugal and bring our Chaos Sound to the SWR fest as well. 2- Well, it's one of the premier festivals in Portugal I guess, last year’s we talked about a BELPHEGOR performance. This year it finally worked out. Man, we can’t wait to shred Portugal again, there are some good memories stuck in my head regarding the brutal crowd there.

album ‘Lux-Citanea’, eight tracks of a matured Black Metal that will be presented in the XVI edition of the SWR Barroselas Metalfest.

3- We bring our 20 Years special anniversary show. Flesh, bones and blood! Be prepared for machine gun blasting fucked up blasphemy! Thanks for the space Nuno and Ines, and hails to the Portuguese die-hard demons! This will be fukking insane! An honor - this horror!

Line-Up: Bobby Liebling (Vk); Greg Turley (Bx); Sean Saley (Dr); What can we say about Pentagram, that wasn’t told before? Formed in 1971 in Washington, USA and one of the first true Doom Metal bands alongside others as Trouble, Saint Vitus or Witchfinder General! In 1972 they briefly changed their name to Macabre but that lasted for only a few months, even though the first release of the band would be the 7’ ‘Be Forewarned’ under that moniker! Their first work with the name Pentagram was the demo ‘Bias Recording Studio’ in ’73 and in the same year they released the single ‘Hurricane/Earth Flight’! Another single was released in ’74 called ‘Under My Thumb/When The Screams Come’ followed in ’75 by a self entitled demo and a year later by the demo ‘Underground Sound’! The band broke up in ’77 but in ’78 they were back on track and another single was put out in 1979 called ‘Livin’ in a Ram’s Head/When the Scream Come’! But then Pentagram broke up again until re-uniting once more in 1983! Finally in 1985 Pentagram released their first album, fourteen years after their birth! ‘Pentagram (Relentless)’, released by Pentagram Records, is a masterpiece of Doomish Metal filled with the mad lyrics of Bobby Liebling! The band released the second album ‘Day Of Reckoning’ out through Napalm Records two years after and were back to releases only in ’93 when they delivered the single ‘Relentless/Day of Reckoning’! In 1994 ‘Be Forewarned’ was released as their third album and the band after that one released couple of demos in ’96 and ’97 and saw the compilation ‘Human Hurricane’ being released by Downtime! Almost thirty years after their birth, Pentagram became a little more steady and we watched them releasing epic albums like ‘Review Your Choices’ in ’99 and ‘SubBasement’ in 2001! In 2002 two compilations brought to life some of Pentagram’s past, the now cult ‘First Daze Here (The Vintage Collection)’ and ‘Turn To Stone’, this before they released their first live album ‘A Keg Full Of Dynamite’ in 2003 and their fourth album ‘Show’em How’ in 2004! A second part of ‘First Daze Here’ was released in 2006, bringing again some more jewels from Pentagram’s early career and then the band decided to rest a while reappearing only in 2011! In that year they released the compilation ‘If The Winds Would Change’, the fifth album ‘Last Rites’ through Metal Blade Records, the DVD ‘When The Scream Come’, showing the legend playing in the Maryland Deathfest and the live album ‘Live Rites’, a busy year this one!! After forty years of career finally the Portuguese metalheads will have the chance to witness history when Pentagram arises in the stage of SWR Barroselas Metalfest!

1- Every single show is the first time, and the best time! 2- All we know is that rivetheads are nearly almost the same. They live to rock and come alive within its light. We also know that when you crave the energy of experiencing the music live, and especially when it only comes once in a long while, (as in our case, 40 years), you go even crazier. We know you all feel this way but we will feel it even more than you. With your love, we will light the day on fire! Playing this festival is a blessing and the entire band is extremely anxious and excited to share our music together! 3- Pentagram helped invent heavy metal back in the early 70s. It was taken from the roots of rock, the blues. You will feel the blues down into your boots. You will know the weight of riffs so heavy that you'll fall to your knees. We can't help to do what we do....When the lights go down and sounds come up, we turn on! Portugal will feel the true origins of hard rock and the heavy weight of DOOM. Expect riffs, huge riffs and get ready to rock the ages! We can't wait to see all your faces so we can be sure that we are all one. We love you all already and feel like we know you! Please come on out and jam with us during this very special night. We promised that it'll be a night to remember forever.

Line-Up: Hrödulf (Vk); Greendevil (Dr); João Costa (Bx); Nelson & Jorge (Gt). Azagatel are a Portuguese Black Metal band formed in 1995! Their Tolkien inspired music was unleashed for the first time when they released the demo ‘The Middle Earth’! A year later it was time for the debut album ‘Nautilus’ to be released through Sharky Recs! After their debut the band went on silence for a couple of years reappearing four years later with the EP ‘Horned God’! Again some silence and they were back in 2008 with the split CD ‘Olokun’ with the Israeli force Dagor Dagorath! The songs from that split alongside the EP and the demo were released in 2011 as the compilation ‘XV Years of Pagan Chants’ and last year they released through the Portuguese label Nekrogoat Heresy Productions their second

1- No, it’s the third time we play at Barroselas, the first was at SWR 3 in 2000 and then at SWR 5 in 2002. 2- It is an excellent opportunity to bring to the audience our new work Lux-Citânia and we hope a party day as usual at Barroselas. 3- It is the biggest extreme music fest in the country, evolving and growing from year to year.

Line-Up: Ricardo San (Dr); Jaime San (Gt); Bita San (Bx); Ciso San (Vk). Skate Core/Crossover band Mr. Miyagi was founded in the dark year of 2007 in the city of Viana do Castelo (not very far from Barroselas) in Portugal! They begun ripping the Portuguese Underground in 2007 with a self entitled demo followed a year later by the album ‘We’re Always Angry’! In 2009 they released the split 7’ ‘Double Trouble’ with the British band Cold Ones, in 2010 the second album ‘To The Bone’ and in 2011 they debuted in the stages of SWR!! In February of 2013 they released their third album ‘There’s No Destiny... Enjoy The Ride’ through Lovers & Lollypops and are for the second time in the bill of SWR Barroselas Metalfest!

1- This is our second participation at SWR, the 1st was in 2011. 2- We will do our best so that everyone goes to bed covered in bruises! eheheh 3- It has been already proved that this is the best metal festival in Portugal, we already had the opportunity to see and play many good bands thanks to SWR. For us from the north, it is a pride that a fest with this size has been around for 16 years in our lands, and that supports national bands! We all know that SWR has its roots deep in this land and only the end of the world will stop these gentlemen to attack this country with good music!

Line-Up: Jonte (Bx/Vk); Tobbe (Gt/Vk); Sebbe (Gt); Andreas (Dr). Aggrenation is a Punk/Metal band hailing from Sweden. Formed in 2009 from the ashes of Dispatched & Forgotten and Melmac, the band debuted in 2011 with a split 12’EP with Croatia’s Nulla Osta, delivering 7 tracks of a vicious D-beat crust. In 2012 they released another split EP and also with a Croatian band, this time Homo Homini Lupus. This year it’s time for them to debut in Portuguese lands in Barroselas.

1- Yes it is, but we will play in Lisbon on the Friday and then the SWR fest on the Saturday. 2- We don't know exactly what to expect, but we've heard great things both about the festival and about Portugal, so we're hoping for a crazy crowd and a lot of partying! We have no idea how many people in Portugal that know about us, but our intention is to return to Sweden with a lot more fans than before. 3- I would like to compare our show to a tank going straight ahead. We won't talk very much between the songs and most of the music is fast and aggressive. We've got one foot in the metal trench and the other in the d-beat punk, so a mix is to be expected. Along with the old material we will also perform new songs, that have more resemblance to early Swedish death metal. We hope Portuguese metal heads like our stuff and make a crazy mosh at our shows, saude!

Line-Up: Nicklas (Vk); Felix (Dr); Robin (Bx); Carl & Calle (Gt). Science of Demise is a young outfit from Sweden formed in 2007. They started to play Deathcore but with the years they dropped in more Thrash influences. Their first work was the EP ‘Final Act of Purification’ in 2009 and two years later on their own they released their first album ‘Submerge’, that brings eleven tracks of a furious and fast Death/Thrash Metal. After the album they changed vocalist entering Nicklas Olsson to the job and they are now working on their next effort that will be out in 2013.

1- Yes, it's actually the first time in Portugal for many of us. 2- We hadn't heard about it before. But as soon as we were told about the festival we checked the line-up and knew that this was something big. We hope to be able to gain many new Portuguese fans, this is a great chance for us to show our music. Hopefully a lot of people will turn up to see our set, as we will be giving everything we have. 3- They should be expecting a dark and atmospheric live show, we try to keep our music as one whole experience, instead of every song for itself. Seeing our full set will give fans the opportunity to hear our new album and sound live for perhaps the first time. If you like memorable stuff, you should come to our stage. Also, we'd love to hang out and get to know you all, we look forward to having a great time at SWR Barroselas Metalfest!

Line-Up: Mr. Jacko (Bx); Mr. Hitchcock (Vk); Live Members: Mr. Hammer (Dr); Mr. Brain (Gt). Zombiefication comes from Mexico and was formed around 2009. Their first work was the demo ‘Stenching...’ released in 2009 soon followed in 2010 by their debut full length ‘Midnight Stench’. In 2012 they unleashed the EP ‘Reaper’s Consecration’ that prepared our ears for the second album ‘At The Caves of Eternal’ that will be released in April through Pulverised Records. For the first time in Portugal prepare yourself to be zombiefied…

1- First, thanks to everyone at Metal Horde Zine for supporting Zombiefication and our infection of Death. This will be the first time the band will play in Portugal, in fact it will be the first time we play in Europe so we are really excited about getting our asses there and expanding our Metal raised on Aztec Bloodshed! At the same time we will be touring other 5-6 countries which at the moment are being sorted out and chosen to spread our stench! 2- We are extremely excited about playing Barroselas and Portugal . It will surely be one of the highlights of our 21 day trek. We have heard really amazing things from the fest, especially from our friends in Disgorge, who played there a couple of years ago. And just for the record, Mr. Kim, our lead guitar player is also de lead guitar player in Disgorge. It will be amazing to share stage with such great bands, but the greatest part of all is that we will be able to share some beers with them, so we can´t really complain, can we? 3- Total annihilation. Many bands say that they really take the stage and deliver, but I can surely tell that we are one hell of a chainsaw

fucker up there. We play it hard, we play it fast and we play it from the heart. Thanks to everyone that will be gathering in Barroselas to see our ceremony and we surely hope to share some beers with all of you. Cya very soon fuckers!!!!

Line-Up: Oliver Marchant (Vk); Michael Lee & Chris Brown (Gt); Simon Lee (Bx); John Biscomb (Dr). Dead Beyond Buried comes from England and they were formed in 1998. At first with a more Brutal Hardcore sonority they quickly moved their sound to a more Death Metal approach. Their first work was an EP in 2002 followed by the ‘Demo 2004’, both self releases. First full length comes in 2006 by the name of ‘Condemned to Misery’ out through Siege of Amida Recs but the second one only came six years later released also by the same label and with the name of ‘Inheritors Of Hell’. The band then frustrated with the music business decided to record and share freely their next work, the album ‘The Dark Era’. Debut in Portugal will happen in April on the SWR Barroselas Metalfestm, so be prepared for some ear destruction.

1- It is. We can’t wait to get there! One of the countries in Europe we have never had the chance to play but always wanted to. A couple of us have been there on holiday visits for the sun haha but the thought of going there to perform, we are really looking forward to it! 2- We have many friends in the UK that have played the fest over the last few years and it seems its getting more popular for people travelling to different fests in Europe. Dyscarnate played there last year. Cerebral Bore, Trigger The Bloodshed previously. Also we recently went on tour with Immolation and the said we have to go there! Nothing but good reports basically. Videos we have seen it looks awesome. Hopefully we can get a good response from the sick Portuguese metal heads! 3- We enjoy ourselves and i'm sure that will come across. No gimmicks. Just straight up tunes. We all love a beer on stage as we want it to be like a party. SWR, we are coming, so get ya beers ready, stretch off and see you in the pit!

Line-Up: Smaug (Gt/Vk); Live Members: The Caller (Bx); Javier Rodriguez (Dr); Lúgubre (Gt).

Primigenium comes from Spain and they were formed around 1992 by Smaug and Alhaz being one of the first Black Metal bands from that country! Their first work was the demo ‘As Eternal as the Night’ released in 1994 followed in 1997 by their debut full length ‘Art of War’ out through Full Moon Prods. In 1999 the band released the EP ‘All Your Tears Will Be Ours’ and in 2002 the second album ‘Intolerance’ is released through Drakkar Prods. After that one Primigenium went on a hiatus only to re-emerge in 2011 with its third album ‘Faith Through Anguish’ out through Black Seed Promotions! In 2012 the band gave its first ever concert and now it’s time to unleash its fury over Portuguese soil!

1- Yes. 2- Knowing that the fest is mainly oriented into more extreme Metal it will be a challenge for Heavenwood and since we love challenges, here we go! 3- Respect, Consideration and Awareness of SWR relevance in the extreme metal fests in Europe. A fest with marked personality.

Line-Up: Ricardo (Gt); Tojo (Bx); Senra (Dr).

Coming from Barcelos in the north of Portugal, Black Bombaim play a kind of Instrumental Stoner Rock! They debuted in 2007 with a demo just called ‘Demo ‘07’, six tracks of pure instrumental Rock! In 2009 they released their second work, a self titled EP out by Lovers & Lollypops and Sonic Infusion Recs! A year later they released their first album ‘Saturdays and Space Travels’ and in 2012 they released the follow up ‘Titans’ both through Lovers & Lollypops! This year they are going to do their second show in Barroselas after their participation in the 2010 edition!

1- It will be the second, we are going to play at the Extreme Metal Attack in March. 2- I have seen some videos, I think that it just could be great. 3- Pure energy, it is just BM. See you in April, it is a true responsibility to play in Portugal.

Line-Up: Vitor Carvalho & Ricardo Dias (Gt); Ernesto Guerra (Vk); Live Members: Marcelo Aires (Dr); Paulo Chanoca (Bx).

Veterans of the Portuguese Metal scene Heavenwood started their life as Disgorged in 1992. Under that moniker they unleashed two very powerful demos until 1996 when they decided to change the name to the actual one. Already as Heavenwood they delivered the first album ‘Diva’ through Massacre Records that was a blast of Gothic Metal that was praised in the entire Metal world. Its follow up ‘Swallow’ from 1998 suffered a little from the fact that the sub-genre was growing a bit tiring so it didn’t grab the listener as the previous one. Because of that and of a lot more problems the band stagnated and finally reached its end in 2001. A couple of years later a trio from the original line-up decided to give it a new try and reform Heavenwood. In 2007 they released a nine song promo that prepared things for their third album ‘Redemption’ that would be released in 2008. A lot of concerts were given going from North to South of Portugal and in 2012 they released a new album called ‘Abyss Masterpiece’ through Listenable Records! This year we will have them in the XVI edition of the SWR Barroselas Metalfest!

1- No, we have played in 2010 I believe, in the first year of the Milhões@SWR partnership. It was outside in the tent, it should be around 4 in the morning when we started to play. It was a little wild… But a good “wild”. 2- This year we play on the second stage, where we have seen great bands like the disappeared Taint, and we hope to give a good concert. SWR public is one of the best in the world and it’s always a pleasure to be a part of this festival. 3- It’s undoubtedly the best extreme fest in the Iberian Peninsule and it deserves all the support and compliments it receives, both from the audience and from bands. Let it keep going for 16 more years!

Line-Up: Bilos (Gt/Vk); Simek (Bx); Koral (Gt); Bohic (Dr). Malignant Tumour is a Grind/Crust act from the Czech Republic that has some cult inside the scene! They were formed in 1991 and a couple of years later they released their first demo ‘Cadaveric Incubator of Endo-Parasites’ followed by another one ‘Symphonies For Pathologist’ in ’94 and another in ’95 called ‘Analyse of Pathological Conceptions’! ’95 also marks their first splits, a tape with German Blood and a 7’ with Decomposed! After that, releases started pouring down as rain in the winter! In ’96 split 7’ with Immured and split 7’ with Mastic Scum, in ’97 the demo ‘Killing For Profit’, the EP ‘Crush Syndrome/Surgical Problems’, the 4 way split 7’ with Catasexual Urge Motivation, C.S.S.O. and Negligent Collateral Collapse, split tape with Neuropathia, split tape with Gride and the split CD with Squash Bowels! In ’98 came the EP ‘Equality ?!?’, a split 7´with Dead Infection, split 7´with Ingrowing, split 7’ with Vômito, 3 way split tape with Gride and Cerebral

Turbulency, and the compilations ‘From Grindgore to Mincecore’ and ‘Grindcore God’! In ’99 split CD with Alienation Mental. In 2000 things started with the split 7’ with Unholy Grave and the split 7’ with Agathocles! 2001 brought the 4 way split tape with Abortion, Din-Addict and Agathocles, in 2002 they released the compilation ‘Demo/Singles Collection ’94-98’ and finally in 2003 they released their first full length ‘Dawn Of A New Age’ plus the split live with Intumescence, split with Pulmonary Fibrosis and the 4 way split with Critical Mass, Anubis and Szargyerek! In 2004 came the split 7´with Lycanthrophy and the 3 way split CD with Pozilga and OBNI, in ’05 their second album ‘Burninhell’ was out and ’06 brought the split CD with Gurkha! 2008 introduce us their first DVD ‘Europe Football Championship 2007’, the album ‘In Full Swing’ and the EP ‘We Are The Metal’! Their fourth album ‘Earthshaker’ was out in 2010 and in the same year came the compilation ‘And Some Sick Parts Rotting Out There 1992-2002’!! 2013 will see them for the second time in a row in Barroselas for one more destruction party and hopefully they will be presenting their fifth album ‘Overdose & Overdrive’!!

1- Oh no. Everyone probably know that we played in Portugal last year. At SWR Barroselas Metalfest. And we are here again!!! 2- We expecting a big party and we know Portuguese fans are very wild, which we really like. So moshpit, stagediving and wild dancing that´s what we are expecting. Oh yes!!! 3- Fans can expect Malignant Tumour in full fire and bunch of new songs playing live. On the tour we are promoting our newest record Overdose&Overdrive so we will play in our set list many new tunes. So we hope that fans will like it and show us their support.

Line-Up: Fabio Marin (Vk); Andres Garcia (Bx); Fabio Ramirez (Dr); Asier Badiola (Gt).

Internal Suffering comes from Colombia and was raised around 1996, after a change of name (they were called Suffer from ’94 to ’96 and released a demo)! Playing a brutal Technical Death Metal this South American horde got their first work out in 2000 with a demo just called ‘Promo’ and in the same year released their debut album called ‘Supreme Knowledge Domain’ through Qabalah Productions! In 2001 they unleashed the EP ‘Unmercyful Extermination’ and in 2002 came out the second album ‘Chaotic Matrix’! ‘Choronzonic Force Domination’, the third album appeared in

2004 followed a year later by the split with Inducing Terror from the USA and the split DVD ‘Brutal Domination’ alongside Incinerate, Stabwound and Emeth! In 2006 the band released their fourth and last album until now called ‘Awakening of the Rebel’ through Unique Leader Records! The band for a while lived in NY and nowadays as relocated to Madrid, Spain where they are preparing their fifth album and to play again live!!

alongside Infected Pussy in ’97 followed a year later by a split CD with Brazilian ROT and in 2001 by their debut album self entitled that had 21 tracks without titles or lyrics!! In ’02 they released a split 7’ with Brazilian Lymphatic Phlegm, in ’03 they released their second album just entitled ‘2’ again without song titles and in 2006 they released a split with Italians Cripple Bastards out through Relapse Records!! In 2007 they released their third album called ‘Inventory of Fixtures’, where they used for the first time lyrics followed in 2011 for the fourth one called ‘Sheep’N’Guns’!!

have a meeting with all of you in April, 27th 2012 at SWR XVI! We’ll be here to destroy the stage and we want you to follow our plans! Stay brutal!

Line-Up: MKM (Vk); Set (Gt); Live Members: INRVI (Dr); Blastum (Bx); BST (Gt).

1- Nope, we already played in Portugal 10 years ago, coincidentally it was at the Barroselas Metal Fest too! I remember we shared stage with bands like KATATONIA, ENTHRONED, FINNTROLL, GRUESOME STUFF RELISH, DAMNABLE, SANATORIUM, HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL, CORPUS CHRISTII, just to name a few! It will be great to return to Portugal after so many years and play this excellent Festival! 2- We have high expectations as when we played the Fest 10 years ago the crowd was insane, that show was really killer, quite possibly one of the best from that 3-month European Tour we did back then! Of course we expect a crazy crowd once more, can’t hardly wait to play the fest as it’s become better and better each year!! 3- Think some Portuguese extreme metal fans know what to expect from our show: intensity, brutality, high-speed break-neck parts.... in short: all out musical aggression! We’d like to send out a big “Horns Up” to all Portuguese fans we know (and those ones we are looking forward to meeting), we can’t wait to play the Barroselas Metal Fest after so many years and receive a great yet crazy response from the Portuguese metal maniacs like when we played in 2003! See you all there soon, cheers!

Line-Up: Duff Rodriguez (Bx); Dagulard (Dr); Tristan & Guillaume (Gt); Seb (Vk). Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition comes from Paris, France but they don’t talk about love and light in the French capital, this Death/Grind machine prefers to show the ugliness behind humankind!! Their first work was a split tape

1- Our participation in the SWR Fest 2013 will be our 6th show ever in Portugal for SCD. Unfortunately, we were to play at SWR 2012 but strikes at departure on airport forced us to cancel our show. As I remember, first show ever in your country was at the 10th edition of SWR. We discovered that we have a lot of fans here! It will be nice to come back play in your country: 2012 have been really successful for SCD, shows at NEUROTIC DEATHFEST, HELLFEST, MOTOCULTOR FESTIVAL, SYLAK FESTIVAL, as support of NASUM, etc has been so fantastic shows for us! We played from more audience than ever! 2- Like always: give our best to the crowd that will be in front of us! In 2007, SWR was really awesome: cool bands, the organisation was really pleasant (Ricardo is a true metal fan and also a really gentle guy! True friend!), the audience was one of the sickest of your last tour! We also appreciate your local beers and food!! We know that we will have a good time at that show and we’re really pleased and excited to come play for the Portuguese fans! Ahah! We use to say to French metalheads that Portugal have the best crowd!!! 3- I hope they still want to see us of course! But we know that they want it: SCD and Portuguese fans are really linked! We use to receive support messages support from fans of your country, our new album is well appreciated and we still receive shows propositions above all of that! Portuguese metal heads expect from us to deliver the most intense and sickest show! And we will do it! We’re also thinking of changing our live setlist for 2013 and offer a different variety than our shows of 2012! We’re more excited than ever to play in your country and also worldwide! SWR is gonna be really brutal!! Thanks Metal Horde Zine to let us spread our words! Be ready people from Barroselas: we

Antaeus comes from France and was formed around 1994! They were one of the founders of the (in)famous Black Legions circle in France in the 90’s and their first work was the demo ‘Y.A.T.B.O.T.M.’ in ’95 followed by another one in ’96 called ‘Supremacist Dawn’! The third demo was released in ’98 under the name of ‘Promo’98’ and in the same year they released also the split tape with their country mates Eternal Majesty. In 1999 they released the live album ‘Nihil Kaos – Live’99’ plus the EP ‘Rekordin 2000-1’! A year later their first album was released ‘Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan’ under Baphomet Records followed in 2001 by the split 7’ with North American Necrophagia and the 4 way split ‘SPK Kommando’ with Eternal Majesty, Deviant and Hell Militia! In 2002 they released their second live album ‘Satanik Audio Violence’ plus the split 10’ MLP with French horde Aosoth and their second full length called ‘De Principii Evangelikum’! A year later it was time for the live split tape with North American band Krieg followed in 2004 by the deliverance of the EP ‘Rot’ and in 2005 by the 4 way split ‘From the Entrails to the Dirt’ alongside Malicious Secrets, Mütiilation and Deathspell Omega! Their second full length ‘Blood Libels’ was released in 2006 under the wings of Norma Evangelium Diaboli and in 2009 they released a split 7’ EP with Katharsis, that would stand as their last released until today! The band survived some storms and is now back to unleash all their harshness and rawness to the ones that will defy the world and be present at the XVI SWR Barroselas Metalfest!

1- No, do think it would be our fourth?! Do think we did perform around 2003 or 2004 for the first time, thks to N.H. from Corpus Christii. And we got to come back some years after, opening for Sinister and Testament in Porto & in the Lisboa area. The first experience we had over there would remain one of the

most intense and the heat was Hell alike. 2- We are not a band that got to perform often in open-air, and to be honest, I mostly avoid those situations. Though we had the request many years in the row and considering we wanted to come back for those supporting our band over there, this is the right time for us to come back. About the SWR, if I am right : I do recall a tv show or interview about satanism that got done over there, also did see some live on vhs from video trading. Yet I have never been there myself, so I will see how things will be. About the crowd: I got to perform lately with Aosoth on the Watain/Shining tour (two years ago or something) and the crowd did change : more paying attention to the bands and being very calm and focused. Either way, this will not affect our performance. To each crowd its way to behave live. Quite curious to see also Urfaust & Secrets of the Moon over there for instance... 3- Those familiar with the band know what to expect, others will discover, most will dislike. We haven't changed music wise, expect violent black death metal. Only our line up did change, always complicated to handle a line up with the type of individuals that could join a band like Antaeus. Hails to those making this festival possible and to the individuals from the past we might come across. AMSG. Line-Up: SG (Gt/Vk); Thrawn Thelemnar (Dr); Ar (Gt); Live Member: Naamah Ash (Bx).

Secrets of the Moon is one of the oldest Black Metal bands in Germany. Formed in 1995 after Daevas left Martyrium, their first work was the demo ‘Unearthed Arcana’ in the same year followed in 1997 by the second one called ‘Vanitas’ and the third called ‘Promo’98’. In 1999 they released the split EP ‘Auf Einer Wanderung/Durch Goldene Sphären’ with their country mates Lunar Aurora. Two years later came the debut album ‘Stronghold of the Inviolables’ that was praised as one of the best in that year. In 2002 came the 4 way split ‘Black Metal Endsieg III’ alongside Armagedda, Dark Storm and Bael, the live album ‘Live in Bitterfield 2001’ and the compilation ‘De Musica Mundana’. In 2003 one more split, this one called ‘Bestien In Engelsgestalt’ with Averse Sefira from the USA and in 2004 they delivered their second album ‘Carved In Stigmata Wounds’. The EP ‘The Exhibitions EP’ was out in 2005 followed in 2006 by the full length ‘Antithesis’ and in 2009 by the third one ‘Privilegivm’. In 2010 they unleashed a couple of EP’s: ‘Them Bones/This Inner Soil’ and ‘The Ambience of a Dead Star’, in 2011 one more EP ‘Warhead’ and last year the fourth album called ‘Seven Bells’ out through Lupus Lounge!! Now 2013 it’s the year for their debut in Portuguese soil in the XVI SWR Barroselas Metalfest!!

1- Yes it is. 2- Yes, I heard about the fest before. Good words only. That's why I’m looking forward to it a lot. We don't really expect a crazy crowd. We want the people to have a look into our world. They are welcome and maybe they accept our invitation. We can't ask for more. 3- They can expect nothing but darkness, silhouettes in grey shapes and a musical blast. That's for sure.

Line-Up: Mark Shelton (Gt/Vk); Bryan Patrick (Vk); Joshua Castillo (Bx); Neudi (Dr).

Manilla Road comes from the USA and was one of the first Epic War Heavy Metal bands! Formed in 1977 by guitarist Mark Shelton, they debut the Underground in 1979 with a self entitled demo! A year later they released their first full length called ‘Invasion’ through Roadster Records followed by the second one ‘Metal’ in 1981 through the same label! In the next few years Manilla Road kept the Metal fans used to great albums starting with ‘Crystal Logic’ in 1983, then ‘Open The Gates’ in 1985, ‘The Deluge’ in 1986, ‘Mystification’ in 1987 and ‘Out of the Abyss’ in 1988! Also in 1988 the band released their first live album ‘Roadkill’, a statement of their killer shows! 1990 was time for their eighth album ‘The Courts of Chaos’ and in 1992 came ‘The Circus Maximus’! Things at this point were a little stressed out and Mark decided to shut down Manilla Road for a while! Fortunately that shut down was short as the band returned in 1994, although only reappearing with releases in 2001 with the tenth album ‘Atlantis Rising’! All that sabbatical period gave good results because in 2002 the band would released two full lengths: ‘Spiral Castle’ and ‘Mark of the Beast’, both highly praised by the media and fans! We give a little jump then to 2005 for the release of their thirteenth album ‘Gates of Fire’ followed two years later by the split 7’ ‘Clash of Iron Vol.I – Live at KIT’ alongside the also legendary band Brocas Helm. In 2008 they released one more highly praised album ‘Voyager’, and in 2009 came their second live album ‘After Midnight Live’! In 2011 ‘Playground of the Damned’ is unleashed and already this year Manilla Road released through Shadow Kingdom Recs their sixteenth full length, ‘Mysterium’! Ah and finally they are going to debut in Lusitanian soil!! So pick up your sword and shield for the battle of April 27th in Barroselas!!

1- Yes I have never even been to Portugal let alone played there. So this is a really important show for me and Manilla Road. I do know Tan from the band IronSword and have been with him in several other countries in Europe sharing the stage together and just having a good time partying with each other. By the way I must say that Ironsword is one of my favorite bands of this era. They are really talented and play the kind of music I appreciate the most....Epic Metal of course haha. I can't wait to see what Portugal is like. If you know me then you know that I am always hungry for

historical stuff and so going to countries that I have never been to before is a real treat for me. It will be an honor to set my feet upon the Portuguese soil. 2- I'm not really sure what to expect since I have never been to Portugal or this festival before. But I have to believe that anyplace that is the home of a band like Ironsword must be a cool place to come and play metal at. I don't know that much about the festival but I have heard that the people of Portugal really like their metal so I am expecting a night of radical music and audience mayhem. I have heard that the crowds in Portugal go crazy so I think it will be a blast and I am certainly looking forward to it. 3- We will be firing on all cylinders as we say here in the US. That means that we will be giving it 100%. This is a really special show since we have never been to this festival or country and we will be looking to kill, maim, devastate and melt the flesh off of everyone with our style of epic metal. So watch out Portugal Manilla Road is coming and it will be glorious and epic. A night that will live in the memory of those present till the end of days for them. A tale that will be passed on from father to son for ages to come and a night that the muse and the gods will have to stop what they are doing elsewhere and pay attention to the circle of magik that will be made by us and the audience. I am so eager to get there and do this and I know it will be a magikal night that will never be forgotten. To all our fans thank you so much for all of your undying support and for allowing us to wield our craft and especially for making it possible for us to come and play live for you. I promise that we will not let you down. Up The Hammers & Down The Nails.

Line-Up: Jeff Becerra (Vk); Emilio Marquez (Dr); Daniel Gonzalez & Kelly McLauchlin (Gt); Robert Cardenas (Bx). Death Metal became a genre when these guys decided to use it on a way to define what they were doing in 1982! Possessed comes from San Francisco, California and their story is known to all Metal fans! Their first work was the now more than cult demo ‘Death Metal’ out in 1984 followed by the non less cult album ‘Seven Churches’ out a year later by Combat Records! Songs like ‘The Exorcist’ or ‘Evil Warriors’ changed the life of many metalheads! Things wouldn’t become softer with the release of ‘Beyond the Gates’ in 1986, again a masterpiece of fearless Death Metal and the unleash in ’87 of the EP ‘The Eyes of Horror’! Unfortunately tensions inside the core of the band made it explode and Possessed was put on hold in 1987! In 1990 Mike Torrao tried to resurge the name Possessed and even released a couple of demos in ’91 and ’93 but eventually the band faded once more! As Possessed was in rest some other releases were done like the live album ‘Agony in Paradise’ in 2004 with a gig from 1987, the EP ‘Ashes from Hell’ with some mixes and live songs or the DVD ‘Possessed by Evil Hell’ with live recordings from the 80’s! In 2004 Jeff Becerra longtime

vocalist of Possessed returned to play some live shows and the response was so great that he decided to give it a try and bring back from the dead the name Possessed! Many shows were played including the mighty Wacken Open Air in 2007 and the Maryland Deathfest in 2009! Jeff and Possessed are now working on a new album but in the meantime they will debut in Portugal in the XVI SWR Barroselas Metalfest! Respect and pay the dues!

1- Yes! We are all very excited to finally get a chance to play for the Portuguese supporters & fans! 2- Well, to be honest, since we have never had a chance to play here yet we really have no "expectations" yet. But my hopes are that we will play a great set for you all and that you will enjoy it. I have heard stories about how great the Portuguese fans are and I am eager to get out there to play for them all. 3- You can expect the very best Possessed lineup ever! We are ready and very excited about putting on the best show possible for you all. Wishing you all the very best and I can't wait to play! Obrigado!!

Line-Up: Micael Olimpio (Bx); João R. (Dr); Daniel Simão (Gt); Daniel Gamelas (Vk). RDB stands for Raw Decimating Brutality and they are a very well known band to all the Portuguese Grind lovers. Coming from the cold temperatures of Serra da Estrela, this Portuguese quartet was gathered in 2003! Their first work was the EP ‘Sperm to Grind Your Ears’ in 2005, a short but effective blast of Brutal Death/Gore Grind self-released! After that one they unleashed the 4 way split ‘4 Ways of Vomits & Murders’ alongside Mixomatosis, Bunder Nekromunda and Freakhate and in 2011 they released their first full length ‘Obra Ó Diabo’ through the label Vomit Your Shirt, that is owned by a couple of members of RDB. Their shows are always a blast, full of singing (to the hilarious titles these guys give to their songs) and chicken dancing, and if you are not aware of them go see them in Barroselas to believe in what I just said!

1- No, we-ve played at SWR in 2005, 2007 and 2011. In 2011 we ended up giving 2 concerts. SO we can say this is our 5th participation! 2- We have great expectations ‘cause at SWR bands like RDB are usually well received and we know there are people waiting (and so are we) for us to add some sperm and manure to the pallets of the festival’s construction work!!! 3- Inside the more underground sonorities this is the biggest festival in Portugal. We know this fest since its beginning and we have accompanied all the evolution. We recognize all the efforts the organization has made to keep a fest like this at this level despite all the problems that exist in Portugal while doing such kind of events. Bring us 16 more years! We will be there!

Line-Up: Piraña (Bx); Hammer Fer (Dr); Tarellevil (Gt/Vk); Sammy-Thrash (Gt). Piraña comes from Mexico and was founded around 2003 to play a furious form of Thrash Metal! Their first work was the EP ‘Piraña Attack’ followed a year later by the split ‘Mechanical Jaws Invasion’ alongside the Mexican horde The Pit. In 2008 they released their first full length entitled ‘Destructive Animal Revolution’ and in 2011 they unleashed the compilation ‘Piraña Attack’ that presented the demo plus their tracks from the split! Last year they delivered their second album ‘Corruption’, out through American Line Productions that brings eleven tracks of Thrash Metal in the old school American way! Prepare yourselves to be devoured by the Piraña attack!!

1- It’s my first concert and I feel very proud to play here. 2- Well, I have many expectations, the more valuable is that to play a festival so important, we get to have some recognition and support of many people. I was not really aware of the fest but now that I am I find it fascinating, a great festival, perhaps the most important! Of course we expect a crazy croud, has to be so, a lot of people waiting for all those great bands, with a big party!! 3- We expect much. I have in mind that we will do very well on the stage, people in Portugal are very crazy. Anxiously and hopefully we will be able to party with you! Thank you very much for this great opportunity you Nuno Oliveira and all the metalheads! See you in this great festival.

W:O:A: METAL BATTLE PORTUGAL For the fourth consecutive year Barroselas will receive the final of the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle that will give the opportunity of one Portuguese band to step on the stage of the

notorious festival. This year the competition started with the five preliminary rounds that cleared four bands to be in the final. Everything begun with the first round that happened in Braga at the Dinaamo bar on the 5th of January! Bands chosen were Booby Trap, a Crossover band from Aveiro that returned from the dead, Brutal Brain Damage, a Grind brigade coming from Ourém, Pestifer, old school Death Metal from Porto and Waste, a Thrash Metal outfit coming from Viana do Castelo. One week later we went to Loulé, to the Bafo de Baco bar to watch the second round! Mindfeeder, a veteran Heavy Metal band from Barreiro were the first to go on stage followed by Creation Undone, a Melodic Death Metal band from Loulé, the Thrashers Nuklear Infektion from Lisbon and to close things up Terrifier, a Grind act from Faro. Next stop the known Side B bar at Benavente on Friday the 18th! We were received by heavy rain and furious winds in a perfect night to see some Metal bands to go on stage! Thrashers’ Terror Empire from Coimbra were the first to go on stage followed by the Grind act Utopium from Lisbon and the Speed/Thrash legions of Inquisitor from Seixal! Last band to go on stage should have been Bruteforce from Lisbon but the storm outside made some damages and the power was out so they would be rescheduled to play in the last round! After thunders and lightnings (a true Metal quote this one) we went to Beja on Saturday to watch the fourth round, in an event that happened at the Casa da Cultura of that city! With a various range of sonorities to be played we had the Tech Death Metal of Lisbon’s Undersave, the Modern Thrash Metal of Lisbon’s Primal Attack, the Grind of Lisbon’s Besta and Lunae Lumen, a band from Beja that plays a mix of Death, Black and Folk Metal. Last round and back to the North of Portugal namely Porto! There we had playing Burning Man, math core from Viana do Castelo, Chapel Of Sin, Thrash Metal from Marinha Grande, Skinning, Brutal Death Metal from Guimarães and The Spektrum, Black Metal from Batalha. After victories by Prayers of Sanity in 2010, Seven Stitches in 2011 and Midnight Priest in 2012, who will win the battle this year? You have Thrash, Grind and Brutal Death, so come on and let’s see who will get the ticket to Wacken this year!! The ball goes to Utopium, Skinning, Besta and Waste for the final play!

SWR BARROSELAS METALFEST XVI 24-27 APRIL 2013 | BARROSELAS | PORTUGAL DAY 0 - wednesday 24 april - 19:00 - free entrance 02:10 stage #3 STRONG INTENTION | USA | 01:20 stage #3 UTOPIUM | Portugal | 00:30 stage #3 SKINNING | Portugal | 23:40 stage #3 BESTA | Portugal | 22:50 stage #3 WASTE | Portugal | 22:00 stage #3 DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION | France | DAY 1 - thursday 25 april - 16:00 - 35€ 01:40 stage #3 KILLIMANJARO | Portugal | 01:00 stage #2 VULVECTOMY | Italy | 00:00 stage #3 HEIRS | Australia | 23:55 stage #1 CRYPTOPSY | Canada | 23:15 stage #2 AKPHAEZYA | France | 22:25 stage #1 AGALLOCH | USA | 21:45 stage #2 MISS LAVA | Portugal | 21:00 stage #1 CATTLE DECAPITATION | USA | 21:00 stage #3 A TREE OF SIGNS | Portugal | 20:20 stage #2 PNEUMA | Costa Rica | 19:40 stage #1 DECREPIT BIRTH | USA | 19:05 stage #2 THE LAST SHOT OF WAR | Belgium | 18:30 stage #1 FEN | UK | 18:00 stage #2 THE WAY OF PURITY | Italy | 17:30 stage #3 ASCETIC | Australia | DAY 2 - friday 26 april - 16:00 - 35€ 02:40 stage #3 DEMENTIA 13 | Portugal | 02:30 stage #2 UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION | UK | 01:45 stage #1 JIG-AI | Czech Republic | 01:05 stage #2 BENEATH | Iceland | 00:00 stage #1 PENTAGRAM | USA | 23:15 stage #2 URFAUST | Holland | 22:20 stage #1 BELPHEGOR | Austria | 22:00 stage #3 LARKIN | Portugal | 21:40 stage #2 LUCTUS | Lithuania | 20:50 stage #1 ONSLAUGHT | UK | 20:30 stage #3 RDB | Portugal 20:10 stage #2 HEADHUNTER DC | Brazil | 19:35 stage #1 PERSEFONE | Andorra 19:00 stage #2 THE RANSACK | Portugal | 18:30 stage #3 HELLCHARGE | Portugal | 17:30 stage #3 THE 1969 REVOLUTIONARY ORGY | Portugal | DAY 3 - saturday 27 april - 16:00 - 38€ 02:40 stage #3 MR MIYAGI | Portugal | 02:20 stage #2 INTERNAL SUFFERING | Colombia | 01:35 stage #1 MALIGNANT TUMOUR | Czech Republic | 00:50 stage #2 SCD | France | 23:45 stage #1 POSSESSED | USA | 23:00 stage #2 ANTAEUS | France | 23:00 stage #3 SCIENCE OF DEMISE | Sweden | 22:05 stage #1 MANILLA ROAD | USA 22:00 stage #3 AGGRENATION | Sweden | 21:25 stage #2 BLACK BOMBAIM | Portugal | 20:45 stage #3 AZAGATEL | Portugal | 20:35 stage #1 SECRETS OF THE MOON | Germany | 20:00 stage #2 PRIMIGENIUM | Spain | 19:15 stage #1 HEAVENWOOD | Portugal | 18:40 stage #2 BALMOG | Spain | 18:30 stage #3 PIRAÑA | Mexico 18:05 stage #1 DEAD BEYOND BURIED | UK | 17:30 stage #2 ZOMBIEFICATION | Mexico | location: Barroselas | Av. São Paulo da Cruz | GPS 41.643836; 8.686147 web: | facebook: forum: info: | +351 961958558 | +351 919895651

Metal Horde Zine SWR Special Report  

This is the XVI SWR Barroselas Metalfest special report by Metal Horde Zine!!!